Health & Fitness
3.3 (7)
30.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Paul Degnan
Last update
9 years ago
Version OS
7.0 or later
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User Reviews for MilerMeter

3.29 out of 5
7 Ratings
11 years ago, JimmyD2
Ok first effort
I love gmap-pedometer. I use it constantly to map runs esp when away from home. This app provides some of the same functionality but some elements could use refining. There is not a clear way to start and stop mapping that is distinct from normal pin placement. Also when done mapping there is no way to name the route. So you wind up with a list of route distances but no way to distinguish locations. Same is true when syncing with online account. Just the distances download and not the route names. So no idea where the route is. I'm sure all these enhancements are in the works. But for now the app is "fair" in that it does let you map routes albeit the UI could be improved.
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6 years ago, Kbvmcrae
Needs updating
This is a good app but the built in maps have not been updated. I live in a newly developed area and the map doesn't show my street. It forces me to manually input the turns and bends. This has the potential to be a great app it just needs to be updated.
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6 years ago, Ohmygodmynicknameisdave
Maps are old.
Agree with other posters. The app is fine but if you’re looking to manually input run routes, it lacks trails and other things we expect from modern gmaps and the gmap-pedometer.
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8 years ago, strangelittlebird
Not what I hoped for
I thought this would be similar to gmap pedometer in that it would allow you to map walks taken though parks and trails, however it only works for streets.
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11 years ago, SeeSissyRun
Waste of time. Needs tweaking
This app is a great idea in theory and I couldn't wait for it to come out. It's really not that useful though. The map on here is not updated and doesn't have some roads that gmap pedometer has. It also doesn't always take the shortest route when auto mapping. Sometimes it just doesn't let you go in a certain street. I always try to map on my iPhone but end up just moving to the computer. Waste of time. Also: there is a feature that allows you to sync maps created on the website with the app (if you created your map on the computer instead of iPhone), but it never works.
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11 years ago, Carrie Gee
Not There Yet
I think it's great that they're trying to get into the app world, because that is where I want to be able to record this information, but this app doesn't do it for me. It crashed three times in the first five minutes of use, didn't keep me logged in when i came back and I couldn't automatically go to where I was in the real world. I had to zoom way out then back in to start my new route from my new location. Needs a lot of work and user friendliness features, but I will keep trying if they're willing to keep trying! Thanks for the great website though! I use whenever I'm in a new city!
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11 years ago, 14DC
Love it
Seems just as easy to use as the gmaps site. The only thing I would change is, it would be nice to name your routes. Also, a click save button would be helpful, so you can save different routes as you're mapping one larger one. Didn't crash, seems to work fine.
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10 years ago, LP415
Could be great again
I still love this app, it's just become a little archaic. Runs must manually be routed now because the automatic mapping stopped working. I can still map a run on my laptop and plug the route into the cloud to download to my phone, but the extra steps have become a hassle. Hope the problem gets fixed soon!
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11 years ago, RunDougRun
Failure thus far
I'm a solid GMaps user on my Mac, constructing at least two routes every weekend for a marathon training group. Using it on my iPhone or iPad is a huge failure thus far. I thought this app would be the solution for portable devices, but on the first attempt to sync to my account, it froze and never came back. I had to delete it, as I could get no response at all. Maybe it'll only get better, because that's about all it can do at this point. Looking forward to the fix!
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11 years ago, Josie's Dadda
Disappointed so far...
While I couldn't live without gmaps on my computer, gmaps on my phone has been a failure thus far. No matter where I placed pins, the app refused to follow the roads and went terribly askew. If I got too many pins placed, it began complaining about broadband issues. The entire process felt somewhat slow as well. I feel like this COULD be great, and will be once they work out some of the kinks, but I'm disappointed so far.
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11 years ago, Superkatieeee
The app is okay. I love mapping it online and only downloaded this so I could do it without having to pull out my laptop. Unfortunately, every time I try to log in so I can get to my saved routes, it stops during the synchronizing screen. If I can't get to my routes, this app has no point for me.
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11 years ago, Btp01
Needs repair.
For 3 weeks this app was fantastic. It mapped past or future runs very efficiently - without needing to select every turn or bend in the road. Now it freezes on every use with comment that insufficient bandwidth is preventing it from working - despite use in very fast corporate and home wifi environments. Deleting and re downloading has not helped. Currently it is of NO value. If repaired it would again be great and worth hefty price.
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11 years ago, Jk22987
Love this!
Perfect app for those that use g-map pedometer. The only app I've found that lets me calculate the distance of my run/ walk without using GPS or location services.
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11 years ago, midgetsurprise
Used to be great
When this app worked properly, I loved it. Lately the auto feature is completely nonfunctional, supposedly due to bandwidth, even when I'm on my very fast home wi-fi. The manual feature is fine if you're running city blocks, but on a trail with lots of curves, it's a pain.
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11 years ago, zinnia210
Have used Gmaps-pedometer for a while now and like the IPad version. Looking forward to synching with the desk top computer all my saved routes.
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11 years ago, Run1fast
Bandwidth issue?
This used to work decent. I would have given it four stars, but it doesnt seem to work anymore. It constantly says i have bandwidth issue and i have to wait. My bandwidth is fine and i have a perfect connection, so why the error meaasges?
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10 years ago, MIW86
Used to be great.
I'd have to agree with all the comments about the app no longer being able to map automatically. That was the whole reason why I got this in the first place.
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11 years ago, Educated_too
Poor map routing
This app does not route correctly point to point. Very disappointing. Back to gmappedometer and mapmyrun, at least in those tools I can correct the mistakes it makes.
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11 years ago, Catjammies
Continually Crashing
Frustrating to try to use this app. It crashes repeatedly. The app support takes you to the web version FAQ page and encourages you to "get the app". Not at all helpful! I really like the web version and would gladly pay the "banish" price if this app worked!
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10 years ago, JEA99
Suddenly Stopped Working
Was great before it recently stopped working. Tried posting a comment on the site's forum a few days ago and still waiting for message to be approved. Hopefully it will be fixed. Before this stopped working was 5 star
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10 years ago, Chinaski5
Not working
I love the website, which doesn't work very well on the iPad. I was hoping this app would fill the gap, but it just doesn't work. There is nothing I can do to create my running route. I hope one day it is fixed.
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11 years ago, Burnriverbull
No Trails?
Maps do not include the trails that my gmap app does so I cannot use this for most of the runs I do. Love the idea though.
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10 years ago, c3dt
No longer worth while
This "was" a good app, but auto function stopped working ~Dec 2013 and no updates/feedback since then. Keep searching, this one is no longer worth while.
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10 years ago, Acjohnson83
Auto mapping doesn't work.
Rarely works properly. For the last few weeks the auto mapping doesn't work at all - I click a second point and it just doesn't respond.
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10 years ago, Maroon_Beard
Stopped working
I love this web app because of the auto mapping feature. When the auto mapping feature in the iOS app suddenly stopped working, it became close to worthless. Please fix it.
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11 years ago, shadycarp
Bad mapping data
Useless to me bc it uses Apple rather than Google maps, which do not map the trails and paths that I actually run on. Sticking to the desktop version until this can change its mapping data.
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10 years ago, Qak180
No longer working
Worked great until recently. Now continuously states not enough bandwidth. Using the manual function is tiresome and useless.
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11 years ago, bparquet
Love the concept, needs some testing
I love the concept of a Gmap Pedometer as an app for all those times that I'm relaxing thinking about my next run or ride and, in fact, started to code my own. I'm not sure if it's my old, first generation iPad or the "Appcelerator" thing used to construct the app, but it is hard to use for more than 60 seconds without crashing. Definitely something I'd pay for once it's running solid!
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10 years ago, Chkdee
Need new maps
The Apple maps are useless. Need google maps, that include trails. I can't use the app, basically. Oh, and the app does not work, btw.
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10 years ago, Epicenter
Auto doesn't work
This ap is no longer working. The automap does not work.
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11 years ago, S1239by
Stopped working weeks ago
Can't map a route now. Was good before that....I miss it.
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11 years ago, b_k_hart
Will not work on iPhone. Is there anything lower than one star?
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10 years ago, Spencerport al
What happened
Used to work. Now it don't. Please fix
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10 years ago, DeJaKeBro
The app simply doesn't work. Oh well.
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11 years ago, JubJub88
Stick w/ the g pedometer.
I love g pedometer. I just wanted to use it the same way I use g pedometer. and I can't.
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10 years ago, MDB45
Doesn't work
Nice idea. Doesn't work.
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