Mimi Hearing Test

Health & Fitness
4.7 (29.7K)
17 MB
Age rating
Current version
Mimi Hearing Technologies
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Mimi Hearing Test

4.73 out of 5
29.7K Ratings
4 years ago, from.me.2.you
Interesting & thorough!
I downloaded the app just because I was curious as to whether I had any real hearing loss yet, I’m a 29 y.o. female and I am always having to ask people to repeat themselves or back up shows so I can hear what they said again. Shockingly this app came out stating I don’t have any hearing loss yet but it did mention that my hearing is worse than about 87% of my age group so I thought that was a good take away and set notifications on my iPhone offered in the hearing section (I think under general>accessibility) so that I can take preventative steps going forward—especially since I love listening to music and loud, bass-bumping music at that. Love the app and that I didn’t have to pay or even create a user account (no email required) before taking the actual test! 5 stars!!
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3 years ago, Hgtv lover
Consistent with professional results
I did the test twice out of curiosity. I have known hearing loss and tinnitus, a unfortunate family inheritance, and have been wearing hearing aids full time for about 12 years. I did one test with on the ear headphones, another with wired Apple earbuds. Not exactly the same, but the outcome was the same and consistent enough with results of professional hearing tests that I can recommend this app for screening purposes. Since unaided hearing loss is a factor in some many areas, including social isolation, loss of the ability to distinguish words, and even dementia, I recommend that anyone suspecting hearing loss follow up. Addressing the problem is far better than suffering and the level of daily energy it takes to function when you do not hear well. Modern hearing aids are marvels of technology and improve all the time. My only issue was understanding the very clear instructions on “the button”, holding while hearing a sound and releasing when it stops, and the portrait only orientation on the ipad. My phone does not have a 3.5 connector, so had to use the ipad. Linking to Apple Health had to be done on the phone, and required an account with Mimi, but eventually I was able to link it, and see the results in Health.
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2 years ago, Thvedt
Does it work at all?
[UPDATE: Another reviewer found a workaround. I deleted my hearing ID (there’s a “x Delete Hearing ID” label to tap in the app), and it started to work again. I’ve upped my rating by 1 star, though I’m not sure it’s deserved — that’s a pretty bad bug, and a non-obvious & data-destroying workaround.] I had tried it some months ago on non-calibrated headphones, and now that I have AirPods Pro, I was curious to try it again. It didn’t recognize the AirPods, so I chose the non-calibrated option. After going all the way through the test, the app tells me something went wrong. Just “something.” No useful error message. It asks if I’m connected to the Internet. Yes. Yes I am. I’ve tried several times, always with the same result. I deleted the app and re-installed it, but that didn’t change anything. Update: The new version 5.3.0, according to the release notes, “significantly reduced the probability of an unexpected error.” Well, maybe, but it’s still a frustrating and useless app for me. It still doesn’t see my AirPods Pro as being calibrated, even though the app description explicitly lists that exact model. Worse, after going through the whole test, I still get that vague “something went wrong“ message, and no results.
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3 years ago, brieyonce
Seems accurate, but says I have no hearing loss?
I wanted to have my audiogram data input into my Health app so I downloaded this test. I used Samsung Galaxy Buds to conduct the hearing test even though it is not one of the calibrated earbuds, as I do not have AirPods. I had to go into my settings > Accessibility > Audio/Visual and toggle Balance to completely Left or completely Right depending on which ear was being tested, otherwise I’d hear it in both earbuds no matter which ear was being tested. I compared the results to my professional audiogram I had done recently, and the results are quite similar considering this is a mobile app hearing test that took 5 minutes. HOWEVER, the app concluded that I had no hearing loss, even though my right ear rated at 3 dBHL and is known to have severe hearing loss according to the audiogram I had done at the doctor’s. I’m not sure what criteria Mimi is using here, but I consider myself to have hearing loss even though my left ear hears “normally.” I’m surprised at how accurate a mobile app can be, but I am confused at the conclusions the test presents for those of us with unilateral hearing loss.
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2 years ago, LelandJ
UPDATE (was Cannot calculate results anymore)
UPDATE Sept 2022 with a workaround: At the bottom of the main screen, you should see a small “x Delete Hearing ID” in red letters. I tapped this just in case my data was corrupt or incompatible. Right after that, I was able to select my AirPods Pro, and then do another hearing test. This also did not delete the audiogram that was already saved in Apple Health, so now I can compare my results in Health. Original review and issue below: I ran a test in Dec 2021 with my AirPods Pro, and everything worked fine. However, sometime within a month or two later, I’ve experienced the following: Mimi fails to recognize the AirPods; I can only do an uncalibrated test, after which Mimi fails to calculate results; I tried to create an account and Mimi fails to connect to the internet. The app is currently useless. Recent updates have not corrected the problem. iPhone 12 Pro, iOS 15.4.1, AirPods Pro firmware 4E71.
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3 years ago, bells 🔔
Will be unable to complete if you have severe hearing loss
I have moderate to severe hearing loss depending on the frequency (from 30dB HL to 80dB HL) and I downloaded Mimi in the hopes that I could take the hearing test and use the audiogram results in the Health app. (I was also curious to see how closely it would match my audiogram). Unfortunately, there were a few times when the hearing test stopped entirely because it thought I was “inactive” (i.e., not responding to the sounds by holding the button). In fact, i could not hear the sound at all. Pressing the “tap for help” button only provides options to skip that ear or restart the test. Can there be an option that says “I don’t hear anything”? This would allow a user to explicitly confirm that their loss is greater than the volume the frequency is being played at. My test results were so incomplete that the “results” screen basically only plotted two or three dots for each ear, and was unable to calculate an average hearing loss.
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1 year ago, plaintiger
Impressive hearing test
I'm impressed with the way this test works and the detailed results it gives. The only things I didn't like were that the very short list of calibrated headphones given at the start of the test includes three kinds of Apple AirPods, but not the AirPods Max (which are the ones I have, of course), and the fact that I took this test in an extremely quiet environment while Mimi said that my environment got noisy during the test. I hope they update the app to include the AirPods Max soon…and I'll have to retake the test with my AirPods noise cancellation off to make sure that no noise did occur in my listening environment (in which pretty much no noise ever occurs – it's my living space, it's in a very quiet neighborhood, house set far back from the quiet street, no noisy neighbors…I can't imagine what noise Mimi thinks it heard during my hearing test...and after telling me my environment was quiet before starting the test).
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3 years ago, Kids_Need_$
Impressively accurate for normal hearing person
I’m an audiologist with a PhD and background in computer programming and headphone calibration. I just took the Mimi hearing test (PTT version) with my Apple AirPod Pro headphones (verified good seal with the seal test) while I sat in my clinic’s sound proof booth- the Mimi PTT was identical to my last diagnostic audiogram (i.e., to the decibel, across each frequency in each ear). I am SO impressed with how well the Mimi team built this app! If you use this app and it suggests you have any hearing loss - believe it, and take the next step and go see an audiologist to get the full battery of tests done (this Mimi test represents the first of about 5 tests done in a standard audiometric test battery). I wish all my patients took a Mimi test first before coming to see me!
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3 years ago, QueenJeanGrey
They fixed it!
But I can’t use it. When AirPods Pro were connected and at the specified 50% volume, the app didn’t believe it and wouldn’t let me move on til I adjusted the (already correct) volume. I switched to EarPods, which fit me horribly, and was able to test 1 ear 3 times. Got to the end of the 3 minute test for right ear and the app crashed all three times. App was just downloaded. Software is up to date. I even closed out all my apps and restarted my phone, but this app did not work as expected for me. I really wanted to know my hearing status, but I guess I won’t learn it from Mimi. Updated: thanks for adding support for AirPods Pro! I’m more aware of how well I can hear now, thanks to Mimi.
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4 years ago, yridivlblvkflce
Results seem inconsistent
My right ear does not hear well at all. While testing it, the app repeatedly told me that because I hadn’t heard anything for ten seconds I should restart. I ignored it and continued but this happened three times so I couldn’t help but feel a bit punished for my bad hearing. Mini identified that ear at 33% hearing capacity and my other ear at 90%. Their final overall verdict was that I have no hearing loss whatsoever (the best category!) despite the fact that the descriptions put me at moderate hearing loss, the second worst category. I don’t understand how I can be at 1/3 of my hearing in an ear and still qualify as no hearing loss and there seems to be no information in the app on why this would be other than that they use WHO standards. Let me assure you that having one good ear doesn’t always mean I can easily hear everything. The left side of my head does not point everywhere at once.
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3 years ago, 760 queen
I’m surprised
I downloaded this app due to concerns about my hearing. I’m a 31 year old who’s always asking people to repeat themselves and use captions. I had a hearing test done years ago, and they stated that my hearing for high pitch wasn’t well, but doctors don’t do anything about that. Now being 2021, I was a little hesitant about an app being able to give advice about hearing. It came to my surprise when it stated I should get professional help for my hearing. The numbers on this app wasn’t off. And come to find out I have severe hearing test and was prescribed hearing aids. This app was literally an open and use app. However, you should do it when it’s quiet, and you aren’t in moving motion. Whoever made this app, thank you.
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4 years ago, KJCharmnJagersMom
Spot on accurate
I’ve been having some problems hearing so out of pure curiosity I decided to see if an app out there could tell me anything. Based on the reviews I decided to give it a try, full knowing nothing replaces a Dr. After going through the test it showed a mild hearing loss. I ended up getting referred to an audiologist her results were identical, in the more detailed aspect I now need to see an ENT for possible surgery. Fluid can’t be seen behind my ears but the detailed testing shows flat for the pressure. So glad this app isn’t a gimmick it’s a handy app to track your hearing. Job well done!
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3 years ago, tbitson
Needs a few tweeks
I don’t like the new version. Here’s some suggestions: 1 - slow down . My reaction time is too slow. By the time I hear the sound and press or release the button, the level has changed significantly 2- Only display the inactivity dialog once. My left ear is bad, so I’ll couldn’t detect much. The dang dialog box keep popping up and it takes several taps to resume the test. Then it aborted; sorry but I couldn’t hear the tone. Let me try to finish. 3 -provide a bit more info about the test as it’s progressing, like 2K, 5K, white noise, etc. That way the user at least knows what to expect. It helps those of us with Tinnitus to differentiate between test sounds and the ringing in our ears. 4 - a notice to make sure mono audio is turned off. I didn’t figured it out until my left ear was playing and I heard it in my right ear.
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6 months ago, goingeast2
Hearing Test
This was very frustrating because on both ears I pressed it as long as I could hear the sounds, but there was a period at the end, where I couldn't hear anything so it wanted me to either skip that ear or start again. My guess is that I wasn't able to hear the highest frequencies. That's information that should be recorded rather than having me start over and over again. If I can't hear the highest frequencies that should tell you something. I have had hearing test done by an audiologist and it's the high frequency that I can't hear. It makes perfect sense that I can't hear them on the Hearing Test, so why make me keep starting it over for the same thing to happen, and then the result is, you get no information from it. Please explain please explain.
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1 year ago, Blamomy
Won’t Work
This app just won’t work for me. It refuses to recognize my AirPods. It just says, “Failed to load headphones. Please check your connection.” I’ve tried it several times over the course of almost a year now hoping that updates would fix whatever bug is causing this issue. At one point I did create an account too, but the app now refuses to let me login. It says, “Login failed. Please check your connection.” In the past it allowed me to take the test with “uncalibrated headphones” but then it would fail to give me results. I did see that there is some kind of work around where you can “delete hearing ID” but I can’t find that option anywhere in the app?? I even reached out to Mimi for help and all they did was suggest very basic things to try fixing it which I had already tried. So disappointing.
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12 months ago, MikeK7426
App is the literal worse.
First I used my airpods to complete the test which they considered was not supported but whatever and then throughout the test even though absolutely nothing was playing it kept giving the “outside audio is play” alert and I couldn’t get rid of it causing me to retake this test multiple times and its not a quick thing either. And after I finally completed it and gives me the “we couldn’t calculate your results” so you’re telling me I wasted all that time listening to beeps going off in my ear for nothing ? thanks appreciated that. it wouldn’t let me create my account and overall glitchy and just not what it used to be which was unfortunate because I used this app a little over a year ago and it worked just fine but whatever, thanks for wasting my time . find a better app !
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2 years ago, Onthefarshore
This app repeatedly failed to give my results
The app was unable to give accurate test results as promised. During the test, if you don’t respond because you don’t hear certain sounds, the app keeps producing error messages saying you appear to be idle. Excuse me, this is a hearing test and if I can’t hear a tone, I can’t respond. That’s the whole point of a hearing test. 🤦‍♀️ I tried following the link in the app to the frequently asked questions page, but my security app warned me the site it tries to load is a known dangerous website and advised me not to use it. I listened and I’m deleting the app. I cannot recommend this app as it failed to do what it was designed to do. Furthermore, it leads the user to a dangerous website that is a known security risk! Apple should not be carrying this app and I intend to inform them.
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2 years ago, Frank, Jr.
Something went wrong and we couldn’t calculate your results
Initially installed the app and was able to take a full test. Had picked up some new headphones and wanted to try those for a comparison, and received an error message (review title). Also would not display the original results any longer. The testing revealed some changes, which I applied to some noticeable effect in the eq settings and audio playback (things did seem clearer than no eq), but now those settings don’t apply any longer either. My impression is of a smaller company overwhelmed by the steady updates of devices and accessories and unable to maintain. I’m hopeful someone will be able to pick up on this idea and be able to keep up.
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4 years ago, SchoolMom16
Satisfied my curiosity
I have been curious if I was losing my hearing, so I was thrilled to see there was a highly rated free app that could test it right in the comforts of my own home! The app confirmed what I truly believed; that I wasn’t hearing 100% as I had in my younger days, but it wasn’t as bad as I was working it up in my head! I will still go get my hearing checked by a professional, but now I’m not afraid of what they may say! Thank you for developing this app and providing it to us for free!
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3 years ago, Aaronsl
Volume adjustment
I was so happy to try this app! I start it up and pass the background noise check, and the “headphone volume at 50%” check. The test page appears and counts down. Before it actually starts it brings me back to the page telling me to adjust the volume. Not only has it not been altered since the first time the app checked it, but even the new volume check page shows the volume is as 50%. But no matter what I do (adjust the volume up or down, and then bring it back to 50%. Restarting the app, or turning my AirPod Pros off and on) I can not pass that page. I clicked the app support link in the App Store, but it directs you to a site that no longer is valid. If I can get it to work I will change my rating, but for now it’s useless to me.
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4 years ago, KMVBH
Excellent. A gift.
As an otolaryngology (Ear, Nose, Throat) scribe I am aware of how hearing loss can negatively impact health and, at 53 years of age, was hoping to find a simple screening tool to screen and track my hearing ability. I like that it also connects with Apple’s Health app. Nothing replaces being tested by a Doctor of Audiology (Au.D.), but this app provides an excellent screening of heating ability, and it is completely free at this point in time. If you have sudden learning loss in one or both ears, though, seek medical soon, since this can sometimes be reversed.
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4 years ago, Neured
Works well but interpretation of results needs improvement
I haven’t had a hearing test by an audiologist to compare the results but the results match my subjective experiences about my hearing. The only issue is the app will present your hearing as “normal” even if you have loss for some frequencies as long as your overall average is ‘normal’. While it’s better to be cautious, average across all frequencies doesn’t present the data well. It would be better to summarize by frequency and encourage people to get their hearing professionally tested if there is indication of possible loss.
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4 years ago, AndyInMichigan
Top notch
Excellent test experience, though perhaps a little fast. Great result visualizations. Great support for common equipment (thank you for supporting AirPods!) As the patient, I’ve always thought audiologists tests had too much room for patient error. The triggers always seem a little prone to reaction time issues. This let me take the test multiple times and get me reflexes times consistently so the results match my hearing - not some combination of my hearing and my reflexes. Very happy with this app. Recommending to all my friends.
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5 years ago, Duckie0622
A couple of suggestions
This apps does what it’s supposed to do and works well; easy to use. One recommendation to app creators: the app would be best if it had the ability to add a guest user. Current version allows user to enter their info (year of birth) and doesn’t give option to change this. I allowed another user to use the app and it compared him to the average for my year of birth instead of his (he is 15 years older). Second recommendation is to allow the user to select from different brands of headphones (a drop down list).
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8 months ago, GingermanRVA
Wonderful and simple app
I played drums professionally for years and every year they would make us take a hearing test and every time it was worse. While that’s not great, compared to those booths and odd buttons to press, this simple test is a great example of the amazing things technology can provide. My results were not but and were consistent with what I expected based on previous professional tests. Thanks.
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3 years ago, Queenie-Jamie
Hearing Test
APP IS NO GOOD ‼️I have noticed that I can’t hear but sounds out if my LEFT ear & I thought great —a GRreat review SOo I am Very interested ONLY ITS a LET DOWN—-I hear fine out of my left ear & I ONLY hear sounds out of my right ear & even though I have asked to be referred to a Ear Doctor but I guess I‘ll have to find my own. APP IS NO GOOD I LIVE IN A very QUIET NEIGHBORHOOD AND I turned off the air & fan & complete Silence-App said QUIET ✅ It only worked with my left ear don’t know HOW A BEDROOM could be any quiter with the air & fan off & NO TRAFFIC ⁉️⁉️⁉️⁉️Your Test wasn’t programmed to find deafness or difficulty in hearing ‼️BECAUSE your Test COULDN’T accept the reality of my test -that I am partially deaf about 96% deaf in my right ear SOO your TEST FAILED 😞 ⁉️‼️Much Love fir TRYING ❤️💕🙏🏼🥰
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2 years ago, BeagleRott
Doesn’t work for high frequency loss
As tested by professionals, I have “moderate” high frequency hearing loss. However, this app refused to continue the test when I stopped tapping the “I can hear it” button when I believe it was testing high frequencies. The app kept flashing the message “you seem inactive”. Incredibly, the app developers seemed to not consider the possibility that a user might not be able to hear certain parts of the test! I deleted the app and switched to another iOS hearing test app, which did work. However, the other app won’t save the results to Apple Health. So I’m disappointed that the otherwise highly regarded Mimi app has this fatal flaw.
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4 years ago, huewish
I have moderate hearing loss in both ears. I’m currently seeing an ENT for a fluid issue in my right ear. As a result, I’ve had multiple hearing tests. This app is VERY close to my tests, and it’s free. It will allow me to monitor my hearing between appointments which is awesome! Hearing health is very important. Download and try the app! Get people who don’t think their hearing loss is bad to try it! I just wish it was around years ago when I got hearing aids. It would have saved me a lot of headache!
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3 years ago, On the New Mexico Frontier
Requires practice?
Reaction time could affect accuracy of test result, as would practice. Instead of tapping the icon when one hears something, it requires tapping as soon as hear sound then continuing to hold “button” down until sound is not heard. Challenging to do as one concentrates on the varying frequency & cadence of the tones. Skeptical that I did that correctly. Recommend testing in a very quiet room without pets or others present. Need calibrated ear phones, which I don’t have. Otherwise, app is a great idea and could be helpful in a broad strokes kind of way!
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2 years ago, Red Rocker II
I have sudden sense of neural hearing loss so perhaps this test wasn’t best for me. My left ear has almost completely gone and I have tinnitus in both ears. The test does not allow you to continue if you don’t hear certain frequencies which is unfortunate. Because there are some I can here and summer cannot. I was able to hobble thru it eventually and the test results resemble what the clinic gave me. I am hoping to input this into my iPhone and that my AirPods Pro will be able to adjust and help to some degree. The $4k Cross hearing aids are of no use.
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4 years ago, Hpmtx
Excellent!!! A+
Super easy to use! It’s awesome having this tool on hands to check my hearing quickly, so I can have some idea on how it is. You can compare both ears individually to see if you have any hearing loss. Also it generates an audiogram for both ears. Now my whole family can make a quickly checkup of our hearing. I know it doesn’t substitute a doctor, but you can have a good sign when you need to make a doctor appointment. I really like this app!
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7 months ago, TBDUnmasked
Hearing is So Important
Hearing Loss is such an important health indicator. Especially as we age. Having access to an app like Mimi makes it easy to keep track of perceived hearing loss. Loss of hearing has been linked to increased risk for dementia, and most people don’t do anything about hearing loss for 7 or more years after that notice a change. I’m really grateful to have this kind of data in my pocket.
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5 years ago, Billie3865
100% & 97%
My hearing test showed 100% in my right ear and 97% in my left ear. This test showed exactly what my test at my doctors office showed. Wonderful app!!! I’m 46 years old and although I’ve had some problems with my ears in the past, I think my hearing is great for working in loud places and listening to extremely loud music. I’ve tested other hearing test apps and none compare to this app. Keep up the good work. Thanks for such a great app!!!
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2 years ago, Rayskarr
Quiet Test Trouble
During the quiet test I was notified we were testing my right ear and could hear beeping at various frequencies. Then I would hear distinct scratching or buzzing in my left ear only. When I didn’t press the circle, waiting for a beeping in my right ear, it said that it did not sense any activity. I chose to resume the test. More ‘non beep’ sounds in my left ear and eventually it ended the test prematurely due to “inactivity”. I had to restart the testing a few times. I’m not sure how it affected my score.
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4 years ago, Boston teach
Glad I finally tried it
I downloaded the hearing test two or three years ago, and used it for the first time today after reading a N.Y. Times report indicating that even mild hearing loss is a risk factor for dementia. The test is pretty intuitive, despite asking for the make & model of my headphones. I don’t have a clue, so I just put “unknown” and the app accepted that. I don’t know how accurate the results are because I haven’t had my hearing tested since a screening in elementary school.
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4 months ago, Spankynewman
Works well with AirPods Pro
Once running it worked well and in a few short minutes I had a result. For those who are having an issue where the app does not recognize your headphones, play some music or video, then go back to the app and try again. That worked for me every time I tried it. The developer really needs to fix this issue. It drags down an otherwise stellar app.
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1 year ago, TC Studios
Entire app now broken, previously worked great
I tried this a few months ago, and it worked great then, but I waited to create an account and do a test once I got AirPods. I just tried to take the test and the app refused to recognize my AirPods, would not save my results (“internet connection issue” despite having a working connection for any other app), and would not let me sign up for an account, for the same bogus connection issue. There’s clearly some sort of bug in the app that needs to be fixed!
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4 years ago, jufhjk
Simple and Straightforward test
Easy to use, checks if you are in a quiet place, then also checks back when you do not respond to make sure it was not an error. You do have to complete any questions or provide your profile like many other apps require before you can take the test. Compares both ears and let’s you know the state of both. I like it.
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8 months ago, JackieG8991
It’s great but it needs more diverse improvements.
I love this app but when I was trying out the hearing test it kept saying I wasn’t clicking on the circle on purpose when it was recording my right ear…. I’m half deaf, I have profound hearing loss on my right ear, of course I’m not going to be able to click on the button. I just wanted to see the results but it said the right side test was an error bc I wasn’t clicking on the button 🥲🥲 It worked perfectly on my left ear tho!
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2 years ago, iTunes Player
Kicked me out because I didn't respond, but I didn't hear anything after about the 4th high tone. Trying again many months later. App gets confused because I don’t hear high notes. My tinnitus makes it difficult. I don’t if it’s intentional but during the low notes I got a swishing sound in the opposite ear. I may have trouble finding a quiet enough place. I live in a suburban area with a local airport 5 miles away. Maybe need to try in the middle of the night.
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3 years ago, RealHousewifeofOK
Hearing Test is Greae
But I downloaded this app and took the test because Apple Health App listed it as one that could integrate results into health. For some reason it will not let me select the option to do so. I see ‘connect to health’ but when I select it, nothing happens. There’s no way to manually enter the results in Health (not that I understand how to), so I’m a little frustrated. The actual test was simple , professionally done and the results were instant & easy to understand.
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3 years ago, Glucose-Fructose
Incredible app, both for accuracy, and ease of use.
I’m extremely satisfied with this app, honestly it’s better than “professional” tests I’ve done at work. (I do have Bose Noise Cancelation headphones). Not only does it function well, or better even than intended it also is very aesthetically pleasing, and extremely easy to use. 11/10 (or wait I probably should stop turning it up to 11, I have hearing loss)
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2 years ago, ShuKrewGrafikunst
Used to work, doesn’t now.
This app used to work as advertised. Now, it insists on using calibrated headphones (without explaining what that means, or allowing for the fact that I’m using airpod pro). Worst of all, it eventually let me through the whole test only to claim it couldn’t process the results because the app can’t connect to the internet (note: all other apps are connecting to the internet just fine, and I tried it on both wifi and 5g). What was once a nice, simple, usable app appears to have been updated without sufficient testing. Doesn’t work now.
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5 months ago, #Legg
Good to know
So far I am enjoying the app. I’ll never understand why these app companies ask you for a review right after you download the app. Do they worry that the longer you use the app the worse your review will be. The only thing I can review is yes I was able to download the app and leave this review so good job team keep it up
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7 years ago, Biggie46789432
I think I just don’t understand it
One result says my hearing is perfect, another says I hear worse than 71% of my peers. Huh? I have moderate hearing loss in my left ear, minor in the right. My left ear has the typical “J” graph of Meniere’s disease in the audiologist’s office, but flat line with this app. I guess it’s due to the fact that I don’t have Apple earbuds - but there’s a very good reason for that. Those things are frackin’ huge and don’t fit in my ears. But I would think that would skew the results to show my hearing is worse than it is, not better.
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4 weeks ago, Gwynne Raskind
Ruined the best hearing test on the store
The new 6.0.0 version removes support for audiograms; this test was previously the best one available for iOS by a very wide measure, but without the ability to export the measured audio data to Apple Health, it lost most of its usefulness. I’ve tried a half dozen other hearing test apps, and not one of them even comes close to good enough to replace what Mimi lost in this update. Giving three stars instead of one in memoriam of what this app used to be.
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1 year ago, MistyOkstate
Can’t finish with SSD
At first I was very impressed with the methodology compared to other online hearing tests but it can’t seem to compute results if you have full hearing loss on one side (single sided deafness) so it became of little value to me. I understand that the software assumes there was an error when it gets no response but after repeating the test half a dozen times maybe there should be a button to ask if you have known issues with hearing on one side.
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2 years ago, SrSoldat
Excellent Hearing Test App
I’ve had ringing in my left ear for decades yet I’ve always enjoyed excellent hearing. I wanted to test my hearing to see if the ringing actually effected my hearing sensitivity. With this app I discovered that my hearing is still quite well with just a slight drop off in my left ear. If you’re here looking for an effective hearing test I’d say that you’ve found one!
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2 years ago, noskcajn
Asks me if I’m there too often.
I know I have quite a bit of hearing loss in one ear (lower tones) and I am attentive to the test but it keeps asking me if I’m there and interrupts the test. I would like to be able to disable that. Also it doesn’t give any results for the ear that I have that hearing loss in. I can hear the beep for some of the test yet when I can’t hear the beep (lower tones) it assumes I’m not taking the test or inattentive and seems to negate the whole test. Please fix that.
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2 years ago, jlbxdx
As close to lab results as you can get.
I take two hearing test in OSHA complaint labs every year and after sitting in a home-brew recording booth that is remarkably well deadened from outside fz and vibrations and absolutely kills any internal resonance fz, I setup and take the test, the results are within three percent across the same fz spectrum of the lab test results. I’m impressed.
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