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User Reviews for HealthPartners®

4.72 out of 5
26.6K Ratings
7 years ago, Mineguy05
Useful app but 1 request
This is one of the most useful apps on my phone. I always have access to my card, my in network choices, and my account status. I travel for business and this helps me pick providers when I'm in a new place. I do have one request. I am able to see all medical cards on my family account but I can't see all medical appointments. Specifically, I want the option to see my minor child's appointments as well. I understand keeping my wife's appointments private.
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3 years ago, Rangerchop
Pharmacy says call provider. Provider says call pharmacy. Web app does not list my clinic. It lists a different clinic. My doctor is not listed at that clinic. Submit email for help, and explain the situation. They respond by telling me to make an appt. using the steps I just said do not work. After more than a week of this nonsense, I call any number I can find and only get automated messages telling me to contact my pharmacy directly. Press any button that sounds like I will get to talk to a human, as that is no longer the last option on the list. They are cordial, but tell me my doctor now works at the location that doesn’t show him. They also say they can no longer leave a message for this department directly. So he transfers me to that clinic. I stupidly try their phone options only to get in the trap and speak to no one. And now I do not know what number to call because I didn’t dial it, I was merely transferred. Go back onto the app, and check this location my doctor is supposed to now be at. The clinic is not listed. Go on the internet and google the clinic. It is now called something else, and show a different city. Go back on the app and select THAT clinic and my doctor comes right up, and I make an appt. in 3.5 seconds. By the way, the clinic that he now shows up at, was the very same clinic that he did not show up at , for the last two weeks! UUUUUUHG! And one more thing, I STILL HAVE SPOKEN TO NO ONE ABOUT MY PRESCRIPTION REFILL!!!
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10 months ago, Abbsquake
Really like it, but I have some suggestions
Suggestion 1: incorporate messaging directly into the app instead of needing to open the website to manage & send messages - confusing experience. Maybe there are special privacy concerns or integration issues, not sure but it is confusing. Suggestion 2: for appointment scheduling, have a “first available” search function within the specialty area, then refine by location. It is very time consuming to pull up schedules of individual providers only to find out each one is booked out a month or more. The option to search by clinic is the same, just narrows down which providers’ schedules you can view. This always necessitates a call. It does seem that the video visit scheduling has improved in the past few months - you can select same day times and see the provider you’re selecting - excellent!
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3 years ago, nine innings fan
MyChart is 10x better
In my view, a medical app needs to provide a great deal of medical information in an easy-to-access and intuitive way. The MyHP does not do this. HealthPartners used to use MyChart as their app of choice, which is much better than the app they are offering now. Want a list of your prescriptions? Not on the MyHP app. Want to leave a message for your care team? Can’t do it on the app. Were you previously enrolled with a different health system/insurance company and want to view those records? Can’t do that with this app. You could/can with MyChart. I recently returned to HealthPartners after living out of state. The replacement app is insufficient and the company that now handles their billing (Homelink) is insufferable. Side rant about homelink: If you have a pretax benefits account with your employer, you cannot use the benefit card to pay homelink by mail or pay bills with it online through their web portal. You can only use your HSA/Pretax account to pay by phone. The problem is that they rarely send you a receipt using this method and wait times are occasionally excessive. The fact that homelink often sends bills for medical equipment that was ordered over a year prior is a separate rant for another time (recurring monthly equipment charge). HealthPartners used to have the best service with the best tools to manage your health needs. They do not anymore. I can’t recommend this app and I almost can’t recommend HealthPartners.
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3 years ago, MdaMD
Messaging could be clearer
Coming from Centracare epic the MyChart messaging is much less patient friendly. It looks like you’ll have to pay for it no matter what much of the time. Although there is the possibility of a free message it’s clearly not intuitive. Would suggest the payment screen appearis after Nurse has triaged message and said this won’t be free but requires an E visit or in person visit. Currently, as you start to write a message the only screen you see is the payment screen and it’s not clear you can click past it and get a free message if appropriate. I think that will discourage or confuse many patients who just have a quick appropriate message for the nurse/MD. And that’s what happened with our patients coming from Centracare my chart. (They have no E message option)
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8 months ago, KaylinAsh
Useless - crashes nonstop
What’s the point of an app that doesn’t function? The server is constantly down, trying to view my lab results gives me a “502 bad gateway” response. My provider asked me to message her through “MyChart” (HealthPartners made a joke of an app that is NOT even close to MyChart, but all of their employees continue to refer to it as such). Well I can’t message her because the app is trash and it times out when attempting to create a message (btw, HealthPartners also removed the “message” feature from their app - now it’s called an “e-visit” so they can bill you for asking a follow up question). So I still have to call and sit on hold for 45 minutes to schedule a mammogram I already have a referral for? It’s 2023 and HealthPartners clearly doesnt invest in technology that would make both the patient and providers lives easier and more efficient. As long as your CEO makes more money than god, screw everyone else, right?
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3 years ago, IndyLo
App Rendered Pointless After New Update
When I first got the app a couple months ago I was able to access my test results, insurance information and see and schedule my upcoming appointments. Then the app updated and I only get insurance information and appointment scheduling. I get an error message any time I try to use the living well section, I cannot access upcoming appointments and the most frustrating thing is that I cannot see any of my test results online or on the app. And it seems I’m not the only one making this complaint. I tried mychart, but it says to use the myHP app unfortunately. I don’t know if it’s a system glitch or what, but I’ve been trying to get answers to a medical problem and I can’t get access my lab results on an app that is supposed to provide easy access to them. I honestly hate using this app because it only makes me frustrated.
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3 years ago, brodersenj
Incredibly poor developed app with no regard for user experience.
Nothing works as it should. It’s clunky. I’m starting to book my health services through other providers that use MyChart out of sheer frustration with the amount of time wasted trying to get anything booked. The booking system is the worst I’ve ever seen in an app. You can’t add vaccine records (received by outside providers), you can’t easily view test results, can’t really accomplish anything on this app. It’s sad, Park Nicollet used to be my go to for all healthcare related needs, but now the whole system is so inefficient. Making an appointment shouldn’t be such difficult task. Don’t get me started about the billing system - I’ve had to call insurance on every single claim sent by HP/Park Nicolett this year due to incorrect insurance coding resulting in incorrect coverage and higher medical bills.
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3 years ago, Rstegs
Incredibly useful but 1 request!
I'd love to give HealthPartners ★★★★★ but I can't until the app is renamed to “HealthPartners”. I have an onslaught of apps on my phone so I usually use the iPhone’s search feature to pull up apps by name. Every time I go to search for “Health” or “HealthPartners” I have to delete what I wrote and rewrite "MyHP." This is incredibly annoying and on top of it just being an annoyance the branding doesn't even make sense. HP® is the company name for former Hewlett-Packard, a tech company. The MyHP branding doesn’t fit for HealthPartners, and quite frankly it’s borderline copyright abuse of the HP® registered trademark. Please update the app name and you’ll receive the five stars you deserve.
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1 week ago, anytime1957492956
What is the point?
I don’t understand what the point of this app is. I can’t contact my doctor, I can’t make appointments with my doctor, and I can’t read or send messages to my doctor. I have to go to the HealthPartners website to do everything so I’m confused why they even have an app. I can click go to my inbox but it doesn’t take you anywhere. It’s not an actual link to take you into the inbox in your app. But instead I have to go online, click that same link, and it will allow you to go to your inbox & read and respond to what my doctor has said. I’m just really frustrated because utilizing the app would save me so much time. I’m not sure if it’s because the recent update ( I only downloaded the app a few weeks ago) or what, but I am not able to do a thing on my app.
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3 years ago, Gally 99
Whoever wrote this app clearly doesn’t use it!
Scheduling an appointment is an incredibly difficult and non-intuitive experience! Why do I have to choose a doctor if I just want the next available appointment!? Or choose a location for that matter? And don’t dare tough the Show more
5 years ago, mncoldtoes
Needs a little more work
I like a lot about this system particularly access to the list of upcoming appointments, ability to cancel an appointment on line, scheduling and test results. I liked it more when I could easily contact my provider by email if I had a follow up question. Now I have to call. The dental services are not well integrated into this system. If you try to make a dental appointment with your preferred times you just get a call and are asked when you want to schedule an appointment. The billing is also not integrated into the regular medical billing.
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3 years ago, KS545
Convenient and adds to calendar
The app works well with one exception. It isn’t clear how to edit information on a previous screen. When I tried to go back to edit information, it took me to the initial information. Wish there was an option to get follow up advice from a treatment plan in process from Virtuwell. I want advice on whether I can get a COVID test to rule it out but have to wait 5 days to discuss with primary physician. Perhaps the delay is because I didn’t use primary physician at the start, which was on a Sunday.
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7 years ago, Mikeisprettyfly
What's the point?
So I tried this app and don't understand why it exists. I was told the My Health Partners apps and online account would allow me to view test results, contact doctors and see prescriptions. I navigated all the functions and it's basically another search engine. As a topper, most of the doctor searches result in an error message. Give me something that's useful to improve the patients experience with health care!!!!!
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3 years ago, MN Boss
Used to be better
Unfortunately, the changes seem to have made the app less useful. An example is that Test Results no longer provides the standards, nor are the historic results available. After-visit messages from providers just provide generic wellness advice not even related to my conditions or reason for visit. So, I thought maybe I just didn’t know where to look, so I would call for technical help from your IT Dept. BUT, the phone number is no where to be found. Help!
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3 years ago, Fort Mudge
Worst app on my phone
Check-in function doesn’t seem to do anything. No response when I select check in. Medications list doesn’t reflect current prescriptions and isn’t updated by providers—worse than useless. Wrong dIrections to Methodist Hospital cardiology group. Directions should show parking—Methodist hospital complex is too large to wander around in looking for destination and parking lots. Upcoming appointment list marginally useful but no way to contact provider via text or email. Don’t really know what purpose the app serves—can’t trust information and no way to get information to providers. I’ve been told that my opinion of the is shared by staff so HP needs to get to work or drop the app entirely.
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6 years ago, Rebecarose
Unnecessarily restrictive
The program locks a person out after too few tries snd then requires a NEW password. We have too many passwords. Requiring them to be changed when we mistype with fat fingers in cell phones is unreasonable. I have a new super secure password system, but forgot that I had already changed HP over to it. Now I can’t use it. So I am out if HP. I cannot change all these passwords all over again. The doctor can go back to calling or mailing as I cannot get in to see my data. Overly complex and restrictive.
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4 years ago, WebGuy9402
Unusable by blind members
I am blind and use VoiceOver, iOS' built-in screen reader. I am unable to read my explanations of benefits PDFs, as I can only read the template messaging and not the actual amounts/charges. I am also unable to review the claims information other than to see what my provider charged and what I need to pay. In the claims detail screens, the text is smashed together at the bottom of the screen (likely because we use larger text, which is also a built-in iOS accessibility setting) and I cannot use VoiceOver to read this information either. This is unacceptable for any app, but especially unacceptable for an app that displays personal health information. 
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1 year ago, hweemee
Can’t see all the information I need
My doctor communicates important medical info through letters. This app does not allow me to view that whatsoever. I have to use the web version. It’s much better off just rendering the web UI at this point. I don’t understand why there’s this separate effort that abstracts so much away. It’s also confusing because my doctors will say it’s on MyChart for my viewing when it’s not that easily accessible. Why build an interface on top of MyChart? It seems like extra work that’s just frustrating for users.
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5 years ago, theschnauzers
There’s this one thing missing.
The app is generally quite useful, and mostly minimizes any issues to call which is burdensome for me due to the nature of my impaired hearing. But, it is frustrating in paying the monthly plan premium since there’s no way to access that function except on a notebook based browser outside tha app. (which is peculiar since meassages about paying that premium are accessible via the app!) It would be great if that function could be connected to the app!
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6 years ago, Tbellz
Mixed experience
I like having easy access to my card, lab results and messages. However none of the Park Nicollet clinics are linked to the app. My doctor shows up is I just search in the city, but if I try making an appointment or searching for care all I get are Health Partners facilities. That’s frustrating, since the merger between these two companies is at least a couple of years old.
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3 years ago, pssydstroyer69😇
Unable to search by date, must RESTART at beginning
Searching for an appointment is very challenging, as you can’t search by date (my priority was date, not provider). After going through all the menus to indicate reason for visit and location, and choosing someone randomly, the date of appointment was not what I was looking for. Instead of simply hitting the back arrow to choose the next provider, it kicks you all the way to the beginning. A very laborious process when there are over 20 providers at the location, and I’m looking by date priority. Thank you.
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3 years ago, Aries.Minneapolis
Stand-alone app not necessary
The myHP app doesn’t really offer any great benefit. However, HealthPartners turned off their MyChart app functionality so they force you to use their app. The problem with this is it reduces my ease of use because now I have to hop between apps. I would also love it if they would turn on account linking like almost every other organization has. It’s clear they’re either trying to pigeonhole their users or they aren’t keeping up with Epic’s updates which is problematic. I give this app an outstanding “MEH!”
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1 year ago, H A T n b c
Horrible to navigate
I came from using Mychart to MyHP and struggle constantly with this app. Doesn’t matter if I’m using on my mobile or on my computer. If you try to respond to your doctors comments regarding your test results just forget it and pick up the phone. In the old system it was possible but this. No - I don’t want an e-visit - it was within the last couple of days and for the life of me I can’t figure out a way to respond. It makes me want to find somewhere that doesn’t use this horrid app! It’s only a one way street for the provider and NOT patient friendly.
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5 years ago, Minnesotacin
Love HealthPartners
I have belonged to HealthPartners as far back as when it was Group Health. I’ve always felt like all HP doctors I’ve seen are excellent. I don’t have to carry records from one provider to another. My medical history is available to all providers scheduled to see me. I use the mail order pharmacy so l receive my refills in my mailbox. All the HP sites I’ve been to are comfortable and attractive; the staff are friendly and professional.
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3 years ago, MarkLof55
MyHP app
Open till recently I have used this app over and over again with no issues. It’s been a lifesaver. Unfortunately the most recent upgrade requires that my 6S plus go to version 13 which for some reason won’t. So now I find myself locked out of the app unless I get a new phone or I go to my HP account on the computer
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3 years ago, Urbanicus
Features removed - scheduling, test results
Looks like in one of the recent updates, they removed the ability to see one’s scheduled future or past appointments, and it seems they removed the ability to even make appointments. This feature existed just a few months ago. You also cannot view test results anymore. This also existed a few months ago. So, this app is borderline useless. You can’t make or see appointments, you can’t see tests, you can’t message your doctor or even see most of the messages they send you. Half of the options that do exist just take you to the website, so this begs the question: why does this app exist, if you would always be better served by just logging onto the website from your smartphone? This app somehow just keeps getting worse and worse. We can’t even use MyChart anymore, HP disabled the ability to access anything using the MyChart App.
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4 years ago, SetCrew
I miss the MyChart App!!!!!
I am unable to access most of the healthcare things I used to in the MyChart for Park Nicollet. The only thing I can do is see upcoming appointments, read messages, and see test results as single results “not together with results from the past to see trends”. You can’t see any information about your last vitals from your last appointment. You can’t see your prescriptions. I went to the dentist they asked for an updated list. I usually just brought it up on the app, as it had dosage and the proper name for the drug. Some drugs are so close in name, you could easily make a pronunciation mistake. I just gave up. Trying to log in to the website on your phone in the COVID stress of healthcare wasn’t worth it. I thought, “I still had the MyChart app, maybe I can get the functionality back by using that. Nope, they took away access to the MyChart app as well. HealthPartners is the worst thing to happen to the Park Nicollet system since COVID.
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3 years ago, Sheri 2021
Checking into Appt
I was texted a message to check into my appointment today but when I clicked on the link it brought me to a login. I did not remember my login information so I logged into my HP App with my face recognition thinking I would be able to check into my appointment but did not find an option to do so. I checked in when I got to the clinic.
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3 years ago, Kannan.Varag
Works well most of the time. Buggy at times
While scheduling an appointment, I chose a Doctor from a list of Doctors displayed. Since the available time for the chosen Doctor did not work for me, I pushed the back arrow to try a different Doctor. It was frustrating to see the app take me to the start of the appointment scheduler, thus forcing me to restart the entire scheduling process again. Minor bug, but very handy and works well most of the time.
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7 years ago, Thoscokin
Love the app, but where’s my inbox?
I love the app, but one thing that’s frustrating is that there doesn’t appear to be an inbox to view/reply to messages that you receive from your doctor. Kind of a hassle to need to go to the website to reply to these each time when there’s an app on your phone that should allow you to do the same, albeit even with giving you alerts on said messages.
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3 years ago, hurlingdervish
Terrible, horrible, no-good interface
I don’t understand the point of this app. I’m trying to make a virtual appointment with my allergist. The first time he can see me is in the middle of March and I can’t wait that long. So instead of offering suggestions as to who might be able to see me sooner, I have to go back and do the search over again and pick a random dr from his office. Turns out they’re scheduled out, so I have to start over. All I really wanted was the number for their office so that I could call and schedule an appointment. Instead I get an unnecessarily complicated and inefficient waste of my time.
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1 year ago, Sfjl
The app has some good uses. Now here’s the annoying issues. when you want to submit a claim, the app crashes more than 50 percent of the time after selecting that option. There is not an option for Face ID with iPhone so you have to manually enter your password each time. And when you want to submit an eob to the hra account you have to take a photo of it instead of the app allowing you to just transfer the file within the app itself.
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3 years ago, Rich Sv
Scheduling a doctors appointment
I planned to schedule an appointment with Dr. Forrester using the appointment line but was told my wait time was 78 minutes so I went to the online appointment process. This method went fast except I have to wait until November 8th for my appointment to occur. Health Partners needs to do something to speed up its appointment making process and for patents being able to be seen sooner.
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3 years ago, KatrinaJeanE
Wonderful experience
I think HP was so wise when TRIA came on board as a new family member. I have had many wonderful encounters with every department in the building. Yeah team! I feel that everyone cares about their job but more than that, they-care about their clients.
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5 years ago, Rick Koetter
Very nice but would love Apple Wallet support
This app is great. I downloaded it to have digital access to my ID cards in an effort to reduce the cards I carry around. I would love to see the ability to add my ID cards to Apple Wallet. The App Store says it’s compatible with Wallet but I see no way to add the cards. I can access them quite easily in this app with Touch ID but it would be nicer to have them in Wallet to eliminate the step of finding the app and logging in.
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6 years ago, annibeee
Great having easy access on my phone
For the most part, this is a great app. I appreciate being able to make, cancel, and change appointments for myself and my children easily. Not everything is as intuitive as it could be and there are some things are easier to do by logging into a computer rather than using the app. But it is improving and getting better.
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10 months ago, The Bixster
App is useless
I loaded the app in a vain attempt to message my care team. Yesterday I discovered there is no link in the website to actually create a message. In using the app, if I want to send a message, the only choice provided is for scheduling an appointment. When I clicked on that, the resulting pop up said I’m locked out of doing that. Considering I waited on hold for an hour and 15 minutes yesterday to schedule an appointment, and can’t message anyone, I’m stuck. Do I make the one-hour drive to the clinic just for communication?
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5 years ago, Chrishint09
Good but room for improvement
The HealthPartners app makes it easy to check on test results, reorder prescriptions, and find care. The downside is you can't make an appointment other than with your primary doctor or VirtuWell. It would be helpful to have the ability to make a follow-up appointment other than just with your primary physician. Overall, it's straightforward and easy to navigate.
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6 years ago, mngal.74
Can’t access my children’s records
I have access to my children’s records, tests, medications, etc on the full site version of My HealthPartners, but not on the app. It would be much more convenient for me if I could access those things in the app like I can do for myself. If my intention were to use the app just for me, then I think it’s a very convenient and easy to use app. Like a previous reviewer had said, I can order refills of medication in about 15 seconds.
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2 years ago, Dianabraydonsmom
Horrible app!!
Very difficult to use , when you tap on send message to my care team you get a big long message about ways to make appointments , no link to message your doctor. Cannot find notes from last visit with my doctor. Very frustrating to use when you’re not feeling well and need to contact your care team. Also, the app randomly decided to invalidate my password and made me change it 3 times in a row. Will be switching to a better health care system.
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3 years ago, Gus Lavidas
This has to be the worse online health app ever
After login in you basically can not do anything else . I need a few mri and other test and been trying to find cost and doctors and this app is not working at all. Don’t they have a I.T dept to fix this or before putting this up for the paid members to make sure this works as it is intended to be for there members? I might have to find another insurance to join and not go thru the stress and hassle as this app has gave me. Wish I can rate it negative 10!!!
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6 years ago, BABuckley
They no longer have ID card or #
I used to really like the app. There was an area that you could “see” the ID card and have your number accessible if your paper cards were not handy. They no longer have this access and it is truly missed. If it is still there it is NOT easy to find. I just spent 10minutes under every button possible to locate my daughters ID number for paperwork for school activity as I did not have paper cards with and was unable to locate number.
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2 years ago, GreatMedic
Learn from others
Coming from Allina the my chart experience at Health Partners has been disappointing. I’m unable to graph my lab results from previous. Billing does not automatically link to my login, causing want to look for account numbers which is confusing. Looking for something as simple as billing information and a phone number is not available. Likewise try to understand what I’ve been charged, is also unavailable. Such a large company I hope this can be utilized to improve.
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3 years ago, TomS3rvo
Worst web support
I have two accounts that HealthPartners are aware of. It has been a year. If I use the same credentials I see some appointments on the web, and different ones on the app. So, my data is in two places. I have asked them to merge my accounts and data for the past year. They are aware of it but are unable to do anything about it because they don’t know how. If you want to speak to anyone via the phone be prepared to wait for over an hour, then have your call dropped.
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3 years ago, @Tuffy$
The app is dead for iOS 12
I am one of the millions of owners of an iPhone six that still utilizes iOS 12. When I open my HP app it tells me my version is no longer supported and I need to update. When I try to update it tells me that the app requires iOS 13 or later. And then asked me if I would like to download the latest compatible version. When I say yes it takes me back to the beginning of the loop and I start the process all over. My HP app is now totally non-functional and there appears to be no way to fix it Short of buying a new iPhone.
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6 years ago, Bbrf
Good but not great
I can see my appointments and my daughters appointments but as far as receiving messages in our Inboxes, I can only see mine and have to log into the HP website to see my daughters. It’s annoying. If I’m missing where I can see it in the app, please tell me. Also, it’s frustrating that I have to log into HP website to send a message to my doctor. If we can read Inbox messages in the app, why can’t we write them too?
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2 years ago, Louis Selby
Horrible site / app
Difficult to use and navigate. My wife has my chart through HCMC. Alina has it too. ( and tons of others ) I think the problem is the health partners app is not connected to epic ?! Can’t respond or write to my specialists or my doctors. Difficult to connect with them. Email then directly or their care team through the site without trouble. Also in the app need to get out of site to web browser to complete some tasks. I’m sure your aware of that too.
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6 months ago, s.m.p29
Going down hill
This app used to be great, but it has really gone down hill in the last year. Nothing loads, and there is no way to see test results anymore. I expect way more from such a big company that profits billions of dollars a year.
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4 months ago, Cow cookie
App is inconsistent
The places where this app works are, indeed, useful, but there are too many hiccups. My biggest frustration is menu options drop on and off. Some days I can click in to see my lab results. Other days I can’t. There are also too many core functions that push you out to a browser, where you have to log in again. Why have an app when so many of the key tasks you want to do have to be done on the website.
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