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The University of Michigan
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10 months ago
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User Reviews for MyUofMHealth

4.62 out of 5
1.8K Ratings
7 months ago, Neil and Lillie
Excellent service. However…
No complaint about the healthcare service itself, which is wonderful - attentive, caring, thorough, and authoritative.. The institutional system, however, could be improved, in at least two specific respects: 1. Accessing Medical Records is much more complicated than it should be and needs software updating. I was warned by a nurse about this, but spent over an hour anyway, hoping to find a needed document, which I never did. 2. The Sleep Disorders Center needs to follow up with the patient with some interpretation of their test results, no matter who orders the testing. They did the test and they are the experts. I’m thinking that both the Center and our primary physician thought that the other would do this. We heard nothing from either of them about these results, and were not competent to interpret them ourselves. Lillie Shadle Neil Shadle
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2 years ago, Nursesja
Dads hospitalization
My dad was hospitalized on Feb 7 with Covid pneumonia. He has a very complicated health history including a kidney transplant and aortic valve replacement, which were both done at U of M. Being able to review his labs and read his doctors visit notes have been soo helpful and informative. I found out trough the doctors note that he had a period of afib overnight. He knew something had happened, but was unable to tell me and the nurse that was there when I arrived was not aware of the event. Soo appreciate the transparency that U of M offers through this app. Also, thank you for allowing visitors for Covid patients. This has helped his psych so so much. Not sure where he’d be if I wasn’t able to come see him everyday.
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2 years ago, TADexter
Message draft not saved, etc.
In general, the app is OK, though the recent switch to a screen of big buttons has made it harder to find information after that initial visit to the app. Once I’ve opened something, it disappears from the button list with no way to find it again. Frustrating. Just now, I composed a long message to a doctor, was doing final editing, when my finger randomly bumped the screen. I was taken back to the Home Screen and my message had utterly vanished. There is no Drafts folder. When I go back to the same doctor within Messages, there’s no sign of my message. It is, infuriatingly, GONE. This is utterly unacceptable. When I went to the app’s entry in the Store and follow to link for app support, I get kicked to a web page with general FAQs for the web portal, not support for the app. MORE frustration. Please fix these! When you’re looking for medical advice, the last thing you need are a long list of technical frustrations.
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2 years ago, Joan Ock
Something New🧐
I just bought my first smart phone! 😬I feel technically challenged! I’ve recently signed up for this portal site, it’s amazing! I can’t wait to learn more about it! I do have issues in using it, mostly trial & error & do call for help! The Women I have talked to so far, are kind & patient with a sense of humor- needed for people like me!😁 I wish there was a class you could physically take! Doing it hands on & eye to eye with an instructor usually makes it easier & quicker to catch on, but I truly understand due to the triple virus threat-that can’t happen! I will probably be an avid caller & feel confident in getting the help I need! Thank you for creating this site! 😊 Jody Loch
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9 months ago, violka2u
Do it on the app
We love this app. It is easy to use and very convenient also beats waiting on the phone with customer service. Need meds refill - do it on the app Schedule appointment - do it on the app Contact physician with a question - you get the idea also l love e check in’s . It’s just great app for our family - I have all medical info and medicine on it . We have end up in emergency room one time and I didn’t have to worry about bringing any medical history with me because I just logged in and boom - ask me any question about my kid …. I love it like I said …. Do it on the app!
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2 years ago, Ms.Lowery
Video visits
At first I was like oh no I don’t want to video visit but I did it for the first time and it was a wonderful experience I was able to get all the support and information I needed and It saved me time and money on gas I think this is a great go to especially for early mornings for people like me who isn’t to much of a morning person I will be using the video visits more especially if it’s just a simple routine appointment. I think this was a wonderful idea for doctors to come up with its very convenient for most.
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8 months ago, 7775955happy
Dr Karen Deloss Kellogg BCSC
I want U Of M ophthalmology department to know that Dr. Delos’s is one of the best doctors I have ever encountered at U Of M. I have been a patient here for almost 20 years. She is so kind! Answers all My questions, doesn’t seem like I’m intruding on her time spent with me . engages with me like a person makes me laugh and that makes me feel better about my overall health!!! to feel like you are being heard by your provider is huge and she does that very well! and I’m very serious one of the best and kindest doctors I have met.
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1 year ago, MsBunny0122
Love the Patient Portal
I’m greatly appreciate having the Michigan Medicine portal. I work at the VA Hospital scheduling our veterans so it’s not easy being on hold with someone in the clinic at Michigan Medicine. I like having the capability of sending a message to people me of my providers and getting a response promptly without having to be on hold for 20-30 minutes. I make any request through my patient portal, see test results, send messages instantly and request medicine refills. Best application ever for my healthcare needs!!!!!
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2 years ago, YangPana
Dave K
My UofM Health web site is exceptional in its ease of use, comprehensive coverage, and logical layout. In my view, presented as an impression and Not a factual analysis, there is a serious current weakness in most hospitals, and in medical practice in general. That weakness is the limited ability of many in the profession to exchange information about complex issues in their patients and collaborate in Dx, Rx, and a unified treatment plan. Two reasons for this I think: One, insurances pay for direct patient service and not when Drs talk to one another. Second, medical care in hospitals has increasingly shifted to being a for profit business and less of a service. This is much less true at UofM Hospital. In large measure this is both evident in the extensive use of MyChart by staff and patients, and the degree to which collaboration is facilitated by the system’s existence.
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11 months ago, Jamesmcdonald1775
University of Michigan MyUofMHealth Portal
The app is great. An innovation that is long overdue. Only problem I have The most effective way to communicate with my health care provider is I cannot PRINT from app. I am forced to take a screenshot in pieces of the actual document..and print from the photos accumulated. Some docs will not even let me highlight to copy n paste to third party app such as NOTES, NOTEPAD, or equivalent. Otherwise I would highly recommend using the Portal for all needs.
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3 years ago, Joannie . B
Love Go to UOfM
I Love going to UOfM. They have Such Wonderful Doctors there . My Dr was Dr Parks He done a Wonderful job on my Back the 1st time and now the Second time . If there was a Dr to Do anything to my Back , Dr Parks will be the First one I will call. He staff is Fantastic and they will work with you on anything you tell them. Out of all the Doctors I have seen for my back . Dr Parks will the 1st one I will call . Thank you so much Dr Parks for everything you had done for me. You the BEST. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗💖💙💖💙💖💕💙💖💕
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1 year ago, Helpful Dr
Hospital Stay Review
Currently I’m suffering from bilateral Avascular Necrosis. This visit and my last visit I had and have now the worse mattress invented. Oxycodone alleviate the pelvic pain but I suffer from severe arthritis in my spine. I need UofM to really show they care about there patients and replace the worn mattresses in there inventory. Yes that’s a huge expenditure but are the patients worth it? Consider I’m here fighting my CML/ALL but as a #1 ranked facility do we go the next step? JuJuan Wilder-Spears Cancer patient would rest better if her mattress did not cause more pain. if I had money to invest I would replace all defective bedding. Thank you an I pray a higher power within this establishment will address this hiccup which was probably overlooked.
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7 months ago, Motuofiafiaga
University of Michigan App
The app provides me with ready access to my test and treatment records and provides a patient portal through which I have been able to maintain reliable access to my providers. I seem to receive a reply from the doctor, PA, or nurse in less than 24 hours, which is fantastic for following up. The app does lots of other practical things. A must for any U of M patient.
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11 months ago, Macwell432
Phone calls
After TAVR I tracked B/p and heart rate for 30 plus days. My heart rate was always under 70. Woke up Sunday and it was 120 progressing to 130. Called u of m 3 times…. No call back after being told the on call doctor will get back to me ,then tavr lab will. No return. Had to go to emergency hospital in Rochester and sat in bed for 3 days now it’s back to around 43-68 but scheduled today for catheterization. Not sure this was right but had no choice. Thought also was this effect of TAVR ??? Wanted you to know my heart rate had jumped
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1 year ago, GI4runner
E check questions are annoying
E check in asks questions to which the answers are already in my medical history. I am 66. How many times do I have to tell you I am no longer menstruating? How many times do I have to tell you I had 2 live births! How many times do I have to tell you I have been Covid vaccinated! And who remembers which arm they got a shot in 6 months ago? Such a BIG waste of my time. I believe they ask all these questions because medical professionals are too LAZY to read what’s in my file. That tells me a lot!
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2 months ago, StarrLotus
Very easy to access and reliable
I have found this patient portal to be very convenient with all of my appointments being scheduled immediately able to be viewed in the portal. as well being able to speak between appointments regarding some important concerns via iMessage in the portal. Overall the past years at Dexter Health have been my safety and security thank you
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9 months ago, Disappointed 20+ year patient
Declining quality of care
I’ve been a patient for 20 plus years and although I’ve received life saving care in the past, have been disappointed as of late. Often, follow up and referral care within the system takes up to 7 months for first available appointment at any facility. My health in the first 7 months of 2023 was negatively impacted and it has also forced me to seek urgent care and specialist care at other healthcare systems, dividing medical record histories. This decline in care seems to be common knowledge by many others that I speak with including health care professionals. Am hoping Michigan Medicine can turn it around.
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3 years ago, anitra gordon
Perfect medical portal
The University of Michigan portal system includes all the information patients could want about their health care. A nice feature is a list of names of all the doctors you have seen so you have the ability to send them a message. Often it’s a nurse or assistants who answers the message but patients get the information back very quickly. All test results are there, all future appointments with an echeck in and ability to cancel.
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7 months ago, Joe 3555
Personal review
In 72 years, 67 of which I can remember my medical treatments , I have never been more comfortable with my medical treatments than I have been in the last year plus. Dr. Seo is my absolute favorite professional as is Dr Burton. By the way The young lady (forgive my memory for names) that administered my cognitive test was incredibly qualified. Your people are the very best, you are my gold mine, thanks!
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11 months ago, ALYMZ424
Test results
I did many blood tests today. I received many results first in the “test result “ part of the app. They tested me also for hiv also. That result came after the other results, which is okay. The result came up when I opened the app and looked at it. Now it has displayed. It was negative, but not sure why I can’t locate it again when I go back into the app. So now I can’t find that result again.
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7 months ago, KingMan13707
UofM Health App is Amazing!
Thank you for this app to help me track my appointments, my lab work, and my test results. This has been an incredible resource for me to be able to track everything all in one place. I appreciate the alerts in real time and am able to check, the app quickly using the face recognition login. Thank you again.
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2 years ago, princesszoey66
The u of m portal
Using this portal is awesome because you have all your health information at your fingertips. I also like I can send messages and they get replied to quickly. And love prescription refill because your able to see everything about the meds and ask for a refill. I highly recommend this system.
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1 month ago, Spitfire@40
When filing out the check in, I have filled out so much information and then the app just closes out without saving anything. So frustrating. I also should be able to see my other child’s information. At the age of 13 is ridiculous that I can’t see anything and I have to Jump through hoops to be a proxy and try to navigate the portal to just see his appointments. Or send questions. He is my child and under my care. I should be able to see his easily on the portal.
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2 years ago, 1FastDucati944
We’re coming to U of M after previously being seen by two other hospitals, neither of which utilize this app. Game changer- This app is simply next level support, I used every feature presented and love the clarity, timeliness, and professionalism this offers. Now this app has become a minimum requirement if we ever go back to a medical facility closer to home.
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1 month ago, cwinter2
My Health at my Fingertips
I use the MyUofMHealth mychart app regularly. From scheduling appointments, to asking my care team questions, to reviewing my test results I feel well informed about making my health decisions because all the information is here. I’ve even been able to share my prior medical info from Cleveland Clinic easily with my UofM providers here in Ann Arbor.
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2 months ago, Boats 1
my wife and I very very pleased from start to finish. We received over the top care. We experienced communication at the highest level possible. And the food was great to boot Hats off to all of you who designed and administered. Such a high level experience turning a scary. Uncomfortable situation into a calming. Pleasant controllable journey thank you
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4 months ago, AA Newcomer
Comment on MyUofMHealth
I always end up being extremely frustrated when using this app. I make selections for service and it takes a very long time to see anything on the screen in reply to my request. Sometimes I have to wait so long that I finally log out. I have been trying to access a means to contact my primary care physician and have not been successful. This app separates physician from patient, leaving the patient not only annoyed but isolated. You’re quick to tell the patient how much we owe but not quick enough to provide care.
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2 years ago, rashid bashshur
You made some changes to the portal that hide information. For example, I am no longer able to see the trends for my lab tests. Big step backwards. I am unable to follow up on prescriptions that seem to be blocked, but no suggestions on how to resolve them or clarify the reasons. The listing for asking questions of my providers has changed to the worse. I used to be able to identify the doctor or other provider and simply ask a question. This can’t be done now. The portal should be user friendly. You seem to be oblivious to patients needs.
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8 months ago, boatingirl
A Must Have
Easy to navigate. I receive all my messages, appointment, locations, directions,etc. Allows me to email my physician or health care provider with any concerns/questions and receive messages back with answers. I am able to view summary of visits and test results. This is a must have app if a patient receiving g services at the U if M Ann Arbor.
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5 months ago, Yeva N
Easy to navigate layout
Enjoying the portal, can find all of the necessary information about past and upcoming appointments, statements, health records. Extremely helpful to have one stop access to all. Receive all communication via portal, notifications are sent instantly. Highly recommend.
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2 years ago, OldGuyInCt
Epic Fail for Country Patients
This app from Epic is not ready for wide use. The Michigan patients living in country areas (e.g. Adrian, MI) have no wired or fiber optic cable access to WiFi. We don’t have satellite service here either. We rely on using our cellular phone data for internet access. This Epic medical service does not work on cellular data alone. It cannot load data, gives endless server error dialogs, cannot check our appointment dates. It is functionally USELESS. ProMedica uses the same system for our local doctors and local hospital, and their MyChart app has the same problems. EPIC FAIL!
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5 months ago, Adnil2012
Works well
This Patient Portal is very handy and convenient. You can get answers and view test results and appointment dates and times. Saves from having to make phone calls to learn these things and also from taking up the time of already busy office staff Members. 👍
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5 months ago, GleeK09
I’ve been trying to figure out a certain health related issue and continuiously kept running into Doctors that don’t seem to care to look beyond their lab sheets. I came to U of M in hopes that they would take my health more seriously since I am NOT a normal health case. After finally getting an appointment after a year, I visited with my doctor and he sent me for a sleep test. After my sleep study, I received NO follow up. They told me I didn’t have apnea and that was the end of it. There are so many things that should have been looked at during a sleep study. If it’s not apnea, there is something causing the issue. But- that takes extra time. Theyre way too focused on getting you in and out like most doctors. They aren’t here to treat you, they’re here for the money. My nurses at my sleep study were by far the only good experience I had with U of M.
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1 year ago, Kennyalfa1
Make it easy on yourself
I love this service, from check my blood work and other test results to making appointment’s and virtual conversations with my doctors, it makes so many things fast and easy. Make it easy on yourself with this app. I’m a non paid University of Miracles spokesperson 😉👍🏻👍🏻
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2 years ago, LimitedAmal
Highly Professional and Meticulous
Celina made sure to respond to all my concerns in a highly professional and kind manner. Through Celina’s attitude I understood more that the mission and vision goes beyond satisfying clientele but also caring for and catering for the patients’ needs. I thank you deeply for making it sound like I am home. Amal
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2 years ago, Arleen L. M
Quick and easy communication tool
The portal App is a convenient way to communicate with providers, without having to stay on hold for long periods of time. The nursing staff is efficient and friendly. Helping me with all of my healthcare concerns by answering questions, and allowing me to communicate with my physician in a timely manner.
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10 months ago, manhatinm
Review of portal
Not everyone checks your portal when making a new appointment thus making multiple appointments at the same time and sometimes in different locations! This causes confusion and extra work for both patients and staff !
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1 year ago, JRESZ
Pleasure meeting all the staff
I have met so many staff members and everyone has been pleasant. It is great to know they like what they do and where they work. You make my patient experience so much easier when I feel confident with your skills and caring personality’s. Thank you all, James Resztak
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2 years ago, Dascardus
Love this App
Awesome, everything in one place, easy to use and best if all, a way to communicate with my doctors, in a subtle way. No annoying phone calls to make, no need to listen to the endless litany of options via the automated messaging system on the phone. Instant gratification! Love, love, love this app!
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8 months ago, Joe_Consumer
Excellent Well Integrated App
This app allows access to the patient portal with seamless ease. The integration of push notifications. echeck-in, and location based arrival check-in are all designed to make the patient experience smoother and it succeeds in doing so.
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2 years ago, fwordu
Pre appointment questionnaire
I had an appointment with urologist blown out because the pre appointment questionnaire wasn’t complete. I was unable to complete because the system was very slow. I had just completed the questionnaire the day before for another visit. Please reduce the redundancy keep it simple. One questionnaire per quarter or per month.
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2 years ago, Patient077
Michigan Medicine Portal
I really like having the portal available for ongoing communication. It would be more effective if the UofM providers would use it in a more timely fashion. It seems that when they want something, they want it NOW… but if I respond of ask a question, it may be days before I hear anything.
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1 year ago, Mrsafw
Great App.
This application is friendly use. Its easy access. Full of information and very well organized. I always get back to it whenever i need any information related to my health. I wish the developers all the best. WELL DONE. 👍👍
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2 years ago, Lyle Armstrong
Portal Gives Phenomenal Information
Portal is very user friendly, information at your fingertips, quick response of questions asked. Very thorough past information to retrieve anytime, Thanks again for an outstanding Portal! Lyle Armstrong (Current Cardiac Patient)
Show more
2 years ago, alls ggjjhcxxffx
Love it
I love this app! I always forget my questions when I’m having my appointment. With this I can always come back to ask follow up questions or ask for refills and my doctors always get back to me so fast! Thank you for this!!
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3 years ago, Sam Leonhardt
Everything at my finger tips
I love this app! Every thing at my finger tips in one place! Primary Care and Specialist reviews and results all together. I don’t have to go hunting for who did what. Easy and convenient! And everyone is so thoughtful and nice! Kudos!
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2 years ago, fitigidjrjgidjrjgidj
Not Connected to Medical Records
This app keeps telling me that I am overdue for my Covid 19 vaccinations. I have had ALL 4 of my vaccinations and provided documentation of them to all of my doctors. I keep getting notices when I log in that I am overdue for Covid vaccinations. It’s a minor annoyance but IF I were to have to go to the ER, would they have the correct information and not try to revaccinate me?
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2 years ago, EpicFailsUs
This app is inaccessible.
It is unfortunate that in today’s modern era, Epic has not enabled this app to be accessible to people who have disabilities. The app does not allow users to adjust the font of the text inside the app in ways that make it accessible to someone who doesn’t see very well. In addition, the app doesn’t permit “pinch“ technology. Unfortunately, this means that I can’t access my Health information through the app without the assistance of others.
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3 years ago, MsRictoria
Being assigned to my 4th primary care Dr.
Sadly I keep being reassigned to a new primary care Dr. I have now been assigned to # 4. I was really hoping #3 would be my final Dr. I waited about 3 or 4 months to see Dr. V. Scowden. I really liked her and wanted her to be my PRimary Care Dr. Why do I keep getting reassigned? I’m trying to put all my care in the MI Medicine facilities.
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1 year ago, Dweishuhn
Repairs needed
This app doesn’t work well on the mobile, it seems to have a lot of trouble when toggling from one menu to another. It is horrible to try and do the “check in” as it has taken hours and even DAYS to complete due to getting kicked off from switching from one question to the next. VERY IRRITATING!! I hope this issue gets fixed.
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