Map My Run by Under Armour

Health & Fitness
4.8 (670.4K)
187 MB
Age rating
Current version
Under Armour, Inc.
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Map My Run by Under Armour

4.83 out of 5
670.4K Ratings
7 years ago, KellyRuth2013
What happened?!
I have noticed since the most recent update that something must have happened to this app. Wondering if a rep from the company would read this and get back to me? Have used this app for a year + and most recently for training for my half marathon for the past few months. So so disappointed as the last couple days when I tried to use it it pauses itself and I don’t know it. Wasn’t able to track a 10 mile run with numerous attempts of restarting the app and had to guess at my distance which is so so heartbreaking after all of this training. Also the app was already going when I launched it the other day? And it paused itself again and I closed it out, but all the sudden about 20 minutes later it started reading out my stats. Which was only five seconds because that’s when it had paused itself the last time I had tried to use it. Today when I tried it it didn’t even display numbers for the time or distance, it just showed dashes. I updated again this morning and I also deleted the app and then re-downloaded but no change. I’m so disappointed, and I was counting on using it for the half marathon which is in six days now. Help! I do see that option to get help with the app, but I would still like to reach out this way as well.
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1 year ago, Kosy353535
Love this app
I’ve been using this app on and off for over 10 years and I love it! It’s taken me through 4 half marathons. It’s compatible with my Apple Watch and makes it easy to change tracks on my watch while in the app on my watch and running. I have friends I connect with and it has a user friendly activity feed where you can scroll and rapidly view distance/time/pace of what you and your friends have run during the week. I love that you can add pictures to the feed. Seeing your friends activity inspires you to run and it’s great if you have similar goals with those on your feed. And it’s great even if not. It’s fun. Some suggestions for the app: When I leave a comment on someone’s run it notifies them to view it, however it does not notify me back if they responded to the comment. If I was wondering if they responded on the app then I would have to pick through and find where I commented to see if they responded. Secondly, when I initiate the app through my phone there’s a delay in my MapMyRun app on my Apple Watch to pick up that I’ve started a workout already (not sure if this is MapmyRun’s problem or not). If I initiate the workout on my Apple Watch it does not communicate the splits through my Beats headphones (probably because they are synced to my phone, not my watch?). Again, that may not be the apps responsibility. But just some things I’ve noted. Overall a great app to pair with running training.
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3 years ago, bejtenorio
A great global app for family and friends
I only started to use this middle of last year when I invited my friends and family (from different part of the globe) to a steps challenge, and with the pandemic and people needed to boost their immune system and at the same time motivate them to walk, run, that was a HIT, and from the steps challenge, we did calories, distance and number of work outs. We also became Under Armour customers, from Nike and Adidas, we found UA shoes very comfortable. So why four stars only? First, because the developers took out the steps challenge. It’s the activity that people of all ages find so motivating. Second, there are so many improvements that programmers can do on the app - like team competition, limiting challenges to certain activities (for example, distance or steps challenge - you can limit the activity to walk, run, treadmill, etc and not all or one), social media enhancements, etc.
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4 years ago, Ts1185
Not as good as their website for tracking, but I like it
I’ve always been a huge fan of the MapMyRun site (even back before smart phones and mobile apps were ubiquitous) because the website’s ability to map out mileage for distance run training is awesome. It helped a lot back when I trained for marathons. Now that we’re all quarantined for Covid-19, I started running outside again as a means to maintain sanity, and I was pretty psyched to try out this app because I thought it would keep track of the distance for me so I wouldn’t need to spend time online mapping out mileage on the routes I might normally take. I have to say though, so far my experience has been hit or miss - literally. Sometimes the app simply doesn’t save my runs when I’ve finished despite following all of the on-screen prompts to save them. It’s sort of a bummer because I can’t really track my progress on the app. Instead I’ve just been taking screenshots of my run time/distance when I’m done, which is still better than nothing, but sort of a shame because then I don’t get to see how far I’ve run without going back and figuring out the distance traveled myself on their website. Maybe it’s just that I’m using only with my phone and not an Apple Watch and the app isn’t designed for that? It could just be some error I’m making on my end, but then maybe the UX isn’t ideally intuitive. Still, it’s better than nothing and free, so I’ll take it.
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2 years ago, BabyGotTrack
Too many bugs, runs get deleted or changed
I’m writing this review based mainly on my experience with the MVP plan (upgrade). I got the upgrade so that I could have access to the training plans. Unfortunately, this app has deleted runs in my plan, or has changed data from runs after the fact. For example, my plan will guide me through a tempo interval run, but afterwards changes it to an “easy run” and I lose all my data for the intervals. This has been happening at least once a week. I’ve contacted support several times about this issue and I don’t get a response every time. I’ve gotten two responses. The first of these told me to try the usual first fixes, deleting and redownloading the app, etc. When I contacted them again and told them it’s still not working properly and I’d like to cancel my subscription and seek a refund, they didn’t try to address the problem any further…just told me to contact Apple about my subscription since I did the in app purchase through them. I’ve tried this MVP plan once before, a couple of years ago, and had similar glitchy issues. I figured I’d give it another try, only to find that they still haven’t fixed these issues. I gave it two stars only because the gps is accurate and when you run without the training plan it does give you an accurate time/pace. The voice prompts and data are helpful/informative. But other apps do these things as well.
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2 years ago, Ginevra Weasley-Potter
Needs a CITY run function
Decent app overall, but I use it almost exclusively for running in the city. It doesn’t seem to have a good way of filtering data taken while I’m stopped at traffic lights. As far as I can tell, it averages my being stopped at lights into metrics like foot strike angle (0 degrees) and cadence. Being stopped of course helps me catch my breath, so it makes sense to average it into pace data, but the app seems to treat stopped time identically to running time for metrics for which it doesn’t make sense to do so. As a result, this subset of the metrics is less useful to me, as I have to guess what the values would be sans stopped data. There are a variety of kinds of workouts to choose from, and even different kinds of runs, so I suggest adding a “city run” option that addresses the peculiarities of running downtown into its filtering. P.S. I also don’t like that it sends me emails saying that I only have 25% of the miles left on my shoes — per metrics it claims that I set. I never set any such metrics! They just want me to buy new Under Armour shoes. Why not be honest and say it’s coming from their own recommendation for how many miles to run in the shoes? The UA shoes I have are still in great shape — in fact, a testament to UA, the owner of the app — and I don’t appreciate the dishonest marketing tactics. And anyway, isn’t all my data enough compensation for the app being free? (;
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6 years ago, Gerg the Destroyer
This app makes my Apple Watch worthless
I’ve been using this app for many years. I even bought an Apple Watch as a companion to this app for running, biking, and walking the dog. I like that it communicates with myfitnesspal But here’s the rub. When this app is installed on my Apple Watch, it starts itself, runs in the background, and kills my watch battery before the end of the work day. A watch that does before the end of your work day is not very useful. I have to go I. To the phone and kill the app, then kill the app on the watch, and even by then it seems the Watch has opened the app on the phone again already. I spend 10 minutes fussing with it when I notice it’s doing that just so that I can make sure my watch battery won’t be drained in 6 hours. It’s fine when I remove this app. It’s even fine some of the time when I have the app on. I don’t run with my Apple Watch anymore because of this app. It’s pretty annoying. I’ve talked to support about it and they basically shrugged me off and said they’ve never heard of anyone else having that problem so it must be me. It’s a great app if they can fix that glitch, but until then, I can’t use it with my Apple Watch, which I bought specifically to use with this app.
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3 years ago, bniebauer
Not sure anymore
I have been using this app for at least 2 years. It has had its issues. Failure to connect with my apple watch at times, not able to edit functions once a workout has been started to name a couple. However, this weekend was the worst. Biggest running event of my life and the app fails to connect my apple watch to my phone! First time it happened in months just happens to be on the morning I start 150mi race across MI. Then after reviewing the data after the race I notice gaps in some of the metrics, not to mention that when for some reason the app did decide to pair with my apple watch it stopped again before the race was over. Also, I have noticed during training runs and my event that when you resume tracking your run after hitting the pause track button the voice coach starts repeating whatever metrics you have selected for it to announce during your runs. It sometimes last for a good 20 minutes which really starts to drain your phone or watch. When your trying to track such a large event like I was it does become problematic. I however, will not rule out possible operator error for the connection issue but I never changed any settings in my phone or watch prior to my race.
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4 years ago, drgardner
Good, but several problems with support
Update - continued instability with the system and apps. Now missing feeds. Thinks I’m not an MVP member. Notes to support get vague apologies and indefinite promises. If you’re going to operate complex software and online systems, you have to realize you’re not just making shoes and. Lot he’s anymore and step up with the resources to properly support and operate the system. Getting really frustrating. Original: Generally, the app is among the better run tracking apps — not a high bar — but there are a number of problems that have been going on long enough to rate a low review for poor support. First, sync with Apple Watch app when starting a run on the phone doesn’t sync well or at all. Takes several minutes for phone to register the phone is tracking a run, then is constantly behind so must look at the phone — distracting — to get actual stats. Slow to pick up heart rate from watch. Will begin tracking several minutes to near end of run. This has been reported to support months ago, response was it’s a known problem and to just track runs on the watch. Poor response — maybe if it’s a known problem, fix it? Also, training programs are better than some, but still offer limited customization. Difficult for someone trying to get back into running after an extended forced break. Fix it, and I’ll provide a better review.
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4 years ago, Tock13
I’m done with this one
I have used this app for years, when it was just map my run. I’ve tried them all and this is the one I keep using. This last updated killed the app for me. I run a 2 mile loop and it used to be spot on for distance. Now it’s constantly off. 2.1 or 1.8 or even worse. I walk the exact same course and it is consistently measuring a miles way longer than it should. How does distance change when walked compared to running??? I use another app to track distance at the same time and it is spot on. This app no longer tells me heart rate or distance at the mile marks consistently. She tells me the time but for distance it says “distance....silence....miles” heart per minute”. Then at the next mile I might get a distance readout but not heart rate. Frustrating. Now I am battling getting it to connect to my Polar hr10. Heart Graph app picks it up just fine, so does iSmooth run. I see it connected in the Bluetooth settings. Why can’t mapmyrun Find it. I want to keep using this app it has all my history in it but life is far too short to deal with buggy crappy updates. Guess it’s iSmooth run, which isn’t that great or the crapshoot of the App Store to find something comparable. Be prepared for disappointment with this one, seems once underarmour took over the quality got lost in rally sprints and the fiscal goals.
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6 years ago, Vettelove135
Something is wrong after a recent update but this is still a great app.
I used to be able to start my workout on my phone, put my phone in my pocket, hold up my wrist and see that on my Apple Watch the app had already opened and showed my workout already going. The last few weeks this no longer works or only works part of the time. Now I hold my watch up (after starting a workout on my phone) and it does already have the watch app open, but now it only offers me the option to start another workout on my watch. So I start a workout there, and then SOMETIMES it will get in sync with the phone and change the time, and other times it won’t. Then I get home and finish my workout on the phone so that I can write my notes before finalizing it. After which I will notice later that when I hold my watch up there is still a workout going on my watch which I have to finish and delete. These are not issues that were present a few weeks ago. It would be nice to see this rolled back to where the phone and watch properly sync with each other during and after a workout.
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4 years ago, Marycchayden
This app blows
I’ve been using the Under Armor Record app for years to track my runs. It appears this app is no longer supported as it crashes upon opening every time now. I figured I could switch to this app seamlessly and continue as normal. You would think an app owned by the same company would work the same way. Wrong! Firstly, the robot voice is AWFUL. It takes so long for the robotic voice to announce the distance and duration. The voice on the other app was much more natural. Secondly, the GPS is wrong. The route I’ve been running for 6 months suddenly got shorter once I started using this app. And lastly, my biggest gripe... I always listen to podcasts when I run, but for some reason it’s nearly impossible to figure out how to make the announcements play properly. Sometimes it works, sometimes it’s just silence, sometimes it starts playing other music. Sometimes it works at the beginning of my run, but then stops half way through. This is infuriating. I constantly need to stop in the middle of my run to restart the podcast or check what my time and duration is. What a complete joke. Every time I’ve used this app, I’ve ended my run frustrated and annoyed. Im not someone who has issues with technology. This app is trash. Bring back the record app!!
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6 years ago, teejayhanton
Syncing is Sad
I downloaded this app because I loved all of the stats and features it offered that Runkeeper and Nike+ do not. I was even excited to pay for the premium account, but at this point it looks like my best option is to just delete the app. It takes up to 24 hours for the app on my Apple Watch to sync my activity to my iPhone app or the website. I contacted MapMyRun for help and was given a response about opening both apps at the same time and to be patient (which felt a lot like they were blaming me for their problem), it should sync thereafter. I can wait 15 to 30 minutes, but 24 hours is ridiculous. In addition, during today’s run, the distance and pace were way off. I am so disappointed. This app has so much potential, I just wish it worked the way it is intended. *Update...I have downloaded the new update that was supposed to fix this problem. It’s been 12 hours since my last workout and it still has not synced from my watch to my phone. I tried to respond to the developers response below and every time I try to reply, I am brought back to my log in page and them my Map My Run page. No access to connect to support. Same thing happens when I try to access support from my page. This is ridiculous.
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5 years ago, psyc out
Stopped tracking properly
I’ve loved using this app for years but as of the last few months it started tracking improperly. I started noticing the time seemed less than my estimate and the voice mile markers were landing in variable places despite me taking the same route. I began to note exactly when i left and, for example, when i got home today the tracker showed I’d been out for 35 mins when I’d actually been out over an hour. I asked support and they responded with a fairly lengthy list of things to check. After checking them all and changing one, I still experienced the problem but i ignored the instruction to turn off all other apps because i listen to podcasts, radio and/or audible books when I run instead of music (which they said was fine). I also ignored the instruction to not use my power button to turn the screen because the screen flashes on and sometimes I will inadvertently pause my book, etc if the screen is on. My point is that the app is too finicky to work accurately for my taste and I'll be researching other walking/running apps unfortunately. I want to emphasize that I never had these problems until a few months ago.
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6 years ago, RSTS72
Good app but could be better
The goals are set up by miles and time. It also tells you how many minutes it should take to complete the miles. This I love however the voice coach tell you your speed in miles per hour instead of minutes per mile so hard to know when you are meeting your goal. I wish the 2 formats could match. My second issue is I love that I can set up training to prepare for a race but I don’t like that the minimum goal for running seems to be a 12 minute mile. I wish this could be adjusted because I’m at a 14 min mile and it’s frustrating I can’t meet my goal and by they time I’m getting closer to meeting it the minutes per mile is decreasing so I’m constantly behind. If it could be adjusted for slower runners it will be more beneficial assisting in improving your minute per mile. Overall the app does help me stay on a running schedule and I live the interval training even if I can’t stay at the speed it is instructing to run. Lastly the goals are miles and minutes for example run 2.2 miles in 32 minutes. But the voice coach will tell you that you’ve met your goal when you reach 32 minutes even if you haven’t met your mile goal.
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7 years ago, tinkaboudit
Much improved
This app suddenly got better a few days ago. I like to keep track of my running mileage and pace. It helps motivate me since I've aged (now 74) and all 12 of my running buddies have given it up so I'm mostly running alone. Also I moved across town recently and the app gives me a map and keeps track of my distance so I can explore and go in a different direction every day. The best recent change is that it stops when I stop. I'm so compulsive that I frequently would pause the app while waiting for a red light or to stretch a tight tendon but I'm also forgetful when the endorphins are working and I would forget to restart the tracking. This feature seems very reliable. Now even if I get home at the end of a run and forget to turn it off it patiently waits without racking up more time. I don't know how many runs it will store. My previous app was not only twitchy and unreliable but it would suddenly lose my old runs. I would like an option to store old data in the cloud.
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6 years ago, Cyrena25
Please bring back mirroring of phone!!
I have used MapMyRun/Fitness since 2012. I have trained for triathlons, half marathons, and marathons with this app. I have loved it. Love the challenges, etc. I loved it even more when I got the Apple Watch and was able to have my heart rate tracked and pause my workouts from my wrist. I was even initially excited about the prospect of not having to have my phone (mainly to use the app on open water swims). I take back my excitement. I have never used my watch to listen to music (skips too much) and I want my phone with me on runs for emergency purposes anyway. With the recent update that made phone-less use of the app possible, I now don’t like the app at all. If I start my run on the watch to get heart rate and be able to pause, I don’t get the coaching and distance updates. If I start the app on my phone, I can’t pause the app on my watch, no heart rate tracking, no skipping of playlist songs from the watch - now I am back to getting out my phone to do all this. Please please please bring back mirroring of the phone - make it an option so those of us who want it can use it! Otherwise I may not use the app much anymore : /
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1 year ago, DaWezl
Great app, but a couple notes…
I’ve been using Map My Run for a decade now, and in general I love using it as a robust but not overly complicated way to track my running and hiking. I recently decided to clear out most of my older runs, since the data on all but a few is no longer relevant to me. That’s where I realized a couple of shortcomings with MMR. First, it would be good to be able to filter the workout log by distances and/or types of workouts. I was looking for my PRs at various lengths and after ten years there was a lot to scroll through. The second issue is that at some point around 2015, the workouts stopped indicating the full date. This also makes it hard to navigate the log as you have to track how many times you’ve scrolled by “December” workouts. Finally it would be good if there was an option to batch delete selected workouts. I looked for each of these features, so if I missed the obvious solutions, I apologize. Just wanted to share what wasn’t working for me.
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3 years ago, Leppert10
Good but the coaching voice kills my runs
Use this app while doing various cardio to log my miles and keep progress. Typically that’s while on the treadmill watching something or while listening to music outside. I’ve go through setting after setting to try and turn off the coach’s voice that alerts you to track your cadence. It’s unbearable especially on long jogs where your cadence will fluctuate (the coaching voice alerts you when in the target zone and immediately once you left it then again when you hit it etc). At a given time on a run you could get a solid 40 seconds of in “the target zone” (8 seconds later) “2 off the target zone” (9 seconds later ) “yesss you are now in the target zone” Ive turned off all other voice commands but this one stays on and if there’s a way to turn it off then it’s not apparent. Would give this app 5 stars but this issue has become unbearable
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4 years ago, ProDeveloper76
Ideas for Awesome Developers
Y’all made a great app that is both practical and visually appealing. Both current challenges encourage me to log on to your app and use it to run. And the features offered with Premium tempt me daily to purchase the yearly subscription. One idea I have is for you to create “community challenges” where a UA coordinator creates a route for runners in a local area to master along with start and end dates for the challenge, and the fastest times receive prizes. An example for my area would be the Greenway that runs along two main roads in my area. I think more challenges would better keep users relevant and talking about your app, especially if the challenges each focused on a specific running aspect mentioned in the app (distance, time, pace). I’m a teen with a high gpa and a passion for running who would love to help you improve the app (and maybe earn some money in the process).
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4 years ago, snread
Changes with the use of the Apple Watch
I've used map my run for over five years. Have been running the same running paths for much of that time. Ran numerous half and full marathons with it. Always seemed accurate with the race course distance and consistent in the distance of my running paths. About a year ago, map my run significant changed. What used to be a five mile run became a 4.5 mile run (thus my times got much slower). I often use Nike running app too and the distance on there has not changed. What was always 5 miles was still 5 miles. I thought this might be due to me using the Apple Watch with map my run but when I un-synced them and used only my phone, it still said the shorter distance. This stinks for training because I have no clue my real pace. I'm not the only person this has happened to as I've heard in many of my running groups this happening to others. Not sure what the problem is but I might start using Nike instead if this doesn't get fixed. Otherwise I love the map my run app!
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4 years ago, the realog
Tracking Issues
When I first downloaded this app 4 years ago it tracked my distance really well on uphills, downhills, and straightaways. I really enjoyed it and it made it easy to see how well or not well I was doing on my runs. However, in the last year as they started to make updates for the app the distance it tracks has become more and more inaccurate. It is only accurate when you walk, and when you run it differs based on how fast you run. The faster you run the shorter it tracks you and the farther off your mile times become. The neighborhood I live in is about 3.2 miles, and map my run tracks all 3.2 of those miles when I walk the neighborhood. However, the minute I start running the shorter and shorter the distance becomes, and additionally if you run up or down any sort of hill it causes further inaccuracies. On my latest run it tracked me at 2.5 miles, which is .7 miles short of the actual distance. But, when I walked it right after my run it once again came up with 3.2 miles. I just thought people should know that if you use this app for running purposes to keep in mind that it may be a little to way off depending on how far you run.
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6 years ago, bon_lex
App crashing after every mile
I have used this app for a few years and absolutely loved it, never had problems until the last couple months. Every time I go for a seems at about a mile the app crashes. If I reboot it, and start over....same thing happens. I have to keep checking my phone as I’m running to see when the app closes and catch it as fast as I can to keep my data as close as possible and not risk running too long without it. It is seriously infuriating. It’s synced with my Apple Music and I have a theory they're correlated somehow in messing something up because when I also go to shuffle songs on my Apple Music, shortly after the map my run app closes. I’ve never experienced this before until now and I’m tempted to get rid of the app forever. But I have too much history I don’t want to lose so I’m just waiting, hoping it will fix itself. So annoying
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4 years ago, Devoted and Frustrated
Great when it works, but those “updates” throw things off
I am on my third year using this app with the Under Armour HOVR shoes that do their own tracking (have 4 pairs in rotation). Over time, the app has improved. However, the last several “updates” have been horrible, and each one has taken days to correct itself. Each day, I run (or jog with dog) my same neighborhood routes. Just came back from a dog walk that is wildly off, but at least it tracked at all. Yesterday’s dog walk was completely lost. I should have listened to my gut earlier and NOT press “update” this last time, before yesterday’s dog walk. I have also experienced issues with treadmill runs, but I don’t do those often, so I could understand the app being thrown off a bit. That being stated, the negative effects of these “updates” are really piling up. I hope the app corrects itself soon. Then no more “updates” for me. I’m putting quotes around “updates”on purpose, developers, in efforts to spread the eye-rolling and annoyances. Please fix this app, even it means losing bells and whistles.
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4 years ago, everyone_hates_me_lol
Great but some notes... also is free which is awesome
I like this app and have found it quite useful in my conquest into getting fit. I like how it is versatile and allows for other uses such as I use it to track my outdoor roller skating sessions. I quite love the design and the features that allows you to make posts to people in your area, but I have some ideas and requests for future improvements on the app. First of all I think you should be able to impute your own calorie data for a more accurately calculate calories burned. Second I think being able to plan routes in advance then have it give you directions as you are going to stay in your wanted miles and set a pace and therefore giving you a time guess on how long your route will take. The other thing that would be nice is while planning a run you can put reminders to stop or pay attention at certain points. Other than just a few ideas I like this app and recommend a good free running app.
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6 years ago, Scrawford422
So disappointed
I used to use this app all the time but something happened and it’s been too long like this that I finally deleted it today. I deleted this app for two reasons: the GPS and sync with Apple Watch. The gps signal was strong where I live ( Southern/Central California). On runs, every two minute update as to pace, distance were completely off which really bothered me on my runs. One two minute update it said I was at 23 minute pace! And the next was 8:00 and then 14. The pace was 8-9 minute. This continued throughout my runs consistently for two weeks. Next, the Apple Watch sync. Just terrible and frustrating. If I started this app through my watch then it would not give voice updates or coach mode through the phone or ear piece. The start feature on the watch also didn’t show calories/distance or pace. On the watch I could tell the app was on because the only option was “finish” but all the features showed three zero’s. My girlfriend had the same problem. I am moving back to the Nike running app or Strava. I would like to come back to this app but it needs to be fixed soon. There are so many complaints!
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6 years ago, Muchoburgerlatte
Lots of bugs
Sometimes the app chooses to work well and a lot of the time it chooses not to work. I use the app on my iPhone 8 with my Apple Watch. I will launch the app on my phone and sometimes it will sync with the app on my phone so I can see my time and distance but a lot of the time it will not. Also the app will randomly stop recording then will start back up. Today I added an extra half mile to my two mile route (a route I measured numerous times) yet when I got home the app said I didn’t even run 2 miles. Also I’ll finish my work out and save it then somehow I get an update an hour later saying my work out timed out. So instead of having accurate averages so I can track my progress all of my times are messed up because the app will randomly choose to continue running. Looking to switch apps because this app is making tracking my work puts a hassle.
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6 years ago, J <3 K
2 much needed updates suggestion!
I absolutely love the Apple Watch app for tracking all my workouts. There are 2 things that bug me though. 1. You can not control the music from the app itself. Apple updated their fitness tracking app to where you just swipe left and all the music controls are there. This makes it much easier to lower volume on the headphones and change tracks without having to push buttons and going to the now playing app. 2. After using this app for a very long time, I would like to know, how often does the app track the heart rate? The best cardio that I get is from using a jump rope in between all my sets of lifting weights. It’s a bummer when I do a good job to raise my heart rate real high, then look down at the watch and the app says I’m at 96BPM instead of the 155+BPM. The workaround that I found is to leave Apples heart rate tracker app open in the background, so immediately after jumping rope, I switch to that app and click on the heart to get the updated heart rate, then I’ll go back to map my run, and it’ll be updated their too. Other than that I love how well it tracks my runs and weight lifting. I’m guessing the jump roping in between sets it something that you guys haven’t taken into consideration when tracking upper body workouts. Thanks for an awesome app!
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4 years ago, Possum Joe
Can’t connect to more than one pair of shoes
I have two pairs of UA running shoes but the app only connects to one. When I had one pair only, the app connected just fine. When I introduced a new pair, the app connected to the new pair just fine but now doesn’t connect to the first pair that i still have. I like to alternate running shoes but this app, for me, doesn’t allow it. I follow all the steps suggested in the app for troubleshooting and it still doesn’t work. When I contact support, what do they do? They just send me the same generic instructions that I followed in the app for troubleshooting. Support never helped me resolve the issue, but just provide generic information. They don’t really care about customers is the way I feel. I will be retiring both shoes and returning to Nike as a customer. I loved Nike shoes but wanted to give UA a shot but I am severely disappointed with the app and shoes not connecting as advertised. I am only one customer so I’m not going to make a difference in UA’s bottom line but I urge others who’ve experienced the same issues to run far away from UA and their faulty products not working seamlessly as advertised.
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6 years ago, tommyboy8683
Doesn’t work
I am very disappointed with this new update. I have been training for my half marathon for months now and never had a problem with this app. All of a sudden since I updated the app, I started running and it started not giving the correct mileage. Something is wrong with the GPS and it says I would run 1.5 miles when in reality I really only ran .5 miles. Something has gone wrong with the GPS on this app because of the update. Also when I went to launch the app and tried again the other day I noticed that the app was already going and it was spewing out numbers in which I wasn’t even running and didn’t even have the app open yet. Very disappointed. Because of this I am switching back to the ASICS Runkeeper app as it has always been very reliable. The only reason why I download this app and tried it was because I liked some of the features that you guys had that Runkeeper didn’t. But now I know that this application is not reliable and I highly recommend if anybody is wanting to download this app not to as it will not give you the correct distance or time.
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4 years ago, Der Furdge
Frustrating, not worth it
This app constantly kills/overwrites the data from my Apple Watch. I like using both because I import my watch data into another app. But this one had a fun social aspect with my friends who also run, which I’ll miss. I’m deleting it today because I’m sick of being miles into a run only to realize it has once again killed the Workout app on my watch. Plus, this app is super weird about starting up. If I lock my screen too quickly after hitting start, it doesn’t actually start! I have to let it run for a few seconds before I actually take off! It also doesn’t always shut down even though I killed it, and then it logs phantom workouts that never happened all the while draining my battery. I’ve also noticed that if I stop moving for too long (stop to tie shoe, pet a dog, etc) it assumes I’m done and pauses itself. So miles later I’ll check it only to realize it’s not even logging. I gave it a good try for several months, but today is the last straw. I got into running to lower my blood pressure, but the regular rage with this horrible app is killing me!
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3 years ago, jcamaisa
Great App
I’ve been looking for a running tracker for a long time and I’ve been using the Nike Run app for years but switched over to MapMyRun and been loving it. I use MapMyRun as my primary running tracker now. One thing I would like to add but when you stop the app to answer a call or take a quick break during a run. It’d be nice if when you hit Pause the app would let me know it’s been paused like “Pause” all it does is a vibrate or nothing. Even when you hit resume it’d be nice if it said “resuming run” I know the Nike Run did it. It was nice ;) not sure if it’s because I’m using the Free app and have not upgraded yet. Other than that I enjoy this app very much. Even though I’ve been using the free version I still see all the analysis I want from my runs. Maybe I’ll upgrade soon. Thanks!
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4 years ago, RocketRG
Very poor stopwatch function. Inaccurate distance measurements.
This app may be OK for the casual athlete, but for a serious runner or other athlete, it has a very poor stopwatch function. So when you try to stop the timer at the moment you end a workout, it can take between 10 to 30 seconds to get it to work. The only button that’s available while you’re in a workout is a pause button unfortunately, and if you press that button, it actually cripples your entire iPhone until you unpause the button. Meaning that you can’t quickly toggle over to your regular stopwatch until you unpause the button in this app. Ludicrous and horrible programming. What genius who designed this app didn’t understand that you need a single button on your screen to start and stop your workout? Second, the distance measurement is highly innaccurate. I have run the same loop multiple times, and the variation in measurement is 5/100 of a mile, which means up to 80 meters off! Terrible. I’m using an iPhone X which has no issues.
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4 years ago, Swick42
I’ve used Map My Run prior to it being bought by Under Armour. This application used to be accurate, but after one of the last updates it threw off the accuracy by about 0.1 miles which is pretty significant. To confirm this, I used three other online mapping apps (one of which was Google), my old Garmin watch, and my vehicle’s odometer. After confirming the discrepancy, I reach out to their support team with my results. Their response was very generic, and did not address what I actually said in my email. Regardless, I follow the iOS steps I was provided as a resolution and it didn’t change anything. As a result, I deleted the app today and will start using my old Garmin watch again until I can save up for a new one. I would recommend everyone steer clear, especially those of you who are training for an event. **Update** They responded to my review and gave me the exact same response I was given initially. Still deleted the app. Poor, generic, customer service. Advice: read the issues and don’t sound like a robot and provide resolutions specific to scenarios
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5 years ago, RunBikeRun70
What happened to this once great app?!?
I have been a MMR user since 2013. I paid the extra for the “Plus” version only to see that discontinued. I let that slide because the app was accurate and reliable. Well, unfortunately, both of those adjectives are no longer applicable. The last year has not been good. Updates have been fraught with bugs, glitches, crashes, and inaccuracies. In the past two weeks alone challenges have failed to update, pictures unable to load, comments/likes on friends workouts not taking, mileage short, and Apple Watch slow to push to the app. I have invested in the MVP version multiple times for the extra features and to avoid ads. My subscription runs through May. As much as it pains me, I am leaving after 6 years, 1,174 workouts, 7,941 miles, and 869k calories. Congrats on the partnership with Samsung and leaving Apple users in squalor.
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6 years ago, bengarbarino
Been using this app for running since August. The MVP upgrade is well worth it at $30 a year if you are interested in having the app create a plan for you to follow. Whether it is training for a certain distance of training for a certain time it works great. Would highly recommend to anyone. The stats are customizable, it syncs well with heart rate watches and such and the distance, speed and pace measuring is extremely accurate from what I can tell. The app is very heavily branded with Under Armour but if your ok with that it's nothing to keep someone away from it. I personally like Under Armour stuff so I don't mind it. The community is rather large as well and there are always challenges you can sight up for for free. Highly recommended for a free running app and behind the paywall it gets even better!
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3 years ago, Chili Ray
Apple watch app frustration
I do really like this app and used it all the time before the recent update but with the new face in the update I don’t think I’ll keep using this app. I liked the more simplistic chart look before. Regardless, a look is something I thought I could get over but what I can’t get over is that I’ve had constant frustration with the watch app since the update. It glitches like crazy and isn’t recording my runs properly. It’s infuriating really. During runs the app will just stop working and shut down then the rest of my watch basically freezes. I’ll give it to UA that I probably need a new watch within the next year cause it’s gotten slower in general but the MMR app was never this bad in the previous version. Very annoyed. Honestly just make sure you do planting of testing and internal trials before rolling out a new version! I’ve downloaded Strava and it’s not giving me any problems so I guess I’ll start using that now…
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6 years ago, heartetaks
Favorite Running App
I figured that after 3.5 years and 503 miles of using this app, I owed it a review. I run to train for my other sports. I never ran until 3.5 years ago, and my first run was with a friend because I didn't know how to run or pace myself. After that, I started using this app. It's accurate (even when losing cell service for a little while, like when I ran a race that was partially in a parking garage). It has told me what my pace is, so I've been able to gain a natural feel for what a 7, 8, and 9 minute per mile pace is. It has made me feel more comfortable about my running and enabled me to challenge myself and set goals for my pace and distance. While I use other timers (ex. for intervals), I always use this app as well. If there was only one fitness app I could have on my phone, this would be it!
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3 years ago, marniknoebel
Used to be better
I have used this app for a few years now and have always really liked it until late summer early fall when you removed the music component of the app. I always listen to music when I run and now I have to listen through a different app and that means having more things running on your phone to kill battery life. You also changed the mileage tracking. I have always had it set to talk every 1/4 mile and now it is off. It talks at either .2 or .3 then maybe again at .5 but not always and then again at .8 instead of .75 even though in the settings it says .25, .5, 1 and so on. Please readjust your app to the way it was when everyone loved it compared to how it is now and only being ok.
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5 years ago, E.TN Gixxer
Apple Watch Experience is now Horrible
Not sure why you changed how the Apple Watch worked with the app, but now it is horrible. I used to be able to open the app on my phone, slide it into my arm band, and do everything else from my watch. Now I have to start and pause from my phone, and just use my watch to keep up with distance, and pace. If I start from my watch then I don’t get my updates in my headphones. If I start from my phone then I can’t pause my run from my watch without starting a new workout.. so now I basically have to hold my phone while running and do everything off of it... what’s the point of the watch app if I have to do this? Please go back to the way it used to be, and let the watch mirror the phone. Based off a quick scroll through the reviews I’m not the only one asking for this. At this point it has become so frustrating that I would switch to a new app if it gave me back my functionally, but then I will lose years of my data.....
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4 years ago, lje26point2
Sync problems - never ending
I like the app, seems to track miles and pace well. I use the app on my iWatch 4. I keep running into problems syncing activities. I currently have two activities for:over a month ago that keep trying to sync, but I continue to get “not synced” messages. More recently, I have activities that have synced, I can see the activities on my iPhone XR and on the web site, but the activities continue to remain on my watch and keep trying to resync. This is getting a bit frustrating, I never get the “all workouts synced” any more. Furthermore, I have been trying for over one year to get an answer as to why my older workouts recorded on a Suunto watch under their MovesCount app/software can’t be transferred to my UA Map My Run Account. I get the “we are updating our software and you should soon be able to do this” answer .... over and over and over again. Not earth-shattering, but definitely frustrating. I am a MVP member, but not feeling it so much :-(
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6 years ago, Erich366
Needs improvement
I started using my new Apple Watch and, for some bizarre reason, workout apps that work well only with the watch (i.e. leaving the phone at home) are in embarrassingly short supply. I’d use the Apple workout app, which seems to work well, but inexplicably lacks features, such as adding comments to a workout, which I do regularly. So I downloaded Map My Run which gives me all kind of data and features. For the most part, it works well with the watch, with one GLARING exception: average pace listed is not even close to accurate (it shows my average pace much higher than it is). Even stranger, the app lists my split times which look accurate but can’t be added mathematically to equal the average pace. In other words, how can I have an average walk pace of 13:03 min/mile if all my splits are higher than that? Anyway, I signed up for a subscription but will have to cancel if this is not fixed.
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5 years ago, BellaBellissimoo
I’ve loved t for long but it’s super annoying lately
I’ve used it for a long time. I’ve train for my last half marathon with it. It’s been doing a great job until just recently. Over the summer I had syncing problems just like others but this seems to have been fixed. Now on the other hand, my every workout gets doubled up. Every run, strength, yoga or what else shows on my dashboard TWICE, likely taking up the storage and messing up with my calculations of the time I have actually worked out or the miles I ran. I have tried manually deleting the fake logs but I honestly don’t feel like doing it every single time and I forget. Especially since I often log more than one or two workouts in a day. It used to be my top work out app but I have started looking at Garmin’s and I’ll probably be transitioning to their more accurate logging.
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1 year ago, Wheredidmystreakgo
I used to love this app but now it won’t work for inside/treadmill runs
I have used this app for many years. I was always a fan, but now it won’t update distance for challenges if you run inside or on the treadmill. I have submitted 3 support tickets just since January 1st. I live in Wisconsin, it’s almost impossible to do a gps verified workout in the winter and I really wanted to beat you vs the year this year, but no, looks like that won’t be happening even though the official rules always say inside/treadmill runs are counted. I do my run, update the distance and save and I check back even the next day and no update distance on the challenge. The number of workouts updates but the distance will not sync until I contact support. My phone is up to date, my app is up to date. What am I supposed to do contact support multiple times a week?! I’m starting to look for a new tracker unless this gets permanently fixed. Sad. :(
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4 years ago, godsammit
This is cool but so awkward to follow!!
I’m a baby runner going for my first half!! The “couch to” apps gave me my start, so I’m used to a really simple interface and thought I would upgrade with the UA app (I chose the subscription so I could access the half trainer). Why does it only record my runs if I do it “on the day??” 😂 so confusing!! I’m a nurse on a mixed schedule and I need to be able to just do it on demand and not have to backlog anything. I was also hoping the mini workouts would be cool to do but they don’t include timers/intervals (I prefer HIIT’s style, much more intuitive!!) It’s a separate workout if you run on a treadmill, and the app is not responsive to strides. I do like the pacing feature and the maps o’course!! I was expecting a little more though for the subscription though. I’m mostly using the timeline app to break the intervals down running wise, halfway wanna just take down the workouts and repeat a week if I’m lagging.
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6 years ago, AtlanticaW
Lacking in areas that could be easily repaired.
I gave this 2 stars because I like the friend aspect of cheering people on and notifications. However, it is extremely lacking. GPS tends to be way off, giving me much faster splits than I should have. I’ve muscled through that issue, knowing that generally on race day, I end up with a similar time to my splits here, but only because race day is typically more push than training. But, the incompatibility with the Apple Watch (even though they advertise Apple Watch compatibility) is the reason I plan to delete this app and move on to something different. I don’t want to have to take my phone with me to record my workouts when I can do EVERYTHING else with my watch. I also find it quite upsetting that the Apple Watch isn’t on their list of heart rate monitors to chose from. I feel lied to and frustrated. If I find these issues are remedied, I may come back and give map my run a try again. Until then, I’m moving on.
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2 weeks ago, SassyPandaBear
So the app offered me a second free trial and I accepted it. I’ve had a few apps do this when you cancel the subscription before hand and so I said sure and thought let’s see if I miss anything now I’m more active. Yeah… so offered me a free trial. Go to submit it. It says “14 day free trial and then” and then listed the cost after the trial. NO INDICATION IT WAS GOING TO FULLY CHARGE ME AT THAT POINT and then charged me full price without honoring the trial. Contacted their customer service and all they are willing to say is “You had your trial. Sorry we can’t help.” They are completely negating the fact THEY offered it to me! Dangle a free trial 🎣 when they clearly know I had one… customer accepts and their like ha ha. Just kidding now we have your money. No accountability on their end. Like I said I’ve had a few apps like Fitbit offer me a second free trial after I cancelled. But they always honored it. These guys… not so much. Honestly that is the sketchiest thing I’ve ever seen done in my life. And that’s disappointing as I did like this app.
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4 years ago, Jsuef
Great running app with a few quirks
Really like this app for an Apple Watch when compared to other popular running apps (Nike Run Club) with the route benefits, especially being able to save/bookmark routes and create your own routes on the website and syncing them to your phone (#1 when it comes to organizing routes). Social feature is better as well being able to share and see route specifics with friends versus just mileage as in NRC. However, the auto-pause after 30 seconds is a little too long when trying to get an accurate pace read (vs almost instantaneously with NRC). As well would be nice to be able to select a route from a list of bookmarked routes from the watch and be able to toggle the auto-pause from your watch. Otherwise, this app is great, especially if running with your phone.
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4 years ago, FishyBonbon
Can’t replace Endomondo :(
I used Endomondo for years and loved it. It was a seamless experience, clean, and not overwhelming with ads. After years of loyalty they are sunsetting endo and moving everyone to map my run. After 2 runs with MMR - I’m out. The interface is so cluttered and while you are running it will just show calories which isn’t what I’m here for. Also why is the “me” tab the LAST tab when you open the app? I’m not here to “explore” other people, I’m here for me. After updating the app today it glitched and stopped recording in the middle of my run. I only noticed it when I stopped to check why it hadn’t called out the 2 mile mark. So after all my work today the only time I can rely on is the first mile. Very frustrating especially if you’re training! That’s a whole day of data I have to throw out. It also was not accurate on the gps and showed imaginary deviances on my route. It seems like they switched everyone over before this app was really ready. RIP Endomondo. We had a good run - literally.
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4 years ago, Jordi pro
3 stars
I’d give it 5 stars but there’s two things that annoy the everlasting daylights outta me. For starters, the time you actually run is different than what the app tells you. To be clear with that, I’ll tell you what I mean. I just ran a mile and a half, and when I was at the 1 mile mark, I pulled my phone out to see that in-app, it said 7:36 (the actual time). But when the voice came on to tell me my time, it said 1 mile in 7:40. The other thing that really annoys me is the amount of calories the app tells you that you burned. When you pause the run, it gives you a certain amount of calories you burned, but when you finish the run in app, it immediately lowers that number. I’ll use my run today as an example again. When I pushed pause on the run, it said I burned 289 calories. When I stopped the run and saved it, the app said I burned 255 calories. So not sure which one to believe.
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