Meijer Rx

Health & Fitness
3.7 (1.5K)
13.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Meijer, Inc.
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Meijer Rx

3.69 out of 5
1.5K Ratings
5 years ago, RxMaze
App is a good start
Needs to offer auto refill option. Any with the box to “refill” in the list are grayed out even if there’s remaining refills. The list of prescriptions is a maze. Maybe show Rx drug name and collapse history in a pull down, otherwise it’s difficult to know which of the repeated prescriptions is the latest or has remaining refills left. - Example, had to look at details for the third repetition in the list to find a remaining refill listed. Need to allow a better option to add a payment method than coming into the store. Add ability to refill prescriptions with no remaining refills with a delay while you contact the prescriber for authorization. Take a look at Walgreens app for a nice example. I like some of the options with Meijer but you need to work on app more.
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11 months ago, vorsdl
It is easy to complain when things go wrong- But - just sitting here looking at my prescription that needs filled & thought I need to let all of you know that YOU ALL ARE MUCH APPRECIATED!! I have been using Meijer Pharmacy for a long time & finally it has worked out with your help to finally get all my scripts in one place. You all are always kind, patient, respectful, courteous, go above & beyond to help & give great customer service!! But, I also appreciate the atmosphere you all provide amongst each other(cohesion, respect to each other in the workplace). I miss some of the past pharmacy workers that started this journey & have moved on in their lives. But the veterans you have left, continue to exhibit what our world needs today! Newbies on the Meijer Pharmacy-staff- you have been Great too!!! Thanks for your service everyday you come to work to give us Great Service!! Keep up the Great Work!!! vorsdl
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2 years ago, Imerika
One step forward, Two steps back
UPDATE: I reduced to one star because patients are no longer able to get scripts filled the same day through the app. You have to call in the refill to get it the same day. So why have the app? Worst update ever. The recent update did make it easier to read and differentiate between my scripts, but it came at the cost of making it even more difficult to get into the app. Prior to the update, it took too long for the app to load, but now, it takes several attempts of signing in and waiting on their version of the blue loading circle to even be able to see my scripts. In addition, they still haven’t connected their specialty pharmacy to the app, so if you have a script there, you have to call to get a refill. (The staff at the specialty pharmacy is great, but it’s not convenient at all.) You can see that script in the app and press “request a refill”, but it does nothing and does not fill the script. They need to bring in some new, experienced app developers to assist with the performance and then make a few changes that would greatly improve the patient experience.
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6 years ago, Kelimom6
Needs more work!
We need to be able to see the prescriptions on file with the pharmacy, even if we have to call to get them filled instead of using the app. We need to know what we still have left on file! Also, there needs to be an option to add the scripts to auto-fill status! Also adding text notification option should be on the app! I see they added when a script is set to auto fill, which is a step forward. I have several scripts that were showing on the app the other day due to be filled in a few days, but then they disappeared on the app. Pharmacy doesn’t know why, but they did already have them filled when I got there. I think there should also be an option to pause refills when you have too much from auto fill. It should ask you for how long you want to pause it. Work on these things and it will be the best thing out there! It will also free up the pharmacy phone lines, which they never answer at my store, yet no one is ever on the phone when I go there?
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2 years ago, Babybatgirl
It needs work
I love using the app because it makes managing my families prescriptions so easy. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work half of the time. I will try to log in and it takes a while to load and sometimes just won’t until I restart the app a few times. Once I finally get logged in, the pages don’t load properly and often just show a blank page. It takes several times of restarting the app to get any of the pages to load and then I can’t refill or set reminders because the buttons won’t work. This happens most of the time I try to use the app (I usually go on about once a month) and then randomly it’ll work perfectly fine without any issue. Not sure what the problem is, but hopefully they make improvements to fix it. I don’t think it’s on my end because I keep the app fully updated and will have full strength wifi and 5 full bars of service. All of my other apps will work fine except this one.
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3 years ago, L.Lanes
Medsync in the app is useless
I like to have my prescriptions auto refill especially on meds I take daily. However, I can never plan on a specific date to pick up because there is no estimated pick up date (nor estimated refill date) listed in the app. Also, the app should provide detail about what stage of the process my requested and/or auto refills are currently in. Including if it was sent to insurance for approval, picked for delivery to store, delivered to store for processing, ready for pickup, etc. It would make planning my week and/or month much easier for picking up life saving medications as they are refilled rather than waiting for a text message to let me know the day or day before. Also when a prescription is now on zero refills but the last refill has not been picked up yet, the app should keep it active and not move to zero refill. The app should list how many refills are left and how many are in progress of being refilled until both are zero.
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5 years ago, Jeff N., NW Ohio
Unreliable, Inconsistent, & Frustrating
I loved the app when I first started using it. It was so much better than managing prescriptions manually or using the touch tone telephone system. But in the past 12 months it has become increasingly unreliable - not a good trait if you depend upon prescription medicines. Sometimes the notifications work and sometimes they don’t. The latest issue was an endless loop that wouldn’t let me login. And when they fixed that problem, I found I had a scrip on auto-renew that isn’t renewing, but the app thinks everything is OK and won’t let me renew. I have to “call my pharmacist” to fix this problem. That’s so ironic since that’s what I did before the app. Talk about two steps backwards! Even the pharmacists shake their heads when you ask about problems. I have had half a dozen problems - of all different types. The variety of glitches make it very inconsistent and unpredictable. Use at your own risk!
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4 years ago, PhotoGuy125
Good concept — poorly implemented!
It pains me to write a review like this, especially for an app that could be so much more. This app appears to have been updated several times, yet the outcomes have been mediocre at best, and at worse, breaks the app. If changes or updates need to be made, and that is to be expected with nearly all apps, then they need to be adequately tested before being rolled to users. The last update for example obscures the price of the prescription behind the panel that shows Reminders and Information (iPhone 10XS MAX). This inconvenience forces me to either call the pharmacy or wait for a text from pharmacy to confirm the prescription cost. A previous change to app removed the refill prescription button. Frustratingly, occasionally will fail altogether.
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3 weeks ago, Taupetoes
Need accurate information
Multiple times I have had to have prescriptions rerun to get insurance information correct. At times instead of filling the prescription with the correct insurance information the prescription ends up just being restocked. On The app the prescription then shows as having been dispensed on the day that I made my request to rerun it. If a prescription has been restocked, it should not show on the app as having been dispense. Additionally, because the app shows that the prescription was already filled, the app cannot be used to request that prescription now be filled.
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1 year ago, runnerIL
Redundancies in the wrong places
There doesn’t seem to be a way to set notifications up so that I get only one text per order as opposed to one text per prescription. It’s annoying getting 5 texts at once when I just placed a single order, even though it’s for 5 medications. Payment is frustrating. There’s an option to enter (and, allegedly, to save) payment information, which I have done in n more than one occasion, only to have to pay when picking up the Rx anyway. And there is no way to view or change payment preferences in the account settings on the app. For all of its pharmacy’s faults, Walgreen’s app is far superior to Meijer’s. I wish the Meijer app developers could refine this app so it’s as good as the one for Walgreen’s pharmacy.
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7 months ago, rjfw08
Login Issues with Meijer Pharmacy App
I am currently experiencing difficulties logging into the Meijer pharmacy app. Despite entering my email and password, I receive an error message stating that the combination is not recognized. Oddly, when I attempt to reset my password, the system claims it doesn't recognize my email address. Adding to the confusion, when I try to create a new account, it suggests that I already have an existing account and prompts me to sign in. I have screenshots illustrating these issues that could be emailed. Could you please assist in resolving this matter? I appreciate your prompt attention to this issue.
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4 years ago, music50man
Great app, easy to use
This app is very easy to use. I like the fact that I don’t have to remember when I need to order a refill. I automatically get a reminder every month. A text comes when when it is time to pick up a medication. I can fill out my dob choose which medications I want it pick up, sign the screen and pick up my prescription. Many times I just go to the pickup window without even filling out the information and the meds are ready. This process makes it quick and easy to get my prescriptions.
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3 years ago, bee-bop-is-here
Quirky and last update a downer
I really liked this app and then it started to lose my prescriptions, store didn’t get them. I would go to my laptop and use the browser version with no problems. Then they updated and the feature showing prescriptions ready to pick up disappeared, thus was a great reminder and check for me, please put it back!! Last two times I have gone back to the browser version. I would like to feel that I could trust the mobile app version again.
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5 years ago, eaglekeeperz
New version is disappointing
The changes are tedious! The old version allowed me to hide prescriptions no longer in use - please bring it back. The old version allowed me to request a refill and the pharmacist would call the doctor. By removing this you have increased potential error and caused the pharmacy staff to make multiple calls to me snd the doctor because office staff just order anything from the patient med list when you call the docs office to initiate a refill! On one Rx I had right drug, wrong dose, wrong route and on another Rx no substitution making it really expensive and it took 3 days and 4 phone calls. It may be easier to go elsewhere. I went to meijers because the app on my phone made it so convenient, not anymore.
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6 years ago, bellykigsby96
I’ve had this app for awhile now and from the very beginning and every time since that I try to refill any prescription (we have 5 out of 6 people in our family on nasal sprays in addition to a couple of other prescriptions!) it won’t work! So I always have to type in each number. Also something else that is very frustrating is that when we do not have have any more refills on a prescription it will not automatically alert the pharmacy to call our doctor. So I have to call the pharmacy! So that’s another step to have to do, when the Walgreens app that we used to use would do it for us. Please consider changing these things to make it easier for your customers, please!
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2 years ago, DLD9268
Rarely able to sign
At least 3-4 times a week both my husband and I are unable to sign into the app (or the pharmacy portion of Meijer’s website) to check if our prescriptions are ready to be picked up. I do get text notifications, however I have a dozen different ones, and I need to know what exactly is ready when to plan when we can pick them up. For example, I have 3 prescriptions being filled but only one is ready and I don’t know which one is the random prescription number sent to me. One of the prescriptions I really need to have today, but the other 2 can wait several more days. Very frustrating!
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1 year ago, 017385759028
Absolutely Shameful
This app does not work. The pharmacist and other staff have a worse time with it than I do. It has never gotten better in the YEARS I’ve used it, it has consistently gotten worse and harder to use. Full of glitches. We’ve gotten our prescriptions with Meijer Pharmacy since 1996 and this terrible, awful app is the reason I’m taking my business elsewhere. Shame on Meijer and shame on whatever devs made this atrocity and then probably got let go because it is clearly not maintained. I’m actually confident most of the reviews for Meijer RX are fake or botted. Every since person I’ve spoken to about it has the worst things to say. Shame.
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9 months ago, Shellster112346678899
Zero wasn’t an option..
My prescriptions show available refills, yet there is no option to refill. My settings are set to automatically refill, yet none refill. The sad part is that a couple years ago the app actually worked and had a purpose. Now I log in and find myself so enraged I want to throw my phone across the room. It’s pointless. I have to make a special trip to the pharmacy and wait in the most obnoxious line (likely people like me just trying to get a refill). Then I have to wait around for it to be filled or make a special trip back the next day. I do not appreciate the inconvenience of the app.
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5 years ago, Moncrid
Was pretty good, now very frustrating
I used to like this app, but now I’m extremely frustrated with it. I have multiple medications that I manage for my family, & now none of the functionality of the app works. The filters don’t work, the history doesn’t work, the refill request doesn’t work. It shows refills that weren’t processed or picked up. I no longer get any texts about filled scripts, which is a problem since my son’s meds were placed on medsync & I don’t always know it was refilled. Very disappointed. This is supposed to make my medication management easier. Please fix your app.
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9 months ago, Babydoll knitter
A workable tool but could use improvement
It does enough but…. When you submit a refill request it doesn’t notify you that it is working, there is no indicator that you did hit the submit button. Either disabling the submit button after pressing or a cursor change to indicate the app is doing something would be handy. Being able to see scripts on file that are waiting to be requested would bea very useful function as well
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5 years ago, kait10161
not helpful for transferring Rx
I spend weeks at a time in either of two cities an hour and a half apart, and sometimes need my prescription filled at a different pharmacy. This app makes it very difficult to get my prescription transferred so I end up having to call in anyway. It would be easier if I could just click on the prescription and transfer it to the other Meijer instead of typing in the information, which I almost never have on-hand.
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5 years ago, Bring back old version
New release has huge issues
Your UAT team needs to be fired. This current release is riddled with issues. Takes forever for login to process. On the prescription list, none of the refill buttons work if your doctor needs to be contacted for more refills. Most of the time I scan the labels I get a sync error or it won’t scan at all. When I key in the script #, I get “your script has expired” no option to request another script from the doctor. My doctors office tells you to request it from the pharmacy. Still no auto refill option. Really don’t want to switch to Walgreens. I like my Meijer pharmacist but this app is useless.
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12 months ago, bostonsteamer
Have never received a push notification
Can’t get this app to send me push notifications for refill reminders and or prescription ready reminders. I have turned them on in the app settings, and in my phone settings for the app, and have never received a single notification. Every time I have to refill my prescription, I go back into both the app settings and the phone settings to check to see if these are turned on and find that they are, but no notifications.
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1 year ago, TheRainbowTink
Won’t let me sign in
Signed up for a meijer account no problem. Meijer is closest to me and i love it so i decided to use their pharmacy. that’s where the problem comes in. i try and use this pharmacy app and it won’t even let me sign in. i know my email and password are right because i just tested in my phones browsers and signed in on both with no problem. and i know i’m typing correctly on the app because i even tried the meijer autofill from my phone. i just wanted to fill a medicine i’m almost out of. i didn’t plan on this app being a pain. guess i’ll have to use kroger.
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3 years ago, Goosie007
Pretty much USELESS
In process and Ready script lists do NOT reflect what the pharmacy sees- I honestly wonder how/from where this app imports its data. Pharmacist on the phone says 6 scripts are ready- app shows 4. One of those two wasnt even in the In Process list. App says 4 scripts are In Process- 1 medication REPEATEDLY gets its refill cancelled (??) as it gets moved from In Process to ‘Other’, sometimes multiple times in the same day. Pharmacist on the phone has no explanation for that. Pharmacist on the phone says the other 3 scripts In Process are actually out of stock and expected on x day. Why the heII cant the app tell me this information? The CVS app did a great job of communicating these things- all it takes is “Expected in stock on x date” like, the pharmacist knew this from it being in the system. Why cant the app import that information??? Save the memory space on your phone- you’ll have to add your local Meijer Pharmacy’s phone number to your contacts anyways. BOGUS.
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5 years ago, DaiWil
I suspect that this app and all it’s faults is the work of the child of some Meijer executive. Over the several months that our local store has been open I’ve tried this app and deleted it repeatedly. It has finally reached the ultimate in obsolescence. When trying to set up an account it insists that my birthday is some random date of its choosing. There are several other pharmacies in our new neighborhood. My time would be better spent checking them out. UPDATE: I assure you the fault is not mine. Not only is the app flawed so badly I can’t use it anywhere; reception at the store location is extremely poor at best.
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3 years ago, EchoingRelativity
Need Medicine Just To Deal With This App
This app is a terrible headache. The ui feels unintuitive, so much so that refilling a prescription (which should take a minute or so) takes about half an hour. Want to change your home pharmacy? No button for that. Want to change the pharmacy where a prescription should be refilled? Good luck, there's no button for that either. So you finally got everything sorted out? Sorry, your session timed out. An extremely frustrating experience for something that should be remarkably simple.
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2 years ago, Jimmybones!
Worst pharmacy app out there
Is a shame that a great pharmacy is backed by the worst app in the industry. The app is slow, errors out, the functionality is simply amateurish as they will show you no history, and is constantly down for maintenance. You have to give them gps access to tell you which store you have been using for 20 years. Is a bad app all around but the slowness is the main kicker. I’d rather get kicked in the seat of my pants then have to wait for the app to open then authenticate. If you are searching for a pharmacy by finding a great app, move along. Meijer is amateur hour.
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1 year ago, MsD523
Hard to refill…when the app doesn’t load!
I have used this app for about two years-at first it was great-then became better when they added the “family share” piece. The last three times I have tried to use it-it doesn’t load! I just get a blank screen, an error message or a “spinning circle of death”. I have tried to uninstall and to reinstall to no avail. Disappointing as I have now had to go back to the “dark ages” and call the pharmacy for refills-which wastes everyone’s time.
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4 years ago, Fredell01
Super buggy
This app is full of bugs, even with the new update I can’t get into my account. All it does is say processing then says something went wrong try again later. This is by far the worst prescription app I’ve ever used it only works maybe 2 times out of 10. I have an iPhone 11 and strong wifi there is no reason it should be so hard to simply look at my account on this app. Also you should have a regular website that can be accessed if the app fails like banks do so that I can at least access my account somehow but you don’t it’s the app or nothing, thanks a lot
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6 years ago, Cael742011
Great when it works
I was generous and gave it three stars because it is a nice feature...when it works. Unfortunately, I spend a lot of time calling the store to get my rx filled because the app doesn’t even show all of my prescriptions all the time. Also, it will randomly notify me rx is ready, but most of the time it will not. The fact that there is limited communication between the app and the pharmacy is very annoying. There is no one to help troubleshoot it.
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1 year ago, JE811319
This app is awful. Every time I sign in it kicks me out and tells me I’m signed out. When I go to sign back in again and click submit, it does nothing. It’s slow to load, and the design over all is rudimentary and lacks options most other prescription apps have-like auto refill and refill history. It will only show the last date of a refill request, even if the prescription wasn’t actually refilled because it wasn’t in stock. It’s a really buggy app, and it’s garbage compared to other prescription apps.
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2 years ago, elstps
Does not actually refill prescriptions
3 times now I have attempted to order a refill of my prescriptions that are on file in the app. All 3 times the pharmacy never received the refill request or order. At all. When I called the pharmacy to ask about this, they said it was a known issue, other patients have also had this happen, and they have no control over the app or how prescriptions are funneled to them. I don’t know how you can offer a prescription app that doesn’t even communicate with the pharmacy you offer refills at.
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4 years ago, M. Collins, DVM
What about pets’ RX??
The only meds I fill through Meijer pharmacy are for my old dog. I downloaded this app in hopes of making refills easier, but there is no option to set up a pet account. I am unable to use my name and my dog’s RX number, making the app completely useless to me. Please include pets in your app to make make refills more convenient. I am an emergency veterinarian and write scripts for my clients to fill at the pharmacy every day, so I know there are MANY other people who would appreciate this. Thank you for your time and any consideration of my suggestion.
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1 year ago, Akrueger401
Very frustrating
I have thought the app was difficult to use from the beginning but after a couple months of use I must change my password. Not a big deal, I change passwords at work about every 6 weeks. However through the Meijer pharmacy app I change my password and it shows as successful but then when I go back to get into the app my information doesn’t match. I did this about 5 times and then I was locked out. Maybe I’ll just go back to Walgreens. I do love the Meijer shopping app though.
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5 years ago, Mandikayyyyyyy
Usually convenient, not today
For whatever reason, prescription bottles that I’m literally holding in my hands - that have been refilled at the same store for the last 5 years aren’t the current ones. Meaning, my last refill is the previous refill not the last one (the one I’m holding in my hand), so now I can’t refill my prescription easily. Irritating. Lots of little glitches that make using the app just annoying enough.
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4 years ago, gagiefer
Very Useful
This app is great for checking up on new and old prescriptions. You can see when your refill is due and refill your prescriptions right on the app. Along with Meijer Pharmacy text message notifications, it is a very convenient system.
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12 months ago, philmfan
ONCE AGAIN all of my prescriptions that say “Ready to Refill” with refills still left available are missing the “Order Refill” button! ALL of my prescriptions that say “No More Refills” HAVE THE “ORDER REFILL” BUTTON!!! I CANNOT ORDER A MEDICATION THAT HAS NO MORE REFILLS LEFT! Conversely, if I have refills left in a prescription and it is “Ready to Refill” THEN THE “ORDER REFILL” BUTTON SHOULD BE PRESENT AND ENABLED!!!! I’m not some clueless user. I have been a professional QA software tester for 20 years SO I KNOW WHEN A PIECE OF SOFTWARE IS GARBAGE! I officially FAIL this app and the Status is CRITICAL. Sorry, team, but this defect is a total SHOWSTOPPER!
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2 years ago, kendicorn
Often Logs Me Out, Does not Transfer Rx
The app often logs me out despite my request to stay logged in. After I log back in, the app glitches and sends me back to the log in screen. After closing the app (at least twice usually), I can usually view my prescriptions, however this is inconvenient. I have also placed orders for my prescriptions and requested them to be transferred, only to find out they did not transfer to a different location.
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4 years ago, Scout615
Was a great app now not so much
This has been a great app to be able to see prescriptions on file and request refills. But now it isn’t working as well. It’s not showing al of my scripts on file ( and I haven’t hidden any). The other frustrating thing (which has always happened) is it doesn’t let me know when a script isn’t being filled due to needing insurance approval or any other reason. The pharmacy doesn’t even let me know why it’s not being filled. I have to go or call to figure it out.
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5 years ago, K2Sealy
Used to be a good App
Before the last update it was a great app. Now I can’t refill my prescriptions when I want. It syncs all my meds (some of them) and I have no idea that they were filled a couple of days ago and sitting at the pharmacy. Some are automatically filled and some are not. Now it’s a useless app. Please change it back! Looks like others feel the same way. I now have to go back to the old way and call the automated phone refill number. I hope someone reads these reviews and will listen and make it user friendly again.
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6 months ago, MGD-Wordsmith
Many Opportunities for Improvement
Info on prescription and/or refill status is minimal at best. The user has no real way of knowing when an item will be ready or if anyone is even working on it. The greatest opportunity for improvement, however, is to allow some direct communication between the user and the local pharmacy! Messaging? Submit a question? Expedite an item? NONE of these exist. ANY of them would be helpful.
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10 months ago, Flawed app in many ways
Many very basic design/UI flaws
The biggest issue I have had with this app is that anywhere you click a button, if there is some delay in response, it doesn’t gray the button but instead queues all the clicks and then tries to process every one of them. This happens both with the login and with any action within the app. This should be fixed. Most developers figured this out more than a decade ago.
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3 years ago, Norton 76
Changed what wasn’t broke!!
Changed things so that I can no longer see the last or first few letters of the prescription name which made it easy to recognize instead of having to go to my bottles and read the numbers it’s not like pretty much tells me nothing just says prescriber information says prescription and information says whatever but it doesn’t have any information like it’s incomplete annoyed I don’t think that part was the broken part
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5 years ago, Sandi3187
Very Buggy
I just downloaded this app a few days ago. It is ok as far as navigating, but I have NOT been getting my medication reminders on time, and it is extremely important that I do. I have been getting the notifications between 5-10 minutes late, and due to my daily work and life schedule, I need to take them at the exact same time everyday. Also, on some of them, when attempt to add reminders, the app has been freezing. Please fix this soon.
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4 years ago, Wanya23
Do not trust for any important scripts
The app is highly inconsistent, so much so that I have considered moving away from meijer pharmacies altogether. My script shows up in the app when my doctor sends it but it is never actually filled until I call the pharmacy. This despite the “filled date” being listed as the day it was called in. This took several months of occurring for me to realize it was never going to work properly. The pharmacy advised me to just call in. So why do I need the app?
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4 years ago, Aleksfrustrated
Unable to update phone number on app. Privacy violation
App does not allow phone number update so now the other person receives messages about my prescriptions which is a privacy violation. Contacted technical support and they act like it is not a big deal. Even though on help FAQ section it states that app users are able to change contact info: phone number and e-mail address. I can change only e-mail but not phone number. Tech support responded in manner - first entered phone number stays forever and so what. It is unacceptable.
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5 years ago, Wolfe970
Not as good as other rx apps
Can’t archieve prescriptions so just creates confusion on which script to select. No ability to change auto fill so when med level changes they fill all of them and you have to reject at pharmacy. Doesn’t show which script is ready for pickup, you have to go through them and look for the fill date and they almost always show filled before the script is ready. Below average app compared to other pharmacy apps and thinking about changing pharmacies because of this. And no reaction from Meijer to improve the app.
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1 year ago, pof55
Complete Trash
My prescriptions are very important to my everyday life and this App is complete trash. The app freezes up constantly and worst of all my prescription refills disappear all the time and have to always ask my doctor to send in refills. Today it required an update to use it and it also required a password update and now it doesn’t work at all, the app crashes and cannot even use the app at all.
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2 years ago, DVLMGordon
Logging In Does Not Work
This app used to work well. But for several months now, it no longer logs me in. I use Face ID, and now that that no longer works, I enter my user ID and password. This old-fashioned way no longer works now either. Two stars because it was great when I was able to log in. Being unable to login makes the app obsolete. Very annoying, to say the least. Perhaps an update is in order, app developer.
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