Massage Envy

Health & Fitness
4.7 (52.5K)
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Massage Envy
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1 year ago
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13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Massage Envy

4.7 out of 5
52.5K Ratings
5 years ago, cc_Loves_Music
App is great but bring back feature for number of massages left on an account
The app works really well for me, but they need to read the app feedback. When I first signed up for Massage Envy, I downloaded the app and had no problems. The app used to also provide how many massages were left on my account so that I knew how long to book for my next appointment. Then sometime within the last year or two the developers decided we did not need that feature anymore. If the point of the app was to add convenience, then that was one mark they missed. Now before I book (online or by phone), I have to call first to see how many sessions I have available. And app support is nonexistent...the website points you to the customer service page which is not the same as technical support. I emailed them in the past to address things but got no response. I gave four stars because overall the app does what it is supposed to do.
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3 years ago, CS135111
Does not ever work
Not once have I ever been able to make an appointment on this app. You pay a lot of money for this membership, you do the millions of steps of the app (ok, 6 or so) that are required to book, then you find an appointment, but by the time you get to the click to book page and click book appointment, the screen goes blank or it eternally loads. This issue has been going on quite some time now, it never gets fixed. The people in store say there are no issues with the app and it should work fine, but clearly they dont use it. I’ve tried making sure there are updates, turned my phone off and on, but it continues to happen. What’s also frustrating is you find one, go through all those steps and take all that time, give up and call, and sometimes that slot is available when you call but other times it’s not. If you want an app to show you your appointment or research the service options, it works. It’s useless for booking appointments. If they fix it I’ll change my review, but meanwhile don’t waste your time and just call the store if you want a massage. Sadly, the office staff are so busy so if this worked it would save them all so much time, but clearly this app is not a priority. Or maybe it’s a way to deter you from using your massages. Also, you have to scroll day by day to find one and sometimes that takes a ton of time. If they could just show you when there are openings, it would make this more efficient and user friendly too.
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2 years ago, HAWs iPhone
7 year member advice
With the millions ME is making, you’d think they’d invest more into making the app more user friendly and their employees happier/ more fulfilled. Suggestions: 1. Add “Add to calendar” option in the “My Appts” tab (currently there is no option to add to your calendar after booking…this adds multiple extra steps of adding to personal calendar w/ therapist name, address, location, etc. sounds silly but the whole purpose of getting a massage for some is lack of energy/time with high stress jobs/lives) 2. Make it easier to block back-to-back appointments w/ facials, massages, stretch. 3. Add lymphatic, cupping, fertility (and other speciality) massages. If clients need to sign more waivers, then great, but scientific research has proven health benefits that people deserve to at least have options for. 4. Add a luxury package/division to the brand. Give your top booked therapists raises to Senior/Executive Massage Professionals, awarding them for their hard work and motivating new therapists to work hard to get promoted and raises. Have a different welcoming experience for luxury, long term loyal members that are looking for a true spa experience. 5. Treat your therapists the way you’d like to be treated in fancy corporate jobs. That will motivate and inspire hardworking, talented professionals. Thus, increasing overall revenue. Investing in talent always means growing the business.
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5 years ago, FunkyBilingual
Okay, But Could be Better
The app is alright, but lacks a lot of the functionality that I would have hoped for. Specifically, this is an app that most people are going to make use of after they join Massage Envy as a customer. So, I would presume that booking an appointment is of primary interest. However, the problem with the app is that it walks you through what service and the options you’d like to only tell you what’s available at the very end. Then, if you’d like to try a different location, you need to walk through the same process selecting the service and options you’d like. Also, if you are a paying member, it doesn’t seem to recognize your lower / free (already paid for) rate. I’d think that if there was an option to select multiple locations or locations within a specified range, that would be extremely useful for most clients, but by that same token, it’d also show clients that there’s actually very little availability for services at peak times. That said, the app does help you make an appointment as long as YOU are flexible with your time, which is exactly the reason that it doesn’t work well for me. I have to plan a few days to a week before my appointment to get the time I’d like, but, so often, that changes with my work and family schedule. Please do better Massage Envy.
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1 year ago, HipChick73
This app is garbage
See subject heading. This app is garbage, and I will tell you why. For starters, when I login it does not connect me to my actual Massage Envy account where I currently have three appointments booked. I have confirmed that these appointments are actually booked on my name with my email address and I have app access turned on and text reminders turned on and yet when I log into the account in the app, it does not recognize me as the same person. It thinks I am a new user, that I’m not a member, and that I have no appointments booked. I have spoken with my local office several times, and while they are very friendly and generally helpful in other regards, what else could be causing this problem as everything on their side shows that I should be able to see everything through the app. In addition, I have already sent an email to the suggested email address that is listed under the developer response to almost every single one of these complaints here in the App Store, and I have heard nothing back. Not a thank you, not a message stating they were working on it or that my concern has been logged. At this point, I will be deleting the app, again, and ignoring it, until I see some proof that it works. I guess I will have to wait to make my appointments on the phone, or in person.
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2 years ago, Manfrenjenson
The least helpful app.
I do not understand how this app has 4.7 stars. It has so many issues. First of all for those with memberships it doesn’t show how many appointments you have accrued. And during Covid I have accrued a lot. I have to call or go in to find out how many. Secondly it is so hard to find appointments. You have to book weeks in advance and when me back is aching I don’t want to wait weeks. You can only search 3 locations at a time. I have about 10 that I’m willing to drive to which means I sometimes have to do 3+ searches to find an appointment that works. And if you are searching for multiple services it doesn’t automatically find one location that has all three in a row. So for example after finding a massage and a stretch then I get to facial and find out there isn’t an appointment that day and have to start over. There is also no way to cancel an appointment in the app. Even if it’s three weeks away. You have to call to cancel. I was born after 1980. I hate calling needlessly. It’s such a waste of time. Lastly clicking the “add to calendar button” just crashes the app and doesn’t add it at all. So yeah. I would not rate this app 4.7 stars at all. I’m going with one.
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6 years ago, fortheluvofmusiq
It’s never fully functional
The app worked well enough for me to book appointments before I became a member. For some reason once I signed up for membership the app stopped working for me. If does not show my upcoming appointments. Rarely does it give the option to book appointments. I pick a day along with all of my specifications and then it’s hit or miss. One day I had almost scheduled with the therapist and time frame of choice and when I went to select it, it gave an error message. I had a second preferment in mind of availability that I’d seen on the site and just decided to call instead to eliminate any problems. I followed up with a phone call to my location and found out the availability on the app was not reflective of the actual availability of the therapists. I know when I signed up for membership, I could not see my future appointments. This is frustrating because I have the one therapist that is a must for me and I’d scheduled with her for months in advance. I didn’t complain as long as the system kept my appointments locked in. I figured the app would reflect any future activity. Well that’s not the case. I cannot do anything on this app. It’s very frustrating because if it work as intended it would save me a lot of time.
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5 years ago, Suzyq6152
App has gone from bad to completely useless
I will often give good reviews of restaurants, retailers etc...almost never bad reviews. But I’m hoping that the developers actually read these and value the input. First of all, I’m stunned that they show an overall 4.7 (out of 5) rating because almost every one I’ve read from the past year + is pretty negative. As for me, hope springs eternal! So after visiting my local ME, scheduling a couple of appointments and verifying they had my correct email address, I decided to take another run at getting the app to work. Knowing that it had just undergone a number of updates, I decided my best bet was to delete the existing app on my phone and download the new version. But no. I tried creating a new profile, only to be told that my data already existed in the system. So I tried logging in instead, only to be told that my email address was not registered. This after just having received an email from ME confirming my appointments. It would seem that the app and the software each franchise uses are not on speaking terms. I would estimate that this is the fourth or fifth time I’ve done the above futile exercise, and I’m officially giving up. Life is short...
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3 years ago, Ababy0303
Not functional
Worst app! I try to book an appointment, I’ve had a membership for 1 year and the app won’t let me book, it says, ‘oops! We are having trouble with your account’ and I have to call into massage envy locations to book which is extremely frustrating because the put me on long holds and by the time they get to me the appointment and massage therapist gets booked. I’ve brought this issue up to the front desk at massage envy and they said a lot of people have complained about the same issue. There’s no customer support on the app to contact someone about the glitch of not being able to book online. Also, having to go through the prompts which is lengthy and only being able to look at a limit of three locations at once isn’t logical when you live in a big city. I have 9 different locations where I live and having to go through only 3 at a time, for it to say, ‘no appointments available’ and then start all over for another three locations to find a deep massage at the right time, takes ages to find one and then I can’t even book it after finding the right fit. It’s madness!
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6 years ago, Lozzberry
Review from an employee
The app seems to work pretty smoothly. The actual selection process is less than ideal however. If you have been going to the same ME for years and know exactly who you want to see, you should be able to select a particular therapist FROM THE BEGINNING of your appointment request, instead of having to go through the whole process of “what kind of pressure do you like” or “what’s bothering you”. Yes, you should specify certain things beforehand (like if you’re pregnant, have cancer, or want a hot stone) in case your therapist of choice does not perform those services, but if you know who you want, that should be it. Also, not every ME offers the same services (for example, NYS does not allow therapists to perform exfoliating foot treatments), so that makes it seem like no LMTs are ever available if you select that service before trying to book. The whole online booking needs tweaking. I also have noticed a few connection issues with the app “having trouble connecting to Massage Envy servers”.
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6 years ago, jsUNC
Profile glitches make this useless
I have no idea how the decision was made to change their system in such a way that it meant everyone’s profile was no longer valid. On the login screen there’s a message saying something like if you have trouble logging in, create a new profile. First, what kind of amateur hour solution is that? When you do try to create a new profile then there’s an error message that the email is already in use, which means providing Massage Envy another email for marketing. But it gets worse the next time you try to logon with the second email you get the error that showed up with the first email where you have to create a new profile. I should note this doesn’t just happen with the app, the same thing happens with the web page too. This app looks nice but is completely useless when you want to schedule an appointment. Edited in response to developer - I didn’t have an account prior to the cut off date, I created my new account in January of 2018. Advice to people wanting to use this app - don’t waste your time with it, just call your local ME practice directly.
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5 years ago, Angelsim06
This app is trash
This app works well enough for booking appointments but that’s all it’s good for. I was a member in Florida but I live in Louisiana so I cancelled my Florida membership and signed up in my home town. I’ve called Massage Envy as well as attempted “app support”, which there is none of, and I’m still not able to see any of my member benefits. My fiancé uses the app all the time and he can see how many prepaids he has available as well as an entire list of all his previous massages, even though he never actually books through the app. I’ve been booking through this app for a year now and I can’t see a single massage booked. It also still shows my Florida location as my primary. As stated, I’ve attempted to speak with managers and they’ve said they’ve adjusted everything in their system and it “should work now” but they’ve also said they have no idea whatsoever how the app works because it’s a third party or something and they receive no training on it. This is from a manager! It’s really frustrating. Minor, but frustrating. The app has literally one job and it has NEVER worked for me. What is even the point?!
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6 years ago, brando2115
“Oops! There was a problem...”
Based on previous reviews I’m assuming this may be an isolated issue, but the Massage Envy app has been absolutely useless the last few months. When I first downloaded it, everything worked well (5 Star app - loved not having to call in and being able to see my previous therapists), but for the last six months or so, every time I go to select the location or give feedback or anything it gives me a “Oops! There was a problem completing your request.” I’ve deleted and re-downloaded the app with the same results. I can sign in, even get to the point of location services identifying my location, but when I attempt to select the location, error every time. It even happens if I get a “feedback screen” after a massage (that I had to book by phone).
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4 years ago, Apjp2004
Highly annoying and Lacking the Basics
The app is VERY basic. You are able to see what services as available at any one office but to get to that point you have to enter all your information even after logging in. Also, you can only see one location at a time without having to go through all the questions again to see what’s available at the next location. It’s a lot of work. Then despite being logged into my account as a member it doesn’t seem to recognize my membership and give me any of the discounted information or show how many massage sessions I have available to me. This is annoying because it means I always have to call to confirm instead of checking my member benefits myself. In addition I can’t seem to book an actual appointment through the app, I can get as far as seeing what’s available but then it doesn’t let me enter my card information to book the appointment, I always end up having to call to actually schedule which makes the app only useful for identifying which offices in my area have availability for a date I’m looking at.
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5 years ago, AaaaaaaaMT
Inconvenient app
Two suggestions for the Massage Envy booking app: 1) Please offer a way to modify location at the point where you’re picking dates and times. Part of the reason that people join Massage Envy is for the flexibility of numerous locations and hours; the app should reflect that flexibility. It is really inconvenient and time-consuming to pick a location on the first screen and then click all the way through the other pages, only to have to go all the way back to the first page to modify location when you find that no therapists are available at your first location choice. 2) Please don’t force customers to click through two separate pages of “add on” services every single time they’re trying to book an appointment. The gimmicks are already off-putting in the first place, and it just adds insult to injury when you’re forced to choose/decline the gimmicks every time you want to book an appointment. Per my earlier comment, I often end up having to click all the way back to the beginning (multiple times) to modify the location choice, which means I’m having to click through the gimmicks way too many times. As an aside, it is also off-putting and lacking class that the icons for the add-on services are very phallic. There have been multiple times when I’ve given up on booking an appointment because I’ve run out of time to click through everything and/or simply got get too fed up with the issues mentioned above.
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5 months ago, Krypdic
Very antiquated app. Needs a lot of work
There are AT LEAST half a dozen major things wrong with this app and their website. First off, you can’t change your email OR phone number yourself. And, if you change your email, you have to have corporate create an entire new account for you. If you change your phone number, they need to change it for you. But it doesn’t update in the app or website in your profile (another major glitch). Unlike with most companies, you Can’t see your account balance (eg number of sessions you have available). I was told by someone at a ME front desk that is has something to do with “half session’s accounting.” This isn’t rocket science. They should be able to figure that out. You also can’t save your filters when you’re doing an appointment search. If you change anything in your search you have to start over with the filters you applied. Again- terrible, cumbersome app.
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1 year ago, MartinT555
Buggy and missing key features
Surprisingly, the app doesn’t let you see how many credits you have. You have to call or email a location to find out. Yet you can book multiple appointments online - it’s just not clear if you have enough credits to cover those. How could it not have that info when its primarily a membership based app?!? Also, for the last 3 years, the app crashes and closes every time you try to add an appointment to your calendar so instead you have to manually type in the details. Lastly, with limited availability at a lot of locations, it doesn’t indicate what days have open appointments - you have the flip through each day and find one that does have one. Sometimes that’s 2 weeks of schedules to find an open slot. ———— They fixed some of the above issues including the calendar one and made it easier to book appointments. Now, the app just continues to say “oops, check your internet connection.”
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11 months ago, Crankybutfit
Marginally useful
The app more or less stinks. You can only make an appointment. Once made you can’t change or cancel it through the app, you have to call. This seems like pretty basic functionality to be expected. Most frustrating is that every time I log in it treats me as a total stranger who’s never been there before, despite the fact that I’ve had a membership for 6 months now. It shows no previous visits, can’t remember the providers or locations I’ve used, and tries to charge me the non-member price. Only when I arrive at the salon can they correct it. I’ve been told that there appears to be two accounts associated with my email address, but the people at the salon certainly can’t fix that and there’s no way either on the app or the website to contact anyone at the main office who might be able to do so. Final score: appointment making-8, customer service-0.
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1 year ago, NewToTheGym-NYC
Reviews are Inflated
It seems the reason the app has such a high rating is because users think they’re rating their local franchise, not the app itself. There’s almost no benefit to downloading the app as it has no really useful features for a customer. You can’t cancel, reschedule, nor even check your balance in the app. This seems to be designed to make it easy for you to go over and get charged. You can’t add to calendar and booking takes so long (So. Many. Clicks) that you’re better off calling. There are frequently problems: I couldn’t even log in for a long time, then I couldn’t see any of my appointments, and my franchise location was not able to update my credit card (these have been fixed). You also have to manually opt out from giving ME permission to sell your data. I’m going to give it some more time but will delete if I don’t see improvements, as it’s just taking up space and battery life on my phone.
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5 years ago, cgmatt1369
Totally useless app
I have been attempting to set up my profile and the app constantly says my email is currently in use with Massage Envy and that I need to enter my password to login. I attempt to do this and then the app says that my password is wrong and I can request a 5 digit pin to be emailed to me. I do that and then use the pin and the app says it is an invalid pin. This continues on until I delete the app and reinstall it. Then the cycle continues on. Just absolutely irritating. And the saga continues, I created a new email address and now massage envy tells me that I have to use my old one. Low and behold the app and account says that my registered email must be used and once again stuck in the same vicious cycle to login! Massage Envy corporate cannot be reached. I’m going to cancel my membership and ask for all my money back (approximately 80+ services saved up) because I can never get appointments at any location unless I present myself as a walk-in. Useless app and at this point totally worthless to be a member.
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6 years ago, rhetprof17
Too many cancellations
I have only been a member for a few months, and have had the therapists cancel on me on three separate occasions. The first time I drove for 45 minutes, waited in the waiting room for 10 minutes and then was told my therapist was going to show up. An hour an a half of my time wasted. I have had to listen to the therapists complain about the lack of professionalism, and since I have been going three therapists have quit. Last week my appointment was canceled two days in advance because the therapist quit. And the women who called to tell me my appointment was canceled also told me that she had just given her two weeks notice! Poor management. When I spoke with a manger, I was told I couldn’t cancel my membership even though I have had several appointments canceled. I don’t foresee this place staying in business for much longer. If you can’t offer reliable service in a competitive market, you aren’t going to last. Too bad. The concept is good, but the management is horrible.
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3 years ago, Chooch06
One change and it is useless
The app is great as long as you never change your phone number or email. If you do, you lose all functionality tied to your account and no one seems to know how to update it. You cannot update yourself, if your local franchise updates contact information in the system the app and website don’t see it. Now all I can do is make appointments. I can’t see any membership details, my appointments don’t get tied to my account so I have to tell them every time to look it up using my old phone number. Some stores will link the service to my account, some won’t so there is no history of my services available. Apps typically make things easier by giving the customer control over their account. This one only does if you don’t change anything once you’re in it. For a franchise as big as Massage Envy, I am surprised at how limited the app is.
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2 years ago, GonnaPartyLikeIts1999
Useless App
There is rarely any availability for appointments on this app. They don’t post cancellations back to the app so you have to call to get on a list for cancellations. The app scheduler only goes about 5-6 weeks out on the calendar too so you can’t preplan your massages for availability. I really dislike booking in person or over the phone because my schedule is so chaotic. If you need to make changes to a massage you also have to call. I miss being able to use the app to plan out my massages. I keep wanting to just cancel my account since I can only get about 3-4 massages a year due to lack of therapists, app lack of functionality and lack of scheduling flexibility but I’m still holding out hope that they’ll pay their therapists more so that they’ll stay and they’ll fix the app to be more useful. I’m already tipping above and beyond in hopes of them fixing their staffing issues.
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2 years ago, ClayCarroll
Horrible app, not worth the aggravation
This is perhaps the worst app I have ever used. I have been a ME client for five years and I keep thinking the app is going to improve but has gotten worse. My first complaint is that if you’re searching for a location and using the filter button the app will crash if you change locations about half the time. This happens with my iPad or iPhone and has been happening for over a year. I’ve tried other iOS devices and the same thing happens. That means you need to start over and go through all of the silly add-ons before you can get started looking for an opening. Secondly, as a subscriber, I would like to see how many credits I have on account. That should be fairly simple as other similar franchises such as the Stretch franchises do this without issue. Left a message for "customer service" twice but NO RESPONSE. I have begin Elements as my go to massage location due to these problems.
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5 years ago, Drawingking1962
Not the worst app I’ve ever used but there are a few things that would make the app better. It would be nice if the app saved your preferred location. I have to change it ever time I want to schedule an appointment. It would also be nice if they put a picture of the masseuse next to there name and allow the customer to track which masseuse they prefer for different messages. I feel it’s easier to remember faces more then names since I only see them once or twice a month and I prefer different masseuses for different messages. Last but not least it would be nice if you could track your account allowing you to know if and when your monthly message was used and if any have carried over into the next month for use on a longer message. I am not a fan of having to work all that stuff out in the store in front of other customers.
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5 years ago, UPSY42q
Good, efficient app
I like this app. It really makes the appointment process easy and allows you to customize your massage experience and provide any necessary requests and information. All in all, neat and efficient, a well designed app. I would rate it five stars if it went just a little further. Some features are treated only as a summary of the services offered by Massage Envy, and feel truncated. I wish there were an write-in option for “other” when it comes to health conditions, as it doesn’t list everything. I have issues with a herniated disc and I know not every therapist is experienced with that, but it’s not an option on the app checklist. I also wish you could search by therapist as some of them work at more than one location.
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5 years ago, MomFandF
Doesn’t work, doesn’t show member status, no way to get support
I’ve been a member for almost a year and have never been able to use this app for scheduling. The criteria it uses to see what kind of massage you need almost always results in there being no therapist to support your needs available. If you do find availability, it doesn’t recognize you are a member and makes you give a credit card to book the appointment. I have tried giving it a credit card and I get an error message telling me I have to call the franchise I am trying to book with to make the appointment. Which means I will call and a leave a message and have to be available when they call me back. I tried calling the support number Massage Envy has listed under “Customer Service” but that is for “survey support” whatever that means. When I mentioned to the front desk the frustration I have with the app, the woman there said “yeah, everybody hates the app. You are better off just calling us.”
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1 year ago, effortless and awesome
App needs major help
I have used this app for years now and it is by far the worst when it comes to functionality. I am VERY surprised it is rated 4.7 out of 5 starts. It seems like every time I come to the app I have to login AGAIN. There are always glitches. There are so many good apps out there, why is this one so bad? Don’t get me wrong, it has improved over the years, but it is still by far a great functioning app. This review has nothing to do with the services and therapists at massage envy. If anything ME should contract another app developer. Of course I use the app, sure beats calling in to the store. The app makes it easy to book an appt, of course after I’m finally in and if it is functioning correctly. And what ever happened to the app having the number of massages we have in our account. I liked to see a total. Had that feature for a couple years then it went away - bring it back if possible.
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5 years ago, ineverwritereviews!
Needs preference settings and therapist rating
Ive been a Massage Envy member for 10 years and have started to use the app to book appointments. The booking process seems too long and at the end you find out that nothing is available on the day you’ve selected. Can the app look at availability first so I can pick a 60 min if that’s all that’s open vs trying over and over at multiple locations to find a 90 min slot. I’d like to save my preferences. Such as days and times, that I am generally available, my therapist gender preference, and massage preference type. Your app could know my preference and if an opening comes up it could message that an opening is available that matches my preference and offer to book it. Also, I would love to be able to make a personal rating system for therapists. I’ve had great massages and then some pretty bad massages and I want to remember to not select that therapist again.
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5 years ago, Regretting My Membership
No Appointments Available For Weeks!
I subscribed to ME because I need massage to help with back spasms that can be debilitating at times. I travel weekly and was impressed with the number of locations ME has. However, I have now come to realize as my credits continue to stack up, that they are all to happy to draft my account each month but when I need to schedule an appointment, there are never any appointments available for several days or even weeks! The Matthews, NC location where I originally signed up, is currently booked out entirely for over 3 weeks! Even when I have tried other locations while on work trips, I can NEVER get an appointment inside of 5-7 days. If you are someone who just wants to “treat” yourself each month with a relaxing massage and you can book out several months ahead of time it might be okay. As for me, I don’t know months in advance when I will need a massage. I am definitely regretting my decision to join Massage Envy.
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3 years ago, Prince Albert 00g
Needs a Better User Experience
App is basic and just ok, but certainly lacks a comprehensive user experience. In addition to scheduling and upcoming appointments, the Dashboard should also include the ability to modify an existing appointment, view past appointments, and the ability to quickly reschedule with a past therapist or location, and the balance of available units/credits. There should also be company Covid-19 response/message (or a link to it) somewhere on the app ... possibly at the top of the Dashboard near “Welcome Back ...” The Profile/Account section should have information on the balance of available units/credits as well, units/credits used (e.g. this month, this quarter, year to date, last year, etc), billing information, ability to change payment methods, add and purchase gift cards, and an option to either suspend/hibernate or cancel membership especially during the pandemic.
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5 years ago, allip8
Still a work in progress
I have been a member for many years and have asked many times for text notifications on my scheduled appointments (to which they’ve always told me was not possible). I even wrote a email to ME Corp about it. Finally, I thought I would search for an app (no one at ME ever mentioned there’s an app!) I am somewhat pleased that I can now schedule from an app but the whole process is cumbersome. Also, I am still perplexed as to why there is not a notifications setting. I just want to easily search for open appointment at my location (I don’t need 3 pages of add on services/questions before getting to the calendar), and have the app notify me the day before my appointment. I am giving 3 stars today in hopes that as this app is developed it becomes definitely has the capability to be much better.
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5 years ago, add filter
Filter by therapist
I used to constantly call my location to book which was fine but my schedule is so unpredictable that I would forget etc. love the app- super easy to use! I love that it added my appointment to my calendar. My 2 points of feedback are: 1) please allow filter by therapist. I have 1 lady that I like because she knows how I like my massage. I work in fitness and so she knows the areas I need the most work on so I stick with her but it was frustrating having to go though almost 2 weeks on the calendar to find her next appointment. 2) billing/points - I have a monthly membership with 2-3 credits right now but I can see exactly how many and I can’t update my credit card on the app. Please add points to the profile for members.
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6 years ago, gregariousappledude
App need calendaring integration and mechanism for feedback
It took over three years for the app to enable its most needed feature—online appts. Glad that’s available. However, please allow the app to add an appt to the calendar. That functionality was removed for while. When it returned, it did so but without the appt details. Please allow us to add appts to our smartphone calendar which include the relevant details (e.g. populate the location field with the address and add the therapist’s name to the appt notes). Last, for goodness’ sake, stop despising your app users as much as you have. Over the last two years, I’ve left two emails with corporate for feature requests and they were entirely ignored. I say “ignored’ because I requested both times a confirmation that anyone even read my email. Instead, I was merely added to your franchisee prospect email list. That’s kind of sad, isn’t it?
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1 year ago, Carriec1226
Ok app
Stop making me sign in to this app EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. It is so annoying to have to enter both an email and password every time I want to us your app. Make the option available to stay signed in, or at the very least save my email and allow the option for Face ID. Also, I wish you could modify/cancel appointments in the app. I don’t want to make a phone call, which is why I’m using the app for scheduling in the first place. Additionally, I wish you could schedule out farther. I like to book my appointments out ahead 6-8 weeks and on your app it’s about impossible to book out further than a month. Choosing preferences should be a saved feature. I typically get the same type of massage with the same add ons. I love Massage Envy and have been a long time customer but your app could be SO much better!
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6 years ago, Dcw83
Would like ability to cancel appointments too
I like the scheduling function. Especially starting out at a new place, it helps me narrow down the therapists that suit my preferences. I can agree with another review I read that once I find my favorite, the ability to choose that person instead of going through the preference choices would be nice. What I would really like to see though is a cancel option. I scheduled an appointment on the app today and then realized that I had a conflict but now I have to call the location to cancel which is kind of annoying, especially since they are not open now and I will likely forget to call when they are.
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5 years ago, Hunmor
Where is the transparency?
Since the launch of this “new and improved” app, the transparency of my account is gone. No longer can I see the number of remaining services in my account. No longer can I see the history of my past services...It only lists the most recent 2 services, and does not list all my past appts for 2019. Never mind my history before that (member since 2015). Also, as others have said, the appt booking process is laborious. I have a favorite therapist. Let me search by her availability. Not by services. There is so much valuable user feedback in these reviews...and they are easy fixes. I’ve previously provided this feedback via review, as well as to my local ME location. I tried to email the company, but it gets sent to the franchisee, not corporate, so nothing gets fixed. C’mon...Get on it ME app developers and respond to these reviews and really improve the app. Please!
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5 years ago, rubiacosc
What is the point?
I’m not really sure that the point of the ME app is. It’s a complete pain to book an appointment - for example, I live within 10-15 miles of three ME locations. I would like the ability to search for a 60 minute or a 90 minute session at any of the three locations near me. Right now the only way to do that is to search 6 different times. I would also like the ability to cancel an appointment in the app. If it gives me the ability to book an appointment, why can’t I cancel said appointment? Every time I call it takes forever for someone to answer (but that’s at no fault of the app developers). Finally, I would like to know how many sessions I have saved up. It used to tell me that, but now I can’t seem to find that information. In theory it’s good to have a Massage Envy app, but if it’s not user friendly there really isn’t a point to downloading if.
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4 years ago, eaglebtc
Needs a “search for appointment nearby” options in case of scheduling issue
Hi ME team, I’ve been using the app through multiple iterations since it was first designed in 2017. It is frustrating that the app still lacks a “search nearby for availability” at the end of the booking workflow. On multiple occasions I have been disappointed to learn that my location or therapist doesn’t have an available time slot, but a nearby ME location does have better availability. The only way to search is to go all the way back to the beginning, which clears out my therapy preferences. The same thing happened today because of COVID-19: the location 0.6 miles from me is closed, but several other locations within 10 miles are open and have better availability. You don’t have to look far to find good examples of this: Target, Home Depot, IKEA, etc., all have this function on their websites in the shopping cart: maybe there are none available at your nearest store, but three others within 25 miles have plenty in stock. You can change your location on the fly if desired. Giving customers the ability to book appointments more easily will strengthen loyalty to the franchise.
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6 years ago, liondaughter
Needs work.
This app is terrible. You can book appointments, but not cancel them. Also you can only book sixty minute appointments. If you try to book a ninety minute massage, it tells you that no appointments are available. I called my local branch to confirm that was true and they had lots of ninety minute sessions. The app will also often show me appointment times and not allow me to book them, claiming the time isn’t available. I pick s different time and get the same message. I love the idea of this app because I often won’t think to call to book appointments. It’s nice to be able to do a bunch in advance from an app. Or even check on a whim to see if any same day appointments are available when I wouldn’t bother calling. But this app needs a lot of work before I will feel that it meets my needs.
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1 year ago, EricaSev
Lack of updates
Been a member since 2017. Yet the app is sorely inadequate for members (and likely non). Biggest complaint? I cannot see how many “massages” I have accrued under the account. Sending the message, that they'd prefer to leave you in the dark - and take your money. When booking you first chose your service (good) then the location- you cannot easily switch between locations without starting over. This has become more of an issue since so many of the locations are severely lacking in availability & therapists. Also, I also have lots of app time outs - even when other apps/internet is running well on my phone. At the very least - can we please add member accrual amounts?? Once I am all caught up - I WILL be cancelling my membership.
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5 years ago, Franczesca
Limited Function
For a big company that is scattered all over the country, this app seems like an intern app developer made it. Why is it missing so much functions that we should be able to do easily on the app? Why are we able to make appointment but not cancel (it shouldn’t be so hard especially if you’re within the time frame to cancel)? Why can’t we leave tip on the app? Why can’t we do anything but commit ourselves to an appointment? Why is Massage Envy not transparent and not showing me the number of paid sessions I have left in the system? It makes me feel uncomfortable as if the company is screwing me over with my # of sessions. The website is equally pathetic. I’ve been a member since 2017 and this is by far the least transparent company I’ve been with and am in the process of cancelling.
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4 years ago, L Boogie!
Good but not as good as before
This app makes scheduling an appointment easy and you can also select from a plethora of specific services you want and even book the specific massage therapist prefer. Members booking with their monthly included hour will see a price for an hour massage however they will not be charged during their visit. The main zonk I have about this version of the app vs the previous version is that there isn’t an option after booking to copy your appointment to iCalendar. That is a huge help for those of us with busy schedules as we can setup reminders for our appointments. Also, you don’t get a confirmation email for your appointment and the app doesn’t give reminder notifications.
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5 years ago, AnonymousTarHeel
Long way to go before it’s user friendly
I’m able to book appointments through the app, but does not meet my expectations of what the app should be able to do. Users have to go through a process of selecting a single location, then clicking through a significant number of screens before appointments for that location become available. If I want look at a different location, I have to start all over again. If I want to look at availability for a certain therapist, there is no way to do that. There is no way to mark favorite therapists, or keep personal notes on them. It provides the minimum functionality to book appointments, but it has a long way to go before it’s user friendly.
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6 years ago, 54why
Slow and cumbersome
While I like the option of using an app to schedule, the design of this one is unwieldy, especially if you always want to schedule with the same therapist. The app does not let you select a therapist and then show you available times/days. Instead, you have to select a day , then wait ... wait... wait ...wait while the app “matches” you to available therapists. You have to do this one day at a time - so if the therapist you want or a time you want are not displayed , you tap on the next day, and the next, and the next .... till you settle on a day / time. What makes this process unbearable is the time it takes to load each day. Painful and not a time saver. Quicker to call.
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2 years ago, nana_bananaa
The app never works
The app claims to be “simpler than ever”, but every time I attempt to use it, I find myself more frustrated each time. First, it wouldn’t allow me to schedule an appointment when it appeared to be one available. Then, it would show me my appointment dates, but didn’t say the time of my appointment, so I would still have to call the store to make sure what time my appointment is. Now, I am trying to schedule an appointment and I can see the dates providers are available, but it doesn’t show what times are available like it demonstrates in the advertising photos, so I will still have to call the store to find out. This is such a hassle and makes nothing “simple” when trying to schedule an appointment!
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1 year ago, delacarlin
Filter function needs improvement
Would love a more functional filter function. The filter needs way more options. For example, I state at the beginning I only want deep tissue but the results give me all the therapists instead of just the deep tissue ones. I’d also like to be able to filter by therapist name. It would be amazing if you could actually cancel an appointment in the app. I hate having to call and wait for an answer, almost always be put on hold immediately and then be able to actually cancel. It takes way too long and is very inconvenient to call instead of cancel and be able to reschedule right on the app.
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2 years ago, AppsReview2021-2022
More complex than necessary
Every time I use this app, I think of the old tootsie roll commercial, how many licks does it take to get to the center…how many clicks does it take to book an appt? I understand the concept of upselling and ensuring a good match between therapist and client, but the information doesn’t seem to get applied at this point (and I don’t think it needs to be). If I select firm pressure, I still see all the spots available that only offer light. I’d prefer to skip this step and just see what appts are available and choose for myself based on what they offer. Make it more user friendly by going directly to select service and location and then reveal available appointments. Also “add to calendar” doesn’t work for my iPhone and just shuts down the app.
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5 years ago, SimplyDanomite
Scheduling Nightmare
App makes you cycle availability day by day if you’re looking for a therapist you’ve seen before. This takes forever, especially if the therapist if booked a month out. I have been going for specified trigger point therapy and prefer to work with the same person who has proven that they know what they’re doing in this regard and have built familiarity with my case, rather than having to re-explain the issues to a new or unqualified person due to sooner availability. Jointly, the office staff isn’t on top or cancellations or a cancelation list and/or cancellations don’t seem to accurately correspond with the availability on the app. It would be nice to have a notification if an appointment becomes available due to a cancellation, otherwise it shows that massage envy owners don’t care about maximizing their service availability.
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6 years ago, sgarnbrmfld
Poorly designed app
Why this app has a 4.7 rating is a true mystery because it is very poorly designed. I hope ME takes this seriously because it matters, I’m reconsidering my membership over this. The problem can be boiled down to the fact that searches only return exact matches and makes no effort to show near matches. For example, if I’m looking for a 90 minute massage, firm pressure at location A, it may return no results without indicating that there may be similar results that would be just fine. I may be happy with a different duration, different pressure, or even a different nearby location. As it is, I have to do each of those variations separately. God help you if you want to change locations, where it takes you to a map of the entire world. This design offends me, and it will cost you business.
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