My Pollen Forecast - Allergies

Health & Fitness
4.7 (22.6K)
72.1 MB
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Current version
JRustonApps B.V.
Last update
3 weeks ago
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14.0 or later
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User Reviews for My Pollen Forecast - Allergies

4.69 out of 5
22.6K Ratings
4 years ago, RoSealey
Just What I Need!
I wanted a pin-point pollen count for my area, and now I have it! While ONE big weather apps has an available pollen count, I’ve found they do not have a dedicated, daily, level, and there’s no specific outdoor allergens listed. Pollen App is so intuitive, easy to use, and includes weather data such as wind and temperature, which this asthmatic knows can easily make a milder pollen level a serious health hazard! The journaling page adds the personalized touch so I can mark which days I get more hay fever, asthma attacks and compare it to the stats in the app. While I’m lucky to live both in the continental USA & UK, I hope this becomes available to the world. I must add that due to a new iOS update, I had problems with finding the icon with which to open the app—which in the past always uploaded new apps to my screens. I contacted Jake and told him my issue. Over many emails, trial and error, the culprit turned out to be an iOS bug. But all the time, Jake was pleasant, patient, and offered solutions with each email. So I have to add that tech support is A level, great!
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2 years ago, Cakelovr101
perfect for me
Ive been using this app for the past 2 years and I love it. Its cool to see the map of all the different pollen severities and it is really helpful when it gives me the notifications that there will be high pollen counts. I went back and looked at my pollen diary from the previous year and it is wild to see how the allergy pattern is so similar (I never really knew exactly when, just that i had bad allergies in the spring). If it wasnt for this app i never would have known exactly what im allergic to or when certain days are better or worse than others! im perfectly happy with the way this app functions and i honestly havent had any problems with it. thank you to whoever made this!!
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4 years ago, Alegg71
Stopped updating
I have enjoyed using this app, but in the past week or more, it has not been working like it did in the past. It does not show anything but whether the pollen count is low, medium, etc. In the past, I have received temperatures and more and 5 days of forecasts. As of this morning, I can only see for today and that is only green for low pollen. Is this app going away? As of 1/1, this app is back to working like it did when I first downloaded it. Thank you to the developer for reaching out to me. I hope that it will continue to work properly for me. I have been pleasantly pleased with this app in the past.
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5 years ago, Mynameisrinandiloveblueeyes
Needs a few more features
I would really love to see a selection where I could tap every type of pollen that affects me, so I can see it all specifically laid out at the bottom with colors on a graph maybe? That way, I can see which one most relevant to me and my partner. Neither of us are allergic to Elm, or Juniper. So even though they’re common in my area I can see what’s gonna affect us. Also, maybe a little more from the diary section. I can record my symptoms on a 1-5 scale sure, but what if I experience a new symptom and I want to talk to my doctor about it? It would be nice to be able to just write a little blurb of up to 300 characters or something small so I could bullet point some stuff. Cosmetically it looks nice, but I just want like a profile with some more preferences for features like those. Otherwise a great, simple setup and accurate info!
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2 years ago, Steph0606
Works better than the paid version
I originally downloaded the free version. I saw there was a pro version, I looked into it. I decided to pay for it because the description said there is a widget. As far as I can tell, there is not. Also, tapping on the pollen that’s present just shows a blank screen instead of information about that pollen. The free version works way better in just the few minutes that I used both.
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4 years ago, Emilysdance
I downloaded this because I thought it would be quite helpful to have a more clear understanding of which allergies produce which symptoms in me. I gave to agree with a previous reviewer that this app would be miles better, if it had space for quick note about symptoms, or even a multiple choice list to note symptoms. it would be incredibly helpful to be able to note for today it’s itchy eyes, yesterday was a scratchy throat and last week it was setting off my asthma. all that being said, it is helpful and interesting to see which allergens are most prevalent on any given day.
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3 years ago, msbav8r53
Does what it says.
I looked for an app that would give air quality/pollen levels and found this one. It works well and isn't yet ruined by full screen unstoppable video ads or an outrageously expensive subscription model, like nearly every app I have tried in the last year. Good job. 👍🏻
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4 years ago, Kell930A
Inadequate Index
I’m way beyond disappointed in this allergy index app. It keeps putting my area off the west coast of Africa. When I find my location, it’s the simplest of Google maps w/ color coded allergy severity. Not helpful at all. For all I know I may be using it incorrectly, but w/o a clear menu or instructions, who knows.🤷🏼‍♀️ Thank you for the reply on how to set the location. For some reason location services is not finding my location even when I give it permission. However, it did work fine on another phone. If I go into maps, it does show my correct location. So I am not sure why it is putting me off the coast of Africa.
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3 years ago, Orange Cow
Love the app…
I love the app and how you can track how you feel each day. The only thing that I would change is that the record for each month doesn’t really give you an average of how you feel. If you hit 3 just one time a month you’re stuck on 3.9 for the rest of the month…no matter how many times you hit 4. Could be a little more accurate on this part.
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3 months ago, Rititchka
Is there a widget for this app?
I find the app really useful. But it would be even better if there were a color coded widget that I could see first thing in the morning before I even open my phone so that I can mask up, if needed. Thank you.
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3 years ago, Radeduo
Great way to track allergies to pollen!
I use this app all the time especially when I start sneezing. I also like using the diary to record the days I have more symptoms. It would be really nice if we could have the pollens for that day recorded as well instead of just the severity of the symptoms. I like looking back and seeing when I had symptoms but sort of a bummer when I can’t see what pollen was on that day.
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4 years ago, Catrinadizzle
Four stars!
I really like this app. It tells me what the allergy forecast will look like in such a nice, empathetic way, which I really appreciate. It’s like hearing it from a friend instead of an app! :) I, like other reviewers, wish it had more local allergens. In Tucson, AZ we have Palo Verde trees which are a huge local allergen: they bloom, I cry. I also know that it would be really hard to find out local allergens from everywhere this app serves tho.
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5 years ago, Soitsme
The app is rather straight forward and simple. It provides the basic details about pollen levels in your area and the three top sources. And a forecast for the next few days. Does offer temp, wind and humidity. Albeit the graph utilized the same display affect for those. I probably would have had temp with blue red spectrum. 57^ is cold, not green good. It does have a simple diary aspect to record. I don’t need it but is probably helpful to some.
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2 years ago, zerothdegree
Use full app with bugs to work out
Very useful app. Although this update and the last few still have some bugs. On an iPhone 13 opening the app freezes the phone sometimes also the app will freeze and not respond to being dropped to the background or closed.
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2 weeks ago, L & L Creations
What is wrong with me?
Well it turns out I’ve had allergies all my life but they weren’t too bad till lately. Now with this app I can know if there’s a ton of pollen in the air influencing my ability to breathe through my nose. It is a relief! Even without meds.
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5 years ago, Lnq56789
Missing cedar pollen?
It would be nice to be able to show how high the count for each pollen in the days that there are multiple types of pollen. Also, through the whole Dec and January which are the season of Cedar pollen in Austin, I didn’t see the appearance of it in a single day which is very wrong...I am most allergic to cedar tree pollen(I believe most people in Austin have allergy are the same). So it is much less helpful without the data for it.
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1 year ago, BelleAm
Pretty good; missing a couple of vitals
I like having a simple app to check the pollen count; however, these things would really improve it: 1. Dewpoint reading. Knowing the heat/humidity is great, but the dewpoint is more useful for gauging comfort/breathe-ability outside. 2. Longer range predictions. Today is good; tomorrow’s better; 7-10 days ahead would be much better, for planning purposes.
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2 years ago, Angelbrat3
Helped a bit
The helped me to determine the types of pollen I was allergic to trees, grass, or ragweed. As someone who grew up without allergies suddenly getting runny noses out of no where and random itchy eyes I wanted to know what I was allergic to without the dr bill. Though I don’t know exactly what types of trees or grasses I’m allergic to it’s helpful to know that I’m allergic to certain tree and grass pollen.
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5 years ago, ChrisLLR2831
Nice, needs a few things
I saw a review where it said they wish they could select every type of thing they’re allergic to, that would be cool for a subscription option. With the subscription offer, we could also do away with the ads. Additionally, a profile setup to access on other platforms would be cool.
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8 months ago, ShanniMkay
Mostly Good
The one issue I have is the allergen symptoms rating system. It’s asinine to rate low symptoms with more stars and high symptoms with less stars. ALL other rating systems on any other platform ever in the history of my life has rated in an opposite manner.
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5 years ago, eastcoastmikep
Fast details
Getting to know how your body reacts to the environment you are currently in is really important to me as I have a history of migraines and some dizziness. This is a good tool to get a quick allergy rating. I have a lot going on and I don’t always pay attention so this tool helps me to know when to take medicine only when I need to.
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4 years ago, exhaustedmillenial
Just ok, need to be able to add if meds are taken
I need an app to track my seasonal allergies and if/when I take my medication. This does not allow for that. Also, I would like to be able to see the pollen count in my diary entry, not just how I logged I felt. It also only gives the option to log today and yesterday. So if you missed two days in a row you are SOL. I also just went back in to try and tinker around more but my diary entries are gone and when I add them again they do not show up.
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5 years ago, Eddie Banjo
When I tell my family and friends that I am suffering from power allergies I now have a source to show them the level of pollen is driving me crazy. I don’t need a numerical pollen count now I can just look at the colors I know why am so miserable. Thanks for the app.
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2 years ago, Tarheel 33
Where do they get their info???
Right now the local newscasts have a totally different pollen listed than what this app does. And I know because I’ve been tested for allergies and they don’t even list the tree that I’m allergic to. Plus they say that the pollen in this area is in the medium category but when I look at the local news it’s in the extreme category. I don’t think this is a very good app.
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5 years ago, christareen
Keeping Safe
I am usually in my house all the time. I couldn’t detect any pollen and I never considered how it would affect my asthma until it did a week ago. Now I have this app and it has really been helping me to stay safe. I love the alerts too.
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5 years ago, LED4GOD
Good, could be great
The idea of tracking how you feel against pollen counts to determine your allergies is a brilliant idea. The one drawback is you can’t edit a diary entry. I entered 2 stars for today and decided it should be 1 Star. So I tried entering a new entry to override the first. Instead it added them together to be a 3 star. 😩 Well I still have high hopes as I have winter allergies that are hard to track.
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4 weeks ago, mikeovanes
Pollen count app.
It is a very helpful tool and it is extremely accurate. I have allergies mostly in the spring and fall and it tells me exactly what is the pollen intensity and what’s in the air it is an excellent app. I highly recommend it.
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1 year ago, PlanetJupiter2254
A call to all allergic people!
This is the best app! It tells you what the pollen count is, what TYPE of pollen it is, and others!!!! I can get along my day according to this. I would definitely recommend!!
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2 years ago, leosread
I used t Are use this application because it’s so helpful and also because I am allergic to the point so I’m happy to know where is higher and low the pollen. Thanks this application
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2 years ago, Mel4lores
Room for improvement
It’s a good app but it would be much more helpful if you could indicate specific allergens that you want to see on the map so it’s tailored to you. For example I have grass pollen allergies so I’d love to see just that, whereas some may prefer to see tree or ragweed pollen. An overall pollen count can be misleading.
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3 years ago, augusttheairsir
Says primarily what the pollen is 👌🏼
All of a sudden last night I started sneezing and I didn’t know why, I blamed it on a package I opened that my roommate brought in (paranoid) 😅 turns out I kept sneezing and I found this app, juniper high content in the air is the culprit 😠
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3 days ago, Kerryonphoto
The type of active pollen would be useful
Telling me that the pollen counts are low, high, etc is only a small part of the equation. Without knowing what type of pollens are present, this app isn’t worth having in my opinion. You can get better info from weather apps. I thought this would be way more informative.
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4 years ago, Lorna Jingram
Only tracks grasses & weeds pollen
I'm so disappointed! I was planning to buy the upgrade after hearing about this on one of Leo Laporte radio show! However, the pollens that this app tracks is only grades and weeds! Why not trees????
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4 years ago, Yesdnyl99
It’s pollen count doesn’t match allergy centers and symptoms
Does it update correctly? It will say pollen is low but there will be high wind, people sneezing everywhere and complaining of itching red eyes. Then the app will note three different pollens around at the same time showing a green map of low pollen. It oddly doesn’t match local allergy centers with their count. There’s no way to measure the amount of pollen it notes is around.
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5 years ago, Kl237
This app helps me to determine when I may be able to keep the windows open or go outside without having a bad allergic reaction, as well as helping me figure out which allergens I’m most affected by
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1 year ago, Allegra N.
Pollen Forecast
I have severe allergies all year round. I use your app to plan my days. It is always accurate. What meds I need to take or whether I just need to stay inside.
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1 year ago, Sis on Central
An essential app!
This app has been so great to have! Pollen season in Alabama is brutal for folks like me with medical issues. This app tells me whether or not the day is safe for walking-I depend on it to make wise decisions!Thanks!
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2 years ago, mom2giqm
Best pollen app I've seen
I love this app. It's been so helpful during this crazy weather season. But I just bought a new phone and I can't find it on the Google Play store.
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5 years ago, Boston Pollen
Great App
I suffer from really bad seasonal allergies and this App has been so helpful to track the pollen so I can plan my activities and know if I can go outside next weekend or if I should stay in depending on the pollen levels.
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3 years ago, Martiniware
Nice app though missing features
Think it would be nice if the application would retain history as sometimes I want to see what the pollen count was a few days back.
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3 years ago, WJHcayman
Limited options
Being BIG allergy sufferers, I like to track pollen count in not only my area, but in the areas where my children go to college. I can’t find anything that allows me to ‘change my locations’. I’ll update My rating if this is an option and I just couldn’t find it.
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4 years ago, smac2024
Pine Pollen never reported
I have Pro version for over a year and one of the worst pollens, pine pollen is never reported. This is the really thick green stuff that covers everything and is the worst allergy for myself. I am miserable for several weeks that it is out. I purchased the Pro app to help me track this pollen but have never seen it reported!
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3 years ago, Susannah159
Great app to help with allergy control
I love this app! I was getting sinus headaches randomly and finally realized they correlated with high pollen rates. Now I know when to take extra allergy medicine in preparation for this. Very useful!
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6 years ago, cjanderson47
Thank you so much!
This app has helped so much in my battle with allergies. Now I know when to keep the doors and windows closed, and to stay inside. My thought is prevention is the best policy with allergies!
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2 months ago, chiveworthy
Accurate notification
The application is amazingly correct day after day. I have no negative experiences. 5 stars
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5 years ago, nvbunnylady
Thank you!
Thank you for your awesome app! This really helps me plan my day depending upon the pollen count! I have a lot of allergies and this helps me avoid the worse ones. Thank you for improving my life!
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4 months ago, lesssssasssss
Useless app does not include major area pollen
Our area is covered in yellow pine pollen now and it does not reflect that on their app and when I brought it to the attention of the developer they tried to claim that nobody has pine pollen allergies so they aren't including that in their data. Could not be further from the truth they clearly don't know anything about pollen and allergies!
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2 years ago, Dboyny
Nice resource for allergies
Gets the job done and I like the diary part, so I can keep track of which time of year is worse for my allergies
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2 years ago, Nala-Nala
Paid version now forces ads
I paid for this app because I did not want to deal with ads, but a few months ago I was not able to use it without updating so I did. Now I’m constantly bombarded with ads. It’s a shady bait and switch. If I wanted ads, I would’ve used the free version.
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1 month ago, etsully
Travel app
My job requires me to travel about 70% of the time. This app is very accurate and helps me plan for the good and bad days. Excellent features.
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