Luxy - Selective Dating App

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4.7 (93.6K)
261.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Luxy Inc.
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Luxy - Selective Dating App

4.73 out of 5
93.6K Ratings
5 months ago, eddieizq
App is quite effective
Based on “my” experience”, I would actually place this app in the top 3. The app interface is a bit weird because of the “roses” and all these other gimmicky props that you’re able to “gift” women but honestly you can just ignore that feature completely. The app will show you many profiles from people literally living around the world so you kinda just have to keep combing through profiles until you find one that lives near you. Luckily I live in Miami so I find a good chunk of profiles that live near me. Also, if you’re just “liking” profiles you may not always get the girls attention so I find value in paying here and there for the ability to send messages every now and then (yes I know paying money on a dating app is seen as taboo but I look at finding a partner as an investment so it won’t hurt to spend $50). Bonus tip: there is a feature called “lucky spin” which you basically spin a wheel once a day & it’ll give you a prize which could be free messages or super likes so if you’re really penny pinching you can just choose to spin every day. One annoying thing I do want to say tho is that a couple months back the app developers changed something to where people are able to send introductory messages to me even tho I haven’t like them. Now I have to have the app notifications off because I’m getting bombarded. PLEASE remove this!
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4 years ago, BabeRuthsGal
Site Not User Friendly
I signed up for the 6 month Luxy Black membership and now using the app/site for about 4 days now. The site is less than user friendly. You have no option to set distance parameters to get matches that are geographically desirable. You are only given the option to pick any of the major cities such as ‘New York” or “Los Angeles”. For example, I set my age range to a 10 year range and chose New York as my location preference. 8 out of 10 of the matches I am getting are in Canada or somewhere in the Midwest which is way out of my preferred age range and location! Definitely not ideal for dating and I don’t care to long distance date..After contacting support the only instructions I got was to “broaden your age range and reset your preferences”. Well I don’t have any interest in dating someone 15 years older or younger than me and there are no other preferences to reset! In summary, the site looks really pretty, the guys are hot (if you are in the market for 20 yr olds) but it is not at all user friendly and not worth the $300 I spent for a 6 month membership. Stick with Match and Bumble. Cheaper with more filtering options, better results for a better price!
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1 year ago, WhittyDiva
Bug Issues-Never Received Services Paid for
I purchased the member; however, things went downhill after the purchase. My avatar (photo profile) was never approved until my last week. This was after I photo verified myself before purchase. I purchased boosts and coins, all to realize that my boosts did not work and would not complete due to them failing to approve my photo in an adequate amount of time. I complained to their customer service Luciana and Amanda. I even sent multiple photos of the ongoing bug issue after my photo was approved; however, they never responded swiftly and all of their solutions failed. I had to uninstall the app multiple times and log out to receive messages and to try to fix my boosts. Nothing worked. So it is a total waste of money. I asked them to fix it and I will keep my membership. Still no help and no solution. I also asked for a refund me for my boosts and unavailability to be seen due to their slowness and failure to approve my photos so the app to properly function. Still no response or help. Their several free boosts were not able to be used as well. The app is very buggy. The notifications don’t work when you’re messaged. It’s basically a sinkhole money pit. You don’t even get the full services after purchase. The concept is nice; however, the simply doesn’t work. You’ll spend more time troubleshooting then connecting with matches. Save your money and try another service.
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2 years ago, Jimmies MT
Pretty solid dating app with verified accounts here!
Not gonna lie, I‘d say that the accounts here are the most authentic and of the highest quality of any dating app I’ve used. It offers enough information about girls you are about to meet, also accounts are verified so you know that girl really exists and looks like their pictures, you have basic information too! In other dating apps girls "matched" you but they always act like uniform bots cuz they never reply to you‘ll even get a lot of hellos from ladies nearby you. Haha... btw I'll keep saying hello first in LUXY bc the profiles here do make me wanna do that. 👀 I don't understand the negative reviews I'm seeing here cuz I have no complaints whatsoever. No annoying ads, no fake profiles(MOST IMPORTANTLY). I've always gotten great matches, I've never had a technical issue with it. Features are gorgeous and useful for searching. Within a week of installing it, I have met and chatted with good girls and will keep meeting more of them.. Haven’t yet found a girl with a soul same as me but I’d say that I'm close to achieving my goal very quickly in Luxy. I’ll keep using it to find a serious relationship. Just keep doing this Luxy!!
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3 years ago, J89757nn
A perfect dating app for me💕
I have to say that this app surprises me a lot.😃 Heard about it from a successful female friend of mine. I also recommended it to my single friends. It's not easy to get into it because of the strict review, which also made me feel safer. People there look more genuine and I believe the review process helps a lot. My experience with Luxy is quite different from other dating apps that I used before. 🤨 don't need to swipe through thousands of profiles to find people who would meet your standards - They are just all over around on Luxy. High quality and well educated. And yeah, I’ve meet some very nice gentlemen there, online and IRL. After using the app for abt 2 weeks, I went on a date with my ‘perfect man’. That could be the most romantic date night I’ve ever had in my life🥰. Thanks to Luxy. Btw, I’m using the basic version, which is enough for me. Anyway, if you barely have time to play on a dating app and are looking for the right person, you should try their premium membership. So far, I’m having fun with this app and hope you feel the same with me. Good luck, everyone. 😉
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4 years ago, Nefertiti73
Do not buy!!!!!
Do not believe these reviews. You cannot search by location. Your search results always show up with people who live in other countries, other states, etc. I am north of Boston, MA. You are only able to put a state as a location or a capital of the state. Regardless on what you choose, your results have nothing to do with the location. I entered Boston, and my search results would be men from Canada, Italy, New York, Florida, Bulgaria, Philippines, Brazil...I think you get the picture. How is that helpful?? Then you have people liking you from all these places. Why? Why would someone in Brazil “like” me? It’s completely bizarre. I work in software and am a software tester. Whoever their developers and testers were, they did an awful job. Do not waste your money. Also, I don’t think some of these profiles are real and if you look at some of the women on the site they look like escorts. I have contacted the company and their response was “widen my preferences”. The only thing you are able to widen is age. So I’m 47 and have the age range as I should increase it to say 60+ because that will show me people from my area? 🤣 Because increasing the age is going to fix the location preference? Luciana is the “support” person and she won’t respond to any of my texts. I asked for a refund within 3 hours of purchasing the app and they said no. So now I’m out $106 for an app that is useless. I’m so upset about this.
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2 years ago, GiGi9x99x99
Big Disappointment/Misrepresentation
I was very excited about this app. I was impressed with the quality and sophistication of the profiles until after a month’s use, I feel like I’ve been scammed yet again. If these men (I don’t know about the women) are who they claim, why are they still on there for so long? Many have thousands of gifts, which is another scam for more money, btw, which would indicate that they have had lots of attention over a long period of time. With all the quality women worldwide, why have they not connected with anyone? First, let me say, I’m no raging beauty, but I have had lots of interest from many, many men who supposedly have viewed my profile multiple times (up to 17 each) but NONE have responded to any gift or message, but continue to view my profile. I feel like these views are bogus just to keep you ever hopeful about meeting someone, therefore keeping you hooked and paying longer. Also, I’ve gotten so many “likes” from much younger, foreign men. I’m suspicious that it’s all about green cards for these men (and women) hoping to “hook” a wealthy American. Also, the search options are nonexistent. If I say I want to meet someone in my area, why am I getting profiles from other states and countries?! I don’t feel like this site is legitimate and only exists as a scamming tool. They will never get another penny from me.
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5 years ago, MsAmberLeighXX33
Maybe someone will answer here?
So I was so excited about this APP! The idea seemed great, right? Well... now I am not so sure. I was “approved” and “vouched in” after 24 hours and was excited to try this APP! I received my first set of “matches” and actually started speaking to someone nice! And then all of a sudden I was locked out of my account? With an error message that I either had “fake photos” or I “violated terms” ... For one the photos are 100% mine and two, I only spoke to one person on the APP (and I did not violate any terms) the communication was simple between us i.e “how are you, what do you do for work, etc.” So I understandably was confused. In the APP it said to contact customer service via email if you felt that the lock out was by error. I emailed them right away and received an email back within a few hours telling me to reply with my log-in and email and they would explain why I was locked out of my account (which I did) and then no reply from them. I have sent several emails since then and have not received a response. I have however received emails telling me when someone has matched with me but I am still locked out from viewing it. I really hope that this is just an error and this issue can be resolved! I would love to actually use this APP and give it a proper review. I was really excited about using this APP but have been so disappointed with these results.
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5 years ago, Penny in the house
We’re getting married!!
I got on here 1 year ago. It works much better than I expected. Nicely designed and friendly to use. Love the way they get people to match each other. I read that they're the leading millionaire dating site so I gave it shot. I signed up and linked it to my Facebook. I made a profile and posted some nice pictures of myself. That has brought me a lots of praise from my matches. Yeah, I've been getting many positive responses on this app. And that's why I choose to leave my review here. Brilliant experience! I waited for 1 to 2 hours to get my first match, my neighbor. He lived next door to me, but we had never interacted with each other. After chatting on Luxy for 2 days, I finally knocked at his door. And now we've been together for 3 months. He's a a real gentleman, always make me the number one priority. We both love kids and are planning to have our own babies soon. I'd love to invite you from Luxy team to our wedding. Would you come that day? Who should I contact for sending my invitation? It'd be so glad to have you guys there to witness and celebrate on our wedding day.
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1 year ago, zlopez2023
Not what I expected
I’ve been trying this dating app for a month with the paid subscription and for me it was not what I expected… yes I did get approved, but honestly all the guys I “matched” with were too far away. When you’re on a dating app at least you expect to meet somebody somewhere close to you, or you expect to have conversations with them, but that was not my case. You only get 60 profiles a day to view and half of them are always a no because of the distance, there’s nothing that really attracts you from them or they look like fake profiles. And then like I said when u match, you text and most of the times you don’t even get answers😂. So for me it was a waste of time, and a waste of money. I don’t wanna meet or date somebody who is miles away weather it’s selective dating or not. 🤪Guess that just doesn’t work for me. And then regarding the prices, I honestly think it’s too expensive for what it is… Personally I’ve had more luck talking to guys and having good conversations on other dating apps paying half of what they charge here. But like I said, it’s not bad to try it out of you don’t mind meeting someone a little bit far away. I just can’t handle long distance dating /meeting/talking. That just doesn’t work for everybody, i guess.
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2 years ago, sucker for the wrong app
App glitches and support is 👎🏼
This app had great potential. It’s pricey so it limits an audience. The people I connected with the first few days were professional. The app began glitching and support fell short of resolving the issues. The app would freeze up, same profiles were listed as my likes-despite deleting them from possible candidates, part of the black pkg- included perks that never worked. When I contacted support the answer to resolve: restart or log out. (As if we don’t all know and attempt this when all fails) after talking with some of the “likes” they experienced the same kind of glitches within the app- which indicates it’s not human error and obviously out of my control. In the end… I lost several days of my 60 pkg swipes - no fre spins… and an app that worked less than 50% of the time…. For a fee of 100$ 😔not worth it! I reached out several times to customer service.. I see the same generic response each time as others have indicated. There was never any technical support- just the brush off.. did you reset preferences? Did you logout? Did you update the app? All of the things we try ourselves for a quick remedy. You are essentially paying a high fee for little matches, no tech or customer support, and the app encourages lots of in app purchases. Couldn’t be more disappointed.
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6 years ago, art4u2b4
State $99 went to purchase in iTunes, stated $899!
What a huge bait and switch. Super disappointed as I could see paying the $99, it’s not breaking my bank and could have great value, like an amazing satisfying dinner. However, once I started and was going through the voucher process, one day I’m at 67% and merely a few hours before the time is up, I’m now at 28%. And you get rejected if you at this level of supposedly the other members voting you in. There is no way to tell if this practice is actually taking place. You almost had me, you seduced me to buy, but thank goodness I was looking at the details, iTunes displays the price before your purchase, what was supposed to be $99, displayed $899 through iTunes. On top of the poor courtship into this app, the glitches with my photos were constantly happening. So if someone were looking at the profile photo, it kept changing?! So no member would see the same image and probe would question the newbie. Overall, what a great concept to connect with the busy businessman who can relate to busy adventurous women. The miss was everything else about this app. Can’t verify my info for 2 days, yet the voting goes on only for 24 hours! Tried to contact support, to get them all the info for my verification, no response. Really a shame this app relationship didn’t work out. In this case it’s not me it’s you!
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4 years ago, Anne 15
Got 38 likes a day!!!
Yes, they sent me the message and told me I got 38 likes. Omg!! And I got lots of messages from guys nearby. I felt like people were actually on this app to date. It's great. The functionality of the app is amazing. I was looking for potential dates and making new friends. And I’m so glad that I tried this app. I don’t quite get how it works or its algorithm, but I’m happy to meet people from various cultures. As you know, it’s very interesting for me to explore new things. I recommended Luxy to my sis and she just texted me to say she used it in 2 days and loved it. 10/10. One more thing I would like to mention here is that the profiles on this app are in really good quality. I think I would say yes if anyone of them asked me out. Hahah. But u know, the pandemic, pfffff, it’s very annoying that we can only chat online and no way to meet up. Anyway, I will definitely try dating someone when all go back to normal. Btw, what does the roses mean? Does it mean that I’m getting popular on the app by receiving more roses? Any helpful tips? Thanks!
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5 years ago, alexisslovejoy
The Perfect App for Classy, Sophisticated & Goal Driven Singles
I usually never leave reviews, I must say Luxy fits its description to a T. It’s a unique; sophisticated; beautifully designed app. I love the Simple; yet Elegantly beautiful design & features of this app. It is well protected & verification makes the user feel a sense of privacy as well as security about who they are matched; as well as communicating with. It also has mini games to get prizes, gifts, and rewards which adds a thrill to this app. It is definitely worth getting, it is a selective process so this app is designed for safety & verification. It is worth the waiting process if you really want to be apart of the Luxy Community! Remember to be your truest self when going through the process, there are no fake accounts and there are strict guidelines you must follow ! I love this app and I don’t regret getting it at all! There is also upgrade options for more features once you are selected ! I highly recommend this app for people that are driven & want to make serious and safe connections with others ! 5 stars all the way !
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5 years ago, %^*+%#{%^*+
Unethical Site: MISTAKE COST ME $500!!!!
I wanted to try the site short term. I accidentally chose the wrong subscription term and without realizing it, had chosen a year subscription instead of (1) month...for $499!!!!! What the hell?? Of course I don’t want to pay FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS to try a dating app!!! I realized my mistake and tried to cancel or even adjust the subscription in under 24 hours. When I reached out to their “support” email, I was told there was “nothing they could do”, and that the terms were stated clearly on the subscription page. Let’s be honest: they can do whatever they chose to do, as it is their company, so they are choosing to screw over their “members”. This is completely unethical, especially when I have expressed that I do not want this service, it was a complete mistake to hit the year subscription button, and that I do not want to pay this astronomical amount for a service that I don’t even want, especially for, yes, FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS. This is completely absurd and I will he exposing this company and reporting this to every possible agency, including Better Business Bureau. DO NOT EVEN DOWNLOAD THE APP. God forbid you make a mistake and hit the wrong button. You might be signing over your first born child, or whatever the hell else they wish to take. Completely unreasonable and UNETHICAL. I STILL WANT MY REFUND.
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1 year ago, dupoo22
Faults with the app
This app started out ok. You had a free version, which if you passed the screening to have an account, wasn’t horrible. You could send a free flower and could generally see who was near you, though anything within a certain radius would not show up in the search. You could also receive messages and actually be able to read them. Now, it costs coins to send a flower, you can only read messages if you are a paying member, and any of the in app specials that match you with other profiles are no where near you, most of the time being half the world away so the chance of actually connecting is low. Any messages you may get will only be behind a “see who likes you” option that you have to pay for, and any matches where you might send a message will go unread until it expires because the other person is also probably using the free app which means that they cannot even get the message. I had this app for about 2 years but when I realized the “free” profile was no longer doing anything, I deleted and will not be going back to this clear money scam again, and I encourage you not to start on it either. It is not worth the time and is definitely not worth the money, unless you want to waste both
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4 years ago, William S. Weitzman
Perfect and full of genuine people
I’ve tried a bunch of different dating sites and this one is absolutely my favorite! Love it sooooo much!!! I think It is super easy to use, seamless, and so far works perfectly. I’ve been on Luxy for awhile and got a ton of matches and amazing girls to meet up. I like the idea of reviewing everyone to make sure of the quality of members. It also prevented you from wasting time with the wrong persons bc most of them were verified as the ones they claimed to be. The membership fee is a little bit expensive while I believe it’s worth trying. I mean, I’d rather to spend some money to get the right matches and dates than to swipe day by day without getting any luck there. It is set up in a way that really make you want to connect with people. I highly recommend it! Customer service responded fast and helped me fix the issue. I’d like to send my thanks to Amanda. I am really impressed. Very friendly and professional. Thank you. Would give it 6 stars as it deserves but can only put 5.
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2 years ago, Paresh Shinde
Top notch app. Period.
Well…first things first, the idea itself is great to standout from all the other dating apps out there which has a lot of clutter. This platform is the classiest of them all as it keeps it simple, presentable and elegant. I’m a big digger for basics and it does the job of keeping the standards. The UI of the app is pretty neat. Everything is smooth and presentable right in the centre. It does get glitchy sometimes but I guess with regular updates it can be sorted out. When I recently joined, I got vouched in and instantly got connected with people having great conversations. The app is designed in a way to make a real, meaningful relationships and I must appreciate the makers/creators/community for the wonderful job. Luciana is the person I came in touch with, who is also maintaining the community and I have got immense support from her. For any queries/help/ support, you can instantly contact her in the app. Rest, just keep it classy and have fun guys.
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4 years ago, Hightimezs
Scam, WASTE OF TIME, Beware!
I’ve tried to maintain my profile on here but some how it always got reported or taken down. I verified my profile, photos and still was taken down. Customer service or help? Forget it. Very incompetent service and app, they never give you actual facts, they copy and paste the same response. I believe they target specific people to take down. If your incredibly good looking your profile is most likely to be seen more and eventually because it’s causing so much attention they will report you. It’s happened to my friend who also downloaded this app. It’s not worth the money or time. You will get frustrated knowing you can’t online date on this app because the more you grow then more you become a target. It also could be you not responding to people your simply are not interested in, people can report you for whatever reason, if you don’t respond or interact with the people who are constantly wanting your attention they will turn around and report you. If you get enough people to report you because you simply aren’t into them, they will take your profile down! This app is so shady, there’s no guarantee or security either. I would not upload your images because they will use them for advertising. BEWARE!
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4 years ago, CQZhou
Worked only 3 weeks then account lost
The app itself is all right. Definitely needs to improve and polish some fixtures, especially search function: you may end up w/closet that lives 800miles away. But fair enough as a platform to social and getting to know people. However, within my first month subscription it worked just 3 weeks and after been suddenly logged out, I’m never able to log into my paid account. I can only apply to set up a free verified account. I already paid half a year membership, had it work properly for 3 weeks and now am dealing with them daily to report the same problem again and many times. Still as of now cannot able to log into my own account from app on my cell phone. It is an app so no website to back up. And customer service takes time to reply but always asked repeating basic question. I even provided screen shots and nothing has been corrected. I will see how long this gonna last and update to share. Update/ bug fixed and working now. After lost for about 10days. Need patience...
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2 years ago, JaszyJay773
TOTAL SCAM! Do not fall for this app or purchase any of the memberships on there. I first came across this app via a TikTok ad. I made an account and was instantly bombarded to upgrade to a membership to access any of the features on this app(I.e. Profile Views,MESSAGES, & updating preferences) so really if you do not fall for the constant bombarding, & harassment of encouraging you to UPGRADE YOUR MEMBERSHIP, you will literally not have access to anything on this app. It came across as a sort of secret arrangement app targeted to younger woman/ sugar babies looking for men with high profile careers. Also the “men” on there are also 1000% BOTS claiming to all have high profile careers (“CEO’s”, “President”, “Strategist”) making this app extremely enticing to any sugar babies or girls looking for a pay day. DO NOT FALL FOR THIS! There’s definitely people working for this app that are behind those profiles just to get you to spend your money on the memberships. Also all the “men” on there will be outside of your desired area. However I definitely wish I would have thought of this app first 1000% con artists! Also a 4.7 rating? BFFR Those stars are definitely bought. Make sure to read all the reviews first before getting scammed!
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2 years ago, Katie1973
Can not believe there’s a dating app more of a dumpster fire than Tinder but here it is. And the difference is Tinder doesn’t charge as much to screw you. I’m thoroughly convinced that any/all of the positive reviews of from the employees’ moms. I signed up, waited the 24 hours to be vetted. There were some handsome men I could see during those 24 hours but couldn’t connect with them. Decided to finally pay for a one month subscription just to see. BAM!! All those accounts are gone. I had screen shot a few so I would remember to lol them up. F/u with them on IG: two were accounts that were over 4 years old, and one was a guy who had his pics stolen. Then it started glitching on day 3. Thought it was my phone so tried to add app to iPad. Did not accept login credentials, instead it started a new account and I had all new likes- nothing transferred over. Since so many accounts on here are “tech start up geniuses” and “CEOs” you’d think they’d find someone to fix the app. And speaking of likes, I’m not expecting Josh Duhemel on here, but I also wasn’t expecting the 5’, unemployed , 70 yo from India either. Save your money. I’ll be telling all my friends at the hospital what a rip off this is.
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2 years ago, avi$90
Don’t waste your money or time.
If I could give this a negative star it would get -10 stars. I read some good reviews but now when I look back they have to be paid reviews. This app is a huge SCAM! Don’t believe them when the respond back at the end of my review. So I’ve been on the app for about a month now and I believe about 95% percent of the accounts are FAKE or BOTS. Ive had guys like my page from different countries, states and they don’t engage. So the ones that do they sent me the message first asking how I’m doing? Let’s chat. Well Guess what? I write them back and they never respond. I set my location and age preference the App doesn’t acknowledge it. I got guys writing from Turkey, Pakistan, Brazil, India, a lot from LA, and Florida. Also the monthly fee is absolutely ridiculous because there are still extra fees you have to pay within the app. So each month you can easily spend about $200 or more. So take my advice and all the other 1 star reviews and try every other dating app except this one. Also if you saw this app on TikTok like I did when you look at the ad notice that there are no comments. Red Flag. Im going to figure out how to report this scamming ring.
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2 years ago, Caligirlwith3
Literally the WORST!!!
I am glad I only wasted $99 on a month membership! This is a total rip off! WITH a membership you get LIMITED swipes per day and no ability to set age or parameter filters! Literally the worst dating app ever!!! It is the most unfriendly user app I have ever encountered! If you are interested in matching with someone 20 years outside of your age range on the other side of the country—this app is for you! Luxy—you are a complete joke! With a membership it should be unlimited swipes—it is interesting how when you get to the end of your swipes the attractive members start to pop up 🙄 because even if you swipe left on someone (don’t like them) they count that as one of your swipes. Another thing I recently noticed is that they will alert you when you receive “a gift” but you click on the notification and it simply takes you to the site and I could not for the life of me locate where to view who gave me a gift. Luxy really??? User friendly is not in your vocabulary, I get that it’s really difficult for some start up’s, but please schedule a lunch date with Bumble😂 I would NEVER pay for another membership on this site! Absolutely ridiculous!
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3 years ago, Stargirl ✨ Radha
A chance at love
After being on a long hiatus from all dating apps, to revisiting Luxy. I have come to appreciate that Luxy indeed has a more exclusive network than any of the other dating apps I have seen and I have seen my fair share of them. The app is by far the most entertaining. Whether a member is seeking to acquire coins, roses, or a new potential chance at love there’s an array of engaging activity's. I have found there is a more refined quality of men on luxy than on any other dating sites. I truly value the metrics and such as well, height, ethnic background, the option for financials and demographics. It feels like the most throughout and safest platform to seek potential suitors for long term relationships. I recommend luxy often. Best wishes to you if your considering getting this app I recommend Luxy Black subscription. I feel the paid subscription helps to select more suitable matches then the free version. Best of luck on your romantic journey. Aloha Star.
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4 years ago, etelle4a
Don’t recommend.
Halppp! How do delete this app? Honestly the worst dating app and the MOST EXPENSIVE. On a serious note though, whoever looks over these reviews, can you please delete my ever being existent on this app. My primary photo is a picture of a cartoon dog. Yep! That’s me. I don’t even care about the $100 wasted. You can keep it. Its not like I would get it back from you people anyways. Total waste of time and money. The 55 year old from Equador can keep his rose. Thanks. 1st review: While I like the concept of the app, it’s just not feasible. I have 200+ likes, lots of messages. That’s great and all but these people are not even from my own state of residence, let alone my country! There are no preferences you can set to allow who sees you. You can only hide yourself and allow only people you’ve liked to view you. For me, I am looking for a setting where you have only those people who are age/location desire to view and send you messages. That’s not the case on this app. Also, not a lot of members from “nearby” when I look under that section. I keep seeing the same faces. I’m not here to find someone with money, it is just another app I was trying. Nothing to brag about. I’ve had better experiences with other apps for connecting with people.
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2 years ago, Franca2021
UPDATE: Luxy seems to have responded but failed to respond to my initial question which is why is there a double “vouching process” after already having been vouched for by the members of Luxy. A week passed and unfortunately nothing so i just deleted the app. Again…SCAM!! Got the app FOUR days ago!! Went through the 24hr “vouching” process where members decide if you’re up to par to join the community. Ok that part I kind of get…now my page is PENDING approval from the “Luxy team” mind you this is after my pics & email have been verified. Sorry but I’m not trying to date anyone on the Luxy team so why do i need their approval after I’ve already been accepted by the members, those which i am actually trying to meet and Vice verse. Also location makes no difference on here, I’ve used the app before and changed numbers so i wasn’t able to log in and lost that account but when i did have it i was in NY and all that came up was London based and EU based options. Something tells me that now that I’m in London I’ll be getting NY matches 😒 don’t believe the 5 star ratings…if you actually read the reviews the ratings don’t even match what the reviews are saying.
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3 years ago, NotThusOneLuxy
Fraudulent Prejudice Scammers
Please report this app to the Better Business Bureau, Apple or Google Play and your State Attorney for their fraudulent activity of taking your money and then blocking your IP address. They say it’s due to guidelines on their website but that is a lie to get people reading the reviews to think ALL THESE PEOPLE GIVING ONE STAR DID SOMETHING WRONG. Which is more abuse on top of not accepting people of diverse backgrounds into the app, allowing fake profiles, continuing to use your profile and pictures after they have blocked you from entering your account, having you pay hundreds of dollars for coins/membership then stealing from you by closing your account soon after, allowing their abusive male members to make false claims which they know will get Luxy’s administrators to block your ip (with no proof of claims.) Don’t just give them 1 star, write a short description of their fraudulent activity to the app stores, the BBB and your State Attorney/Consumer Affairs. This needs to stop, I know a large amount of people who have had terrible experiences on this app and they continue their fraudulent activity. At some point they need to be on the news and shut down/sued.
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5 years ago, Newyork0123456
Can’t use any function
The purpose of a dating app is to find a long term relationship. I was hoping this would be different from others, but I can’t even try it out. After being vouched in which I figured I had to do since I didn’t make the 200K minimum requirement for the website, I could not do ANYTHING. I assumed after being vouched in, you didn’t have to pay because you are “good looking” enough to match with the men or women who make the 200K or more, and let’s be honest most rich people want an attractive spouse. But you truly can’t do anything.... you can’t message, look at your likes to match with them, choose what CITY you live in so you don’t match with someone half way around the world. Basically all you can do is set the age you want and gender, view people who visit your profile, and go through up to ten people a day to possibly match with. How is this even condusive to finding a date? You shouldn’t even “vouch” people in if you aren’t going to let them use the services you offer without paying. If I made over 200K I would pay... I don’t and I’m trying to find a guy who is better than the 23 year old hanging out in East Village smoking weed until 3AM.
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4 years ago, ARiley21
Account disabled - NO SUPPORT
I had luxy for about 3 months and had great success. Luxy even asked me if they could use my photos for advertising which I gave them permission for. Within days of them asking they “disabled my account”. I was a confirmed star on there but they said my account was inappropriate? It was nothing but successful and professional, I didn’t violate any of their rules which they said I did. They also said I could reach out to dispute the charge, which I did. All their reply email said was I was banned and they offered no other solutions. It’s been a month since then and now I am unable to make another account as it too gets disabled. This is a joke of an app and i’m really upset because I really liked the app until this point and now I can never use it again. That’s my loss as well as theirs, and they offer no support. The only reason my account was reported was by men who were upset when I wouldn’t respond to them, it’s not an app set up in favor of women. And they offer no help to them. Highly disappointed with the service and I can’t use the app again. Shame, i’ll seek elsewhere.
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4 years ago, Jren421
Ok, this site bills itself as one where everything is authentic. They take 24 hours minimum to supposedly review your profile unless you skip ahead and buy the Black plan. While you are waiting they tell you your chances of getting in are 55% at most unless you buy the plan and then you are in automatically. Maybe it’s just me but I don’t see how there are so many millionaires in one small area, I can almost guarantee the numbers these guys put down are false. I got in after waiting the whole 24 hours but honestly this app makes me feel worse about myself then I already did. It’s constant “you aren’t good enough your privileges and popularity are limited” unless you buy this outrageous plan. If I was going to pay that much I’d hire a matchmaker. And a private investigator I’m just saying, be careful. I need to give it a few more days to really know. We will see. It’s just maybe I couldn’t care less about someone’s wealth as a commodity.
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2 years ago, Michele252
If you’re thinking of getting this app.. DON’T
I wish you could leave negative stars but you can’t. First of all 90 percent of the accounts on there are fake or foreign. Second, you have to wait 24 hours for your account to be reviewed off rip. Third, you can choose to pay and get your account unlocked early which should give you an automatic pass right? WRONG!! You can pay the $99 ($109 after tax) to try the monthly membership and they will still block your account which locks you out. This happened to me 8 HOURS AFTER I paid the money for the membership. The customer service team is rude and very lax on getting back to you when you contact them. Then they don’t give you a refund and you have to go through Apple to get your money back. They tell you that you can appeal their decision however since you can’t get into the account to show proof that you did not violate their guidelines they’ll uphold the ban. Girl don’t waste your time on this lame excuse for an app. I got my money back but I wish I could get this whole platform deleted omg. DON’T DO IT!!! RUN!!!
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6 years ago, Prncsdye
This app doesn’t let you do anything for the first 24 hours other than upload your information. It claims that members are either “vouching” you in or out based on the photos and information you provide during this time, allthewhile CONSTANTLY trying to persuade you to pay them $100/month for access. Other reviews on here mention that once you do pay that the quality of its “members” is very low. For 20 of the first 24 hours my “vouching approval” percentage was in the high 70% percentile, suddenly in the last 4 hours it dipped down to 15-20% and the requests for me to “pay to play” became more frequent and intense, now to include direct messages from sales representatives asking me why I haven’t paid to have the membership yet... my conclusion? This is an AWFUL SCAM of an app... I’m on a few similar platforms with a decent amount of success... but now that I haven’t paid $100 I’ve been denied and the app tells me I can delete my profile, but when I try it says their servers have timed out... no doubt they will be using my info to try and lure other suckers into paying them for this garbage app.
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1 year ago, CJvosh
Pretty good but one complaint(pms please read)
I like the app, but there are some issues with location. For one, I would like to chose my location as opposed to it being locked to my Current location. I’m currently visiting family in a different town, during my free time I want to look for a match, but I don’t wanna keep seeing matches in my current location because I don’t live here and I don’t want to date anyone in this area. I want to continue looking for matches in the area where I live. Please allow me to set my location manually. I know that with a premium membership I can add “additional” locations, but I don’t want additional ones. I just want ONE location that I manually set as “where I live”. Also, I’ve noticed some profiles don’t show their location and I think displaying location should be mandatory because it’s very important in the dating dynamic.
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7 years ago, Lov3sponge
Do you let real girls in?
I saw a youtuber blog about this app, her title was click bait, that should have been a fair warning to begin with. The idea of the app was quite intriguing though. Who doesn't want to date a man with ample resources? You'll probably learn a thing or two! Anyway, I may have not completed my profile in its entirety but, I certainly included things that I considered important. I got a few visitors who were young and not within the age range I was looking for ( 40 and above ). Some of the pictures in their profiles looked photoshopped, and like magazine spreads, which is fine, who doesn't like an attractive person? But what bothers me is how they'll be able to keep the facade offline? Anyway, I kept getting prompted to pay for a subscription for faster entry into the website, which would be a nice gesture I suppose but, if I don't get "accepted" I'd rather spend my time somewhere else where the men are real and the wealth and resources are facts and not just an online persona. Honestly, I think this app is a scam. I hope people are smart enough to avoid getting swindled for the sake of love.
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3 years ago, Gale22
Platform is cheaply made for a name like Luxy
Suddenly the app stopped registering my likes and I can no longer redeem coins and I am unable to play the card game because I no longer receive one free daily game when I used to receive 3. Sometimes the messages you send don’t go through and you have to resend repeatedly. The amount of money people pay is not to actually make the app better. The average premium membership is $100 and the app platform looks so cheaply made. Also, I’m starting to think a lot of the profiles are fake because you match with so many people but no one actually speaks. The rankings for highest ranked charmers accounts look fake and have nothing written on the profiles half the time. The people that do message are usually average looking guys with unverified photos and bad taste in personal style. I’m seriously considering quoting the app. I’ve been using it for months and haven’t had one guy ask me on a date yet which is unusual for me.
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7 years ago, Wichita KS-#6
I do not want to be a sugar daddy!
I don’t have time for endless swiping, meanwhile, I have been really tired of getting spammed by tons of nonsense messages in other dating apps. But, Luxy brings me different online dating experience, a so much better dating experience! Makes me want to be more involved, a much higher quality community of people in terms of ambition, personality, attractiveness, education and of course wealth. and the vouch system is helpful in weeding out some of the creeps. There is one place in Luxy are specifically designed for users to report sugar baby. it just surprised me and I like it a lot. Many girls tried to approach me they only care for my money not for who I am in another elite app, I was disappointed. I do not want to be a sugar daddy! But here in Luxy are not welcoming sugar baby, sugar daddy relationship. This is fantastic! Strongly Recommended!
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6 years ago, Tinadg98
No Bueno
This app really is no good. I paid for one month to see if it would be worth it... No. It isn’t. For the most part I was only hearing from weird young guys who I wouldn’t have given any attention on a free app. I did not “match” with any attractive men that seemed to be doing well. Let’s please note that I am quite attractive, well spoken (in this case, written) and yet I was hearing from guys who had spelling errors and misuse of simple English words. What just topped it off for me is that after weeks of my photos being approved suddenly they aren’t. I switched an additional photo to being my primary and received a message telling me it wasn’t approved with the list of reasons that were all irrelevant as my photo met all requirements. Once you get to that page you cannot bypass or even request assistance; you are forced to upload a new photo. So I just uploaded my original approved photo and now receiving the message that it’s not approved. Yet it had already been approved for weeks. I would not recommend this app at all. I disregarded the negative reviews that I had already read, went ahead and paid for it and feel it was a complete waste of money and time. I have more to say but will end this here.
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2 years ago, 38;$; siwirne
I signed up for this app and had to wait for my photo to be approved once that happened I got the following message You're so close to get into the Luxy community! “Luxy is an exclusive dating community for high-value people around the world. Here you’ll meet high quality singles who are established in their own fields, and start a romantic relationship with them. We proceed a very strict review, and you’ve passed the initial part of it. To become an official Luxy member, you need to get more likes from other users. To get more likes, you can 1. Perfect your profile 2. Keep active on Luxy app 3. Interact with others Good luck in joining Luxy community!” The only problem is that once you start trying to interact with people the only thing that you can do is swipe left which is basically to reject people. If you want to swipe right to like someone you’re required to purchase the Luxy black. Your options are one month six months or 12 months. Considering the fact that one month is $100…. I’m not buying that just to be able to see if I like anyone on the app. 100% of all features on this app are behind a very steeply priced pay wall. App for successful people to find relationships with other successful people or not no one should have to pay that much money to take a gamble on trying to meet someone this is literally just an expensive version of tinder. $450 for a year and that’s “63% off” according to their app.
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4 years ago, dermpa18
Not it a chance
Several things lacking compared with the other apps out there like the ability to include height and location in your preferences. You only get 30 possible people you can “swipe” on daily. For me, my odds of swiping right on anyone are already super low, so this makes it even more limited. I also feel like I’m constantly getting notifications about features that seem appealing, but they of course all require you to spend some amount of money, and with this particular app, the prices are really high in my opinion. The “free” version isn’t impressive enough to me to justify the price point. Major plus I see with this app, is the selection of attractive men with actual educations and careers. That being said though, I have to yet to find out if they are all just models or actually real people. Will update review after trying it out for a bit longer. Oh and the “boost” option is a joke and waste of money.
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1 year ago, Minamator
This app is a poorly designed joke
This app is clunky, confusing, and relentless. I can appreciate a verification process. Exclusivity is the point. But it’s unclear how this verification process works. First there’s the 24 hour review. Then there’s a 15 day period and you have to receive a certain number of messages in the those days to gain access to the app. During that time, you can’t respond to any of the messages. In the meantime, everywhere you click on the app, you get relentless ads. Absolutely relentless. Harassing you to buy the paid version to skip verification. The problem is, the app has a lot of design issues, the UX/UI is hideous, and the support it touts is non existent. So why would I sink $30-50 a month for an app that hasn’t been properly developed? Edit to address the unhelpful developer response: yes, I acknowledged the verification process in my original review. Why would I sink anymore time or money into a poor quality app? Read the reviews. You have fake profiles and bad design.
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6 years ago, DemetriaDemetria
From someone who isn’t at $250,000+ yet
I like the apps interface. I like the black sleek window etc. I don’t like that the opposite sex must vote me in, I mean I don’t have an interest in the opposite sex. I do appreciate that the vote in is an option, and I highly admire the exclusivity. Every time I hit my financial goal and set my sights higher I feel I cleanse my friendships. I was motivated by this app because I’m seeking a woman who is also on a mission for success. I feel like I’m leaving many circles as I grow and find this sort of app to be perfect for reinforcing your desires of the equality you crave in a relationship. I’m not sure if there is a woman seeking woman option, but the vote in bit definitely made me feel like, if I had the money would I want to toss it in this particular pot. Either way, not too shabby. Verifying income is something all these other apps need, along with a criminal background check filter. 💁🏻‍♀️
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5 years ago, kourtlynchristian
My Account Was Disabled For No Reason
So I’ve literally only had this app and an account for two days, my account was verified and I was pretty excited to try it out. I received a notification that my account was blocked, it didn’t give me a reason but told me I could contact customer support about it. I contacted them and was told it’s because my account was reported for being “inappropriate”. Number one, I didn’t have any inappropriate pictures posted and number two, I had never sent any inappropriate messages. The only reason I can think of that it would even get reported were because of the old men I didn’t reply to with their messages and gifts. Customer support did not offer to do any type of investigation into these claims, which would prove I’ve done absolutely nothing wrong, but just blocked my account completely. Pretty pathetic customer support if you ask me. Do some better investigations into outlandish claims before blocking a persons account when they paid $90 to be a member to begin with!
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3 years ago, If you are odd
Calling an app luxurious doesn’t make it instantly so.
Came for career focused women, ended receiving high maintenance women and DIY models. Finding academically talented women on this app for your area is impossible. I also do not like being able to see the gifts that women receive from guys. I don’t want to bother trying to match with a women with 300+ gifts. This app is for individuals who like buying expensive inapp currency and then tossing the bait out hoping for a nibble. The subscription advertisements are also annoying. I messaged the in app helper “Luciana” about stopping the “amazing deals” messaging, to which they agreed before sending me yet more subscription offers. While you can see several profiles for free, it is very difficult to connect with users without paying for the ridiculous subscription. Not the worst dating app I’ve used, but it exists as a display or irony regarding the average user base background.
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2 years ago, Michewhatever
BEWARE. You’ll have better luck on more affordable dating websites
I did not like how when you first sign up it takes 24 hours to “verify” you yet if you purchase a black member (or platinum subscription) it “verifies” you right away and then you can start using the app. I mistakingly chose the black membership year subscription which is ~ $500 and not worth the money in the slightest bit!!! I tried to request a refund from support and they said it is not reversible, but I’m going to keep trying. I recommend buying a month subscription to test out the waters even though that is highly expensive too but way better than $500! The WORST part about this app is that you can’t set any preferences or distance parameters. People in my state apparently don’t really use this site so I have people from all over the world and typically people at least 2+ hours away liking my profile but it doesn’t even go anywhere because the distance is crazy. I guess it’s good for people in major cities but even the city I live near isn’t popular I guess on this site. Therefore if you don’t live in either Boston, NYC, LA, or any other major city do not purchase this. Other dating websites do the job better and I have had more success on sites such as CMB. There is nothing special about this dating website either, it’s an over-priced non-user friendly app. I do not recommend.
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2 years ago, krystelbair
Poor quality
I recently tried to sign up and I should have read the reviews before doing so. I spent a good amount of time uploading my photos, and filling out a nice bio and answering the questions for my profile to get to the photo verification process and get denied. I thought maybe something was wrong with the system when for days now it’s still saying try tomorrow but it never allows me to try again. I’ve tried to reach customer service and haven’t gotten any response. I have instead been bombarded with pop ups to bypass the verification process if I pay a large sum of money! It then said that if I get 50 messages in 14 days I would have full access for free but I’m reading some girls as recently as last week only needed to get 20! I’m well past 20 messages so that bothers me as well! It’s a sliding scale of how many messages someone needs? Based on what? The whole thing has left me wanting to just delete the app and try something else.
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3 years ago, DeceivedinArizona
Deceptive pricing
The pricing on this app is deceiving. They offer monthly for $99, 6 months at a monthly rate and 12 months at a $40 something dollar rate. It doesn’t mention that if one signs up for the year $488 is immediately withdrawn from your account! It only moves to the next screen confirming the monthly price NEVER stating the entire years fees will be taken immediately. Leaving the buyer thinking they will be charged a monthly fee only to see the larger fee deducted. They refuse to give me a refund! This is bad business. Also, the matches are mostly people in other states and countries. There are also many sugar baby/daddy red flags all over the place, they say they protect against that yet it’s pervasive throughout the site. Very disappointed with this app. It is also not easy to cancel the subscription, but since they charge a years fees up front it does give you a year to figure out how to not let them steal your money the next year.
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4 months ago, April Dallas
WORST app out there
I have tried a LOT of dating apps, and this one is by far the WORST! If you want to connect with someone 5,000+ miles away and never meet, it’s probably great. I live in Dallas and set my location preferences as such. Yet in the few days I have been on the app, not ONE of my 50 daily matches has been in my city, and maybe two have been in the state of Texas. The vast majority are from other countries/continents, such as Russia, Saudi Arabia, and Brazil. Some of the suggested profiles are not even in English. I paid $70 for a month, and yet other thing I see on this app is a pop-up ad to spend $100+ on upgrades and gimmicks like coins, roses, Easter eggs. This app is a SCAM. I have asked for a refund, which I have not yet received, and in the meantime my access has been cut off so that I will have to pay just to speak to customer service?? I would attach screenshots if I could because it’s unbelievable. Don’t waste your time or money on this app!
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3 years ago, Bellaaa2014
It is advertised as a dating app for people of high society, but since it has an option to buy your way in without going through screening, most people there are actually not upper class. Also their screening process is only based on pictures and income which is not so hard to lie about. The trial part shows pictures of people from other countries and does not show an idea of the quality of people in your area. These put aside. Their customer service is not what I expected. I was very unhappy with my purchase and asked for a refund the day of purchase, as I understood I was not going to use the app anymore but after exchanging some emails and trying to change the subject for me, they said in the last email that refund is not possible for my case. I mean, guys if you advertise as an upper class app, that is not the way to treat your customers as they do not have time for that kind of email exchange.
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4 years ago, Hippyhairgirl
I can’t believe I paid $100
So, I had high hopes. Unfortunately, there is NO way to set distance at all. I can pick general “NY area”-but it’s the same 20 people. All the time. If you’re not specific about geographical needs, you even see Europe. Whyyy would I want to match with people on the other side of the planet for a relationship? For $100/month I expect to be able to see more than 20 people in the NY area. I feel ripped off and I would like a refund. I just joined today, but there is no way to contact anyone for this matter or at all. I responded to the robotic generated “help person” who sent the first couple messages on the app offering to help. I asked both woman about this and not one responded. I might call my credit card company if this review doesn’t get someone to personally email me or call me to refund me. I am warning you all: don’t pay for this. Just don’t waste your money. There are free apps that got me wayyyy better results. Where can I call or email someone for a refund???
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