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User Reviews for Monitor Your Weight

4.83 out of 5
20.3K Ratings
2 years ago, Smukatelli
Very nice tracker
Love the app, does more and with a better display of data than other trackers I’ve tried. While my particular smart scale (Wyze) can’t connect to this app directly both connect to Apple Health which means my scale will automatically update the app through Apple Health which is very convenient. I only have one minor criticism and one suggestion. The criticism is that when you turn your phone sideways to view the graphs in landscape, you must keep the phone angled up. If you tilt it down (for more comfortable viewing or to lay it on a table)the screen goes back to portrait which is a bit irritating. Every other app that automatically switches between landscape and portrait will allow you to rotate the screen to landscape and maintain that view even when you set the phone down. The suggestion is that you provide a graph and/or data display on the home page of body measurements. Being able to add body measurements is nice but you have to call up the data screen and scroll through it looking for individual measurements amongst all of the weight data. Neither of these two issues are deal breakers, I really like the app and believe these two things could further improve an already great app.
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5 years ago, DravenDyer
My favorite weight loss tracker
I have about 5 weight tracking apps running, after losing data from 1, I became a little paranoid of losing all my hard work so I added a couple. 😁 I love this one above them all for the range of options it allows. Some apps have just as many but don’t teach you how to use them and how they impact your tracking. While a beginner can still use it and the basics it provides the History and Graphs sections are really great for those of use who like to dig into the details. Showing what category your BMI is placing in the way this app does allows me to see how much farther to go to get to the next category by pound where others are too general. I also really love the journal section which gives each entry a red, yellow or green to warn you should you begin to slide. A warning far ahead of doing damage to your weight loss goals and that too graphs and keeps a history. I really love the feature that allows you to have your pounds lost set outside of the app on the icon. It’s nice to be reminded of how far you’ve come when your not even in the app. I could go on but those are a few of the features I love about this app.
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4 years ago, Figmitten
Many great features, integrated with other apps, using for years
What I like about this app is that you can create more than one profile. I am setting small weight loss goals so I can celebrate along the way. So when I finish one, I create a new profile with a new goal. I also created an overall weight loss profile so I can see my whole journey, although some may find this tedious because it means logging the weight twice. The app is password protected and also gives % of how close you are to your goal and has graphs. It also syncs with your other apps like Apple Health or FitnessPal if you use those. There is also a place to add some notes when you enter your weight, in case you want to say what is going well or what isn’t, or what your goal is, etc. Turns out I have been using this app since 2012, which I didn’t realize. It was interesting to look back through my entries to see my journey and when I’ve done well and when I haven’t.
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4 years ago, Uhuhamen
Great-can get even better
This is very motivating and easy to use without any fluff—my favorite such app. Some things that would make it even better for me: 1. I like the feature of clicking on a past entry and telling you the x,y values. Would be great to extend this to touching a future point on the extrapolation lines—such as for the full graph, finding target date/wts along the way (for example, when I’d cross from one BMI range into another. 2. Ability to set both new-and long-term goals 3. Ability to customize measurements, or at least provide more useful categories. It provides for both left and right arm measurements, which seems a little anal or silly, yet just one bust or waist value. As a female I’d like to track both boob size and bra band circumference, and as someone who sports a double belly I’d want more detail around the midsection as well. 4. I can’t seem to get the “display lbs lost on app icon” to work but think that’s a nice feature. 5. Be able to vary the axis scales 6. Be able to enter comments with wt entries. I’d love to be able to annotate my history with things like “started going to gym” or “2week vacation” or “now fit size X jeans!” For extra motivation and for capturing more of the full picture. Thank you!
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1 year ago, Mirandamii
The BEST. Been using this App for 2 years now!
It’s just fantastic. The graphing, the way I can note dietary changes. And I love that it’s SIMPLE. There’s too many apps now that try to over do things. This is straight, to the point and take a less than a minute to log. It’s great to screenshot the summaries of my progress for my medical providers. I love I can include dietary changes so I can know what is working & what isn’t. I enjoy being able to add what medications I start to know which one may be causing weight gain or aiding my progress. Losing weight was about tackling higher sugar levels and my BP and this app has allowed me to do that, and see the effects my mental health meds. Kudos to your team and thank you for making it so easy to monitor one of the most important aspects of our health!!
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4 years ago, easyjay39402
Simple, attractive, and EFFECTIVE
I've used this app off and on over the past two years to support my weight loss goals and have enjoyed watching its evolution into a full-featured, easy to use tool. With its help my BMI is down to 22.5 and still falling 👍 Update after another year or so. I reached my weight goal and continue using this app to avoid backsliding. Check and record my weight once a week, usually Mondays. If I see a trend that I don’t like, I check it daily. Just being aware of my weight causes me to make better food decisions and keep my weight in a healthy range. (I’ve tried using detailed food diaries, but they are too tedious for me)
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6 years ago, busygal52
Excellent for weight tracking!
This app does exactly what it says- it monitors your weight. Very simple and easy to use. It’s my daily go-to every morning when I get on the scale. I use another app to log my meals and to weekly report my weight. But this app is essential to my daily weigh-in. Easier than keeping a written log. I like that it has a pin lock and, after upgrading to premium account, it syncs between my devices. I also like the choice of colors for my scale and the graph lines that show my progress. I highly recommend this app to anyone who wants an honest account of your weight loss journey. Highly recommend!!
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2 years ago, thinkhappy313
Best Weight Tracker!!
I’ve use all the apps and this one really stands out because it’s so simple and shows all the stats to help keep me motivated. I love being able to customize my goals and see the calories and time projection. Seeing the progress and time to goal is so motivating too, and the graph view is perfect. I love the lines that compare your progress to your goal. Thank you for this awesome and free tool!! One suggestion - would be awesome if this could link to push data to Apple health app, I like keeping my weight updated there too and that would save a step.
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2 years ago, Need-A-Hand
Stop Synchronizing and recognizing my email
This app great while it worked. My wife showed the doctor and she was impressed with it. However on Christmas Eve it just stop working and now it doesn’t recognize my email address for the account. I paid for the synchronization and now I can’t even get into my account to reactivate synchronization. UPDATE: I received a quick response from Support and it seems they had problems with their Server. I just had to recreate my id user my same email address and that corrected the issue. Thank you Support for you quick response. I have changed my rating from 1 star to 4 stars.
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1 year ago, jerryjfc
My weight loss journey
I’ve had this app for at least two years. Even on my highest weight, I always can go back and look at it. It helps me when I’m feeling down because my weight has Climbed .Then when I look at the whole scale of things, I realize that I’m not that bad I can do it. I also know what months I pick up weight and some of the reasons why that may be happening. Right now I am on my way back down. But the reminders want to put my weights in help me stick to reality.I have been able to maintain wait longer. Sincerely Jerry.
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2 years ago, supply rayj
I love graphs
I was introduced to graphs when using the Noom program. When I stopped Noom I lost access to my graph -that’s when I found “MyWeight”. I like it for its simplicity. I have found using a graph over time lets you see your losses and plateaus. I for one have long plateaus between weight loss. It is so easy with weight loss to just throw in the towel when the scale doesn’t move. But seeing the plateaus on the graph- knowing if I ride it out weight loss will come again was a game changer for me. Also a great tool for people who weigh everyday to maintain a steady weigh.
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5 years ago, Faymore
Great app
I recently started a diet to lose some weight and I came across this app. I’m by no means a health nut or an exercise guru or anything like that so some of the features on the other apps didn’t really appeal to me too much. This one though, with just a few minutes I had set up my weight and target weight and a nice little graph with other statistical info to show if I’m on track or not. After using it a few weeks I must say I enjoy the simple yet useful information that is provided as I go along my weight loss program.
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2 years ago, waylo
Good but...
It is good graphing and history functions. However, this app doesn’t lend itself to a situation where you stopped a diet, took time off and restarted. You’re stuck with the original starting weight. You’re stuck with the original time. There is no way, easy or hard, that I’ve found to be able to reset it or point the starting weight to a date. It would be great if there were easier controls to do that. I don’t want to lose my previous weight loss history but can’t seem to get this to use a current point in time to start with.
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1 year ago, tpfang56
The best simple no fuss weight tracker
For a period of several years I stopped tracking my weight, but I love being able to see my old progress without it being locked behind a paywall (usually these types of apps will not allow you to see old data or an overall view without paying a fee or subscription.) Being able to keep track of measurements are a cool addition and I like the simple interface.
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6 years ago, Moby323
Perfect, simple, easy to use weight tracker
This app is perfect for what I need- an easy to use app that tracks my weight. It gives you all the info you need to see exactly where you are on your weight loss journey. You can see graphs showing your progress, estimated times to achieve your goals, stats showing the rate at which you are losing weight etc. It has many more features if you are interested, such as a whole bunch of body measurements and I titration with other apps etc.
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6 years ago, Majo Molina
Awesome app. The notes section is great!
I am loving this app, it's helping me keep track of how my weight fluctuates day to day. I am using the notes a lot, to keep track of the total calories ingested, calories burned, net calories, my workout, ounces of water, vowel movements, sleep hrs, menstrual period, etc. Things that influence my weight. I wish they could do something where you can have those options by default were you just enter the numbers for those things I mentioned above, that would be super awesome!!!
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7 years ago, hospital clinician
Very useful
I have been using this app now for several months and find that it works very well for me tracking simple weight loss with a goal in mind. What I really like about it is the feature that compares the time elapsed with the amount of weight lost. The viewing of the chart is good and it's various views though I wish it had more presets, and smoother zooming in or out when the phone is in landscape orientation. I would definitely recommend this app.
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6 years ago, KMM_622
Registered Dietitian
I have been using this app for years (personally) and it’s been very helpful to see the changes in my weight over the past couple years on the graph that’s provided. I give it 4 stars because the body fat % does not seem accurate and the estimated calorie needs are just that - a very rough estimate. If basing calorie needs off this number, keep in mind it’s just a starting point and working with a dietitian will give you much more accurate information based on many different lifestyle and physical factors.
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6 years ago, Johnnybouototo
Great App
I had been scared for quite some time to face my weight, but this app makes it easier and even includes a password setting. It tracks your progress through linear graphs and also calculates your estimated daily weight loss, and helps you set goals and lets you know how long it will take to achieve those goals, realistically speaking. Also calculates and recalculates your caloric intake needed to lose the weight. Overall, great app.
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2 years ago, LOVECHARM824
I track my weight more often than most, however this app is so easy to record and view overall progress. An added bonus is that it enables you to see if you’re ahead of the game due to the graph provided. Thanks for creating such a useful tool. Plus it’s motivating to see my progress and a possible date that I may reach my goal weight.
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5 years ago, downrivermich
Good Weight Tracker
I’ve been using the free version of this app since 2016. I’m on my way to my goal weight. It’s easy to enter weight changes and it shows original BMI and lower BMI as I lose weight. My only gripe, I wish the font was larger so I could read what the home screen says as I lose my weight. The font is so tiny. If this were optimized for iPad, I could use it on my iPad, but it shows a small screen there, too.
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3 years ago, mcgadymeg
Super easy
Two weeks in and I keep waiting for some snafu to arise, but so far so good! It’s perfect for my basic needs: tracking my weight with the date I entered it, noting my goal. It might have more features that are useful but I’ve just not needed to go exploring within the app. I’m just pleased it’s not riddled with ads that I have to wait 5 seconds to clear. Hearty recommendation!
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5 years ago, Angelraj
Motivating for weight loss journey
It’s very helpful to be able to track weight in one app. I love the simplicity of use, which allows you to enter daily weight as well as notes. I like being able to see the graph with the anticipated date of reaching your goal, which adjusts according to progress. I also appreciate that you can add previous days info, and make corrections easily.
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4 years ago, BJohnson05
Great app...except
This app is great at helping me see my results as I get healthier. The graph shows my progress in weight loss and I love that I can enter my measurements! The only thing I’m having an issue with is the icon. I’ve toggles the switch to on so it is supposed to show how much weight I’ve lost on the icon. It just says 120lbs. No matter what toggle I turn off or on. Now that’s not a big deal BUT it is one of the reasons I chose this app. 🤷🏻‍♀️
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6 years ago, Iiternal
Great little gadget
It's simple but works exceptionally well. It includes only the essential functions and displays the essential information, hence it's very fast to load. The weight curve and trend curve is clear enough for evaluating your performance. Only minor con is that it requires you to put in a target or it will estimate a target for you. I wish the estimation function could set a target date besides a target weight.
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4 months ago, BeckGirlWrites
Clean app
App is easy to use and displays all the features I want to see. Status bar lets you know when slipping. BMI is a valuable feature. The App Calculates when you should reach your goal and the graph is great showing overall or by month. You can also backdate your beginning weight if using this app later in your journey.
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5 years ago, CrazyAmy76
LOVE this weight tracker!!
I’ve been using this app for several years now and I love it! It’s simple and user friendly. I love that I can track my husbands weight as well as my own with multi user option AND that I can set each of us our own color background for quick user identification! I’ve tried numerous other weight tracking apps, but hands down this is my FAVORITE!!!
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4 years ago, Sakujisan285
I rarely make reviews. This app deserves it.
My wife lost 50 lbs in one year and I, who just started, lost 7 months for the past 2 months. The success so far is because of this app. According to the many studies based off the National Weight Control Registry of NIH, regularly monitoring of weight helps in achieving our goals. And this app provides all the relevant data aside from actual weight. Awesome app.
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6 years ago, ThomHall
Best Weight Tracker for Intermittent Fasteing
I’ve tried lots of weight tracking apps. This one is the best for those who do intermittent fasting. I like how the app allows me to set a goal, then it draws a graph of the path to success. Best of all I can see a range that I should shoot for which is a huge help. I really hope the developer keeps updating it by making the UX a little cleaner. Functionally, it’s exactly spot on. Great job.
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4 years ago, chbjunior
User friendly weight tracker!
User friendly app that does exactly what you need it to do, monitor your weight! Gives a variety of accurate feedback that allows you to see at a glance how far you’ve come and/or got to go. Love it! So accurate that when I compared the BMI from the app with my doctors digital BMI measuring device, they both read the same! I was so impressed! LOVE IT!
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2 years ago, Jrb1181
I adore this app, please don’t change it!
I love the simplicity, I love the privacy, I love that it doesn’t have any unnecessary added features. Some apps like this tend to try to upgrade and change to compete, but they often lose what makes them special and original. I love it so much, it really helps me visualize my fitness goals.
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5 years ago, HJBoos
A very functional app
I have really enjoyed this app. There’s a ton of apps on my phone, but only 6 or 7 that I use everyday. And, after reading research showing that those who merely checked and recorded their weight each day lost more weight and kept it down. This year I tried it and found that I will have lost 50 pounds this year alone. Thank you!
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5 years ago, GHR 1934
Weight App is terrific.
I lost 30 pounds for no medical reason or reasons. After almost 100 lab, x-rays and seeing various Doctors, I was given a pill that increases your appetite. So I needed to keep track of my daily weight for the Doctor So far after 2 weeks I have gained five pounds and this app does a great job of following my daily weight and I highly recommend it. Thanks for this App.
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5 years ago, Jody_2019_0408
Great app!
I was looking for an app that would track my weight loss as I was tired of trying to figure out how much weight I lost with pounds and ounces. Not only does this app do that but it also keeps a running history of my weight loss so I can visualize my progress. It even has a graph with graphs out my progress as well. I also love the projected goal date.
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5 years ago, Anamootoo
So helpful!
This app is so helpful in keeping up with what’s happening with my weight. I use 2 other apps to monitor caloric intake and exercise, but am able to make notes of both of these in this app to see everything at once. Love that it monitors progress and gives me a visual guide for staying on target. Has made a huge difference in my journey! Thanks!
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7 years ago, BreReePar
Finally! Precisely what I wanted!
I've been looking for an app that monitors my progress but most have little of what I really want. This app charts my weight loss progress, calculates my bmi and calculates my daily calorie need based on the goal date I set for myself for my age, weight, height, gender, and activity level. Everything is easy to read and understand and not cutesy.
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3 years ago, Shan THE GOAT
Losing Weight
I like this app it actually kind of helps me because at times a lot of people make fun of me and call me fat but it’s normal I’m used to it but I just feel so insecure about myself it just feels bad nobody should ever have to go through that seriously. So thats why a lot of people should use this app.
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1 year ago, TelmahQ
Easy to use
Great app I have been using it for a long time. One feature I am missing, I would like the “current” graph to show the time range I set in my profile, and the “full” graph to show all the data I have collected. Right now they both show the same start date, even though the older data is still in the app. Thanks.
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2 months ago, Sagacitybeats
According to WHO?
I believe the idea of tracking the progress of any set goal is an awesome idea. This app has captured that idea. However, to suggest whether a person is “obese” with zero knowledge of the person’s body type (slim, average, body builder, etc.) seems to be a bit of misinformation. There is no way you can tell a person body fat percentage without this information since muscle is heavier than fat. Maybe this would be a good add to prevent discouraging those who may not know better. Thank you. Looking forward to the changes.
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5 years ago, Airmale747
Fat man
I have used it for a couple of months now and it does everything that I think it should as nice graphics a good recording the only problem is if you discover weight that you wrote down in the past and try to enter it it messes up everything don’t back up. It’s a outstanding program!
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5 years ago, KathCanCan
I have a few fitness and weight apps in my phone, and while I use those to track exercise and food, this is my go-to for weight tracking. The graph that shows actual and projected weights and the summary page that shows % lost of your goal and % of time passed in your goal period is exactly what I need.
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3 months ago, Akander69
Super helpful managing the emotional ups and downs with the ups and downs of my daily weight fluctuations. The trend line keeps me focused on the future goal weight while also everyday if I’m in still on track (or not) with my ultimate goal. It is so simple but surprisingly effective. Thank you for building this!
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4 years ago, awdavis22
One minor improvement idea
I think the app is phenomenal. It gives you an idea of where you’re at and when you’ll get where you’re going. I’d just like to also know when I’ll change my weight class so I’m no longer technically obese. Thanks for the great app! May you be extremely successful with it!
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1 year ago, American teacher
So helpful
Even after I completed my weight loss journey, I have been using this tool to better see my maintenance. I discovered and love the zoom tool, as it helps me step back and see the big picture, or zoom in to see my current status.
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6 years ago, panase
Mediocre watch app, unresponsive developer
The input range on the watch app is limited to plus/minus 3.3 lbf from last measurement. It happened numerous times where I hit those limits and then had to open the app on the phone and adjust, which is inconvenient. 3.3 lbf is not much when you are dehydrated after long exercise or if you measure with clothes or without, or if your last measurement is from some time ago. Tried to contact the developer twice about this but no response or improvement.
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4 years ago, Keke mcneal
I really like this app
It shows me how much weight I have gained and how much I need to gain it also shows me my body fat and thats very helpful but it is also for weight loss many apps are for only weight loss and I really like how it shows both in one app and for someone who struggles with weight gain I really recommend this app.
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3 years ago, LostInTheStars
Nice features - Fonts are Too Small
The designers missed the mark but the developers built a solid product. The UI is WAY too busy. If they made a “just the basics” dashboard in much larger fonts they’d make it much more user friendly. Current vs goal weights should be equally weighted in teems of emphasis.
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3 months ago, Headsnack
Automatically gives me a weight every day
This app used to be great but then all of a sudden it started to give me the same weight (which is not my weight) up to several times per day. I fully quit the app after using it so not sure why. The annoying part is it affects other apps that link with it so my weight is never accurate in those apps, even after erasing the errant entries. I hope they fix this soon.
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5 months ago, Bertielou too
Great app!
It is an easy-to-use app that makes tracking your weight over time convenient. I like that I can view my progress in graph format, list and monthly formats. One wish I have, would be that on the calendar page in history, the app would show your average weight for the month.
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2 years ago, 330sundancer
Lost synchronization and so frustrated
While the app worked I really enjoyed it and felt like it was a great app to have. I have not been able to sync since July nor has my husband. I have tried contacting the developer through website, email and no response. I thought if I purchased the app that it would update and would work again. Nope what a waste. I tried to create account online and login and I am not able to do that even after I purchased. So frustrated.
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