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ThrivePort, LLC
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1 month ago
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User Reviews for Moodnotes - Mood Tracker

4.65 out of 5
10.8K Ratings
4 years ago, noahpictures
Small adjustments away from greatness
I use Moodnotes as a mood tracker in hope of detecting patterns over time. I log moods about four times daily. I would get hopeless and irritable in the late afternoon so I began testing my blood sugar around that time and it was always low, about 80 on average. This might be normal at 4 AM not PM. I often forget to eat due to ADHD time blindness and rarely eat on schedule. The interactive emoji is helpful for quickly logging mood. Can’t think of a quicker way. Simple and brilliant. Now the problem is the app doesn’t challenge and hook the user by asking “Why” immediately post mood entry. Instead it has Add Detail as an option displayed in the same color with a white boxed line. Not as effective as it could be. I rarely choose to add detail due to avoidance and not really seeing it. There’s no nudge. Ideally it’d go: emoji, why/what’s causing/happening or skip (in smaller font) ending the session, choose feelings, check a thought (applicable CBT)...etc. The pages would change immediately post entry. Now the app would be beneficial to us by reducing mental pain quicker ad more effectively. Moodnotes has a couple of other simple flaws including translating, displaying data effectively. The colors shouldn’t blend into each other. Instead important choices should be in different colors for easier visual flow. These simple changes will increase efficacy and user usage thus more healing and yes, a better world.
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6 years ago, anesign
An app that can save lives
You see I live in a very complicated city surrounded with much complicated culture that still see mental health as a taboo subject to be highlighted out load, luckily I’ve my friend who lives in a away cities whom advised me against going to see a psychiatrist within the city i live in giving how much of sharing could get me in trouble within the authority in here, I’ve done my research read a few books and i found this app, i said to myself lets just give it a try what would i lose after all this suffering talking to a machine is still a great option at least I won’t get in trouble, I know for sure in many cases of depression and anxiety a CPT techniques might not be enough so if you have the The privilege to see a psychiatrist please go for it while using this app it might help you to recover even more faster, I had to read so much to understand my suffering am glad that many won’t have to given such great ideas still exist within our world brings hope to the depressed community around the world, to the amazing psychologists and developers to the coders whom might never understood what the hell they were coding at the first place, you ladies and gentlemen have saved lives and for mine am and always will be grateful. May the force be with you all. Thank you.
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6 years ago, Pink4ndglossy20
Please read!!!
This app is amazing for all ages. I’ve had a hard time with therapist and psychologist for years and years of trying to find one that could help me. I finally found an amazing therapist who helps me tremendously. Only, she works far from where I live so it’s hard to see her as often as I’d like. I was skeptical about downloading this app, since it’s hard for me to find something/ someone that helps change my mindset. I saw the good reviews and downloaded it. After just one journal entry, I fell in love. The questions, and strategy the app uses to help flip any negativity is professional and truly works. It reminds me of how my therapist is able to help me so well. This app truly helps you for the better whether you have a mental illness (like me) or just want to be overall more positive and understandings to yourself and feelings, just be consistent with it! I’ve noticed a change in my mood and noticed I’ve been more positive and motivated at the end of the day. Even on those really bad days, it helps. It helps just to type out how you feel, and this app helps you recognize that and why. Much worth the purchase. I’m so happy someone made this app. To the developers: I hope you know you’re helping a lot of people with this app, it’s truly great, thank you.
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5 years ago, Umbra Magna
Great for people with anxiety!
I have Asperger’s Syndrome and I’m very prone to anxiety, and this app allows me to write down how I’m feeling and work out any thinking errors. I think this could be a great app for autistic people who might otherwise have trouble identifying how they feel. It lets you adjust the face on the screen to be sad or happy and pick and choose from various emotion words, and more often than not I’ll find the right word for how I’m feeling. I obviously can’t speak for all autistic people, but in my experience this app is very helpful. Sometimes just writing how I feel helps me to feel better, even if it doesn’t change my situation. I especially like that it allows you to select more than one emotion (which many apps don’t), as well as the intensity of the emotion(s) you’re feeling. And then it lets you write down why you feel that way, and it takes you through some questions and prompts you to thinking about any thinking errors. And then it asks if your emotions have changed and lets you change the intensity of you feel different. Another cool thing is that it doesn’t make you complete every step. If you just don’t feel like it right now, you can just complete some of the steps. All in all, I really like this app. :)
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5 years ago, Sherylc6
ACTUALLY based on science
I am so tired of downloading health and productivity apps that claim to be “based on science” when they are throwing that phrase around loosely. Young me probably wouldn’t have called psychology a science, but after ten years of struggling with chronic mental illness, I’ve come around. I have PTSD, and I’ve never been a big fan of therapy. I went for several years, mostly just to satisfy my friends and family, and I liked my therapist. But, I’m very introverted when it comes to my mental health, and trust is one of my major issues. So, finding a useful tool like this where I can keep my thoughts private is a godsend. I just started using this today, and I recognize much of the information from CBT, so I know it’s actually created by someone who is educated and truly cares, rather than just trying to make a buck. Plus, a lot of apps that claim to be for “mental health” are really just lifestyle or meditation apps, not fit for people with serious mental illness. I highly recommend that people go to therapy to get diagnosed if they are struggling (and not use an app), but for mental health maintenance, for those dealing with chronic problems, this is on a short list of useful tools.
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5 years ago, J.S. Bleccch
It’s a good motivation to journal and for that reason I keep using it. I wish there were an option to add feelings to the list - there are many there, but obviously there are many more that I simply note in my text summary. I do wish that the app wouldn’t automatically send me a thought correction procedure whenever I identify even a single “negative” feeling, even if the overall mood and tone for the day are highly positive as expressed in my “smile” and positive feeling selection. It seems like it negates all the positive feelings. I also wish it didn’t list “tired” as a “negative” feeling - I’m much more likely to be tired when I’ve had a very good day, and tired is a pleasant feeling after a long run, productive meeting, etc! Finally, please delete the optimism exercise about “what will your life look like in a few years.” My life expectancy isn’t that long, and although I don’t mind being reminded of it, it makes the exercise difficult (I generally write “I will have had a quick and comfortable death at a time and place of my choosing, and my end of life wishes will have been honored” ... but it has to be the same response every time since my life expectancy isn’t going to increase!) - and others might find that a serious downer. Not everyone who uses this app is 25 and healthy!
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6 years ago, chik66
Wow! Great app! Great handy way to log and process feelings throughout the day, at ANYTIME. If I start to feel something, I can pull out my phone, and start typing in MOODNOTES. As I type my feelings about a situation, I am able to document and process things at the same time, and I typically will write more than initially planned. This results in my being in a cleansed and more calm state, having identified optional ways of dealing with issues/feelings, and a plan of action. I feel less “stuck”, nor like a victim, because I have identified options. I do not feel like I need to rush to be heard, because I have my feelings stored in a safe place and can recall them if and when I want, and take my time expressing myself, if and when I decide to do so. It helps me decide how I will do so as well. MORE OFTEN THAN NOT, that’s all I need, and it is over. But if I need more, I can also return to the documented incident, and during an established time, I can tap into my experience, and identify my feelings, and let myself feel, til they are finished. I can end my feeling journey with a positive thought, like: “I am okay”, or “I am a capable and resilient person”. This is GREAT!!!
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6 years ago, gator supreme
Great app, makes you think!
Finding a mental health professional is difficult. Of course, for many of us it’s a necessary headache (all of the calls and the waiting just to get in someplace, or waiting months until you can see someone again); however, filling the gaps between professional one-on-one sessions has never been quite as effective as it has been with Moodnotes. Journaling the old fashion way is great! .... if you can be consistent. But then, you’re talking AT something, rather than having an app like this actually engage with your mood - how are you feeling? What moods are you experiencing? What thinking traps may you have fallen into today? How can you reframe your negative feelings now that you know WHY you were thinking this way? It’s a fantastic tool to have to keep my brain in check. The only think I wish the app had was either the ability to add your own thinking traps, or for the developers to add more (such as minimizing negatives, compartmentalizing, etc.). These are my personal MO’s, which I’m aware of, but it’d help to have this app call me out on them too. :)
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4 years ago, Riwsky
UI headed south
On-and-off user of the app for a couple years now, and appreciate that it’s been there all those years. Even just spending a few days with this latest update, though, has sent me looking for alternatives. It’s not the subscription—the benefits this provided me are more than worth the price being asked for premium—but the simple fact that the app itself has gotten worse. The face-scanning mood input solves a problem I don’t think anyone has, and it does so poorly—my face seems incapable of anything than a 0 or -1. The button designs guide the user _away_ from the CBT details workflow. The timeline now uses a physically-inspired design (depth, shadows etc) that is entirely incongruous with the CBT workflow screen, which is in the old, flat style; also for some reason the details screen’s header seems to be double its old height. If there were something magical or proprietary about what Moodnotes did, then these UI concerns would be middling—but CBT is beautifully simple enough that it can be done with pencil and paper; that Moodnotes provided a superior UI compared to alternatives was its entire selling point. For years, going off of that original ustwo design, that superiority seemed assured. I am sad (30%) for that to no longer be the case.
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6 months ago, PlausiblyIll
Can you make an iPad version?
I love this app. I use it all the time. I used to use it on my phone but then I would get really distracted and just surf the web (I have ADHD and anxiety and use this to record my anxiety and motivation with school work). I use my iPad Pro strictly for productivity and school work, so I thought it’d be cool if this app was also offered for the iPad? I already am so organized through my iPad, less so with my iPhone. Besides that... this app is so great. I love scrolling back in entries and analyzing what might make me feel a certain way over time. It has helped me a lot to opening my eyes to behaviors or triggers I might not have realized. Thank you, and if it’s not too troublesome, please consider making an iPad app? Maybe not charge full price for the upgrade, but less for people who’ve already purchased this app... I’m willing to support the creation of the iPad app. I’d also be eternally grateful and I expect a lot of others will be too! Thank you so much, Michael
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4 years ago, TheWeebOverThere
A Word From A 14 Year Old ...
Hello , ThrivePort . I’d like to start off by saying that the idea of this app is quite wonderful , considering the fact that my moods are slowly becoming more negative than positive , due to it being easier to aggravate and irritate me now and because of possible gender dysphoria . I got to get a peek of what the app was about , and so far , it’s calming . The issue I have with the app is the fact that I have to pay for a subscription , membership , premium , whatever fits . The thing is , I am only fourteen . On top of that , I personally have no money , nor a credit card that has money on it . I also don’t have my pay settings set up on my phone due to that , and — well I’m sure you see the problem . I would like it if ... we didn’t have to pay for a subscription . This is simply because I would like to improve my mood and make it so that I can lower my irritation tolerance a little everyday . That’s my personal opinion , of course , but I feel it would be best for people like me who are still young with parents who don’t really allow subscriptions for apps . Thank you for reading .
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4 years ago, phelincr8zy
Hate the new update
This app has helped me through many struggles. I was able to change my emotions by using it. I recommended it to friends, coworkers, family members, my therapist and my DBT group. It’s really been helpful in my recovery. I haven’t had many episodes lately and when I came back to the app to help myself through some difficult situations and return to wise mind, I’m left more frustrated and upset. The app starts off the same. Select the feelings you are feeling then the intensity of those feelings. Then select the traps you are falling in. *Then it goes to one box to fill in how I view these traps after reading them. It goes to review and adjust the intensity of feelings. Then it goes through how to view the traps for your situation. *They removed the single most important step. After selecting the traps you fall in, the app would then let you go through each trap and think them through by typing them out. Effectively getting my brain to work through the problem. Without that step it’s just an app that is used more like a diary/journal. Please bring back the worksheet format of working through each step guiding the brain to come out of the trap. Without it I’m left still frustrated and more intense feelings.
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4 years ago, arguellos
Bring Back Old Interface
Love this app. It’s quite useful to record your mood, and the feelings you were experiencing at a particular moment. However, the updated interface with the emoji-like face is hideous. This is a clear example of app’s design teams tinkering with something that wasn’t broken. The app’s main purpose is to help people become more aware of their emotions and response to these. This is a serious topic, which the old interface reflected well while still being user friendly. The updated interface however, plays up to “modern sensibilities” but fails miserably at doing so. There’s a major and painful disconnect in the design language of the “log” tab and the “stats” tab. The emoji-like face in the “log” tab is the stuff of nightmares, and overall detracts from the app’s mental awareness goal. Buttons and overall design now feel modern for the sake of modernity: not purposefully designed that way, instead it all just reads like design taken out of a UI template you find on Dribble. Please, please, please Moodnotes team. Bring back the old interface, or find a way to tone down the new visuals. This updated visual language doesn’t reflect the app’s true value. I hope you realize that.
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6 years ago, Brysoneum
Rewarding and Fun👌
This app delivers what it promised too and even more. The beautiful layout and simplistic design is great, and the faces are awesome. I appreciate the option of either quickly showing how you feel and hope it out later. I also love the method of going deeper into how you feel presenting you with traps you face. My favorite part is definitely the data shown. It’s rewarding to look at how you’ve felt over the month or even year. You see the big picture and I love that. If I had to ask for something to add to the app for the developer, I would like a way to where you choose how you feel and when you go and choose your emotions (such as the anger, or cheerful attitude) that the face changes. Example: I chose the ): face and after I did I said I was angry so after I save the face changes from :( to >:(. I would adore a feature like this but if it never gets implemented than I hope the developers will continue to improve the app in other ways. Keep up the good work!😀
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4 years ago, jlleblanc
Writing really calls for an iPad version
I used this app pretty regularly a couple of years ago and found it to be helpful. I’m going to try to start using it again so I can supplement visits with my therapist. However, I’m not sure that I’ll keep up with it. I originally stopped using it because I started using my iPad as my primary “personal time” device (i.e., my phone generally stays plugged in and stationary in another room.) The iPad experience is painful for an app that relies heavily on text entry. Since there is no iPad version, you end up having to use the awkward iPhone simulation keyboard. I have a physical bluetooth keyboard case I would LOVE to use with this app (using it right now to write this review), but that would require me to do one of two things: 1) take the iPad out of the case and prop it up vertically 2) try to read the text sideways as I type. While I realize the effort to make an iPad version of an existing iPhone app is not zero, the functionality of this app is not so complex that I would imagine it taking an inordinate amount of time and effort.
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6 years ago, be-a-melody
A Great App
I would recommend this app to everybody. It helps you get your thoughts down and pinpoint how you were feeling. But my favorite part is after 10 or so entries, you get to look back and gain insight. And this inside helps you to see patterns. And for me, I realized how stuck I am on the same things. It was almost a common theme. And I think we all have one. You just don’t realize it until you truly see the writing in front of you. You can’t dismiss it. As long as you are Frank and honest, you can get real results. I also like the feature that your feelings and percentages so that you can see what your core problems are. Once you know that, you can begin to change it. And I use other apps for that process. But this is a great beginning. It’s like a mini journal. And it’s help me get straight to the point with what I’m feeling and what’s happening to me at the moment. I wish that the questions are varied after you submit your feelings but I still give it five stars!
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6 years ago, Beeleewilliams
Easy to Use and Very Helpful!
I almost never rate AND leave a review, but this app has been incredibly helpful! The last couple of months I’ve been struggling with new mental health issues and finally decided to change my medications. Having done so my doctor and partner recommended that I should write about how my new medications are affecting me, my moods, behaviors etc... I’m really not one who likes to journal etc... so I found this app after a quick google search. It can be very difficult for me to stick to routine especially if it’s something I don’t like doing and takes too long. This app is fantastic in that if I don’t want to/feel like I don’t have time I can register my mood quickly and easily via the little mood face, but I want to contribute you more I can add notes and also, specific feelings contributing to my overall mood. I think it’s completely worth the money. I look forward to seeing my insights a data after I’ve used it for a couple of months!
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6 years ago, Atabor90
Worth the Money - Seriously
I grew up in a dysfunctional family and because of that really developed some bad thinking habits and depression. Most of my 20’s its been something I have always had to keep in check. I did cognitive behavioral therapy a couple years ago and it helped me a ton! However, I quickly learned that CBT is a lifestyle and is something you have to remind yourself of daily and use frequently. It’s very easy to fall out of habits and allow our emotional/mental health to dwindle. To be honest if you are reading this review you are probably on your phone a lot anyways and use a lot of apps, so please do yourself a favor and just try this. I’m looking forward to using it more and wanted to thank the developers for how intuitive it is. It is so easy to input all the steps of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and really get down to what some of your biggest mental filters are that keep you from seeing life and yourself the way they should be seen. Just pay for it, silly!
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6 years ago, TorvikTheViking
I didn’t think I wanted this app, until I did.
As someone who writes in a couple of journals already (one pocket Moleskine for when I don’t want to carry the second one) I didn’t think this app was worth my $4. But after reading the App Store Story that was posted yesterday and how you’ve integrated CBT into what would normally be a pretty simple journaling app, which, as someone who’s very interested in and passionate about the field of psychology, intrigued me, at least enough to purchase the app and see how it works. And I must admit, despite having only wrote three entries over two days, I can see myself using this app for a long, long time. It’s just such an innovative combination of concepts. One thing I would like to see implemented is the ability to raise and lower different feelings after reflecting a thought. Right now I can only raise or lower the negative feelings I have chosen beforehand. Other than that, great app!
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1 year ago, set fire to everything
Phenomenal App
Let’s chat about how the app writes its own review & how you reading these reviews need to understand that. If you find yourself in a position where things are bad & you want to find out the triggers, this is a great app. All in all it does exactly what any tracker does. It’s not fantastic as it doesn’t allow you to tap through your history and open everything up. So for the price, improvements could be made. All in all though, this app is great. I’ll stop writing now so you can read what the app wrote for me. I’m docking a star for putting words in people’s mouths. Here’s what the mood tracker wrote for me, note: these are not my words so be careful when reading the reviews. AI written content should be banned. ——- The ease of use & mood tracking is helping me understand and see patterns that I’ve overlooked in myself. Great job. From the app design to the insight it gives. Strongly recommend this to anyone wanting to visualize their patterns or simply record their moments.
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5 years ago, TéaLëaf
A great help
This app has helped me a lot by providing a place to freely talk about my emotions more honestly. The app doesn’t judge, it just is. The thought analysis is really helpful, just having the prompt of “What are ways of thinking about the situation without traps?” has been so useful. There are times I don’t feel like answering that question and just want to sulk, but the app gently nudges me to do it anyway. Answering eases my thoughts so much. Thank you developers! :) The only reason it’s not a full 5 stars is issues I’m having with scrolling. When I filled out the Insights entry (not a Moodnote), I found that I couldn’t scroll without messing around with the existing text. It’s a little annoying, since I wrote some important things that I want to be able to read more often. Other than that, a full 5 stars from me. :) Edit: I also had an issue where a whole chunk of a moodnote was deleted. I’m not sure what caused it and it’s only happened once so far. Kind of sad to lose that though.
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4 years ago, 297374718173
So disappointing
I used to adore this app. It was pretty much perfect. It was simple and you could really easily just write about your day or how you were feeling without any complications. It was easy to look through past entries and the design of the app was very nice to look at at. In short, the app was about the journaling without all the extra distractions. Not anymore though. Now the whole thing is bogged down with so many new “features” that go completely against the main reason I used the app in the first place. Now the spot for writing is super small and to get to it you are forced to jump through an absurd number of hoops. Looking through past entries is a pain and the app looks completely different from when I first downloaded it, and not for the better. I’m so unbelievably disappointed. I have a lot of writing wrapped up in this app and now it feels inaccessible. It’s just such a shame and I would really love to go back to the simpler times of this app, when it didn’t require you to complicate your entries. It’s really frustrating that something that was once so great is now something I’ll probably never use again.
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6 years ago, meladactyl
Incredibly Useful, Wish it Had More
As someone with depression, anxiety, and ADHD, this app really helps me keep track of my emotions through different parts of my day, and challenges me to specify what things contribute to my good (and bad) feelings. Identifying thinking traps and rephrasing my negative thoughts has started to help me control them better. The only thing I wish this app had is some exercises, like deep breathing or guided meditation to help actively practice this control. Another app I use for tracking my anxiety, Pacifica, has timed activities and meditation that help me control my breathing when my anxiety is high and has specialized segments depending on how you’re feeling (relax now, mindfulness, stressful situations, calm down, etc). That being said, this is still a beautiful app. With both I feel like I’m covered for what I need. I just wish there were some more opportunities to practice what is taught in this app through more active means.
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6 years ago, Perry Jacksen
Phenomenal application
I downloaded this application on a whim, and figured this may be just like some of the other Mood tracking apps I’ve used before. I’m interested in getting to know what makes me feel bad, what makes me feel good, and have the option of getting more in depth with my journaling if I have the time. This app not only keeps track of my moods over time, but it points out your weaknesses, and your strengths. When listing the way I feel, the app has a list for negative and positive feelings that has helped me consider that there are two possible ways to think about things. I leave the app feeling refreshed and reflective of the insight it gives me. I feel like this application has immense potential, but could be developed even further. In some ways I have found this application better than having a therapist. With Moodnotes, you are your own counselor and coach. Keep up the good work!
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6 years ago, Classycoder
Very nice
I hope to one day look back and appreciate my growth in looking at the history of what is essentially emotional journal entries. Very valuable app indeed. Helps you understand yourself, and that’s the first step to being better. There’s one improvement and it would be that the mood pie instead averages your mood notes on a per day basis and then shows day by day average distributions rather than per mood note. For example say I make 20 happy mood notes in a day, and one hyper depressed mood note the next. I’m now apparently very happy on average. However the reality is I had a good day and a bad day. Only suggestion, otherwise pretty great. I actually got this app literally a day before a massive romantic failure on my part and in retrospect this app helped me understand my condition and looking back I’ve gathered valuable info on the grieving process at a personal level. Really just a great app.
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6 years ago, Nivaliente
I love this app. I’ve had it since the start of the year after being recommended and it’s been amazing since. However in the last few weeks I’ve stopped getting my notifications to when to record my moods. I had 9 months of nonstop reminders at exactly 10 pm like I set it the first day I used the app and suddenly—nothing. Like I didn’t even get a notification tonight as I’m writing this review. This is very disappointing because so far I was able to keep a good record of things to reflect on later and it was helpful for when I went to therapy. Now I randomly get reminded one day yes and another no. It’s really stressing me out because I’m relying on this app for this. I know the update said they fixed it but it’s really not fixed. I either have to remember to do it (which I don’t often hence the reason I have my reminder notification) manually or the day isn’t recorded and now I have gaps in my daily reflections. Please fix this it was doing so well before until the last 2 months.
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6 years ago, meridianarc
I started out with journaling my moods in Stigma when it first came out a few years ago. That app gives a lot of great options and I do like the charting features which show you how your mood is fluctuating. The downsides were that some moods weren’t categorizing correctly and it required loading the app and selecting specific emotions, not selecting a simpler method for quick additions. This app allows me to quickly log the primary feeling via a sliding smiley/frowning face, which is genius. I can also do quick additions on my Watch. The charts are difficult to read because they’re not calendar-based, but the ease of use makes up for that. I’m so very glad that I got this app. I’m actually logging mostly every day, and it really helps me. I fall off the wagon easily with other apps, but not this one. I highly recommend!
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5 years ago, EMETFORU
I love this app. I also am annoyed at this app. That's because i see potential for it to perform so much better at helping people really improve, and these changes I imagine would be so small and easy to add. 1) scrolling through feelings would be alot easier if they were grouped under 3 main feelings (in the negative feelings), depression, anxiety, and anger. Every negative feeling is a different expression of one of those feelings. It would just be more organized that way. 2) identifying traps should be followed by writing why the thought is actually a trap. If your thought is "jill doesn't like me" and you identify "mind reading" as the trap, one more step would really help, which is, go back to the statement and now respond to it. "Jill doesn't like me is mind reading because"... So basically in this step you match the thought with the distortion(s) that fit, and then you have a statement followed by "is a distortion because" and then you fill out the "because...". Ex: "...because I can't really know what she's thinking, at least not without asking her". Is step 2 too obvious? I think it's crucial and really stops this app from lifting my mood personally. I wonder how many people find their mood improved as is. CBT is a bunch of obvious and simple things but each detail really makes a difference. I'm hoping for some new feedback from developers from this new review. I'm writing this to you!
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4 years ago, MaskedVillain
BEAUTIFUL UI/UX!!! Never seen anything like it
Man, if I knew who designed this, I’d be on a hunt to steal them onto my team. This is by far the most beautiful UX and UI I’ve ever come across on the App Store. Aside from the design itself, it’s basically a therapist in your pocket. And one reason I bring up the UX is because—if you’re already feeling anxiety or stressed—you don’t want to jump into an app that further evokes that anxiety. The fact that it’s both extremely intuitive AND even enjoyable to use (which is not common for psyche apps), makes this the complete package. I’ve used it for years and my life has significantly improved as a result. And I mean this in every sense of the word. It’s directly tied to the simple and insightful ‘brain correcting’ from the app itself. There is literally no reason one should now have this in their life tool belt.
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6 years ago, maggie3646
Great app for anxiety
I’m really enjoying this app. I don’t have anything I’d want to change, but there are some features I’d like to see in the future: - I like the fact that sometimes the questions “talk me out of” whatever I’m feeling and I’d like to see an option for a more detailed approach to this, for example where you are experiencing a panic attack and a series of questions would guide you back to normal - maybe some info/tips/advice and possibly would pop up when you select “anxious” or “sad” and would give you a more detailed approach to dealing with that particular feeling - also maybe a calendar or graph view of the mood data And there’s a little bug when you limit screen time (in the new iOS), it won’t let you sign in even when you ignore the limit. Otherwise, app runs perfectly!
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6 years ago, IssacWorks
Weird tidbit
This app is like making an emotional journal of your day. I started the first few days recording what I feel right as I woke up. But progressively have been making journal entries throughout the day as my moods change. It takes as little as a minute to record how you are feeling in that moment. From there the entry will ask you to specify why you think you’re feeling this way. I highly encourage anyone who purchases this app to do so as much as possible. At the end of the week you can see how your moods change and it gives you references as to what triggers those moods so you can keep feeding those triggers or try to prevent your triggers. This is the first review I have ever made for an app. I felt so compelled to share my opinion with the world, that’s how wonderful this app is!
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5 years ago, Boom Shaka Laka 123
I’ve already reviewed this once, but I just want to review it again
As a thank you for making such an amazing app. I can’t tell you enough how much this app has change my life over the last year. I tend to only come for it when I’m feeling absolutely helpless and crushed, but every single fricken time I come out with a better and more genuinely positive perspective. Between this app and a few other things (but really this app) I have learned about who I am and what I’m capable of. I recommend it to anyone who ever tells me they’re struggling, and I always get thank yous in return. Thank you thank you thank you for making me feel less hopeless when facing adversity. I will never be able to fully articulate the amount of gratitude I have for this app and it’s creators ❤️
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6 years ago, eriin.
Transformative in my anxiety, depression, and happiness coping
This app changed my life regarding how I manage my anxiety. I have recommended it to countless others. While I don’t journal as often as I would like, I use this app when I am feeling myself start to slip into the endless cyclical depths of anxiety and depression. I immediately feel a sense of relief after coping through my own thoughts to first acknowledge my feelings, validate that I feel them, understand why I feel them, and then redirect my thoughts and energy about them. I also try to occasionally check my happy thoughts when I remember. When I need a quick pick me up, I like to go back to them - similarly to looking at pictures of a fond memory. This app is transformative. I am so happy I downloaded it years ago
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6 years ago, bbot13-19
I love this app but there are some things that I wish were added!
I love this app! Iv never been able to stick to any other app Iv tried but this one makes it easy! I don’t utilize some stuff like I should but what I have done has been great!... I do wish there was a way to track some other things that might correlate with mood like being able to put in period dates, if I exercised, if I ate well... and so on to see what helps and to see what triggers any bad emotions that way I can see what other kind of interventions I can do to help myself feel more positive. Also if there was a way to click other and then manually type in an emotion not on the list or add one to the list that would be really nice as well! But other than that this app has been great!
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6 years ago, Crocsocks
A great help
I’ve found Moodnotes to be a great help in helping me identify aspects of my day to day living that might contribute to changes in my mood. Mental illness has been a problem for me all my life and I’ve used many methods of journaling and tracking in an attempt to help myself. Moodnotes is just the right combination of therapeutic methods and mood journaling—the whole idea is for the app to be quick and succinct for easy and immediate reflection and relief. I have it programmed to remind me three times a day, and there’s no pressure if you miss an entry. It’s helped disarm a meltdown more than once by promoting a change in behavior instead of lengthy reflection that might trigger a mood spiral. I even mentioned it to my doctor during a routine visit and she noted it down to recommend it to her patients.
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6 years ago, TechGirlYT
Outstanding App!
I’ve only had the app for a little over a day now, and I’m already in love. I deal with Generalized Anxiety Disorder, and my therapist has always suggested journaling. I finally decided that this app seemed quite promising, and it has not disappointed me. I’ve already made one journal entry when I was anxious, and being able to identify traps and see how you could think about the situation differently was a big help! Also, there was a bug in the app, so I contacted support, and before I knew it, they had responded! And, surely enough, as they said, there was an update released today fixing it! I recommended this app to my therapist as an app to suggest to her other clients, and would definitely recommend to anyone who wants to start journaling for any reason!
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3 years ago, Ady N
just helpful and easy to use
Of all the mood tracker apps I’ve tried, this one offers the best free plan, as you can do most things, with the exception of a few features like stats about your progress. Also, it is detailed enough, so I can better analyze my emotions. Personally, I find it extremely helpful to write out my feelings instead of internalizing them, and this app helps me to do so. It not only lets you select how your day was from terrible to awesome, but also allows you to write about your feelings and give reasons why you are feeling those things. One of my favorite features is the ability to put the intensity of each different emotion, which is very helpful. Love the app!
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3 years ago, Emily Terrestrial
Really enjoying this…
Decided to try this app when struggling with my relationship. It’s REALLY helping me get a good visual on frequency and ratio of good to bad moods… it’s also walking me through defining how I feel more elaborately, and why. Then the app takes it even further with helpful suggestions that I can control, and great articles to expand my understanding. I’d love a better way to view data, maybe more options in graph form or something, and more articles would be great, because I’m digesting them so quickly! Otherwise I am super pleased and feel more centered in myself- even self trust is increasing. I feel like I have a place to go when I feel angry, overwhelmed, or even happy and calm.
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4 years ago, minkefam
decent, but not so much free
So I downloaded this app for a class, and because I have bad borderline personality disorder and wanted to see if my mood swings had patterns or indicators, however, upon using this app I have learned nothing. I still have no conclusions, and the only useful way this app could be used is if one paid for it. The free mood trends are confusing to understand as there is no indicator to what each line means, and moreover the key words you can put in your mood description don't seem to have a correlation chart. Some of the features promised in the paid version seem promising and look fun (although blurred in the free version). I don't however believe one should HAVE to pay for these basic features, if you wanted an app that was for mood tracking or something like I wished for, I wouldn't recommend this one unless you're willing to pay.
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6 years ago, SueDraws
Thank You
This is a really well made app from design point, user-friendly, and professionally thought out by psychologists, evidently. I have no issues thus far, but maybe to keep an open mind on new features or additions. It could be minuscule like adding different visual skins to the app for cosmetic purposes—or perhaps even some accessibility options for those who are disabled and can work in tangent with iOS settings. Another thought would maybe a way to upload images to your entries. I for one am very visual and sometimes I take pictures or save images from online that perhaps are either important to record for various reasons. A sleep journal section would likely be highly sought after and used, since sleep is extremely important and tied to your mental health. My last thought for now would perhaps to have an additional section for certain reminders (and also to have them logged) such as taking medication, important doctor appointments or other smaller ways to keep one accountable. Overall I’m glad I took the time to find this app and I hope it can help others as much as it helped me. Thank you.
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4 months ago, Leala1222
I love this app! Why? This app helps me like a CBT (Cognitive Behavior Therapy) session would, but in an app. I love this app so much, I have a request: Please can you add the suggestion of being able to pay for this app for a Lifetime? Please? For some of us, including me, we are not able to be able to pay for 1 month or 1 year. I understand that some developers set up their apps this way to make money. I understand this. I am humbly asking for this request from the bottom of my heart. Not just for me, but for anyone wanting to fully use this app for its full use to get help. I thank you so much that you came up with this app. Thank you so much! I am forever grateful for this app. Thank you!
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4 years ago, Summertime1
Enhanced Color Contrast
Like the app. Especially the ease in functionality between quick saves and detailed. One small but potentially powerful improvement to consider is enhanced color contrast. It seems the goal of CBT is to broaden (contrast) the distinction between similar feelings, or create more contrast within thoughts and feelings. Using deeper color contrast may better symbolize the stark difference between happy and sad, or happy and extremely happy. For example using electric-punch red for happy-happy and indigo blue for sad-reallysad. This may come off as too childlike or possibly less serious to the magnitude of our struggle, but keep in mind emergency situations use the brightness color ( and contrast ) available. CBT seems designed for emergency emotional situations. Why not use a more intense color pallet to reflect that?
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7 years ago, Cottonmouth
Icon bug; Needs an iPad version.
Well, I downloaded this from a curated section in the App Store. I didn’t see anything in the description about this being primarily for iPhone. So it looks terrible on my iPad mini. Additionally, the icon appears as a circular grid. I tried re-downloading, but got the same result. The developer justifies the the lack of an iPad version by saying on it website that it is primarily a mobile app. I think this is a poor excuse, and I feel somewhat misled by the way in which the app was advertised by Apple. They need to work out some bugs in the content curation of the new App Store. Edit: This is my review for my experience on the iPad. My point is that iPad owners will not be as satisfied with the app, so those buyers should be aware. There is nothing in the “Today” section of the App Store which states clearly this is iPhone only. I’m only attempting to aid the consumer in making an informed decision.
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2 years ago, Gummiwise
Most Meaningful Journaling App
I am a longtime user of another journaling app that has brought me no joy over the many years that I have used it. I look back at the entries and there is no connectivity that I can easily discern between what my moods were, what was happening around me, and the ways that I could enhance my life in those moments to promote better outcomes. Moodnotes changes all that. It’s visual. It’s stimulating. With the tools that Moodnotes provides, I am able to see that connectivity, and I have that visual stimulation that I have been searching for all along. The prompts and facial emotes for each entry are game-changing for anyone who is trying to live in the present. You are able to use the tools in the app to take a constructive approach to what is going on inside you and around you. Moodnotes helps pave the road of your life and fill in the potholes that may sometimes appear. Thank you Moodnotes for having such a positive impact on my life. Thank you for your hard work and continued support for such a game-changing experience. *This is not a sponsored or compensated review*
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4 years ago, cc_65🦄
Great app⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️🌟
I love this app and I feel it’s a place I can really be free with my emotions. I would suggest this app to anyone that feels they need someone to talk to but doesn’t or is feeling a little self conscious. The app allows you to show how you feel write about it and show your feelings bad or good, it’s not just an old app it’s like a place, a place where you can be completely free. Though some people may say something like this “but I have nosy brothers/sisters they’ll find it for sure and I don’t want them knowing.” well if that’s the case then you can set up a password and or use your finger print so only you can get in. Those are the reasons why this app is great and I would certainly recommend it to you.
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4 years ago, gupgoop
Change the pricing model
I have been recommending this app to my loved ones left and right for its life-changing place in mental health. It was disheartening for me to learn that the developers have moved the app to a subscription-based pricing model, without there even being any real changes to what is offered... Many of the people I had shown the app to expressed excitement and willingness to purchase the app for the amount it used to be listed at, but now are turned off by the subscription-based pricing model. Please change this model! If the developers are still working on the app and adding new features (which I do not see happening — real shady, guys) then I suggest looking at the way the developers of the app ‘Agenda’ are monetizing their product. That would be a good model that doesn’t turn people off! Moodnotes is a great app, but I really don’t see any reason why it is being monetized in this way.
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4 years ago, CoffeePhone47
Disappointing UI change for selecting feelings (but still a great app)
About the selecting feelings step: choosing feelings and adjusting their intensity used to be combined into one step. It was really intuitive and fast. Now it’s separated into two steps. Sure, it feels more clunky and slow, but… depression can make that one extra step seem really hard sometimes, y’know? I think it’s really important to make tools like this as easy to use and as accessible as possible, which means reducing the number of “clicks” to streamline the experience. Otherwise, I recommend this app for when you’re stuck in unhelpful thoughts. It does a brilliant job of putting things in perspective and pointing out blind spots in your thinking, without invalidating your emotions. I hope the developers see this feedback and consider tweaking the UI again.
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5 years ago, afifelski
I learn more about myself everyday
As someone who struggles with identifying how I feel, and more so what I can do about it, this app helps me tremendously. I don’t usually write reviews, but this app helped me (and is continuing to help me) through a rough patch in my life. It was recommended to me by a friend and I love it! It breaks down emotions into coherent subcategories and analyzes how these emotions may be contributing to negative “thinking traps”. I like seeing my most often get emotions, as well as how many entries I have for each category. This app helps me identify what I feel and I can therefore think about these emotions and what is causing them and help me change my life for the better. I recommend for everyone. The cost is definitely worth it.
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6 years ago, Pusheenie
Better than therapy for me
I don't buy many apps but I'm SO glad I bought this one. If you are on the fence, just get this app already! I had a therapist for about a year but he wasn't very helpful... In my first week of using this app, it was already better than going to a mediocre therapist*. And obviously the app is cheaper ($4 one time for the app vs whatever your copay is to visit a therapist). I love how this app helps you look at your moods and feelings more objectively. Identifying thinking traps and re-thinking negative thoughts has helped my mood. Now I'm starting to realize when I'm falling into these traps during the thought rather than afterwards when I log it in the app. Seeing the history of my moods is great too. I would have thought my average mood was pretty negative, but over the past month of using the app I've realized that I'm in a neutral mood over half of the time. * Disclaimer - If therapy is beneficial for you I don't recommend quitting it. You could probably use this app alongside therapy too. Sometimes a therapist and the client are not a good match for each other, as was my case.
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6 years ago, gcseed
iPhone X support needed!! Please!!
I’ve been suffering from anxiety attacks since earlier this year due to some personal matters. I’ve been extremely stressed and depressed for months now and it’s a great day to write down how my day goes even if it’s always negative. I could finally to record the things I want to say to myself without having to listen to anyone else’s opinion. But not having an iPhone X support always worries me. I want to keep writing but I don’t know if the developers are still paying enough attention to this product because I want to make sure that the product I’m entrusting is also getting a good support so I could always rely on it even if I switch devices in the future. However, the last update has been 7 moths and I would love to know if we are getting an update soon. Thank you!
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