lululemon Studio

Health & Fitness
3.3 (899)
88 MB
Age rating
Current version
Stealth Fitness Co.
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for lululemon Studio

3.34 out of 5
899 Ratings
9 months ago, Kelsarito
I love this — When it WORKS
Love the app itself and all the different programs. I like doing monthly programs to keep me on track and accountable, and I like how it tracks your progress. I don’t have an apple watch but I imagine if I did I’d love it even more. After a few weeks of doing the programs I was amazed at how easy I found it to run a 5k at a good clip without stopping (no longer an easy feat now that I’m on the wrong side of 25) Now the bad part— more than half the time I go to use the mirror my phone won’t connect, even though I’m on the same wifi network. It seems like this is a common issue, and I’ve tired everything to get it to work. There’s no sure fire method for connectivity success and after the last update it doesn’t seem to work no matter what I do. This is a mirror in my family home and I personally didn’t shell out the cash for this thing, but I could imagine if I had spent all that money and paid for subscription fees I’d be fairly livid. I don’t attempt to use the mirror before work because I know I won’t have time to troubleshoot, I end up just loading the workout on my itty bitty phone screen and standing in front of what has mostly become just a regular old mirror. Super disappointing and I hope that someone smarter than me can figure out how to fix this issue.
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1 year ago, Aubrahm
Finally, my perfect fit
I bought the lululemon Studio mirror on Black Friday. I love gadgets, so I thought this could be the perfect gadget to motivate me to work out. Man was I right. Not only have I been faithfully working out for over a month, but I finally enjoy working out. I have always hated the idea of a gym, I’m kind of a germaphob and I also don’t love the idea of being around a bunch of people that know what they’re doing when I don’t. This studio mirror perfectly combines the idea of a personal trainer and being in the comfort of your own home. The ease-of-use is huge for me. This has been the only thing that has worked for me - and when I tell you, I tried everything…I mean everything. I tried everything from yoga classes, personal trainers, personal sessions, group sessions… the whole 9. I just couldn’t find my right fit. I felt like everything was just too out of the way for my busy schedule. I would always be on time, but I was pushing it to my limit. Being able to roll out of bed, or do a work out real quick before picking up my son from school, or a meditation session at lunchtime… this has brought absolute peace to my life. Also- really cool to show people. Definitely one of my best home accessories!!! Don’t knock it till you try it. I am so happy that if I knew it would change my life like this, I would’ve paid full price. I am glad I got it on sale though, because I wouldn’t have been able to pay full price. But I do love it that much.
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3 years ago, Mook😔🐄love
Money well spent
My original review on the Mirror in August 2020: So many days I was sitting in my house and I would see the commercial. The commercial is just the beginning. I have had the mirror a little over a month now and I'm in love!! Living in South GA, it's constantly hot 10 out of the 12 months a year. With the Mirror, I can get a quality workout with amazing instructors without feeling sticky from all the humidity outside from walking to my car to go inside a gym. The ability to pick your own music, take the mirror on the go, and so many varieties of classes of different time lengths is amazing! You will not regret this purchase. Purchase today, you will be glad you did :) Update: Did not think I would love using an app everyday to work out after getting so used to the Mirror in my house. When I went out of town for work in September, I did not have to worry about trying to find workout classes at a gym near me or figure out gym hours(something I would have had to do in the past). I woke up in the hotel, turned on the app and got to work. This was just an awesome bonus. With the ability to preload workouts, I don’t have to worry if I don’t have a great internet connection because the class will be ready to rock when I am. Since my original review, they have added more features. Would rate it more stars if I could!!!
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3 years ago, marvinruven
Almost a year in!
I purchased the Mirror last March 2020, and set my expectations to commit to the 30 day trial as I was not sure if I would be motivated. Let me tell you that was not the case. I was not expecting to have to wait a month to get the actual mirror but to my surprise they made all the workouts available on their app and waived the subscription for the first month until I received the actual mirror. From the start the App showed me how many offerings and certified instructors they had! I was also able to steam it to my TV which gave me a preview for full screen, which helped me get the most of my workouts. Before I knew it 4 weeks had passed and I was fully engaged with the classes and motivating instructors. My partner even got motivated and started to use the app and was also hooked! We finally received the mirror in late April and it's even better than what we thought it would be. Now with the full Mirror experience, we are so excited to continue the classes and follow our progress on the screen. It is the perfect motivator in the morning when you see yourself on the mirror and see your improvements. This is the best investment we made for ourselves during quarantine and can't wait to see more from the mirror! Adding on loving the new updates the recently made with the community mirror and friend finder!
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2 years ago, lorinicole33
Pipe Dreams
I want to love this thing. I did all my research before choosing this over Tonal and now I might be regretting it. For $1700 out the gate; and A MONTHLY FEE!!!!- this should not be so hard to use. I’ve had multiple instances where the app crashes or just won’t stream to the mirror. I quit using it for months because of this. Used it fine yesterday morning before work; mind you I skipped the update it said that it needed because it told me it took 20-30 minutes. So, I did the update before bed last night because I was so excited to use it again before work. This morning I spent 15-20 minutes attempting to connect to the mirror. Never did the app work correctly. Takes forever to launch and when it does, the instructor freezes or the mirror reads out “oops. We are having trouble launching this work out” blah blah…. I , like everyone else, have a set time before work to workout and find it being wasted on time trying to load more often than not. My husband works from home so there should not be an issue with me launching a workout with our internet. After an update even, THIS SHOULDNT be a problem! This app has tons of issues that need fixed. I’ve spent an embarrassing amount of money on the mirror, accessories, and now 3 sets of weights that I’ve also had trouble getting to work. (Received one set of broken weights 🙄 initially but I won’t get into that here). Not a happy customer at all.
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1 year ago, amyelizabeth8
Too glitchy
I love the classes and instructors, but the app has become way too glitchy that it now makes it frustrating to use. The Apple Watch app in particular seems to be the issue for me. It glitches constantly and toggles back and forth between workouts without me pressing anything, it’s non-responsive when I do press something, and the music station won’t change. I also sometimes can’t get the app on my watch the close, and it continues to log erroneous exercise minutes and an erroneous workout I didn’t complete. This is frustrating especially as somebody who is trying to track their fitness and wants to do so accurately. I’ve tried every possible fix (uninstalling app on phone and watch, unpairing, etc.) and reached out to customer support but they keep responding as if this is user error on my part but it’s clearly a glitch that needs to be addressed. I hope they fix it soon because the app has almost become too frustrating to use!
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3 years ago, MinnieBSK
The NEW You Starts NOW!
For as long as I can remember, I have always belonged to a gym. I have always gravitated towards a variety of exercise classes (yoga, cardio, strength, barre, stretching, balance, meditation). I enjoy the expertise, knowledge and energies that different instructors bring to class!! Fast forward to 2020 - the year of the pandemic - and gyms/fitness studios closed. When I decided to purchase a piece of equipment for a home gym, I did a lot of research. The MIRROR seemed to offer me the "variety" in classes that I longed for and have been accustomed to. I have only had the MIRROR for 3 days and I'm hooked!!! Classes such as Meditation, Barre, Restoration Yoga were sometimes offered at my former fitness studio but did not always work with my schedule and timing. Now I can take these classes whenever it fits in my life (selecting previously "aired" or the "live" classes) and in the privacy of my own safe home. Our lives and times have changed....having a home gym is not only the future but it is the NOW. If we have learned something from the is that we all need to self-care!! The MIRROR is one way to help you achieve this in your life.
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3 years ago, frances1612!
Best Purchase I've made!!
"I received my MIRROR over a week ago and must say......I am in love with this thing!! I have not used my treadmill or stationary bike since it was installed. I love the flexibility of using this at any time of the day or night. I can find a video or live class and do not even have to leave the luxury of my home. If I am feeling a bit silly trying a new work out or just cannot keep up with the cardio at hand, nobody can see me.....except me. This alone makes we want to try the new workouts even more. The membership dues monthly are comparable and in some cases less than the cost of external gym dues. Externally you lose the flexibility of your personal/work schedule and you become limited to only what they offer at very precise the limits of a gyms operational hours. With the MIRROR all of this goes away completely. It is so very easy, convenient, exciting, fun and above that it's affordable! Thank you MIRROR for this fantastic home fitness option! Looking forward to sharing my results as well as getting my friends excited about getting their own!! BOOM! Let's Do This!"
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3 years ago, transplant07
Great purchase!!
Every positive part of the gym/class workout, but without the needing to leave the house, or other people actually sweating on me. The classes are many and varied and you'd never have to do the same thing twice. I love the ability to change the music (I LOVE that- a major annoyance at the gym) and you feel that shared spirit of working out with others even when you're doing a recorded class (with 200 other people). The sound is great, the visuals are great, the Mirror looks great when it's not being used as well... or is used to check out how great you look in your jeans now. This is the only piece of workout equipment i've brought into my home that I don't think i'm ever going to regret... I just love it! And they're even adding new features and workout buddies... i probably won't use, but I think it's great for the product. I'm very, very happy I made this purchase. Excellent value! Oh- added bonus, you can try all the classes you never would have paid for, AND you can look really stupid trying to do latin dance or something and NO ONE KNOWS... :)
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3 years ago, Ewa O.
I purchased the MIRROR at the start of the pandemic and to this day it has been a lifesaver. Being born with arthrogryposis, a physical disability, confining me to a wheelchair, movement and exercise are critical to my wellbeing! When the gyms shut down and I was unable to attend Zumba classes, I made the decision to purchase the MIRROR. I love the ability to be able to take both live and on demand classes at my own luxury, without having to depend on a ride to and from the gym and a timed schedule. The MIRROR is an entire community and both the instructors and users consistently motivate each other to achieve our goals! With the MIRROR, I began meditating (something I thought I'd NEVER get into), but it really creates the perfect zen for me, whether it's a 5 minute or 15 minute class. I also really enjoy the face-off competitions because it makes me push even harder! I'm glad to be part of such an energetic, fun, motivating community! My motto has always been "what's your excuse?" and thanks to the MIRROR, there are no excuses to not get a workout in. Can't wait to see what the future holds!
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3 years ago, Ihatehellofresh
Only Ok
The mirror itself is pretty cool. However, it takes me 10 minutes to connect every time, and if I’ve only got 15 to 20 minutes then I’ve eliminated half or more of my work out just for stupid connectivity issues. I have other Wi-Fi connected devices like Sonos where I have no problems so I think it is something with the mirror itself. I’ve decided to return the mirror because I’m only using two types of classes out of the huge variety offered, and I’d hoped my husband would use the boxing or some of the other workouts but he’s just not into it. I’d hoped to also use the yoga classes but they feel too much like “gym yoga” classes, don’t have anything beyond beginner (even if they’re listed as more advanced, they’re still pretty basic), and there are other less expensive apps with better classes. The last reason I’m giving it only two stars is because the customer service is nonexistent. I’ve been trying for three days to set up a return within my 30 day trial. Every time I’ve called the automated message says they’re too busy taking other calls and to email instead. I’ve sent two or three emails and still not heard back. Mirror, I’m very disappointed- get on the ball and hire some more people!
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1 year ago, Chris10Loo
Excuse Eliminator! Enjoying my Mirror
It feels great using the mirror. I no longer have any excuses. I don’t have to feel insecure in my workout out fit. I can wear what I want and workout as hard as I want. If I need a rest day then I can stretch. If I want weights I can do strength classes. There are many options for workouts. If you need accountability you have options. You can turn on your camera for live classes or team up with a partner. You also have the option to purchase personal training for a reasonable fee. You can do the mirror at home or you have the option to have it on your phone. When my family member was sick I had to travel 8 hours away. I was able to still do the workouts using my phone and mirroring it in a tv. I highly recommend the mirror. It has given me an opportunity to try other workout formats I would necessarily take or try in a group setting. Any questions? Ask and I’ll answer to the best of my abilities.
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2 years ago, Twink's Dad
Sweaty Smile Squad
This was an amazing idea. I gifted this mirror to my wife for her birthday but I use it more than her…😉… anyway, I love the boxing workouts the best. In my home we love to work out with Deja Riley and that’s why it’s titled Sweaty Smile Squad… she’s so motivating. I love the fact that I can do 30 min workouts or 15 if I’ve previously done a weight lifting session and I don’t have a lot of energy to give for a 30 min round. You can get the kids involved with the dance workouts and they’ll love it too. The only thing I don’t love about this mirror is the $39 monthly member fee. Especially after spending $1500 for the mirror. I am not someone that’s used to the high gym memberships because for 1 there’s a community gym sponsored by the HOA in my neighborhood. Secondly, I have a good bit of workout equipment in my home. Thirdly I’ve built a pull up dip station in my yard. With that being said you do get a lot of bang for your buck. I’d definitely recommend this for someone wanting to workout on a short notice or with little time.
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1 year ago, Twinmom86
Love my Mirror!
I absolutely love using my Mirror! When my gym shut down at the start of the pandemic, I began working out at home. Since then I have used my Mirror daily (when not traveling). I have enjoyed each one of the instructors and have enjoyed the programs offered. But even better, my husband, who had not worked out in many years, began using it last year and he now uses it daily as well. I have found the quality of the instructors to be top notch and they explain form so much better than anyone at my former gym ever did. I also enjoy the facebook group of mirror users and have gotten tips on new classes form the group. I love the variety of classes offered and am amazed at the sheer number of them available! Initially I had occasional freezing up using the app, while connecting to my mirror. This was corrected by installing a wifi extender in my house. Now I use it daily without problems.
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2 years ago, NicoleInAZ
Love, love, love!!
I absolutely LOVE the Mirror! I have tried classes, like Barre, that I would not normally go to but having so many fitness options with the Mirror let's me experience them all. With so many fitness level options and length of workouts, it fits into my schedule. I wasn't sure if my husband would use it when we made the purchase but now he uses regularly and also loves it. The Mirror customer service has been outstanding too. We purchased the Mirror in one state knowing we were moving out-of-state and once we moved, we were able to schedule the delivery and have it delivered with the help of customer service, specifically Morgan! Very attentive, responsive and helpful! The delivery and set-up personnel were on time and communicated with me as they stated they would. It has been amazing all-around, the Mirror and what it offers but also the staff - customer service and delivery. Highly recommend!!
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10 months ago, playaRRP
Improved Functionality Needed
I have had my mirror for years now. I got it during covid to stay in shape while at home. Lots of improvements have been made which I appreciate, but more are still needed. My weights do not connect to the mirror sometimes or when they do, they double count the reps. My heart rate from my Apple Watch is not always accurate on the mirror, miscalculating my burned calories which is super frustrating during workouts. I would also like the mobile app to work when on Wi-Fi and not just with cellular service. I travel quite a bit. It is extremely convenient to have the app with me on the go to do workouts away from home but the app doesn’t work apart from cellular service which defeats the purpose in places like a cruise ship or out in the middle of the ocean. I can play a game on WiFi but cannot load the mirror app to use a downloaded workout session??? If these things could be improved I truly would love my mirror.
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3 years ago, Sarah28467
Love the actual mirror, systematic HR monitor issues
I was so excited to get the Mirror around Thanksgiving. Loved using it. Was even more excited to get an Apple Watch, the plan all along, so I could track my HR while exercising. I should have read the reviews on here, it seems that folks have been unable to get heart rate monitors to connect effectively to the mirror for months! Shocking this hasn’t been addressed. I’ve done every step listed online, contacted support several times, and have been unable to get somebody on the phone for >10 days. The crux of the issue, is connectivity between the Apple Watch goes through the app to the mirror. It works somewhat well until my phone goes on sleep/lock mode. Then it disconnects. Leads me to believe it’s an app issue. I am so supportive of this business and love the idea of this product, but find it pretty frustrating they’ve known for months individuals have a hard time connecting HR monitors that this hasn’t been addressed well enough yet.
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10 months ago, Heathely988
I really like my mirror
I really like my mirror, I’ve been using it about two months and it seems to work great. I had a couple of wifi glitches because I’ve had to put an extender to use it where it’s located which is a ways from our house. I started downloading the classes to my phone first (with the little cloud button, while im near my mirror) then playing them on the mirror, seems to have fixed the problem. Since downloading classes first I haven’t had any more glitchy classes. I love the class choices and the class filter to find classes quickly and easily. I also love that I can do the classes in the comfort of my house, no gym membership needed. I am an absolute beginner in all classes and have found myself losing some weight but more importantly I’m feeling strong, which I don’t think I’ve ever felt strong before.
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2 years ago, pipsbabydoll
So upset!
So upset because I was on my way to work one day and just so happened to see an estate sale. While browsing, I came across this mirror and I purchased it, unbeknownst that I would NEED a subscription, history of past purchasers, etc in order to use the mirror. I’ve contacted the Executive Board of the mirror company via email and telephone and there has still been no solution. I’ve tried my best to try to locate the original owners of the mirror with no avail, so now I’m stuck with a full body mirror that I can only look at myself in. I’ve given the serial number and you would think that they would be able to track it, but they’re leaving it up to me: a random person that found a random sell. I think it’s RIDICULOUS, being the circumstances, that I cannot purchase a monthly subscription for this mirror so I can use it. I’m very frustrated and have been given the run around, only to come back to the same questions about the original owners that I don’t know the answers to. I’m very unhappy with the handling of the situation. I wish it could be resolved.
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12 months ago, KtotheTee8
Waste of Money
This is the most disappointing purchase I’ve ever made. I bought it when it was the Mirror and enjoyed it for the content. After Lululemon got involved I started having technical Issues with the mirror where it would require lengthy updates regularly and randomly turn off and on, freeze up during a workout, etc. I also felt underwhelmed with the classes (eventually just brands they partner with.) today I was staring at what now amounts to a super expensive mirror sitting in my workout room and thought I’d give it another shot after letting my membership lapse back in January due to all of these issues. I cannot find a way to re-subscribe online and get linked back to answers from a bot that don’t help resolve my issues when I use the chat bot option. I tried calling support and was left on hold for an hour. For a company that seems to love to make money off of middle aged women with disposable income like me, they certainly are making it hard for me to pay for an overpriced subscription to their content. 0/5 stars. I’ll give my money to Bodi.
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3 years ago, Tina300000
Apple Watch Heart Rate Monitor Disconnects
First I have to start by saying I love this app app and I love this product. Like, love love. The only thing that I dislike and would love to see fixed is the Apple Watch heart rate monitor connectivity. Most of the time it’s slow to connect and then disconnects mid work out. If there’s something I need to do to prevent that from happening on on my end, please let me know. If there something that you can do on your end to prevent it from disconnecting, please do so. If I don’t notice the disconnection, whole workouts can go by without any heart rate tracking. When I review the results for work out, I can clearly see where the Apple Watch heart rate monitor disconnected, not giving me credit for either moving and/or towards caloric burn. It’s a first world problem, minor irritant, but would make us a five star app if it were fixed. I can’t fathom wearing the heart rate monitor that came with the mirror when I’m wearing one on my wrist.
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3 years ago, ca mora
Love the concept, design can be a bit tricky
I am obsessed with all of the workouts on the mirror! The variety of workouts helps with the burn out I usually get after doing one form of workout too often. That being said, the app can be a bit glitchy. For instance, under classes they have programs designed for users to follow with 4-5 workouts laid out per week. While the programs themselves are very well curated I can only scroll down to the first 2 of 4 workouts for the week, which obviously makes following the program difficult. I also have been having difficulty with the Apple Watch integration on the mirror. I usually have to manually go in and pair before each workout and even then it sometimes will not show up on the actual mirror. Other than that, I love the concept and execution of the mirror! Definitely recommend for anyone who likes a variety of workouts :)
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4 years ago, Erin5287
Boutique fitness classes but inaccurate iOS Calorie tracking
I LOVE the mirror. It’s like being in a fitness class by yourself but with the motivation of others with you. The instructors are very great at virtual teaching and keep you engaged and really make you break a sweat. With that said, I don’t like how you get credit for total cal on Apple Watch versus kCal. I personally don’t want to cheat and want to know how much kCal I’m burning towards my activity goal versus total calories. So, I have to disconnect my Apple Watch/ heart rate from the mirror and track it manually with starting a workout on the watch instead of mirror doing it for me. I know other devices (Norditrack, Peleton) separate kCal from total cal so were a bit behind the curve here. Hoping they will be able to do this soon so I can reload the app on my watch! Since I have found a workaround, I would say this doesn’t have an effect on how much I ultimately love the mirror!
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4 years ago, Stay away from update?
Overall, we’re satisfied.
Hands down, it’s the best fitness purchase I’ve made in awhile. There are a ton of classes to choose at all hours live or on demand. The instructors that I’ve worked with are really knowledgeable on putting together respectable workouts. Now the minor annoyances. Sometimes my heart rate won’t show up on the mirror, but it’s showing on my phone. During the workouts the banner that pops up will cover the instructor sometimes during a key part of the workout such as when they are explaining proper technique- wish that could be moved to the top. I still appreciate the sentiment just wish it wasn’t impeding my view especially when I’m huffing through a difficult workout. Also, there are times when the music doesn’t play despite being set in the app. Basically, it would be great if we could customize the screen and less glitches.
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5 months ago, stellaastro26
Peloton’s takeover causing yet another issue
I’ve been an avid Mirror user (yup, I’m calling it that) for two years, and have the in-home unit. Ever since the announcement was made that Peloton would be taking over from Lululemon, who apparently have buyer’s remorse, it’s been one issue after another. In this particular case, I updated the app when it came out three weeks ago, and can only connect my phone to my Mirror about a third of the time. I’ve never had this problem before. I’ve discovered that the only way to resolve this issue is to completely uninstall the app, then reinstall, then reset all my preferences. This is a pretty annoying problem, but at 6:00 am, it’s maddening. At this point, I have to repeat this process four or five times a week, and put up with continuous pop up “hints” like I’m completely starting from scratch. I know production of the physical Mirror is ending, and Peloton will be focusing on the app, but this is ridiculous.
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1 year ago, cbcg00
Great for the Mirror not for the iPhone
I travel on business about once a quarter and have to workout from my iPhone rather than my Studio Mirror. The app works great with the Mirror but is not so great for the iPhone since it only works in landscape mode. It was much better when you could flip to portrait mode. It is very hard to see the instructor when in landscape mode. I belong to a Lululemon Studio FB page and have been seeing multiple complaints about this. Apparently the change was made to make it better for casting to TV’s which is fine if you have Apple TV. That option isn’t available in a hotel room. There should be the ability to use either Portrait or Landscape so that it will work both for iPhone and casting use.
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6 months ago, sassafrasher
App is awful
I hate this app so much. If you’re the kind of person who likes to follow a program with sequential classes start to finish you will probably hate it too. I was hoping it would get better when peloton joined or took over or whatever they did but the layout is the same. There are lots of classes to choose from, and there are programs you can follow, but there is no way to start a program and have it on your dashboard so you can start your next class when you log in. Sure you can bookmark classes (why?? Do some people just do the same class over and over??) but you can’t easily work your way through a program without having to search for it and find where you left off every time. And that’s if the program is even still on the app long enough for you to work through it. Terrible dashboard layout, so much room for improvement but I’m honestly considering just selling the mirror because the app it runs off is garbage.
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3 years ago, Kizzyj012
I should be a world class athlete for the equipment that I've owned, sadly I'm not! I might become one though as the Mirror has inspired me, not only with its functionality and variety of classes to keep me motivated, but it is a darned nice mirror when not in use (unlike my Treadmill that became a clothes horse!). As if that isn't enough, the customer service is truly the best! I was fortunate to be able to purchase a used' mirror; before purchasing it I wanted to make sure that it worked and that I could transfer ownership. Carla assisted me and went in to great detail of the pros and cons of buying used (no warranty as it was from a third party, etc). I took the plunge and Carla was there every step of the process, she initiated contact just to confirm all was well after I got it home and set up. I can honestly say buy one!!!
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3 months ago, Fix It Guy Ty
Peloton is ruining the mirror
Instead of peleton trying to make the mirror conform to their content, they should’ve tried to make their content more like the mirror’s. The peloton classes are terrible. My 2 biggest complaints - the non-black background defeats the purpose of using the mirror. But even worse than that is the fact that you can’t turn off the music without muting the instructor. Who wants to listen to music through the tinny mirror speakers??? If I want to listen to music while I work out, I want to listen to it on good quality speakers, plus I want to choose my own songs, not someone else’s music. If peloton ever discontinues the lululemon content, I will cancel my membership that very day. Btw - I bought the mirror when it was still “the mirror” before lululemon bought it. And lululemon slightly improved the quality, but mostly left it the same. Peloton on the other hand seems to be making the quality worse.
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3 years ago, STLSchube
1-star rating for 5-star disappointment
Just received my Mirror after an already bumpy order/communication interaction with the company. The “white glove” delivery and set up was just two guys from a robo delivery company who didn’t know anything about the product (in fact mentioned they’d order Tonal) and did not stick around to make sure everything was up and running. Oh, and apparently the accessories we paid $200 for are delivered separately, so no idea when they’ll show up. Enter the real problem: my sound is garbage. It’s muffled to the point you can’t hear what the instructors are even saying. I’ve spent the last 1.5 hours troubleshooting and talking to 2 different Mirror reps. My videos of the issue are being sent to engineering, and probably another appointment will be needed for someone to come “fix the soundbox.” For this price and their brand integrity, Lululemon should be doing a much better job. We may be on the path to returning. Who knows, might try Tonal instead.
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2 years ago, Tmm876
Don’t Just Read The Reviews- Buy It
I have owned The Mirror since July 2020, and I can honestly say this is the best home equipment I have ever purchased. My background in exercise involved Crossfit and Strenth and Conditioning workouts. I don't miss the $125/month gym payments and being constricted to class times. The Mirror allows me to work out on my schedule, the Expert class intensity (Cardio, Strength, Boxing) is hard enough for those with the above listed background. I also love exploring new classes such as Barre and Yoga (those I very much do on the Beginner level). Mediation was used to help me while working from home. Their technical assistance group answers questions promptly, and also love have The Mirror as a beautiful mirror for my room. I'm so happy I bought it!
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4 years ago, Vizslayogi
Incredible Device!
We love the mirror - my entire family uses it and the variety of workouts is such that you can do something each day. We love the instructors and how easy the app makes it to find a class that fits your needs for a particular workout. My only complaint about the app is it’s interaction with Apple Activity. While workouts on The Mirror are recorded by Activity, they are not categorized, meaning they show up in your total exercise but not as a specific type of workout. For example, if I do 30 minutes of Yoga, Activity will note 30 minutes of exercise but not a Yoga workout. I know this can be done because other apps do it. I would love to be able to see the specific workout as I assess my activity at days end.
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2 years ago, khoogs
First Initial Response
Overall my experience with this has been positive but I’m noticing some hiccups in the app even after just owning for a week. Sometimes I’ll be in a class and notice that the timer on the top left has frozen even though the rest of the mirror is still functioning. As a result, I’ve had some classes be “unfinished” even though that’s not actually the case. The heart rate monitor works for me but it took some time to get it to connect initially, even as I read all instructions affiliated with it. Despite this, I love the diversity of classes and the fact that there are options in many different time frames so it works more comfortably in my schedule. The instructors are fantastic so far, I love the supportive and light atmosphere.
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2 years ago, Ktlee508
Definitely worth the money!
I have joined so many gyms, bought so many fitness videos over the years, and nothing stuck. Either I would get bored or not see much of a difference. I’m 41 now and in the best shape of my life thanks to the mirror. I’m constantly challenged and never bored, and have considerably better form since using the mirror being able to see myself. There’s a bunch of different trainers but Xtina is my favorite and I stick to her workouts. There’s a trainer for every type person that motivates you though. I’ve had the mirror for close to a year now and never did I think I would stick to anything for this long. Totally worth the money if you are debating it!
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3 years ago, jpd jpdes
Keeps getting better!
Love the mirror and app, has helped our family stay in shape during covid, probably will never go back to the gym. App is constantly improving, so when you buy into it, it continues to improve. Hoping to give some feedback to what would be nice features to see 1. Add Multiple classes to one session I love going from a workout to a yoga/stretching pr meditation class. But ending a session, then diggin through the app to find the next class breaks the cycle. Would love to see ability to add multiple to classes to a session, and it autoplays from one to the next so experience is seamless. 2. Music continues after class When you complete a class, the music stops, you then rate the class in the app before the homescreen appears. It would be nice to have an option for the music continue at the end of class, especially after a yoga class when you may just want to hang a little longer than the session. 3. Screen sleep The app forces you to rate a class when completing, or else the mirror screen turns on. Would be nice for the screen to auto turn off after a session regardless of input from the user
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2 years ago, At4567runner
Revised review-now I love it
These are some of the best Pilates and mat workouts I have done. Loving all the variety and options! Great music, great instructors, and I know I will find a workout every time to fit whatever I’m in the mood for. I initially had a lot of frustration with tech issues with the Mirror. Unlike my other tech work out devices, the people that came to set it up were not experts on it and so had a lot of glitches getting started. After a visit from our internet provider to optimize the connection to the Mirror, and using it for a few months, it is working well now. Original Review: The workouts are great when it actually works. Unfortunately, more often than not it does not work. Whenever I want to do a work out I have to completely uninstall the app and set the mirror up from the beginning, otherwise it just continues to say that it is not connected to the Internet no matter how many times I tinker with it. I’m not sure what the issue is, but I have a peloton right next to it and that streams just fine even when the Internet is spotty.
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2 years ago, Wantmetoo
Great platform…needs some polish!
First off, the mirror is a great workout aid! I love the idea! Having guided workout classes on demand is fantastic. I’m happy with my purchase. However, there is room for improvement with the app and overall integration. #1 gripe - why do I need to select my Apple Watch as my heartrate monitor on every workout? It’s the only heartrate monitor I’ve ever connected. The Mirror should attempt to connect to the Apple Watch for heartrate monitoring as my default without any user interaction. #2 gripe - stuttering during a class…my wifi is fine, there are no connection issues…buffering should not be a thing on a 15 minute workout. Not sure if it’s a backend capacity issue or what…but workout videos need to run smoothly. #3 gripe - not really a gripe…more of a feature request. Let’s add some AI to Mirror. I have 3 workouts I’ve started doing on a fairly regular basis. When I launch the app lets have it say ‘Hi user…it’s Wednesday - should I launch your 15 minute arms workout with Gerren?’ Reduce the amount of time I need to spend getting going with my workouts. That’s it…overall, great product. Few kinks to iron out though. Thanks!
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2 years ago, Metsloverhater
After 9 Months of Non-Use, It won’t even turn on
Bought the Mirror for my wife for Christmas 2020. Had a heck of a time getting it delivered, so we finally got it in late February. Had tons of issues connecting app to it so we didn’t use it for a few months, but still paid the monthly fee for nothing. Tried to turn it on the other day so I could move it to an exercise room I was putting together and NOTHING!! It wouldn’t even turn on. Spoke to Tech Support and they were telling me that I probably broke it when I moved it. IT SAT THERE FOR 6 MONTHS, NOBODY TOUCHED IT AND IT SUDDENLY WOULDN’T EVEN TURN ON. The tech told me she would refer it to their hardware team and am waiting for a story from them. $1500 for a bricked Mirror. Outdated on/off toggle switch and no way to default it to a factory state shows that the product is based on archaic technology. They should recall these things and refund people’s money. I think state AG’s need to step in.
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2 years ago, Kkam784
On sale now. Totally worth it.
The subscription is like the price of one meal out, per month. There really add a ton of content every week, live content, New studios like Y7 are exclusive to the lululemon studio now and that’s why I love it. Dogpound, pure barre etc. I also like the idea that I could try things I’d be too scared to do in a class for the first time, like dance and boxing… You can have different user profiles for people in your house!! It’s gorgeous, sleek way to work out. I’ve been playing my own music through the class which I love. Also really like how you can choose to have cues of what posture is coming next in yoga class, if it’s recorded! I haven’t tried personal training yet but might. I’ve just got mine leaning against the wall but its super sturdy. The install person was great and was eager to mount on wall and secure anti tip but ultimately I chose. It works beautifully in my one-bed city apartment! Go to lululemon and get it. I didn’t get it on the current sale price and still think it’s worth it paying $1400 even. The discount is nuts. Just do it.
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3 years ago, MylyjohnMLJ
I’m telling everyone about my MIRROR!
I'm a southern girl who moved up north and struggled getting out to the gym. I tried pushing myself in workouts and got nowhere. It didn't take much thinking to pull the trigger on this one. I bought the mirror and never looked back. I'm getting the same gym feel in my workouts Whether I take a Live or a recorded session. I love the variety. I love the choice of intensity levels. I love that I can even do multiple workouts. I don't have to push myself in one long intense session if I don't have time. I bought my mirror before the phone app was added. I travel a lot for work and have to admit that is really a game changer for me. I just turned 60 and happy I have the Mirror to get me back in shape.
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4 years ago, EngineerMan
Love the Mirror, Not presently living the Watch Integration
Overall I love the mirror, and the quality of classes. There is a ton of variety and working through the phone app to find something and have it play through the mirror is seamless. What I am annoyed by is it’s Apple Watch Integration when it comes to heart monitoring. I don’t know if it is related to an overloaded Bluetooth receiver if you are using headphones and the watch, or if the watch portion of the app still needs work. Essentially what will occur that once you start a work out the heart rate will start showing, but after several minutes it will drop off the Mirror. Sometimes it will come back intermittently, other times it won’t. I have found in this situation that the only way to keep the watch app pulling the heart rate is to keep interacting with the watch to minimize standby. It works, but is not optimal to keep messing with the watch app while working out. Only other option is to use the included chest strap which is uncomfortable and unfortunately doesn’t fit all. Don’t really want to buy a different monitor so I hope this issue can be addressed. Otherwise, I love the mirror.
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8 months ago, KIS032012
This is the best at home workout experience. When we first got it, we struggled with it connecting. We would be on the same Wi-Fi, but it wouldn’t connect. We were using a different router than what our cable company sent us, so they told us to switch to their router. We thought this would be a bigger issue, but it went pretty smoothly! Mirror support was fantastic in dealing with the transition. Ever since we have never had an issue with connecting! I really like all the different workouts and accountability. The different levels for workouts is great too and the trainers are really inspiring. I always talk it up to anyone I can!
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3 years ago, Dkekfkdkemdkgkfncnd
So much fun!
I’m surprised at home much I love this. I hate working out, but I might have to say that the mirror makes it fun?! So many options of classes. Progress tracking is cool, and seeing your stats. There’s something for everyone. Hard, easy, long, short. My only glitch is that it loses connection like once a day. I try to follow the instructions to re-pair it in my settings but the phone doesn’t show it. Then I unplug and RE plug the mirror and suddenly it’s fine. Sort of annoying. Developer idea - can we give it some screen savers for the aesthetics? Also make the pictures bigger of people who have video on so you can actually see them.
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4 years ago, FitMommaTay
Changed the game for me!
I just moved to a very cold state... from Texas.. and needed something I could commit to without risking the weather with my two little kids around. This was the perfect answer. Previously I was only doing bootcamp/HIIT style classes, which I still like to take, but the Mirror has really opened up the fitness doors for me. I LOVE the dance and boxing classes. They go by so fast! I love that my kids see me work out. I especially love it takes up zero room and looks like a mirror when not in use. I could go on and on... so glad to own this! My only wish would be that I wish an immediate 10-15min stretch followed up after live classes (as opposed to having to wait another half hour).
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4 months ago, SF app user
The idea is great but so many bugs
Common QA team. Bluetooth has issues finding the app when it’s open, updates are awful and rarely work, the classes have one Pilates beginner for 30 mins. Not 45. Maybe some of us need longer low impact classes? 1. Need analytics to see what your users are using the most. What searches are used and you’ll know what to better provide for your users. No search should show only *one* result. PMs make a matrix and dashboard. Keep track of what’s used. 2. Downloading apps. Too many updates. Most of the time it takes 20 mins to figure out because it’s not connecting right. You should have better logging. See what the users are doing on the server side and count how long downloads take. I’m so sick of seeing “checking for update” on the mirror when the update has already happened 3. Upload diagnostic reports and logs. I see an option to email help team but developers and release ops team should be looking at logs. Do better. This is a bigger company now that should have the means for better quality. The reviews are not great. Integrate the reviews from here to Slack if you haven’t already and start keeping track of the bugs and similar feedback.
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2 years ago, Taylor C.
Great Program with a Broken App
The only reason I’m not rating this application one star is because Mirror itself, as a program, is a very effective enjoyable method of exercise with great instructors and plenty of variety. Which makes it even more frustrating considering how buggy and broken this app on a constant basis. Anything that could possibly go wrong with an app, will go wrong: freezing, crashing, play/pause/fast forward/rewind buttons not functioning, lagging audio, lagging video, audio source issues, issues with volume control, you name it. And the real kicker is that every update to this app makes it seemingly less and less functional over time. Considering how expensive both the Mirror and the Mirror membership can be, it’s frankly near unacceptable for this app to be as busted as it is.
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3 years ago, kesterkin
My life savior
My Mirror arrived in early March just before the stay at home orders in Los Angeles. I can honestly say I would not be able to survive this time without the Mirror. The familiar faces on the screen each day have motivated me, kept my mental and physical spirits high, and encouraged my family including my husband and six year old son to join in the fun. Thank you for revolutionizing how we work out, for having amazing instructors and for bringing some source of consistency and normalcy to my life in such a difficult time! As a mother of two young boys with a full time job, having the ability to work out on my schedule in my own home is exactly what I needed. Amazing product that everyone should buy.
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2 years ago, jackienina
I want to love my mirror. I love the idea, the concept, the classes. But unfortunately the many glitches and hiccups have prevented me from loving it. Like some of the other reviews I’ve just been frustrated with the app. 1. It takes me forever to connect. I only have 15-30 mins anyway and when I spend 5-10 of those minutes just trying to reconnect my mirror to even start the class I get frustrated. I’ve had to pre download my workouts which is helpful, but still isn’t perfect. Never streamed a live class- that feels like a pipe dream which it shouldn’t be. My internet allows me to do everything and anything else in my house so not sure why this is so difficult. 2. When I finally DO connect half the time my Apple Watch isn’t fully tracking, or the instructor isn’t audible, or the music glitches. 3. When I’ve connected, made it through a workout, and finally think I’ve done it! It won’t calculate. Or for some reason it thinks I only did half the workout and it isn’t counted toward my score. It’s really frustrating. Not sure how to fix this and don’t want to return my mirror but also feel it shouldn’t have so many glitches and hiccups to use.
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3 years ago, frustrated233
I got the mirror last year during the quarantine. I actually really like the mirror and it’s classes. However it is so unreliable when it comes to actually loading the classes. I’ll often have a class be interrupted multiple times due to “retrying” or “buffering”. I’ve even tried pre-downloading the workouts but the app isn’t even reliable to let me do that. If I touch anythingggg on my phone or in the app, it will pause. I’ve unfinished several workouts or just given up bc I try to squeeze them in before work and I can’t wait all morning. This morning I started trying to get one to load at 630. It’s now 720 and I’ve gotten 15 seconds to load so far. Very frustrating. For what workouts I have been able to get to load and finish, they’ve been great.
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3 years ago, MISTInc
Used daily!
We purchased our Mirror last December (pre COVID) as an alternative to paying monthly for a gym membership we rarely used. Having the convenience of working out in our own home at any time, especially when gyms are currently closed, has been a blessing! The variety of classes and instructors is great, and our 13 year old uses it regularly as well. I have many years of weightlifting and fitness experience, and the workouts continue to challenge me and compliment the other forms of exercise I do. While it may not be for everyone, the Mirror has been one of the best purchases we've ever made!
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