Mindbody: Fitness, Salon & Spa

Health & Fitness
4.9 (218.6K)
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3 weeks ago
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14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Mindbody: Fitness, Salon & Spa

4.89 out of 5
218.6K Ratings
3 years ago, Missashleyrene
Body heat saved me
I can’t express what this gym means to me. My friend Mia introduced me to body heat about a year and a half ago and I fell in love with their cycling classes, then their yoga classes then the boot camp classes. Every session is amazing thanks to the knowledgeable and motivated teachers they have. High energy and very spiritually fulfilling. I can’t count how many times I’ve gone to Liz’s yoga classes and have been brought to tears by the end because she so effortlessly brings us into our own expressions. Pings classes will have you crackin up and holding poses all at the same time. I could seriously write a book on how amazing every individual there is, if your debating against any other gyms, stop now this is the one, worth every single penny and then some. The manager also always has a warm welcoming smile on when she’s in studio, she’s even taught a few classes which I think is awesome. Thank you body heat for being such a light at the end of the tunnel in not just my fitness, but life’s journey.
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9 months ago, Tess1082
Frustrating app- so many bugs/non user friendly designs. You rarely get a response to emails and if you do, it’s often to contact the studio (for example, my cc wasn’t going through so they told me to contact my studio but it was an app issue not a problem with the studio- my studio finally deleted my account and had me resign up and then it worked). I originally put my birth name in but changed it to my nickname. I started attending a new studio, and they see my updated name. However, my original studio still sees my birth name. They don’t tell you how many classes you have left so if you have a package, you have to count on your own. It also doesn’t tell you your expiration date if you have a monthly package. You can’t sign up for texts in the app. I originally got them but stopped bc it was annoying to get 10 texts right away letting me know that I had just registered for an open class at the beginning of each month. However, now I don’t get a text when I get into a waitlisted class. There should be an option to only get texts when you get into a waitlisted class or if a class in cancelled. They also don’t allow for discounts. My studio offers a teacher discount, but I have to ask them anytime I need to change my number of classes, instead of doing it through the app. My instructors also complain about it- I wish my studios would get another scheduling app.
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3 years ago, Hyedjksa
A Pointless And Useless Download
The app looks great and is easy to use. Registering for classes at my gym was easy. I don’t know how it functions for other gyms. I downloaded it hoping that logging in my 3 children into Burn Boot Camp child-watch would be easier than trying to use the non-mobile web browser from my phone. Unfortunately, I’ll still have to do the annoying process of zooming in and out on the browser. I have to go through that same process four times to get us each logged in. Because in the app you can only press the “book” button once it leaves my two other children unable to attend. There needs to be a drop down menu so a number can be chosen. Same with the web browser. It doesn’t bother me that I have to zoom in and out. The biggest issue is I have to go through an annoying process 4 times, every single day. I’m a busy mom I don’t have time to sit and mess with that. I think the real issue is that the developer didn’t develop the app to be used in the way my gym intended for child care sign up to function. It would be nice if the two of them could figure it out though. I know a lot of gyms have child care. Surely this is a function that all gyms, using the app would benefit from.
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6 years ago, uhygdws12
Not user friendly
needs improvement in some major areas. 1 - it should tell me what facilities the studio has. Shower? Towels? Keypad lockers? Or bring my own lock? 2 - app should have 3-4 photos of every studio. Mandatory photos supplied by studio should be the fitness room and the facilities (locker room, showers etc). A lot of studios in nyc have grimy, small and terrible shower setups. People need to see the shower facilities in advance. 3 - when I move to the map view, you show me every business on the app. You should show me ONLY what is in my filters. For example a yoga class between 6-8 am. Don’t show me hair salons when I’m looking for fitness. Then I can use the map to pick one in a location that allows me to get to work by 9 am Think about it this way... I’m booking a fitness class for tomorrow morning before work. I live in Brooklyn and my office is in midtown manhattan. I need a class at 7am, with shower and towel facilities, close to my home or office, or anywhere that is close to 6th Avenue (my train runs on 6th ave). Does your app allow me to easily find the right class? No it does not. Allow me to filter on your map view. It’s very simple, every other app can do it. I used to use class pass and their interface was much easier to use. I’m happy to pay full price for fitness classes, but you need to make them easier to find.
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5 months ago, izzosninja
Fine if your the only person booking
This app is okay if you are using it to book just for yourself. It’s marginal if you are searching on it for classes and yoga studios. Generally I end up finding the places easier on traditional search engines and then see that the studio requires mindbody and then search for it by name on mindbody. If you are booking for more than one person, then this app becomes truly terrible. You can not book multiple people on one card. You read that correct, you need a different card for each and every member of your family and friends you are signing up to take the class with you. Traveling and want to go to a yoga studio as a family, be ready to have a different card for each. And be careful not to book yourself until last, otherwise it’ll say your already booked and it gets very interesting and unintuitive to book the rest of your family. Because I generally go to yoga with at least my wife if not my kids as well, so many cards just to book my immediate family! I really dislike this app. It’s like COMCAST for yoga, you hate having to deal with, but you don’t seem to have any other choice.
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5 years ago, Vkng90
Can’t sign up for classes
The yoga studio I go to signed up with this app to show their schedules and allow students to sign up for classes on on their mobile devices. It’s supposed to link up to their system so that when you login into the app with the email you gave them at the front desk, the app will recognize it and pull your payment data so you can sign up for classes based on your subscription or how many classes you prepaid for. Unfortunately, the app doesn’t recognize my email address, so all I can do is view the schedule. When I try to register for a class, it always asks for my credit card so I can pay for that class individually instead of taking it out of the number I already prepaid for. They told me when I downloaded it that other people were having trouble with it (not sure why they stay with the app if it’s not working as expected...), so I e-mailed app support for help. The person who helped me just said to make sure the emails aren’t going to my “junk” folder, which is not the case and is irrelevant to the problem anyway—I shouldn’t get an email until after I’ve successfully signed up for the class. I’m hoping the yoga studio gets this straightened out because the app seems like it would be nice if it worked.
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5 years ago, yoga jean
Red Sun Yoga
I have been in search for a studio that offers flexible hours & classes of different levels from novice to expert. I am a true novice and I knew after 5 days into an introductory offer, I found a home. The instructors are professional, and their knowledge of the body, mind and spiritual connections are second to none. They weave the breathing techniques, instructional poses and the physiology simultaneously. So far I experienced 3 different instructors. Margo in particular reads a quote and paces her direction in a clear, articulate calming voice and in a way thats not intimidating. She encourages us and pushes our limits at the same time. Proudly I have had 21 classes and no 2 have been remotely the same. Any concerns or anxiety that you bring to the class are left at the door. I guarantee that your body, mind and spirit are significantly relaxed and improved before you exit the studio. Cannot wait for my next class. Sincerely Jean Marie
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4 years ago, Tdennis007
Decent app, needs work
The app will sometimes send a notification about a unique class. That’s great but good luck finding the class. When you click on the notification it just takes you to the main app page not the class/event that you had a notification about. The search function is really poor, made even worse in the covid-19 era where you have to know a city. For example I just got a notification about a core40 class in Costa Rica. Good luck finding that using the search function which is marginal at best for finding classes in a new area when you are traveling during a normal situation. The app works well to book classes where you have a pass. Occasionally your classes disappear from your calendar but opening the app will put them back. Sometimes you get two events for booked classes in your calendar for no reason. A downside of being a long time user is that any classes you have taken at now closed studios get removed from “your activity” so it’s hard to keep a goal when they arbitrarily remove classes from the counter.
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2 years ago, sophchanel
Falls Way Below Expectations
I am a Glow Sauna member and am ready to end my membership due to the fact that I haven’t been able to book a reservation through MINDBODY for months. And when I send a note about an issue, it takes MINDBODY weeks if not months to respond, and then it’s generally to tell me it’s not their problem. The current issue is that the cabin calendar dates never populate, much less show what times are available to select, ending with the message “oops, something went wrong.” (And of course I have deleted and reloaded the app multiple times). I also have an automatic monthly subscription to another business that previously used MINDBODY but switched to a different platform given all of the issues/customer complaints they experienced. The owner relayed they couldn’t be happier with their decision to switch. So….the message to other business owners is that despite their pitch MINDBODY is not a strong platform, their customer service is non-existent, they are costing you money through dropped subscriptions, and there are other options out there to better service your business needs.
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5 years ago, bdzmdj
Fine to try
Great to see options and all the times available. Well now that I’m more aware and have been to my first session, I will down grade my review. The options and time available are great, but I don’t really like the fact that the workers in there do not look or ask to help people at all. I felt uncomfortable and judged anytime I had a question. And thus with the work out, there was one or more areas to ask questions. So if I am injured and need a different way to preform there’s no time or space to ask because there was no workers walking around to see with the customers. And there was no time to ask questions. I also had work right after, this needed a shower and bathroom to get ready after my earliest morning workout, and the business does not offer that, so I had to go all the way home to do that and was speeding, driving to work. I feel as if the company would do better if it improved on all these areas. I will try to go again to see if I feel different, but this is my first take on my experience.
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5 years ago, Suzannah Troy
My body mind so damaged from a violent assault and this app lets me know the closest classes to focus on healing! Thank you! Great app! I found East River Pilates through discount promo via this app and it turns out ER Pilates exceptional w/ Australian physical therapists that also do private classes too. When I started w/ ER via promo I had bad posture, terrible pains in my body -- I still have the pain but now I can move my left arm better, get out of bed and chairs better... I have to keep working hard to support my joins w/ torn tendons etc... strengthen weak muscle groups from trauma but East River has given me knowledge and support. I would never have tried East River Pilates without this app and those cool promos they were on and the great way it's so easy to find classes. Thanks and gratitude! For the worst in customer service Google Dr Fagelman assault.
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4 years ago, Surracha
80% the perfect app
The app does pretty much every single thing I could ask of an exploratory fitness app. I love that any class I add gets automatically added to my calendar, makes keeping fitness a regular thing very easy! I do have some places of improvement now that I’ve been using it for close to two years now and in different states in the US. As different studios have different membership programs and websites to which you can purchase classes, those things do not always reflect in the MINDBODY app. Additionally, duplicates of class packs I’ve purchased often show up in my account making me think I was double charged (I never actually have been) or had an extra class to use when I didn’t. In the reverse, I have bought memberships and classes via my studios website that do not show up in the MINDBODY app. Like I said, as a beginner to the app it’s perfect, but as a regular there a few places for improvements
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5 months ago, Gamomma
Can’t book virtual classes 😩🙄
I understand that there is an issue between mind-body and Apple that is creating this issue- that you can’t book virtual classes through the app. And while that is annoying, I definitely appreciate the dilemma. However, if this is the case, the messaging should be better. The pop-up only says that you can’t book virtual classes through the app. It should have some information about how you can book virtual classes: 1. Advising that you go to the desktop version of MINDBODY. 2. Or call the business that you’re trying to book with. 3. Or simply purchase your pass or package FIRST before booking. All of these listed help at least alleviate the stress of this problem and at best solve the problem. They are also VERY easy to communicate. I spoke with MINDBODY support, and they said that this message cannot be changed. I can’t believe that that’s true. I’m hopeful the app developers will see the feedback and either respond or make this update.
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5 years ago, mcchackett
Excellent teachers. Classes for Every Level. Great sense of belonging.
I had been “doing” yoga for 20 years—grabbing classes, watching videos, reading books here and there. But when I approached SPY with the commitment to deepen my practice, I found the perfect place for me to grow. Every teacher at SPY is outstanding—knowledgeable and present—and is skilled at leading classes with participants from every level. I love the community that the SPY teacher’s have created. Everyone is welcome. The Baptiste Approach is accessible and only requires we yogis be a YES to whatever we need during our practice on the mat. I never thought I could do Hot Yoga. Now I can’t imagine living a week without it. I can’t recommend SPY enough. There is something for everyone. And if you’re looking to “BE” more, than “do” more SPY is the place for you. Namaste.
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6 years ago, whatnicknamesareleftavailable
Would love it to sync with apple health app
The app over all is very good and makes scheduling classes quite simple and seamless generally. Also, so many studios use it, so you can maintain one account and one app across many studios and locations which is great. Only suggestion—I wish it were integrated to the apple health app. This could be voluntary, as some may not want their data shared. However, given that the apple app tracks my other activity automatically including my steps, I would like to be able to reference it for a fuller picture of my activity including my yoga classes booked through mind body. Perhaps it’s not, but I assume this could be a simple update, given that your mind body schedule can already sync with the apple calendar.
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2 years ago, keeppickingnicknames
Limits to Managing Profile and Viewing Passes
The app is great for finding and booking classes but the profile management capabilities lack the option to manage payment methods. I have an expired credit card it is always defaulting to and I have to manually choose the active card each time I book a class. For the section showing the “passes” that have been purchased, instead of just showing the type of pass purchased, it lists every single possible class to which the pass could apply. So if you buy a 10 class card that expires after 3 month, the passes section will list every possible class you could apply that to - that could be hundreds of classes. If you have passes at multiple studios, it’s very difficult to use the section to see what is remaining at a particular studio.
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4 years ago, Heatherly_hb
Purchased Class Pass that would not work. Customer service offered no solution
Pre-CoVID I purchased a class pass for a local yoga studio. The classes worked prior to pandemic. I was told I would be able to use the passes after the pandemic and the studio extended the expiration date. I tried to use them to purchase the same class as I had prior to COVID. Received error and contacted customer service. Suddenly, the classes I purchased are not “compatible” ?? How is that possible? I am registering for the exact classes as I purchased the passes for. Asked for my money back after no resolution or assistance. Was basically told to bug off because they could only work with the studio. They wouldn’t even look into my account and could only assist through screen shots I sent and gave me general/possible answers. They put literally zero effort to help me. The app works, two stars for that. Negative three for wasting my money and poor customer service.
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5 years ago, Expressions81
The BEST!!!
Ultra Body Sculpt is amazing! The staff makes me feel like I can achieve any goals while on my weight loss journey. They’ve provided me the knowledge base that I think is imperative to not only losing weight but a healthier lifestyle, by keeping the information simple. I’ve only had two sessions and I have seen immediate results each time. Mind you, my results are not just evidence of the machine that is used but they are a combination of following the plan that was set for me and the 90 minute treatments. Prior to learning about this treatment I was considering a tummy tuck, but to be honest I wouldn’t dare to do something so evasive that would require months to fully recover knowing the ultrasonic lipo is available and at a more affordable rate.
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3 weeks ago, M427
Terrible App
Ugh this app is so frustrating. Such a simple concept yet how can so many things be wrong with the site? Sometimes my account will be completely reset and I can’t access any of my passes or the classes I’ve booked, other times it takes forever for the class schedules to even load, sometimes my complete history is erased, there’s about 5 days of the month where my auto membership for a studio isn’t yet showing up so I have to technically pay for classes even though there is zero lapse in my membership. Other times all my favorite businesses have been erased and I have to go back in and manually add them so I can look up and access their schedules. And in the past year it now takes about a full minute for the schedules to even load. Not sure what software “update” was responsible for that. I look forward to the day MINDBODY has a competitor so I can delete their app.
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6 years ago, LuvF1
Now App won’t open
I am coming back to update my review. I had a ton of trouble with the app and came to review out of frustration. The creator did reply mentioning they had some trouble that day but all was fixed now. And yes I can log in now, and all seems ok, BUT I am still having an issue when changing days. I was just in my gyms schedule trying to switch days to see the different classes and it got stuck on the one schedule. Like I was on April 23rd and went to view classes for the week and when I hit the 24th 25th etc the calendar did not change, it kept the data for the 23rd. It has happened to me many times. I have to close down the app and restart. But once it kept doing it over and over so I gave up. Hopefully the developer can find out why it is doing this to me. I have an iPhone 6plus with latest IOS.
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5 years ago, The Working Poor
Horrible, frustrating
I found myself blaming the hot yoga business that required me to download and waste my time trying to use this frustrating app rather than the app itself. I mean WHY would a business put their prospective clients through a time wasting process that doesn’t work when they could list their schedule on their website? I could have been done with this thirty minutes ago, instead, I’m ticked off and writing this review AND I’ve lost faith in whoever runs the yoga business I was thinking of joining because 1) they wasted my time 2) they obviously have not done their homework to see if the app actually works especially for a new client. I tried several searches in my town for this particular yoga business and found only one other class for a different company on only TWO days during the week when I know they offer classes constantly. It’s a bad sign that they would choose to make clients use this.
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3 years ago, damianXdisaster
I recently became a member at a pool that uses MINDBODY, which makes scheduling lane time and personal training sessions a breeze. I then used the app to discover a masters swim team to join, along with amazing spas and massage therapists for when I feel like pampering myself. The best part is that I can easily keep track of all of my daily appointments by exporting them automatically to my phone calendar- I usually have about 4 sessions scheduled a day so this makes organizing around my work schedule a breeze. This is by far the most-used app on my phone and looking forward to my next new obsession that I find through the app!
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3 years ago, Methere58
Great app!!!
This app is do easy to use, and useful!! Love it! I’ve really gotten into yoga and it’s become such a huge part of my life. The MINDBODY App makes it so easy for me to enjoy my favorite new “hobby” — way of life? I’ve never not been able to do what I wanted to do, and do it easily! It’s totally intuitive to use, and you can do everything!!: browse schedules, research types of classes, read reviews, book and buy classes, cancel easily if necessary, purchase and use passes, packs, and packages — even research your visit history and what classes and teachers you’ve had. It’s all a smooth, seamless experience. Remarkable! Thanks!
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6 years ago, Nick Beadman
Fixed: Calender syncing issue
Update: it appears that 5.0.2 has fixed my calendar syncing issues. Here is the original review just in case others find it useful. Thankfully the 5.0.1 update fixed the issue where it was impossible to get past the intro screen. Now I am having an issue with adding classes to the calendar. I use the application to book a squash court and once it is added to my calendar, I change the title so I know who I am playing. Now, even though I am adding to the calendar for an individual time, the application replaces my changed appointments with the defaults for all of the sessions booked with the app. Going back ot the old version for now, hopefully Mindbody with fix it.
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4 years ago, so cool! love the app
Best Gym Experience Ever
It didn’t take long (after gyms reopened) for me to remember why I love coming to the KFS class at 301Strong. It’s 45 minutes of incredible guided instruction, where you learn to push yourself to your limits. We use different muscle groups each day so by the end of the week, you’ve had a full body workout with conditioning. I think my favorite part about the class is that I don’t have to think about what exercise I will do. The workouts are pre-planned for us and the trainers do a great job with demonstrating technique....so all my energy goes into challenging myself with the weight I’m using, and focusing on my form. Unlike some classes I have attended at other gyms… We don’t repeat the same workouts or movements, so it never gets boring and always feels fresh. The trainers at 301Strong are consistently talking with you to ensure your safety and to help you get the most out of the time you are there. Couldn’t ask for a better place to get my sweat on!
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7 years ago, Christofer Williams
Has potential, but way too intrusive. Not worth using now.
What a mess of an app. The concept is fine, but I won't be using the app because: 1) these colors are hideously bright and clash with each other enough to make reading difficult. They give me a headache when I try to use the app for more than a few seconds. 2) What's with all the wasted white space? It's pointless to view a schedule when you can only see a few classes at a time and the whole screen is wasted with enormous and pointless icons. More functionality. Less attempt at being cool. 3) It bugs you CONSTANTLY for feedback. Honestly, it asked me to rate it within a minute of having installed it. I clicked "later". Later turned out to be five minutes later. I'm now rating it after having been asked to rate it three times. 4) It also bugs you constantly to make suggestions. I had difficulty even booking a class at my regular yoga place because it kept trying to recommend other studios to me. I'm not sure my home yoga studio will be thrilled to hear that. Additionally, this requires you to create a login in addition to the one you use on the website already. It's a minor inconvenience, but it proved indicative of their overall inability to construct a quality app.
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6 years ago, Suespirit
A Must Have Fitness App
I have used this app for years in my hometown of New York and also in cities all over the country. I love taking classes in different places, particularly yoga classes and this app is the way that I find my way to the best studios in each town. For me this is a must have app. Can't figure out how I do without it. Very user-friendly. Easy to navigate. Easy to make reservations as well. And I am also yoga teacher and this is the app that my studio uses to keep track of his teachers, and classes and who is teaching what class so this app is also how I get paid! So all in all this app works well on all sides
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4 years ago, Ireeeeeeeeeeeeene
Needs better search function
It’s pretty easy to book something if you already know the business you are looking for. However, I think it’s really hard to find new classes. For instance, if I’m looking for a “belly dance” class, the results range from barre, dance, to even a weight training class. Some of the results don’t even have any of the words I searched for in there. The results don’t really make any sense. This isn’t helpful because now I still have to comb through all of the results to find what I’m actually looking for. The second issue is that not all of the fitness category filters are available. A lot of the classes I’m interested in are labeled “aerial” or even “other” and I’d like to find more classes in those categories, but they’re both missing in the filters.
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3 years ago, alyssalynn215
I can’t count how many times I’ve tried to use this app. I want to like it. It doesn’t work. Every single time I try to use it it gives me some error message. I’ve logged out, deleted the app, I’ve done everything I can possibly think of to try to make it work. And I’ve tried to make it work for months. I’ve had trouble with it no matter where I try to sign up for a class. It quite literally never works. Very frustrating. I’ve updated it probably six times. And it’s the only scheduling system that my yoga studio uses, so it really interferes with me being able to take classes which is infuriating. I’ve even tried to use mind-body on my web browser, it tells me that my gym has no classes available, which is incorrect. No idea how this app has so many good reviews
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3 years ago, uwdoug79
Possibly the hardest app to navigate
I have downloaded over 100 apps and this one has to be the hardest I have ever seen to navigate. The fact that our community felt they had to publish a separate 30 page document on how to use just 2 of the functions is a testament to that fact. I used it to try and reserve some court time on one of our pickle ball courts and it took about 15 minutes to navigate to something I previously was able to do in under a minute. It doesn’t let you see who has reserved courts. It took well over 10 minutes to get a confirmation email and about as long for it to show up in the app so you could cancel the reservation. Nothing I can do because our community requires using this app to make reservations so I am stuck with it. So disappointed.
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4 years ago, Older Dancer
Suggestions to see previous month’s activity
I would like to add a suggestion that you could go back to a previous week or month and see what your activity was. As it is you can only track activity for the current month. I find it motivational to be able to compare how many classes I took this week or month to previous weeks and months. I might add that I do not use a Fitbit and have no desire to but I do like to track and compare classes taken. I might also add that I’m a former professional dancer and exercise instructor.
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6 years ago, AwesomeAcai
Overall a great app
I love this app and get so excited whenever I see my studio, spa, anything on it because it really makes scheduling super easy. My one suggestion for improvement, I wish there was a jump feature up top that allows you to skip to your desired day. Classes at my pole studio get booked weeks in advance so it’d be nice to go straight to two weeks out instead of scrolling through 14 days. Also, whenever I make an actual booking it brings you back to today. So this means that if I’m trying to book few classes few weeks out I’m wasting a lot of time just scrolling. Other than that just great. Nice interface and very intuitive.
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1 year ago, DBDPalm
WORST App/experience
Between the apps for my business/personal and my four children’s devices I have seen and use daily my fair share of Apps. This has to be the worst App and customer service I have ever used. Check out the Upgrade History of this App to discover the constant new versions created to fix bugs and glitches. When my Calendar failed to sync properly due to a glitch in the App (causing me to miss two classes programmed months earlier) customer service allotted this to being my fault because they expect you to upgrade to the latest version of the App (basically every week if you’d like to keep up with their issues). Bottom line is that there are better service providing Apps than this one that works poorly and has even worse customer service.
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4 years ago, Summerlyn Jones
Double check your appointments and screenshot everything.
Recently, I booked a massage with my favorite spa on the Mindbody app. I booked the massage a week and a half prior to the date of the appointment. I even took a second look at the schedule just days before the appointment and it told me who my massage therapist was as well as other details. I called the day of to confirm and I’m so glad I did because the mind body app deleted my appointment. I combed through the app with absolutely no evidence of me ever booking an appointment. I am angry and now I’m not getting my massage. An app that deletes appointments and shows no record of it automatically gets two stars from me. I won’t use this app to book again. I can call to make an appointment just the same.
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4 years ago, MaddieWritesAReview
Like it, could be better
I really do like this app and that I can see a variety of class schedules. I also love the Mindbody company and everything that they stand for. However, there are a lot of services offered in town that are not on the app. For example, there are chiropractors and tanning salons in town that are not on there. It would also be helpful to give more pricing information on other services that are not fitness classes. For example, how much is a massage? Which insurances do they accept? Etc. these things would help me to really plan out which health/beauty services I’m interested in pursuing. I would love to see these improvements and be able to fully utilize this app, as it has great potential :)
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5 years ago, M. Tenenbaum
Barre is the perfect workout!
I’ve been a member since it opened in 2017 and I love going for regular workouts. They are offered at various times of the day for your convenience and it’s been a transformative experience! I have improved strength, muscle tone, and stamina which helps me in every aspect of my life! Barre Boutique is always spotless, well run, with a friendly clientele making this the perfect fitness establishment for me! Jeanine and her staff specialize in accommodating all fitness levels and motivating everyone! Jeanine is so upbeat and vivacious, she even breaks out into song and dance on a regular basis! She’s one of a kind! Way to go, Jeanine!
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6 years ago, aliko414
Feature Request: Store Favorite Teachers
I find the MindBody app and the personalized yoga studio apps that are powered by MindBody great. Does everything I need. HOWEVER, I would LOVE to have a feature where I can save teachers that I like taking classes with. My use case is yoga specific but I’m sure it can cross class types. I find I prefer to take classes with certain instructors (whether at one yoga studio or sometimes they teach at multiple that are all on MindBody app) and it would be great to have somewhere in my profile that I could store my favorite teachers and maybe even jot some notes down about them. It could also provide data for the yoga studios :)
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4 years ago, always thinking about food
Frustrated with this app
The most annoying problem Mindbody, for me, would be searching for a studio in the search bar and SOMETIMES, it’ll show up as a result but I better click it quick before the page reverts to displaying the list of default studios. If I try to search again, it won’t even attempt to pull up the studio. Same thing happens when I click on a studio from my search history - brings me to the default list. I have to either close out of the app, or click on the classes tab and play around with date and time before switching back to the businesses tab to see if there’s any luck. Using the share feature to send a studio or class to friends - the link they get leads them to the homepage. What’s the point? How in all these years has MindBody not created a filter for free classes? Especially now that studios are offering free sign ups as a way to do Zoom classes in light of the quarantine. We shouldn’t have to scroll through every studio’s schedule to see what’s up. It makes me wonder if the developers and their staff even use their own app because these problems have been persistent for years.
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3 years ago, enhsowhat
Fitness / mental health and family operated!
One of Youngstown’s best yoga studios hands down and forward fold! It’s got a welcoming friendly atmosphere that embraces people for where they are and who they are. There’s easy beginner classes with compassion, know and lots of support to come as you are wherever you are in your practice! And there’s the tough stuff for those wanting to arm balance or get a sweat on and even blended classes with free weights! Not into that much movement!!! SPY (Simply Power Yoga) has yin classes for the a wonderful grounded super chill afternoon. If you haven’t tried SPY your missing out!!!
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5 years ago, Afrobabe
Useful App, But Needs Inprovement
I would love to give a 4-Star review for this helpful app, but a recent bug still hasn’t been addressed. I found my cycle yoga studio through the app (both of which I love), and booking classes is fairly easy and fast. Adding classes to my calendar is also very helpful—when the feature works. Sometimes, the classes show up on my calendar, and sometimes they don’t (or they disappear after initially being added), despite automatic-add settings. Very frustrating that instead of simply checking my calendar, I have to check the app nearly every day, then manually add classes to my calendar. Please fix this.
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3 years ago, Haley Ann C.
App has completely stopped working
It’s been almost 2 weeks of me not being able to find any of the fitness studios or fitness classes I take on a regular basis and can only sign up for through MindBody. I tried to delete the app today & download it again but now I am being told my password is incorrect and they will not send me a reset password email. I’ve updated the app itself, my phone, turned my phone off the back on, I even tried making a new account and I still have no options to view any fitness studios in my area. I cannot get in touch with any costumer service representative either. At this point I am beyond frustrated with MindBody and am praying they either fix the app or my fitness studios use another scheduling service.
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5 years ago, biswendy
Good but crashes frequently
I’ve loved using this app for about four years. I frequently use MINDBODY to find yoga studios in other states/communities but do find the search a little clunky. I love that it loads classes to my phone calendar and the payment function is very convenient. For some reason the app has been crashing frequently - like every time I book a class! I would guess this has been happening for six months or so. I had assumed it would be fixed in an update but so far no luck (and I think there have been a couple updates). Every studio in town uses the app so it’s not like I have any other choice.
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4 years ago, seanismac
Great Potential- Several Flaws/ Bugs
Update: Nothing has been fixed yet. Still the same bugs as before. Please fix, as the concept of this app is great. It aggregates many services into one place. The issues for me are: - Calendar Syncing: events over three weeks out show up in the app but don't sync with my calendar. Not sure why they would not sync as soon as they are scheduled in the app. Have tried a lot of troubleshooting and it seems like a flaw. - Calendar Syncing: another issue is that sometimes the same class will show up twice in my calendar, OR WON'T SHOW UP AT ALL. I have to force close the MindBody app to re-sync and appear as they should. - Widget: specific to iOS, the widget app will only show your next class IF booked through the app. If it's pulled from another source, it will show up in your schedule but not in the widget. NEW ISSUE: - Past class # doesn't update on the app, even though it's accurate on the MindBody website. Have tried to resolve these issues with customer service. Have been told that these are bugs that will hopefully be fixed in future updates. Will update my rating if any of these issues are addressed. Thanks!
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2 years ago, sr29184
One key feature missing
Overall it’s a well designed app, however I wish there was a way to favorite a specific class the same way you can favorite a teacher or a business. The “class” tabs in the favorites section is pretty useless because it just shows the entire list of classes from all your favorite businesses. It would be way more useful if it showed the specific classes I’m interested in, so I don’t have to search through the whole schedule. Other than that the app is intuitive and well thought out.
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5 years ago, Applehead_baby
Search function never works
I’m kind of annoyed that so many businesses use this app for scheduling classes and appointments because I’ve always had so much trouble using it. The thing that really annoys me when using it is the search function doesn’t work at all. When I search for the name of a gym or company, it never comes up and says there’s nothing by that name. I search for businesses “near me” and nothing comes up. Search different topics, keywords, uppercase, lowercase. Still can’t find it. I have to use a desktop to sign up for the class so I can finally get the gym pulled up in my app, but then have no way to “favorite” that place so I can find it again if I want to sign up again later. Frustrating and not very user-friendly.
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6 years ago, Cadiblaster
New version is a UI/UX nightmare!
The newest update proceeds to excel at wasting iPhone X screen real estate. Good job! My favorite businesses and appointments are one quarter of the size of the marketing content on the landing screen. Choosing details on a business reveals a third of a screen, and completely useless, "MindBody" logo. Who are you promoting in your app, MindBody or your customers and businesses that depend on your platform? If I'm viewing a schedule for a business, why does every class entry need to remind me of the business name and it is 11.3 mi away? I know what business I've selected and where they are located, I want to know as much information about their offerings on one page as possible. What are you UX guys and gals thinking? You can do better than this abomination. Head back to the drawing board, literally. Shaking my head...
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3 weeks ago, Jennynats
Bad user experience
I used MINDBODY to pay a month to month membership at a local yoga studio. Recently, the studio closed and I can't delete my membership (which I purchased on this app.) The studio website says it's closed yet when I contact MINDBODY support, they say they can't delete my membership or allow me in my settings to delete the credit card on my account. True, the studio has to take down their classes from the app but I find it highly unethical that I can't remove a payment method or cancel a membership from a CLOSED business. Users beware on getting any type of monthly membership via the app. There's no way to cancel it if the business closes but doesn't bother to delete their account. Frustrating and borderline fraudulent.
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2 years ago, SkullSprite
Concerns Regarding Recent Update
It would be a challenge to run my business successfully without using the MindBody Business App. For that, I am grateful. Currently, however, I am frustrated and concerned. Please investigate what might have changed in the most recent update to interfere with sending confirmation emails and the like. All week, I have been getting communication from clients that an email confirming a booked appointment was never sent. I have even canceled the appointment, rebooked it, and toggled to send a confirmation email with the client present in the office with me. It used to be Instantaneous. Something has changed. Thanks for looking into this.
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6 years ago, LGLG631
This app crashes and ceases to work more often than it actually works. You never know which part of the app is going to decide not to work that day, from my “favorites” list not showing up to studios’ schedules failing to appear, when I know they have a schedule and classes that day. Or any day. It’s insanely frustrating. I really hate this app but it’s the only thing out there that all my studios use so I keep having to try to use it and hope it works but I swear it’s a complete waste of time. Usually I end up having to look up a schedule and book a class online, or call them and do it over the phone (!!! outrage), which completely defeats the purpose of this app and apps in general. My friends have the same issues so I know it’s not just me. Someone PLEASE FIX THIS APP!!!
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1 year ago, Sweetwind
When it works, it works well
This app is spotty. I didn’t get any warning about my credit card coming to its expiration date, I was just silently dropped from the Flex program. The app wouldn’t let me update the expired credit card, or re-enter it as a new credit card either. I had to enter an entirely different card and manually re-enroll. That was in October now here it is February, and suddenly all the Flex program indications have vanished. I put in a ticket, but right now I have no idea. Maybe Mindbody has decided to give up the Flex program without telling anybody? Or maybe it’s just a really big bug, who knows.
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