Natural Cycles: Birth Control

Health & Fitness
4.8 (21.9K)
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NaturalCycles Nordic AB
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1 month ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Natural Cycles: Birth Control

4.82 out of 5
21.9K Ratings
5 years ago, ProcyclerK
So wonderful!
My husband and I use this app to aide us in NFP. It has been amazingly accurate and so great! I think what this app does to empower women to learn about their bodies and take charge of their fertility in a healthy and natural way cannot be understated. Thank you so much for this wonderful tool! If I could make a suggestion though, it would be maybe to tweak the wording of a particular message. I had my profile set to prevent pregnancy mode as my husband and I have not been actively trying for a baby. However, we are a couple who is open to life, so there are times (through no fault in the app) that we are knowingly intimate on a red day. I just found out that I am expecting and hit the follow pregnancy function. I was disheartened to get the message that said you were sorry I got pregnant while in prevent pregnancy mode. Now, granted I am someone who looks at all new life as a joy and a blessing, regardless of it being planned or unplanned, but for someone who may be more surprised and scared about an unplanned pregnancy may take that message to heart and it can be really discouraging. May I suggest that regardless of the mode a cycler is in, that you greet them with a message of joy and encouragement? Instead of “we’re sorry”, just say “congratulations” and then go ahead and have them take the survey you put in the message. This app is so amazing at spreading positivity and empowering women and I just think that should consistently be represented throughout.
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2 years ago, Zoe Jewel
My husband and I have been using Natural Cycles birth control for 6 months now. I started it 4 months before my wedding so I could get used to it. It’s been easy to use, I take my temperature every morning, log them in the app and take LH tests when recommended. I have a very regular cycle and get about 60% non-fertile days. The algorithm is cautious, I find it unlikely at least with my regular cycles that it would fail. The articles are also helpful and the app feels supportive. This has been an intuitive to use means of family planning that didn’t require me to make any charts. We hope to use the plan pregnancy version in the future. I do wish that the app would let you add multiple LH tests in a day. I usually take 2 just to be sure. The only real complaint I would have is that the provided thermometer is not backlit, so you need to have a light source to read it in the morning and that while it does have the ability to view your previous temperature it only shows on the screen for a split-second and I have definitely missed it a couple of times. Also just an FYI their store is really expensive, you can find those things lots cheaper elsewhere. We did make the mistake of buying the app without looking for discounts and there are some available. So don’t make that mistake.
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2 years ago, Choochoo911
Love this!
I started using natural cycles in August of 2021 I had been searching for the right birth control for me and I just couldn’t bring myself to take a pill, insert anything or get shots. All the different options and side effects stressed me out. Thankfully I found natural cycles! I’ll be honest the first few weeks took a little bit of getting used to and remembering to take my temperature in the morning but after while I did much better! I got married in October and we have been using this ever since we are coming up and six months of using this method of birth control and it has been amazing! I highly recommend this! I also like the feature of having your partner synced up with you so they can see if it’s a red or green day without having to wonder. The only thing that I wish was different was the thermometer, I wish that right after you take your temperature it would sink to the app but you have to manually put it in the app and if you’re not focused on your thermometer you might miss it, especially if you are taking your temperature and then going back to bed. If you try to turn the thermometer back on to see the reading, it is there for a second and then it goes away. But other than thermometer I love this method of birth control!
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4 years ago, A Frbrg
Easy to use, reliable
I have been using Natural Cycles for a little over 6 months now and I love it! I have never been on any birth control and didn’t want to start any when I got married, but my husband I were getting tired of having to use condoms every time so when I saw this app I figured it couldn’t hurt to try it out. I keep the thermometer on top of my phone at night so when my alarm goes off I take my temperature right away and log it. Some cycles I do get a lot of red (use protection) days if the app has trouble detecting ovulation, but it’s still way better than having to take birth control or use condoms every time. I also like that I am aware of my body and cycle more now. I would highly recommend this app to anyone that is married or in a committed relationship where if you would get pregnant it wouldn’t ruin your life plans. I feel that it is very reliable if you use it properly, but there is room for error so if getting pregnant would devastate you, this probably isn’t for you. But for us, we aren’t currently trying to have a baby but probably will in the next year or two so I feel comfortable using this and realizing that there is a chance i could still get pregnant. Plus when we do decide to have a baby, knowing my cycle will hopefully make it easier.
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3 years ago, wondering_about_rain
So far I love this app! But...
I have been using this app so far for close to a couple of weeks after doing extensive research on using it as a birth control method and going over the different studies around it and I am so excited to finally be learning about and taking charge of my reproductive health! Its so helpful and I feel more and more confident as the days go by. However! As i have been reading and learning more about the FAM method I have been made aware of a couple short comings that I would hope to see addressed. One is that this app does not take your cervical fluid into account or even track it. I understand not focusing on including it into the algorithm but I feel that the app at least showing it in comparison on the graph to your temperature throughout the month could provide a lot of insight as your cervical fluid provides real time insight on your fertility and is not based on past predictions. There also is not an option to put in the position of your cervix which is another pillar of indication of your fertility that if shown beside the basal temperature could help women know again personally in real time their bodies signs of fertility. Not that the app has to take it into account for its predictive method I know its accuracy is very good as is. Just saying to have both those other factors more visually mapped out would be a step up in this apps utility.
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7 years ago, LaineyBug10
I love this form of birth control! It’s liberating and easy and accurate!
I am 24 and have been on and off birth control since I was 18. I’ve never really liked the idea of being on long term (or short term honestly) hormonal birth controls. I tried a copper iud but my uterus rejected it 🙄 I was so close to getting an implant because I was getting pretty bad at taking my pill but then I heard about this app. I talked with my partner about how he felt about doing this and he said “if I was a girl I would use this! It sounds a lot safer than using pills or something permanent.” And that was all I needed to get off the pill. We’ve been using this app for 4 months now and I work night shift so as long as I sleep for 4 hours I can take an accurate temperature. He can also download the app so he can see my green and red days to see when we need to be more careful. I feel great using this too because when we start trying to get pregnant (3 years away but still) I won’t have to detox my body from the pill or go to the doctor to get anything removed or anything. It does take discipline to take your temp every morning but it’s worth it and easy if you have a routine. I use a sleep app called sleep cycle to make sure I’ve gotten enough hours to take a temp so that’s part of my routine ☺️
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2 years ago, ML4112022
Customer Service is terrible
The app itself is ok. It’s not the best app I’ve used but it’s fine for basic cycle tracking. I used it for a couple of months before deciding to track my cycle elsewhere. Anyway, I received warning of the apps renewal in an email that was delivered to my spam, so I didn’t see it. And then I got charged for the subscription totally unexpectedly since I hadn’t used it, it wasn’t in my apple subscriptions list, and I didn’t see the email. I emailed the support immediately to explain my situation, since most apps with usually refund you if you contact within 24 hours of the charge. Not this place. They could clearly see I haven’t used their app in months. So as far as cycle tracking apps go, you could find better with people who will actually work with you should you find yourself in a problem with your subscription. It’s really a shame. I don’t even usually post reviews on anything but I’m so disappointed with the customer service. It’s really turned me off from trying this app again and truly I think there are better, more informative apps out there anyway. Don’t waste your time because you might get charged a year from now for trying it out today with no way to get your money back. I’d try Glow or Flo before trying this app. They both give you a lot more information that is helpful anyway.
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3 months ago, mlw310
Best thing for us!!
Tried NFP and a diaphragm-like product, but I get vaginal infections with spermicide, making the diaphragm even less effective. (We got married in 2020 when I couldn’t get a appointment for a birth control conversation with a doctor, so we had to figure out something on our own.) Got pregnant within 3 months of getting married and then 5 months after she was born I got pregnant with twins! Knew we needed another option but didn’t want surgical or pharmacological (pills). NC has been a game-changer! Who wants to use condoms every time when your married and really enjoy each other?? With how active we are in bed, NC has worked out to about $2 per condom-free sex which is comparable to the price of condoms. It just feels like a lot of $$ when you spend it all at once. But after our first year was over with NC my husband didn’t hesitate - “Renew your subscription!” 😊Only problem I have is that it doesn’t allow you to input data like “I’m weaning my baby this month” so we used condoms even on “green days” while I was weaning our twins just to be sure, and it’s predictions were off that month, of course. Otherwise it has been impressively accurate! Very satisfied customer!
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2 months ago, LOVE!! 🏋🏽‍♀️ worth it!!!
Game changing !!
I LOVE natural cycles. This app has changed my life, literally. It’s so helpful learning specific topics about woman’s health, tracking my cycle and the algorithm adjusts specifically to my body. My good friend and I both use the NC app and oura rings. I barely even think about it now, logging into my ring app, it loads my temp and sleep stats- then I open NC and it syncs! The insights are so helpful for my own knowledge about my body but also has been helpful in my relationship with my husband. I’ve been off hormonal birth control for years now and after my planned pregnancy I wanted to have a better piece of mind as to where I was in my monthly cycle to prevent pregnancy. Natural cycles is the way to go if you’re thinking about a non-hormonal birth control. I’ve recommended this to strangers in person even when they see my oura ring! I think it’s important to mention this involves a long commitment to your health, and time and patience are important when using this method of birth control to prevent pregnancy! I’ve been using the app for approximately 8 months and the algorithm is still working to adjust correctly for my personal cycle; that and my baby is almost 11 months old. I hope this helps!!
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2 years ago, alisonfabian
I have been on hormonal birth control for 8 years consecutively. I was 18 years old when I first started and although my periods became more regular and I felt more at ease by preventing unwanted pregnancies, I discovered many reasons why the birth control pill is NOT good for my body. I suffer from hypothyroidism, I was diagnosed at age 11. My periods were never regular and when I began taking the birth control pill, I felt like all my issues were “gone.” It took me 8 years to discover that I do not NEED a synthetic hormone in my body. I stopped birth control 3 months ago and have used this app along with my basal body thermometer each morning to track my temperature. The app does ALL of the work for me! I have NEVER had regular periods in my life! (Except while being on the birth control pill) I have had 3 menstrual cycles since stopping birth control. All of which were predicted by the app. I now know when I’m ovulating! It’s such a great way to prevent and plan pregnancies!! I highly recommend this method if you are looking for a natural, inexpensive, and safe method of birth control. I will never go back to using the hormonal pill! You will learn so much about your body and feel AMAZING.
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5 years ago, Mandabem2
Makes Me Wonder Why I Ever Took the Pill
I depended on oral contraceptives from age 14-32. First it was to treat painful periods, then acne, then stabilize depressive mood swings, and finally to prevent pregnancy. It seemed like the magic answer! In my 20’s my abnormal cervix cell issues began. My doctor insisted there was no causation only correlation with oral contraceptives and cervix cancer, but after my 2nd health scare in March of 2018 I dropped the pill and dramatically claimed I’d rather be pregnant than dead. By August, just 5 months of no pill and using this app instead, my cervix cells were back to normal and healthy again! I love this app and wish it was provided to me as a contraceptive option earlier in my life. The only tip/trick is taking your temp IMMEDIATELY when you wake: before you pee, or cuddle, or pet the cat, or even toss and turn. Even with my deviating temperatures I have become more in tune with my body and I have successfully identified my ovulation days. I feel more in control of my body. I’ve escaped a flawed women’s health system and opted out of the mass pharmaceutical world. There are no side effects. There is no anxiety over remembering a pill. There’s just basic science and common sense and it’s great for my partner and I!
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2 years ago, Janae.Nae.Nae
Great natural birth control option
I’ve tracked my basal body temp as a birth control method for over a decade, and Natural Cycles is by far the best tracking app I’ve used. It’s insightful as well as educational about sexual and reproductive health. I’ve been using it for about 2 years now and I love being so in-tune with what my body is doing. It is, however, not very parent friendly. It’s very much intended for women who don’t have children that wake them up at night. I have 3 kids and it’s impossible for me to measure my temp at exactly the same time every morning. I know that sometimes I’ll have higher temperature variation because of that, and that can make the algorithms confused and unable to accurately predict my cycle. The app is constantly reminding me to do better at taking my temp and suggesting that I take the temperature training quiz. Trust me, I know how all of this works by now. It would be more helpful if the app would ask about the obstacles I deal with in getting accurate temps every day, and then maybe just recognize that I’m doing my best instead of having such judgmental or condescending suggestions for improvement all the time. I wish there was a way to track when and why my sleep was disrupted.
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4 years ago, strawberica
Never going back
I was incredibly skeptical of how something like this could work in place of birth control. I was on the pill for 14 years and finally got to a point where I didn’t want to be putting that into my body anymore. After much research, I felt natural cycles was my best choice in effectively tracking my menstrual cycle. I’ve been using the app since August 2019, and I am amazed at how much more in tune I am with my body and that yes, it is completely effective if you measure correctly and take lh tests when the app suggests you to (lh tests aren’t required though for the app to work). I can say with certainty that I will never go back to the pill because I find no reason to after using this app. I decided to go with the 1 year subscription because it made it cheaper per month. If you use the app efficiently, you can ‘level up’ and get your subscription free for life, well before your first year is up. If you are as hesitant as I was to get off the pill, just try it. The app is very cautious in the beginning while the algorithm learns about you, and I think you’d be surprised about how simple it can be to use tracking as an effective form of contraception.
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6 years ago, Hannah1596
Customer service is terrible
Update- they finally fixed the issue. If they had been more prompt about it I would give 5 stars. My app doesn't work. I paid the subscription renewal fee for a year, and I haven't been able to use it for over a week. I spoke to customer service about this issue, and after several days they let me know it was a glitch in the most recent update, multiple people were having this problem, and the devs would be fixing it. It has been several more days now, no word about an update or fix to this. They just told me to use protection since I can’t access my birth control app. If you market this as birth control, you can’t just say “sorry its not working” for over a week. The only issue is they can’t find my payment in their system, even after I sent them an app store receipt. Why not manually unlock my account for a few weeks while they fix an issue they caused? No, instead they just told me sorry, no birth control for you until we get around to fixing this. Unbelievable! Before this experience I really enjoyed Natural Cycles but paying for this and it not working for weeks is not acceptable.
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6 years ago, TristaJay
Works well only if you are regular
I became pregnant on a form of birth control called an IUD. I had had it for 5 years. This pregnancy ended in a miscarriage and it was incredibly rough physically and emotionally. My doctor and I were unsure of what to do when it came to birth control because she didn’t trust another IUD, and there were no other non-hormone options I preferred. I researched and came across Natural Cycles, I paid and received a thermometer. Firstly, the thermometer was a disappointment as it was the exact same one I had purchased that was store brand from a local chain. I got over it and started the process of checking my temp and recording every morning. Things because tricky as my body began to do funky things it hadn’t done before my miscarriage. I missed a period, or I was late. Six months later I ended up pregnant again, while I shouldn’t have been able to. It was a mix of my body being all over the place, and your app not knowing the situation. Now I am 20 weeks pregnant, and I had switched the app over to track pregnancy from it preventing pregnancy. How awful. I lost out on so much money for something that didn’t work for me, then I thought it should be the best pregnancy tracker and have all sorts of info because of the science aspect. Nope, none of it. I am so disappointed that I have this useless app that I paid so much for. Some of it has to do with my unfortunate situation, but not all of it.
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5 years ago, existential_millenial_hanna
I love this app. I value living as much as a natural life, free from medications and hormones as possible. Like many women, I am concerned about the short and long term effects that birth control would have on my body, and possibly my future children’s development. So, This app has given me peace of mind about me and my partner’s sex life, and also the freedom to say “no” to hormonal birth control. I love all the educational material that this app provides for women to understand our bodies’ natural processes, rather than relying on a Doctor to use meds or hormones to interrupt our natural rhythms. I’ve used it for preventing pregnancy for over a year, and it works well. The app has helped me get to know my body more, and I can honestly say this has helped our relationship too. Admittedly, It has been a struggle to stay in the habit of measuring my temp every morning with lots of changes happening in my life. I am trying to get back on track now, but it still predicts my period and ovulation very accurately & is usually only off by a day or two. I highly recommend. Also, I showed my PCP doctor this app, and she loved it, and said she’d recommend to other female patients!
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2 months ago, kehflecm
Absolutely life-changing..
I’ve never written a review for an app before, but this product has been life-changing for me and I *need* it to stick around for at least the next 25 years (lol). I’ve been using NC for a full year now. With it, I’ve managed to get off and stay off of artificial hormones, I’ve gotten to become way more in touch with my body signals, I’ve learned how to better manage my PCOS, and I’ve been able to track my body’s healing after 10+ years of struggling with hormonal BC. I’m not done with my recovery process, but there is something so empowering about being able to inform my hormone-regulation with data and literally measure what’s been effective in helping me get better. And then feel and see myself actually getting better. Not to mention, the whole UX is epically streamlined. The app interface and its OURA integration is pretty much as seamless as it gets. NC is—no exaggeration—one of the most important and transformative technologies I’ve ever personally used in my life, and I’m SO grateful for it. Couldn’t recommend it more—and I have to many girlfriends at this point, who all love, it too.
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6 years ago, nyahplay
Pregnancy avoided!
I’m allergic to the ingredients in most forms of birth control, so I’ve been using apps for years to track my cycle. When I switched to Natural Cycles my boyfriend complained that I should just stay with a free service and not pay to add my temperature, especially since I’ve never had more than 5 day’s variation in my cycle in 16 years. This month I got sick just before ovulation and my temperature showed that ovulation was delayed by a week. I was skeptical at first since it also said my period would be delayed by a week, way more than it ever has been in the past, but I took precautions and my period started right when the algorithm said it would. With my previous service I would have almost certainly gotten pregnant this month. The algorithm is amazing, but support for importing previously collected data is a big need, as I had 16 years of info that I couldn’t transfer, even when I tried to do so manually. You can scroll into the past, select a date, and add data, but when you finish entering that data you’re taken right back to today again and have to scroll all the way back. This is very unhelpful when you’re entering 5 period days in a row to the cycle three months ago.
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6 years ago, AshleyDeeley
Education is power
I’m 32 and was on and off birth control for 15 years. I’ve had fibroadenomas (lumps) removed from my breasts. I suffered from sore breasts a week before my period. It took me a while to get aroused... But being OFF birth control has made all those symptoms disappear. Synthetic hormones are a huge (and dangerous) chemical disruption to your entire system. I love Natural Cycles. I love knowing my body better. I love NOT having sore breasts before my period. I think if we could educated women about how our bodies work (with the help from Natural Cycles), then more women would ditch their birth control and actually be able to know when their ovulating. I actually didn’t know anything about ovulation until I started using this app. I’ve also been using the PH strips and I feel extremely satisfied with this app. I’ve had sex, with protection, and knew if I was ovulating or not. That’s a strong sense of awareness. Rather than ‘popping a pill,’ get to your know your body and let your hormones do what they were meant to do! I just love Natural Cycles and have referred it to many of my friends. The world needs more people like the ones who invented Natural Cycles!
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6 years ago, KD ATX
Knowing yourself is empowerment
I started taking hormonal birth control (the pill) at the age of 17 for 2 years. At 19 I got pregnant with my daughter. I got back on the pill up until 3 years ago (I’m 31) when & started to notice that I could no longer take the pill without wanting to throw up every time. My body was rejecting the thought of having to swallow chemical hormones. At that time, I also met my husband, who supported my decision of going off the pill and other types hormonal birth control (my doctor kept trying to push IUD). It took my body almost a year to regulate itself; I went through horrible night sweats, mood swings, acne flare ups, the works. After some research I ran into “Natural Cycles” and decided to give it a go. I haven’t looked back since! Natural Cycles can be used to either prevent or plan a pregnancy. It’s awesome and empowering because YOU are in control. It takes a little bit to get used to measuring your temperature every morning, but once you have it down, it becomes part of our daily routine. I love getting to know my cycle and look at all the data the app has collected on my cycle! It’s really neat!
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5 years ago, MountainValor
So thankful for Natural Cycles
Prior to getting married I tried going on oral contraceptives which made me feel absolutely miserable! I had already felt a little hesitant with adding hormones to my body. After further research regarding oral contraceptives, I came to the conclusion it wasn’t for me. I heard from a friend about Natural Cycles & the way it transformed her natural family planning! She has had great success in it. I got married in September 18’ & have been using this app for 10 months. I LOVE it. It’s been super user friendly - the hardest adjustment initially was getting used to taking my temperature regularly. However, the notifications did help with that. It’s actually been super fun to feel more aquatinted with my body’s rhythms. My husband also feels like he can study me & know my body better as well which has been great. When I’m approaching my period, he’s prepared for my freak-out PMS. Our goal being newly weds has primarily been to prevent pregnancy. Having not used any other form of protection (except for pull-out on red days) the last 10 months, I can say confidently this APP has worked successfully for us!!!
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5 months ago, madeline1234kb
Great option for non hormonal BC
I don’t usually do reviews but this app has changed my life. Before this, I had been on three different types of pills and had the implant for 2 years. I was hesitant to switch to non-hormonal because of the lower prevention rate and the negative talk from some Dr.s and parents… It was the best decision I have made. I feel 100x better mentally and physically. I am also much more knowledgeable about what is going on inside my body. I would recommend this app if, you have regular periods and can keep a somewhat regular sleep schedule. The only downfalls to think about are that you will not have a lot of “not fertile” days until the app has enough data, and you will have to use another type of contraceptive during sex on fertile days. For me it took 3 months after getting off of HBC for my body to regulate and for the app to know my “not fertile” days (I’ve heard this is pretty quick). This app goes so much more in depth than just taking your temp. It also have features for you to learn about your cycle and body.
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6 years ago, marcyxoxo
Body knowledge
I love learning about my body and knowing when I’m ovulating not JUST so I can avoid or have protected sex but also because after years on birth control, I got off it at 25 and my natural periods disappeared and I thought my days of ovulating normally were done. The doctor said my ovaries were sluggish. I had no concept of what my real natural body was supposed to be like, it made me depressed. 3 years later I got my periods back (3 years people)! And then I fell in love. But I knew I couldn’t return to birth control and how badly it had messed up my body, plus I had just gotten back to being my normal period self again. Natural cycles has been the perfect solution for me and it fits perfectly with my lifestyle, and when it sent me the message that my cycle was within the realm of average I wanted to cry tears of happiness. My only wish is for the thermometer to be an IoT device, a smart thermometer which sends the info directly to your phone. Maybe it’ll even have a soft alarm to remind you to take your temp one day. Just imagine! Either way I love this app and am so glad I have it. Thank you 💜
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2 years ago, karinaNCUSER
Excellent BC APP buy be wary in your first 4 months
(Been using Natural Cycles for 5 months now and am a big fan). The app all in all teaches you so much about yourself that you never learned in health class and the customer support is incredibly helpful, and it has allowed me to have a birth control method that works for me. DEFINITELY take the quiz to see if you would be a good fit for NC because this is not right for everyone depending on lifestyle and other factors. I was on hormonal birth control and the changes to my mood were too much so I decided to try NC. If you can handle taking a pill every day at the same time I would say you can handle doing the temperature reading. In the beginning you will get mostly red days because it doesn’t know what’s going on with you yet, but once you start getting green you can be comfortable with them. Use a condom on red days always (and perhaps combine that with withdrawal for highest pregnancy prevention). P.s. I would say be careful with the LH tests when you start using them because they can be hard to read.
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7 months ago, emmasveal
Bummed out
I liked the thought of natural cycles when I went off of hormonal birth control last year due to depression. Over the course of the year my periods were so irregular, natural cycles couldn’t predict anything (which is fair my body was being weird), so I stopped tracking with it. I started gaining weight, growing facial hair, and has crazy acne and was quickly diagnosed with PCOS. I’ve been so overwhelmed with the diagnosis and nervous for what that means for family planning. I haven’t opened the app in months when I saw a charge pending for the $100 subscription in my account, I quickly cancelled my subscription (which I thought I had already as it hadn’t shown up on my apple subscriptions when I looked at it last month) and contacted customer support. They were not very helpful or very kind via email, I’m out the $100 and since I had already cancelled my subscription I don’t get anything for that money. I’m mostly upset at how rude they were in the email, I was hoping for some grace. UPDATE: I wrote a strongly worded email back (not something I do often and I feel a bit bad about) and have received a full refund - make sure to advocate for yourselves, this is obviously a reoccurring issue for many people.
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6 years ago, SatisfiedandSmiling
My favorite choice!
When I got engaged, I went to my gyno to get on hormonal birth control so that my husband and I could family plan together at a later date. Unfortunately, after switching pills three times and changing to the NuvaRing, my body and emotions were completely out-of-wack and I had every single negative side effect for every hormonal birth control I tried. It was awful. After nine months of this, my sweet husband told me that I should get off hormonal birth control and we’d use condoms, instead. I waited a few months for my cycle to regulate, then my doctor said we could try NFP (Natural Family Planning). That’s when a friend told me about this app! Best decision we ever made regarding birth control. We are empowered to know my body well and make the choices that are best for us on a daily basis. When we decide to try for a baby, this app also has a setting to help users plan pregnancy and track pregnancy. This is a great purchase. It comes with a very accurate basil thermometer, and you get messages on the app to further your knowledge about the subject. I HIGHLY recommend this. ❤️
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1 year ago, Julia_Bache
I recommend for every woman!
I love natural cycles and I seriously want to tell everyone about it. Since using it, I have learned SO much about my reproductive health and feel so much more in tune with my body and even emotions. It’s so helpful to be able to always know what part of my cycle I’m at and why I may be experiencing certain moods or physical symptoms. When my cycle was 2 months long, I knew it was because I was stressed… and then traveling… and then sick. When I finally ovulated, I could see it in the app and know to expect my period soon. The algorithm has been super accurate and I love feeling prepared for each part of my cycle - like getting my period products ready and my mindset in check. I especially love the app’s encouraging messages - it keeps me motivated to keep logging data and excited when I reach a new milestone. And I have such peace of mind knowing that I’m not adjusting my hormones for birth control. Knowledge is literally power!!! Big applause to the people behind the algorithm - this is such a win for women everywhere.
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4 years ago, bwylie124
Wonderful! Absolutely must have
I do absolutely love natural cycles. I have been using the app about a year and plan on continuing usage. I’m so thankful that I have this as an option, it’s taught me so much about my body and allowed me to feel and have complete control of what goes on with it. There’s so much about my cycle that I was clueless about previously. It’s given me knowledge I feel every woman should have. I have and will continue to speak highly of this form of birth control. I do have two suggestions though, it would be great if the app was able to use cellar data as a way to save information without having to be connected to the internet. Two it would be wonderful if the thermometer had a light built into to it. As I live in a dark house and when I wake around 6 in the morning i can’t see what the temperature says without having to use my phone as a light, to not wake my partner. I understand that the thermometer has a save setting where you can look back on what your temperature was, but the number usually only flashes for a second and clears after so I never know if it’s accurate. Other than that, I’m stoked!
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6 years ago, moashwat
FINALLY the natural birth control women deserve
I am definitely not against hormonal birth control methods; however, I unfortunately had a horrible health scare because of a reaction to hormonal birth control. As a newlywed & only 23 years old, I felt like my only birth control options were to use birth control methods that I wasn’t personally comfortable with or continue to risk my health... and no woman should EVER feel that way. Thankfully, at my lowest point, a sweet friend introduced me to Natural Cycles. My husband & I researched it thoroughly & we were shocked to learn that the clinical trials suggest that Natural Cycles is MORE effective than the pill! So we decided to give it a try - best. decision. ever. First & foremost, my health problems that resulted from hormonal birth control have disappeared because now every step that I take towards contraception is 100% natural. It took a couple of months for me to get used to it & for Natural Cycles to hone in on my unique cycle, but now it’s just the simplest routine. I’ve learned so much about my body! I feel so empowered knowing that I’m in control AND getting healthier by the day!
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4 years ago, mynameisLT
Does the job
Not pregnant yet so the app does what I need it to, and I think it’s really cool to track what’s happening in my body. However when I first started this app it was so easy to use. I especially enjoyed and appreciated how well it worked in the morning when I would take my temperature while still laying down and try to go back to sleep to get some extra hours of rest. I would quickly and easily tap all the buttons, put my temp in, and it submits right away. It was so easy to steal an extra little bit of sleep. There was an update a little while back and now the buttons barely ever work the first time you press them. Sometimes I have to press “submit” 10-12 times before my temperature goes through. It’s a small issue but it’s extremely agitating especially after I’ve seen how well the app can run. I have made sure everything is up to date before writing this review. I’d be happy to change my review if this bug can be fixed. I truly appreciate the service it provides, I just feel like staring at the blue screen an extra 1-2 minutes in the morning prevents me from the quality of sleep I get when I snooze.
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5 years ago, Customer939
They don’t care about the customer
The app works just ok if you keep up with it. Took months for mine to be kind of right. Never really was spot on. Wouldn’t recommend to prevent pregnancy unless you are super always 100% regular. WARNING/BEWARE: if you get busy like most moms do and stop using the app beware! The app DOES NOT show up in your active subscriptions in the App Store. So if you use that to monitor all of your charges it will not work in this case. I stopped using the app due to being busy and having a toddler who prevented me from keeping on the schedule. I check my active app subscriptions regularly to avoid being charged for what I don't want. This app does not show up. I forgot I was subscribed then I wake up to an email from them and a credit card charge saying I have been charged. Their policy also prevents you from getting any refunds. I emailed them as soon as I saw the email (within half an hour of receiving) and while my card charge was still pending. They refused my refund even though it was not showing as an active subscription. I didn’t even get a courtesy email that my app would be renewing soon. They just want to screw you out of money. No support for their customer base at all. They are just in it for the money.
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7 years ago, murphetti
Answer to my prayers!
Okay that may be a bit dramatic...but seriously it is how I feel about this app. I've only recently become sexually active and my friends were like you better go on the pill. And I've honestly always been pressure and questioned for not going on the pill. Yes my period is not my favorite thing but I feel like it's my body doing it's thing. And I really only have one maybe two days of discomfort so messing with my body natural chemicals just weirded me out. Not knocking anyone who uses birth control the female body has such a variety that I think it's important to do what's best for you. And there is an option if you are on birth control for this app. It really is for any woman! So I love this app. The notifications are so helpful and after my free month trial I will be signing up for the year. I like that I will be able to track and get to know my body even more because the bleeding part of our period is only the beginning of our cycle and there is so much more to learn and discover from our bodies. Keep up the good work Natural Cycle!
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2 years ago, esmith617
Unsure About Accuracy
So far, I’ve used the app faithfully for over a month. I take my temperature at the same time every morning as soon as I wake up. My temperature variation has been very low. I’ve even been taking LH tests on the days the app suggests it. Despite this, the app still initially got my ovulation date completely wrong. The app said I ovulated on July 15th, despite negative LH tests, but my temperature did increase. I trusted it and figured I would have had a positive LH test on the one day that was skipped for testing. I had green days from then on. However, I had symptoms of ovulation more than a week after—increased libido, changes in cervical mucus, etc. Once my next period came, I logged it, and the app recalculated my cycle. It’s now displaying that I ovulated on July 25th, which based on my symptoms, sounds more likely. That’s a huge difference, and the app was telling me it was safe to have unprotected sex while I was fertile. I’m going to keep using it, because it is only the first month. Perhaps the app just needs time to adjust to my cycle. Just keep this in mind if you’re using the app for the first time. Thankfully, I’m not using this as birth control yet. I’ll update if my experience changes.
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6 years ago, Rach184628
So thankful for Natural Cycles!
I switched from a birth control pill to Natural Cycles 5 months ago and I am so glad I did. I started the pill when I was 14 because of terrible period cramps and then just kept taking it for contraceptive purposes until a friend told me about Natural Cycles 14 years later (5 months ago). I did my research and started Natural Cycles as soon as I finished my last pack of pills. I had been wanting to get off the pill for some time due to the gut and anxiety symptoms I was feeling but was scared to change something I knew worked and that my body was used to. With Natural Cycles I finally felt confident to make the switch after learning about this app and how it works. I really love how it teaches you more about your cycle and allows for a healthier body. The app and thermometer are easy to use. The calendar has historical data and forecasting which has been really helpful. I love the messages that let you know where you’re at in your cycle and give feedback. My life has changed for the better and I owe it to Natural Cycles!
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6 years ago, InxGrinsekatze
Great app! Could use a few tweaks to make it amazing.
I was on the pill for about 15 years. I struggled to take it on time, missed it at least once a month and I ALWAYS had migraines during the week of my period when I wasn’t taking it. My mom suggested I try this app and I am very happy with what it does for me. Sometimes I need my husband to remind me to measure my temperature though, because with kids and pets in the house I sometimes just jump out of bed to attend to their needs and forget I should measure right before that! This is where I think the app could be developed a bit further. I feel like it’s perfectly set up for women with 9-5 jobs. The reminders are always set to a time that is way too early for me who sometimes comes home from work after midnight. It would be amazing if I could set the time for reminders myself. I would also appreciate a way of tracking things like my migraines, mood swings, and things that help make me understand my body better. Please download this app if you feel ready to get rid of these terrible mood swings, headaches, and all the other bad things cause by hormones.
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3 years ago, jtlbell
Thank you!!!
From ages 18-35 I struggled with food allergies and dermoid cysts. It never occurred to me my ovarian cysts and autoimmune struggles were linked to my pill… I know it’s anecdotal but without the pill I can eat like a normal person again, have no cystic pain (which was treated by me taking double birth control) and my mood is much more stable. Not to mention, this app, plus LH tests, plus condoms for red days is cheaper annually than my monthly birth control prescription even with insurance coverage. I’m a happy user with an irregular ish period (ovulation day between cycle day 13-23; cycles varying from 27-39 days) and we’ve been nothing but happy with this arrangement. My husband is also very curious about all of the articles and we read and discuss together. Coming from VERY Christian upbringings we are constantly surprised by how much we learn in our 30’s and wish we might have had a little better sex ed when we were in school! Thanks again for developing this amazing app. I recommend it to everyone I know!
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3 years ago, Ang Andre
From prevention to planning!
I used Natural Cycles for prevention for 15 months. I loved learning about my cycle throughout the process and felt amazing being off of hormonal birth control. My partner and I were waiting until our wedding day to switch to the planning mode. We were a little lax the month of our wedding — and had unprotected sex the day before and the day of ovulation. I also had a + LH test the day before. We knew it was risky, but I honestly didn’t expect our journey to pregnancy to be an easy one. Two weeks later it was our wedding day and coincidentally my period was also due on that day. Sure enough, it never came. My cycle rarely fluctuates from 28 days, so when day 33 arrived and I still hadn't gotten my period, I figured it was time to take a test. And we’re pregnant! I couldn’t be more impressed with how accurate this app is. Even though we were in the prevention mode, we weren’t really trying to prevent. Whether you want to prevent or plan, this app will help you get there.
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3 years ago, alex_houg
This App Has Changed My Life
I have always struggled with hormonal birth control. It took me 5 different pills to find one that worked for me and even that one resulted in weight gain and significant mood swings. I tried the copper IUD and had a never ending period and then I tried the hormonal IUD and never had a period. I also had intense cystic acne result from the hormonal IUD and used tons of products to try and eliminate it, not realizing that these same products for my skin were impacting my fertility. I finally found this product and it has changed my life and my relationship with my body. I now know so much more about my cycle and after removing my hormonal IUD, all my acne has cleared up. If you’re on the fence, give this app a try. It is easy and inexpensive and it’s effective! Just be sure to pay attention to where you are in your cycle. I also love that I can immediately start trying to conceive when I’m ready. You won’t regret it!! Best birth control ever!!
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2 months ago, Mitsukoi
Great app, issues with timing of temp read
So far this has been a great app to use for family planning; I appreciate the straightforward UI interface, the educational materials, and the peace of mine I get from knowing my green and red days. This is my main method of tracking contraception and gives a lot of peace of mind for me and my partner. My only concern I have right now is the way the Apple Watch records your basal temp. I have noticed that it will record my temp as soon as my alarm, if I have one set, has been completely turned off. I am a chronic snooze button fan, and today I forgot to fully turn the alarm off until I was already out of bed and heading for the shower, and noticed my recorded basal temp was taken too late for it to be a viable reading. That worries me for future algorithm predictions if I don’t pay attention and omit those read errors. That is my only issue so far, otherwise the new Watch integration has been great and is usually a wonderful way to get a basal reading without having to think much about it.
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6 years ago, OBeckLee
Highly irregular period
I've got the worst irregularity since coming off hormonal birth control from a six month period leading up to January 2018. (Accutane) Before that I wasn't monthly regular but since getting off hormones I keep having three to five months of nothing - sounds like heaven but it's a nightmare when using this app as a newlywed. So far I'm not pregnant. I don't have problems measuring. We don't have problems with protection when it says to. I love that it's natural. However it's having troubles nailing down my ovulation. It just gave me a three week run of green days even though I didn't get my period. We didn't trust it, so we didn't go unprotected until this past week... This morning it went back to red days with a new estimate for where my ovulation happened. (Didn't reestimate where my green days were so that's ok) I'm a little freaked out. Will update later. In the meantime, hoping I regulate, and recommending this like crazy to my friends that are regular. (Finally non-hormonal birth control!!!) But we'll see how well this works for my cycle.
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3 years ago, Julia Island
Love App, thermometer could improve
I have been using this app for 2 months now. I really like seeing the graph and being able to understand my cycle better. I wish the thermometer had a backlit screen so you could read it better. Also, your temperature disappears quickly and I’m usually half awake to read, making reading AND recording difficult. Natural cycles made the suggestion to Press the button before the 10beeps go off with your temp reading and when you turn it back on later, your last reading is stored. I’ve been doing this, but it gives you 1 second to read before losing the temp reading. So you have to be very strategic and it makes the experience sort of stressful. I am committed to sticking with this system regardless. I paid the yearly fee and want to keep tracking. But it’s a whack thermometer (and I honestly thought it would automatically upload the temp to the app until I opened the box and realized the reality). Great App, love the knowledge and graphs.
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2 years ago, Ddhfcjcnjvkgkigfg
Game changed
I first started hormonal birth control when I was 15 and first became sexually active. While this was the best option for the yearly years, I began to experience extreme hormonal imbalance in my mid-20s and was looking for a non-hormonal option to prevent pregnancy… in my research I stumbled upon Natural Cycles. I finally took the plunge and got my IUD removed. For 5 months after getting my IUD removed, my husband and I religiously used condoms while I gave my body the much needed time to rebalance and find it’s new normal off of hormonal birth control. Following these 5 months, for the last year we have been using Natural Cycles to prevent pregnancy and it has been working great. We have unprotected sex on green days (and do not use withdrawal method) and use condoms or abstain on red days. We have not had any pregnancy scares or worries. If you have regular cycle and are regimented enough to take your temperature first thing in the morning I can’t recommend this method enough!
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6 years ago, natalieh28
Amazing !
I recently had an incredibly painful ruptured ovarian cyst for the first time and after doctors told me it was “common”. I did some research and found that they can be caused by hormone imbalances. Just because things are common doesn’t mean they should be happening!! I had the hormonal IUD for about 4 years and was on the pill for about 3 years prior to that, so I always had extra hormones being pumped into my body. My sister found this app and I immediately had my IUD removed. I’ve been using Natural Cycles for about 4 months now and I love it! It’s so easy to take your temperature every morning and the app is so user friendly. It’s also nice getting in-tune with your body and knowing how you feel before a period or when ovulating. I recommend it to all my friends that are still on hormonal BC because I know having extra estrogen and progesterone introduced into the body most definitely disrupts the natural balance that your body keeps. This app makes it easy to be hormone-free.
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5 years ago, Steph Joma
Hormone free
We struggled to find a birth control that was hormone free. I was using the pill years ago but I really hate the idea of pumping my body with hormones plus it’s not how we want to live out our lives. After trying the family planning method on our own, we ended up pregnant with twins, oops! We have three children now and aren’t afraid to have more but aren’t necessarily trying. This app helps us be more aware of my cycles. The green and red days make our sex life less anxious and it’s fun to look forward to the green. I’d rather take my temperature every morning than take a pill! The app is accurate and at first all the red days seem discouraging (be patient and diligent) but I appreciate the conservative approach in the algorithm. Be ready for a bit of a learning curve as you try to figure out how the app is calculating everything as well as some anxiety about whether you’re doing it correctly. The app sends messages to let you know if your temp reading is good or needs work.
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10 months ago, britniann
Love this
I’ve been using Natural Cycles since 2020. I was having a horrible time with hormonal birth control and wanted to try non hormonal birth control. It’s great for tracking my cycles when they have always been a bit unpredictable. My husband and I were using it successfully for 3 years to avoid pregnancy and now that we’re trying to conceive it’s been such a smooth transition from one plan to the next. It has educated me in so many ways with how my body, and women’s bodies in general, work and the types of things that our bodies go through and I love not having to remember to take a pill. The hardest part for me would be remembering to take a my temp every morning but whenever my alarm goes off my thermometer is right there and I can check my temp while I get ready to get out of bed. It’s been great. I definitely recommend no matter if you’re avoiding pregnancy, trying to get pregnant, or tracking your pregnancy.
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5 years ago, mdsnmst
Please don’t buy this product
Hi - please don’t buy this product. I purchased the trial of Natural Cycles to try out the temperature model of tracking my cycle. I was tentative, as I’d heard mixed reviews, but decided petty quickly that this wasn’t for me. The thermometer was not simple to use - the screen doesn’t light up and it was always a hassle to read and input my temp first thing in the morning in the dark. Plus, too many people were getting pregnant using this method of birth control. I stopped using the product, assuming that because I had paid for the trial that I was safe after the trial ended, but I got charged for a full subscription. When I contacted customer service, they informed me that I had agreed to the fine print when buying the trial - I’ve never heard of a paid trial rolling into a full on subscription without additional consent. Furthermore, I looked deeper into the company, and found out that it is founded and lead by a white man! Unsurprising. Any company that exploits people with periods to make a buck, spearheaded by a white man is not a place I want to be. Trying to navigate the crazy world of birth control and being entrapped by purchasing a trail is scammy. Please, don’t support this company!
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4 years ago, Emmzibeth
I LOVE this app!!
So my journey with birth control (like for many women) wasn’t fun. I started taking ~the pill~ when I was 17. For years I struggled with migraines with aura that I had no clue were linked to my body not liking those hormones. So I switched to a mini pill. Those were the worst periods of my life!! Eventually I realized maybe hormonal birth control wasn’t for me. I spent nearly all of my years as a young woman with some sort of artificial hormones in me, so it was time for a reset. I’ve make natural cycles part of my daily routine. Every morning my alarm goes off, I take my temperature, then I take my vitamins and go about my day. I’ve learned so much through this app and I feel so much more connected to myself, my body, and my partner since I’ve become a natural cycler. I would recommend this app to any one who wants to learn more about their body and fertility. One day, I’ll switch the app to “planning for a baby”. I love that this app can be whatever you need it to.
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3 years ago, DreaNY
Read the terms of service - no refunds
Not only is this product not 100% effective, as followed with my doc alongside tracking here, like other reviewers below, I actively check my subscriptions and had canceled (or so I thought) this app a very long time ago. Cut to now when I’ve been charged for a product I haven’t used in a very long time, and they blame “email being sent to spam” and claim I had not properly processed the cancellation on my end. This is an issue the company can resolve, but chooses not to. How convenient that there is a pattern of user experience that is confusing enough to where they conveniently get to charge our cards for services we don’t use. A business like this app should be drafting communications in their email manager to prevent being sent to spam. And even if it does get sent - why am I being charged for services which have not been rendered? This company needs to reevaluate how they audit utilization. If the user shows no data after 3 months, we should be actively informed of proper cancellation procedures, many times over (especially since they are not auditing email communications for spam).
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3 years ago, ginny2853
This app makes my life so much better. I was on hormonal birth control for 7 years and had no idea what was happening with my body. I was gaining weight and had constant cramps because of my IUD. I was in a terrible mood all the time and felt like i’d lost myself. Once I switched to natural cycles, it felt like one of those cheesy Humera commercials. You know like when the girl is dancing in a fried talking about how happy she is that she switched to humera. like that but with non hormonal birth control. I had forgot what it felt like to feel normal and not be in pain. I have more energy and i feel like i have more control over my body! I’ve also learned so much about my cycle and how my body works! I would definitely recommend to everyone! I think it would be fantastic for girls who have just started their periods to learn about their cycle and body. it would’ve saved me a lot of stress and confusion! Love this!
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6 years ago, sam 🙈💕
Absolutely Life Changing
Natural Cycles has changed my life, and I will rave about it to anyone who will listen! I was on the pill for 10 years and didn’t know all the negative ways it was impacting my body. I was afraid of an iud aftering hearing many horror stories, and I felt discouraged and trapped with hormonal bc. I took a chance with Natural Cycles, and although my partner and I were nervous at the start, we’ve been blown away by the simplicity of the app, the formatting of the data, and overall accuracy of this method. Remembering to take my temp every morning is no more difficult than remembering to take the pill every night, and I feel like a fog has been lifted from my whole body. I’ve lost a few pounds (changing absolutely nothing in my life aside from the pill) and although my periods are a bit more painful they are now shorter in length. I feel more connected and in control of my body, and both happier and healthier than I have in a long time! 💃🏻💕
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