Moda Health Mobile ID Card

Health & Fitness
1.8 (33)
0.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Moda Partners, Inc
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
12.2 or later
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User Reviews for Moda Health Mobile ID Card

1.79 out of 5
33 Ratings
5 years ago, Alimac200
Only works for some
Doesn’t work for all Moda clients. I haven’t gotten my hard copy still and thought this would be an option. Bummer :/
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5 months ago, Tazmania1717
Moda, I hope you go out of business
This app doesn’t work, can’t login 90% of the time. It’s literally just an app for your id cards…. Why not just take a picture of your cards?! This app has not EOBs and doesn’t even show my dents card!!! The website has errors and bugs and NEVER works properly. Customer service is the absolute worst. Just die already Moda, you’re terrible at everything you do.
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3 years ago, Crinnaj
Worthless - take a picture
This app makes no sense. If you have a smartphone why wouldn't you just take a picture of your insurance card rather than go through this app just to see your card. Should be able to see EOB and other info. Useless app. Cannot even login anymore.
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3 years ago, La Pine girl
Not in my area?
Is it because I live in a rural community? I don’t understand why we are not as important as a larger community. Technology today should be able to manage this situation. I’m pretty disappointed that Moda has not been able to make this happen for everyone on its plan.
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3 years ago, CaptainFearful
Awful, shamefully bad
Not only does the developer not provide any of the data and privacy usage data, this app is clearly just a webview wrapped in a little bit of native. It looks like it hasn’t been updated since iPhone 4 days. Moda should not put their name to this. It reflects poorly.
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5 years ago, Lesnant
It’s a copy of my card on my phone. Better then packing a card in the wallet.
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1 year ago, Princesscrc
Worked for years; until it didn’t
This app was great for looking up real time account details. However, it has not worked for me since 2022. I wish it could be enhanced to work again.
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11 months ago, Julie beee
Wish I could give 0 stars
Pointless. It’s just your card and 90% of the time you can’t even log in. Would be great if you could see your benefits etc ….. I deleted the app
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11 years ago, jazznbikes
Text entry boxes disappear (iPhone version)
As soon as you click in a box, Subscriber field, the app scrolls up, the boxes disappear and you can't scroll anywhere to see them. This needs an immediate fix.
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5 years ago, Scott Mainwaring
Pointless and terrible usability
App won’t take the same login credentials as the mymoda website. Moda should provide iOS Wallet functionality instead of this ridiculous hack of a stand-alone app.
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8 months ago, Chilakylesverdes
Not great functionality
Please add the option to add card to Apple wallet. In general, this app is terrible. I pay $800 a month for insurance. Maybe invest some of your profits in a modern app?
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5 years ago, ocmom1152
Adding family members
Can’t find the option to include additional family members- shouldn’t be much of an issue to fix. Very necessary!!
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10 months ago, BilboDrapela
A Bad Omen
This is the first communication I get from my new healthcare provider, and they think it’s totally reasonably to download and use an app that does NOTHING??? Really bad sign… 🙁
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5 years ago, iphonechargerssuck
Just the card that’s it not even the website or a locator for places that accepts the insurance
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7 years ago, Staceymarykay
Useless app
It just shows you the front of your insurance card.
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3 years ago, Furious Thumbs
So bad
How can healthcare companies make so much money, yet have apps like this that are so bad? Unreal.
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5 years ago, ohhhbn
Too bad app does not provide any other service besides copy of I’d
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1 year ago, RobHazen
Useless app. Doesn’t do anything.
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3 years ago, 1423guj
Built by a high school student overnight
Mods Health should be embarrassed to put their name on this application.
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12 years ago, the college student
Another reviewer posed the question as to why someone would need this app, as opposed to taking a photo of the ID card. The app allows you to fax and email the card. Yes, you can email a photo. If you do not need to fax your card, then a photo may suffice.
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9 years ago, Susan the fan
Poor Planning by Moda Tech People
The app was working fine until the big iOS update. If you're in the business of creating apps for smartphones, you absolutely knew the update was coming. And yet, after speaking with tech support just now, they have no idea when they'll get around to fixing the now useless app. They're too busy keeping the website up and running they say. Very disappointing.
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13 years ago, MurderCycle
No more keeping track of my insurance card ... in my wallet ... desk drawer ... or wherever! It's now on my iPhone that is with me everywhere I go! Welcome to the future!
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11 years ago, lost my pics :(
Comes in handy if you don't have your card
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9 years ago, Snipes1487
Blank Card
Currently the app isn't working and only shows blank cards.
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9 years ago, ricachica82
Worthless App
This app is completely worthless. All it shows is a blank card. Moda members are better off to log into the mobile site on Safari and save the PDF of their cards into iBooks or their PDF app of choice.
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9 years ago, Slfifiej
And kids
This app shows a blank ID card when logged in. Ridiculous to roll out an app when there are still issues with it!
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11 years ago, superpilot66
What's the point
I am that person that never reviews apps... For that I will apologize. This app has compelled me to type a few words. This app is worthless and serves zero purpose. Don't waste your time or memory.
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12 years ago, TokenCanuck
Minimal functionality and the app logo...ouch.
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9 years ago, Ehfoster
Ap would be more usefully if you could view your ID card and view account info, such as Eob.
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9 years ago, wildredside
Broken in iOS 9.x
The app no longer loads the card info
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9 years ago, JimmyWilder
Not working
The cards are blank.
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7 years ago, jbhershiser
Good start. I guess.
An app for a mobile card? Ok. But s/b a myModa app.
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11 years ago, MrKupka
No card? No problem!
As one of those who seems to lose wallets, cards, and important things on the regular, this app is incredibly useful. I can simply show my phone to my doctor's office when I don't have my insurance card on me (or use the app to email or fax the card info later on). In that sense, this app does EXACTLY what it sets out to do. NOTE: This app works only if your Moda Health card includes a mobile PIN code. (This is an option likely selected by your employer)
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