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Cigna Corporation
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9 months ago
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13.0 or later
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User Reviews for myCigna

4.76 out of 5
125.1K Ratings
3 years ago, Aarbee222
App doesn’t work
Update After I posted my review, customer support contacted me the same day. A case was opened and fixed in two days after they figured out what was going on. Thanks for the quick response [Previous review] When I first downloaded the app it worked however I got a new iPhone in November. My old iPhone had a touchID and my new iPhone has faceID. According to the app I’m only allowed one biometric scan so I couldn’t switch to faceID. I contacted customer support to fix the issue. After uninstalling/reinstalling the app, resetting the password, etc., per the advice of customer service, the app no longer works. While I can login on my desktop, the app keeps giving me the same invalid credentials message when I try to log in. The app was nice when it worked but now it’s useless.
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3 years ago, ccweems
Do not trust
You expect that an online app will be accurate. Not with Cigna. I was called this morning and was told that my eligibility was confirmed and my insurance card was on the My Cigna app. Not true. There was a card online but it was populated with out of date information. I discovered this at Walgreens after waiting in line and being told that the BIN and PCN numbers were in error and my six prescriptions would not be covered by Cigna until they were corrected. I fully expect that Cigna will soon correct their errors but I do not why they allow the application to post out of date information. Had they posted that information was being updated and a revised medical card would be available in 24 hours I would understand and I would have avoided a public discussion concerning the online insurance card and why it was no longer accepted. Cigna’s errors and omissions are sadly not limited to bad data. Their supposedly professional staff (Rn’s not MD’s) are quite willing to debate medical issues with cardiologists and their staff. Ultimately the doctors rule the day but only after wasting time by the doctor, patient and pharmacist. These issues are rarely documented in the patient’s file resulting a repeat performance by fresh Walgreen personnel who are ignorant of the past history and who are quite willing to further expose their ignorance in a refreshed debate.
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6 months ago, Raynewatre
Doesn’t save login info
It’s a bit archaic these days to have an app that you have to physically input a password every time. There’s no Face ID option. I have to go into my phone’s password storage each time and search for Cigna to pull up what my password is, and it’s frankly just kind of a time waster. Especially as the mobile website will fill in the password automatically (although, I have to submit to two-factor authentication when I go that route, despite having already checked the ‘remember me on this device’ box 🙄). Also, you can’t pay your premium or bills on the app! That’s… ridiculous. After wasting my time hunting fruitlessly on the app for a way to pay, I went to the website. Makes me wonder why there’s an app at all! That said, the app is set up in a user-friendly way. I like the way “find care” part is divvied up to help you determine the best option for your current situation. But last week, while attempting to set up a virtual appointment, I ran into a bug and couldn’t complete my registration. I had to start over completely on the website. Which, again, just wasted my time and irritated me. How does this app have such a high rating?
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3 years ago, JKinney
It’s “okay”... when it’s actually working
For the last month or so, none of my claims appear in the app. It’s bizarre - I have many many medical claims from the last 180 days, yet when I try to view them in the app, it says “You have no claims in this period.” I then go on the Cigna website and can see all the claims, some of which were processed only a week prior. It’s like the app can’t connect to their database for some reason; it’s really bizarre and makes the app next to useless. Furthermore, it’s 2021; there should be a SIMPLE, automated, electronic secure system with which us CIGNA customers can submit our claims. There isn’t - they still demand that people physically mail their claim forms in, which is time-consuming, error prone, and wasteful. Get your act together, CIGNA; you’re supposed to be among the higher-end providers in the US. Start acting like it. I do know a ton of recruiters have reached out to me recently trying to fill technical positions at CIGNA (I’m a software developer), so hopefully they recognize and implement the critical features that remain missing from their service.
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3 years ago, The Dark Statesman
UPDATE: (Fixed) Password reset issues
UPDATE: The same customer service representative who tried to help me the first time called today to follow up. She waited as I tested and retested the process, which now functions as expected. Kudos to Cigna for fixing it and this particular CSR for following up with me. ORIGINAL COMMENTS: After getting a repeated login error message, three calls to Cigna tech support totaling 30 minutes, being told (twice) to delete and reinstall the app, being told to change my password using the website, being told to limit my password to 11 characters (despite the website instructions to make it 8-12 characters) because the app doesn’t handle 12-character passwords well, all to no avail... I give up and will just log into the Cigna page on AOL using my dial-up modem. Maybe they have a MySpace page or an island on Second Life where I can see my insurance information.
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4 years ago, Miq2u
Lots of nice useless features
Has many extremely useful features and an amazingly well thought out, user friendly base design, but if I can’t review things because it is constantly updating, refreshing, or whatever else it is doing and kicking be back to the top of the page from the base of every feature, those features quickly become USELESS. I do not want to scroll down 50,000 times because the app only updates 5 items at a time then carries you back to the top of the screen and makes you scroll all the way back down before taking you back up to the top while it updates 5 more items by the time you get to a total of 30 items to review you have already spent your time scrolling back down most of the same list 6 times and you still haven’t gotten far past the initial 5 when you get to start all over again. Tired of reading all that run on sentence? Try reading a rerun run on sentence that starts all over every 5 words... 😡
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5 years ago, @MyLifeAsChris25
Electronic ID Cards
I spent almost 40 minutes searching for my insurance card around my house after a long day at work.. I am young and moved to a new state for work, so haven’t used my insurance in 2+ years.. I finally have a dentist appointment for the next day, so was trying to get everything ready. Unfortunately, I was unable to find it. I finally gave up and decided to see if I could screenshot it on my phone or email it to myself and print out at work... to my surprise, after downloading this great app, they offer electronic ID cards!!!!!! That’s not the best part yet..... you CAN also add it to your wallet.. my life is made and I cannot wait for tomorrow!! Keep it up :)
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2 years ago, C.Vegas
Completely Outdated Provider Lists
I have been attempting to contact providers which Cigna displays as in-network, accepting new patients, etc, etc. I have complete understanding that they may be unable to keep this list updated to the minute, but when I call providers or facilities and request to make an appointment, 7/10 times I get told this provider doesn’t work here anymore. The best answer I received was that a specific doctor hadn’t worked there in 5 years. Come on Cigna, get it together. You decide what to charge your insurance customers, if the money you’re charging us isn’t enough to manage your company properly, then charge more. If you’re just inept at running a business, then start handing out refunds or discounts. This is a disgrace to insurance providers and medical professionals through the country. Get it together. P.S. I try to do the right thing and notify you each time I come across incorrect information, so that someone else may not have to experience the same failures; but when I click on the “Let us know” button (which is directly referring to incorrect information in the listing) you re-route me, out of the app, into safari, I have to login again and to then have to find the provider again and go through the whole process again is just ridiculously cumbersome. Another sign that you are not able to manage an app as it should be in the 21st century.
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9 months ago, Definitely Displeased.
Missing several core functionalities
I rarely think to leave a review for an app, but the Cigna app is uniquely bad enough that I am. This app used to be able to store my password but now it makes me re enter my password every time. Even my banking app is able to enter my password with Face ID so i’m not sure why Cigna isn’t able to use the same functionality even if there is sensitive information on the app. I used to teach coding to elementary aged children and am beginning to wonder if this app was a child’s school project. Worse yet, when I was at the optometrist recently I noticed that when I click on the section that is supposed to show me my vision coverage, I am instead shown my medical and behavioral health coverage. How can I verify that I am getting the rates I am supposed to get from my doctor if I can’t access this information on the go? I’m pretty sure I got ripped off on my purchase of contacts because of this.
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6 years ago, dawnabelle21
Pretty good but...
I really appreciate all the features and conveniences of this app. It enables me to track HSA transactions as well as all claims. I also like how it helps me keep track of deductibles and out-of-pocket expenses. However, one thing that I want to be able to do within the app that I can’t seem to do is go back to review info from the previous year. For example, we had a significant medical emergency in our household on Christmas day. While I am able to view claims as they are processed from that health event, even after the start of the new year, I can’t view the overall deductible/out-of-pocket expenses tracker for 2017. I now only have access to the new trackers for 2018. I would appreciate being able to still view that info from 2017, for a few months into the new year anyway.
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6 years ago, smokeguy1
No fingerprint
I like the app but I use strong logins so I would use the fingerprint option if it would work. Even though you select it it does not work. The copy and paste does not work. If I were to want security I would except strong passwords, copy your strong password to enter and except fingerprints as authentication. I maybe wrong but you are making difficult to use strong passwords and make it frustratingly easy to just give up and use the easy passwords used for the accounts that does not really have personal information and with no security exposure because you can return to app later and not consistently having to reset your password. Just my thoughts. Let’s see what’s your thought in the future with the performance of this app.
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4 years ago, thedirtymistress
Terrible upgrade with lots of bugs/issues
The Previous update was so much better. With this current update, many functions dies not with at all which makes the formerly convenient app USELESS! One of the most convenient feature was the ability to search for a doctor within your network but the link to “find a doctor” doesn’t work. You can click/touch it as much as you want but nothing happens. In fact, the majority of the links within the app does NOT work! Also, when you click to view tour EOB, it didn’t load either. It just says, “pdf __bytes”. SO USELESS!! I tried to delete and reinstall but that didn’t help. Also tried to look for an update, but none is available. I wish I never updated and/or I could get the previous version back as that was actually helpful. As someone who doesn’t have a laptop, I do most things from my phone and this new updated Cigna app is just terrible.
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2 years ago, rhondaborne
Forced app update for “bug” fixes
I use the app in emergencies as when the drs office tells me the high price I need to pay for visit telling me that “it is still going to your deductible.” I told her I’ve met my deductible and tried to use this app to show her. BUT, when I opened it I was forced to update the app and it’s still loading. Why make a “bug fix” update mandatory when I could open the app, find my info for the cashier and correct the problem then update it after I sit down to wait for 30 minutes. Why can’t we just use it and update when it’s convenient? This review said it was sent but when I went to update it (because the newly updated app made me update before using it) now I can’t sign in as the login button does no work.
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6 years ago, TheyCallMeTrouble
Garbage, just like DenyTillYouDieCigna
This is just another layer in a policy of obstruction to make things as difficult as possible to get DenyTillYouDieCigna to pay for or do anything you pay dearly for them to allegedly do. The app is clunky and makes it near impossible to find anything medical service. You won’t be able to find a doctor much less a medical center or one of their many obstructionist locations. Just like DenyTillYouDieCigna, nothing works. Avoid this app and avoid anybody in bed with DenyTillYouDieCigna. You will end up paying for everything yourself, while still paying Cigna and having to fight for your life every grueling step of the way. This app does nothing to help and provides you no information that is helpful. DenyTillYouDieCigna is the poster child for *everything* that is wrong and broken in the American healthcare system. Avoid this app and any reason to try to use it and be greatly disappointed.
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2 years ago, jimmytb
Constant issues logging in
Randomly seems to decide your password isn’t valid. Then you try to reset it and then struggle to find a password that it will actually accept. Then you find one but instead of confirming it’s been reset, it gives you a pop up telling you it can’t be requested at this time. Great process. Then you try to reset it all over again to only tell you the password that it wouldn’t accept previous, actually did apply and work but it gave you a bad pop up message. Now you’re finding another ridiculous password to create because the app can’t successfully give you correct messaging when you finally do put in a password that it should accept. How about facial recognition? I’m sure Cigna has a few bucks saved up and can splurge on this new feature that’s been around for like 7 years. Unbelievable.
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7 years ago, MJMMJT
Love this app! My favorite part is that it makes it so easy to review recent claims: I can choose parameters for what I want to review. For example, I can choose to review only medical claims for me in the last 30 days. Or I can review only dental claims for my daughter within the last 90 days. I can further specify only paid claims, or those that were denied, being processed, being appealed, or have been adjusted, etc. I also love that I can "Live Chat" if I have a question. Three suggestions for improvement: 1. Make "Live Chat" available 24/7 (or see #2) 2. Allow me to send a message/ask a question to be answered by customer service via return message the next day. 3. Allow me to see status of requests for pre-certification/preauthorization. For example, after my doctor submits a request, I'd like to be able to see if it was received, if it's under review, whether or not the request was approved or denied, and the reason for that decision. Thank you Cigna!
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5 years ago, :;()$&@7641389david
Don’t Like Security Created Issues
OVERALL THE APP WORKS OK. But the log-in issues DRIVE. ME. NUTS. I’ll explain for anyone who may be interested I use encrypted passwords, coupled to a secure e-vault service. Therefore, I know, I DO NOT forget passwords. Yet some websites and apps, including CIGNA, seem unstable with regard to retaining their password databases. I always wonder if IT Personnel willy nilly clear out their password data, thinking wrongly (IMHO), that forcing users to chose new passwords adds a level of security. Even if dumping the database did add a level of security, not requesting that by done by users AT THEIR CONVENIENCE is just wrong. Not being able to login is usually highly disruptive. For those using encrypted passwords, the only time I feel vulnerable to letting a hacker in, is when I have to send a new encrypted password during reset.
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3 months ago, Tigzola
Syncing needs some work
This app is really clunky! I used to the Anthem app tracking a lot of my data from my watch. This app uses my health app and tracks a very limited amount of data. It’s hard for me to tell if it’s tracking my workouts or not. There is also the fact that everything isn’t self contained. The fact that I have to manually input my sleep data or workouts, is insane! Somehow, the Cigna app is connected with Virgin, and the app works hard to connect with Virgin. But if I try to connect to the Virgin store, it doesn’t let me create an account since I can’t find my employer. Plus when going between Cigna and Virgin, it is sooooo slow to load. I can’t easily find my rewards information if I’m using my phone or iPad. I can only find it when I use my computer.
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2 years ago, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaandrew
Poor and misleading “Find Care” feature
I have encountered multiple difficulties attempting to find care through this app. When I first tried to find a Primary Care Physician, I was turned down by a few people who were not accepting new patients, even though the app said they were. I have recently been searching for a Physical Therapist, and there is no way to filter for care providers other than the general title (i.e. “Physical Therapist”). I called one that was listed as in-network and accepting patients, but was denied because the app failed to show that the Physical Therapist was actually working for a women’s only hospital, specializing in one practice, and not even in my network (I would have needed an additional subscription). I tried using the “Chat With Us” feature and got nowhere. It ended with the Cigna assistant sending me an email of possible Physical Therapists near me. This did not help at all, because the list included Physical Therapists I had already called and been denied care from due to specifications that were missing from the app (which I had already told the assistant multiple times). Really hoping that this can be addressed. I use the app because I do not know if there is another way to find and get care through Cigna.
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5 years ago, Lamothy
Overall positive
The Cigna app is convenient to use and has detailed breakdown of the bill, including the total charge, how much insurance pay and how much I owe. It also has the deductible status which reminds of how much out-of-pocket do I need to spend before the copay starts. There are also other features which I don’t use very often. Overall I will recommend this app. If there is anything to improve, I’d suggest enhance the claim sorting function to include ‘what I owe’. After all this is my out-of-pocket expense. Also, it will be very helpful to have a summary table to include all the breakdowns instead of going into each one claim to see the breakdown. An exporting function via email will be desirable as well.
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8 months ago, i11umunance
Unsure what to say exactly. It seems every time I need to access the app at a crucial time, the app is out of date and I am forced to update it to proceed. The latest update was “minor enhancements and bug fixes”. Well that is quite useful information. After the update I can log in, but I can’t do much after landing in the main page. I receive l, the page is not working right now error, try again later. I thought the update was for minor enhancements and bug fixes. Which bug or bugs were fixed? Was the minor enhancement to prevent use of the app? Version history is vague, same information provided every update. Can you provide a bit more info? The app was working fine beige, now I was forced to update and no longer have access via app.
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3 years ago, usernamewashere
I just want to see my card
My coworker also has this issue and it’s been happening for over a year now. I login and try to see my ID Card and it says “you don’t have a dental card” there are no other options. If I switch to see my boyfriends card it comes up. My coworker has her, her husband and two kids on her plan and can only see one of their cards. Last time I contacted support they said it was because either my app or account had been updated and to wait 72 hours and try again. It was and is still happening a year later. Both cards are visible if I go through the browser on phone or computer. This is literally the only feature I have this app for and it doesn’t work. You seem to care more about your app reviews so maybe you’ll fix this finally since I’m leaving one star.
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6 years ago, Sustan
No Longer Works
The app no longer works on my phone. After I put in my user ID and password I receive a login error alert. They can’t process my request at this time to try again later and to contact customer support. I have tried again at different time and still getting the error. I spoke with customer service and they told me there is a problem with the app and they are currently working on getting it resolved. But they don’t have a estimated time when it will be resolved. I have been having an issue with the last couple of months already. When they app was working it was easy to you and I was able to keep track of all of my information. But now I have to login through the desktop to view my information. I hope they can get the issue resolve.
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2 years ago, A0emouse
Worst app ever
My medical is covered under my husband and I have dental. This app can’t handle that. I have to have 2 userids one for each because the app is too stupid to handle that. And I can’t use biometric recognition because the app only allows for one and gives me an error for the other. Dependents can’t see their medical IDs…only the subscribers ID. That’s not useful when the ID is different for each person. You still have to mail in claims. You can’t submit them through the app. I can deposit a check through an app. You’d think taking a picture of a claim would be easier. You can’t download the form from the app either. If a claim is denied (which everything gets denied after July) you can’t see why. It tells you to call. This app is totally useless for anything other than checking your deductible.
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4 years ago, Langhamc
Cigna wants me to pay to replace 3 months worth of meds
Cigna’s website states to change your address contact your employer about your new address and Cigna will change your address. I changed my address with my employer 3 months ago. My address was not changed on Cigna. There is no way to change your address on this app or on Cigna’s website. I used this app to order meds. When you check out the address they are sending to is not displayed. I called customer service. They told me it was my fault my meds where sent to my old address because I did not verify the address during checkout. How can I verify the address when the address my meds are being sent to are not displayed during the whole transaction. Now I am out three months worth of meds. Thanks Cigna for your lousy app and awful customer service!
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1 year ago, Yosaphbridge
I’m App Notifications are Broken
I have little notification badges all over the place in this app that do absolutely nothing. I apparently have 1 important claim message that I can’t see. There are no unread messages anywhere else, and no unread messages online. But that little “1” in the message area of claims never goes away. Same thing in prescription claims. There I have an IMPORTANT message (according to the app) but if I click there, it’s empty. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Also, perhaps this isn’t the app’s fault but where do I see my current deductible status??? This is the first insurance company I’ve had that refuses to make my spending easy to see. I can’t believe we are still forced to use whatever awful insurance company our job decides to provide us with in this country. What a joke the whole thing is. Especially this app.
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1 year ago, WBG2023
The app is not user friendly
The app has a functionality “messages” but you cannot delete or send a message. My inbox shows two messages that are not related neither to my account nor “subscription”. The navigation is poor and there is no way to contact anybody via email!!! We had to send a claim via fax (not to mention that this is the ONLY option to submit a claim) and we do not know if it’s been received . You basically have to call every time to Cigna. The Cigna rep tells you that they will send you an email and it never happens : neither online nor via app. Overall it’s a very frustrating experience. Also this App has a digital version of a dental card but you have to print it!!! Instead of able to add to your wallet in a phone. I’m not sure what the purpose of the app ?
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2 years ago, TJ Salad
Customers doesn’t help
Having technical issues and contacted customer support. Resolving my issue then causes another issue and as soon as the issue is resolved the customer service rep leaves and you have to wait another 20-30 minutes to reach someone else. Started this process at 9am and after solving each issue one by one it’s now 2:30pm and I’m onto my 6th customer service rep because none of them can seem to check to make sure their advice works before they kick you out of line. This app is a complete waste of time at this point. Any convenience it would’ve provided has been negated by the 3 day process it’s taken to simply access my plan. Just order physical cards and save yourself the headache of dealing with this nonsense. It’s 2022, if you can’t get an app right then why even try.
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9 months ago, djfhejfj
App Crashes Constantly When You Need It
I am trying to get care through telehealth and the app keeps crashing while I am filling out my information. I’ve tried several times. This also happens randomly while using the app to search for providers. I used the provider lookup to find Urgent Care on a Sunday. The app stated one location was open 24 hours. It was actually closed permanently. The second in network UC clinic I went to stated they lost their Cigna contract recently and refused to see me even out of pocket. I ended up going to an out of network hospital and paying thousands more for the care I needed. Finally, I’ve tried to contact therapists listed in the app and clinics that are permanently closed are recommended at the top for my area. This app has failed me when I need it most.
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3 years ago, cigna ??!!
Hearing aids
I have been a Cigna member for many years. The company has been prompt paying many medical bills for me; however, I have a recent issue with Cigna about reimbursement for hearing aids. I purchased hearing aids from Costco on July 9, 2020. It is now October 30, 2020. Before my purchase, I contacted Cigna and was assured that the out-of-network was covered. The hearing aids I bought were less than half of the price that I’ve paid audiologists in the past. I have received many promises from Cigna customer service representatives that the claim is being processed. I have sent them eleven pages of documentation for this claim. Three months have passed with no refund. No one will give me the information to contact a supervisor in the claims department. I have contacted an attorney and will be filing a suit in Small Claims Court to be reimbursed for my Cigna approved hearing aid purchase.
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4 years ago, CeciliaAU
Update Information on App
I have used this App several times this week to try and find doctors in my area for what I’m needing. What I have noticed is the information on some of the doctors in the category I was looking under had out dated information. There was one under the wrong kind of doctor he was, which when I called to get an appointment, and they told me he doesn’t practice in that area I needed and never had, I felt stupid for even asking. two other doctors were not even in practice in my area any longer. Several had moved to different locations and even a couple of them moved in with another practice awhile back. Please update the information that you put out often for us to see. I had to call 4 different doctors to finally find a correct one with the correct information with it.
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1 month ago, mattlombardi
Thank you for making it simple!
The app gives you a picture of your insurance card, front and back, just as if you had the real one on you. It also not only has yours but everyone else in your family, as well. Have gone to the doctor multiple times without my actual card and just used this app and it has everything you need. Everything is super easy and intuitive to find, app works great (no bugs or anything like that), and just overall very pleased with this. 10/10
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4 years ago, aokay1🤙🏻
The best thing ever!
I have extreme fear of leaving my house because of this virus. I have been able to request a doctor twice with their MDLIVE services and received the care I needed within 5 mins. Even at 2:45 am I was able to talk to someone and that’s a beautiful thing. I would have had to wait until Monday or went to the emergency room but this service saved me time and money. It cost me my co pay and nothing more. The medicine I needed was sent to the pharmacy and will be filled soon as possible. Thankful as can be for this 🥰
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3 years ago, Sanxenxo y no Sangenjo
Continuous problems with login
Edit: looks like the app has issues when the wifi is on. Surprisingly everything works if you are using the network connection. If you have login issues, try disconnecting the wifi. Previous message: It is terrible. Almost every time I try to log in fails. Sometimes it works and when that happens, I set up face ID but it is a waste of time because after some time it stops working and I am back to the beginning. I found that if you use password autocomplete fails always. If you write it sometimes works. I end up using the browser because it works at the first attempt.
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2 years ago, Carlitos28
App doesn’t allow log in
As others have reviewed, when changing phone or updating (in my case), the app will prompt a log in (doesn’t provide face id). I have tried logging in and it says that I’m using a temporary password, I try to change the password on the app, but a message pops saying that the temporary password is wrong. I updated the password on the desktop version, where I can log in without trouble, but when came back to the app, gives me the same error message. I read others reviews where developers fixed the issue, in my case I called Cigna and they couldn’t help, and there’s no option for app support. If you know the app has this bug, why don’t you go ahead and fix it from the root, instead of working it case by case?
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6 years ago, KingSmang
Close but just not all there yet
Cigna is a pretty good insurance company and their app is held at about the same level. Pretty seamless but gets caught up in itself once every so often and trips up. My biggest reason for giving this app 4 stars (& writing this review) is because the In/Out-of-Network doctors is not current & hasn't been for months and months, if not years. Multiple times I've called doctors offices to get an appt only to be told that doctor hasn't worked there for a while or no answer at all. This is more with Cigna keeping their directory updated more than with the functionality of the app, though.
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4 years ago, Jmc1887
One of the best apps I’ve ever used
I’m so impressed with this app! Cigna has taken a very complicated subject and made it simple to understand through this app. It is intuitive, easy to use, and informative. I am managing data for our family of 6 through this app — it relieves so much stress and is easier than I expected. My favorite part is being able to easily see where we stand against our individual and family deductibles for both in and out of network coverage. Plus, EOBs are easy to find AND easy to understand. CIGNA, I CAN’T THANK YOU ENOUGH!!
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2 years ago, SMHfrustratedagain
Not very reliable
This is the only app I consistently have trouble with regarding login. The biometrics randomly turn off and the app doesn’t work for any login attempts if the password is entered incorrectly one time then correctly after that. Not being allowed to re-use previously strong passwords is a headache. I get the need to show your security being tight. Cigna, you might be over-doing it if your are more complicated than my bank app, retirement app, pay pal, etc. Those apps deal with way more important information compared to yours. Someone stealing my money or my future retirement is more important than seeing when my next preventative check up needs to be scheduled. Just sayin
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2 years ago, LdySunshine
It’s OK
I’ve had have the same experience of constantly being logged out and taken thru the welcome screen, and also of the biometric login just stopping working. I was able to set it this time (with new update I suppose), previously when I toggled it on, it would immediately toggle itself off. Would love to know how to save my ID card to Wallet - I’ve done this in a past version but that no longer seems to be an option. I changed health plans this year, but Wallet still shows my previous plan, so it’s obvious it’s no longer connected to the app for updates, and now I have an outdated version of my card. That seems to be pretty basic functionality for a MOBILE APP.
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5 years ago, alexchouri
Worst company to deal with
I have called over 30 times in the past 4 months to add my daughter to my existing policy that I have had with CIGNA for many years. I spoke with several agents and supervisors and was always given assurances that she was added and notes were made to the file but nothing happens. They even at one point created a new policy with me, my spouse and daughter with a cost of 3 times what I was quoted. I called several times after that and I was assured that mistakes were done on their part and it will be fixed and all conversations were documented by supervisors and several call transfers. I still do not have my daughter added to the policy as of today. This is the worst worst customer experience I have ever had in my life dealing with a company that has a customer care services.
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6 months ago, Jacolefl
Worst app ever!!!
This app is terrible. I can’t even get my insurance cards off of here. I probably am going to get rid of CIGNA all together. I’ve been paying my insurance for the last three months and I can’t even access my insurance cards to go to the doctors. I’ve tried it on the website. I’ve tried it on the app now I feel like I’m just wasting my money. Don’t waste your time with this app. It is the worst app ever!!! I went to a health fair, and the CIGNA rep couldn’t even access my insurance cards on the app or the website I also contact CIGNA through the website as well as the app and never got any feedback from them. I downloaded this app 10 times still no change. The rep said maybe it’s just a glitch. Whatever it is I’m done with CIGNA.
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4 years ago, BlitzKreig999
Good to be with Cigna
I have never been (more) satisfied with an insurance company. The coverage I’m getting and the service supplied has been the best and more than I’d expected. Plus, all the online tools and mobile apps available make working with the organization and then with the doctors easier, more effective, more accessible than ever before. Being able to track my claims, out-of-pocket and coverage areas through the mobile app make everything so much easier and allows me to have all my needs met right in my pocket.
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3 years ago, kitty dies
Password issues
Customer service is always great. App is good. Expect their “security”. Ever since I got this app I’ve been having issues logging in. Always tells me to call customer service for no reasons even if I have the correct password which works on my computer. It’s extremely annoying that I have to keep signing in and having it tell me to call every single time.... it would be great if y’all looked into fixing this problem. Add a figure print or something. I just want to have a functional app for my first insurance.
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5 years ago, jdeste200
A+ Service
I recently used the Cigna Ap and took advantage of the virtual appointment via Skype. My primary care physician did not have any appointments available and I had poison ivy rapidly spreading. I was able to connect with a physician via phone and send pictures of my symptoms, and they were able to review and provide me with a prescription called directly into my pharmacy. Not only did I not have to wait to be seen, but I had the script in hand within an hour. I highly recommend Cigna and their services as this was tremendously helpful.
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3 years ago, JewlzieB
Thoughtless attention to latest update
Their app requires you to install the latest update to work and sign on. The update requires iOS 13.0 or higher which is only available on iPhones 8<. They obviously think everyone forks out $$$ for a new iPhone every year a new model comes out. Well news flash Cigna, many of us still have very well functioning iPhones earlier than the 8. I have a 6+ and even though I cannot upgrade my OS higher than 12.4 I am still happy with my phone and have no need to upgrade it any time soon. It angers me they did not calculate their decisions well enough when developing their update which leads me to doubt their capability in having my health benefits in my best interests. Very disappointed with them.
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3 years ago, Rachlmae
Very frustrating user experience at sign in / psswd reset
Needs a lot of work to make the sign in and password reset process easier. Very frustrating experience on iOS. No way to enter birthdate on the password reset screen because the calendar is almost completely off the screen, and the intuitive next step to submit a pin is to resend a new pin. Took me 20 minutes to figure out my user name and then got locked out trying to reset my password because of two unhelpful error codes rejecting my new passwords. If you absolutely have to log in and you don’t already know your user name and password, use it on web and not mobile.
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6 years ago, Zahirag
Love the convenience
I find this app to be one of the top 5 apps ever created. Almost everything I need to know about my insurance is right here. Love the convenience of looking up providers and tell my doctor what facility I want to use based on coverage, it has saved me thousand of dollars on procedures. One thing I would like to see added is physician credentials - for example where did they go to school and when, it is important to me because not all doctors are created equal and education matters a lot! Good job Cigna keep it up.
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5 years ago, MagPie23
Handy, but has issues
I like being able to search for providers so easily, but I’m not able to see what is available with my plan. I called Cigna and they said I should be able to see my co-pay with my plan on each provider, but it’s not there! Also, when I’m moving around the app and I go back to the main page, I’m not able to push any of the big buttons, just the buttons on the bottom row work. I close out and start again and it works the one time, then I go back to main page and the big buttons won’t push. If these issues were fixed, it would have a 5star from me.
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4 years ago, Grygorii G
Doesn’t work on IPhone 11 Pro Max
Update since last time. App have started to work and do not see any issues so far. Thank you. Application did work on my previous IPhone 8 Plus with iOS 13 but doesn’t work at all on my new IPhone 11 Pro Max. With cloned data it didn’t want to run at all crashed immediately. After I re-installed it opens login page which doesn’t work and I couldn’t type my login. This application even spoil my keyboard on any other applications where I tried to type anything. It was much bigger and moved to he top of my phone’s screen.
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2 years ago, 99paa
Does not allow login after password reset
This app is terrible. It forces a password reset all the time, and has password strength/complexity characteristics that it doesn’t tell you! It will reject passwords even after giving you a green check mark approval for length and special characters. Then once you finally get an ok password, it won’t log you in. I just get a “cannot process your request at this time” error and an 800 number. I’ve called the number and nobody ever picks up. Even though I can log in on my laptop browser with the same password, it rejects it from my phone. Good luck getting someone on the phone, they don’t answer. Cigna is a blight on our society in every way.
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