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Medical Mutual of Ohio
Last update
7 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for MedMutual

1.93 out of 5
96 Ratings
2 years ago, Joieleor
Some Things Work & Some Do Not
Some days I am able to view claims and some days this crashes the app. Some days I am able to see my balances and other days it just spins and spins. I have not been able to view my ID card in over a year. The app acts like it was a successful event, but it triumphantly reveals blank space. Yes, my app is up-to-date and, yes, I have tried the functions more than once. There is no reason for this app to perform so poorly when it used to work very well.
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3 months ago, vbvkjhvkhcghjfdbvhk
One of the worst apps I’ve ever used
Kind of crazy that a company pulling in $2b of revenue a year can’t build a semi-functional app, let alone one that works as it should. App crashes constantly for no reason, many buttons on the main screen have no functionality or just start a perpetual “loading” status as a spinning wheel pretends to be working on pulling up your current claims. It’s 2023, an app this simple and lacking in any kind of complex design could be written by an 18 year old during a 24 hr hackathon. Good luck getting any use from this app on a first, second, or even third try.
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2 years ago, softballmom46
App crashes
90% of the time I can’t get the app to work (unexpected error message). The other 10% either I can’t see my id card, claims or deductible information. Worthless app!!!
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1 year ago, MorgansShadow
Many fearures do nothing
Provider search doesn’t work. It prompts you to leave the site and then never goes anywhere. Nothing opens in the app, nothing opens in Safari. Same thing happens if I type the URL for their website into Safari, or go through a Google search and click on the link; the website just never loads. Pretty much what you’d expect from insurance companies and healthcare in the United States; things barely work, and are a hinderance to you getting the care you need.
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1 year ago, Jfresh123
The App is Very Glitchy!
To the IT department that runs the Medical Mutual Application, all I can say is the app is absolutely horrible. Nothing ever loads and there are blank screens throughout. Half of the time you can't even login because the screen is all white. As someone who's paying to utilize your service, it shouldn't be like this. Please grow the IT department at medical mutual and have them address this. Seems as if this issue has been ongoing for years and based on the other reviews, I'm having similar issues.
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2 years ago, Ptest1567
New user
I just downloaded the app for the first time, logged in, and am greeted with a blank white screen with a blank green bar across the top. I am able to access the three line hamburger button, but everything in there is blank except for the log out button. I’ve logged out and logged in and continue to see blankness. Wish i could make tons of money by creating an app of this quality. Wow.
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2 years ago, Six attack
This is a fantastic app… If it was 2008.
The interface is outdated, slow, and non-intuitive. Performing a provider search kicks you out of the app onto the Internet website where you need to login once again. This defeats the purpose of having the app in the first place. I’m confident this review will amount to nothing as so many others have complained about this app without any changes made.
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4 years ago, mnhhjkuyfvuo,htfh
Finally this app works and is up to date. It only took a year of complaining for med mutual to finally update it
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2 years ago, Kidsdoc1988
Login button greyed out
Others mentioned same since November and today December 31 same issue persists. I can enter all my info but the login button remains greyed out and unable to push for logging in. It used to work before. I called and was told they opened a ticket. Useless past two months
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2 years ago, Mrwompin
Trash app, screw private insurance
Absolutely horrible app, disgraceful. It's almost like private insurance is a complete scam, can't even make a basic app right. Whether it's randomly logging you out, crashing, terrible navigational logic and incapable of accepting input from password managers, med mutual should be ashamed of themselves for having such a trash app.
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2 years ago, jfabian41
App Useless
I have the most current version of the app and the most up-to-date iOS and the app crashes during launch every time I try to use it. The app used to work well, but now it is useless. I have to access my account via web browser now.
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3 years ago, Joemute
Something bad happened
I got locked out of my account after two incorrect password attempts and was directed to reset my password. I entered my member number and DOB and was told I would get an email with instructions. Waited 10 minutes no email. Hit resend and got the message “something bad happened”. Real cute and not helpful at all.
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4 years ago, MMO HAN
Great App
This is very easy to use. I am able to navigate to find what I need in regards to claims, find a provider and so on.
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2 years ago, Fire dipstick
Sometimes things work. Sometimes they don’t. When the app does operate how it should it’s great.
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2 years ago, \mike
Non-functional after latest update.
The app is non-functional after the latest update. There is an initial delay and impartial load on launch. After logging in, the menus are empty and bottom buttons do not work.
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2 years ago, Tooth Fairy Tykes
Love the new design!
The new design is much easier to use!
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3 years ago, Redfox7609
Loading problems
This is an absolute garbage app. I’ve had it for close to a year when I became eligible for my workplace healthcare. I’ve only been able to log in and submit a survey. NOTHING else works. Very disappointed in the fact that it’s been like this for so long.
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1 year ago, Joe Waligora
ID Card fix
Glad for the ID Card fix
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1 month ago, Fun123456789****
Everything Disappeared
I can no longer view my card on here and nothing is working. So frustrating.
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4 years ago, kjwv4
It working today. Again.
I deleted this app once before, thought I would give it another try. Same problems as before... won’t load... takes forever... blah.
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1 year ago, Bryan07
Terrible app
Slow and outdated. When accessing card it loads a blank screen after multiple attempts.
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2 years ago, JASBOSJAS
App doesn’t work
I have tried numerous times to create an account and use this app - it just continues to say I do not have an active MM account - which is simply not true.
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4 years ago,
As garbage as their coverage
This app is a exact translation of their coverage- garbage.
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3 years ago, Roger Fiser
They broke a good app
I don’t know what happed to this app. It was so functional, and recently became almost worthless. I mostly get blank screens now and thus no longer can view claim activity or search providers, etc...
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3 years ago, Gore410
View card doesnt work
Really the best thing this app had to offer was that you could view/show your id card but you cant do that anymore... doesnt work
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1 month ago, Tking07
Doesn’t work
I can’t even log into it. It won’t let me bring up the keyboard to enter my information.
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2 years ago, Wizardion
Can’t login
It always says that my password is incorrect. Third time of trying my account was locked. Then I needed to restore it! Garbage!
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2 years ago, noreviewever
Update failure
App used to work well until recently, cannot login after update.
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7 months ago, unfortunate member
Framework update not working
App will not load to view any words, therefore I cannot access account info. Help…..?!
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3 years ago, Working212
Doesn’t work.
Every time I try to use the app, I log in and it just stares at me or says my user ID or password is wrong. Won’t even let me try to reset the password.
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1 year ago, kiwyyyyiiii
The worst app! Always glitches and won’t even let you sign in. Useless!
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4 years ago, SnowBobby
Terrible App
It is so frustrating to start the app and wait. You hope it works but it doesn’t. It’s sits there and spins a doo-hicky. You hope, you pray, you cast a spell of goodwill upon the world and… nada.
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2 years ago, Chalen43506
Cannot log in
Enter all info, login button does not light up to let me log in.
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3 years ago, Hamilton511
Just doesn’t work.
App doesn’t work. Deleted and reinstalled. Still doesn’t work. Deleted again end of story.
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2 years ago, 6Stringer
Can’t log in after update
Title says it all. Can’t log in after update.
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3 years ago, Nick Chem
App is crashing
App immediately crashes when launched
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10 years ago, TruValor
Cannot Paste Password
How can you have stringent password requirements (which is good) and then not provide a means to paste the password in the password field. Am I really supposed to type in a 20 character random password. I use 1password to manage different passwords for all services and every other single app I can just copy and paste. Please update the password field to allow me to paste my password! Till then I will not be using the app because I’m not typing that password in…not reasonable.
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2 years ago, Larsash
Cannot login into the app at all
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2 years ago, Hawiianmoonglo61
Never works!
Sounds like a great app if it worked!!!!!!
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4 months ago, MJB6767
Will not show claims. Basically just spins and spins.
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3 years ago, Not happy gal!
Please fixed the apps...
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9 years ago, GeeSeeThree
Can't Paste ID and Password
This latest update STILL won't allow you to paste your password into the password field as most other apps do! Please fix this! I and others use LastPass and other password managers. I use very long complex and secure passwords using upper/lowercase, numbers and special characters. I have to copy and paste passwords from the LastPass app to any app I need to login to. Since the MedMutual app doesn't allow you to paste the password (like the vast majority of other apps allow) it isn't likely I will use this app until this is corrected.
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8 years ago, Susie Summit
Too bad about the app!
I've never used the MedMutual app before & was hesitant, but downloaded it to have easier access to my info. Right out of the box, it froze up& wouldn't allow me to enter my birthdate. I practically poked a hole in the screen, waiting quite a bit between "pokes" before it finally "took". Once in, there seems to be no way to tell if a Doc or facility is "in-network", unless I am to assume that any name that comes up IS in-network. Not impressed. Sorry!
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7 years ago, K.P. ; )
Couldn't even log in
I tried to login but it said I was locked out so it asked me to enter my ID number. When I entered my ID # I was asked to change my password, so I change my password, When I logged in with my new password, it said I was locked out and I had to enter my ID number. I entered my ID number which then prompted me to change my password AGAIN. I went through this 4 times. I guess I am the idiot. I deleted the app.
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10 years ago, DeesterOSU
This is so nice! I love the option of emailing or faxing my ID card to my doctor's office! Fast and easy! Easy for my son to use too, also love the doctors names available at my finger tips! And having a copy if my card available at my finger tips too!
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5 years ago, dbdungan
The app is decent, could use some updating.
Please allow the ID card to be used in landscape orientation. The card is too small and hard to read in the portrait orientation. Also, please update it to allow fingerprint touch access. It gets tiresome having to enter in the password every time you log in.
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10 years ago, Sunshine1023456
Latest Version
I updated to the latest version today - very happy to see claims & account balance information on top of the ID card and provider search features.
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5 years ago, tadoerfler
Dumpster Fire
This app is a mess. I’m waiting for Medical Mutual to call me back for the 4th time in two weeks. I’m able to change my password with my policy number and birthdate but when I go to log in it asks me to verify by selecting my birthdate which is tells me is wrong. Then after three attempts I get an error message that the service in unavailable at this time and to try again later.
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8 years ago, Bore no more
Some pro's and cons
The inability to paste a secure password makes this very difficult for me to use. The time I did go back and forth and back and forth and again to put the password in from password mgt program it was helpful to see claims and look up providers.
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10 years ago, SRueter
Great App
Love this thing. Very intuitive and has all the info I need to have at my fingertips. One less ID card to carry in my wallet, easy to find providers/urgent care facilities, etc. Really nice.
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