Macros - Calorie Counter

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User Reviews for Macros - Calorie Counter

4.5 out of 5
373 Ratings
2 months ago, Gidget M. Harris
We should ALL be grateful
I absolutely LOVE this app. I looked at many others , but they were confusing and frustrating to me and required a learning curve, at least for me. I was over the moon when I discovered this. It's fast and so easy and it's actually fun. I used to dread keeping track of calories, macros, etc. but I look forward to it now. I use it like a game trying each day to stay within my limits. Iwould also like to mention that I personally wrote to the creator to thank him. I wasn't at all surprised to discover he worked on this app for a very long time, just to help all of us! I tried learning programming and coding a while back and gave up. It's HARD and Time Consuming. So I would like to suggest that if you can't be grateful for all of the hard work and dedication this creator put in,for YOUR benefit, then just move on. You don't deserve it. I've tried all sorts of diets and nothing ever worked. Thanks to this app and it's creator I'm finally excited and actually succeeding this time. It's really a GREAT App and I highly recommend it to anyone trying to lose or maintain their weight.
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3 years ago, Mishmash990
Just get it
This app is amazing. This is my first time venturing into the world of counting macros, it seemed too complicated when I looked a few years ago. Have had this app for 6+ months and after the first 2 weeks I subscribed because I knew this would be the Only thing to keep me accountable. this app has become central In my day to day care; essentially saving my life. It’s customizable in so many ways, no time wasting of searching through foods I don’t eat (such as other apps), always having MY recipes available and able to edit them, the sub adds on more features than it really says. Absolutely worth it. Just get this app and get rid of the other junk apps! Thank you to the devs for awesome customer service as well!
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4 years ago, Fagsandmygirls
Best macro counter app!!!
I tried counting macros for the first time probably 4 years ago and like most of the people I used MyFitnessPal cause its the most popular one. However i didnt find the app very friendly. Sure, it has lots of data and info about food worlwide but i needed something more simple and easy to use. THIS IS IT! And the fact that you have your own library of food and recipes makes it 100% better! You get to find your own ingredients and your staple meals way faster without any complications and even when you pick a recipe you can add them as a single item or easily break them down into the ingredients if you need to change the portions! SIMPLY A GAME CHANGER APP🙌🏼👏🏼
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3 months ago, Mimibmams
Macros vs Calories
I am not militant with my eating, but I certainly did need help in tracking amounts and to buck up my protein. This has been actually fun to use. I saw some whiner complaining that her husband needed 40 g of carbs and the app said he could only have 48 and it couldn’t be adjusted. Are you kidding? Stop eating carbs at 40 then—geez. This is a free app and seems to be helping a lot of people including me. Way to go MACROS. Growing up when it was all about counting calories and upping your exercise, who knew that the combination of foods/content could make such a big difference. Blessings and thank you!
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3 years ago, EastTNCowgirl
Almost perfect - pls add calorie cycling feature!
I love that this app has the essential features needed for serious users. (I have the upgraded, paid version.) I’ve tracked calories for many years, and, about a year ago, started tracking macros as well. I used to use MFP, but detested all the annoying social features, gamification and ads. Love that this app is not bloated by such. The only feature I find lacking is an option to alter daily calorie targets for calorie cycling. I follow a 5:2 plan and always appear over target for my high days. Please consider adding the ability to set calorie targets for each day of the week!!
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5 years ago, Lovetwix
Obsessed with this app!
I love how this app is user friendly and also visually appealing! When I first started tracking my macros about a year ago, I used MyFitnessPal. However, I didn’t like how on the mobile version you couldn’t see the exact breakdown of each food item; it would only show details of the whole meal. When I switched over to Macros calorie counter about half a year ago I was in love! For improvements, one thing I would personally like is being able to track my overall iron, sodium, vitamin, etc. levels each day. Other than that, highly recommend this app!
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5 years ago, iussefatt
I like the fact the app be direct. It’s all about reach the macros per day and the app makes it usefull showing calories, carbohydrates, proteins and fat in the same screen. I mean, you just take and look and see every important information you need quickly. I would improve the UI. I think there’s some space to make a more beautiful interface without remove any information in current screens. Something annoying: when searching a food we need to tap ok to filter in the tableview foods, I think it would be veeeery usefull to filter as I type, like iOS does.
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3 years ago, Heisyourlife
Simple to use
I am currently using this mostly as a calorie counter but find the macro tracking easy to use. I did upgrade and find the extra features beneficial. I like being able to adjust the carbs per meal. I am working my way into macro counting and I really like the app’s functionality. The one feature I would like to adjust is how many (percentage) of calories I want to earn back for exercise/calories burned. Although I can just as easily do it in my head I would appreciate it being an option to adjust instead of 100% being the only choice.
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4 years ago, helenr02
Good but recipes keep disappearing?
Overall, I love the app as it’s very intuitive and easy to use. However, all my recipes have deleted twice which is rather annoying especially considering how tedious it is to create recipes. Interestingly, they reappeared the first time after a few days. As of now, they’re nowhere to be found which is highly underwhelming. Really hoping there’s a simple fix because other than this the app is super helpful :) Edit: Thanks for idea of clearing the cache. This immediately fixed the issue! :))
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1 year ago, BIGMAD156273
The only app that works and is aesthetically pleasing
I’m gonna be honest by saying this app by far is the only macros tracking app that I will ever use. I’ve used plenty of others but this one does exactly what I need it to do without blasting me with stupid recipes, workouts, or social media features that make it so distracting and unaesthetic. It accurately tracks your daily macros and caloric intake and that’s it. It’s so perfect I’ve used it for over a year. I’ve never been so consistent with my goals. Absolutely love
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1 year ago, Mackgirl
Simple to use
This app is simple to use and overall I’m pleased. I loved the barcode feature, however it’s never right! I have to edit the nutrition values. The whole point of the barcode is that it is convenient. Not very convenient when I have to edit the information every time. I really like the recipe nutrition calculator. Not too many brands in the food library, it seems that it records the macros that people manually put in. The developers should put in the macros at least for the major brands.
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3 years ago, Bleweyes27
This works!
My trainer has recommended counting macros for as long as I can remember. Researching on my own, I found it terribly confusing and time consuming-therefore not committing to it. A friend suggested a stupid simple app, that I subscribed to and had to add all of my foods—very limited data base. A year later, I found this app off a macros FB forum I’m in. HELLO!!!! So wish I’d found this app a year ago. I rated 4 stars instead of 5 because it doesn’t sync with my Apple Watch-it does sync with the iPhone Health App. Definitely worth the subscription and the food library is pretty large!
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11 months ago, Meg_idk
Wow finally found a macro app that actually counts your macros and lets you add things without it having to be a 15$ a month subscription!! I thought I was going crazy. I download just about every macro App off the App Store and made countless attempts but this is by far the best one that allows you to do everything that you need!! I am just so grateful that I found it I wish I would’ve found it earlier. Thank you creators
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1 year ago, JakeFromStateFarm III
Great App
I used to use MyFitnessPal, until they started taking more and more features away from free users. This app works even better, it’s simple and clear. They also have a large database when I scan foods. I’m yet to scan something that they don’t have information on. The thing I could think of that would make this app even better would be a widget to see at a glance. Any plans to add one?
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2 years ago, 1,2,Smell My Shoe
Great app for any fort of diet goals
It’s exactly what I was looking for. I use it whenever I start to lose weight. It’s just a simple app with all the tools you need. It’s not over the top with so much nonsense added to it. Just a simple calorie tracker that gets easier to use over time as it saves your foods, and keeps the most recent at the top of the lists. I’ve recommended it just about anyone that needs help with their diet.
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3 years ago, Donnie248
Good idea, bad service
So I loved the idea of this app and it’s exactly what I needed. However, about a week ago, I had a mishap with creating a log in then forgetting the password. I pushed “Forgot Password” multiple times and each time it said it would send me an email. Never got one. Thank God I didn’t pay and upgrade to plus, which was what I was about to and was making a log in for that purpose. But if the app can’t even let me log in, I’m not trying again and risking it when I can just write things down in a food journal.
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5 years ago, BRDTECH
the Best for Keto
This app is exactly what I’ve been searching for! It’s perfect and meets all my needs. I've tried 4 or 5 other ones, all with issues. I was using a very popular other app, but for $39 a year it didn’t have the ability to factor in fiber. Hugely important for Keto. Macros is so simple and has all of the easy to use best features. The learning curve was simple. My friend and I doing Keto together and it was my “job” to find the best app for us. Success! She is in love with it too!
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1 month ago, Mattimclellan11
Worth it despite a couple of issues.
Love the layout and the simplicity. Almost every barcode scan is wrong and some are not even in the ball park, but editing info is so easy, it’s not that big of a deal. Easy to create meals and syncs pretty well with multiple data points from Apple Health to show expended energy. Even with the issues, I would give 5 stars if there was a widget available to keep an eye on macros progress throughout each day.
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2 years ago, Rámon79
Truly a great tool.
I can’t begin to express the luck I’ve had with this app. I’ve been on it literally for 3 weeks along with an exercise program and I have dropped from 301lbs down to 280lbs and I can’t wait to see what the next 3 weeks are going to bring. This app is amazing at helping you get to where you want to be. Thankful for people who developed this app to better everyone’s health.
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3 years ago, Maegan82606
This is the best macros app!
I came here on my own time (with no reminder or request) to say- this app is AWESOME. The free version offers SO much. The library is vast and accurate, you can build unlimited recipes (not typically offered by free apps), track net carbs, custom macro settings, edit nutrition info for any given food, easy interface- SUPER customizable and user-friendly. I used MyFitnessPal for years, and I totally prefer this app. Awesome job.
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2 years ago, naggie2000
Mediocre app
This app is good but if you want to add your own recipes that’s not a great option. Although you’re able to add recipes unless you make a recipe for one serving only. the app doesn’t divide the recipe into multiple savings which is a useless feature to have. It makes me sad because I really liked the app but the recipe feature was such a disaster I deleted the app. If you would like to try the app I think it’s a great idea because it is a good app as long as you’re aware you aren’t able to add anything that you can’t scan in or locate in the library.
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2 years ago, matthewmolinari
Best calorie counting macro app
I tried all of the popular apps like my fitness pal and lose it, and while they did have a giant library of foods to choose, their interfaces were wayyy to complicated, for an app I’m going to be using after I eat I want it to be easy and quick, my fitness pal just has way too much stuff on it, and makes you pay if you want to do half of the things they offer, macros is gotta be the best for me
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4 years ago, Sweetlaureng
This Is a Top Notch App for tracking any type of Macros
For a free App, it’s just as thorough as WW App. It has so many features, it’s easy to use. I bought the yearly fee for $10 to do more, but the free one is great too! I am trying out Carb Cycling, and it gives me the option to set my high/low days with % or grams of macros and assign the days I want to plan for! Well done! Only thing this app is missing (unless I just vacant find it) is a weight loss tracker.
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11 months ago, ageorgiagirl
Good App for Counting Macros
I'm new to this app and used My Plate for many years until It shut done. I like the Macros app for counting my calories & macros but I would like to be able to record my weight every day to see my progress. It would also be helpful if you could scan your barcode and have the nutritional information pop up so you don't have to manually add it every time you record a new food.
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1 year ago, Cubi
Probably the best app i have ever used
The UX/UI and functionality of this app is top notch. Hats off to the developers of this great product and understanding this is what users want in an overly saturated bloatware app market. One suggestion is the ability to share meals with other users especially useful for families so we don't have to reenter the same information.
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4 years ago, T&L'smommy
Doesn’t let you log partial portion
I’m looking for a macro counting ap, I’ve been using MyFitnessPal for years but I was looking for something that told me exactly what my macro breakdown of food was a little easier. I tried this for a couple days but when I tried to log a smaller portion of my granola it wouldn’t do a quarter portion. This seemed ok, except for the inconvenience of having to re-enter my recipes, but I can’t get an accurate count if I can’t enter a partial portion size. Looks like this has been an issue for a while.
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3 years ago, bodybuilding_behavioranalyst
Learning Curve but better than the rest
It takes about an hour to figure out how to work the app to program rest days, work days, pre/post macro distributions but this app is 100% better than the more expensive alternatives available that happen to be promoted as mainstream. Don’t even mess with it - pay the 10 bucks here and thank me later. It’s quite intuitive.
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3 years ago, Francis Naung
Favorite tracking app
I have been using this app for almost a year now. I usually don’t pay for apps but this one I did. It’s been so helpful for my weight loss journey. It would be nice if has a feature that displays the time when I logged my food. That’s just what I find myself needing, it’s still a great app. I’ll continue to use it!
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4 years ago, Geli0408
Absolutely love it!!!
Super easy to use, and update measurements if needed. Super simple for me to make an entire meal as a “recipe” if I’m cooking for 2 then make the recipe be 2 servings and just splits the nutrition values. Instead of just making my meals separate... which is a nightmare! I bought the yearly subscription. I’ve been tracking for about 2 weeks with the app and I’m already seeing results!!! Highly recommend!
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4 months ago, thatlasstats
love this app.
love it! i've used this app for years & love it! sometimes i wonder to see what other apps are like but i ALWAYS come back to macros. i love the features & how everything is calculated for you in app (bmr, bmi, tdee, bf%, etc) so i don't need 100 bookmarks on chrome. & with such an affordable subscription you're kinda off your rocker not to choose macros
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4 years ago, garhett25
Amazing Value
The UX/UI was well thought out and executed. I’m loving the tracking I can do with all my meals. My goals are for body building, and it works great for me. It’s the best value of any Macro counter on the market for a free version. You aren’t bombarded with ads or requests to pay for the premium version, which consequently made me want to get the premium version anyway to support the developer.
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2 months ago, GME0114
Great for tracking macros, BUT….
I’m pretty sure a lot of people use this app to help lose weigh, right? That’s the primary reason I’m utilizing the app. So, why isn’t there a way to track weight loss progress?! I’ll continue with this app for now, but once I find another app that’s as easy to use AND has the ability to track weight loss progress also, then I’ll have to say bye-bye to this app. That’s really the only problem I have with it.
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2 years ago, Jclead17
Please remain free!
This app is awesome! I use it everyday! It has all the meals I buy in it. It doesn’t charge you monthly and constantly ask you to. I have been using it for almost a week. I may pay for it because it’s 10 bucks a year and I want it to remains open to the public for free! So awesome!!!
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3 years ago, SAO fan 123
Almost Perfect
Please , please put in a weekly view like MyFitnessPal so that I can see how much of our Macros we have eaten and how much wet have left for the rest of the week for those of use who track our macros and calories by both the day and the week. If only it had this function I would 100% switch from MyFitnessPal to Macros app. Maybe later on down the road I’ll revisit to the to see if any changes are made.
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2 years ago, Cata1092
Finally an app really FREE and fully functional!
Finally an app you can just install right the way without having to register or surrender specific personalized health data. An app with a great GUI, great functionality and usability. I hardly rate stuff and never review apps. I had to give the props to the team here. 5 stars!
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3 years ago, mamacone1
Why is no one talking about this!?
This app is amazing! The food library is impressive, it's easy, and it's smart! Anything you could want to track with your food, this app does! I love it, I can't believe I wasted so much time using other apps when this is hands down the only thing you need. Oh and did I mention it's free!? GET IT
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3 years ago, t_crafty
Best Macro-counting app
I have been counting Macros for 8 weeks now. I started out using 4 different apps and ended up settling on this one because of ease of use, ability to personalize and I just like the overall look of it. I have been recommending it to everyone at my gym.
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1 year ago, Jen270
Wonderful app
This app was the first tool I used to track my macros. It’s intuitive and easy to use. I love that you can scan objects or look up popular items from their library. This app has helped me a lot and it’s a must have tool!
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3 years ago, toomuchprice
Best one out there
Just make sure to double check your macros if you choose to scan an item sometimes they could be wrong but you can just change them if it is
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6 days ago, Mr no 2
Practically perfect
The only way I could be even more satisfied (without paying) would be the existence of an “ate/haven’t ate” toggle, so I can list all my food for the day in advance and check it off so I don’t get as lost
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2 years ago, Gia Sang
App kicks me out and freezes all the time
At first it worked wonderfully, but less than one day in the app would constantly kick me out and delete my information. I have an account and everything, but if I try to sign in the app freezes. I try to report a problem, and once again it freezes. I try to input food, and it freezes!
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3 years ago, Sincladk
Pretty OK
It’s pretty good, but not amazing. Features I like: - Copy meals (or a whole day) to other days - Large (albeit flawed) food library to search in - Simple visual indicators to see how you’re doing against your calorie and macro goals - Ability to scan barcodes Things that are missing: - Ability to scan a nutrition label (not just a barcode) - Duplicating existing recipes - Tap and hold to move entries (within a meal or to a different meal) - Ability to specify multiple units of measurement for a single food - Clean and accurate food library (currently it’s a mess of inaccurate values)
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3 years ago, Ochoa886
Good stuff
The suggestion macros is kind of off but you can edit it, so it’s no biggie. The catalog is huge, you can find a lot of food to log your intake and if it isn’t there you can create your own to log it into your daily intake. No ads. This is great, I recommend.
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1 year ago, High score is 5mil.
Very slowperson friendly.
Understood the app within the first 10 minutes of trying it out. Bought the year pass to support the devs, you guys did a very good job without doing too much.
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2 years ago, Adermyre
Great app, could use a upgrade though!
I’d give it a 5 star if it had the ability to upload recipes from websites. It’s time consuming enough to track your food, creating a recipe every time, one ingredient at a time is even more tedious.
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2 years ago, jasonsidito
Beats any others tracker
I usually don’t write reviews but I have to give it to em, best macro tracker app ever! On so many other apps u have to pay to get so info and to log certain things but not on this app! Thank u!
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2 months ago, Eve79919221
Very Happy
This is the best app I have found for beginners. I felt overwhelmed by the other apps. This one is so easy to navigate and it has helped me stay consistent with my goals. I am a very happy customer :)
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12 months ago, jens001
So simple but mighty
This has everything I’ve wanted in an app. It provides it all without all the flash. Absolutely love it. This with live that tracks my fasting hours is all I need.
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1 year ago, YoutbeTVisBetter
There are other apps that are so busy and cumbersome without effectiveness. This app is simple and works very well. I’ve replace a more popular app for this one and do not regret it a bit.
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2 years ago, Tea Lion
Great App, Lots if Room to Improve
This is an awesome and more granular alternative to My Fitness Pal. I like that Macros has significantly less intrusive ads and lowered pricing that say Cronometer. One thing I would love to see is default to g as a unit of measure for all foods for even further precision on food measurements.
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