MedBridge GO for Patients

Health & Fitness
4.8 (65.3K)
45.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
MedBridge Education LLC
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for MedBridge GO for Patients

4.76 out of 5
65.3K Ratings
6 years ago, Updated without my permiss
Loved this until recents errors
I have been using this app for six months & Have been very happy with it. Until recently, the last three or four days it has worked fine but all of a sudden every time I try to save my logged in exercises I get an error that says “oops! Please try again later”. I have tried it several times, over two days and nothing seems to work. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app & still cannot get it to work. It does not show up in my list of apps needing updates. I’m writing this review in hopes that the developer will comment & give me a clue as to how to make this work. I googled the issue and I cannot find anything on this specific app. Update - Seems the errors have been fixed in the app has been working perfectly. It deserves five stars now.
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12 months ago, Machisimo
Could be so much better with a little work
This has the basic building blocks for a good tracking app but they fall well short. When I go to do my exercises and call up this app on my phone, I then lay the phone down on the floor while I’m typically laying on my back doing the exercises. It’s not enough for them to simply, have a female voice, saying, begin, rest, and have a bunch of bing bong’s. If I have a list of four exercises, the program needs to call out which exercise I’m doing at the number of reps and hold times. When I move onto the next exercise, it needs to tell me. Doing that, by simply announcing the title of the exercise, and how many reps I am to do. the way it is organized right now all it does is start flying through the different exercises going to start, stop, begin, bing bong, bing bong. I don’t even know what exercise I’m doing, unless I reached out and grab the phone and take a look at it. Also, the videos that are going along side. The timer are not actually tracking their reps at the correct speed relative to the timer. Again, the building blocks are there, but they just have an executed very well on this. Try taking your own app sometimes guys do the work lay on the floor. Listen to your app and then ask yourself whether this is really cutting it. I think you’ll figure out how to make it better real quick
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7 years ago, AMCCpinkprincess
Great app, needs a few upgrades
I really love how this app works for the most part. I don't have to remember everything my PT gives me, I don't even have to worry about counting because all exercises are set to a timer so I can just focus on doing it right. I love that it has the videos combined with the instructions and tips. My reason for 4 stars has to do specifically with not being able to focus on the exercises I want to in my program during each session. For example, if I'm not feeling good in my shoulder and I just want to skip to the hip exercises that day, i don't have any option on my end to uncheck the shoulder exercises before starting the program. Instead, I have to skip them to get to my hip exercises, but then it marks all the exercises as complete even though I didn't do the shoulder. I wish I could just pick the ones from my program that I want to do for now and just log those. It would help me and my PT to see what I'm doing more or less of. I'd also like the option to move exercises around in the order I want to do them. Sometimes it feels better to start with certain exercises than others, but again this is not an option. Add these features and I'll definitely give it 5 stars.
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2 years ago, Mama2Parker
Confusing and missing key functionality
I want to like this app but it just isn’t that good. Example 1.. If you try to log your activity and do it wrong you can’t delete nor can you edit it. And it saves the log whether you hit save. Example 2.. when it states that “selected activities are still on your plate to do” it is logging deselected as done even after you deselect them. I thought I was just doing it backwards but I did it both ways (selecting what is did and deselecting what I did) it still doesn’t log it correctly as I have no logs that just show me having done two exercises at a time. Example 3.. it is impossible to accurately log that you have done 1 set of a select number of activities. I found where I’m supposed to be able to do it but it still logs them incorrectly in your activity log. As someone who has 10 or so exercises that I am supposed to slowly transition into and do throughout the entire day this program just doesn’t make that possible. I do like the feature of showing me how to do the exercises but it isn’t slow enough to actually go with me. It doesn’t repeat even though I have it set to do so. It seems like there is a bug in this functionality too. I really hope that they make this app better bc Kaiser uses it for all PT patients and a lot of us have trouble with it.
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1 year ago, topcntryfn
App says I already completed exercises when I Didn’t!
For some reason the app works on an older model phone, but not on a newer model despite it being fully updated. Secondly every 7 days I get a message telling me I’m all caught up on the exercises, but hasn’t done them that day. The first time I figured the therapists didn’t want me to do it that day but I was told by them I should 7 days a week. Months later I decided to contact MedBridge. The agent lacked very easy comprehension and even told me they can’t even try to fix every issue and will take them as suggestions. She finally told the development tam but told me the next day they couldn’t replicate it. Of course not as it hadn’t been 7 days. She wouldn’t listen to that. A manager then told me I was condescending when it was the agent as well the manager that was as neither listens. He also told me they tried and couldn’t replicate it also ignoring that it hadn’t been 7 days so of course they couldn’t. I had to tell the therapists that I’m doing it 7 days regardless of what the app says. When I finish therapy with them I plan to keep doing exercises for my back, but will look for a better company as these people don’t listen and don’t want to fix the issue. They’ve proven to not care whatsoever.
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4 years ago, AlexWallace18
A chore to use, on top of my exercises already being one.
I use this app to keep track of what exercises I do and when, and it’s fine. Barely. I consider myself really good with tech, especially phone apps, but this is a nightmare to use. Half the time it won’t even log me in. I have a few different sets of exercises I’ve accumulated through my recovery, and switching between them is a pain. Almost always, when I try to log a different set, the exercises available to log are from the previous set I had pulled up. I have to close and reopen the app at least two times to not get the “An error has occurred” message. It wasn’t this broken last year when I first used it—sure the colors of the UI have changed, but that’s not worth it if it usually doesn’t work. If this app can’t handle switching between multiple sets of exercises & multiple codes, there shouldn’t be an option for it. It has somehow become more broken over the nine months I’ve used it, which I didn’t think was possible. Yes, I’ve rebooted my phone, reinstalled it, etc. It works—sometimes—which is why I’ve given it two stars and not one. But if my PT recommends I use this app, should I need it down the road, I will refuse to use it.
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4 months ago, jmy9595
Too fast!!!
I’ve had physical therapists give me work to do with this app twice and I hate it. It moves too fast and assumes you have everything all lined up and ready to go all in one place ready to jump to the next exercise in two seconds. I’m at the gym, sometimes I’m at home. Sometimes I’m working with a massage table and a countertop. Sometimes I’m improvising. The set up of these workouts gives no allowance for the fact that you need to get up off the floor, get down on the floor, move to a chair, put something under your back, put something under your knees, put something elastic around your leg. Bear in mind, we are doing physical therapy because we are injured somehow. It’s not always easy to leap from one position to another. And for what it’s worth a robot voice telling me to take a rest and giving me five seconds is NOT a rest. Just give me a printout of what the exercises are that I can look at and then start them. How long since given up on using the app as something to keep up with and let it log my exercise as I do it. Not practical.
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10 months ago, stephani-707
Needs to factor in both sides/uneven
Each activity needs to be done on each side to keep things even. This app doesn’t do that on its own. I have to manually get up and switch it and go back to do the other side between each exercise. And when it’s one that isn’t easy to get out of position to go grab my phone, it gets really annoying. The app has made improvements. It didn’t use to even give the time to do the exercise. Just showed what it was, said how many reps and then you would have to pause it to do and then get up, grab phone, go to the next and so on. So I’m really glad that got fixed. It’s halfway there. This one fix would make the world of difference in me using the app. In essence, for it to play like an exercise video you follow along with. That is my biggest pet peeve on some exercise videos that aren’t in real time essentially. I hope this makes sense. So it can play through, all reps equally without having to get up and change things between.
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5 years ago, TrafficDodgerNYC
Where’s my data?
First: I like the tracking and tutorial functions of this app a lot. It helps me track which exercises I’ve done at home and during physical therapy. And my physical therapist can see what I do on the days she doesn’t see me. The videos are clear and easy to follow. The latest update was disappointing though. I used to be able to move back and forth one day at a time using the arrows in the activities screen. Now my only option is to navigate through the calendar. The calendar is great if you want to check what exercises you did on a specific date 2 months ago, but it’s not as friendly if you’re just trying to check your activities over the past few days. The most disturbing part of the update is that it erased all of my activities prior to the date I installed the update. I’ve been using the app for 3 1/2 months and my physical therapist had changed my routine a few times. None of that is available anymore. That’s a lot of data to lose.
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10 months ago, KnightStorm18528
Bad user experience for patients
I’ve been using this app for 7 months for both OT and PT exercises, so I’d say I’m very familiar with it at this point. It technically works, but there are so many things that it fails at that it just is an all around frustrating experience for patients, particularly patients receiving care from multiple therapists who prescribe multiple home exercise programs. First of all, this app shows exercise programs differently to patients than it does to providers. Because of this, you’ll frequently have your program videos only show the exercises for one side, or for not enough time, etc. Secondly, if you have multiple programs from multiple providers (e.g. I had one from my OT and a different one from my PT, and now a third from a new PT), you cannot keep your old programs. You have to erase your existing program to load a new one onto your device, even if you make a new account. Thirdly there are bugs, such as not being able to go back to an old exercise if you’re on a “rest” portion between exercises. So many frustrating things that could and should be fixed. Technically it works, which is why I gave it 3 stars. But the above things make it a really suboptimal experience for patients, and it’s frustrating that providers often don’t even know because MedBridge looks so different on their end.
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6 years ago, Blythegirl1234
Great app, but issues
I love the app, but whenever I haven’t quite finished the last exercise in the routine and I hit end anyways, when I go to hit save it tells me “oops, there was an error” and won’t save it. It then tells me that I haven’t done anything ever on the app, and shows that I have nothing logged. This is the second time this has happened, the first time it went away after about a half hour but it has now been quite awhile and still isn’t working. Another problem I have is that my exercises are prescribed for one set twice a day, but the app interprets this as two sets at once when you play the program. I didn’t realize this until too late, and it actually pushed back some stuff in my leg because I was doing too much too fast. I can of course skip every other set, but not only is this annoying, it ends up saying I did more than I really did. These are my only two problems with the app, however.
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2 years ago, Cycleman2009
Ok but…
I appreciate that this exists, and the videos of the exercises, and the logging. But it’s frustratingly poorly implemented: The instructions clearly say one thing, but the timer does another. For example, I am supposed to do 10 reps with a 5-second hold each. It should count down at least 50 seconds (more if there is a transition between reps). But it counts down from 38. It has a similar discrepancy with another of my exercises. And the app does not let you configure it to fix this. And it doesn’t have audio or visual cues for each rep. And it’s buggy: it says I have a 48-day streak of doing my exercises, but I’ve only had the app for 5 days. And it says I did my exercises 5 times today, but I only did them 3 times. So this is hardly a bug-free app, plus it has a critical flaw that its countdowns don’t even match the instructions it shows for you. But it’s not totally unhelpful, so I’ll give it 3 stars.
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2 years ago, PicklerKMS
Great but could tweak a bit
I really like the convenience of having this PT app. It is much better than the old school printed, static exercises. I especially like the instructional videos. Super helpful to remind me of what the movement looks like once I leave the office. One thing I would improve is to give both the therapist and patient the ability to move the order of exercises around to their preferences. I have some that require shoes on and other that are shoes off, so coordinating them together would be more convenient. Also, being able to group together exercises that focus on a certain area would be helpful. I asked my PT and she said she would have to start over and reload all my exercises in the exact order I want to see them to accomplish this. I didn’t want to hassle her for that. Seems like an easy fix.
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10 months ago, LoriJSCT
My second review??
I thought I wrote a review and submitted it but it doesn’t appear in the history. I was frustrated but I didn’t understand I the page where it says how many exercises that session and by pushing log session instead of GO it would log something I hadn’t done. I have it now. I also like you can order the exercises in the way you want. I need props for some and try to put those using the same together. I like the how many seconds between sets option but I would like to see how many seconds between exercises so I can switch props. I haven’t tried pausing because I see some users had problems. Overall I’m happy with the app. I’d much rather use an app than keep track with paper and pen.
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1 year ago, Tunedelicious
Seems to be haphazardly-programmed
Once I found the timed exercises, I started using the app that way. Problem is, out of my five exercises, three do not follow my PT’s directions. Instead of a stretch that requires 5 reps at 30 seconds each, the app seems to play one minute and one rep, then that exercise is over. The other problem is that it does not pause between exercises. If you have a seated exercise and the next is a standing exercise in another part of your room, there isn’t enough time to switch and be ready before the activity timer begins. It needs to pause between activities with a click to start the next series. It’d be nice if the rewind button could move you to the previous exercise, too. Once you complete an exercise, you can’t go back to it without starting a new session (which gets sent to your provider).
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10 months ago, brytanmendes
Please Fix the Timer for Reps
Let me start by saying my issue could be a result of how my PT is inputing up the program on their end (say, not taking enough time to fill in the proper parameters), but if it is indeed an issue with the app itself, or with the interface for providers, I would love for the developer to fix it. Let me give an example. For stretch X, the app knows that I have been assigned 1 set comprising 3 reps (per side) with a 20 second hold of X. The app knows to remind me to hold. But then… after a 26 second timer (random — could be the PT set an arbitrary time)… it moves to the next exercise in the sequence! It does not repeat for the other two reps.* So I have to keep swiping back to the previous screen. *Note to potential users: there is no way to modify this on your own. You are stuck with how the PT programmed the exercise, and can only modify the order in which exercises appear, not their frequency. Let’s say that exercise Y has 20 reps. The provider probably isn’t going to add in 20+ entries of exercise Y for each rep; they will add in the exercise Y and just set reps and assume the app will take care of the rest. So in short, the app should include a rep counter (to keep track), with an accurate hold timer.
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5 years ago, ptisfun
Great app to keep you accountable
This app is great! My PT guy gave me a bunch of exercises and normally you’re looking at the paper trying to remember how to do the exercise and also trying to figure out how long to hold or do the exercises and this takes all that out of the equation. It times you per exercise tells you when to rest and gives you instructions when needed on how to perform some of the exercises. There’s not a lot of delay in between exercises and I have found it quite helpful in making sure I’m doing them the appropriate amount of time. At the end you press all done and it logs it. I really like it
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2 years ago, mhlester
Hard to control mid exercise
The exercises are great, and I appreciate that my progress is shared with my provider. My provider has entered hold times for many exercises, which are displayed in the app, but I have to pause manually in order for the app to not get ahead of me. That's virtually impossible in many positions! Please consider adding an automatic pause and resume at the correct moment in the video for the specified duration, so that we don't need to get out of position just in order to ensure we've properly held the position. This would also propagate to the overall timeline, and give a more realistic estimate of the time we will spend. Additionally, it would be nice to get an audio cue at the start of every rep (not just the last three) so that we can know the timing even when the stretch has us looking away from the phone.
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3 years ago, awfuldross
Needs enhancements to prompt user through workout
Good at showing how to do the exercises, and in allowing user to select and reorder them. Unfortunately, it is not useful for assisting a user in actually performing the workout. The app needs to use the assigned number of reps, hold time, and add a rest time to prompt out loud the user through start/hold/relax and repeat for the assigned number of reps, then let user know what the next exercise is and verbally state the start/hold/relax steps for that one, etc. Since I cannot watch the video while performing the exercises, the app needs to state aloud the timing with verbal prompts. I deleted the app because I can look at the exercises online or printed out, and don't need the app on my phone if it doesn't step me through my exercises. Also, the chosen synthetic voice is horrible and makes me want to scream!
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3 years ago, KalooNiee
Needs lots of TLC
The core function of the app good, there are nice videos and explanations of the exercises. After using this app for a long time, I can say it definitely needs work in multiple areas of the app. My previous activity no longer shows. Sometimes I can only see a few days back, other times I can see a couple of weeks. It says I did exercises on the achievement tab but there is nothing there. Having to uncheck 18 of my exercises just to track 2 stretches is tedious day after day and it's further damaging to my hands and arms. You can't remove an accidentally logged exercise. The built-in "Exercise GO" tab is way too fast. Some days the load sync when logging in is really slow and other days it's better. Thank you for updating the app so you can view more than 8 exercises in one session. Your updates are appreciated.
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1 year ago, teronel
Timing badly off, no way to tweak
First of all, the content is great. The videos and Descriptions are very helpful. However, the timings for some exercises are badly off. For example? My pt has indicated there modified Thompson stretch for 60 seconds. Unfortunately the app still only gives me about 20 seconds to do it. And there is no way for the user to tweak this, or for the PT either, according to them. It’s not so bad when the time is short, because I can just pause and continue to there next exercise when I’m done. But when the time is too long, I cannot simply skip because the app then says I’ve skipped reps and I have to adjust in the log before saving. And then as others have noted, there’s no way to change later after the exercise has been logged. So overall it’s a great way to SEE what it is i have to do, but it’s a poor exercise training companion and logger.
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4 years ago, LG326
Not very customizable or user friendly
My PT gave me exercises but he has to put in reps rather than time, which is clunky for me because if he has told me to do an exercise for 60 s but the reps only adds up to 20 s then I have to stop the program, put on a timer, finish the exercises. He says there’s no way to just input an amount of time. Also, the program randomly unchecked an exercise and moved it to the bottom of the program. Why? No idea. Finally, the “rest” time between exercises should be customizable. At 5 s, I don’t have enough time to switch to an exercise with different positioning and have to pause the program. It should be possible for the patient/user to change the amount of rest. In short, this is a great idea with great potential that is poorly executed. Making it more customizable and user friendly would go far.
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2 years ago, Beachburd
Great idea, needs better functionality
It’s great to have app rather than carrying around paper printouts from my PT; but, definitely needs work in term of user settings. I was given 6 leg stretches and supposed to do a certain number of reps and sets and then a hold at the end of each one. The app apparently does not have the ability to modify these options by the user. As a result it just did one set of reps for each stretch and was done with everything in 4 minutes when to should have take 10 or more. And, as I improve and want to add a rep or two, it keeps racing along as I can’t adjust the number of reps. Also, should be able to adjust the amount of time between exercises if I need to get a chair or band or something , rather than playing through them all without any pause at all. Just not user friendly, hopefully it gets improvements soon.
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2 years ago, So-Cal Dingo
The timing is off.
You asked… The app is good but could use some improvements when it comes to some obvious functions. 1) Odds are anyone using this app is doing PT. We need to put the device somewhere we can see it (maybe hear it, or ear phones) and touch it, mostly because the timer is not fully customizable between the various exercises. Some exercises require a little setup time others don’t. We’re recovering from something. Give us flexibility between routines to add or reduce the rest. 2) If the physical therapist gives an exercise that requires a hold, please make sure that the length of the hold is able to be reflected in the countdown timer. Seriously, hold for 20 seconds and I get 12 seconds on the clock for each rep. 🤔 3) It’s a good thing we get to change the order of the exercises, because most of us are doing these exercises at home and getting down and up and be a challenge. Again we are recovering from something… 4) Lastly. The beeps that accompany the count down clock. When they occur make little to no sense. How about giving a setting that allows us to select a beep every second, or maybe allow it to be customized with the time required for each rep (for a hold, when required).
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2 years ago, macinspire
If only they could multiply
It seems that the app developers are not very good at arithmetic. The simple math of multiplying hold time and reps to yield the total duration of the exercise seems too complicated. I am intentionally being a bit obnoxious because of my frustration. There are two exercises in my list that have a 32nd hold duration and three reps and two different total exercise durations. One is 30 seconds when it should be 90 and another with the same metrics that has a duration of 48 seconds. I am also not sure if the application support some thing as basic as doing an exercise on your right side and then your left side and having the reps represent both right and left which would double the total duration of the exercise. I am using this app because my physical therapist uses it.
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4 years ago, ese002
Better than nothing but seriously flawed
It works great when there are only a few exercises and timing doesn’t matter. Violate that and it is a consistent hassle. Hold times are not supported and the video timing is rarely close when hold times are involved. This such a pain since I am always doing multiple exercises with hold times. If you have more than a couple exercises, chances are you want to optimize the sequence to minimize equipment changes. To it’s credit the app does allow the sequence to be modified but it can’t be saved so the ordering must be redone for every session. Lately, I am finding that if i pause after starting the sequence and don’t unpause soon enough, the app forgets everything and I have to redo the ordering. This morning i had to edit the sequence three times.
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2 years ago, Iron320
This app isn’t that good
I’m using this app to keep track of what PT exercises I need to do, and I’m using it as a sort of checklist as I already know how to perform each of the exercises. The app has no checklist feature so I just have to go through the program which is fine. Pretty much every exercise I have programmed has a hold involved each rep and instead of the timer taking this into account, the app asks me to pause the timer during each hold. How is that considered practical when I have 15 reps with 5 second holds. It would be great on the other hand it there was an audible cue for the holds, but as far as I know, there isn't. This app has a really good concept that I see could be really useful for people who have trouble performing certain PT exercises, but it needs a lot of refining and it remains in what almost seems to be an unfinished state.
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3 years ago,
Voiceover Accessibility
Visually, I have noticed that the video blinks in some exercises. As a blind user, I depend on audio clues to guide me through exercise routines. The MedBridgeGo app only says “begin” and “take a rest”. These cues are only given at the beginning and end of each exercise. It would be helpful to hear which exercise is being started and have a sound cue signaling when a repetition should start and end, whether that is a count or a word such as “go” and “release”. In landscape mode, the pause button is unavailable. If you need to move from a bed or Matt to a chair, you need to be able to pause the video long enough to get where you are going during the rest. I have not been able to enable the pause button during the rest or restart a particular exercise efficiently
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2 weeks ago, Stoneblue5
Almost perfect
I love that you can see and track all of your exercises and that your therapist can see your progress as well. Fantastic app in those regards. What would make it perfect? 1. I wish you could add comments. It would be great to track that you did a certain exercise, but that it was a bit painful or felt extra stiff, etc., or to comment if you needed to modify at all to complete the exercise. Comments would also allow you to specify if you used a certain color resistance band or utilized assistant devices to complete the exercises. 2. Add an adjunctive therapy section. Items in this section could include rest, ice, elevation, pain creams (like BenGay or Voltaren), anti inflammatory medications (aspirin, ibuprofen, nabumetone), and pain medications (Tylenol, cbd or cannabis, and prescription pain meds). 3. I do wish you could edit the time you completed the exercises. If I forget to track right away it would be nice to be able to adjust when I completed them so it doesn’t look like I’m doing them twice in a 5 minute period. All said, excellent app. It has the potential to be perfect.
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4 years ago, gregggggy11
Sloppy, rushed app. Do not download!
This app is missing some very basic functionality. Somebody sold an unfinished beta to medical providers, then fired the dev team. When logging a session, there is no control over the number of sets completed. When viewing completed activities, there is no way to see set or rep details. There is no way to scroll to see the full list of completed activities. There is no way to edit completed activities if they were logged incorrectly. When using the timer, there doesn’t seem to be any clear relationship between the time given and the number of reps in an activity. Some activities give me ridiculous times. There is no way in the app to edit or adjust this. When using the timer, some times are long enough that the phone will enter sleep mode. When this happens, the app logs out and all progress is lost.
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5 years ago, Silli Billi
Sets and timings are off after app was updated
I was told to do two sets of twenty reps for each of four exercises. After the update, the app allots 45 seconds per set for the first exercise, which is not long enough. Conversely, the second exercise, which is really hard, the app requires me to do for six minutes per set. Impossible! The third exercise is about right. The fourth, which is moderately easy, the app wants me to do for twelve minutes in all. That is at least six times more than two sets of twenty reps. These timing errors mean that my exercises are always marked incomplete because I can’t keep up. Info is supposedly sent to my provider. But I can’t raise these issues through the app because there’s scope for only limited types of feedback. Finally, the device screen constantly reverts to vertical orientation, which is not what I want for video.
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1 year ago, AV & JF
Pretty good!
*Written after a handful of sessions. My PT assigns the exercises, and this app puts them in order. I have had some excellent relief as I strengthen and loosen up tight hurty places. I appreciate the little demo videos and I move along with them. They do go pretty fast between each other with a few moments rest in between. You have to pause the video or it charges right in. At some points towards the end of the exercise, there’s a beeping sound, and I’m not sure what that means. No explanation I’ve seen. What I’d like to see is a way to replay an exercise from the beginning in case you fall behind or get interrupted and didn’t pause in time. It just plays the next video with no going back (?) I worked with Hinge before which had sensors you put on and it’s own iPad. (Option to not use sensors). I appreciate what they’re doing but when WiFi is wonky it doesn’t record the session well and you don’t earn your points. Compared to Hinge, this Go is easier to use. May not be gamified but I’m not here for that. Let’s see how this goes as I keep trying this app. So far ok!
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2 years ago, TatianaYou
No easy way to see your exercise and time bug
There has to be an easier way to see how many times I have exercised recently besides going into each day in the calendar. Turn the days I have exercised at least once a different color or something. Also, something about one of the exercises (simple leg stance) must be wrong because it does not give the full amount of time that the therapist clearly wrote for me to stand. It’s supposed to be 90 seconds, it shows 90 seconds on the screen, and it only goes for two sets of about 25 seconds. I’ve tried to fix it with my therapist, but no luck. I end up having to skip it and then go back and enter that I completed it afterwards, which is unnecessarily annoying.
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2 years ago, Paul Kleeberg
Was a lot better.
This app has helped me recover from a couple of surgeries. I followed it religiously and used the demonstration‘s to make sure I was doing it correctly. I just had another surgery and In the last few weeks I found that some of my exercises will not register. I’ve also contacted support when I accidentally said I completed some exercises when I didn’t. I wanted a way to remove them and support just said tell your doctor that you didn’t do them. I replied to say my doctor doesn’t look at it. I use it to measure my own performance. Any questions I have tells me to refer to my provider. I feel this product is more oriented towards the system and to providers than it is to patients and their requirements. I am disappointed and I may stop using this if these problems continue
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4 years ago, latte4321
Useful but two problems
Does not allow you to edit activity. If you did your exercises and want to log them later you can’t change what time you did them. It’s automatically saved as 12am. It also automatically saved activity that I didn’t do when I just played the video to watch when I was still learning and there is no way to delete it. Does not play the exercises the way my PT wrote them (wrong number of seconds and wrong number of sets). I wish I could customize the playlist so that I can choose how many sets and for how many seconds I need to do each exercise. It seems to have chosen random times for each exercise to last because when I view the exercise individually the instructions don’t match what happens in the playlist.
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5 years ago, bespanishstudent
Like and frustrating
I am pretty happy with this app. My current frustration is that sometimes the exercises are going too fast of a pace where I can’t adjust it. Along this line I need to do some exercises longer than is given I.e the pec stretch in doorway. My provider tried to change the length of time from 10 seconds to 30 That didn’t seem to work. Sometimes I need a longer break between different exercises to put on bands or change location and the stopping is a bit awkward. I could just stop and close to have a longer break. In some shoulder exercises it’s hard to tell when the person in the picture is moving. I often wish there could be an optional audio. I’d like to be able to know what to do by just listening so I could attend better to form in my body. The feedback information I can give my provider is limited. I’d like to tell her that I can’t do as many as she prescribed etc. on the other hand I don’t know if she really reads it anyway. These things would all really help. Thank you for this app. I am getting most of my exercises done with it.
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5 years ago, darcyrees
More changes needed
I like that I can now select the order that I do my exercises. However, I want to be able to have that order saved. I also want to be able to edit the time for each exercise. For example, in the app the Plank on Knees is 8 seconds. My PT wants me to do it for 2 minutes. The Side Plank on knees is 4 seconds. Also, the ladder activities take me longer than the allotted time. So, if I could edit the time for each activity and have it saved, that would be great. You could also have a revert back to PT’s specs option. But unless, I selected that option, I’d expect my order and times to be saved. While doing a Plank on Knees, I paused the app because I needed to do it for 2 minutes and left the app. I opened another app on my iPhone. When I went back to the MedBridge app, it was locked up. So, I had to completely close the app in order to get it to work and start all over with selecting the order. When I finished, the app had an error. I’m assuming that it attempted to notify my PT that I’d done some of the exercises. I do like that I can unmark exercises at the beginning that I’m not planning on completing during the exercise session.
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5 years ago, lowbackpain25
Game Changer
This app is a truly innovative approach to PT. Being able to walk through PT exercises with this app motivates me to comply with the program prescribed by my PT. The videos are great because you can do the move alongside and ensure you are doing it correctly and for the right amount of time. I think it’s helping me improve more quickly b/c I probably wouldn’t do the exercises as thoroughly w/o this. My only suggestion is about reps. The app says to do 1-2 reps but only walks me through one rep. Could be helpful to let user select the number of reps they want to do and the app repeat the exercise if more than one.
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1 year ago, Dsgruugtdd
Hard to follow/poor timing
Exercise videos are great. Very informative and easy to follow. There are two major downfalls. The first is the lack of versatility. The app does great with the total time required to complete an exercise if the exercise does not involve holding a certain position. When it comes to things like planks however, and anything that the physical therapist says needs to have a pause/5-10 second hold, it takes much longer to complete than the app estimates. Which throws off the timing, making you have to rewind in order to follow along. Annoying The second is the rest time in between sets: 5 seconds???? In what universe are you supposed to rest 5 seconds between sets. Maybe the argument is that the person should chose how long he needs between sets, but being a lifetime athlete I know that’s not the best approach to building strength, which is exactly what rehab is trying to achieve. There need to be defined rest periods. All in all app is great but it is hard to follow due to incorrect rest time and timing for certain exercises.
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3 days ago, Stubie-Doo
Not worth the trouble
It get’s one star for demonstrating the exercise. That’s all. I have 3 exercises, 1 Set ,and 2 Reps each leg. All my exercises are 30 seconds each. The app indicates the same. But, the app actually times the first exercise at 35 seconds and only does 1 Rep for 1 leg before stopping. Then you have to click through several screens, including a “high five”, to get back to the beginning for your second Rep. this has to be done 4 times to get one exercise done, all the while listening to an extremely annoying voice. My second exercise is supposed to be 30 seconds and the app times it for 15 seconds. My third exercise is also for 30 seconds and the app times it for 39 seconds. The app is not worth the effort of downloading and creating an account.
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1 year ago, Happy2014
Nice prod but missing some bells and whistles
The app is good b/c it’s always with me and I can do PT exercises wherever I am (and no excuses). But it is not terribly intuitive. I messed up recording data b/c options are not clear. Program states that exercise order can be rearranged but after 4 days, I still can get the order I want. Some exercises don’t match up for duration/reps as given by therapist. The app makes a lot of assumptions: I clicked that I didn’t want to do certain exercises at this time and it listed them as completed “Good job👍” when they weren’t. It would be great if there was a count down for all reps required (not just the last 3) to assist in doing PT at a consistent speed/time.
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10 months ago, myjellybellybean
Essential to my healing
Many years ago, I got a back injury. I went to physical therapy, but had to keep track of remembering the exercises on my own. I had someone take photographs of me after I got home because I wouldn’t be able to remember them properly. This app changes everything! it provides a real person giving a demonstration the correct way and advise on proper body alignment. I’m so grateful for this app. It makes doing my therapy routines, so smooth and simple! And, by the way, my healing is progressing beautifully!
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2 years ago, Tokyo Jim
Wants me to pause & restart for every rep
For some exercises, the hold time is built into the exercise and that’s fine. But for others, it just pops up a window telling me that this exercise includes hold times and that I need to pause and restart the video for each repetition. This is impossible to do. I can’t pause and restart the video every several seconds while I’m also doing the exercise at the same time. The other problem is it does not allow my provider to modify the Notes. There are some exercises she wants me to do slightly differently than shown in the video/description and there is no way she can note that in the notes. So what’s the point of having notes?
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5 months ago, rachees613
Lots of potential
Love the interface of this app and the ease with which it works. However, three out of four of the videos for the exercises my PT has given me so far are problematic: two of them tell you to hold the stretch for x amount of time. While the person in each video quickly moves through the movements; another has a person wearing black flared yoga pants with a black sock on a navy blue massage table — which makes it difficult to discern exactly how far the stretch should go and at what angle. (The fourth video is good!) If the video kinks were to get sussed out, it would get five stars.
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9 months ago, orh12345
Very frustrating app with great potential
I have been trying to get this app to work properly for 4 years and with 3 different physical therapists. It does a great job is allowing the PT to set up a custom routine with videos and tips to use proper form. I love the potential it has to be a great companion to a physical therapist in supporting at home patient follow up on the prescribed treatment plan. It falls apart on the execution. PTs typically prescribe exercises with specific hold times, for example hold for 30 seconds with a set of 3 times. The timer in MedBidge GO completely ignores the hold time prescribed. For example if the Pat prescribed 30 seconds the timer may count down 7. I've called the MedBridge support number and they are aware of this defect and it has existed for a long time with no plans to fix it. For me it makes the product unusable. I'm surprised that this obvious of a product bug got through any casual product testing step. Don't plan a PT routine on this app until this issue is fixed. So much potential, so close, but a product failure from this patient perspective
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4 years ago, A y10
Some days it just doesn’t work
I’m really disappointed in this app. I love the concept for tracking my exercises, and some days it works perfectly and makes me so happy. But once a week or so when I first login it doesn’t even show me all of my exercises. It will show that about half of them are done even though I haven’t logged any exercises for the day, and they don’t show up in activities. I emailed for help and they recommended deleting the app and then reinstalling it. That is not working. I end up just needing to wait a couple days and then it goes back to normal. But I need to track my exercise is in a completely different system like reminders on my phone on the days that it doesn’t work. Very buggy and needs work.
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6 days ago, SandyInSingapore
Wish I could customize!
I love this app but I wish I could do some customization. For example, when starting a new PT course, my therapist tells me 8-12 reps, 1-3 sets, 1-3 times a day. I may start out with 8-1-1 and that’s the timing the app gives me. But as I progress, I’d like to be able to change the reps to 12. Then change the sets to 2 or 3, etc. But as I cannot, I keep having to pause the program so I can get in the 4 extra reps, then second set without it showing a second session that day. Since the hold timings are so good when I follow the videos, this is a loss.
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5 years ago, Ebbisme
This app helps me achieve my PT goals!
It almost seems silly, but it is so helpful to have the voice commands in the app telling me what to do and giving me a count down. I absolutely love it! The only part of the app that I would change is that if I make a mistake and accidentally indicate to the app that I finished a full set or part of a set, I can’t go back and delete that error. I think it would be easy to create an update that would allow me to left swipe the errors before submitting to my provider. Thank you for making this app! It is making a difference in my commitment to my home exercise program!
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2 years ago, AncientPhart
Clunky and barely usable
Supposedly, it will coach you and help you time your exercises. Not a bad idea - but it is inflexible. Trying to follow along the voice prompts will just frustrate you. If you need to use this app for your PT don’t bother letting it “help” you through your exercises. Just go ahead and do your exercises as you were taught. After you finish, record your work in the app. Of course, if you are anything like me - you might forget to do this until much later. Kind of stinks, but editing routines and times completed is not available in this app. I STRONGLY recommend he “get out a piece of paper, a pencil, and record your exercises” app. It is easy to use, allows for editing, and is much more accurate. Paper & pencil gets 5 stars from me.
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7 years ago, SassiSolita
See rep details & customized alert
Love the app! Even showed one of my doctors and she was amazed. Like someone else mentioned, it would be great to see rep details in the app for each one. Also, if we could customize the alerts. I can just put a phone alert to remind me but if I could put in alerts and select the exercises to connect to that alert. That would be awesome. I have a number of exercises and only required to do them three days. I would love to set half on tue/thur/sat and the other have mon/wed/fri but just select the alert and play all those specific videos. I am sure a lot to ask but it would be awesome. ☺️
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