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User Reviews for MyHumana

2.89 out of 5
1.4K Ratings
10 months ago, TT Breve
Does some things well
If you have managed to save a payment method, you can make a payment. The scan credit card option does not work. Entering another payment method such as a credit card “cannot be saved at this time”. Well that’s helpful. :-( Make an automatic payment via credit card, “cannot be saved at this time, please try again later”, but there is no later time that works!! You would think the owner of this app, Humana, would want to make receiving payments work and easy, but not in this case. Why is that?
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5 years ago, ScorpionBikerChick
Review the APP, not the company
I’ve had the Humana app as long as I’ve had Humana, about 3 years now. I’ve never had a problem with the app. Everything opens the way it’s supposed to. Updates of stuff I did at the dr are pretty quick to show up. No issues worth noting. Regarding people who bash the app with 1-star and 2-star reviews; take a closer look at what they’re saying. Many of them give the app a low rating because the app doesn’t do something they think it should, call Humana on the phone, and then give the APP a low rating because they got frustrated on the PHONE CALL. True, the app doesn’t do absolutely everything. But it’s an app! If you want 100% access to 100% of everything, just go to the full website!
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2 months ago, detectivefiction
Just not good
This app is designed in counter-intuitive ways. It's not as bad as the Centerwell app, but it's also not even as good as the Healthy Horizons app. The main issue I have with it is that, while it will load billing and payments (basically, recent medical appointments), it will not load anything about my plan or benefits. It seems to have incredible difficulties accessing its own database in a way the website doesn't. Why are there three different apps for Humana? There doesn't seem to be much reason that they couldn't all be integrated. They have similar UIs, similar issues, etc. They have the same login, when and if it works. Once you log in, what's actually in each app is incredibly simple and bare bones (albeit using nonstandard and counterintuitive navigation and UI). There is no good reason for this to be such a circus. :(
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3 years ago, Nlkflint
Poor app
This app does not update Medicare stages. I fully met my deductible and when I sign in on the computer it shows me so. This app still says I’ve met zero dollars of my deductible. This app does not correctly show pricing. I was prescribed a new med and the app said I would pay $300 for 90 days. When I signed it online it said I would pay 680 for it for 90 days and that’s what was charged to my credit card. So I no longer use the app as it just doesn’t update. I waited untilthe end of the month to see if it just updated once a month, but new month and no updates. I also cannot use the price estimator on the app as it is not accurate and does not agree with what you get when you sign in on a computer. This is really an issue. Position here. Have use lots of healthcare and Medicare apps both as a provider and as a consumer. This app is a fail.
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2 years ago, In_HTown
Worse than bad
Humana keeps pushing paperless. I’m all for that, but not with this app, which only works 25 per cent of the time at best. Alerts you to notifications and can’t load them. Has no listing or details of individual claims, only a total dollar amount for all claims paid. Their “deductible met” bar graphic shows I’ve met zero of my deductible which is completely inaccurate. The set up for FaceID was buried in the account settings — I have had no other app that does that. They all allow you to set up as part of the initial sign in — you don’t have to go hunting through the app to find the buried toggle button like it’s hidden treasure. Wait, did I score points for that? Did I outwit the Gorgon? Maybe now they’ll let me see my notifications! I think their developers should go back to developing gaming apps, not productivity apps.
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4 years ago, Alabama wedding Dad
The App does not allow you to ask FAQ’s frequently asked questions, you HAVE to cal and work your way through their phone tree, if you figure it out you might be able to understand the person that answers with a heavy accent! ALSO, shortly after signing up the website had a problem, I could not sign in. Wanted me to create a new password! The HUMANA, RxMentor, and Humana Pharmacy all use the SAME password, HUMANA knows it but customers don’t, took more that a week to finally call, because I could NOT sign in, I called and got someone to have me change my password! If I did not ask her if this password would work for other Humana sites, I would have been rejected AGAIN and AGAIN, trying to use the original password! Try and get a person without a heavy accent is impossible!
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2 years ago, Mom1958
Why are people so hateful
I’ve had Humana for 3 years now, the app is workable and I sometimes have to search for things but usually find them. One thing I’d like to see is approvals for services doctors request but other than that the app gives me what I need. I am pleased with Humana as a whole! Great job is far! I would like to receive plan changes by mail when open enrollment comes around and maybe a letter stating I will be enrolled in the same plan for the following year if I have not notified Humana I’m changing plans. Good on ya Humana!!!! Thanks for you great service!!!
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2 weeks ago, AfterGlowLasVegas
Poorly designed and tedious
I recently switched my med plan to Humana from Aetna to be able to utilize a specific medical group. The Aetna app had just about everything you could possibly need as well as easy log in. The Humana app offers very little and even when selecting “Face ID” it never actually retains the information. Every login requires you type in user name and password which no other apps I use for anything require. I’m thinking about changing providers once again to have easier access to the information I need. This is particularly challenging for those, like me, who are visually challenged. In this day and age this is inexcusable.
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3 years ago, jasandsam90
Horrible customer service
I’m trying to get my policy so I can go to the dentist. I applied online with all my personal info and a credit card. I got an email saying look forward for a decision letter. It never came and I’m calling customer service. Well, bad idea. I called them for three days straight with no answer. It’s a automated system that supposed to connect you to a person and it doesn’t, it just rings until you give up. I finally got someone on the phone this morning and he put me on hold for 20 mins until the call unexpectedly ended. Worst company because of their customer service. I don’t know what kind of service they have because I just can’t make it that far to even get a client ID so I can visit the dentist.
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3 months ago, Bury plus
Map view not available
The app works fine. Here are my suggestions Instead of list view map view gives better location awareness while listing a dental office Each dental office should have a rating and there must a filter in place for consumers to choose HMO or PPO plan type should be included in the main id card that goes on to wallet
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7 months ago, Mir Ansary
MyHumana coverage
My name is Mir F Ansary, I have a disable person with Dementia’s and Human Medicare choice PPO is not the right choice for me and I know that my dementia’s is not curable and I know that I won’t live for so long, my life is short and they denied my medicine and they don’t cover it I don’t have the money to pay several hundreds for my medicine and they are offering some thing else which is the side effects and lower dose, when effects my other medicine and my brain 🧠 and I know my brain is not functioning properly as a normal person and I forget things and my wife file for divorce and I am waiting for the final divorce papers… and I have more issues with my doctors and Humana Medicare and I am running out of medicine tomorrow and I don’t have any other choice to fill a Lawsuit against Humana and my doctors … the final thing to say is enough is enough, you pay tons of money and on other things but you won’t pay for my medical and Medication 💊? Everything is just business nothing personal right… We well about this in court and Media of course Mir F Ansary
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6 years ago, JW000
Great @ feedback
For starters the bug that was mentioned by other users about the digital ID not saving to photos appears to be fixed even though it was not mentioned in the last update notes. This developer is incredibly responsive and open / receptive to feedback. I requested the option to save my digital ID to the “wallet app” and the developer was very open about the request and was told it is on the roadmap. I know app design is more difficult than most users realize but this team appears to be sincerely devoted to improving their app.
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1 month ago, Lantana, FL
Sometimes the app allows me to look at pharmacy claims but other times it tell me I don’t have pharmacy coverage. My dental claims show up but only the last few months. I don’t check the vision claims as often but there I also get that I don’t have vision coverage. For the record, I have medical, dental, pharmacy, and vision coverage with Humana. UPDATE: the issue with pharmacy coverage still has not been resolved. SECOND UPDATE: the issue with pharmacy coverage/claims still has not been resolved. What does it take? I should point out that the same inconsistency occurs on the Humana website. Humana fails customer service.
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4 years ago, DarknessO_o
Thank you!
As far as Humana, i’d just like to say THANK YOU for the masks! Very high quality and a nice surprise. As far as the app, there’s no way to just submit feedback through “the app”, meaning i have to open my email on my phone. In related news, the contact us portion of the app shows icons for phone and mail, but there is no actual email address. This review could’ve just been a quick and personal thank you note to the company, but instead i have to leave public comments and give you gold stars.
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2 years ago, VelcroP
No functionality
I have Medicare Part D. Every single drug I enter says ‘Not Covered’- including ones that I just filled and ARE covered. Also annoying- I can only search for a medicine based on the first three letters of its name. While I usually know that, I don’t for every med-especially vaccines. I need a Tdap, for example. I don’t know all the brand names for those. The deductible shows me at $0 even though I’m several hundred in. For pharmacies, it won’t let me maintain a list of frequently used. Instead it wants me to share my location- which isn’t helpful if I’m not near my pharmacy. I tried contacting the mobile developers as suggested. No response.
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1 year ago, Hopefully your last customer
Don’t Bother
This app is garbage. Keeps taking excessive amounts of time just to do the most minor thing. All I wanted was to look at the list of medications covered. This alone has taken over an hour. Keeps starting me over, refreshing, kicks me off the app, etc. I gave up on signing in cause of how long it took(had to get that handled by calling instead, so hopefully that worked, not holding my breath on it though), and cause it said I don’t have to be signed in to verify what’s covered. This thing needs to be fixed cause this is unacceptable. Might as well just call into Humana which is what I’m going to do. I’m not using this thing again.
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7 months ago, Audee2
Terrible app
They have providers un this app that haven’t been in business in my state for years, let alone some health organizations are listed several times and when you use them, they are out of network. The company as a whoke has been the worst company I have had to deal with to date. Can’t wait till October to get out of this backward company where their customer service cannot be trusted in giving you the correct information because nobody knows the correct information. You can calk three different agents and get three totally different answers. All I can say is NEVER AGAIN!!!
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3 years ago, NotHappy about app
Works with limited functions
The app is easy to use and allows me to show my insurance cards easily when needed. Minimal lag switching between tabs and shows all my coverage information and lets me search easily for any INN providers. The issue I have is that I cannot for the life of me find where to pay for my claims! I used to have UnitedHealth and I'm so used to having the pay button next to each of my claims.. I can't find it anywhere on claims tab on the tab. This means I'll have to try and remember my login online and pay via the website.
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3 years ago, Sewciety
Terrible App
If I could give them a -10 I would! From the time joining Humana and installing the app, I have had nothing but trouble trying to sign in! After setting up account on the app, I would not be able to get back in. I have deleted and reinstalled numerous times so I could start over with different info but if I might happen to get logged in it was only by happen stance after trying too any times to mention. I have had to change my email, my security questions, my password each time I might get in the app; I have entered my Humana # along with other identifying #s, and it said I was wrong. THIS IS THE MOST USELESS APP EVER DEVELOPED!!!
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4 years ago, Zidem
Great coverage, easy info access!
I was not sure what to expect, but once I got all the apps in place, information and a. Was have been spectacular. This is almost nothing I can’t do or find out about with the information available. Good job Humana and thanks for the additional support during the Covid19 concerns. I would recommend Humana to any of my friends without a moment’s hesitation!
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8 months ago, Sacrichie
Does not update
For a major health care company, this app doesn’t work. It is not current, does not update your prescription information. Here it is June 2023 and there is no information for the current year. You cannot check your total out-of-pocket spending or see what coverage stage you are in. The drug information is not updated, current, or available. Humana must have laid off too many IT people. The only way to get your information is to call Humana directly and speak to a claims representative. This app must be using Radio Shack computers. I do not recommend this app.
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2 years ago, Mrclean61
Humana is a choke
An order was shipped to my home address 2 weeks ago. Tried tracking package thru Fed Ex and all I could find out package is somewhere in transit and they were not sure when it would be delivered. After four attempts to talk to a human person at Humana they were useless. Since medication was a controlled substance they would have to get in touch with my physician before they could ship me a replacement. So we are talking approximately 5-10 if not longer days before I receive my medication. Will unfortunately start using my local pharmacist for all my medications.
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2 years ago, Fun2pla
Entirely inaccurate information!
This application is not reflective of the information before download and next to impossible to use! Ordering OTC items were not sent and show no items ordered. Medications showed sent were never received! None of this information shows on the app. All medications that was ever prescribed shows with me expected to indicate what I no longer take, it is evident these prescriptions were intended for only till the medicine was completely taken no refills. This program should be able to remove such items without my input!
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3 years ago, thumper6974
App does its job
I’ve had Humana for 4 years. I find the information I need on the app: in network providers, claim status, and pharmacy information. I probably wouldn’t rate the phone support 5 stars but that’s mostly a function of the fact that Humana doesn’t give their phone agents the information or discretion to answer a lot of problems. For me, the app does what it’s supposed to do.
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1 year ago, Figgypop23
This app is Useless…
I have been trying to check to see which providers are in my network for over a month…. Every time I go through typical diagnostic procedures since I cannot get the Search Engine to find a practice near me. The app is practically useless for anything other than pulling up your user card. Since I’ve joined Humana dental, I have tried to find a reputable dental practice and it’s been such a hassle. I’ve called twice and they only gave me names and numbers of the dentist offices immediately located to my house, and none of which have good reviews.
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5 years ago, Dr Zhiivago
This App is worthless and the people who discovered it are worthless and the people who administrate it are worthless too. My cousin can change his personal info in his profile but I can’t and it’s the same app. Humana claims you can do everything on this app; I challenge you to try it and discover why I am so frustrated with them. Humana has lost its customer service 2-3 years ago and they are losing customers left and right. I should had left them years ago. I had no one to warn me about Humana ; so here we go....STAY AWAY FRM HUMANA OR YOU WILL REGRET IT...If you join now it’s your fault simply because you have been warned...GOOD LUCK
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1 year ago, Pepboy8
Poor app, inefficient technical maintenance/update
The updating of data in this Humana app is very poor, inaccurate and limited. There is a page where it indicates that you can set up a list of your prescriptions but the list is already preset with old data, you cannot add or delete anything. On another page, there is also a list of your outdated medication and there is only one button to confirm that you are still taking it. What a joke! Isn’t there any mobile web technician who is knowledgeable who is in charge of this?
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12 months ago, bluewaterfan
The high cost and low value of health in USA
App and web designers should be in prison for fraud. There is and has been for quite a long while major problems with web site and the app. The doctor I am seeking swears they are blessed by Humana but I can not even after many attempts using different search parameters locate them in the find a doctor tools. And this isn’t the only one! Slow, buggy, at times unpredictable and unreliable. This is a billions$$$ dollar company. Park the jets for a week and use the savings to fix this garbage. Shame on you!
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12 months ago, S_erns
My Humana App
This app only worked for me the first time to register and hasn’t worked since. This is ridiculous I have tried multiple times and always get an error message …We are unable to log you in right now. Please try again later. You can change your password successfully and it it still doesn’t work 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻 Also, doesn’t work for face recognition. This is pathetic and sad for people on Medicare looking for their important information and can’t access it! Fix this for Medicare patients!!
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2 years ago, Jimmers 123
Room for improvement
The plan is great, the app not so great. I was called two day getting information on my prescriptions then log in and there is only three prescriptions that I need to transfer. I did find my prescriptions (no easy) but the information I gave was not there. I have had well over my out of pocket dental work after my enrollment, two months ago, the app is only showing my out of pocket at $16, I paid way more than that on each of my three visits.
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3 years ago, ThaddeusL
Great App
Fantastic experience, not sure at first, however I’ve been guided in the right direction from the representative. The app after updates never works any longer with facial recognition, you have to reset it all over. This is the only annoying feature in my opinion, otherwise no problems, I’m very happy with it.
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1 year ago, deanblan
Doesn’t keep track of stages
Doesn’t keep track of anything on the deductible bar graph and since that never updates, it also doesn’t know what stage of Medicare you are in and that makes a huge difference in med costs so then the med cost lookup feature is also useless by default. 3 strikes, you’re out! Terrible app. I’ve made the same review for the last 3 years and contacted app support for the last 3 years and they still have not fixed the above issues! Good insurance and good quality but app is essentially useless.
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4 years ago, Pennybink
Doesn’t recognize my login with acct
Yet I can login on my Imac. And can login using Safari on my Iphone. But the app on the Iphone fails. Right now ignoring to call Humana if I think I received the message wrongly. As hoping once the first payment is allowed to be made online that the app will consider me covered starting the 1st of January. Not chasing too many rabbits right now with the app. Oh and my login info is saved on my Iphone so its not my putting in the wrong info. Truly expect better from a large company with their app working as well as the browser does on my Iphone, if not better.
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5 years ago, Kickin' heels
Rage inducing
I’d be thrilled if I had to eat crow and apologize for this rating! However, the app tells me there are no providers. That’s not true. So I call the phone line and spend a ridiculous amount of time trying to get past the chat bot to a person which didn’t happen today. So I let it tell me there were many providers, would I like it to read it to me? No. How about emailing it? Sure! Well then I get an email with crazy Cisco security that throws me into an infinity loop to register. I was never able to register to read the list of providers. Please fix this app.
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4 years ago, Laurence Ballard
Mileage varies
Humana's app is fine - as far as it goes. And for some, that is a limited journey. On my phone and tablet, the app *still* cannot update Rx stages and deductibles for Humana Pharmacy, despite being a 'dashboard' option. This means you must login online through a browser in order to access this information. And this means you're already online with full account options, effectively negating any need for a shiny, green-themed, app in your pocket or purse. The app is very pleasing to the eye.
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2 months ago, Born4JC
User friendly app
Needed to find a provider. Opened app to do a search. Located one in my town and called them right away for an appointment. I had misplaced my card but with the app on my phone I was quickly & easily able to access my insurance details with all the info my provider needed! The app is easy to navigate
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7 months ago, Jimt22oh
It works for the company!
The app seems to work flawlessly when the activity benefits the company. I’ve been trying to file an appeal against their drug ruling. After entering all the information into their little box, which precludes copying, I pressed the button to submit my appeal. The screen goes blank for a few seconds then comes back with the message “SOMETHING HAS GONE WRONG AT OUR END”. After a short time the screen goes back to the beginning of the START YOUR APPEAL page. Everything is lost!
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9 months ago, Dgranma7
Does not update deductibles in pharmacy.
What a mess. Twice this year my husband and I have had the Pharmcy deductibles zeroed. Currently we are supposedly, according to our online accounts, both at 0 out of $4660. My husband uses 2 insulins so guess what. He went into the donut hole with way to check and keep track. When I called and reported this I was no one else has had this issue and to delete the software and reload. Well guess what, it still doesn’t work. Will not be using Humana next year for sure
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6 years ago, Mitmee_pie
Thankful this app finally has voiceover support!
I haven't been able to run this app through its paces as much as I would like, but I am going to start trying to do so soon. Anyway, until this most recent update, this app was completely inaccessible, which was frustrating as I am a Humana customer. Now that the app works with voiceover, I am very happy that I can use it independently.
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1 month ago, Jphotos
Face ID and sign in fails
If you try to write review inside app they have a duplicate App Store screen, not the actual apple App Store Face ID has been a horrible experience. They have launched a new app and various updates. None fix the Face ID and sign-in issues Remember user name doesn’t work After entering user & password tap Face ID Then go into app settings Turn on use Face ID Next time Face ID doesn’t work again Also at sign in If user or password is incorrect app just closes No warning No indication pw or user is wrong
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2 years ago, Shoveitupyour
Unable to access copays/ Worst App ever
Really disappointed that I went to pharmacy and was surprised with a copay, when I have never had one prior. I am not able to even see the copay tiers so I know how much to budget for medication. Due to the totally useless app and REAL customer service I have switched to a different company which offers more for my money and actually could supply me with Dr’s names in my area instead of getting a link that wasn’t even close to me or be told to search with the useless app.
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2 years ago, Tito Mambo
This team has made my life so much easier.
I won’t bore you with the reason why, but I need to take about a dozen medications daily. Switching to Humana online has helped me so much. They really stay on top of things and make sure that I have my medications when I need them.
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2 years ago, Plummkrazee
I have an idea…rather than the nice responses or opinions as to what we should how about actually doing something about it. I do hope you realize that responding to a review, however nicely it’s done, only makes your customer service look weaker. I’m so sick of seing “Login failed. We are unable to log you in right now. Please try again later”. Why on earth would I do that since I cannot remember the last time I encountered anything different? I have had to reset my password more on this app than all of my others combined. Please fix your app. FIX ALL OF THEM. HUMANA PHARMACY AND GO365 ARE JUST AS BAD. Tried for months to sign up to Go365. It’s really ridiculous. Don’t bother responding to me because I’m not going to waste another second of my time because the issue lies within your apps. Thank you
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3 years ago, bethp72
Thanks Humana
As a caregiver this app sure makes things easier to keep up with. A lot less papers, and I still can look at the bills. Prescriptions in the same app made tht better as well. I had a list when I had to take my LO to the DR. Transferring is easy. Humana has it going on.
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2 years ago, jalensapplestuff
Working app
This app works great for seeing your claims, and put me onto the Teledentistry app which was very useful. However I have yet be able to load my ID cards, the closest dentists that accept my plan. Thought it was my connection but I’ve tried several different times at this point. It’s aggravating.
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4 years ago, Jessica Nicole Faust
Very user friendly! So helpful!
Very user friendly! So helpful when needing to get quick information! It has all my information right there I use it to reference everything medical & pharmaceutical information. Unless I need to talk to someone i use this app for all my insurance needs!
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6 years ago, Rae92
So easy!
So easy to use! ID cards at your fingertips, easy place to manage deductibles, see all your claims, see exactly what you were charged and what you have left to pay. Also offers definitions and explanations which are very helpful! This is insurance for the next generation.
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4 years ago, BuckTJ08
Humana is awful in general. Too many limitations. Their website it horrendous and so is the app. I would like to have the option to type in the name of a provider to see if the provider is in network. Not go through a list of a million people to find out 1 hour later the person I was looking for isn’t even on the list. They also have a lot of missing providers on the list which I know in fact take my insurance.
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6 years ago, Otdr
Very Good! Form and Function
Easy to use; functions as intended; however, I would like to see the Authorizations in the app instead of having to log onto a computer to do so. Having access to that information would be extremely useful. I would give it 5 stars if it had this feature.
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4 years ago, Linda5186
Incompetent programmers
Search for doctors always comes up “No available within 50 miles!! Of Vero Beach! Then you try to order from OTC Pharmacy if you want to read detail on a specific item you have to start your search all over and begin with page one! Now if you get lucky enough to find items you need and get them in your shopping cart then you get timed out over and over! I have contacted Humana many times over the last 3 years but NOTHING EVER GETS FIXED OR EVEN BETTER! Can’t wait to DUMP Humana not worth the agrivation!
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