My Aetna Supplemental

Health & Fitness
4.1 (846)
44.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Adminco, Inc
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for My Aetna Supplemental

4.09 out of 5
846 Ratings
1 year ago, Few Claw
Great service!!
Very good derive all questions from me are answered. Thanks!!
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1 year ago, Medic_71
Hospital Indemnity High Plan
Daughter had a 4 night stay in an in-network facility. Have paid for this plan for few years, was only paid $100. This extra insurance coverage is a JOKE. I do not recommend anyone purchasing as it will not pay out for time spent in hospital. They claimed the stay was for observation, but it was for pain management. Had CT Scans, blood work, etc. they claimed was for observation and would only pay out $100. If this is the case, all hospital stays could be claimed as “OBSERVATION”. Just don’t recommend this insurance unless they make good on their claims to help with expenses incurred for a four night stay in a hospital. This site does not help and neither do the people you have to speak with at AETNA that have trouble speaking English clear enough for people to understand. I’m starting to see why this insurance isn’t accepted everywhere. Also have trouble finding in network providers (who are reputable) in my area. If AETNA correct the claim and compensates based off of a 4 night in hospital stay, I will revise this review to reflect their correction.
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10 months ago, carrie surprise az
App is useless except to submit a claim
I have a claim showing Pending for 12 business days. Every day I check to see the progress and when I expand the view - it’s blank! I also tried to use the chat feature. I can’t see anything I’m typing and when I hit sent it doesn’t display in the screen and I get no response. It says it’s compatible with an iPhone but clear it’s not. The claim before this one was only processed for one day. It finally showed completed and showed me what I was getting paid on. It showed 3 things. The amounts didn’t match what I was paid. So I logged in thru my computer and 4 things were paid. Absolutely worthless app except to maybe file a claim and even that is iffy and you might not get fully paid.
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2 months ago, WeS334
Horrible App To Match Horrible Company
The app moves slow and flat out doesn’t load pending claims so that you can view them. It also doesn’t allow you to go to documents and upload any files to support your claim. They then claim that it takes 24-48 hrs to update the claim when you email documents. After calling several times and sending the claim documents 3 times, they finally paid a small portion of the claim worth. It seems that every process involving Aetna is slowed down to keep from paying out claims. Stay away from this company!
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3 years ago, Sam Stigler
Very outdated
This app is not a scam — when I logged in it showed the same claim information that I see when logging in on my laptop. However, the UI is very outdated. For example, it won’t let me upload a PDF that is saved on my phone because it’s not in the Photos app. This is very disappointing.
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3 years ago, gghughunishvili
Don’t download, possible privacy expose!!!
This app seems like a scam, none of the forms work, they always say that information entered is incorrect. I have a doubt that they somehow collect your data behind the scenes. Don’t recommend this to anyone! App itself shouldn’t be on App store! Before entering your SSN or login information be mindful of your privacy.
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2 years ago, Randi7921
Horrible App
This App never works for me! Every time I try to login it doesn’t take my information. I try to retrieve it my user ID and password and I get a message that I already have an account. Try logging in again it doesn’t recognize my Ss# not my ID and password. It frustrating and a waste of time.
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2 months ago, Blane6230
App doesn’t work
I’ve reset my password several times and it never lets me reset from the app. I get to the password page and get stuck. I follow the password restrictions, 10 characters, one capital, one lower, no symbols and a number. Doesn’t work.
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1 year ago, bc23225
Horrible example of coding an app
I tried to create an account on the app, and it managed to break my regular at Aetna login. Went to their website and used the password I created in the app and had a much better experience. Skip the app and use the website.
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10 months ago, 🐴🦄🐴🦄🐳🐬🐋🐬🦈🐟🐠🐟🐠
Can never complete a task
Every time I try to submit online I get an error message. I am trying to submit two claims and one was successful and the other is not. Unfortunately I won’t be able to submit another claim today.
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8 months ago, ctr206
Can’t view details or upload documents on pending claims
Makes it very difficult to get required forms uploaded or view claim status on any pending claims app just goes blank and continues to load in a loop to blank page. Terrible support.
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1 year ago, rajesh kumar Irving
Super slow app.
It takes you back in time at least 25 years. Takes minutes to load at each click. Always refers to talk to customer care representative.
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11 months ago, Joebasss
Aetna Supplemental App
The app needs development and improvement - Landscape view on iPad - More up to date screen display of questions. - Icons and overall user interface doesn’t have a good feel and look.
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3 years ago, Dogluver51
This app is useless!
It doesn’t work. Unable to view claims. Unable to use Contact Us feature. Receive an error when trying to use for either activity. Who do I call to get help?
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2 years ago, LS7689
Does not work! How can I submit claims??
This app does not work. When I go to login all I get is a white screen. When I try to access on a laptop, it says that it cannot submit my request. How am I supposed to submit claims??? Total scam.
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11 months ago, Big Wayne 2011
Thanks for always there for me
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4 years ago, rpemory
Néw User
I tried to register as a new user but once I added the info and pressed continue nothing happened.
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4 years ago, Neecie C.
App does not work!
Attempted to register and could not “continue” once I entered information. And I see others have had the same problem. Apparently bug fixes did not work.
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4 years ago, kl322
Doesn’t work
I installed the app and tried to register. Filled it out, hit continue and it does nothing. Tried repeatedly and nothing. Went to website and worked well. This was on an iPad.
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5 years ago, Konow James
One of the best healthcare app
very nice user experience
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3 years ago, B-2112
Too Many Errors
I always receive a message that says “Alert { }” when I am trying to view my claims.
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1 year ago, hgvdrummbcd
Horrible UI
App UI is outdated. FaceID doesn't work. For a company that brings in 90billion in revenue a year should be able to afford an upgrade
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3 years ago, Urowyn
Doesn’t work.
Launch the app, enter the login info and just gets a white screen, then it kicks you back to log in.
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7 months ago, JazzyJenJen
Claim Display Blsnk
I try to look at my claims, and when I click on them they are BLANK!!!
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4 years ago, Mmifan21294
App keeps freezing
App keeps freezing going to a white screen after login. Probably a good idea to fix this?
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4 years ago, ppatel44
App freezes
Try to install and open the app but it opened asked login then white screen. I have iPhone 11 Pro.
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3 years ago, Anon123456780
Impossible to create password
Even when entering password which meets requirements, it keeps saying invalid password.
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4 years ago, macharlie
Same problem, it would not let me log in to the app.
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3 years ago, df518
Cannot register
This is a terrible app! Tried numerous times to register but it keeps saying invalid user.
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1 year ago, mimi09229494&4@209;@2
If i could give 0 i will
Worst app made.
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1 year ago, Mars61750
Aetna supplemental app
Worse app ever
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1 year ago, jasonheyd
Can't even log in
This app was garbage when it did work, and now I can't even log in. I enter my username and password, the screen goes blank, and after several seconds I'm back to the login page.
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3 years ago, registering difficulties
Registration Difficulties
I was able to register online, through the computer. But, when I try to login using my username and password on the app, it would not recognize me? Why when I login on a computer using my username and password it will let me login. Trying to give the corporate a call to see if they’re able to remedy this situation?
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