Luvly: Face Yoga Exercises

Health & Fitness
4.5 (12.6K)
272.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Harmonybit Ltd
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Luvly: Face Yoga Exercises

4.53 out of 5
12.6K Ratings
1 year ago, Reallysir
Best app for skincare on the market now
The app is well put together with simple, consistent, video based guides. It will combine various routines into an easy to follow story for target area work. I really like the seamless and detailed point system so you can benchmark your progress; they let you know the average amount of points most users track before reporting results and offer a thorough diary. Other nice features include skincare education, product and nutrition guides/plans. There is a thoughtful, inclusive design scheme throughout the experience. The yoga really does stimulate the areas they’ve created guides for and has been a very relaxing, positive experience. I have tried a few other apps that really are just a shell to sell products for participating beauty brands. This app is brand agnostic with good information about what kinds of products to use combined with quality health information. I think this has a lot of potential to actually meet its advertised purpose as well as evolve with a supportive community and good product team. Well done!
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1 month ago, StoatyWoaty
Better than I thought
I bought this app on a whim impulsively when I saw an ad and thought yes I will do it then I instantly regretted it However I thought while I bought it now I may as well do it. I have been doing it for about 2 1/2 weeks and I love it. It’s easy to fit into my day at minimum. It’s 10 minutes but you can add onto that and I usually do once I’m in the zone and I really have to say even on pictures or videos with my children. I have noticed my neck and my double chin being less. actually believe it, but I really do notice them getting smaller or more toned at least. I will definitely be renewing my subscription at the end of this Period. I really think it is something that I will just keep up. I get Botox and use all the products to have less wrinkles and more. This is an excellent addition to my routine.
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4 weeks ago, NYC Photographer
They will charge you $50 without your knowledge
These guys have a great scam going on, all of this stuff is the same as you can find online for free but they get your interest with a “free trial” so you think you can check it out before committing. The smart and sneaky part is you think you’re signing up through the app so it will be in your subscriptions, once you realize you don’t need their redundant app you check to see if you cancelled it but what you don’t know is that they redirected you when you signed up so you did it “through the website” apparently, so you can easily think you canceled your “trial” but actually did not because there’s no view of a subscription on your phone. Their small print ensures no refunds. So before you know it you’ve paid $50 for info you realize now that you can easily get for free. I see that you responded to my review but still won’t offer a refund for something I haven’t used, am not using and won’t use and got charged for on accident. If you would really like to make it right simply return my money instead of taking it without my permission. Waiving your small print around is not the same as refunding someone who is displeased. Make it right. Simply Refund Me.
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10 months ago, looptylooped
I should be able to use this app on multiple devices
I’ve been using the app for about a week, and I believe the program is good. The app is fairly nice and easy to navigate, although it’s not always clear what parts of the program I should be doing. The skincare advice is decent. However, I wear glasses, and I can’t wear glasses when I use the videos in the program to train either in massage or facial yoga. The audible instructions are not very clear, so the experience of using the app is quite frustrating. I wanted to try it on my tablet so I could possibly see it better, but there are two issues: 1) the app seems to be developed for phone use only and does not expand on a tablet; and 2) I’ve paid for the use of the program and app, but I can’t use that login to sign into a different device. If you have a better solution for the small visuals, I’m all ears. The app is too expensive to be this frustrating. So that’s why I give it 3 stars. Oh, also, my training time doesn’t ever record on the training time graph, how is that supposed to work?
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4 months ago, RoseWitch13
The words don’t always match the photo
Mostly, I like these videos and exercises. I mostly want to get rid of my turkey neck. I am frustrated, though, that so many of the videos concentrate on my eyes and forehead and cheeks. But those aren’t the reasons why I signed up. Although, when I do those exercises, I do see good benefits to my face, so that’s good. But it still leaves me with issues around the neck (under chin) area that bothers me so much. I like the narrator’s calm voice. I like the music underneath most of the videos. I don’t like when the video does NOT match the narration. “Use a vibrating motion” was mentioned just now, but the person didn’t vibrate her hands on her forehead at all. Who are we supposed to follow? The video? Or the words underneath the video? A big one is, “place the palm of your hands here…” and then the video shows fingertips. Which one do we do? Palm of our hand? Or fingertips? I chose palm of my hand, but then I didn’t follow the video. It’s bizarre to me that it would be such a discrepancy between the words and the video demonstration. I struggle because there is no feedback link on any of the videos. And I don’t know how to contact the app developer. One of the ladies in the videos holds her mouth in a way that bothers me. I don’t like her videos at all. It’s like she is doing duck lips the whole time. WHY is she doing that? She looks like she is a snobby person. I don’t want to take lessons from a snob.
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2 weeks ago, Jill61919
Poor business practices
Several months ago I must have downloaded a trial or started a subscription (for which I did receive a receipt for 3 months use of the app) Unfortunately I never used the app. I realized this week that I continued to be charged for the app for 3 more 3-month periods, though I had received no communication on either the app nor through my email that my subscription was continuing and that my account was still continuing to auto-renew. It seems to me to be an extremely poor business practice to auto-renew subscriptions without any transaction receipts or notifications that this is happening. They are banking on customers forgetting that they’ve subscribed to their service and that’s how they most likely make most of their money. (most of similar app subscriptions are managed on the Apple App Store, not rerouted to their website to purchase) What would be the harm in providing an automated email when the subscription auto renews? By not providing such communication, they are able to take advantage of customers who don’t regularly monitor their bank account charges for fraudulent activity.
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2 months ago, rrrtigra
Most relaxing self-care which is easy to maintain
This app is expensive but I am a daily user. I have a kid and a busy work, so I really love doing face massage after I put my kid to bed. It really helps me to relax and unwind. Because it is so pleasant I do it almost every day, so it feels like it’s worth the money. I didn’t really expect any real results from it. But my double chin has almost disappeared even though I have been using it just 40 days so far. So I guess face yoga/massage actually is effective if you do it every day, and it’s easy to do it with this app because this is relaxing and pleasant. Since I started using the app, I also switched to completely natural cosmetics which is generally way less effective that anti-aging staff I used before. But maybe because of the app, I don’t really see any difference in my look now. Pluses all around.
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1 year ago, Lady Bookathalon
Effective with Consistency - Amazing Results
10-14 minutes a day touching your face may seem like it’s not going to do anything, but — The app has so many features in a beautiful format with a cool aesthetic that include additional education based on nutrition and kinesiology and a photo diary to track your progress. On my third day using the program, it suggested using a mirror to identify wrinkles in the forehead when raising your eyebrows. I don’t have wrinkles in my natural resting face, but when I raised my eyebrows, I saw the deep ridges in my forehead. Following that day’s exercises, my forehead was smooth! The following days, my forehead has retained the smoothness and because the exercise was so relaxing and it’s something my beauty tools can’t achieve, I started doing it daily. 10-14 minutes May seem like a kitchen but it is so worth it and it feels amazing.
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9 months ago, On_the_hilltop
Feels so good
I have been using this app almost daily for about 9-10 months. I am 48 yrs old. I can’t say that I am seeing as drastic of results as some of the ads have shown, but I still love it! It feels really great to work tension out of the face and things do feel more toned, relaxed after doing a session. Most sessions for me are between 10-16 minutes long and they seem to go by quickly and are easy to fit in. I have made this part of my morning ritual and definitely miss it on the days I don’t fit it in. In all the time that I have been using it, I have only had a few issues with the app working correctly that have been fixed within a week’s time or less and the team support has been sufficient and helpful. I think it is worth the price.
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2 months ago, Thursdaymorningrecycleclub
Can’t pin anything
I like the idea of this app and I want to do it more, but the app really lacks a good user experience. The “today” tab has one alternating lesson each day, which I like. But there is another section that has a pinned 7-day course. I’ve already done that course but it just stays there forever. I can’t pin new courses to the today page that I want to do. So sometimes when I start a new course, I have to go searching for it on another tab. Also it doesn’t keep track of which lessons I’ve already done. The app makes it incredibly difficult to be consistent with any of the courses. Then, when I am doing the lessons, the instructions differ from the actions. Most of the time I have no clue what is happening. They say ambiguous things but don’t actually show what that means because the narration and actions don’t align. I had high hopes and was really excited to do these exercises every day. But the bad ux of the app decreases my motivation drastically.
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4 years ago, Hy-rum
Vocal instructions
The app is nice, and you feel the exercises working on your face. It’s just difficult to know how long to hold the position before switching to the left or right as you turn, or as you look up and down when you can’t see your phone screen. It would be nice to have a few more vocal directions as you are doing the exercise such as “now left.. hold...3...2..1 now right,” etc. They did a little bit but it was more like, “now the last one”😕 and I was like oh shoot I’m on 7 out of 10. 😂 Especially when they tell you to close your eyes and don’t tell you when to do the next set for the exercise... I mean really 😂😂. If my eyes are closed how can I see when she’s doing the next step I just learned 3 secs ago if she never speaks up and guides me a bit more. 😇 Just some helpful advice to improve the experience.
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1 year ago, ZenMamaTalks
Really Helps My Face
As a young 20 something woman, it can be really hard when bombarded by the media about fillers, botox, plastic surgery, and basically anything under the sun help me look ‘more appealing.’ This app has definitely been an educational experience in terms of how to take care of my facial/neck muscles, and how to care for my skin. I’m only 3 days in, and I know with consistency in the long run I will see more bigger improvements than the mini ones right now, and I’m optimistic. A week may not show anything right away, and perhaps at the 2 or 3 week mark you may see something-it’s different for everyone. Don’t let that discourage you. Thank you for creating this gem, and I look forward to what comes next as you guys evolve✨.
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5 months ago, cmayem
Almost great
I love this app. I have seen a real difference in my face even though I’m really not as consistent as I should be. I like the program but also the ability to do some focused exercises on the side. I signed up for the program for 10 minutes a day and found as a busy mom I can’t even get this done. So it has actually taken me almost a year to get a four week program completed. I would be much more consistent if I could change it to a shorter program for 5 minutes a day. My app also lost sound for the program portion. I have the captions I can read but it’s hard when some of the exercises ask you to close your eyes. I’ve restarted my phone and reinstalled the app but it’s still no sound. TLDR: can definitely see a difference in my face but app needs some improvements.
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10 months ago, T-pang-pang
Consistency is key here!!!
After reading both positive & negative reviews & doing research on whether this app is legit or not (it is), I decided to go ahead & get it to see for myself whether or not it was going to work. I’m literally only on day 3 and I am starting to notice changes to my cheeks & jawline! I’m doing about 30min a day worth of these face exercises for reference! I do about 15min in the morning & 15 at night. I’m excited to keep using this app!! I’m thinking the only reason why someone wouldn’t have seen results is because they weren’t consistent. Set an alarm if you have to to remember! It’s not that much time honestly! The facial workouts/massages go by so fast!
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4 months ago, begeena
Free isn’t free… not one free exercise
The App Store is really becoming a sham. It should not be allowed to say an app is free, if you have to sign up for a PAID free trial (that you only get 3-days free btw). A free trial that automatically starts billing you, is not free! There is not one free exercise in this app that you can try without signing up for the “free” trial. What exactly does 3 days do for you when you don’t even start to see results for 4 weeks? Not much. With the way I work, I’ll probably miss the entire trial before I can actually try it. They say you can “x” out of the trial off… and yes you can and at the same time “x” out of being able to launch the exercise or other selection you tried to view. Absolutely every exercise and every plan is locked behind the paywall with the 3-day trial that you then have to deal with canceling in time if you don’t want it. The onus should be on them to have fantastic enough content to make us want to subscribe. Not bribe us into subscribing and the hold our subscription fees hostage. I am so over the subscription service concept. People and companies need to start putting their money where their mouth is and create better products and experiences and treat their customers better. Customers can survive with out the app but can the company survive without customers? Time they start rethinking things.
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1 year ago, Alix!17
Scam - ripped me off for double plan fees
Scammed into paying twice to access the app. I paid $29 first then it charged me $15 for the same time period of access. Asked Apple to refund the cheaper one but Luvly billed the charges under slightly different names making it hard for Apple to recognize it as the same service. I already had access to the face yoga and then 3 days later was charged $15 more dollars under a slightly different service name for access to the service I already was using, for the same 3 month time period. Contacted Gismart/Luvly customer support 3 times. they keep telling me to request a refund through the App Store. So now I’ve paid twice at two different promotional rates and no one’s customer service has been even a little helpful. You’d think LUBLY support could do something to make this right but they don’t care so I will never pay them (Gismart is the main company LUVLY operates under) money for an app again
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6 months ago, Jackie83999
Bugs and doesn’t seem to be tailored
Im stuck on the day 10 video which is very frustrating. I’ve watched it 3 times now but when it finishes it just goes back to the Home Screen and showing I need to watch it again and I can’t continue. Also, at the beginning you do a quiz which makes it all seem very personalized, asking about your priority areas but so far I’ve had hardly any videos addressing those and have just been getting random videos for areas I don’t need to work on. UPDATE: I would give this 0 stars if I could. Unsubscribed via the usual way I do through Apple iPhone settings and Apple ID. Did this in November but they have charged me for a 6 month subscription now in December when I was only on a 3 month membership previously and had already unsubscribed. They are now saying they won’t refund me the amount. Really disappointed with this app. Save yourself the average content and worst customer service
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1 year ago, shagggyyyyyyy
Premium membership
This app is nice, the quiz and everything made me think I was going to be able to fix my facial structure. But, instead I have to pay for basically everything, I couldn’t do more than one exercise without having to see the premium membership pop-up. I wish this app would let me do more than one facial exercises without having to pay for it. I feel like the quiz they gave me at the beginning of installing the was supposed let me work on my insecurities. But instead I have to pay for my insecurities to go away, I feel like the more advanced/ longer exercises should be premium, not almost everything. I cant do most exercises because Im unable to pay the app 6$ a WEEK, Im just a teen who’s insecure. I really wish this app didn't have to make you pay for most of it, half would be nice.
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1 year ago, CupcakeNY
Resolved Some Issues
I’d like to follow up my earlier feedback from today. While I still believe this service is on the expensive side, I was able to access all the features just by signing into my Luvly account. I don’t know why there wasn’t a warning anywhere stating that’s what I need to do to unlock all the features? This includes the Challenges and Meal Planning etc. Earlier I was able to sign in but only enjoy limited access to many of the areas but now since I fully logged in for the first time, I was able to access even those areas that stated they needed $5.99 weekly payments. I hope this information will help someone to fully make an informed decision about wanting to sub to them or not.
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1 year ago, caskiu757
Frustrating functionality and response
I purchased the subscription. The app got stuck on Day 4 anyway. I saw benefits in those first few days, hence the two stars. I reached out to support and received a seemingly canned response which did not address my concern and inability to move past day 4. I responded and reiterated the issue, provided pictures twice. Several days went by without a response. I deleted the app and even though it recognized my subscription, I had to start over with the questionnaire and day one… hoping this isn’t a recurring issue. 🤞 Edit: (response to developer) continued terrible customer service. You’re asking me to contact support, with I clearly stated I did in the original review. Your customer service kept asking me to send screenshots that I had already provided. I submitted this review in February when I got nowhere with support and it’s taken over three months for a “response”.
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1 year ago, Dotty Meow
Really nice
This app is helping me take time out for some self care and after one of the sessions, i came downstairs and my boyfriend said i had such a “perfect face.” I def feel like it’s helping me relax tension in my face and taking out weird swelling. I haven’t done it consistently or often enough to notice a huge difference myself but i do notice something subtle. I hope i can remember the techniques enough to do it without the app but i love being talked through the techniques and seeing how it’s done. Just wish sometimes it would be more descriptive on exactly how much pressure to apply or what NOT to do, as I’m always worried about stretching my face out or not being firm enough.
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1 year ago, FantasticLuvly
I absolutely love these exercises! I am very familiar with anatomy, and the instructions are terrific, they are not too boring for someone who knows their anatomy yet they are still instructional enough for someone who does not. I am only on my second lesson, and already after each lesson, I’ve noticed a difference in my face with the way that I move my mouth and different muscles to express myself, I have noticed a difference in my speech, it has helped with blood flow tremendously !, I just can’t tell you enough good things about this! I highly highly recommend it, and it is going to be something that I incorporate into my life for the rest of my life. Thank you Luvly!!
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1 year ago, Lunabrightlunerlight
Great so far
This is so relaxing , it’s giving yourself a facial everyday and reminding yourself you can take your aging into control in a natural peaceful beautiful way. I love this idea , concept . I always read that you can’t do facial excercise to slim you face but I knew that was wrong. I remember doing the ole neck exercise Grandma taught me to tighten your neck and open and close your jaw . They exactly what I thought of when I saw this app and the before and after results were amazing ! If you want to change the appearance of your face start here , not with Botox or fillers. And if anything its a beautiful self care and ritual and so amazingly calm and relaxing. I’m recommending this to all the women I know.
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5 months ago, Barbara412
Very complete approach to face yoga
I have done facee yoga courses with several different companies and this is the most complete. By that, I mean that it approaches the subject using much more than just the face. The explanations are very deep compared to the others that I have tried. This is the reason that I am giving five stars. Unfortunately, for me as a much older person, I think my lack of results was due to how much my age had to do with a non-responsive face. I would also like to say that the customer service was outstanding and really quick in resolving my issue. Thank you for an excellent experience.
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1 year ago, Hardyface
Good workouts but not great app
The workouts are good but I’m regretting the money I spent on this. I thought I was purchasing one month when in reality I had accidentally subscribed, and they wouldn’t allow a refund when I noticed, even though I hadn’t used the app at all into the second month. The app keeps glitching on me too, despite updating it. It’s currently stuck on day 13 of training and won’t let me go beyond, telling me to complete 13 before I move on. I have completed it, and I let it play through a couple of times to see if it would catch up but it’s stuck there. Also the daily facial massages are recycled a lot so you’re not getting brand new content each day there. I think it’s a decent app, but overpriced for what you’re getting
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2 months ago, 3E891
Could be better
I really want to like this. However, the charge is for 3 months, which I’m ok with IF I could use the app. After a few days I can no longer access the workouts. I get a page that asks if I want to upgrade to Premium. There is no way to decline and from there on, I can no longer use the app. So a waste of money. Why not let me use the app, get bored with it and upgrade when I’m ready. I don’t know if I’ll get results because I’m Not allowed to use it. So $30 for nothing. It also does not show up in my Apple subscriptions, yet it supposed to be every 3 months. Why? Why doesn’t it show up as a subscription in my Apple settings? Please fix this and let us that signed up use the app, stop trying to upsell.
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1 year ago, valianthare
Alas, Worst experience in Years
First, you try to sell me another app for dancing. Just tacky and erodes confidence that this is anything other than a way to sell apps, regardless of their quality. Then I can’t get into my app because I use a password protector and generator. My passwords are 40 characters long and your app WON’T LET ME PASTE! There’s no way I’m going to type in 40 characters and there’s no way I’m going to use fewer than 40 characters on an app of this type! So I can’t access my plan. I already sent an email regarding that. Now I find out that you’ve charged me for some thing I didn’t buy. I signed up for the $9.99 exercises only. I’m ready for my money back! So badly done every step of the way. It’s okay to hire kids to build your UI and UX but get a seriously good tech (who understands human nature as well) to oversee them and the whole damned thing. It’s also okay to try to generate interest in other products you have but don’t do it via a chat bot claiming to be an instructor who says she has tips for using the app. Not only tacky, but infuriating. Hire just one brilliant person. Let them bring in their own second. And then get out of their way. In the meantime, send me my money back! Disgruntled sent from the digital breadline
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1 year ago, dlehsuan
This app is a scam. I signed up for the trial which still costed like a dollar or something. Without any notice, I was charged the full amount for the annual plan once my trial ended. I immediately cancelled it because I feel like the material isn’t anything revolutionary just maybe a bit more consolidated. Got a confirmation screen that my subscription was cancelled for future auto renewals but it’ll still be available for the year that I was already charged for. So I emailed them to see if I could get a refund. Not only did I not get a response, a few weeks later the app said my subscription expired…tried restoring purchase and it just kept saying the same thing. It’s been 3+ months since I cancelled. Never got an email response or even a receipt confirmation, never a refund, and cannot access any content because im “not subscribed”
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4 months ago, Ultrafitdancer
Unearth magic!
I was curious about using the app for reducing signs of aging. I stopped using Botox and began these exercises for the face and neck. What I discovered was magic💫 The workouts are soothing at a slow pace, forcing me to be present and breathe. The “workouts” feel more like a relaxing self massage of the muscles of the face, neck, and head. It is also educational to be taught an awareness of the small, yet often used, muscles of the face and neck. Lots of tension is stored there. I’m not sure of results yet as of anti-aging, but I have discovered something I didn’t even know I needed: facial self massage that puts me in a calm state of mind for a few minutes out of my day.
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1 year ago, Laurenskis
Just did the follow along face scan and it couldn’t read my face was in the position it asked for the time that was requested. There was no next button to let it know manually, so I got a low score and the app told me to try to follow along better next time 🙄. Not a bad app, they just needed to double check the functions with a UX designer who caught that. I’m also skeptical of apps that charge this much off the bat— it seems pretentious and is feeding on vanity rather than wanting to help as many people feel more graceful and in control of their aging. I get it, it’s a business and perhaps they have enough word of mouth marketing to vouch for this, but since I found it on a random Instagram ad, haven’t felt inspired to commit.
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3 months ago, Ahumada17
I Luv Luvly
I’m almost 60, so don’t expect to see immediate improvement. But the exercises are relaxing. And they’re helping. One question: I have smoker's lines on chin down to my jawline. Hope some exercises will target this area. But my face is much more toned. Thank you!! Update: the app regularly gets stuck on a day I've already completed. Tech support please!! Today I'm supposed to complete exercises I did yesterday. Thanks. 3/9/24 The app has stopped again. Repeating yesterday's exercises. Any way to clear up this glitch? So frustrating!! It's a good program but the technical aspects are very annoying. TECH SUPPORT!!
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1 year ago, Mickieish16
good app if you have the time
I got this app thinking it was primarily face yoga exercises that were quick, but it’s actually a lot more than that. This is good in terms of you get a lot of information and content for the price i think, but its designed to be a training and i don’t always have the time to devote to the training everyday so I don’t think i will see results like possibly someone who is doing all the exercises and other extra content they share out each time you log in. When i did email to cancel subscription based mainly on these reasons, they were pretty quick with reply and seemed to honor my request- i will be checking this month to see if i was still charged.
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1 year ago, MeowMeow1818
Please be careful with this app!
Read the reviews before you download! I too paid and “downloaded” the app but could never get access to it. I reached out to customer service multiple times and their solutions didn’t fix anything. I paid $29 to have access to literally nothing except frustration and wasted time. I even went through my credit card to dispute the charge since I never received ANY service for my money. Luvly denied the refund so now my credit card company is asking for a lengthy process to continue to dispute. I have already wasted enough time and energy on this so I guess I’m letting Luvly win…which is clearly what is happening to a lot of people and how they are making money. I don’t normally write reviews but I feel this is my only way to stop others from having their money stolen.
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6 months ago, kimchiyuuuuumy
Beware of difficulty canceling
As a speech-language pathologist with specialized training orofacial myofunctional therapy I am curious but skeptical about many of the claims made about “face yoga”. Regardless of the efficacy of the exercises, the company’s billing practices are highly unethical if not illegal. I purchased a trial through a Facebook ad link and followed Luvly’s instructions to cancel via the subscriptions on my iPhone. There was no subscription through the app but I was charged something like $70 one day when I hadn’t used the app after the first 2 days of trying it out and being less than impressed. They refused to refund me when I emailed them, explaining that I needed to cancel with them some other way because I had purchased a subscription online rather than in the app. Nowhere did it say this in the subscription info on how to cancel.
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1 year ago, ginamariebellotto
Unrealistic timeline to see results
I really do like this app it’s just very frustrating when they state things like you should see results within one week of daily use. Which is kind of ridiculous seeing as most of what you do in life consistently for one week doesn’t make any difference. It also doesn’t specify the age in which they are generating these one week results from and to what extent. I’m 40 and have used every day for one week and there isn’t one result which is totally expected I think a more accurate statement would be one year of daily use to see results although that wouldn’t be appealing to most people. I’ll write an update after 6 months then after one year.
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1 year ago, singram16
Already see a difference
I was hopeful but skeptical, got the 3 day trial and after the first “workout” I felt I could see a difference! So I did one other quick de-puff exercise. When my husband came home a few hours later he asked me what was different about my face! I’m going to give it a good go, maybe buy a month, and see if I continue to see improvements. It makes sense that massaging and/or working the muscles under the skin are going to have a pretty big impact on how the skin appears. My main issues are fine wrinkles, thinning lips, beginning stages of jaw line getting looser (I’m 40).
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10 months ago, Foranna2read
Therapeutic and meditative
I’m using my first few minutes after I’m ready to complete my daily routine. At the recommendation of my therapist, I wanted to select a morning routine. I found this app, and I feel like it accomplishes two things: 1) giving my a morning routine that calms me and makes space for a moment of quiet concentration on a task and 2) contributes to self care and building my confidence in my appearance. I guess there is a third component of overall health because so many of the movement are creating movement and flow of the lumps this system. All around, I’m really grateful that I found the app!
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1 year ago, brennaberrigan
Amazing so far!
I’ve only done a few so far but it really does make a difference immediately. Everyday is a new workout and it’s things I remember and can also do in my free time. They’re usually 10-15 minutes which is the perfect amount of time. I really like it a lot! I’m so happy to have found this. One of my biggest insecurities has always been my neck and jawline cause it’s a little non existent lol but this has helped a lot already in the short time doing it. It’s definitely worth a shot if you’re considering it and the 3 day free trial is perfect if you wanna test it out first!!
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5 months ago, CuddlePhantom
One is pretty good so far!
I'd recommend having an oil and or serum and or moisturizer on hand before starting this or else you be getting up during each lesson.🥰🥰🥰 I wish that they made that clear before the lesson start and I also wish that the lessons were just a little bit slower because I feel like I end up pushing and dragging on my face too much. Just trying to keep up 😅overall it seems like a good app and has a pretty good variety of choices for different wants. so far I’ve just done the facial massage and I think it is pretty nice!♥︎♥︎♥︎
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6 months ago, Zardoz68
Relating to the male
Men are concerned about how they look and most of all how they feel on a day to day basis. These exercises not only provide ways to make you appear more youthful but they supply techniques that are beneficial to your overall health. All areas of our body become a problem as we age. So if your health is optimal you look and feel more youthful because in many ways you are. You help to slow down the aging process by improving blood flow throughout the whole body. This is not just a tool to improve your appearance but improve your health in general.
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2 years ago, JP_87
Omgeez. This really works?!
I was saving to get Botox for an event I have coming up, but I thought why not try this app while stacking my Botox chips. In just the matter of a few days, I started seeing effects that made me question if I even needed Botox to begin with! My forehead is smoother and my major areas (jaw line, cheek bones, and chin) have improved. In just three days of adding this to my morning routine!! I haven’t even reached the point where I should be seeing serious results so I am majorly impressed with how this works! And so easy and relaxing to implement with your existing routine.
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5 months ago, HylianSong
I’d never heard of face yoga before I came across Luvly. It seemed silly at first, but I decided to give it a try. And I’m glad I did! The setup of their programs is easy to follow and the app is user friendly. The videos are fun and it’s great that it’s not just audio - you actually have a person doing the yoga with you, so you can see what you’re supposed to be doing. It’s also incredibly relaxing. Does it actually DO anything? In all honesty, I think it does. But it’s something to which you have to stay committed, and I’m sure you’ll start seeing results like I have. The customer service is wonderful as well. Their responses are quick and they sincerely care about the people who use their app. I had a recent issue and I emailed their support - the issue was solved painlessly and quickly! I highly recommend Luvly whether you’re new to face yoga or a seasoned expert. There’s a lot to experience with this lovely app!
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3 months ago, Cassnis
All they care about is your money
Found out the hard way that the subscription auto renews after the one week trial. I got no emails from the company nor was the subscription listed under my Apple ID subscriptions. I did not use the app during the trial and honestly forgot about it. Logged into my bank account one day and noticed a $42 charge from them. I emailed the company the day the charge went through and they were responsive but not helpful. They are only willing to refund 25% because I signed the terms and agreements. Most companies will just refund you your money because that is the right thing to do when you no longer want a product that you have not used. Luvly is not one of those companies. 10/10 do not recommend for this reason.
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7 months ago, L£ONard0
Face stretches from a dude
I had had some issues that I wanted to resolve but I don’t look super old. However, I noticed since doing these exercises my face has already been complemented and I honestly think this stuff works. Seems like it wouldn’t but if you do it daily then I believe it def does, I was skeptical at first and laughed when I first saw this but I did some research and a lot of people were saying to give it a try. I’m very glad that I took a chance because honestly I don’t know how the heck it works with such a light touches but it works
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2 years ago, McMama81
This was only my first time using the app but I could definitely feel muscles in my neck and face that I wasn’t used to feeling. I look forward to continuing use and am hopeful for results. I do wish that during the exercise it told you what to do while you were doing it. I’m sure I’ll get used to the routine and won’t need to look at the screen to make sure I’m keeping pace or proper form but as a newbie, I found myself raising my phone to keep it in eyesight. Overall- it seems like a great app and again I am hopeful and look forward to doing another review once I’ve had more experience using it!
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9 months ago, TrudiTruLove
This Luvly app has to be one of the best things I ever did for my health. Not only can I see why we get such unattractive & lifeless looks on our faces, after trauma & stress, but I can actually feel the negative energy in my facial tissue, as the exercises help to purge my facial muscles & tissue, on a cellular level. I looked so bad, after my dark night of the soul, last year, but with this app & organic skin serums, I honestly am starting to look good again. This app has wiped off 10 years of age & stress back off my face. I’m so grateful. Who wants to look old & lifeless? Not me lol.
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5 months ago, saddy 75
Facial yoga is great
I would like to begin this review by saying that I am amazed by this process. I have a mixed connective tissue disorder. Stiffness and pain are a major part of this disorder. As I have aged, I seem to be getting weaker best efforts. This program offers a variety of stretches and movements that help move fluid through your lymphatic system. The stretches and slight movements that help tone your face also helps with my neck pain and stiffness. So I am loving this program. I am sure in time I will see as well as feel the full effects of this program. More to come. I am current very pleased and intrigued by this program.
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2 years ago, Lianam74
Getting better
Since I started this training in July, I have seen a great improvement in the natural healthy look of my skin. In addition, it has helped me elongate my neck muscles after years of tension caused by multiple surgeries in my neck. I thought I would never be able to look straight ahead again, but I no longer am looking down at my feet because of these exercises. Also the program has eased a lot of tension and helped control my migraines. This program also incorporates other relaxation and skincare techniques and many articles and selfcare ideas. I highly recommend it.
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3 months ago, Kritter74
Doesn’t feel effective
I’ve tried this program twice, and while I’m not consistent, I feel like the “workouts” are just not doing anything. The lymphatic massage is ineffective and rather pointless (I am experienced in that technique) and I’m just not feeling that my face is getting any sort of toning or support that would rejuvenate the muscles or increase collagen rebuilding. I think doing something is good, but this program just seems to be a lot of filler activity and not enough effective technique. I don’t have that kind of time in my life so I’m just going to go back to what I was doing and keep looking for something that works for me.
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1 year ago, cwilliams77
Does not have convenient access to the videos you pay for
The main thing I do not like about this app, is that if you miss a day, the video does not unlock until you watch it once on the day of. So for example, if you miss a video on day 3, but watch it on day 4.. you have to wait til day 5 to watch video 4. I paid for 3 months of this app, so I should receive 3 months of the videos, even if I miss some days. This is the main reason I would probably not subscribe again or suggest others to subscribe to this app. I like how the videos are structured but I want what I pay for.. if I am too busy one day to do a video I should still be able to watch all of them when I have time.
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