MyID – Medical ID Profile

Health & Fitness
4.8 (2.8K)
79.1 MB
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Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for MyID – Medical ID Profile

4.81 out of 5
2.8K Ratings
3 years ago, GPC5280
Outstanding product
I was recently diagnosed with a condition that really necessitated a medical id bracelet. I wasn’t super happy with most of the offerings I came across. They were either extremely conspicuous, tacky and cheap looking (despite not being cheap) or just plain ugly. I was thrilled when I came across the MyID watch band sleeve. It’s discrete but still noticeable enough to serve its purpose. The best part is that it links to your online profile, so you can include as much information as you want related to your condition, your meds, your emergency contacts, and your demographics. You can also update or change that information as things change and evolve without having to replace your MyID bracelet or band. Great product.
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2 years ago, princemark75
Could be so much better….
This app does basic very well in that it is easy to log information related to conditions, allergies and medications, but it seems to miss on why people are most likely to use this and purchase MyID products. Most people that use this sort of app (like myself) have life threatening allergies, take medicines that come with warning cards (like steroids), have medical implants (I have a Spinal Cord Stimulator), or want to communicate critical information to medics - such as Do Not Resuscitate DNR. This app does not have a section for implants, does not allow you to flag that an allergy is life threatening, such as causing anaphylactic shock and allow you to flag anything more than donor status, such as DNR requests. These would be so easy to add and would make this app so much better. Instead you have to add as notes and/or highlight in notes. My guess is that one reason they do this is to make you buy more of their products, for which they do have additional tags that you can purchase with pre worded warnings for implants etc. This app seems like a means to an end of selling more products rather than being a great app. I hope the Dev reads this and considers new releases that are more than bug fixes, to continually update the functionality.
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5 years ago, 😬😵😵😬😵
Life saving
This product is amazing and it saves lives every day. I am from Mexico and at first I thought this product wouldn’t work for me since the medical condition are not translated. But this product is amazing and does in fact translate the headings. I consider this product to be revolutionary because in my ID all your info is online so you don’t have to engrave every time you get a new illness. Particularly I can say that for my story it is perfect. I have a condition that is called disautonomía and some people think that when I faint I seize. In this product I said that I didn’t seize and since then I haven’t had any problem. I highly recommend this product for your family safety and yours.
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4 years ago, Heidi8672
I love this product and App
I discovered this a few years ago I bought it for my mom after she was hospitalized and the list of meds she carried on her was out of date and she ended up on the wrong meds. She wasn’t happy about it but now she loves the fact that I have and keep all her meds straight and with me at all times on my phone. I have one for myself I have Crohn’s disease and I just started a profile for my son who was recently diagnosed with cancer. I love that I can keep our profiles all on the same app it is so easy
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2 years ago, kmb1847
To add a birthdate you have to literally scribble month by month backwards on a calendar. If you are, say, in your 70s this is incredibly clunky. Took several minutes and when I paused wants to see you again if I could find another way to do it it didn’t go back to where I was and I had to start over. Infuriating. Also, be aware that the only way you can add documents is to upgrade to premium. If you want your Health info on the account without upgrading you have to manually enter everything. Smells like bait and switch to me. I got three of these and I’m so annoyed I’m trying to decide whether to cancel my account and return the mall or not. Oh, by the way, the only way to use this is to create an account on their app. I guess I should’ve figured that out ahead of time. Great idea. execution, not so much.
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6 years ago, Beggarscoin
Love the idea. Needs improvement
This is appealing because of the ability to update an app that will connect to all of your medical ID items. I have two bracelets. They are great. The issue I have is the inability to change the order of how things display in each category. If I add a medication or a surgery for instance the last thing I add is always at the top. I’d like to be able to adjust what’s at the top. I don’t want Pepcid AC being the first thing seen when the immunosuppressant I’m on is way more important. Also in two categories after I updated a ton of info into them (surgical history and family history) it deleted the info and I had to go in and add it all over again. Incredibly time consuming.
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2 years ago, Mmmmcoffee
I’ve used the bracelets for years and referred people to the product every chance I get. I love it. I recently decided to upgrade my account to the premium version. One feature of that upgrade I was most excited about was the pill reminder feature. When I went to set it up, the most frequent option for taking your reminder of a certain medication is once a day. That doesn’t work for my medicine that needs to be taken every 12 hours. And it’s not a medicine that I’ll be on short term. I emailed immediately asking about that feature - it’s been about 2 weeks and I still haven’t gotten a response. If there can’t be more flexibility in the medication intervals I doubt I’ll renew my subscription.
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2 years ago, ChronicallyPlotting
I am a firm believer that just about every person needs some form of a medical ID on them. My ID offers a wide variety of medical IDs that are revolutionary and life saving. The App is super easy to navigate and add all of your allergies, drugs and providers in. It allows you quick access to medication information at doctors appointments or in times of an emergency when one may not be able to give the information themselves.
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6 years ago, KaittTayy
Minor Issue That Needs Fixed
I have a lot of health problems and wanted to find a good medical ID bracelet that wasn’t too clunky. I did some research and found MyID and absolutely love the idea. I’m currently waiting for my bracelet to come, but wanted to get a start on my profile. I like the ease of access to the app, however whenever I try to put information in, it takes forever to load stuff or to save anything. I tried deleting and re-downloading the app to see if it would fix it but it didn’t. I think that once this issue gets fixed, the app will be so much better
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1 month ago, Deasimmons
I have had My ID for about a month. It sure is better to not have my bracelet sliding up and down my arm and bruising me too. I was volunteering with an EMT a week ago. I asked him if he would see this on my watch. He said he had heard of it but had not seen it. Maybe you ought to contact some of the EMT associations etc. A big job but it would be worthwhile.
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4 weeks ago, kynto23
Formerly useful
I used to think this was a great app and I made sure to have my sticker on my phone and the card on me whenever I went out, but they just released price changes that basically make the concept useless with the free version. You can only include personal information, emergency contacts, and “vital information” with the new version, which nearly all phones come with the ability to show for free already. Unless you’re willing to pay, there’s no use for this app anymore.
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3 years ago, thetoothfairy
It need to be able to backup and easier to print.
There is no way to back this app up.... others I have tried others and you can backup to iCloud or Dropbox. To print out all your info you have to send someone your info or yourself by using a different email address because you can not send to your self. With a app like this you should be able to back up because your medications can change or new ones prescribed, or if you moved, changed phone number etc.
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2 years ago, Mike -El Paso
Critical time saver for first responders
Having such an informative device so readily available to first responders can truly be life-saving. The amount of information you can store is amazing, and with a simple scan from a first responders smart phone gives them everything they need. I am completely sold.
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6 years ago, Pulm HTN patient
MyID app & bracelet
I LOVE MyID & what a fabulous concept! I have a pretty complicated and rare medical condition and went for years without a medical bracelet. This was due to me not being able to concisely include my diagnosis & IV pump medication information in 15 characters or less. MyID has eliminated this problem, making me feel much safer. I know now that in the event I cannot let emergency medical personnel know about my medical connotation, MyID will.
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4 years ago, blcones
Easy To Order/Set Up My Profile and Wear
I’ve ordered 3 items including a cube. Since the bracelets for the cube were made in small (6”, too small for me)and large (8”, too large for me) I called and asked if I could order just the cube itself. The kind lady who answered the phone wasn’t positive they were available but was encouraging and took my contact information to forwarded it to someone who would know. I’m happy to say I got the cube and now I’m making a custom bracelet for myself. I’ve made several calls to the company and each experience has been pleasant. The reps were informative, helpful and kind. Many thanks, BethLynn
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5 years ago, Aj95421
This Free App is Awesome
I have had this app since before it became free. I keep both my spouse and my info in it. When my spouse had a medical emergency the hospital staff said it saved a lot of time and was thankful I had it. I want to see if there is anyway to share this app with other family members (children/Grandchildren) so they can know their medical history.
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5 months ago, Tj2059
Great way to keep trap for 1st responders
This is a great product to keep trap of yours or a love one’s medical conditions, especially if they can’t talk for themselves. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who has chronic medical conditions or who have a family member that has chronic conditions.
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4 years ago, Agingezy
Info at a glance
A great way to keep track of your medical history. It is a little frustrating at times when you enter things or try to update specific info. However it is a great tool to have when you need to fill out all those stupid forms when seeing a new doctor.
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4 years ago, TandRG
Peace of Mind!!
I bought a Med id necklace for my husband, and the peace of mind it now brings me is unmeasurable!!! It took us days to get everything in the app, but once done, I know he is covered when he doesn’t have me. He can also do more appointments without me because he now has the app to help him remember everything he needs.
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2 years ago, LisaK1962
Very Useful
When we go to the doctor or hospital, we don’t answer a lot of questions, we just hand over our cell with this app open. They are always glad to have all the info at the touch of a button.
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4 years ago, Ams1229
Love the app; hate the incompatibility with voice over
Trying to create my profile on this app has been a nightmare! Are use voice over, and I’ve had to constantly turn it off and then turn it back on as I fill in the fields because it doesn’t read the fields properly. In its current state, I would not recommend this out to anybody who’s totally blind. I was lucky to be able to do anything with it because I actually have a little bit of vision.
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1 year ago, Plundsay520
Game Changer!
I LOVE this app. As a heart patient, I needed EMTs to have immediate access to my info without needing to call in and wait on hold and give an ID #. The QR scan is a game changer. I also like the silicone tag I can keep on my watch. I recently received a heart transplant and have 50 pills a day to keep track of. This app helps me track what I’m taking, make notes about indications, times, etc and keeps all my Doctors names handy. If you have medical issues, GET THIS ID & APP. It will also notify your loved one if it is scanned. I give it 10 stars! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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1 year ago, Chuckle Chest
Medical ID
I was recently in the hospital and a nurse had this on her watch. I asked her about what it was and she informed me that it’s a medical alert. I thought that it would be a wonderful thing to have since I have a lot of medical conditions and have many medications.
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5 years ago, bk2320
Exactly what I have been looking for
I have multiple allergies to medications that could kill me, as an avid runner, this gives me a lot of peace of mind knowing that everything a first responder would need to save my life, can be accessed all in one place. This is the exact app I’ve been looking for!
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5 years ago, Starlog2
Ease of mind
Before getting this I had to struggle remembering all my medical stuff but now when the Dr etc asks what pills I’m taking I just whip out my phone and look it up such a load off my mind on having to remember where I wrote it down where I put it thank you so much!
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6 years ago, kenna.004
Simple and easy!
I love this new and improved app! It’s so simple to use especially with adding a profile for my son. My top favorite features are the pill reminder and the ability to store documents. I had no problem upgrading the app from the old one.
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4 years ago, grimm reaper 58
MyID Hive Band
I have had my new Hive band now for a few weeks. Just recently I purchased a different color Pod. Will gladly recommend to everyone about how convenient it is knowing that I have piece of mind if ( heaven for bid ) I was in an emergency situation. The EMT’s or Health Providers will have all of my Medical info. Absolutely lovin it!!🥳 Sincerely, Mrs G Jones
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1 month ago, Dwatts05
Physician Category GONE!!!
I’ve been using “MyID” app for years with no issues. This morning I go to open the app and the “Physician” list is NO longer available. I have not only my “General Physician” but I also have eight “Specialist” that I need to keep track of which was listed in this section. Anyone know why this section was removed?
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6 years ago, kenyacatherine
Good work Endevr
Just downloaded the app, appreciated how easy it was to figure out. The hardest part was choosing a profile picture;) So excited to put all my information in, and have it at the touch of a button.
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1 year ago, LonnieDT
Doesn’t allow Printing
App is okay. It would be much better if it allowed printing of medication list and other info. If it did, I would more likely pay for the upgrade. Also, it needs more work with the medication fields. More units of measurement (mg, % for ointments/creams. More options for route of administration (capful, tablets, ointment)
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3 years ago, KS Traveler
Worst medical AP I have ever seen
I previously had the My Medical AP and kept track of all of our meds, allergies, tests, hospitalizations, Dr Appointments, Episodes, Diagnosis, and they shut it down. I hoped this would be as user friendly and be able to keep my information as always! This AP is not user friendly and it is nit easy to navigate and doesn’t let me type in the information I want to! Totally useless in my opinion!
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2 years ago, nickjeanjoe
Excellent Medical ID App
This is the best I’ve found. Free, easy to navigate, allows you to provide all the critical basic information. Wish more apps were like this.
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3 years ago, sbbakshcnsbjwnfnf
Really great
I love this product but wish that we automatically got plus with our products so we don’t have to spend more money than we already spent to buy the product
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6 months ago, Bigmac0504
Initial thoughts
I just downloaded and like what I see so far. My only suggestion is to move the allergy section up. In an emergency I think it would be more important to see that before my name and contacts.
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5 years ago, Benny4.0
I’m not even the type to ask for my money back but this is ridiculous. I have bought several bands for my watches and a bracelet and now the app doesn’t even work or open no matter how many times I update or re-download the app. This is sad that you are able to sell a product for people with medical conditions that doesn’t fully work. I understand your intentions may be good, but someone need to fix this.
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1 year ago, !!!!!!!@!!!!!@!!!!!@!!!!@
All Medical info
Nice to have all info available in one place. Also to have my MyID in my Apple Watch that has all the info on the back attached to my app.
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2 weeks ago, Nickname @@##!!$%
I would like to share the information on this app with my doctor through MyChart. Is there a way of doing this? Do you know I do not believe that they will take emails.
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4 years ago, AuntyJessQueen
Helpful to keep track of important medical information
This app is amazing it helps me keep track of my many surgeries and Doctors. I only wish I had found it sooner.
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6 years ago, Dena_Gann
Fantastic App
This is a great app and I feel so much more secure in knowing that if I am injured, anyone with access to my phone/bracelet/wallet card, will be able to see my relevant medical information in the event of an emergency.
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6 years ago, Lamagee
Love It!!!
I absolutely LOVE this app, along with its products!!!! Perfect for us as a traveling family. Any issue I’ve had, I’ve contacted them & they've responded. Looking forward to using it for many years 😊
Show more
6 years ago, NarloJunior
I feel much better about my chances of survival if something were happen to me while I was out. This is amazing and gives me peace of mind.
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3 years ago, Burbanannie
Not very good.
I entered all my initial information but the app would not let me go any further than the first page. Tried everything but no luck. It wouldn’t even let me know if anything was missing even though I completed all the fields. I finally gave up and deleted the app.
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3 years ago, RickoDean274
Subscription Not Working
I paid for myId pro annual subscription but when I open the app it saying that I need to subscribe 🤦🏽‍♂️ I have already paid, I have my receipt from Apple. I need help pronto
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2 months ago, ear1312
So far so good
I would have given it 5 stars but there is no place to add dietary Supplements. These are very important some may have very bad interactions with prescription meds. Please add this option
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3 years ago, Roliviax
Nice app but not very in depth
There are many pills I take with dosages that differ based on day of the week and whether its day or night. This app does not accommodate for that kind of schedule. Aside from this, its fine.
Show more
6 years ago, Windhawk1
Works great
Very useful, everything you need in one place. Medical Conditions, emergency contact, medications, Doctors information, allergies, Personal information, etc etc.
Show more
2 years ago, U.Know_Bruno
Alerts ??
Is there a way to get alert notifications for schedule medication times?
Show more
1 month ago, Seaside Maggie
Easy to use
Easy way to keep track of medical info
Show more
5 years ago, Happythinker
Great app but need EMS to use
This is such a great concept for people with any kind of illness or medications used. The only thing I would like to see is a campaign to get our local emergency crews in tune with this app. EMS folks I have asked are not aware of this.
Show more
4 years ago, emmarose729
App won’t launch
I was so excited to download this app to go with the watch sleeve I just received. Unfortunately, the app refuses to launch. I have an iPhone 11 and thought that it might be a problem on my end, so I made sure to update my phone to the latest software. Even so, the app refuses to launch. Very disappointed.
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