Health & Fitness
4.7 (54.1K)
34.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Executive Office of The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for myCOMPASS PA

4.67 out of 5
54.1K Ratings
6 years ago, Ramos$23
Not pleased
This app needs to be updated and become a better system for the had working people that can’t be at the office on time. I have so much trouble in sending documents when I have the pictures saved on to my phone. I can’t get my SAR forms or complete them on this app so what’s the concept of this app then. I’m still having trouble with submitting things on this app and the main office doesn’t check the app and cuts my benefits off with no reason given after I provide the prof in person, fax, email or even through the chain center they rip me off with half my benefits like it’s horrible and a waste of my time dealing with this app and it’s not my phone because iPhones is comparable to almost everything.
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3 years ago, cheyenne_2
Good but change needs to be made
I really like the app but it does have one major problem that needs to be fixed ASAP because I can’t loose my benefits everytime there is a semi annual renew. The app doesn’t send you notifications when anything needs to be done. I check the app once a month or so and I’ve noticed that I never get notified when something like the semi annual renews come up. I have a very busy life and I’m never on my phone due to soon having 3 kids all under the age of 3 and it makes it difficult to actually take the time to go through anything on my phone. I’m late AGAIN turning in this semi annual renew form because I didn’t know it had to be done last time it was the same thing and I lost my benefits then had to reapply for them. I can’t keep reapplying due to lack of communication from the app and welfare office I literally depend on my benefits for my kids please fix this at least even doctors offices send you text notifications a few days before appointments to remind you, you have appointments coming up and it’s so helpful especially when I get so busy I forget. so why can’t my compass do something similar ? Please really look into adjusting this issue
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2 years ago, Michelebella1977
App still not working
App has not worked in several weeks, possibly a couple months. I’ve tried uninstalling and installing again, turning on and off my phone, and yet, the app still has a pop-up error message telling me it’s not working. I can see basic information, but not anything about my EBT food/cash transactions or balance at all. Why the error? Developer sent me a message giving me instructions to fix, and I followed those directions but there is no change to the error. What gives? I’d like to be able to use this new version of the app - and was able to up until about a month ago - but it’s pretty useless now, unless I want to be given the same reminders over and over again (which can’t be cleared even though I’ve looked at them multiple times and tried to clear the notifications with no luck). Please help to fix my inability to use the app and I’ll change my review. Thanks.
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5 years ago, Tmautoglass
Much safer and easier than paper applications!!! Trust me!!!
The ease of this app is great!!!!! Last time I did a renewal, I sent in my paper renewal application and apparently they never received it, we went to the dr and none of us had insurance. Now we are termed and have to apply again. We applied using the myCOMPASS app and it has been AMAZING, I can see it’s still in process or if I need to send in any documentation, and when we do I can just upload it right then and there from the app. Now there is no way for my application to get lost (I hope anyway 😬). I am def thankful for this app. Now I just hope we get coverage soon 😀
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1 year ago, Miida123
Frustratingly broken for SARS
This app has some useful features but is also a bit broken. Here is how: SARs can only be performed here (dates don’t match up with the website for when these essential renewals are due- at least for me. Not sure why.) Resources error: The app gives the SAR submitter an option to delete past resources. Most people would go to delete incorrect information. So you hit the delete buttons, and go to add your info. Unfortunately this triggers a massive error on the application where your resources (old and new) will be duplicated. Only the case worker can actually delete or change these. This section should be renamed to “Resources at previous submission” The solution for this is so easy- remove the user’s ability to delete these & rename the section. Next, there are mandatory questions. Unfortunately the app won’t tell you if you skipped one by accident, it makes everything optional, creating more work for the case managers who are already overloaded and the person receiving benefits, as well as possible denials & delays. Please- Make a reminder at submission that CLEARLY states “you missed a mandatory question in section (NAME of SECTION), do you want to submit?” At least if it says that one side of human error can be avoided.
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10 months ago, Knovastreams
Inconsistent with uploading documents
I was trying to complete my SARS application today and it’s required that you upload documents for that and I couldn’t get any uploaded because it would only take the first document photo I took. It say to stand over document and take a photo with decent lighting which I had and it kept saying “invalid” so then I tried to download them to my phone as a PDF, you can’t upload PDFs directly so I tried to take screenshots of my PDFs and it said “invalid” for those too. It’s inconsistent and that can be harmful and cause someone to lose their benefits. I uploaded the required documents on the website which I prefer because it’s reliable and easy to use however they don’t put the SARS application on the website, thus another obstacle in the application process. It’s incredibly stressful and frustrating
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2 years ago, bettyb579
Some many issues
I want to love this app the idea and concept is excellent but the execution has so many issues. When you call into the office to ask a person for assistance then encourage you to use the app. I’m not an devise expert but I’m not completely newbie to technology either. It does not function well, too many clicks to get to the useful information, crashes or “unavailable at this time”, and the in the App Store it shows you that you can look up your benefits which I’ve never been able to figure out. It needs to be updated, more user friendly, and much easier to navigate. It is handy to upload documents when you figure out how to use that feature. Please iron out the wrinkles in this system if you want people to utilize this amazing concept.
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2 years ago, jankovik
Kept saying my password was wrong and locked me out of account
I’ve barely had any luck with this app…it always says my password is wrong when it’s not…so this time I decided to try and change my password. I answered my question correctly. Made a password that was in the parameters…when I hit change password it did nothing…I tried to sign in with the “new” password and like the old it said it was wrong. I did all this a few times and now it’s saying my account is locked and I have to make up a new account which is ridiculous. I made it so i don’t get mail and have the info thru the app and I’ve only been able to get in it the day I signed up. I shouldn’t have to make a new account. The account needs unlocked and you guys need to figure out why my password is never accepted
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2 years ago, tjlando77
Very pleased
Technology has come a long way in the past 25yrs. The days of walking into the welfare office to drop off paperwork is now long gone. I’m able to upload any document that is asked of me without leaving the comfort of my home and or having to deal with traffic and people. I give this app a 5 STAR because it’s such an amazing app and can do so much more than we’d done 25yrs ago. Thank you!!
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5 years ago, kitaautumn
Better then going to the office
I like the app because it helps me to avoid going to the office ugh but. Hate that after I submit the documents that I have to call case worker to let him or her now that the documents were sent, shouldn’t it be an update for the case worker soon as documents sent. Now I have to wait ten days for my snap because my case worker wasn’t notified that I sent documents ridiculous. Update I uploaded documents on via website and the case workers are saying they didn’t receive my paystubs and bills this is crazy so they cut my stamps off. I sent the documents in the fifth of December. Someone not doing their job it’s stressing me when your doing what your suppose to do and nothing is getting done .
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3 years ago, Rhinhold!
So far, So Good
My situation is sketchy to say the least. But this app has been helpful so far. It’s saving me trips on my break that are HIGHLY inconvenient during my workday. I’m not embarrassed about needing help. I’ve worked for the last constantly 24+ years and I have one child to raise. So my time is very valuable like all of ours. The only reason I’ve given this app 4 stars instead of 5 is because I’ve only used it once or twice. BUT, I’ve had absolutely NO PROBLEMS with it which has me wondering, could it be this easy? Again, I’ve had NO PROBLEMS so this may easily be a 5 star app. Fingers crossed!
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2 years ago, angrywifeandmom
I want to love this app. Before it was updated, I did. I had no trouble sending my information online. Now, I’ve been trying to do the SAR and the app keeps kicking me out or just won’t let me log in. It does not give me the option of doing the SAR even though when I click on my benefits, it says the SAR has to be done by 3/31. I get no emails of notices and I haven’t even received anything in the mail. I only found out that it needed done because the insurance company called to let me know. When I try to call, the local office doesn’t answer the phone and the 1-800 number tells me to use the app. They don’t want people coming into the local office, so what am I supposed to do? My son has epilepsy and we can not afford to be without his insurance.
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12 months ago, Olivia.Burke
Completely inaccessible
The fact that the state has funneled the SAR updates to either the app or paper is abhorrent. This app is barely functional & borderline ableist with how it functions. It consistently adds information you’ve deleted, it adds multiple pieces of information once you’ve deleted it, it stops working halfway through and makes you complete the forms in their entirety all over again, then to top it off, once you think you’ve gotten it done, it completely erases everything or tells you it can’t submit your info at this time. This app is detrimental to the process. The state should revoke whatever contract they have with whatever developer banged their head against a keyboard to put this on the App Store because this is one of the worst apps I’ve had the misfortune of having to deal with. You’d think an app that handles such sensitive information would be a bit more accessible and disability friendly…or even usable. But alas, it is not. Good luck filling out your SAR paperwork everyone, I highly suggest doing to hard copies because this app is useless.
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2 years ago, MEB!!
Uploading info is always a problem
I’ve tried several times with different occasions to upload information that they need. I’ve had problems of the information not uploading like it should. The compass app freezes. When I go back on compass app, it says the info wasn’t uploaded. One of the times I’ve called in, the person said they’ve been having problems with the app for months, months!! So the whole time I’m thinking my info was uploaded correctly, and I was waiting for someone to call me to tell me the next step so I can get the help I need. Nope, nothing!! I got no phone call. So for that duration I could of got the help I need If the app worked correctly!
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2 years ago, edinphilly
Great functionality - when you can access it
The app is great when you can access it and it is up and running. However, it seems like every time I try to log on, I receive a message stating my password is old and needs to be updated. And the process for doing so isn’t easy as the system can’t find my information in order to enter a new password, sometimes saying there is no account linked to my information (user ID, first and last name). I shouldn’t have to change the password practically every time I use the app.
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3 years ago, Debronjames
Needs A lot of work
It’s better than the website at creating a new account but that’s about it. The app would greatly benefit if it had notifications sent to let you know when you receive documents in the app. The back buttons and menu buttons are super glitchy, the entire screen turns black and doesn’t return to the previous screen, only after a few tries. App would also benefit from saving your password or enabling Face ID to log in instead of constantly typing in your password everytime the glitchy app kicks you out.
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4 years ago, sicilian lioness
Pretty useful/good app, BUT...
It’s a very good app and very useful but it could be checked into more by the creator of the app to make sure it’s running smoothly because there’s been many times the app would not update my information and times it would not let me change my password when I forgot it, so some routine maintenance would make it a 100% no problems whatsoever app. Other than that it’s VERY uselful and it saves you lots of gas money and time wasted going to the welfare office and waiting to be seen by someone.
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6 years ago, TDialo
Every time I send a message or change electronically I get a speedy response. The caseworkers are very thorough, professional and speedy in getting benefits processed. Very far reach from dropping apps off in the HBG office and the apps constantly getting lost. I’ve seen so many people in literal tears in that office who submitted their required apps and docs, including myself and just pushed to the side because of other human error! I hope that everyone has access to the online services and they have knowledge to complete it. If not, I hope a center will be opened for them. Thank you for all my benefits and services! Especially for the caseworkers in Johnstown, Pa who have really made these processes stress free!!
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3 years ago, babysweethang
Easily hack
My information been hack multiple times in the app itself Now it takes me forever in a day to sort out my own information and correct whatever information the hackers put on it It seems to be happening to me everytime I fall sick. As of right now I’m out of work due to being sick trying to get over a cold but can’t cause I have to worry about stuff like this.
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2 years ago, mellow1120
This app worked perfectly before updating it now that it’s updated I’m having issues with it. First of all it makes me verify with either and email, my ssn, or by answering my security question before being able to log in every single time. The big issue I’m having is that I can’t even add my ebt. Every time I try it tells me my login is incorrect when I’m typing it in correctly I know it’s correct because I can literally go to my phones browser and log in to the ebt website no problem. Really hope you guys get these glitches fixed soon.
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6 months ago, p maldonado
Proof of last pay.
Diesel, the last paystub that I received. as I informed you before the last time I worked was November 6 around there I gave you documentation of paystub and the jobs fax number to confirm what you need because they won’t give it to me you submit and fax them what you need and they will fax it back to you. The company that I work for is Flagger Force I have no other jobs.
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6 years ago, Royal Montgomery
Renewal Dates
This app has been very convenient for me and I'm glad it exists! My issues with it are that it doesn't really show your SNAP renewal date. The closer you get to the day your SNAP renews, the app just shows you the date for the following month, which is not helpful as the dates often change. Instead, there's just a small line with a dot, the dot being the day your SNAP renews. I wish this would be fixed as the SNAP renewal dates will change from month to month. It would be nice to be able to check your SNAP balance from the app.
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4 years ago, Bestdudepic
Very easy
I just started using the app and it has already been very useful if your a not able to get to the office or wish to stand in that line where there are a hundred people and you only have one question your standing there for 30 minutes. Must use it if you have any questions just call the 1800 number for the department of human services they can walk you threw it.
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2 years ago, baybe2539
App is a joke
Zero notifications for anything. Constantly locked out of the app where I have to keep creating new accounts. “Check here for automatic renewal” yet still have to fill out the paperwork every 6 months because the app doesn’t do as stated. Forgot your password, oops, create a new account. Even when I did get the app to work for me one time, it was a huge hassle as far as the office stating the app didn’t update them and the app saying it was updated, with no options for me to re-save the submitted paperwork. I ended up driving the paperwork into the office an hour away. Waste of time and huge headache 👏
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9 months ago, bjdettinger
Poor options for uploading docs.
Why is the only option for uploading documents a photo. Couldn’t you add the ability to upload files, scan, email, etc. Also it’s not always clear how to use, especially when trying to edit/change information. If trying to change a job situation, it only allows you to add, not edit or delete a job no longer at. And uploading more than one photo for insurance card was also weird.
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2 years ago, KRKapple
SNAP needs work
Its nice that the state made the app more current and better visually but it's not fulfilling the needed purpose for SNAP. People need to know what their account balance is! Telling us when the next deposit will be and how much it will be for is fine but it's more important to know how much is currently available on the card. 🤦🏻‍♀️ It also wouldn't hurt to see the latest transactions to know what has been spent and where. This is available on other EBT apps. So let's catch up here PA
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4 years ago, JJNaniZave
Easy to Navigate
Pretty easy to navigate it just gets frustrating if you don’t remember your password lol make sure you remember it and if you change your password give it 5 minutes until you try logging in with the new password and then everything is smooth sailing from there much easier than the booklets and you always have access to see what benefit you have!
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2 years ago, NikNakCurlyOne
I continue to get locked out of my account and it will never allow me back in! But it won’t let me make a new account either, saying I’m not head of household!?!!!! This app is very frustrating for me as I have medical conditions which affect my memory, so sometimes I mix my passwords for different things up. How is something that is supposed to make life easier, make it so much harder? And I don’t always have the time to sit on hold with the customer service line…
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2 years ago, krisglam7
This app will not update or re-download on phone
This app will not update or re-download on my phone it’s keeps saying please try again later. If I cannot update or re-download this app on my phone I cannot upload any documents and get them to my county office in order to get my benefits and I need my electric paid by LIHEAP. Please help me and fix this problem
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11 months ago, CharHD
How can I delete the account and start over? I forgot my password and tried to reset it, then I got one of the security questions wrong. I only tried to do it twice, and then it said I was locked out of my account because I tried it five times, but I didn’t. It then said I had to create a new account in order to continue, I created a new account and its confusing me with my old one 😠 it shouldn’t be this difficult to reset it. The email is giving me my new login information but the app it’s accepting it!
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4 years ago, Cdglenn42
Compass access
Easy convenient application access the only problem is how long it takes to receive a response to if you have been approved . If you are denied they don’t give any reason to why and it’s been for me 4 weeks and yet still no response . I received Liheap the 1st week I applied along with other resources I asked for but nothing from welfare them selves . That’s what’s needed the most .
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5 years ago, Prophetic Icon
Satisfied Customer
The my compass app is convenient, efficient and detailed as far as assisting customers through the navigation process of this portal. I love the upload feature to electronically provide important documents at your fingertips via your mobile device... Although 7-10 days is a long time to wait but it balances itself out in the long run...
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5 years ago, SharShar026
My compass app
This is great , I just found out about the app. I wish I would’ve known sooner.I know there offices are very busy and that these people work very hard to help us everyday and can never do enough I’m sure, but it’s hard to get through for that reason. I hope more people begin to use the app and I hope it makes things a lot easier for everyone. Thank You compass!! Sharon G.
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7 years ago, Bluelightningjeep
Easy to use
It’s so much better than mailing or faxing things in, or waiting on the phone to call info in. I love being able to submit my docs after business hours and not have to worry about mailing them in later. Plus, I like being able to log on anytime and getting my decision or change notifications in a more timely fashion.
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7 years ago, Brghteyes
Easy and convenient
I love being able to access my account and submit documentation over the app. With working 40 hr weeks, and taking children everywhere they need to be it makes getting my documents needed submitted so much easier. Esp considering my local office is a 30 min drive from me and I would have to drive there late at night.
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10 months ago, Hopstetter
It is very hard to submit documents on this app. I have to first scan them into notes, then export them to pages, then upload them to the app. When I hit save the app saves 1 of my 29 pages and then gives me an error stating the app is unavailable, try again later. Which leads me to try to email myself the documents as pdf from notes but my computer won’t open the images to save them and so I can’t upload them to the full website either.
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2 years ago, Moxy momma
No notifications
They don’t notify you if there’s any new info/requests so unless I check on a daily basis, I have no way of knowing they need anything. I lost my snap. One day I had it, I checked a week later, it was gone. They never said anything or told me why. The app as a whole is set up terribly, not user friendly, & you constantly have to start over & reapply under a new account number. That means there are thousands of unnecessary accounts in the system, just taking up space.
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5 years ago, josie Deere
It’s convenient but a little limited. There needs to be space to add extra relevant information. Also when you wind up having to leave a job SOME employers are NOT going to willing to sign forms for the past employee. You should allow the report of a lost income and send the employer the form yourselves. They would be more compliant if the state asks for it.
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4 years ago, LannyA17
More help
Long time want try sign in website. But so difficult. But today ... I try and try again . I feel blessing ,,,, this website more help me easy update . Fast .... so no more go or looking copy machine. Very helpful. Thanks so much . I hope this first time do it this ... can easy to update our record. Thanks... God Bless ..🙏🏻
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7 years ago, FromMe921
So much easier than printing, scanning, faxing, mailing . .
So much easier than printing, copying, faxing, and mailing all the documents needed every 6 months, not to mention saving tons of paper. BUT the image capture for the documents can be a little buggy. Sometimes you have to try multiple times and directions to get it to show up properly. Still much easier overall even with that.
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5 years ago, Phoenix*2018
Great App!
I’m very pleased with this app. It saves so much time, and you don’t have to wait on the phone or in busy lines. It’s also great because you often have trouble getting in touch with your caseworker; this app solves that problem. Turnaround time is good, submitting info is fast and easy, and it keeps track of everything you submit. Well done!
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4 years ago, starkeybiz
Great for the most part...
The app is great and allows me to be able get things done faster. It is easy to use as well. My only complaint is that it glitches way to often. Waaaaaay to often. Other than that it has kept me out of the office and made things easier by allowing me to do things like complete my SAR, receive a decision letter or send in documents which is how it should be. Something that can help make certain processes easy and /or faster.
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2 years ago, E.R-C
Self case worker.
I wish this app was developed many years ago. No more. Going into your district. To wait in a long line to hand in documents.”That we’re not received”. Be your own case worker. Upload information requested or even appeal documents. All Right from your phone.
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2 years ago, Yeppp12345676
Playing games around renewal time
The app doesn’t work at all. The documents part doesn’t load at all. It’s stuck in an endless load cycle. I find it interesting my benefit renewal is lost in the mail over a week and the app is unusable as I have days left to renew. It’s all on your side. I better not lose my insurance. Making this comment for documentation. You all are playing games. And please don’t give me the same copy and paste response you given everyone. Why do we have to call to report it. Isn’t that your job?
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8 months ago, Munchkin510
Fix the years old glitches please ?
Instead of sending people a 1800 number, would you have the courtesy to update your app and fix the numerous glitches persisting for years? If your app cannot process multiple uploads why the multi-page/document upload? You insert functionalities that are dysfunctional and interrupt the entire app, not to mention the message that system cannot find the file “Try again later “ pop up messages. Desktop is as dysfunctional as mobile.
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3 months ago, N hicks 32
I’m a little confused I sent my change of employment in a while back and my compass is now saying everything is closed so I’m confused also as to how I’m supposed to add my paystubs I’ve been trying tk get them online and I have got them but now I’m confused with this system ?
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9 months ago, Tom the Demon King
Why is it so difficult to upload documents
Every time I try to upload documents it keeps saying “there was a problem uploading your pages please try again”. I keep doing it over and over again and get the same thing. After I close the app I log back on there is a bunch of documents that shows up that has not been submit yet. Please fix your issue with uploading documents!!
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6 years ago, ChasingDreams
Need to be able to apply for benefits from here
Since we have to authenticate with password and all of our info is here and accurate we should be able to apply for benefits here. It would be faster, easier and all information is available. Otherwise, thank you for creating an app where I can keep on top of our medical benefits.
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8 months ago, pmeoff
Terrible app
This app is not user-friendly! Not able to upload multiple pages despite the option to do so. Only saves first page, then presents an error message saying there is a problem with the others. Requires starting over. Tried saving one document (photo) at a time but it still would not allow me to upload subsequent pages. Needed to upload one page, save it and submit, one at a time, repeating steps 3 times! This app needs to be redesigned!
Show more
9 months ago, TristanDragon
Actually Unusable
For months, I have been unable to use this app for anything. When trying to add my email, it tells me there was an error connecting to the servers. When I try to set up E-SAR, I am told I’ve been sent a temporary passcode- which I never receive. No amount of restarting, reinstalling, or using different networks fixes this. These issues occur on an iPhone 8 running iOS 16.7 which should be supported. There is no other way to complete the E-SAR other than this app that does not work.
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