My Optum

Health & Fitness
4.5 (4K)
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Optum Inc.
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
16.0 or later
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User Reviews for My Optum

4.55 out of 5
4K Ratings
1 year ago, tjos
Too many technical issues
I had hoped that the Optum app would be beneficial to help schedule and communicate with my doctors but sadly the app is full of technical issues. Very disappointing when you want to schedule a visit or lab time. Also disappointing when you need to refill a prescription but can’t reach out to your care team. They really need to work out the bugs and glitches for this app to do any good.
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5 months ago, pinkstar44
Optum patient portal and customer service is completely horrible. Not only has my doctor retired over a year ago and they still have her as my doctor and she’s the only one I can message. SHE IS NO LONGER WORKING THERE SO WHO AM I TO TALK TO??? Especially when it’s important/emergency and I’m told the system doesn’t change the doctor until you have an actual visit with her. I wasn’t able to get an appointment with her until 3 MONTHS OUT!! HOW DOES THAT MAKE SENSE! HOW DOES THAT HELP ME!!? THE PATIENT!!! Can’t call in to talk to her either. This is patient negligence!! So they told me their idiotic system doesn’t have any way to change or fix that. So when I wanted to file a complaint because there’s no way they should continue with this horrible system or service I was then told I can not talk to the supervisor and she would contact me when SHE has time! The audacity. At this point I’m ready to completely change my insurance when the time comes. So unprofessional and this portal does NOT help the patient in ANY type of way or form. Be prepared to lose another customer cause all through your reviews people are complaining about the same things. Do better or close down it would be the best for all of us.
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6 years ago, J Wessington
Able to see my prescriptions and HSA account in one place.
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7 months ago, cogitatus8
Does Not Work Half the Time
The Optum app has many of the basic features that many healthcare apps have. From a strictly standpoint, it leaves those who need more than just messaging doctors and scheduling some types of appointments wanting. However, the most frustrating part is that even with the basic features that patients hope they can access, the app itself cannot connect half of the time to its own servers. You end up having to call in anyway. Needs work.
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11 months ago, Amy Leeh
Needs a lot of improvement
I hate this app! The labs never update on time (or never update) , if you want to message your doctor there's always technical issues. Before the app optum was using was Follow my Health and I use to love that one, I never had any issue. Lab results super fast and it gave you the option to see the meaning of the results, if you want to message your doctor, schedule appointment, renew rx, submit documents - no problems at all, everything super practical and user friendly. I hope Optum app become more like Follow my Health app
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8 months ago, nurslola
Optum should have kept Follow My Health for us previous HealthCare Partner patients; I’m unable to retrieve accurate/current medical info. I can’t print my labs or radiology reports from the app like I could with Follow My Health. Sometimes when I open the app the only thing on my landing page is a suggestion to search for new provider, and why do I have to keep signing in multiple times a day if my login info should’ve been saved, and I have Face ID activated…..Overall if I could give this app a negative rating I would; it doesn’t deserve any stars.
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6 months ago, Nathalie_June
Horrible connection
This app can’t seem to connect to its own servers. When it does connect the labs aren’t updated and it lacks information I tried uploading my insurance card and it never saves. This app is horrible. It’s a shame that they promote it so much but it’s of no use. Don’t waste your time it’s been 2 weeks and the app hasn’t worked. It’s currently stuck on the landing page and only gives me the option to add my insurance card that it doesn’t save and to see Covid 19 info.
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8 months ago, neaplas
Doesn’t work well
The app is always changing, and never for the better. There’s no option to manually add insurance information from a card even though most places don’t provide a physical card anymore. I can’t confirm my appointment because suddenly it’s not showing up anymore. What’s worse is the provider function is trash now! Hard to type anything in and it doesn’t find anything even when I know beyond a doubt who I am looking for.
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2 years ago, Lily.J_M
Constant Error Message
Optum should have kept FollowMyHealth. My experience with the previous app was always convenient and easy to use. With this new app it has caused frustration since it doesn’t allow me to schedule appointments nor send a messages due to “An error occurred…” or “We are having technical issues on our end..” Needs be fixed or else no point in having an app that is unusable.
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6 months ago, hptjr
I’m a complainer
I am sorry to report that using this latest iteration of patient interface is very frustrating. It won’t let me log in on my iPad. Only after multiple tries do I get by the “can’t get access” screen. No help link, no help at all. I’m using my iPhone to get in now and it’s like driving a Model A Ford when you are in a hurry to get somewhere. Sorry to be negative. I do love my doctors, though. I do love the very efficient lab work I get. I don’t love “My Optum” the app.
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6 months ago, Liisjor1
Never works
This app never seems to work. My old healthcare app was wonderful. All of my results were uploaded into it and I was able to email my doctor through it. Most of the time when I open the new Optum app there is not even a home screen. It just leads to a blank page. When it does work, it doesn't have any of my health records or information. I've never written an app review before, but this one is so bad that I felt I should.
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9 months ago, Pain in the ......
Can Never Log In
Face recognition does not work and I’m logged out automatically more often than I can count. I’ve used all of my ‘remembered’ Passwords and created new conventions but limitations on allowable characters are a pain. It takes me up to 1/2 hour to hack my way back in each time. Pretty useless unless you have nothing better to do than have an app rule your life. It may be a good reason to leave the Optum network. I’m fed up!
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4 months ago, unhappyoptumappuser
Caught in update loop
I have an iPhone 7 running iOS 15.8.1, latest for my phone. Tried to login to the app and was prompted to update. Update fails due to needing iOS 16. Try to reopen and goes back to update. So I can no longer use the app. I’m not upgrading just to use this app. I would be happy to continue using the older app for now but it’s not allowed. No way to “click out” of the update. Please remove the forced update.
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8 months ago, Emikochan21
Can’t log in 9 time out of 10
When the app works, it’s great. I can send messages to my provider, check my lab work up and schedule appointments but I nearly always get an error when trying to log in. “Error. We are having trouble reaching the service right now. Try again later”. So frustrating!!!
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10 months ago, Disgruntled49
I have tried repeatedly to log onto the website. I have had to change passwords a multitude of times due to the fact of the site says that I need to change my password and being unable to sign in. I would like to be able to use Face ID, but that doesn’t seem to work either. The follow my health. Website was much easier to log onto.
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6 months ago, Archielucky7
Doesn’t show all of the tabs
When ever I try logging into the website portal it automatically signs me back out and it’s so frustrating because I can’t even see my lab results. Almost the same issue with the app but I can log in. The app doesn’t show my health records or I can’t even send messages to my primary health care doctor. Please update this problem!!!!
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8 months ago, Lindeross
Patient No Portal Oh My
I have been waiting for weeks for Optum. Support to resolve whatever issues they have with my portal. They said they would con tact me when it was up. Well its up and no one bothered to tell me. I did it myself. But not all my data is there. There are no labs, vitals, etc. they are a couple of test appts they they created. I am thoroughly disillusioned with the Optum Group. You do not live up to your ads!!
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8 months ago, jus4kel
This App does nothing
I really liked the old Healthcare partners App, but this redo really offers nothing. I can give my new insurance card, check for providers, or contact the app provider. The day I tried to use it, the entire system was down. I want to be able to message my doctors, check my upcoming appointments, and print out referrals. This app has nothing for me to use.
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3 months ago, Audry1
Could be Better
I prefer the FollowMyHealth app. I don’t care for the limited access to my own records. I would like to see the actual lab and test results, and be able to print them. Dates, doctors, and descriptions are not included on diagnosis.
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7 months ago, dcbanks411
When even a Primary Care Physician complains, it must be bad! 😤 And judging by the number of complaints in the reviews, the techs responsible for this piece of rubbish either don’t care or are non-existant. Hopefully folks can find better access via the web browser version and free-up some phone storage by deleting this worthless junk.
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2 years ago, Yodajunior
I don’t know why my doctor’s office moved to app from the FollowMyHealth app, but they need to go back. This app is slow an gets stuck in the login process to the point that they block you because they count it as a failed attempt (even though it happens after the password and 2nd factor have already been entered as valid).
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11 months ago, JenniGarnate
The app does not log in smoothly, often giving an error message every first try. Also, my mammogram results were delayed for almost a month when they should have been loaded once written up.
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2 years ago, markbblu
Flaky application
Im not In the habit of writing bad reviews but the Optum Patient Portal app MUST function properly because its failure can put patients in actual danger. This app has worked properly on occasion but it fails more often than not. This app must work flawlessly unless another option is provided.
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1 year ago, hbmercy
Not good
I sign in and able to see my appointment and messages. However 4 days later no information available, my doctor appointment not showing no messages. Asking for me to get a provider. Do not like it. I prefer follow my Heath app is so much better. Dissatisfied with optum app.
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6 months ago, marissa_m
Wrong version?
I don’t have all the features that are advertised in the previews. I only have Home and preferences. I only really want it for claims so I’m okay but I don’t have all those features advertised.
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7 months ago, rainbowpink05
Optimum portal
You guys need to fix your login because I can’t login into myOptum portal
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7 months ago, JusLikeThat
Terrible App
This App is unstable and useless. Cannot review any medical information and no ability to contact Dr. for appointments, refills on medication, Or messaging healthcare provider. Once logged in, it just spins and never populates. As to rating, it’s a zero. John’s
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8 months ago, Smc7882
Terrible app
Previous app was better. App keeps giving error message for past couple days and won’t let me sign in. Messaging system is buggy. Signing in process is annoying. There’s no point of Face ID if you still need to put in your login info every time.
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8 months ago, Drtoy1
Not able to make an appointment for specialists, and have to call and deal with your long-process automated phone system. Please update theses to make the patient experience more pleasant.
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2 years ago, pboydbat
Not a good launch
This app is riddled with problems: -Does not function well with Safari or Firefox -Can’t log in at night -Can’t display profile information and will not accept edits -Can’t display accurate insurance information and will not accept edits -Customer service reps do not have screen access to the app, so they can only speculate what the issue may be -IT support is unresponsive; after submitting a service ticket, I had to call back 6 days later to learn that no issues were resolved -Lousy business practice Need I say more?
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2 months ago, geoffthompson999
Totally useless
This is a totally useless app. Appointments, lab results, etc. do not show for many doctors as their network of doctors use many different portals or websites. Obviously having information in multiple different locations and not centralized is not a help to the patient at all.
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11 months ago, JC (not that JC)
Truly the worst app
This app has been nonstop issues. Every time I open it, there’s a new issue. Before I couldn’t access my care team or appointments, now I can’t even access my health info. Absolutely ridiculous. I hate that my provider forced me to switch it to this.
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8 months ago, ElaineWagoner
Doesn’t work
It has gotten a little better but the FollowMyHealth was way better faster I could see all of my results this one I have to push try again to get results at least 5 times and I don’t get the reports for my MRI’s any more.
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8 months ago, nerdspeed
Constant Issues
Just like their website, the app has constant login issues. Someone at Optum really believed they could build some fancy system but they need to realize that their App and horrible website are a complete failure.
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10 months ago, SunJoe2023
Most features don’t work
Too many technical issues and most features don’t work. Optum keeps trying to push patients to use technology but the app and website both are not at all usable.
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4 years ago, spectechjds
Awful App, Awful Company.
Most providers in their directory don’t actually accept their insurance. Have flagged several doctor profiles as such but they remain online. Calling in just gets you more of a runaround. Awful way to treat customers especially considering they’re relying on you for their mental health care.
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7 months ago, ruthie1235
I am very disappointed
I am very disappointed that I can’t get in because I need to see the results and referral papers and please fix it!!!!
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1 month ago, lc watcher
My health results
I’m very happy with the portal thanks very much
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9 months ago, unbelivabe
This app needs tons of work. They should have tested it before it went public. Just plain annoying. I can see from all the reviews this ap stinks!!!!
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2 years ago, NicoleMaes
Where do I find my homepage? Example; labs, appointment and other things you have talked about? I just see info about Covid, you click on it and sends you to google.
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6 months ago, Thisisn’tworking
Optum App is Terrible
The biometric function never works. I want to see more than labs and used to be able to see things like BP, weight, vaccinations, radiology, and other reports. Should be able to request prescription renewals. It’s pretty useless.
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7 months ago, J_Ta_Nova~Fiasco
No customer service
Been on hold for the Lynwood office for 1 and half hours. Left a voice message last Friday and no one returned my call. Very unsatisfactory very frustrating very disappointing and unprofessional Brenda Frank on behalf of my 95 year old mother your patient Wanda Frank
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7 months ago, 晓鼠源kitty
Cannot open the app for couple of months
Cannot open the app for couple of months. ”Error. We are having trouble reaching the service right now. Please try again.”
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5 months ago, Lucy2!
Hasn’t worked for weeks! I even called tech support and they were useless and said it would be resolved by the 15th, still isn’t working
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7 months ago, NicGarPot
Horrible to sign in Always have to change password.
I always have to reset password every time i use this site. So annoying. It should set one time only.
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2 years ago, AndrooTee
Not much functionality, constantly getting error messages about “technical issues,” no carryover of old data from my records prior to the new app coming out. Terrible app
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8 months ago, LissT08
There’s always a technical problem!!!
You will not be able to view your profile
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5 months ago, Rxkev
Dysfunctional app
Having previously used My Chart and Follow My Health this app has too many problems and glitches. The latest problem is labs are not loading.
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6 months ago, jaboy1996
“There was a problem loading your search results”
Constant error message
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11 months ago, Vgirl322
Useless App
It works about 20% of tge time. Too many bugs and technical glitches and their customer support is ignorant to all the issues. My own doctor says he can’t rely on it. Pitiful.
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