My Daily Diet: Weight Watch

Health & Fitness
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Anish Modan
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2 months ago
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User Reviews for My Daily Diet: Weight Watch

4.7 out of 5
1.9K Ratings
5 years ago, Couponcutieforever
Healthier choices
Have been looking for an app that gives more than just a few diet/lifestyle options and that doesn’t cost me a fortune to join then find it doesn’t really work. Came across this app and so far I’m impressed and am hopeful it will help me continue on my journey to not only lose the weight but to reverse the signs of aging and help me feel more youthful with more energy to start being more active. As a woman over 40 who’s starting to go through menopause it’s extremely difficult to find a program that really works. The diets and different lifestyle options that used to work for me in the past don’t work for me now so it’s very important for me to find the right fit so that I can keep track of my progress easily and make the changes and adjustments I need to in order to help me get to the next level of a healthier lifestyle. The different choices based on age or blood type etc makes it easier to choose what’s going to work best for me and my lifestyle. I haven’t started with this yet however it seems to be the easiest to maneuver through from all the other apps I’ve used in the past. So I’m not sure if there’s going to be any issues or bugs that’ll annoy me going forward but so far so good. User friendly is the name of the game so fingers crossed I can move forward to a healthier, happier and more youthful future.
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5 years ago, Duckie9008
Great app!
Just downloaded this app for the first time and look forward to using it. Want to lose about 40 pounds so we shall see how well this app works for me. So far it seems very promising as far as being able to keep up with a healthy diet. The app is very thorough and goes through many different plans that may seem best for you. There are also plans on here for your certain blood type that may help according to your blood type. I am type o blood so I look forward to seeing what kind of meal plans they have available. Another great thing is you are able to keep up with your weight loss as well by inputting numbers each day. So far this app seems to be useful and doesn’t crash like some of the other apps that I have downloaded for weight loss. There are many plans available and this app is going to be great for anyone to use. While going through their journey of weight loss and it will help you stay on top of it with all the reminders that you are able to set for yourself.
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4 years ago, carlymanfredi
it’s great!
i just got this app and i’m super excited to use it, i’ve heard and seen great reviews. i’ve always wanted to lose weight and just keep it off, but any diet i try i never stick to or i forget to log everything. but i have just moved to a different state and am ready for an amazing transformation. i want to be that new girl that’s skinny and tan, which will happen because i’ve been so motivated since i moved! i can’t wait to really get into this app and help myself get healthy. i come from a long line of heavy girls, and i’ve always hated that. i don’t want to end up like older people in my family because it does scare me to possibly have health problems like they do, so i believe with the move and the motivation to not have to be like the others in my family, i feel i will do a great job at helping myself get healthy. and i really hope this helps clear up my skin!!! plus i’m excited because this could help me become less dehydrated. i am constantly dehydrated and feeling so crappy even though i do drink a decent amount of water per day, it just isn’t enough but hopefully with a new diet and becoming healthy this will also help wit that as well! thank you to this app for helping many and possibly helping me! and it is super cheap and affordable to get meal plans and exercises. i definitely recommend this app if you are looking for an affordable diet plan that won’t cost you a fortune for some diet that doesn’t work!
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5 years ago, Nesnejnedwob
best app ever
This app has helped me in ways I cannot even explain!! i’ve lost 15 lbs from the help of the diet planning based on blood type and i’ve never been happier. I feel more active and awake and all because of health diet weight loss planning. I’m even thrilled to be writing this to potentially get someone else on the road to becoming a better version of themselves. I hope everyone gives this app the fighting chance that it deserves because it really will change your life. if you or someone you know is struggling to lose weight this is definitely the way to go it made it easy and delicious with yummy meals that make it feel like you’re not even eating healthy! definitely one of the best diet/meal planning apps on the app store right now, get it while you can and before you give up that little feeling of I need to lose weight that people have every day. ok that’s all I have to say I’m done ranting thank u download this app.
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4 years ago, melsuzy
So far so good
I just downloaded this app, but it looks very promising. I love the many diet plans they offer for every type of person and their schedule. I will be trying one of the 'busy' meal plans. I can never seem to find the time to plan my meals with 2 kids and 2 jobs. I'm hoping this app will help me lose about 10 pounds. The app itself is very eye pleasing with pretty fonts and pictures. I am writing this review in exchange for a free premium subscription so I don't have much experience yet, but it looks promising. I'm not sure what 100 words look like, so I'm hoping this is long enough. Some of my stats: I'm 38 years old, 5' tall and weigh 121 pounds. My goal is to get down to 112. I've had two kids which has made losing weight difficult. I've recently discovered I have an aversion to dairy so I will be limiting my dairy intake on these plans.
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5 years ago, me102010201020
Diet plan+
Diet plan+ has all types of different categories, that can make you look great in a matter of weeks. Some of the diets I’ve tried, helped me to lose 10 Lb. Here are some of the diet plans you can find in Diet plan+, super cleanse diet plan is one that I recommend this diet plan last 21 days but it’s worth it. Starting from breakfast down to dinner you eat all sorts of healthy foods. For instance breakfast consists of 3 wheat-free pancakes, [1/2 cup/100 g] strawberry’s. Healthy and tasty at the same time. Another great diet is the 1st phase - Attack, this diet is for beginners kicking its way through to a new healthy you. For this diet you eat low-fat protein only. And drink a lot of water. for instance if you love curry you’ll love this lunch, [10 oz.\300 g] chicken breast chunks stir-fried with curry and onion. [1 cup| 250 ml] yogurt. There’s more amazing diet plans in Diet plan+ I recommend that you all try this amazing app .
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5 years ago, Rosyberryz
Hope this is not BS
Hope this is not BS I just installed this app and they want to rate them 5 stars so I can get a free premium version of all the diet plan I am writing this against my will lol but hopefully when I try it or when I’m done here it’s not a waste of time I’ve been gaining weight like crazy, like gaining 15 in 4 months crazy I’m downloading all these apps to try to eat less since I’ve taking a break from school “sorry guys I’m just trying to reach the 100 characters requirement here” so back to what I was saying school is stressful and being away from my family I forced myself to eat out of fear of passing out or getting sick so this is why I’ve gained so much weight I was 128 lbs and then went up to 135 last check in December and now 150lbs so yeah 15 lbs in 4/5 months is no bueno.... hope y’all lose some weight and get healthier.
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5 years ago, Katerina Greenstone
Excited to try it!
My name is Katerina Greenstone and I am taking full advantage of the limited time premium offer. This app has a professional yet easy to use setup and a friendly color scheme. I am exited to start using this app to get my family in shape and spend some quality time bonding with them. I am looking forward to trying this app and going on a fitness journey with my family. We love going hiking during the weekend and spending time outdoors, however we hardly see each other during the week. School and work takes up any free time we have and often times we spend the week sitting at a desk. Our whole outlook on the world becomes depressing as we continue to spend more and more time in doors. Hopefully this app will encourage healthy eating habits to make up for the sedentary lifestyle.
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5 years ago, hspud
Looks great
I recently found out I have High Blood Pressure and Ive been looking for easy tools to use to help me get better. Steer me in the right direction. A lot of these plans look so amazing. I found one that helps lower your cholesterol and it’s really great! I also love the idea of having one for my “blood type” they also have keto, Mediterranean, healthy grain. It has a tracker which I am really going to be dedicated to. I have been trying to do Pilates and exercise but my food was way off. I did not realize how much sodium is in food. I have just downloaded this but I’m hoping to keep up with it. Also one of the Pilates lady I’ve been watching said document everything you put in your mouth and it will help you. So hoping this is true she also said if you don’t love to eat it what’s the point of the calories?
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5 years ago, handwoman
I found this app by searching and it has been one of my favorite. So easy to use anyone can follow. My biggest frustration is planning meals and this really takes all of the frustration out of the equation. Also, all I have time do is plan for the day ahead and I don’t have any temptations for deviating from the plan. It is a no brainer. I couldn’t ask for anything easier and I have used many different diet plans. It also offers different levels which include grocery lists and trackers that can add another way to make dieting successful. Anything to make the day and week easier while following a meal program sets one up for success. I find the easier a program is to follow the easier it is to lose weight and achieve goals. This will absolutely be the game changer.
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5 years ago, rumytisha
Diet app
I am giving a 5 star review solely because if I do then I will be able to try the app premium for free. I recommend that you get the app right now so you can do the same. So far the app seems to look like it will help and the other reviewers seemed to like it. It has a bunch of different diet plans for if you are busy, different blood types, and it tells you how much weight you are supposed to lose within a certain amount of time. I do not know if I will lose the weight though, seeing as how I have not actually used the app yet. I did not want to pay for any of the other apps especially if it would not load and be a complete waste of space, which is why I am now using this app. I will come back to write a proper review once I see how this app works.
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4 years ago, Bflygrl72
So Fun!!
This app has so much to do-with almost every diet known to man, scrolling through all the delicious and balanced options alone will keep the cravings at bay with all the beautiful pictures and types of diets we’ve all heard of, but never had access to in such a single, convenient place. This app will for sure be part of many people’s success motivators to help them get to where they want to be; so fast and easy, which is what we need in these fast-moving times we in which we now live. Finally, a fun way to motivate oneself and keep up the ability to shop for, cook, and stick to your own personal favorite diet without coaching, driving across town, or having to schedule appointments in order to stay on track. It’s about time dieting became fun!
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5 years ago, Sky_2016
Just Downloaded it
I literally just downloaded it haven’t had a chance to play around with it but I’m hoping it brings me results. I hear really good things about it and going to find out soon enough. I will update the post as I dig deeper! I love how you can choose your blood type and eat based off of that which helps lose weight and just be healthier. They give you grocery lists and recipes to help with the process instead of guessing. You get to track your weight and input your starting weight and your targeted goal weight and they simulate approximately how many pounds you can lose a week all the way in to how long it will take you to get to your targeted weight. This app is really cool from what I can tell so far. Have to get this stubborn fat off ASAP!!
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4 years ago, NYMarin
Best diet app so far
I’m trying this app for the first time. I’ve been looking for the perfect app to lose weight and i think I just found it. So far it seems pretty easy to follow. The diet plans do not look so complicated. I needed an app for quick meals to lose weight and this app seems perfect. The meals are not hard to make. Due to my busy lifestyle it’s sometimes very hard for me to cook something for work. So far this app has helped. The instructions are also not hard to follow. And I also like the fact that it gives me a variety of options. From breakfast to lunch and dinner. The best app that I have found for low fat recipes. I am very satisfied with this app so far and I will continue to use it until I lose all the weight that I want.
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5 years ago, 2019hog
My last resort
I always blamed my son that I gain 1 lb a year since he was born and he just turned 41! I am healthy, I am active and work out 10 hours a week minimum. I worked in diabetes research before retirement so I know all about healthy diets and what I should be doing! My problem is the knowledge doesn’t translate into action! My excuse is I am Chinese, most diet plans in USA doesn’t work for me. The truth is even though I eat healthy foods- lots of vegetables and fruits and rarely sweets, my portion control is my downfall. I love any kinds of nuts and I have a hard time just eat a few. I know DASH is not a diet but a life style change. I hope to use this app to incorporate dash diet into my Chinese eating habit and really be successful in losing the weights I couldn’t shake for so many years.
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4 years ago, Chad kunkel
Best diet app ever!
I’ve been searching and searching for a diet plan app that would work for me, and I never could find one. Every one I downloaded wanted an extreme amount of money just to look at plans. But this one here just costs 9.99 to unlock the premium and it has a large variety of different plans to fit your lifestyle! I’m a super busy person between school, work, and running my own business, and finding time to prep easy/healthy lunches is getting to be harder and harder. However this app has plans that I can just get up and find stuff in the house to make, it has a meal tracker, reminders for meals/snacks, and a shopping list available for the week of your diet. In my opinion one of the best I’ve found so far!
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4 years ago, Unnamed_.
Great result from using the Diet Plan + app
Diet plan + is a good weight loss app it is a encouraging personal trainer who fits in your pocket. Whether you’re looking to get in shape for the summer, get rid of baby weight after a pregnancy, or simply feel more confident in your own skin, the diet plan + weight loss app can help nudge you along toward your goal of trimming down. There are lots of weight loss plans on diet plan + app that will supplement your efforts with diet tips, meal plans, workout regimens, and more. Whichever plan and weight loss plan you choose, make sure it gives you the right amount of motivation, support, and resources to carry you to success. It is extremely easy to sign up for diet plan +! And there is no cost unless you want access to the premium version.
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5 years ago, Hacked too Often
I was skeptical about an app that wanted me to rate them before using the Premium Version. However, I had a chance to look over all of the diet plans and the great variety of choices. Just having one choice can cause one to become bored and frustrated and it would be easy to give up! From the comments I have seen people seem to be satisfied and motivated. That is exactly what I need and am looking for: MOTIVATION. It is easy to say you are going to lose the weight this time but unless you are truly motivated and have choices, it isn’t going to happen. I hope this works for me. I have health concerns that need to be addressed and the Doctor said that the number one thing that would help would be to lose weight.
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5 years ago, pank13
Great app
Since downloading this app I have been very impressed with the valuable insight and guidance it has give me on my dieting journey. I have used other apps that allowed my to track calories, but with this app it gives more guidance on foods and meals that work for my blood type which really makes and huge difference. There are so many “healthy” food that I didn’t realize were not good for my blood type. It makes it so much easier to plan meals and shopping for food. I don’t have to wonder what is best for me anymore. Just like any plan you still have to follow it to see results . I also like the easy user interface. I stoked that I found this app and plan to continue using it for guidance as I hit my goal weight.
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4 years ago, Samanthawoods4829
This app has everything you could imagine, I am currently at 159 lbs and I’ve struggled with my weight for my whole life I tried everything including weight watchers and boom and none of it ever helped me get to where I wanted to be. This app reminded you of positive quotes and when to eat. It’s keeps you on whatever schedule you need to fit your life style. I need to not only loose some weight but I need to live the healthier life style me and my husband have been tryin to have our first child and we keep failing so I haven’t falling into changing my life style and this app allows you to be flexible and will let you know what all you need to do for that day. I highly recommend!
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5 years ago, Wmforema
Tracking My Zone Diet to Complement CrossFit
I'm a late 40s dude that has found CrossFit and is loving the body changes that comes with it. What I'm finding though is while my muscle mass is increasing, my fat mass isn't going down like I expected. I've realized that I need to be as deliberate about eating as I am about exercise. Many CrossFit people use the Zone diet as an effective way to maintain muscle while still losing fat so I'm ready to try it. I'm using this app as a convenient way to track my food and to research my food choices. Convenience is key for me to be successful and I always have my phone. Just like I track my workouts with my phone, now I can track my food too. Calculating my food blocks will be much easier with this app.
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5 years ago, MillieJSerrano
Vegetarian Diet Made for You
I’m so glad that there is a diet plan made specifically for the lifestyle that I live. It’s not easy finding good recipe ideas that help in the journey of weight loss. In my experience, I have found some really good recipe combinations that support weight loss but without the correct way to weight loss approach. Like for instance, I recently started a vegetarian weight loss system that had all the right recipes but not the right combination for losing weight. What I found most helpful is knowing what to eat and when. This app supplies you with the instruction you need as well as conveniently supplying you with a grocery list of what to buy for your weight loss recipes. Thank God! Taking the guess work out is such a great help!
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5 years ago, Nishastarr
Great things are to come!
I searched for this app today because I previously heard about eating based on one’s blood type. However, I didn’t pay much attention to it at the time as I was in my 20’s aka my prime! Once I turn 30 I put on a lot of weight almost over night. I’ve tried almost everything these past five years and my weight only went down twice and shot right back up. I’ve realized certain foods irritate my stomach and my legs swell for what seems like no reason. So, I’m revisiting the idea of eating based on my blood type. I’ve been researching how beneficial this diet is for not only weight loss, but also allergies, etc. So here I am. What do I have to lose but hopefully some weight!
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4 years ago, Marriednurses
Mediterranean Diet
Absolutely love this diet tracker. So many diets to choose from. If you need to change your diet plan no problem...they are all here. I just found out I have a heath issue and my current diet wasn’t working. No problem I just switched from keto to the Mediterranean diet with ease. The easy display, pick your diet and it’s all changed. Great tips for staying on track. Easy to keep up with on my phone. My husband has been looking the app over...hopefully soon we will both be on track and getting slimmer. Don’t forget the exercise tips all here too, very nice way to keep up with our walks and bike riding. Great way to start 0220. Look forward to posting my results. Thank you.
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5 years ago, Blacklisting 1234567890
I did this to unlock the premium version
I do not know yet how well this app works, because in order to see most of the diet plans you have to unlock the premium version. The premium version cost $10 to unlock. Or, you can write a five star review with a minimum of 100 words and it will unlock the premium version for free. That being said, I cannot yet tell you how this app works, because I refuse to pay $10 for a weight-loss app and there are many of them out there for free. I will however, write 100 word review on the app to try it out. I am hoping this review is long enough to me that hundred word review so I can try this app out for free as I believed it was when I downloaded it. Have an awesome day.
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5 years ago, #cooking dash
Great app
This app is so great!! Best I have ever tried, easy to use and really dummy proof. I love the shopping list and recipes that it offers and new dieter. The motivation tips are helpful they make me smile and prompt longevity. This app is good for the whole family from big to small. Exercise programs are fun and easy to follow. Love the blood type help. I found it very interesting and wanting to try it. Would recommend to anyone who wants to loss weight and keep it off your going to love this easy fun app that will keep you coming back everyday. Feeling happy and wanting to loss more or maintain your weight! This app is for you if all others have failed give it a try what do you have to loss besides weight!
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5 years ago, LILHN
Great app
This app is amazing! It has multiple different diet plans, and has a complete meal plan. Shopping list is included. Makes following a diet easy for those of us on the go. Takes into account your gender , age and current/target weight. I highly recommend this app and would definitely recommend to friends and family. I especially recommend it to us moms who are always busy taking care of other people and want to put health first in an easy way. This app also has reminders for meals for those of us that get extremely busy and may forget to eat. Also good for those of us that get busy and eat badly or snack I between. This helps me track my eating better.
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5 years ago, lnycook
The best diet app ever!
I love this app! It is so difficult to find healthy, tasty recipes, plan meals and make a grocery list! But with this incredible app, it does all the work for you and it works! You just pick which category of diet you want and you get tons of amazing recipes right at your fingertips! Not only is there a wide selection but it also shows you how much weight a week you can lose by following each different diet. Like I said it takes all the guesswork out of cooking and losing weight. This app made life so much easier and saved me so much time and effort! I suggest everyone to try this app even if you aren’t trying to lose weight! There is something for everyone!
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4 years ago, gtrig53
Great App!
A truly great way to lose weight! Any type of weight loss plan you can think of is available, with easy tracking to stay on task, shopping lists, meal planning, etc. The app provides realistic goals by week and even estimates the amount of weight that will be lost if the specific diets are followed as directed. I would strongly recommend this app to anyone that wants a great, organized way to eat healthy, lose some pounds, and simply be more healthy! My wife and I have downloaded the app and plan to select an aggressive plan to start, followed by a longer-term diet that is focused on a healthy lifestyle. Our thanks for creating this wonderful tool that will help us reach our goals!
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5 years ago, Bruins10
So many options!
I’ve already started doing a bunch of things on my own to help me start my weight loss journey. I was just looking for something to help give me more structure when I need it. And Diet Plan was what I was looking for. It has so many different options of diets to choose from, you can figure out which one will be the easiest for you to stick with, instead of falling off of the wagon because it is so strict. I highly suggest you download the app & check it out, it won’t cost you anything, unless you find something you like & even then, there maybe a highly lucrative offer so you hopefully won’t be having to shell out a weeks worth of pay.
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5 years ago, Js having
Trying it
Like all the other reviews, I am here and making a five star review so I can try the full app for free...the only thing you get to do for free is make a profile and look at the diet plan options...not even the actual plan layout or even a single day on a certain plan...I’m already at the gym 4-6 days a week for 30-90 minutes per I have three kids under ten...I’m always moving...trying to fill the character requirements...hopefully this app is as good as it seems it will be from their own description...can’t go off reviews because they are all essentially paid the form of a free membership...I’m almost positive this is enough
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5 years ago, un3091
They are all here.....
Sitting here feeling down about my aging weight gain, knowing that I need to do something but what diet? I didn’t know what plan to follow, what advice to follow. Not looking for the latest fad to drop a few pounds and find out the plan is boring or unsustainable. I stumbled across this app and thought wow they are all here! I now have hope that I will find a plan that could work for me without spending hundreds of dollars. I am actually excited to start on my new journey with this app in tow. As I look at my belly I now am saying be gone with you. You will no longer have control over my self esteem. I have now found a way to banish you, I take away your control!
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4 years ago, jameleh517
Detailed diet plans!
I’ve been search for a while for something that was easy to follow and not having to stay stuck filling in a diet journal. It was amazingly easy and I loved the options. I have hypothyroidism and finding a diet plan that works and is effective is pretty hard. This app gives you a lot of plans that you can choose from and even cater to fit your lifestyle. I have not experienced any glitches with the app and have been able to follow the diet plans with ease. The active lifestyle one is my favorite because as a nurse sometimes you don’t get a lunch so even being given the option of frozen food as a meal was a big plus.
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5 years ago, Ma1984
Best app
I’ve tried everything I can think of when it comes to diets. I never got to stick with anything. I’ve tried this app and once I wasn’t feeling one of the diets I got to try a different one while staying on my weight loss journey. This app has literally made me more consistent with my meal prep and planning for my journey. Most of the diets listed, I’ve never heard of but tried and they actually work. I’m loosing weight at a slow but study pace and I must say this app has contributed to my success. I would recommend any and everyone try this app. Most of the diets listed are free and even if you get premium it’s affordable as well. You will love the results!
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5 years ago, anateresadelacruztorres
Diet plan
I’m starting day 5 on the diet today and LOVE it!! I too have children and several serious illnesses that limit my ability to exercise very much, so I desperately needed a diet that wouldn’t stress me more!! The app is so user friendly and I LOVE the recipes. I’ve used at least one/ day… quick and easy. One of my biggest obstacles in the past is not knowing what to eat and this app takes away that stress with their recipes, calorie log/budget, color wheel of food categories. Also has a built in pedometer!! They set a goal for you everyday. I have lost 3 1/2 pounds in 5 days already!!!!!!!!… I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this diet thus far and am looking forward to the next few weeks.
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5 years ago, mccracka420
The app is offering a free premium version for a five star review. I can see why there are so many positive reviews for this app. I haven’t had a chance to look around the app and play with the features yet. My father in law just suffered a heart attack and his heart is functioning at 35%. I’m downloading this app so that I can access healthy meal plans and cholesterol controlling diets to support him. He got a huge scare over this and so did we. My husband has high blood pressure and struggles to eat healthy, so my hope is that by downloading this that we can track our food intake and help us eat healthier. I hope this is a hundred words because that’s what they said I needed to write.
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5 years ago, rod gov
Excellent App
One stop shop!! Great app with a wide variety of plans to suit your lifestyle. I Highly recommend as this app provides a multitude of different meal plans based on your individual needs. If you are always on the go, they have you covered. Looking for a high protein, low carb, low cholesterol or healthy living meal plan, they have that as well. They also help you and provide reminders and provide shopping lists to assist in your meal planning. They have a tracking system within this app for you to review your progress and motivate you to work towards your goal. For those looking to get on track with heathy eating habits that are sustainable this app is for you.
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1 year ago, cangel1019
Love the options
I am not sure if this is an updated version of an app that I used a number of years back. But it has pretty much some of the same eating plans but much more. I will be picking one of the plans today and starting Thursday. The only thing I don’t see is what was called the Apple diet . I did very well on it when I needed to lose a quick 7 - 10 pounds. It was a 10 day plan, it was balanced you just ate alot of apples and fruit and wasn’t alot of groceries either. I am giving 5 stars because of the many different plans you have created for the different life styles.
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4 years ago, funkid33
New Year New Me
I’m hearing so much about eating right for your blood type. I’m constantly in the go and raising a 7yr old. I heard that meal prep is the key. I’m hoping this app will help me with focus more on what I need to buy and eat to loose 60 pounds. I haven’t tried the app as of yet but because of the reviews I’m anxiously looking forward to being my best me. I don’t have a lot of support in my corner to keep me motivated so God and I are going to have to do this together. I sometimes have low esteem when I see other women my age keeping there weight in check. But as God is my witness I’m gonna do everything possible to loose the weight and give me the awards I deserve.
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4 years ago, thedietition
Thank you creators for making this app. Not only can i track my calories effortlessly i can also get meals sent from the app to help me better my weight loss journey. Ive always been a heavy set girl and thanks to this app i can finally be the person I always wanted to be. I think the coolest thing about this app is that it has a section where you can choose your blood type and it will process that information and proceed to give you meal prep and plans to help you with your journey based on your blood type. That is honestly mind boggling. There isn’t another app on the market to my knowledge that is more efficient than this one.
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5 years ago, still-losing-it4
I lost 47 pounds
I was always a big girl growing up, and I have searched and searched for something that could help me lose weight. Then I came across this app which offered meal plans and helpful hints on how to shed of the fat faster than I thought possible. After four months I almost lost 50 pounds! This app is truly amazing. I went down two sizes and everyone I knew noticed the change. I recommend it to everyone who is out searching for a change in the heath. This app will change your life like it did mine, so download it and see. I promise you will lose weight, feel better about yourself, and look a whole lot better.
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4 years ago, weightlossbae
I wanted premium.
The app seems fun and helpful. I am looking to lose weight and found this app. I want a diet plan and a schedule to help my weight loss. Once I am my goal weight I can be truly confident. I haven’t started it yet, but to get the premium offers I have to write 100 character review. So here I am. I don’t really want to count how many characters I just used, but I think it was at least one-hundred. I have been researching other diet apps, but all have monthly costs. I don’t have the money right now to provide that so I’m here. Ststdhfkglvjchdjcmvkfjdigkvlbkduehfjvkvkdudjckvkcjfkvkvkgkgkgkgkgkgkhkhogkfivkvidifigkvvkvkvkvkvk
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5 years ago, nour20000000
Love this app
This amazing diet app allows you to become healthy, to lose weight, or change your life style. You get the right proportions and delicious meal to enjoy even though it contains the right and healthy quantities. If you follow the diet plan set for you ,you will lose weight in no time and become healthy!! I love this app so much. And I’m so looking forward to lose weight and to change my life style to a healthy one. If you exercise and follow a diet plan you will lose weight more effectively. The diet plan provided has everything you need from breakfast to snacks. You should definitely try it and see the difference in your weight and health.
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5 years ago, darbykk
Absolutely Amazing
I was so lost when I wanted to try different diets for weight loss! When I came across the multitudes of different diets I found that I was most attracted to the paleo diet. At first attempt, without the app, I found that I couldn't find things to make for my meals and dessert. It's so hard to make things without soy, sugar, and legumes. This app came in just in time! It put me right on track and guided me in the right direction! It made it so easy to stay on track! I only bought what I needed to match my meal plan! So so pleased!!! I'm on a long, healthy and happy road to gradual weight loss and a healthier lifestyle! I couldn't be more pleased and excited!!
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4 years ago, AeZa2020
Reasonable diets
This app has a really good format for dieting. It shows your progress in a helpful and meaning way. It takes in your BMI, age, and activity and provides you with a range of diets that you can follow while taking into account your calorie needs based on your metabolic needs. It doesn’t restrict you to counting carbs, or watching out from fat, or restricting sugar, or eliminating food groups. I saw a variety of vegetarian and vegan diets to follow. The diets are essentially “rough” meal plans, which is actually nice! With a rough idea of what kinds and how much of things you should eat, it becomes very flexible and easy to execute. I’m very excited to use this app!
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4 years ago, shaquesh
I lost over 45lbs total trying out different diets on this app. At first I was a little skeptical but then I got on my first diet and it shocked me cause I was still able to enjoy all the food I love yet, still loose the weight. I did 5 different diets and over time I began to notice a huge difference in how I looked and how much I weighed. This works for all ages and is truly amazing. My starting weight was 185 lbs and my ending weight was 140lbs and it only took 3 months to loose all the weight and everyone around me was shocked on how I was able to do it. These diets work and I 1000% recommend this to anyone trying to cut down a few pounds.
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4 years ago, kk2460
I recommend this app
This app is really good. I love how it gives you specific information about what fits for your blood type and all. I rate it five stars and I have barely even used the app however I can tell it’s an amazing app and I recommend it to anyone. If you are looking forward or have any goals of losing or maintaining your weight this is the perfect app for you. I really think that this app will help you in achieving your goal. Even if you use it for one week you will start seeing results. For me i like to have things organized and see my progress in action. If you do too then please use this app.
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4 years ago, golden goldfish 1234567890
Diet plan review
I wanted a way to lose my belly fat without dealing with making a diet plan and constantly worrying that it wasn’t working and giving up hope. So I decided to get an app to help me. This one seemed to stick out and I decided to give it a try. It gives you many options for both weight loss and dieting, a variety of plans to choose from, and daily plans to help you out. Not only did I have a variety of different plans to try, I also got amazing results within a week. I definitely recommend this to anyone trying to lose weight and trying to just have a healthier life style.
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5 years ago, Skyluke23
This app has an interesting assortment of options for people who want to try different diets. These diets are not just based on your physical body but your physiological. What I mean is it includes categories such as blood type and other interesting factors that are over looked in other health and fitness apps that are available. That being said I’ve had this app for 20 seconds and I was offered a full access pass for free, if I gave a 5 star one hundred character review. Since there is no character count on this I will keep talking because why not. This app could be total crap but free is free. Alright I believe I met the quota.
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5 years ago, Fixjendjcifiskkxvk
SOOOOO many choices!!
I love this app because it offers me a ton of choices in different diets/cleanses/nutritional plans to follow. If I need to drop 5 pounds really quick for a wedding or other event, I can do the cabbage soup diet, or any of the other quick loss ones. When my body is feeling “toxic” (like it usually is), there are SEVERAL flushes and cleanses I can do to clean out my system and even reset my metabolism. It’s like a fresh healthy start. There’s even plans for eating for your blood type or else the DASH diet for people like me with high blood pressure. In a nutshell, this app covers all of the fad diets/cleanses and helps you safely follow them for amazing results!
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