Nerva: IBS & Gut Hypnotherapy

Health & Fitness
4.7 (8.7K)
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Mindset Health Pty Ltd
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2 months ago
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User Reviews for Nerva: IBS & Gut Hypnotherapy

4.65 out of 5
8.7K Ratings
2 months ago, BRMBetsysbeau
Outstanding program!
When I started Nerva, my IBS was out of control. I could not leave my house. I had to change my dates for a vacation I planned twice. I felt desperate knowing that I couldn’t live that way. At the time I was not working, and if I had continued on the way I was headed I was not going to be able to work. My life was literally on hold. I was overwhelmed. Not knowing what to do, I started “researching” online about IBS solutions and found Nerva. Knowing that the GI tract is the first place the body manifests stress in most people, I recognized that Nerva could provide a helpful, alternative way to manage IBS. I subscribed immediately, and that day began doing the hypnotherapy sessions. Without changing anything else I was doing, I had results within 36 hours. I have learned techniques and now have skills that I use when I begin to feel like I am starting to have IBS symptoms. As soon as I sense something is amiss, I immediately use the techniques that I have learned through Nerva with unbelievable results. In addition to the hypnotherapy sessions, I have enjoyed the reading provided that has given me more insight into IBS, and some of the things that may instigate IBS flare ups. Prior to starting Nerva, I had already changed my diet. However, I can honestly say with no exaggeration that participating in the Nerva program is the factor that has completely changed my life! Thank you Nerva!!
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3 months ago, nutriphyte
Comprehensive, simple and effective
This program is exactly what I needed at this stage of my IBS journey. I was diagnosed almost 10 years ago. I have been on multiple diets and been treated for multiple diseases, including low thyroid, parasites, EBV, nutrient deficiencies, and most recently, SIBO. I believe the treatment for SIBO in conjunction with coaching and the mind/body work found in this app has given me the greatest improvements to date. It’s important to note that all of these interventions had their time and place in my health journey. They have all “worked” to some degree, but none have been a “cure”. I will continue on my path of healing, taking one step at a time and trying the next right thing. My next step after this is trying an antidepressant, and abdominal physical therapy. Every person has bio-individuality, so what works for one may not have the same effect for another. But I wholeheartedly recommend this app for anyone with IBS, as it is the least invasive and restrictive treatment—you don’t have to cut anything out of your diet or remember to take a complicated regimen of supplements. Taking care of your mental and emotional health is key for anyone with any chronic illness, and I love how this program is comprehensive, addressing all the facets of IBS. Take care and best wishes on your health journey!
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1 year ago, KateTX2021
Super helpful for IBS relief!
My dietician recommended trying Nerva to help with IBS discomfort. I was a little skeptical because I wasn’t sure if it would actually work, but I figured it couldn’t hurt to try. It only takes about 15 min a day and I find it helps so much- not only with discomfort, but also anxiety caused by IBS. I’m in the maintenance phase now and I find I feel better when I continue doing the app everyday. It took me a little to find the best time for me to do it because it’s so relaxing that sometimes I’d fall asleep if I did it at night. I have found the morning works best for me- just while still in bed with AirPods. I like the woman’s voice- far better than apps with mindfulness like Headspace. I’m surprised my GI dr doesn’t recommend this because it’s been more helpful at managing pain than meds she has prescribed and has no bad side effects. I plan to tell her how helpful it is at my next appointment! I would highly recommend this app and have already to friends. I recently had an issue with the app freezing and the customer service answered very quickly and are very friendly. It turned out there was just a brand new phone update my phone hasn’t done automatically yet. I love that they are available to help even around the holidays!
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1 year ago, Lex.W
This app saved me!!
My favorite app of all time, it has changed my life! I went from having flair ups every day/every other day to now barely having any at all! I was in such a depression because of my IBS, and the entire program felt so specifically tailored for me and what I was going through I couldn’t believe it. I just ended my program a few weeks ago and have been doing meditations as an upkeep protocol but not needed every day anymore. The initial program is absolutely worth every penny and I’m so sad that I can’t afford this app anymore and have ended my subscription. I would love to keep using it since my body is used to the ritual and responds so well. But It’s too expensive for how often I use it now which is only once a week or so. I hope they drop the rate for those who have completed the program, to keep those of us who are simply on upkeep protocol and maybe don’t need access to the vast library of meditations but just a simple few. Not only has this app worked better for me than anything doctors have been able to do, but it’s saved me money which is a huge plus. But this is still too expensive for me. Will be watching to see if they drop the maintenance price as I would resubscribe in an instant!
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2 years ago, gratefulforibsrelief
I thought I had tried everything to reduce my IBS symptoms — diet, medicine, supplements, even homeopathy. They all helped, but the symptoms lingered and flare-ups continued. Then I stumbled onto Nerva’s hypnotherapy program. It helped me feel better almost immediately. The sessions soothed my mind and gut and the readings explained the underlying problem. All I had to do was set aside 15-20 minutes each day and at the end of six weeks I had achieved over 80 percent improvement. When I got stuck, Nerva’s empathic and knowledgeable staff were there to help. I benefited so much from the program that I took it again. At my doctor’s suggestion, I’m now listening, breathing and reading twice a day. Sign up and take charge of your IBS. You’re worth it. Update: It has been more than two years since I started the Nerva program and I am continuing to benefit significantly from it. I am now heavily into their maintenance program which allows me to listen to any of the expanding number of hypnotherapy sessions whenever I want. I also can easily access all of the informative readings about IBS and the gut-brain connection. And just the other day the Nerva staff replied promptly and helpfully to a question I had about their app. Count me a loyal Nerva subscriber for life.
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7 months ago, Eikoow
This flare up has been going on for over 3 months, completely out of control! It has lessened quite a bit since starting Nerva, however, I do very well during the day even after breakfast (using portion control). Then anything I eat in the afternoon and especially after dinner, triggers constant diarrhea, excessive burping, tummy cramps and growling tummy. The constant diarrhea and back to back trips to the bathroom are very tiresome. The upside is that I am able to sleep through the night🤗 First thing in the AM I have slight diarrhea and then I’m good until my next portion controlled meal (always worse in the evening)! I have resorted to eliminating dinner and having a small snack instead. EDIT I still have diarrhea daily most often after an evening meal. There have been times I have no diarrhea until after the evening meal. I have recently had my evening meal without experiencing diarrhea. I still use portion control. There are times when my diarrhea has more substance as opposed to explosive liquid and I most often have plenty of time to get to the bathroom. My stress levels have improved and I’m feeling more and more strength and control. My seem to get more in depth during my daily sessions.
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2 years ago, HawaiiNatalie
Pleasant Surprise
I was desperate enough to try anything when I started this program, and I’m so happy to report that after completing the 6 weeks, I have experienced a marked improvement in my overall gut health/comfort. I’m also able to enjoy more flexibility in my diet, without suffering the uncomfortable “repercussions” I’ve become accustomed to over the years (in spite of religiously following every “gut based” eating program known to humanity). The reason I’m only giving it 4 stars, is because I do think some work could be done to improve the audio sessions. My profession has a large amount of overlap in hypnotherapy, meditation, CBT and other modalities touched on in this program, so perhaps my expectations are higher than most. However, I think some small tweaks to the language and delivery of the “hypnotherapy” (more reminiscent of simple guided meditation/visualization) could push this program over the top and make it even more impactful. That said, I experienced such benefit from dedicated, daily adherence to the readings, audio and breathing exercises, that I wouldn’t hesitate recommending this app/program to anyone struggling with IBS (or “IBS adjacent”) GI issues. I believe anyone suffering from any kind of stomach/GI discomfort could experience benefit from this program.
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2 years ago, adale321
Amazing program, but costs way too much!
I have had wonderful success with this app. Nothing relaxes me more or attends to my sometimes debilitating symptoms. I looked forward to my sessions daily. Calming voice, excellent breathing exercises, and the guided scenarios are so vivid in my head. Unfortunately, it has become so expensive. It has been priced this out of any range that I can afford. Paying close to $80 for three months of maintenance when I only use the app occasionally is outrageous. Not being able to access previous sessions, that I paid for, is also not customer friendly. I’m really disappointed because the maintenance program costs more than the original program, but used way less often. I have been a loud cheerleader for this app and have discussed the app with my doctor who was thrilled I had so much success. I have also recommended it to friends. Until it is more affordable, I must find other, less effective ways of managing my symptoms. This is so disappointing and seems like bad business practice. Monthly payments of around $15 would be more reasonable. I can’t in good conscience recommend something to my friends that is so expensive.
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2 years ago, Greta Bella Blue Pearl
The joy of relaxing with a friend
I have felt from the beginning that the hypnotic voice is that of a close and trusted friend. I am grateful for her presence in my life. I like the time we spend together. I know that the information I have been given about the response my mind and body will have to the use of the Nerva app indicate it may take time. And truly, I do not feel impatient, but I believe it has already begun to help me. Maybe what has helped most is the familiarity of the format, as I have meditated daily for over a decade now. And another pleasure is just the hope for improving that Nerva offers. I have been to several specialists, I take daily meds, I have been through nine weeks of physical therapy for my diagnosed pelvic dysfunction, and constantly I monitor what I eat. But Nerva has offered me, what seems right now, to be something much more attuned to a natural therapy. Thank you. Now on the 5th week into the Nerva program, I am beginning to have relief from worrying about my condition. I have gradually been more adventurous in my food choices. I have noticed that I have less fear, more acceptance, not just in the area of digestion, but seemingly other aspects of my life.
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1 year ago, Girl for Dave
Nerva is a Godsend
I am on day five in using Nerva. I was introduced to Nerva through Diet vs Disease. I used a meditative tool called MUSE for about three years so I was familiar with guided meditation and it’s benefits. But I am already very aware how in using Nerva, I am able to reach a more deep and relaxed state of mind more quickly. The voice of the one who is supplying the verbally guided stages in the hypnotherapy sessions is extremely soothing and trustworthy for me. Thank you, Nerva, for your innovation and enlightenment. Thank you for making this phenomenal tool so accessible to people who genuinely desire to enhance and enrich their physical and mental qualities in living life. I thank the God I believe in for all of this. I have now completed three weeks in using Nerva. I have stayed steady in daily using this program. I find myself feeling not only more confident, more relaxed, and worrying less about my digestive issues, but I am less stressed and more calm these days. I am not new to diaphragmatic breathing, but to implement it now in using Nerva feels so right. I have faith in what I am learning and internally processing regarding my health and overall well being. I am grateful for having Diet vs Disease and Nerva as my companions.
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3 weeks ago, Tudorlyn
Took a while but now I rely on this!
I liked this for the first week. After that, every session felt as though it repeated throughout each week, week after week. I felt I “knew” what to expect and therefore I couldn’t focus or relax. (In fact I took much longer to complete the entire program because I resisted and skipped sessions.) Then I noticed my stomach was starting to “rumble” as if it were coming alive or becoming attentive to each session. I genuinely felt calmer and as if I missed the “programing” (without being conscious of just what was happening) that was taking place in my gut and brain. My IBS-C began to “loosen up” and I felt less nervous about food and bloating and gas. I felt less reactive about incidents or small recurrences of IBS. When the program ended I was bad at keeping up. And then I noticed again I felt “off” and now I am doing sessions a few times a week and feel better. If you’re like me and get restless or clever at the beginning, please try to keep an open mind and allow the phrasing and repetitiveness to sink in and don’t think so much as I did!
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1 year ago, tiredcat22367
Do NOT give these people your credit card number.
Guess why I can’t buy my cat’s medication this week? These people kept my credit card number & used it to take money out of my bank account 9 months after the “Nerva” program already ended. I used to use this app. I felt like I really trusted the people who made it. Until today, when I found out that the creators of this app which I USED TO use charged me $150 to “renew a subscription” and let me remind you that this is a SIX WEEK PROGRAM. That means that they took my credit card number & stole money from me literally 9 months after the whole program/subscription ended. This is after I already payed them for a YEAR. it’s been deleted from my phone for who knows how long. I have moved on. Suddenly I am reminded of it’s existence when my credit card gets rejected, I check my account & see that this company I have no relationship with any longer stole $150 of my money. How? For what?! Who knows. For them? Fancy dinners i guess. You know who you took the money from? My little kitty, I was buying her medication when I found out about this. I am so scared right now. I guess I’ll see what happens but I have so little hope in this world at the moment. No one is honest any more. No one cares. And this little girl is going to suffer because another greedy person decided they were more important.
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7 months ago, Riley 1918
I believe I am the one who can free myself . I am afraid . I see I have been so severely depressed and ANXIOUS. I am getting more comfortable in the bathroom. It was a torture. room for so long . I am getting comfortable sitting on the toilet and sometimes I am starting to relax. It is not so much doing I think as relaxing and allowing. It doesn’t happen overnight and that’s ok . My pain is significantly better more days each month. I reset the program because I was interrupted by 2 hospitalizations. So I am starting week 2 and I have a high stress pt job and normally I would be doubled over in pain and so overwhelmed but I see I am handling it so much better today . My stomach is just sore not the usual excruciating pain . I am sure I owe this to Nerva . I need to do 3 seesions a day as that works for me . My severe constipation is now 5 or 6 days a week instead of 24/7 7 days a week severe days and the pain level other than one day this past week is better. This is the most important matter with the highest priority in my life right now.I am giving it my all. Thank you , Robyn
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3 years ago, ru_leigh
This legitimately changed things for me
Like many of us, I found myself down a research rabbit hole during a particularly bad flare up. I was so frustrated just wanting a straight answer about what I could eat that wouldn’t make it worse. One of the articles mentioned this hypnotherapy app and I was skeptical but desperate. Would I really no longer have to log my food and avoid so many favorites? Either way I was willing to take the risk and give it a go and I’m so glad that I did. We all know that IBS is exacerbated bu stress, but I didn’t realize that so much of my problem was caused by essentially living my life in fight or flight. With a brain running forever on panic mode so many normal functions go by the way side. Nerva helped me rewire and be all over less anxious and more resilient. I have a better relationship with my gut, appetite, etc. I eat what I want, but I rarely want very much of “trigger foods” but it now feels less like a stressful avoidance and more like listening to my body. I haven’t had a pain flare up since starting the program and think about my IBS less than I have in years.
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1 year ago, Whathappenedhere
I was so skeptical, but…
I was in the worst IBS-D flare up of my life from Jan 2022 until recently, and it’s no small thing to say that this app has literally changed my life. I started this very skeptical, but I was at my wits end after so many doctor visits, medications, days of work missed, etc. I ended up paying for this when I connected the dots that paying to use this app for a year is less expensive than missing two days of work. I can leave my house again without fear, I can see my friends again, I can work again without wondering if I’ll have to leave in the middle of a work day. I won’t say I’m cured, but I would say I’m 80% better after finishing the full 6 weeks. A year ago I was in the ER for having 15+ watery stools in one day and extreme cramps, nausea, etc. Now I can go a whole week with nothing but solid stools, and days where I have no pain at all. I could cry from the relief I feel. There were times I felt like unaliving myself from my IBS being so severe, so I really feel like I owe my life to this app.
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12 months ago, Viviennemagdalen
Best voice for guided hypnotherapy
The voice for these guided practices: the tone, the tempo, the feeling. It’s perfect! I wish I could find a general hypnotherapy app that is so well done. I love doing these practices everyday. I have had IBS for 22 years and this has helped me at least as much as anything else I have tried—which is everything—and it is such a pleasant experience. I find myself craving the practices and choosing them to cope when I feel overwhelmed, and it is an easy choice. I just “graduated” from the initial 6 week program and my own subjective measures of IBS related discomfort decreased by 65%! I didn’t expect that at all and was so pleasantly surprised. It honestly felt as good as graduating college 😅😂. I warmly and enthusiastically recommend this app for anyone with stress-related gut issues. It is deeply nourishing, supportive and enjoyable from beginning to end. It doesn’t feel like one more thing you have to do to get better, like another burden in your life. It just feels lovely and sweet each and every time.
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2 years ago, Momzingo
Life changing
I’m not going to lie, I was skeptical. But that never held me back from trying it because after several years (and thousands of dollars) of doctors and testing and NEVER getting any answers except for some blanket “anxiety” answers, THIS WORKS. I’ve only been using it a week and I’ve already seen drastic decrease in feeling crappy during the day (I didn’t even take Pepto this week!), nausea and pain has been minimal. I’m already even seeing a difference in bathroom habits. I was only able to do the trial for now, as money is short, but I assure you that the cost is LOW compared to the amount of money that I’ve spent on medications and doctors in the past. I will definitely be revisiting it immediately when my personal funds allow. Also, side note: I have PTSD and sometimes I would be triggered during sessions and I would feel like I wasn’t able to focus enough but it still all somehow still worked. THIS is what doctors need to suggest when their answer is “anxiety”. The education of WHY and a SOLUTION.
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2 years ago, KG THE PELVIC PT
Longtime IBS-C with Endometriosis. This program works!
This program has been one of the most effective treatments for my gut sensitivity and has reduced my symptom flares by over 80%. I have endometriosis, and with this comes frequent pelvic pains and abdominal/GI symptoms. At about week 3 of doing Nerva, I started to notice a big improvement in my mental well being, a sense of self efficacy and calm during previously tense or stressful situations. My bowel habits have been so much more consistent, regular and my sensitivity to foods has gone way down. I am no longer hyper vigilant/ fearful of groups of foods for fear of an IBS flare. As an added note, I am a licensed pelvic floor physical therapist, and approve of the mind-body approach used in this app. The educational readings provided on the chronic pain/stress cycle, GI system, and nervous system is on point! One of the key approaches to treatment is education. When we know what is happening in our bodies and why, it helps ease the anxiety of not knowing/ hyper vigilance to sensations. I now recommend it to all of my patients who have IBS!
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4 years ago, Thisisso__dumb
Symptoms did not improve
I have struggled with IBS symptoms for over 12 years. I have tried therapy, medication, yoga, meditation, every test the doctor can provide, etc. I’ve tried so many treatments with minimal relief, therefore when I came across an ad for Nerva, I knew I didn’t have much to lose and decided to give it a try. I completed the first session of the program and was excited about the hypnotherapy I had undergone, however, the excitement faded as I continued to experience discomfort, even during my sessions. I decided to purchase and complete the program to see if time and repetition would change anything. The app seemed to have good reviews and suggest that a wealth of info was included so I decided the price was worth it, especially if it worked. Unfortunately, the only thing that changed throughout the program was the amount of energy I had after each session. Although I did learn better breathing and relaxation techniques, my symptoms did not subside or decrease in any way. Most of the information provided was info that I had already read over and over online. This may work for some people, but even being a very receptive and open individual, desperate for relief, I did not find this approach to be of any real benefit.
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6 months ago, Nattoh80
Game Changer
I have IBD, currently in remission, but deal with IBS symptoms on a daily. Since contracting Covid-19 last year, I experienced a terrible long lasting flare up of IBS-C, post-infectious IBS and about half year later got an intestinal parasite. This whole mess of GI illness was a major struggle that left me with the worst IBS of my life. Ultimately, this all led me to the discovery of this app (thanks to my dietician). I cannot recommend it enough. Nerva has helped me so much with my daily symptoms of extreme bloating, nightly worsening of bloat and pain. I have a flatter belly with happier digestion and minor symptoms if any. I cannot believe how well the program works. Due to my chronic issues, I continue to use the app daily despite the program being only 6 weeks with researching showing that is the minimal effective dose, so to speak. I also appreciate their support. They are very responsive to any messaging. I only wish you could have an extension of the program to include more weeks of new content and educational reading materials.
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9 months ago, ksambogna
On the right path
I’m only in the first week of trying Nerva and I decided to give it a try after I realized that my chronic constipation, which I have had my entire life, was simply not caused by what I was eating. I had some success with a supplement that targets vagus nerve as well as a device that promoted a relaxed state. My pelvic floor PT suggested Nerva. I am very tired of this condition ruling my life and creating so much stress and worry all the time. I am also tired of restrictive diets and countless meds and supplements that never solved the problem. This program is already taking the fear out of eating and I feel more at ease. I am hopeful and plan to continue. The program seems well thought out and backed by research and results. Looking forward to seeing where this takes me……Well, I completed the program and now I continue with the sessions each week. I am so grateful. Nerva is amazing! I cannot believe the positive impact on my gastrointestinal issues and my life. Nerva has delivered and I highly recommended!!
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2 years ago, mkjarvis91
I didn’t expect it to work… but it did
I am a skeptic when it comes to this type of stuff. I went in thinking it probably won’t work but I could use some new meditations! Week 3 rolled around and I took two car rides that are normally super stressful for me. I normally leave an hour or more early so I can stop several times to go to the bathroom. However both times I drove straight through. The first one it didn’t even click until I parked and was 30 mins early! Then I was like well that was probably a coincidence. Then came the second stressful car trip. Same thing happened. I was in shock. Then I rode with my someone who can make a none anxious person without IBS have issues haha! Nothing. No IBS. no car anxiety! Just a great drive and great conversations. No swearing or searching out bathrooms along the way!! I then lapses week 4. The next car trip I was anxious and had to stop 1 time. My husband said guess you should start that program back up. So I did. Now I’m on my last week and I’m hooked. I have seen therapist, doctors, did deep breathing and meditations and taken tons of medications - nothing has worked for 14 years! FOURTEEN! Six weeks in and I’m taking car trips again. In fact I’m planning on doing my first long distance trip in years next month and LOOKING FORWARD TO IT!!!! Download this app and give it a try. Do the plan like they ask! It makes a difference. I’m no longer a skeptic and now a believer! Thank you thank you thank you!!!
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3 months ago, areyoukidding?
This works so well, they need to make a sleep app!
I have to say that I was more than skeptical after years of undiagnosed/misdiagnosed gut issues. After many rounds of western medicine and eastern medicine, I was advised to try this app. This app along with natural supplements was the icing on the cake. There is a listening portion with a set scene, a listening portion with breathing exercises and a reading portion. The scenic listening portions along with the brief reading are amazing. The bigger surprise was better sleep. I would fall asleep right away and needed to go back the next day to re-listen. I literally had a two day turnaround with regular bowel activity. Having said all of that and after a LIFELONG issue with sleeping - this is a miracle for me. The voice, along with the inflection takes me to a relaxed, resting, sleeping state within 1-2min. I do wake when the 15 min is up. If there ever is a sleeping app from this company. Use the same voice and make it twice as long! While costly, it is 100% worth the money. IMO.
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2 years ago, LittleBirdChirps
It works!
I am 73 years old and have suffered from IBS since my teens. I’ve had bowel obstructions, a sigmoidectomy, bad bacteria overgrowths, parasites, yet my symptoms never disappeared. For me it was mixed, but mostly constipation. And UNBELIEVABLE NEVER ENDING gas. I got so I dreaded being with other people because of it. I felt as a woman that I my condition made me repulsive. I was introduced to the FODMAP elimination diet by the nutritionist in my chiropractor’s office. I discovered the Monash University website. Then Nerva. My ultimate advice - don’t wIt till you are my age to DO SOMETHING to help yourself. My gastro’ doctor never recommended anything. Pretty much he said your condition isn’t life threatening. True. But emotionally it was damaging. I am grateful for my nutritionist, Monash researching IBS, Nerva and my own determination to finally do everything I can to diminish my symptoms. I am in week 4 and am seeing results! I have only missed one day of hypno-therapy. I have learned so so so much about this condition of IBS. Change your life. Sign up for Nerva.
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3 years ago, Stallm50
Pros and Cons
PROS: I’m into my second week of hypnotherapy, and so far I’ve enjoyed my daily sessions with Nerva. Most importantly, I feel better. I did have an IBS flare during my first week, but it was short lived and symptoms were greatly reduced! I’m feeling very hopeful that this IBS treatment will work for me. It’s only been two weeks, but I’m already benefiting from some other good side effects, such as feeling less anxious and stressed overall. CONS: Navigation of the app itself is simple but a little disappointing because it doesn’t appear to be as robust as it is described in the iOS App Store. I have an iPhone 6, so perhaps an aging cell phone isn’t able to access some of the app’s features. Contacting the FAQ and web counselors is helpful, but they are busy. It would be great if they were able to answer my questions in real time, but I generally have to wait until the next day for them to contact me. All in all, the cons are not as important as the good that I’m deriving from the daily sessions, and I’m glad to have Nerva. I’ll update my review at the end of six weeks!
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4 years ago, MarciDorman
Amazed! Shocked!
It’s been a lifesaver!! I can’t express how grateful I am. I was hesitant at first about the ability of hypnotherapy to help, and about the money, but I’m convinced. It’s been incredible. I now want to try hypnotherapy for other issues I’ve struggled with as well, it’s been so helpful! I love how optimistic it’s making me feel. I have come to the conclusion that my gut symptoms were caused both by high FODMAP foods and by stress. But even more so, I had developed a mind-body link that was keeping me in a stress response around certain behaviors (eating, driving, sleeping being some of them) that would trigger an attack. I’ve never yet had a time that using a Nerva hypnotherapy session during one of these attacks hasn’t worked immediately (and I mean within the first few minutes of the session usually). PS. I am eating a low FODMAP diet as well, so I can’t speak to using the Nerva system alone, but I will say that the diet alone was not eliminating my symptoms. Adding the Nerva program helped tremendously!!
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3 months ago, tryingtolivethebestlife101
I can see help
I had IBS ever since I was a kid anxiety was a huge trigger for me and it makes it harder that would be times where I just wouldn’t eat anything just so I can get through my day I would feel so sick all the time, and I almost had to be put on a G.I. tube just because I just couldn’t eat. They have tried putting me on a low fold map diet with no success and I would have like good times world start to feel better, but then I would relapse back. I haven’t been even using this app for a week, but by strictly following it, I’m starting to notice I’m starting to be a lot more calm, and I can start eating food without having the panic attack before in the panic attack after I’m excited to see how I feel when I finish the program. I recommend people who have IBS and anxiety/depression to give this app a shot. Of course we are all different, but with an open mind, I think this app is gonna help a lot of people.
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7 months ago, deans girl
Finally Feel Like I Found an Answer to My IBS
I just finished my second week of Nerva and am so pleased with the program so far and expect to have a degree of success with each day I do the very helpful readings and the relaxing hypnotherapy sessions. Third to the readings and sessions is the wonderful help I have gotten from Anne, my support contact. I have sent her three messages and each time she has responded promptly and with empathy. I love having a live person to ask for answers to my questions. I have a great deal of faith in Nerva, even more so after reading the five-star reviews from other participates. Also, I decided today to combine Nerva with a low FODMAP diet and expect the combination to be the answer to my very stubborn IBS symptoms. I have not found such help from my GI doctor or surgeon. I hope anybody suffering this physical and mental condition to seriously consider Nerva, and if they do will also be lucky enough to get Anne as their support staff.
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11 months ago, Stewart's mom
Huge Improvement!
I have suffered from IBS my entire life. I have struggled for so many years with trying to get a correct diagnosis, to finding medications that help, to learning my triggers, trying keeping my life functional. I had a tremendous relief of symptoms by going on a gluten free diet nearly three years ago , but still had problems with constant constipation. Nothing helped until I tried Nerva. I have been amazed at the progress I have made! I have been able to have bowel movements either daily or every other day, which is the most regular I have ever been. I had seen Nerva advertised, but thought it sounded too simple to work. My pelvic floor physical therapist mentioned Nerva to me, so I decided to give it a try. I am so thankful I did! I think possibly the combination of the pelvic floor physical therapy and the Nerva program both complimented each other to give excellent results. I would recommend Nerva to anyone.
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11 months ago, Joey Bruin
Reshapes my gut relationship!
I’ve never had a consistent meditation practice or anything of the sort, but Nerva has created the space for me to have a regular practice and immediately improved my relationship with my gut. Just knowing that I can impact my physical well-being with mental intervention is reason enough to use Nerva. But on top of that, I get all the benefits of meditating for 15 minutes every day! I saw some immediate improvement in symptoms my first week. Some symptoms returned in the second week, but as I continue with the program, they become less overwhelming. Recommending this to my friends with IBS, especially when elimination diets and medications and supplements haven’t been doing enough to mitigate symptoms. Love the sessions, love the encouragement and research-backed results, and love the support team - they are genuinely invested in your well-being! (Shout out to Anne, who provides 5-star service every time!)
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10 months ago, tatonaenae
Noticeable changes
I’m on day 5. My first 4 sessions gave me an opportunity to look within myself and address my anxiety issues. I’m stoked to listen to my recording this evening and reflect on what tonight’s lesson teaches me. My gut struggles have been lessened significantly. Not that I don’t have to watch what I eat but I can now eat without fear. That’s after 4 sessions. Mentally I feel stronger, I have excellent natural supports at home as well, which has also been a great help. At this point I highly recommend that anyone who has gut issues to give the program a try. I know there are no guarantees, but when I saw that Monash also supports this program it gave me the confidence to give it a try. I had read some information regarding the gut brain connection; once I looked more into this I was able to appreciate the science behind this program as well. I feel to be successful you have to be honest with yourself and seriously look within and address your emotional shortcomings. Best wishes to all of you who have similar struggles.
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3 years ago, JamieGeeGoo
Years of gut issues are better with Nerva
I finally learned after many years that I have food sensitivities and GI issues that interfered with the quality of my life. I powered through without knowing what was wrong. After a lot of research I discovered foods I enjoy that don’t cause issues. I also was so fortunate to discover Nerva. I was desperate so I tried the initial introduction and now I’m a believer and into the Maintenance phase. The hypnotherapy sessions truly work for me. Rather amazing! I still need the sessions for occasional flare ups when I eat foods that don’t agree with my digestive system or when I’m suffering from stress and anxiety. The sessions relax and calm my mind while soothing my digestive system discomfort. I think it’s important for me to continue the Nerva sessions for awhile yet as I also work on my anxiety issues. Thanks so much for offering this much needed application. It’s changing my life for the better.
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3 years ago, catbellrva
I look forward to my daily sessions!
I have been using Nerva for about 9 weeks and it has made a big difference for me. I am 47, and have been living with IBS since I was a teen. I have tried so many things to help my symptoms with mixed results. This year has been exceptionally challenging and I experienced a huge flare up of IBS and GERD. I decided to give Nerva a try. I committed to listening to a session every morning when I woke up, before I started my day. This soon became something that I looked forward to every morning! The narrator’s voice is so soothing and the imagery is so peaceful. What I really love are the positive, reassuring messages. When you are going through a rough spell, or having a bad day, listening to a session is very helpful in reducing symptoms. I am now in the maintenance phase of the program and am enjoying the newly added content. If you are living with IBS, give Nerva a try! It really helps!
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6 months ago, Ellafellaa
Need some variety, pretty please!!
I want this concept to work so so badly and I truthfully do think it helped! I’ve been on quite the IBS journey and I don’t believe just cutting out foods is the only answer. I think it makes a ton of sense that we could trick the brain into adjusting since the brain to gut connection is so strong. My only problem with the app is that it’s literally listening to the same 5-10 recordings over and over, every day. As someone who practices guided meditation, I just would really appreciate if there were a few different options. I’ve tried hypnotherapy in different settings and am aware that I don’t get fully hypnotized so maybe I’m over aware of this and it could possibly not bother others but I just would love to get back into it if y’all could creat a little more variety in the hypnosis recordings. Like I said, still appreciate the app and what they’re trying to convey! Great concept and I’m glad people are combining science and traditional medicine to get new outcomes.
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2 months ago, turkfiles
A path to help manage and gain relief from IBS symptoms
This is a 6 week program that leads one on a journey, or adventure, of discovery of the causes of IBS, and provides tools for dealing with and even conquering one’s IBS. There is always someone available to answer your questions via email. They respond very quickly to your needs. As I write this at 2310 at night, 27 April 2024, I had sent a request to Nerva for some help. Within a very short period of time, Devina from Nerva responded to my question with very helpful information. Please realize that it is a positive adventure, and these journeys take time and commitment to complete successfully. Each short session is a mini-adventure into conquering your IBS issues. At the end, you can create your own adventure of maintenance and even repeat the whole six week program. It only takes 20 to 25 minutes a day out of your hectic schedule.
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1 year ago, MissingData
FINALLY Some Relief!
I bought this app reluctantly. It was more than I had ever spent on an app but, after years of struggle and spending thousands of dollars on foods, supplements and doctors, I decided to try it. 

 Before I started, my symptoms were progressing, there was less and less I could eat “safely”, going out to eat with friends often ended with me suffering symptoms for a day or two. My sleep was disrupted frequently. I knew I needed to get my Vagal nerve on line so I could switch my Sympathetic nervous system (STRESS!) off; I had been trying various things for years without success. My life was getting smaller and being uncomfortable was taking up way too much of my time.

So, I bought Nerva.

 After about 2.5 weeks of daily practice, I noticed my symptoms lessening and my sleep improving - both in terms of more deep sleep and more easily going back to sleep if I woke up. That trend has continued.

 Now, well into my 6th week, I am thinking about food much less, I have fewer symptoms, less dramatic symptoms, better ability to cope with “trigger” foods, and am consistently sleeping better.

 I’m more aware of when I am becoming stressed and use the Nerva tools to cope to calm myself down.

 And, FYI, I am completely unrelated to this company — this is just my experience. Nerva has given me back a chunk of my life and I thank them for it.
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3 years ago, polkadotfish
Tried it..and it helped
I read an article on NIH stating the success rate of hypnotherapy on IBS. While searching for somewhere to try this, I came across this app. I figured it was less than I would pay for one session with a hypnotist and decided to ty it. I do a session each morning before I get out of bed, and I am almost done with week 6. I knew my gut issues were mainly triggered by moments of high anxiety, and they were becoming worse and more frequent. This app has really helped both my mind and gut to be more calm. I noticed in other reviews that some people complained about the sessions repeating, but it hasn’t bothered me. I actually have noticed my progress this way. I wasn’t sure what the daily readings would be like, but I have gotten a lot out of them. I am really happy with the results I got from this program and it couldn’t be easier to use!
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3 weeks ago, ItsMeJahnaMarie
Great Program for IBS Sufferers.
My IBS had gotten so bad that it was causing me to have panic attacks. Since starting this program, I feel much better and more educated on what to worry about and it gave me some peace of mind. I take Imodium nearly every day and I was always afraid of the long term risks of this turning in to Crohn’s Disease or some other serious chronic condition. I’m so glad to know everything happening is normal, even if it is terrible. If I have any clients in my counseling practice with this same issue I will recommend this program. It is a great daily mindfulness practice. I cannot say my symptoms are completely gone. I still have to take Imodium most days, but I find that the Imodium doesn’t cause constipation anymore. I also really was thankful that although the program is somewhat pricey, it is a one-time purchase and not an annual subscription.
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3 years ago, ShowtimeShowstopper
Extremely well-done
I’m new to IBS but after some bad flares I started trying to attack it from all levels: Sleeping more, water only 1 hour before or after eating, plenty of water per day, low FODMAP diet, exercising more, CBD oil, adaptogens, probiotic, prebiotics, intermittent fasting, and this Nerva app. This app is very well done. I have some prior experience with hypnotherapy and know that I am open to the suggestions that come with hypnotherapy so thought I’d give it a shot. The guided sessions are very intentionally done and do so much more than just relax you. They’re really specifically curated to help you repair the gut-brain connection for IBS specifically. I’m so glad I found this app. I feel much better than before. If I could only do 1 thing out of that list it’d be NERVA. (And second would be the drinking more water and only at non-mealtimes…this also made a huge difference for me)
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2 years ago, Aubrey_3421
Life changing
I purchased Nerva subscription before a trip to Europe that’s been causing me anxiety for months. I have tried xifaxan, dietary changes (I’m not great at those), lomotil, OTC anti diarrheals, I thought “what could it hurt?”. Nerva has exceeded all of my expectations. I would not eat out at restaurants, I’d always get food to go and eat cold meals at home after the fact. I do not ride in cars with others (outside of my husband/son) because it’s triggering for me. I avoid getting nails done because I feel “stuck”. I am currently getting. A deluxe pedicure (they take longer, which even on a good day pre Nerva would have never happened ) while writing this review. I’ve got very little anxiety about being here. I have had car rides - short ones - with others and I feel more confident than I’ve felt in ages. Nerva has been truly life altering for me.
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2 weeks ago, T Nicole 773
I found this app when I didn’t know what else to do
After several doctor appointments and tests about my abdominal pain and digestive issues came back “we couldn’t find anything”, I discovered this app. And I’m so grateful that I did!!! It almost immediately helped relieve the cycle of panic every time I experienced stomach issues. It helped me connect the relationship to my brain and stomach and it’s been the guide I needed to heal. If you’re feeling helpless and stressed about your stomach, I encourage you to try this app. Doing the daily hypnotherapy made me feel less alone about what I’ve been experiencing and hopeful it could better, and it did! After the six weeks, I still go back to the app when I have stomach issues. I’m glad there’s an app like this to help navigate the frustrations of IBS and digestive problems.
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8 months ago, GratefulCatherine
Nerva customer service
I recently signed up for the Nerva free seven-day trial and provided my payment info for the regular full price cost of $149. I started using the app and felt that it would be helpful for my IBS issues. A few days after signing up at the full price I received a promotional email inviting me to sign up at 30% off. I used the customer service contact portal to ask if I could receive the discount even though I had originally accepted the offer at full price. Within 24 hours I received an email back from Anne at Nerva. She had already applied the discount and updated my subscription! Anne and Nerva provided great customer service and I am grateful for the discount. I am also happy to say that 3 weeks into the program I am already seeing positive changes in my gut issues. I am glad that I tried Nerva!
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3 months ago, NickleC
Absolutely amazing
I don’t know who needs to hear this right now, but this app has been life changing. I’ve struggled with IBS for decades, which has become more pronounced over the last 5 years. I’ve seen all kinds of doctors who haven’t done much except tell me it’s IBS…gee thanks. My newest gastro told me to check this out and I can’t believe how impactful it’s been! I am at a point where I’ll try just about ANYTHING to get my life back and I couldn’t believe that some hypnotherapy each day would be the answer I’ve been looking for. Even if symptoms don’t improve, the relaxing effect of the sessions are worth every penny. I would happily purchase this every year, it’s done more for me in less time than the thousands I’ve wasted on doctors who don’t have a clue what to do. You won’t regret it, buy this app!
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3 years ago, Lindachelita
It is challenging for me to relax especially when I am being asked to do so. I feel the pressure to accomplish something that it’s not easy for me to do. I seem to respond much better to the word CALM instead. In other hypnosis practices they use different ways to get someone to relax like going down and down the stairs. Do you have any ideas that can help me to relax? Otherwise I do like the meditation. Thanks. I continue to have a challenge with the expectation to relax. I think using another word, maybe something like, “my arms starting to soften”. Soften, soften a little...this language does not feel like pressure. Otherwise, I continue to like the content. Thanks. I do like the content of the mediation. I wish there was a different way to help people to relax. Using a different language like CALM, or SOFTEN... soften a little. This way there is no pressure or feeling like I’m not accomplishing something I’m supposed to do. But like I said the content of all the meditations are really good.
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1 week ago, Suzyzazoo
Great Treatment -Keep Calm Going!
Enjoyed this app and helped me improve my gut-mind therapy. Many of my symptoms have reduced by 70-75 %. I highly recommend this app to folks that have been diagnosed with IBS / EPI or other chronic gut diagnosis. Your mind can be trained to reduce your catastrophic thinking. This program is perfect in keeping you calm and relaxed. For best results make sure you listen every day for the entire program. It’s worth trying. It works for many people with gut-mind chronic illnesses and can help you too. Keep a positive attitude and keep going everyday. Lastly, you can continue to listen daily after your program has ended. It’s a good practice and a gentle reminder you can re-train your mind to think differently and heal your body. The best of luck and success to each and everyone of you who reads my review.
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5 months ago, Mlzk83
Never better
I have had IBS since I was in high school. I am now a 63 year old. My mother and her mother both shared this trait. I tried everything from exercise, pills, food restrictions and just starving myself. The drs all said the same thing. Try to relax. Nothing is wrong. It’s in your head. I couldn’t stand going from diarrhea to constipation and always having a sore gut. This app has helped me like nothing ever else has. I actually have normal bowel movements now. I have never before had that. I can’t believe this is so easy and works but it does. I still have some issues with dairy but other than that I am symptom free pretty much. If I feel something coming on I go and do another session. It’s been great. Highly recommend. I will do this for the rest of my days. Thank you
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4 years ago, KateNY1
Some feedback
I have PI IBS and believe a lot of my issues stem from the trauma of the original infection. So hypnotherapy might help! I haven’t noticed a change in symptoms yet, but I love the recordings. The visuals are great and I find myself returning to them mentally throughout the day. The voices are soothing. (I actually prefer the original Australian but the British is nice too. American next?) I want to read more articles on hypnotherapy. I don’t know if I am successfully entering a hypnotic state. The meditation is good anyway. I admit I haven’t used it every day, more like a few times a week. Between the reading, breathing exercise, and recording, week 2 sessions are 30+ minutes long, which is a lot to set aside every day especially for someone new to this. I wish you could choose between a short or long session depending on the day. Also, I’m a planner so I would like to be able to preview later weeks.
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2 years ago, atebyb12
Helpful Yet Repetitive & Pricey
I enjoyed the first couple of weeks but the repetitiveness of the hypnotherapy sessions got to me and kept me from completing the program. I realize they have a reason for repeating sessions but it wasn’t helpful for me because I no longer looked forward to the hypnotherapy portion. It just became annoying and boring having to visualize and hear the same hypnotherapy sessions each week. I did do the readings which were insightful. The app did help as far as my symptoms now being more manageable because I am able to implement some of the techniques such as visualization and deep breathing. However, this program for me was not worth almost $70. I ended up becoming completely uninvolved after such a short time and, aside from the readings, wasted over half of the subscription (my stats are showing only 2 weeks fully completed and it dropped weekly from there as I lost interest).
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2 years ago, MaggieMustard
Great App worked quickly
I have had gut issues for years and finally got so fed up with not getting help from my gastroenterologist except for recommending drugs which I never wanted to take. So I changed my diet which helped a lot however I would have severe pain after eating. I am a therapist and I know the value of relaxation and deep breathing and practice it every day. However I had no idea that using hypnotherapy could help my stomach pain. I caught on very quickly to consciously relaxing my stomach when I was in pain and my pain issues were reduced by approximately 80% within two weeks. I feel so much more in control now of this issue and thank the physician who did the research on this and made her work available through this app. I am very grateful thank you so much!
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3 years ago, EPKinDC
Nerva app is good..if you have realistic expectations
I have IBS and reflux and have been using the Nerva app for the past month or so in conjunction with other major changes (diet, sleep, exercise, etc...). My symptoms have significantly improved (knock on wood!) during that time although I’m definitely not at a point where I can eat whatever I want. I think it’s a solid app and that it has played an important role in things getting better for me. If you use it, however, I would just be aware that you will probably have to make other changes in your life to really completely address IBS (or whatever your abdominal issue is). I would also strongly recommend doing the 5 minute breathing exercise that is an optional part of each session. Technically, the app itself is fine if a little glitchy. I would love it if they would do some kind of follow-up maintenance app.
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