MyQHealth - Care Coordinators

Health & Fitness
4.8 (19.2K)
184.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Quantum Health Inc.
Last update
10 months ago
Version OS
11.4 or later
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User Reviews for MyQHealth - Care Coordinators

4.8 out of 5
19.2K Ratings
1 year ago, Bruno_89
Nice App, Easy to use.
This is a nice app, better than the previous version of the website. I particularly like having easy access to my spending account balance and to click a link to go manage my spending account. On thing that could be improved. The app does not rotate into landscape mode on my iPad which makes it hard to use with the keyboard. Since there is no longer a website, but an app, it would be nice to have it function the way other apps do.
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3 years ago, J9suited
Nothing works
All I want to do is find an in network doctor in my area. Once logged in, I’m immediately logged out. Once I can finally stay in the app, once I click “find a provider” it takes me to an cute error message, telling me “youre in the waiting room! The service is not available at this time!” Are you f’ing joking? Finally went through the rigamarole of finding my actual insurance provider, and got a tele health appointment set up with a geriatric physician, who provided no information that I didn’t already know. Finally got logged in to my actual HI provider, and all the offices they recommended were hundreds of miles away. All I want to do, here in 2021, is find an actual doctor, with an office near my home, that is covered by my insurance company. Everything this app does seems designed to keep me from doing that. Long story short, hopefully no one who tries to use this app is actually sick, because if you use this app/company, you are going to die before you find a doctor.
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4 years ago, Bornsicksucks
MyQHealth Denies Everything
MyQHealth is the worst insurance I have ever had. They have made my medical visits a nightmare by constantly emailing/mailing/calling to say services aren’t covered that I didn’t realize the facility wasn’t obtaining authorization on or I have already gone out of my way to obtain prior authorization on. I emailed every test Mayo Clinic would be doing and already got my max out of pocket so they decided to penalize me for the facility not obtaining the prior authorization. I’ve been penalized $300 three times this year so far. Two MRIs were STAT THAT Mayo Clinic ordered for same or next day to decide if I had a leaking reconstructive implant after bilateral mastectomies, rule out a tumor on my heart that would have necessitated open heart surgery and the last thing I was penalized for was an ultrasound guided fine needle biopsy of my thyroid to decide if I had thyroid cancer(which I emailed MyQHealth and told them I would need 2 months advance notice)! Horrible company that I feel must get compensated by denying patient services they are entitled to.
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1 year ago, jbssbj727
Poorly written app
This app claims to support Face ID, however immediately logs you out after appearing to login using Face ID. I’m not talking about after switching back and forth between apps either. But along those lines, even switching between apps logs you out - not a great experience when I’m trying to cross-reference some information. Additionally, doing a regular task like pulling up an EOB doesn’t allow you to export it to another app like Files, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. - a very common workflow for someone who keeps track of EOBs - even though it is clearly pulled up in PDF form in a ‘new’ window. I normally would try to do these things using a browser like Chrome, however the links to subpages aren’t even clickable using a mobile browser. I am forced to copy and paste the link. Horrible mobile experience all-around.
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4 years ago, Edmond Edwards
Representative - Katie
I am writing to say thank you so very much for having a service representative like Katie. I’m sorry that I don’t know her last name, but she is certainly a blessing to me and my wife. She helped us in so many ways to get to the bottom of a problem we were having with the cost of a prescription. She followed up not once, but twice to make sure that all was taken care of. She sets the bar very high for any of your other customer service representatives to reach. Thank you so very much Katie! Best Regards, Eddie Edwards
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10 months ago, kaijuwus
Not a single part of this app is fully functional.
You cannot login, you can’t forget password, or forget ID. They say the parameters aren’t filled in correctly when ITS THEIR CALENDAR. When you try to click links or login to telehealth they hang and eventually fail. The search is mid. Not even filters, you basically just see everything and have to sort everything. I’m not sure what I did in this world to be subjected to my company using Meridian or MyQHealth as a third party but you all make my life significantly harder for no reason. What purpose do you even serve. Glad you pad your pockets for no benefit to consumers. I hope you get locked out of your healthcare apps in your sickness and in health! 🥰
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1 year ago, KellyKJ8
Pharmacy benefits questions
I called today to clarify my pharmacy benefits. I am new to my company and new to this insurance carrier. I need to order medications that are outside the formulary and require prior authorization from my doctor. These are behavioral health medications that are part of my daily life and well being. It is imperative that I take the name brand. I am so very thankful that the person that helped me in your pharmacy benefits department was able to submit the prescriptions for me and contact my doctor with the requests. My worries about getting these medications approved have made me anxious. The person that helped me was so kind and handled everything for me. Now we see how the process moves forward and I can fill these in a timely manner. Thank you for your help today.
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6 years ago, General.13
Horrible App and Insurance
So disappointed that my company moved from United Health Care to this cheap insurance UMR. The app is terrible compared to the app of UHC. The website is also cheap and low level quality. Overall you can’t find anything, you have basic and ultra limited information. Terrible experience. When I click to see my claim, it’s redirecting me to the website, outside the app! And then I see an error page. When I want to email the customer service, it’s showing a message box, not the real email. There is no indication on my FSA balance or remaining deductible. Not sure what they can do, expect change to a new website and new app, and by taking example on United Health Care? 🙁🙁🙁😢 Worst iPhone app and insurance.
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2 years ago, Dr Dallin
Silly design flaws. Serious security headaches
Having to scroll for a birthday is just awful. It would take 1/30th the time to type it in. It has a hard time remembering passwords. It’s notification box for an incorrect password appears as a problem with the app itself and then tells you that you’ve tried too many times and have to contact somebody to unlock it, but doesn’t provide any contact information. This app needs way more ux-qa testing and not rely on reviews for fixing. If you’re from HR shopping for a new thing for your company, I’d find something with some higher quality.
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1 year ago, Miltown Ganster
Ramp Agent
I reached out to My Q Health - Care Coordinator , I was having trouble downloading the My Q app, Karen assisted me with more than I expected, she helped me to retain a password, and led me out of the dark by taking the time to explain how Delta ShareCare operates, in conclusion she also looked up the doctors I’m seeing and confirmed that they are in the Quantum Health network, and her Service knowledge and attitude was very professional
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3 years ago, AngerBee
Password auto fill
It is extremely complicated to manage the password for this app. Safari saves my credentials as some random website that my company gives me, which your app does not recognize when I try to log in. Then I cannot remember what this random website is, it takes forever to figure it out. I believe that you should be able to manually add all of your known external url’s to the info plist, so that i can auto fill passwords. And then on top of that, the app logs you out constantly. 1000% unnecessary. Whatever safety you think that you are providing by doing this, just give up. It isn’t there.
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1 year ago, Bubarubu
Incomplete app for a weak service
Called in because the app didn’t have the information I needed. Coordinator who answered asked for a member number, but not the health plan number, but a separate number. When I told him I was in the app, the answer was “Oh I don’t know how to find it there.” Asks for my SSN, turns out he needs the primary’s SSN, not whoever is calling in. Then asks for a birthday, so I have to ask mine or the primary’s. The service has been absolutely useless and done nothing but get in the way of care and information for a full year now. I’m sure someone is making money off of it though.
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2 years ago, jnff2013
App Access
I don’t write many reviews, but in this case felt like it was necessary. I rarely access this app and will go long stretches in between accessing. One thing has been consistent, and that is the broke login process. You sign in with Face ID and it brings you too the main page and immediately logs you out. Normally you see these type of issues after an IOS upgrade, but this issue has been going on for as long as I remember. I have read similar comments so I have no idea how this keeps getting missed. Fix your login process and get a better review.
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1 year ago, AndyFarhollUSA2284
Not really a feature of any plan
App constantly crashes when attempting to open links. Introduces unnecessary complications to the patient experience which is already difficult to navigate, without providing much more than a contact list of people you can call (just don’t click on their number because the app will crash). No assistance with managing bookings with in-network providers, and low contrast text making it difficult to read. Overall… not sure why they bothered.
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3 weeks ago, Randi James
Good App still having trouble
It’s an excellent app when it is working. In the last 2 weeks I have had to delete the app and redownload it multiple times. Sometimes when I get a message or send one O get the perpetual loading circle. Also, when I am looking for claims or authorizations ( that window of the app) completely blank. It won’t let you log out to log back in. The only thing that works is deleting app and redownloading
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3 years ago, Flync30
Horrible company
This company prays on the weak in order to ensure higher profits for larger companies. They don’t care about helping patients. Most of these reviews are paid or by employees of the company to make themselves look good. This company needs to be investigated for paying for treatments of male patients, but refusing to pay for female patients. If your company uses quantum find another company because the moment you get sick or are a chronic person they will do everything in their power to deny any and all procedures to help you. This company is beyond evil and should be shut down, or investigated.
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1 year ago, ScashHPM
App doesn’t show correct deductible or any of my accumulations
I decided to with my jobs highest plan this year (more money out of my paycheck) but the app and website both show my old deductible and shows all my accumulations at 0 even though we have had numerous claims . Even when I call the representative think I have a lesser plan , then do more digging and see I have the better. Every week they get it fixed but then it resets to wrong deductible/ all 0’s. I’m worried if a provider calls in a claim and thinks I have a different plan then the one I’m paying for
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3 years ago, Sadie Schnib
Great asset/advocates to employees
Through my employment I’ve been working with Quantum Health for about a year and a half. Initially it was very difficult to give up control as I’ve never had any trouble locating providers and dealing with billing issues. When I had surgery I found them to be extraordinarily helpful. I gave up that control and became 100% confident in their abilities. They contacted all the providers including the hospital to provide billing information and sure that there would be no billing errors. I am forever grateful to Quantum Health and my coordinators. Having this company and wonderful group of people advocating for me gave me a tremendous sense of peace. Ever grateful, Ilise Greer
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5 years ago, Molly-SFO19
Simple to use. Access to all my info in one place!
I used to have another health care company. I really disliked getting the emails directing me to their app/site because it was a pain to navigate! The Quantum Health app has what I need, where I need, when I need it. And they aren’t bugging me to earn points for meaningless stuff! Thanks for helping me keep it simple!!
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3 years ago, jsmith0011
It just doesn’t work for me...
When I saw the new update I was excited because I thought the app was finally going to work for me but now it seems worse. When I open the app it shows me the home page for about 2-3 seconds and the. The whole app just shuts down and disappears so that I am back on MY phone’s home page. It has never worked good for me. Before the update, I could sometimes (about 40% of the time) get on and try to find the information I needed but now I can’t get on at all. :/ PS-I have an iPhone 11 with up to date iOS software (14.4)
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1 year ago, Hcmembrila
Login problems
Hi, I got a message asking for update the App, after that update I can’t login into my account. I called the customer service and they just send me to the website, but my problem is with the mobile App. Please help
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2 years ago, consbg
Great customer service
Bill is awesome. I work in customer service and I really appreciate Bill’s professional manner and kindness. He went out of his way to help me. You are lucky to have him working for you. Thanks
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1 year ago, imnotsusada
App is horrible
I don’t know what’s wrong and why they haven’t fixed it, but I can’t even use the app properly. Once logged in, it logs me straight out. I guess the web portal is okay, but to be honest you can’t do too much on the platform. It’s kind of just a directory. The platform is not user friendly, which is not good considering we’re all on there trying to figure out something about our benefits.
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3 years ago, Athif Kerry
Slow, Inconvenient and not user friendly.
This app have a very inconvenient to use, every time I switch to another app for a split second to view a map or to make or receive a phone call it forces me to logon again, and the worse part is it doesn’t remember where I was and takes me back to home page. It’s very annoying to use this app even with facial recognition turned on because of this behavior. Looks like the app creators doesn’t have concept of user friendliness and convenience.
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1 year ago, WadenCaden
Difficult to Find Info
I just gave up trying to find out how much of deductible/maximum out of pocket we’ve met so far. Whoever designed this app must be really young and single and not use their own insurance so doesn’t realize those of us monitor this closely and that burying this deep in the app is incredibly irritating. No chat feature either, so I’ll need to call the 1-800 Nightmare phone number and take an hour to get the answer.
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2 years ago, Eibborssorg
Great customer service
My husband and I needed a new doctor, I couldn’t access the physicians list on the website, so I called and the who is sending me a list of providers.
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1 year ago, hope world
Bad, just bad.
Poor design, features dont appear to work. No feedback to validate actions. Schedule a call multiple times. Does not work. Schedule call also gives error message about 1/2 hour requirement even if the time is several hours away. Also you would think if you scheduled a call the app would validate appointment with a text or email. First app I’ve ever seen that doesn’t do that.
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1 year ago, NeedBetterCovrge
Worst App for Health Insurance
This is the worst app for health coverage. Want to look up coverage? Billed claims? A provider? It’s not going to happen. Most searches will have the member pick which plan they have, only to take them to a login screen for CFBLUE. But you can’t login or register. Honestly to even figure out that this is the app for this plan, you have to call. The website isn’t much better. I doubt this app’s security will protect PHI or meet HIPAA requirements.
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2 years ago, caNcer_b0y
What a terribly buggy barely functioning app
This app is trash. Log in. Attemp to use app. Logged out. Log in again. Attempt to use app. Logged out… on repeat. If you are lucky you get maybe 3 min of functional use out of the app before… you guessed it. It logs you out. This app is actually less than trash. Unfortunately my employer chose MyQHealth as our provider. So I have no choice in the matter. Fix your pile of steaming garbage of an app!!
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2 years ago, TRnickname
Nice, but find provider doesn’t work
The app is a good idea overall, but does not work when locating contracted providers. I log in, tap the find providers tab, and click on my network and the app immediately closes. I’ve tried multiple times this morning with the same result. This means that I have to find a laptop to log in from.
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6 years ago, mattaryn
App does not allow me as a spouse into the site
Hoping this is not a sign of things to come with this new provider, but unfortunately I’ve been a part of other benefit switches in the past (as the primary provider) and they almost never go smoothly or improve the benefits. Why do companies ie top level benefits managers, think that the employees are none-the-wiser to these tactics that save the company money, meanwhile the employees get the shaft on benefits that used to be an integral part of their compensation?
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4 years ago, fomu65
Wallet support for ID card
The app itself does what needs to. I think the most infuriating thing is that there is no way to store your medical id card in Wallet. I realize this isn’t really the fault of the app maker, but this is one of the most obvious things you would want to do but can’t.
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1 year ago, DomoDaDon
Works for what it works for but not a top tier experience
Can get wherever I need to go easily but animations and transitions (overall in app feel) feels a bit dated for 2023. Definitely useful, no real complaints. Cosmetically could be a bit smoother
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1 year ago, Delta employees
App not working
Unable to search for providers please fix this issue as we all need to use this app now that it’s 2023!
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3 years ago, Svrhino
Forgotten password
In order to reset password I had to add my name and DOB. I’m 60 years old and to put in my DOB the app prompted with a current month/year calendar. I had to go back one month at a time in order to add my DOB. Ridiculous
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1 year ago, Dreamn34
Needs fixing
I’m unable to send a message because it gives me an error each time. The family deductible graphic shows I have $1200 left to meet even tho my daughter is 100% met for deductible and out of pocket for the year. The out of pocket amounts are very confusing because it shows some of the family members still needing to meet more than $3k but we only have $2k left to meet for the family. Also, claims are being paid but each one of them still shows In Progress with no information on claim amounts or anything.
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4 years ago, Fun'ngamez
Was a much better app before this update
The app went through an update and now it crashes every time I log in! Worked much better before! Please fix this! The service their care coordinators give is excellent, but now I cannot interact with them in the app!
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3 years ago, Rudi Pa Toodie
Love this app!!! So easy to set up and use!! Never even knew this was available til an agent sent me an e mail about it . Now I don’t have to wait on hold for answers
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6 years ago, tegallegos
No workey on iPhone X - Fixed!
Update - a patch was provided to fix issues on iPhone X....Thank You Now the app is working as a central hub to my families medical benefits and I like it so far :)! 2018 came with some changes to my families medical insurance and this app was promoted as a central hub but it is very concerning when the app does not work on the latest and greatest Apple iPhone! App loads but then becomes unresponsive, keeping you stuck on a badly loaded landing page.
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3 years ago, dixeegrace
Awful app
App will not accept Face ID even if you opt in. Trying to reset password and after receiving text, field disappears and you have to go through the whole process all over again. Then you get blocked? Calling in isn’t any better, but this app is completely worthless. If you request support, you won’t get any.
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3 years ago, megxxnicole
I’ve had this app for six months now, and for the entire 6 months it has done nothing but consistently bring me right back to the log in page; I’m lucky if I get an entire minute on my claims!!! I see from the reviews that this is happening to a few people… PLEASE FIX
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3 years ago, 876Yaadie
Missing Apple Wallet Integration
Unable to add ID cards to Apple Wallet, which is a feature that should be a no-brainer for a service that may be needed during critical moments. Unfortunately, it only allows download to photos, and the resulting image is somewhat distorted. This is inconvenient, disappointing and frustrating.
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1 year ago, skygirl bug
Awesome customer service ! Karen Dodd Rocks :)
Karen was by far the most understanding and patient person with me ! I appreciate all she did to help me through the registration process :)
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1 year ago, v.daniell
Where to look?
Of all apps, this is one of them. Not particularly intuitive or any better or worse at clarity and ease of finding info than any other insurance website or app.
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2 years ago, CPW55
Useless on ipad - only portrait view
Web site and phone apps are pretty good, but how hard is it to support landscape view and changing based on orientation? Don’t want to type lots on iphone so only other option is browser
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1 year ago, JaxonPeterson
Doesn't load
Well, I tried to use the app, but it won't load at all. I downloaded it, deleted it, and re-downloaded it, and it still won't load. The last update was five months ago — tell me a company doesn't care about its product without telling me a company doesn't care about its product.
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11 months ago,
Really badly made app
I’m not sure who is giving this app 5 stars… this app is hopelessly horrible. A crude user interface that opens to a website that won’t even go through different pages. Attempting to get any kind of information from this app is extremely tedious. I wish we could go back to the Aetna app.
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1 year ago, Lily Bugged
The app is awful.
This app is not well designed, it randomly crashes when trying to use it, I cannot access information I need, the find a provider feature does not work well. I have no way to access the info for many of my benefit features.
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12 months ago, Myboo677
This App Never Works
This app never works for me. All I want to do is find a doctor and I can never search one. Even when I go on the website it doesn’t work at all. I can never get any help with anything because it never works. I’ve had this for 7 months and nothing as changed.
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1 year ago, ScroogeMcflyer
App is utterly useless if your claims info, deductible etc are updated many weeks after claims process. Quantum has ignored questions I’ve sent in for weeks. App is missing many many functions that I’d expect from them that other health apps provide. I have lost all trust in them.
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