NatureScapes Relaxing Sounds

Health & Fitness
4.6 (140)
114.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Infinite Wave Media, LLC
Last update
6 years ago
Version OS
10.0 or later
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User Reviews for NatureScapes Relaxing Sounds

4.57 out of 5
140 Ratings
9 months ago, Lees888
Good app
Really good app. On a fixed income and I appreciate versions that don’t require a chjoh’pb monthly fee. If Not much help out there for geriatric patients who need help with something and pain is an issue. This helps me with my insomnia which is a god send. Thank you so very much!h for this information !
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7 years ago, Hpearce9
Excellent free app!
I have used this app on many occasions to get my baby to sleep (with some white noise), and have used it frequently for myself when I travel. I have enjoyed it and highly recommend it for a free background, soothing noise app.
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8 years ago, Confused SC resident
Noisy ads
Good quality sound, can't hear the start/stop of the loops. Had to delete because I couldn't figure out how to get the noisy ads to stop. Delete one and 10 seconds later another opens. Didn't do that when I initially downloaded it, now it doesn't let me use the app for the purpose I'm trying to. Moving on to the next noise maker to see if I have better luck.
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6 years ago, MR340Love
Realistic Sounds
I really love this white noise app. The nature sounds are so realistic, unlike some other apps I’ve tried. My favorite is the wind chimes with birds in the background, which my baby loves to fall asleep to!
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12 months ago, shdowggjff
like the blue light feature. have not been successful getting timer to work. app still playing the next morning even when I think the timer is set.
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9 years ago, LadybugLu
The sound effects on this app r the most authentic I have found ..... Others always sound so tinny & fake that they r irritating rather than being soothing !!!! B E S T is the the only word that says it ALL!
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5 years ago, GenGee16
Highly recommend
I love that the sounds play continuously- it also continues playing even if I am working in another app.
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4 years ago, Chiki101
Great app!
I’ve been using this app for a few years now. Always comes in handy when I’m away from home and need soothing sounds.
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2 months ago, 49'er
Familiar sounds of nature
The sound of the steady raindrops lull me to sleep every night. I have used this app as a sleep aide for several years
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1 year ago, Wompass mom
Love it!
I use the fan often to help me sleep…especially when on vacation. Love this app!
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3 years ago, Shell/berr
Great “Sound Maker”
Use this app when we travel. Great at covering up unwanted hotel noises.
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7 months ago, jikannosensei
Great app!
I've used nature sounds for years & love it for travelling so there's ambient sounds to help me sleep.
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1 year ago, viccicc
Just trying it on at the moment.
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1 year ago, wise crowned one
Helps feel relax
Help me relax and whined down for the day and also helps me sleep
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4 years ago, howie1956
Great app
I like the rain sound the best. You can’t go wrong with this app
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7 years ago, Xandre Dubois
Chaotic Ad Integration
Over the past few years, I've used a lot of different apps of this type. This app, however, maybe one of the worst I've used if only for the fact that they interject noisy video ads in the middle of an otherwise peaceful soundscape.
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9 years ago, kokobeach
I love this app. I use the rain sound to fall asleep every night.
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5 years ago, mwinter217
Great app
This is a great app. There’s a great selection of sounds you get for free. Only issue is you can hear the loop on many of them.
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4 years ago, E5TAR
Meditation tool
I use this to meditate with or while I’m sitting under a treatment.
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5 years ago, Jeenamaria
Every single night I cannot sleep and now I have NatureScapes, I am finally getting to sleep thankfully !
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5 years ago, MollyMoll2019
It’s great but I think there should be more options for the sounds
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6 years ago, PamG05
Great for sleeping!
I couldn’t get my grandkids asleep without it!
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5 years ago, lol🐻🐻🐻🐻
It is a great white noise and I sleep million times better
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2 years ago, LilaaaG
Love it!
Absolutely love this app! Puts my baby yo sleep in seconds!
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2 years ago, resed for a new challenge
Good night of sleep!
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3 years ago, reppohm
I have used it since I was 2
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2 years ago, Deetest
Birds song
Quite pleasant to fall asleep with.!😎
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9 years ago, cdeedrick
Like these soothing sounds!
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5 years ago, gvil09
So relaxing
Great free options
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7 years ago, Roland82
Nice app
I use it a lot.
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8 years ago, Stinko279
Don't download
Too many ads. The last thing you want is to try to listen to calm rain and then hear a loud add about hotels.
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7 years ago, dockdeez
Can't get the ads to stop
I couldn't even open the app. The ads just kept glitching my phone.
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6 years ago, sandra2367
Everything is natural. I love it
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1 year ago, Ldyday
ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!! Sooooo relaxing, like u are really there!!!
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9 years ago, stanislavia
Landscape mode not available
App does not offer landscape viewing orientation, so it's useless to me. It's pretty outdated these days to not auto-rotate any app.
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6 years ago, Game Corporation
I love it
It is very calming and relaxing and it is all free!!😀😀
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5 years ago, Maryjophil
Quiet choices
Great for meditation
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5 years ago, Analeta C
Ava C.
This app is amazing wonderful sounds💦 Love it😘
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1 year ago, DonnaInWallingfordPa
Great sleeping!
Love this app.
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8 years ago, Sadfrieofusbfkcou
Too many ads
The ads won't promote relaxation, but rather destroy it. Do not download.
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2 years ago, Chou 29
Love the app for tinnitus!
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6 years ago, AGarth
A Blessing-Just superb!
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8 years ago, O K?a
Naa!!! There are much better ones than this!
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2 years ago, eeeeeeegggggggggkkkkkkk
Great for sleeping…. and Free!
Great for sleeping…. and Free!
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6 years ago, Andrew83812
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1 year ago, cobasicgal
Nature scapes is good for clearing the mind and sleep.
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5 years ago, Happy#31
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3 years ago, lilsyerlamma
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11 years ago, Blueknitter
Calming sounds that will relax you and even put you to sleep. Nice thing also app doesn't go out. Last a quite a bit of time and you have 7 sounds to relax to until you feel just right. Ty nature scape
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10 years ago, Ghost_in_South
Downloaded this app to get some nice cricket sounds to sleep to. But, whenever you touch the screen, an add pops and takes you to the App Store. It's like playing chicken with your screen. You think the pop up is gone and before you can stop your finger in mid click a new pop up appears. Takes forever with swearing to simply turn crickets on and off. I am deleting it, crickets aren't worth it.
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