Nike Run Club: Running Coach

Health & Fitness
4.8 (391.3K)
237.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Nike, Inc
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
16.0 or later
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User Reviews for Nike Run Club: Running Coach

4.77 out of 5
391.3K Ratings
7 years ago, Chels3423
Great for what I need
I've only been using this app for a couple of weeks, but it has been working wonders for me. I am not a vivid runner by any means. I started using this app to track my progress in my weight loss journey. My runs are only a mile and a half each day, for the time being, so I haven't experienced any issues that the other reviews have pointed out concerning crashes. I love the achievement section and how you are able to log miles on the sneakers you are running in. There are only two things that keep me from giving this a 5 star rating. First has to do with the music. I have plenty of music on my iTunes, but I prefer to listen to Pandora. Maybe I haven't fidgeted with the app enough, but I haven't found any way to set Pandora as my music preference. It would be nice to be able to do that. Secondly, I use the timer on my phone to track my time because I time myself running run way. Once that time is up, I turn around and run back. The problem is when my timer goes off, my workout pauses. Again, I haven't fidgeted with the app too much, so I don't know if a workout like that is available. I just don't like that my workout pauses just because my timer that isn't even part of the app goes off. Both of those are small issues that I have adjusted to, but the app would have five stars from me if those issues were not there.
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2 years ago, Morp/-/eus
Fantastic Coaching
I’m really impressed with the coaching available as part of the app. I picked up running recently and had started tracking runs in Strava. I decided to check out NRC because a friend of mine is using it and referenced it. I’m sure glad that I did! Previously I would just go out and run hard. But it’s hard to motivate for that kind of pain. I decided to try NRC’s 10k program to give me something to work toward. It has me doing speed runs, recovery runs, longer distances, etc. As a new runner, it has made running accessible and even kinda fun. My problem is with the app itself. My 10k program from Nike is a PDF and it says which “Guided Run” I should do in the app. It begs the question why isn’t the program itself in the app? Failing that I should at least be able to search the guided runs for the name provided. But, no. So that’s why 4/5 ⭐️. It seems like they could do so much more with this app too. The coach doesn’t know my pace so can only say the level of effort I should put in. But the app does! It doesn’t seem like it would have to be very sophisticated AI to customize the training plan to me. Age should be considered too. As a 50-something I’m just not going to build strength and stamina at the same rate as a younger runner. In short, I’m happy. I’m glad I’m using the app. You should definitely download it and give it a try. AND there is still a lot of opportunity for it to grow and improve.
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1 year ago, Bubba_is_bananas
Amazing app, some suggestions
I suggest that we should be able to cycle through the run colors that we have already unlocked. Leveling up through the colors is awesome, but once you are stuck at a certain one, you want to go back and experience some of the other colors again and that is not possible. I am suggesting that you should be able to pick your run color whenever you want, if you have already unlocked that one. Sometimes when I go for a run, my screen goes dark and I can’t access my run, and the only way to stop my run is to remember where the buttons are, this is a good bug to be fixed in this app. Another bug to be fixed is sometimes when I run on the treadmill, and input my run, it doubles that runs mileage on the leaderboards. On your stats you have the correct mileage, but your friends see that you ahead of what you currently are for the week, month, and year. A final suggestion would be able to see your friends full stats… all time mileage, etc. those graphs that we seen on our screen should be accessible to friends if allowed in settings. I hope someone reads this and continues to suggest these things, or someone from Nike reads this and takes my suggestions into account somehow. This is an amazing app, thanks!
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3 years ago, BeansandBananas
Great for Beginners, Not So Much for Experienced
When I began running 5 years ago, I loved the app because it motivated me to run. The guided runs were always fun and uplifting to listen to during a run. I also really liked the coaching tab that had coaching for beginners, strength building, and for racing. I started out with coaching for beginners, then went to coaching for strength, and then coaching for my first half marathon race. Fast forward five years now, and I’ve outgrown the app because they’ve taken away the coaching for racing that adapts to your runs automatically. Now the coaching is “canned”, static, and does not adjust to the runner. Also, I’d like to sync my runs to running community apps, like Strava. However, the Nike Run Club app doesn’t sync to anything which makes it hard to share my progress with friends and my local running groups. Nike Run Club doesn’t have any running clubs in my area. They are only in the biggest of cities. For this reason I gave Nike Run Club app three stars. I would be happy to give it more stars if they brought back the adaptable coaching and allowed the app to sync with other apps. It does sync to Apple Health, but Apple Health won’t easily export all the run data, like splits, intervals/laps, etc. Apple Health only exports summary run data to other apps. Nike Run Club needs to build a direct integration to popular running community apps so all the run data can be viewed and analyzed in those apps.
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2 years ago, Fanpage109
The perfect app for normal people
I initially downloaded NRC when I joined a sports team because our summer workouts required us to send a few screenshots of runs in a run tracker app. I had always hated running, but was so surprised at how easy Nike Run Club made it. I quickly found myself feeling like I could tackle an extra mile or two after the required distance, and then one day I decided to try one of the guided runs. I was shocked at how motivating it was to have someone in my ear the whole run telling me I was doing great, keep it up, they’re proud of me, etc. I got so hooked and am glad to say that 2 years later I’m training for my first half marathon (next week!) That being said, I know a lot of my friends who ran XC in high school prefer Strava, but as someone who is just getting into running as an adult, I find Nike Run Club a lot more user-friendly and easier to digest. And this app never glitches out on me, and has all of the tools I could need as a newbie runner. I had never thought of myself as athletic in any traditional sense but I appreciate how much work Nike seems to have put into making running accessible for everyone, regardless of your shape, size, or skill level (even if it is just to sell us things).
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4 years ago, emily.t2
Switching apps
I have used this app for years and have finally reached the final straw. I’m disappointed because I like the guided runs and training plans the app offers but I can no longer overlook it’s other issues. I have an Apple Watch series 3 and it is nearly impossible to sync my runs between my watch and phone. Lately any run that I start from my watch is deleted which is especially annoying with speed runs in which it is much easier to start and stop intervals from my watch. I’ve lost my running streaks because of this inability to sync and any adaptability in my training plans. When runs are started from my phone my watch fails to sync and provide useful stats throughout or after the run. As I said previously, I love that the app offers free training programs for various goals. I used one of these to train for my first half marathon. However, I do have a few gripes. I understand that incorporating Nike Training Club workouts into plans gives both apps use, but it is difficult when you already have a plan on the NTC app. It would be nice to have the option to exclude these workouts from training plans or link your current NTC workouts. It would also be super useful to allow for the training plans to be customizable. Plenty of other apps already offer this feature. Until Nike can properly track and record my runs, I’m done.
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6 months ago, AmyR1101
LOVE THIS APP… but the UI not so good
This app is amazing. I get bored most of the times while I’m trying longer runs and Coach Bennett’s cheesy jokes have managed to get me past the 8 mile mark which is pretty crazy considering 3mi was a STRUGGLE before starting NRC. However the UI itself is a little questionable. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled this app a couple times and it doesn’t mark properly runs I’ve done before and there’s no good filter system for looking through the huge catalog of runs they have available, you literally just have to scroll A-Z through every single run. Also as somebody who lives in a colder area I force myself outside for long runs and do speed runs on the treadmill, and I’ll often forget to mark a run as indoors until it’s too late and you can’t change it while in the middle of running (maybe NRC could just make a warning or something saying hey, you don’t look like you’re moving on the GPS). The Apple Watch integration is a little finicky also, maybe 40% of the time it doesn’t show stats on the watch and I wish the indoor running would let me put my phone down and just use the watch’s sensors for tracking the distance. Also I’ve used this app a lot and I’ve started to notice a lot of the messaging gets super repetitive, like I swear they use the same script for multiple runs which is a little annoying.
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10 months ago, Lukster 8
Great features small issue
I have had this app for 3 years but I’ve only started using it the past 4 months consistently. I’m these 4 months I’ve accumulated around 50 miles ran and I have become addicted to running making it even hard for me to not go on a run on rest days. I would like to point out the “run levels” because they are an awesome way to compete, track your progress, stay motivated, and to want more everyday. When you want to go on a run you can set a speed goal, a distance goal, or a timer for how long you will run. This helps for various reasons with different types of runs. The one issue I have been having with this app is that it doesn’t track my speed/distance/location as accurately as it should. I’ve noticed that sometimes when I try faster paces and take the same route I usually do I find myself running farther than I should (passing the one mile point and still having .05 miles left on the app). Also It’s the same with speed. When I try faster paces I burn my energy just to find my pace was the same as previous slower runs with the same distance even though I felt faster and more exhausted. Thank you for taking the time to read my review.
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2 years ago, LAwoman22
Perfect for novice runners
I have always been on and off athlete and after putting on much undesired covid weight, I made a promise to myself to get back in gear as soon as the gyms reopened. I did, and have been on a fitness craze, lost a good amount of weight, and decided for 2022 to set a new goal - run in a race. Starting small - signed up for a local 5K at the end of March, but knew I’d need to up my running more seriously. My son is a runner and uses Strava and another friend uses the Nike Run App, and others use watches, devices, etc. I do not have an Apple watch and no plans to get one, so I read up on best running apps. For beginners (which I consider myself running wise) the NRC was rated best, hands down. So after downloading it and using it for about six weeks, I can honestly say I love it. I love the tracking mechanisms themselves, the challenges and badges and the guided runs. I feel those have all helped motivate and challenge me - esp monitoring my pace WHILE running because it is easy to slow down and get sluggish (at least for me). Maybe I will outgrow this app one day, as another reviewer mentioned. I would love that because it meant I actually achieved some of the goals I set! Wish me luck on my race!
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6 years ago, dusjdoc
Good but need a little improvement
I love how it’s been helping me train for my first 10k! It adjusts its workout to meet me where I’m at in my running experience which is really nice. A few things I wish they’d improve on: 1. Explaining their workouts a little. For example today I needed to run 4 intervals of 400m however I just had the workout going the entire time in between. I wasn’t informed that I needed to pause the workout in between intervals so by the time I was done it looked like I only completed 1 interval. 2. There are still some glitches they need to work through. There have been multiple times when I’ve gotten on the app and gone to where my “coach” should be for my 10k training and nothing is there so all of my training has disappeared and there’s no evidence of it ever happening. Typically if I exit the app and try again 30 mins later my training will show up again. However I didn’t know that the first time it happened so I just started a whole new training plan which was a little frustrating. 3. Sometimes I’ll begin one of the scheduled workouts but when I finish it, it log it in/ appear as if I completed or even started it from the weekly overview screen. So if I want my plan to be marked as completed that day I’ll have to manually go back and add another workout simply enter in my progress from the workout I just did.
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2 years ago, GrantTG92
Try it out!
This app really is amazing. I’m one of those people where if something doesn’t really work for me, it really doesn’t work…if it works for me, it really works. This app really works for me so far. The guided runs are really helpful to reduce stress/anxiety about runs. The advice and information the coaches give fills up the time and is oftentimes humorous so it takes your mind off of the work you’re putting in a little bit. The training plans have also been really helpful for me because they make it easy to just get out and run and not really stress about planning, pace, effort, progress, etc. They get you where you need/want to go as you run. They also track a bunch of metrics for you so you don’t have to bother with keeping track of it yourself. I hope they add more training plans because the only ones I see now are the beginner plan, 5k plan and the half marathon plan. I would love to see training programs for 10k, running fast miles, marathons etc. Hopefully that’s in the works. Still, at the very least, I would recommend everyone try out this app. It’s at least worth the shot and a few weeks of running to see if it’s for you. Oh, and it’s completely free.
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2 years ago, Slim_480
NRC really helps
I used to be a runner back in my high school days and don’t we all wish we could be back to those speeds lol. Anyways I was told by my doctor that I was getting up there in weight (‘6”6” 260 lbs). Granted that’s not heavy but I have a small / medium bone structure and my BMI hit over 30. I thought I was doing pretty well and carried the weight well…I stated this to my wife and she tried to kindly disagree. She didn’t call me fat but said I didn’t carry it as well as I thought…that stung. With my schedule I knew working out hours a day was not how I am wired so I went back to running. I was running about 3 times a week in May but hurt my meniscus and was out 6-8 weeks. Anyways I recover and really try hard starting August 1 and has this app been one heck of a helper/motivator. I have watched my average mile drop almost 3 minutes!! I can check all my routes from all my runs. I love the challenges that I can do and see how I compare to everyone else. I know it’s my journey but I’m competitive lol. This app has been a great tool and helped me in my journey. I even got my wife to join!! I’m sure there’s things that can be improved but right now I’m very happy with this app and recommend it!!
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Best running app I’ve used.
I’m younger and started running track a couple years ago I was a sprinter and a hurdler. I used to joke that anything over 400m scared me and that I couldn’t run more than a mile. When Covid happened I was very serious about not getting sick so I opted out of the track season. I started running in my neighborhood and after using several apps I found NRC is the only running app I’ve used that offers it all without me having to pay loads of money. I am not subscribed to it or anything, but I still get all the guided runs and coaching. It’s a really amazing app. I love the Community and the feeling of being apart of something. NRC has given me a lot of confidence in my running. I am not as consistent as I would like to be (school and such) so I haven’t ran over 3 miles yet. Running is a learning experience. This app is really, overall, great. If you happen to stumble across my review and are still debating on getting it I’d say: download it, use it for a couple weeks, if you happen to absolutely hate it you can always delete the app. Anyway I never write reviews, ever, but this app is a lot of fun to be apart of so I figured I’d show it some love.
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4 years ago, No Nickname, very sorry
Update after update Nike is adding useless features yet they still can’t make this app work properly on an Apple Watch. Ridiculous that this app is still an “Editors Choice” to boot when it’s just simply NOT WORKING! Same annoying problems as months ago when I last used it. Not synchronizing with my iPhone so my runs are lost, ending the tracking of a run in the middle of it, stopping and restarting the tracking of a run in the middle of it for no reason, not responding when trying to stop a run upon completion... Yes, it’s still complete and hopeless garbage. I’m amazed that so many other users seem to have similar problems yet the developers of this app still can’t find their way out of a paper bag and have it work properly on an Apple Watch. I’m also surprised that this app gets decent reviews. Are all those positive reviews fake? Come on, if it’s not synchronizing with your iPhone and you’re loosing the data relating to your runs, it’s just not working and it deserves ZERO stars, not even one star. Fortunately, I also rely on my Apple Workouts app so I can still track my activities even when the Nike Run app malfunctions. Given that the Apple Workout app has gotten better over time in terms of the features and analytics it offers, and is stable as a rock, I’m going to switch completely to it. No more frustration in dealing with this ridiculous piece of Nike garbage and, big bonus, I’m going to be freeing up 700MB of storage space.
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4 years ago, JRB/CJ
Love it!
I started running exactly a month ago and I’m starting to run every night, I used to be someone that hated running and one day I told my friend that I wanted to workout with him because I’m working to be a QB and he said are you down to run 2 and a half miles and I said yes but in reality I was not. I tried and I only ran .43 before stopping and I couldn’t breathe at all but now I can run 6 miles with no stopping and I run every night and usually run 5 miles every night. My friend admitted to me the other night that after that day he thought he would never run with me again, he said he thought I didn’t push myself hard enough which is VERY true. Now every night I get to 5 miles and I want to go another mile and I get to 6 and I want to run another. I have had one problem with the app which is that the map screws up and it’s not as accurate but still close. I may not be the fastest runner and my pace is not the best but I’m getting better. I share this not to brag but to push others to be their best and get better because trust me I know it gets hard but you will one day be the person you want to be. This app has helped me so much on my running journey and is my favorite app.
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4 years ago, ShawnC22002
Great app, but lots of glitches
I would gladly give this app 5 stars, if it weren’t for the numerous glitches and anomalies that it has. Overall I have always been happy with this app. I love the features, the guided runs, the integration with Apple Watch, the coach, etc. However, I feel like I am constantly dealing with synching issues in one way or another. For example, I am using the coach to train for a marathon. I always start the runs directly from the coach screen, and complete them, and mark them for the appropriate workout in the coach schedule. But once in a while after doing that, the next time I open the app it will show that workout as incomplete. There is no good way to fix this - and it most recently happened on a benchmark run that is supposed to be used by the app to set your schedule going forward. I contacted tech support - which is another great thing about Nike - I’ve always been able to get ahold of a person for support. But she pretty much told me this was a glitch and she couldn’t fix it, and had no guarantee if it would get fixed by someone in a different department. I also had an issue with runs not synching from my watch. Had to uninstall and reinstall the app on my phone. This type of thing happens a lot and can be frustrating when using these features. Other than that, great app.
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3 years ago, TH1sSucks
Good app.. few glitches.
Update 7/8: Still a good app but I the distance calculations has been off quite a bit. I haven’t been shorted a mile on multiple runs. The app is tracking the distance but not calculating correctly, shorting me on my goals through the app. Please fix. I have completed a 10K run thanks to this app and would and do recommend it to people. Updated 2/1 I’ve began to follow a running plan. Having an actual plan/coach on this app would be great vs. having to follow a PDF then find the correlating run. Also, the app has continuously crashed on me during my indoor runs. It’s not logging any of my runs when done inside. This is becoming very frustrating. I've enjoyed this app thoroughly. Ive recently started running again after multiple years of surgeries and injuries. have passed milestones for myself with this app! I've even considered trying a 10k. So thank you. Unfortunately there have been a few occasions when I've been running on the treadmill that the app crahses and doesn't log my run, which is really frustrating and unmotivating. Minus that the coaches are great and I like the different options to mix things up. If the glitches and not logging could be fixed this would be perfect.
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5 years ago, Share16
Last Run Not Syncing to Account After IO13.1.1 Update
I’ve used the Nike+ when it was a sensor on my shoe in 2009. Now, I’ve upgraded to the Apple 3 watch and iPhone8. The NRC app has worked well over the years and haven’t had any problems with the latest app upgrade. However, I’m have difficulties with my last run syncing to my phone and watch. I’m wondering if anyone is experiencing the same problem after the latest updates for Apple. My NRC phone and watch apps have my last run on Wednesday for 5 miles. I performed the OS update on Friday for my phone and watch. Saturday, I ran 9.30 miles with my watch. The app was working fine and recorded my run details and heart beat. I closed my watch rings for Move and Exercise and it recorded my run with NRC on my workout log. I tried to sync the run with my phone and nothing updated expect the update time. I’ve tried rebooting each device, deleting and adding the app, and checking the settings. Nothing seems to work. I’m glad my phone’s Health and watch Activity apps recorded my run. But I’m missing out on completing my Weekly NRC Challenge and record of my run. I hope it gets resolved soon since I have a half marathon coming up and would like to use my watch and not my phone on my race. Thank you for your time.
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4 years ago, ARebelWookie
Finally found the perfect running app!!
NRC is the perfect companion to someone who struggles to get out and go run; the support Coach Bennett offers through the guided runs is just what I’ve been searching for. I’ve previously used both MapMyRun and Runtastic and the “coaching” provided by both doesn’t amount to much more than telling you your splits, distance, and when the pace changes on intervals. It’s done by a computer generated voice and just doesn’t have the real person connection. Coach Bennett will relate to you and motivate every step of the way while not being overbearing and in your ear the whole time. There are minutes set aside during every run where it’s just you, the music, and the run. It gives you time to reflect on what Coach has said let’s you focus in on what you are doing. The last thing I’ll mention are companion playlists, while most of the songs are some form of pop or pop/Rock they are upbeat and provide a nice soundtrack to run to. Even for me who isn’t a big pop fan, I’ve added a few songs to my personal library thanks to NRC. So, if you’re like me and struggle to find motivation to get out and get going, give NRC a try and hopefully you find it as great as I do.
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4 years ago, Bsbdhshshahahahsbs
I’ve never left a review before but this app changed my life
I’ve never been a runner. Was feeling out of shape and sluggish and stir crazy at the start of quarantine in March, decided to download Nike Running and try getting into running. I am naturally thin and athletic, but at this point in time I was really out of shape and would get extremely winded, to the point of hyperventilating / chest pain after running for just 1 minute straight. I started out with the guided runs, starting with the first interval run - 1min on, 1min off, 8x. I found coach Bennett’s audio recordings helpful, insightful, and just the right amount of distracting to keep me centered in the run, but not TOO aware of the effort I was having to put in. I love that you can play music in the background of the audio for the guided runs. At the beginning, I needed the guided audio to distract me from my effort level. Now it’s been almost 6 months, I no longer need the audio but I still use it about 3x a week. I’ve logged over 400 miles in the app over the past 6 months ! I ran 10 miles the other day, and I’ve now run 7 miles straight without stopping. I’ve never been in better shape. This app changed my life for the better :)
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5 years ago, SmellyGash
Pretty good, but minor bugs
I’ve been running since middle school and I always used Running2Win to log my runs, but since that site is a bit clunky and the app is garbage, I figured I’d try this one out. Since I’ve been using it, I’ve fallen in love with the UI and how easy the app is to use. The workouts from the “My Coach” seem a bit easy, so I do my own and just substitute them, but otherwise the runs are great. I especially like the guided runs because it actually feels like someone is beside me and running with me, which is always a nice feeling when running alone when back from school. However, this app is not without some minor bugs, most notably in the guided runs themselves. For whatever reason and on multiple occasions, the guided run will simply stop and stay frozen at a certain time (usually 4’37” when I use it). While it could be written off as a problem deriving from another issue, I have an XS so it definitely shouldn’t be a hardware issue. Like I said, I really like the guided runs, but when they stop 4 minutes in, it gets a little annoying. Otherwise, pretty great app that I would recommend to people just getting into running or seasoned runners looking for an easy way to log runs (and keep track of shoe mileage)!
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6 years ago, colorpointgfx
It’s getting better
I love running, I believe in what Nike stood for, from its humble beginnings until now. A run is about being just a little bit better then you were the day before, it’s about freedom. About leaving stress, or the things that “bog” you down behind. At least for that little bit of time you’re running. I feel like those statements also hold true for this app. The app is better then it was, and I believe it will continue to be better. In the future however I want to see the interface be more intuitive, less “bogged” down. I want the freedom of what a run feels like to translate into this app. I love the coach runs, I love the podcasts with coach Bennet. I love the challenges. Running is about the individual and as soon as I log Into this app the center of it all should be about me/ the individual. Then secondly: intuitively be more apart of my friends running. One example is, I would like to see their run color, and be more interactive with them (I do like the “cheering on”) and their trophy’s. Also I definitely want to see the run club be more local. Or be able to set up a run club meet locally through the app. I have a love hate relationship with this app, I have a billion ideas for this thing, but totally have faith that they will get it right. That it will be better tomorrow then it is today.
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5 years ago, 59TX
GPS distance us broken starting in v6.2
I am a four year user of this app and I use it only on the iPhone (currently iPhone XS on iOS 13.2) not the Apple Watch. Starting with the update to version 6.2, the app has been recording dramatically longer distances than reality. I run the same routes frequently, and I have been recording runs with NRC, Strava, Endomondo, and RunGo over the years, and I know exactly how long each neighborhood route I run is. NRC is now recording tracks that are approximately 15% to 20% too long. An 8.5 km route this morning got recorded as 10.1 km by NRC. This weekend, I ran 21.1 km (not in a race) and NRC recorded 24.3 km. This completely destroys my pace calculations and I’m sure is not helping my NRC marathon training plan to adjust properly. My other trackers do not have this problem. When I look at the NRC GPS tracks, they are crazy jagged, looking like I am crossing the street back and forth every few meters, running into the middle of a house and back out to the street, etc. On all my other trackers, I can tell the side of the street I was on, and the tracks are nice and smooth. If I run down the sidewalk, the GPS track looks like I’m running down the sidewalk. With NRC it’s like every GPS datapoint can be randomly 5 to 10 meters off from my real location and it makes me look like I was staggering drunk. This all began with the upgrade to 6.2. Please fix ASAP.
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7 years ago, mkral
Still the best running app, but the old version was better
This is still my favorite running app, by far. The old version of the app was still slightly better for me though. Nike fixed the issue with controlling music & the app from the headphone controls, which was my biggest pet peeve (this worked fine in older versions of the app, but was broken when the app went to version 4. The only remaining issue for me is that the app doesn’t handle music correctly if you are listening to another audio source before a run. I like to listen to audio books & podcasts in the car (I use the audible and downcast apps, not the official apple ones, maybe that’s part of the issue, I don’t know), but even though my music choice for the run is set to an iTunes playlist, it continues to play the audiobook/ podcast I was listening to in the car. The old versions (up to 3.x) handled this correctly, starting the iTunes playlist as soon as the run started. Not a complete deal killer, but it sure would be nice if they fixed that. Aside from that issue, it’s a great app. I’ve been using it since 2006 (when it only worked on the iPod nano, and it still works great for my needs.
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1 year ago, supportive steve
I just did it !!!!
I have been running for a couple years now and I owe it all to this app. Before I started using it the only reason I could think to run was from zombies. So you can imagine how often I did. The guided runs are amazing. I am personally a huge fan of the mindful runs and the speed runs, but I have yet to come across one that I would not come back to. I have run thousands of miles at this point and have trained for half marathons and full marathons using the app. The progress monitoring and data are amazing. I love being able to watch my progress on every run and there is even a section to note what the weather was like what the terrain was and even a space for notes. This is really handy when you crush a goal and a few months passes and you are trying to figure out how you were able to get that amazing time on a 5K only to realize it was on your vacation in Florida on a sixty degree morning. ( Florida is really flat). Anyways, If you want a great running buddy you can always count on that will remember and remind you how awesome you are this is the app for you. Have fun and. “Thank you for running”
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1 year ago, Day2882828
Great if your new to running
I started running last year from literally ground 0. I knew nothing about form or speeds or times or anything. I wasn’t consistent (still working on that) but my mile time went from 17 minutes to my PB currently sitting at 12:45ish. I started because I’ve always sucked at running and wanted to prove myself wrong and it really has helped. This year I’m running a 10k using the plan they have. The guided runs are my favorite specifically with coach Bennett. I wish there was a 10k plan with the guided runs already together but it seems like it’s the only one that doesn’t have one (5K half and full marathons have one I believe). You can still do the guided runs you just have to search for each one every day. This isn’t super convenient because there’s no search option you have to literally scroll through them and find it, they are in abc order but sometimes things are still hard to find because the names are always exactly the same. Other than that 10/10 highly recommend. It’s easy intuitive and a great way to get into the sport
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6 years ago, GeesMel
Can’t use My Coach on Apple Watch without lugging phone around on runs
I am very disappointed with my first experiences with Nike+. I just purchased an Apple Watch for the sole purpose of tracking my runs through the MapMyRun app training plans. The Apple Watch didn’t support using the training plans with the watch alone so I decided to give Nike+ a try assuming it would work seamlessly on the Apple Watch given that Nike is even part of the name of the Watch. I’ve been very disappointed. First, moving from MapMyRun to Nike+ means loosing over 1300 miles of runs tracked on MapMyRun. This is super disappointing to have to start brand new with a new app and not be able to transfer past workouts over. Second, I love MapMyRun’s training plan but I was willing to give Nike+ My Coach a try. The feature seems great BUT I cannot use My Coach without bringing my big bulky phone along on runs with me. This is a huge development oversight on the part of Nike. The entire reason I forked out $477 for a Watch was to be able to leave my phone at home. If you are a serious runner you are using My Coach and running at speed a and distances that are not conducive to lugging around a bulky phone with you. For this reason alone I drop my rating of Nike+ from 5 to 3 stars. I’d love to love the app if you corrected these issues.
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5 years ago, countrywriter
Great but disappointing
I love Nike’s coaching program which helps me train for my half marathon. But there are two things I’m not happy about. One is a glitch and the other was a flaw in how they decided to count the interval sprints. First the glitch is that the runs don’t actually apply to the run on that day even though you hit start from the coach section on that day. Instead the next week when it asks you if you want to adapt your plan in accordance with your level, it asks you to apply the runs to a day but they don’t belong on that week, they belong on the week prior but you no longer have access to that week to properly do so. The design flaw: used to when you had HIIT days where you ran 7 200 meter sprints with 2:45 minute breaks (for example), you hit “pause” after you completed the interval and it started counting your break time so you knew exactly when you needed to start again. It no longer does that. Instead you have to hit “lap” to count the interval and stop the distance tracking for that one interval and then hit pause so it won’t start tracking the next interval. It doesn’t count during your break and the phones time doesn’t always show at the top so you can’t keep track of that very well. Very poorly thought out. Please go back!
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2 years ago, Mhudetz
Great potential, but held back by bugs and poor audio guides
I’ve been using this app before it was called Nike Run Club. I love it and it’s part of my daily routine. That being said there are some serious problems with the app that have sprung up. The Facebook cheers feature which many people have actively reported as not working still hasn’t been fixed after years of not working. But that’s not my major problem with the app. The guided runs usually involve this guy called “Nike Global Head Coach Bennet.” I don’t think Nike could have picked a worse person for this job. His voice sounds like a high schooler trying his best to sound like a cool adult, and he is constantly speaking in this strange cadence and trying to deepen his voice to sound more inspirational. He says the most scripted, cheesy, lame uninspiring things completely taking me out of the zone. All this “you’re awesome, you’re already so great, and you’re getting better with every step you take” gets old really fast and is no way to motivate you to get better. If I’m already awesome why am I running? Please Nike, get us a mature, intelligent and charismatic guide to get us through our runs. Something actually inspiring and epic, not this drab, monotone mess. (Sorry Bennet.) You know who was awesome? Eliud. That voice and run was amazing, UNTIL coach Bennet had to come in and say something pointless. Ugh I’m done.
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4 years ago, Whitney Lar
Only One Major Complaint
I love Nike Run Club! It gives really cool insights of my pace throughout the run! The ONLY thing I really dislike about it is that it doesn’t tell you the distance you’ve gone while your running. You have to pause it in order to figure that out. When I go on runs I want to go a specific distance, but when I can’t see how far I’ve gone while I’m running. I find it really frustrating. I’ve stopped using the app only because it doesn’t tell me how far I run while I’m running. Especially when I’m going on specific runs, such as 2 mile tempo runs, mile, and longer runs like 5-6 miles. I need to know how far I’m going without having to stop my watch. If there is anyway to have more customizable options or if you could just put the distance instead of heart rate or calories that would be really helpful. It’s nice to know that information too, but info like calories and heart rate really are not vital when I’m going on a run. Please consider changing this, because I love all the insights NRC offers, but I can’t use the app if it won’t show me how far I’m running without pausing it. I would give five stars for the app function itself, I just need the distance to show while I’m running. Thank you so much! I hope you can consider this!
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6 years ago, AbbyH96
Well... may have to use something else
I’ve been using this app for 2 years now. I got the new update yesterday. This morning, my run outside showed up like it does when you run on a treadmill. It didn’t use the GPS at all. I’ve double checked all my settings, both location services and in the NRC app, to make sure they were fine. If anyone knows how to fix this, I would appreciate it. This is the main thing that may cause me to switch apps. A review that I have been procrastinating on for a while has to do with the coach portion of the app. When I started using the app, to set up a program, you had 3 options. I don’t remember the exact options, but something like build up to race, keep your pace, and crush your pr. I would like to see these options again, because any my coach workouts I set up don’t push my pace as much as I would like them too. The tempo run of slowly increasing your pace with each mile has disappeared and it was one of my favorite workouts. I would also like to see an option where the schedule doesn’t adapt to you. I am just one of those runners who needs a solid schedule that doesn’t change if I have to miss a run. All that being said, I don’t have an Apple Watch to comment on that portion. I have loved this app and will continue to use it if the map portion gets fixed.
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4 years ago, samanthaosorio
I started using Nike Run to track my progress and it does just that. You input you goal, for example 2 miles, and while you’re running the app will keep you updated on each benchmark. On a 2 mile run the app will lower my music playing and tell me i’m halfway through meeting me goal! It’ll say i’ve reached 1 mile, my pace, and how much i have left to go. It’s very motivating and helpful. You can also play your own music from Apple Music directly on the app. Once you finish you’re run, it’ll give you all of the diagnostics. Your average pace, your elevation, your distance. This app has helped me keep track of all of my runs this past month and it’s great. Either i’m not too tech savvy or it doesn’t have the feature but i’d love to be able to use it on my apple watch and not bring my phone on my runs. If it does have this feature, let me know! Also, there’s been 2 or 3 times i’ve clicked the start to track my run and a mile in i’ll realize it hasn’t tracked anything although it says it’s tracking. Could be a problem on my end but other than that, great app. Appreciate the motivation & thought.
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6 months ago, joda44
Wish the Apple Integration was Better
As much as Nike and Apple have tied themselves to each other I am kind of surprised that the integration is as weak as it is. Example, why do runs done through the Apple Fitness or native Apple Watch app not show up on Nike? Garmin and Polar can write to Nike Run, why can’t Apple Health? Also, why doesn’t Nike provide map data or other data? It seems like it provides minimal data. Just seems strange because it definitely appears Apple and Nike are partners. I feel this limits the app in some ways. The biggest limitation comes in the form of just starting a non coached run. Some of us aren’t beginners and we don’t need to be told how awesome we are just for putting one foot in front of the other. We also don’t need to be patronized by some privileged athletes/coaches and their tribulations at Olympic trials. So some of us just want to start a run with our music and run our 8 to minute mile pace without constant rah rah rah and dad jokes. But without the integration between apps, might as well just use the native run app on the watch. So I love the app if I need to remember some coaching tips. Love it if I need a guest Olympian coach pretend they can relate to me. But for regular running? Just use the native app.
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4 years ago, aubrydan
No more/very limited “plans”
This was an amazing feature. Even though I don’t use the app regularly, I’ve convinced several of my friends and family to use this app because of the ability to customize a plan with you’re age, weight, height, current ability and the adaptive nature of the running programs you had to chose from. You could put in a particular race date and the app would help you reach your goal by using the workouts you completed and change as you went along. There were even “getting started” plans that were only 4wks and other options of you’re just getting started. I was about to do one of the getting started plans since a race I was going to do got canceled due to COVID. But unfortunately, this morning I saw none of them were available anymore! Now you have to click on a link to get to the Nike website to get to a limited supply of programs now for 5K, 10K, half marathon, and marathon and the amount of weeks is already set. Not nearly as adaptive or convenient. I’m extremely disappointed. This was the feature I liked the most on this app. I’d even pay for it if I could! But there is no such option. I spent the past hour just trying to find a comparable app or even if I’d be able to download the old version but it is it possible. Please please please bring this feature back and I’d gladly give a 5 star review!!!!
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3 years ago, JoeJumps4Fun
I have been using NRC off and on over the years to record my runs. I recently got back on it and have really been revving up my running discipline. I saw the “Run 7 times in a week” streak achievement and decided to give it a shot, running 2 miles a day from Sunday to Saturday. Well, I just finished my final 2 mile run for the week and it didn’t reward me the achievement. At least I know I did it but I’m quite disappointed the app doesn’t recognize my accomplishment. The app is lacking in several other useful features. For example, it would be nice if I could set it to stop recording the run at the completion of the distance I put in instead of me having to manually remove my phone and queue it up to manually stop it when I’m done running. It would also be nice to specify certain distances or times for a beep or recording to prompt me where I am within my run. I don’t care if I’m “halfway there” sometimes—just tell me when I have half or quarter of a mile left so I can gun it out. There are many more features that could make this app 5-stars in my opinion but without these, it’s just good to record your runs and get coaching, which I don’t really use all that much.
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1 year ago, stu.v
LOVE LOVE LOVEEE this app!!!
i’m so thankful i found this app. i heard about it from tiktok about a year ago and have been using it since. i genuinely used to hate running; and it was because i would never know how to properly train. when i got this app, i started the “get started” guided runs. BEST. DECISION. EVER!! it led me through a progression of getting in the groove of running more often and with more effort, also helping me fall in love with running! coach bennett has helped me so much. i know i’m running by myself but it helps a lot to hear his voice motivating and encouraging me; almost like having a digital run buddy! but at the same time, he pushes me just as a coach does! some days, when i just want to run to blow off steam and don’t feel like hearing a guided run, i just do an open run with a goal distance and try my best to hit the goal! i also love the challenges and how you can choose a realistic goal for yourself starting with something as simple as 3 miles a week. overall, i love how many options there are on this app and how it continues to challenge and motivate me. :)
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6 years ago, MissChelle628
Great tracker but annoyed with guided runs
I’ve been a loyal Nike+ member forever. I run for the joy of it (and to crush a few races) so I’m not as picky as the most hard-core, Garmin-loving runners out there. I had to take some time off due to injury and recently discovered the guided run. I’ve done several and they’re amazing (def try the headspace), but for me there’s a fatal flaw. Once the guided run is over, the tracker stops, which is a complete fail on 2 accounts: First, any runner knows that you don’t stop at 5.87 miles. And even if I go to six, it doesn’t count unless my watch says so. Plus, what if I was having an awesome run and wanted to keep going? Or I planned an hour run but the longest headspace is 50 min? Or what if I planned 4 miles but i ran slow and my guide cut out at 35 min? I track my shoe mileage, so all of those 0.13 miles will start to add up. (Doesn’t Nike want me to buy more shoes?) Second, it stops your music too. I generally go a little longer to cool down and it’s annoying to have to actually stop running and turn my music back on. If the tracker/music kept running after the guide stopped, this would be nearly perfect -especially on long or difficult runs. Please, Nike!!!!
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3 years ago, wincylau
So frustrating to not have my runs reflected in my move goal
I have an Apple Watch series 3 that I wear religiously and I’ve been using the NRC app for almost two years. A few months ago I noticed that sometimes after my run, the calories logged in NRC weren’t accurately reflected in my move goal even though the run as a workout was available. It’s like when I finished my run, it wouldn’t sync to my activity app completely and I’ve been trying to investigate it ever since it first started. I can see my move goal increment during my run but sometimes after I finish my run, the completed run won’t be communicated to my watch and the last portion of my run ends up not being recorded into my move calories for the day. I’ve looked extensively in data sources and for the runs that have issues, it says no data available so it’s definitely an issue on the app side and not my watch/activity app. It’s incredibly frustrating to not be able to accurately count my movement for the day especially since I’m very data centric when it comes to my fitness and nutrition. I love NRC and I have over 1500 miles recorded in it, but if NRC doesn’t come up with an update to fix this, I’m leaving the app for good.
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5 years ago, LolosMom
Great app when it works
I really want to like this app. I’ve used Nike for tracking for over a decade. For the occasional runner it’s amazing. However, I’m now training for races and find it unreliable. I’ve been using their “coach” plan to train for a marathon. Every time the plan wants me to use Nike’s training app as part of the plan it doesn’t sync and makes me update the NRC app. The app says it’s updated so I have to delete from my phone then reinstall. This has happened 4 times. This last time the update deleted my plan ENTIRELY. My run data is still there but the plan is gone and I can’t set up a new plan because my race is only 6 weeks away. I also find the Apple Watch app insufficient as I can’t begin a coach run from my plan in my watch. So if running intervals, I have to hold my phone in my hand and pause it manually when I see I’ve hit the distance, (200 meters etc). It will not appear on my watch. If I try to set a distance from the watch to match my plan and assign later, the plus and minus buttons move the distance at random distance and I can’t set it at exactly 10 miles for example. In summery the coach feature is awesome in theory and incredibly frustrating in practice. For everything else I find it to be a great tool.
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5 years ago, cameron anne
ok so this app is THE BEST app i’ve ever downloaded and honestly changed my life. i’ve been using this app for a month now and let me tell you i keep discovering new features and have yet to find a SINGLE FLAW. the app is super easy to use, and has a ton of extra features i’m sure you didn’t know you needed. it has lots of motivating factors, such as the run levels, which are a great initiative to keep going on regular runs. everyone loves to level up right? the guided runs (narrated by coach bennett my king) make it super easy to start and finish runs, with coach bennett cheering you on (and sometimes andy my other main man) and with the predetermined distance or duration, you know what to expect. you can also join in weekly or monthly challenges with the whole nike run club community and the in app shopping feature makes it easy to find and purchase shoes and other gear. i highly HIGHLY recommend this app if ur starting to run more seriously or just looking for a good tracking app for ur runs. GET THIS APP it’ll blow you away with all its extra features, layout, and accessibility. 10/10!!!
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3 months ago, Lyndsi_in_Italy
Solid App, but needs work
Overall, I like the app. However, the past few months I’ve had consistent issues with it. I’ve had to delete/redownload it several times to see if that fixes the problems. I can see a new version was released to address some of the issues recently. I really hate having to redo all my settings because for some reason, the app deletes all that information. One day the app works great with my Apple Watch, the next day, I have to stop my run because the app is functioning differently than the day before. I was supposed to do a 7 mile run yesterday but during the first mile, it said my run was halfway over. It seems like the issues are more consistent recently and maybe their technical teams are not QAing properly before a release of a newer version. Also, I hate how the interval non-guided runs have zero talking. Just because I don’t want the constant interruptions of whatever coach, doesn’t mean that I don’t want the normal voice over telling me how far I’ve run. I think it would be helpful to have some kind of interval setting within the app rather than just silence. This way, I won’t be forced to use another app during the interval runs.
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5 years ago, cm6581
App crashing
Been using Nike Plus Run for 4-5 years. In the past it has been a reliable app. Others will have more functionality to them or cooler graphics and stats, but where Nike always excelled was in its reliability. Always opened, always worked, never failed. Until recently that is. When running iOS 13 and having the latest version of the app the time it takes from when you hit stop at the end of a run until the run loaded up got longer. Like almost 10 seconds long. Long enough to wonder if it was going to capture the run. But it would capture it. But not today. I’m training for a half marathon in three weeks and today I pushed myself to run 13.1 miles to make sure I could do it. I felt fast, I felt healthy and I couldn’t wait for the end to see what my splits were and to share the results with my wife and some friends. I hit the “stop” run button and waited. And waited and waited and waited. Finally after 15 seconds or so I looked down and the app had crashed. When I opened it up again none of my current run data was there. Like the run had existed only in head. Extremely frustrating. Reliability was always something Nike had going for it and today even that failed
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6 years ago, Jonny Runner
Basic functionality requests.
This app and Apple Watch would be perfect if they were just a little more user friendly. I actually want to give this more stars but the squeaky wheel gets the grease. Here are my 2 recommendations 1) Please show cumulative times next to splits in the post run analysis. Garmin does this and it is awesome! 2) Please make an easier way to instantly pause the clock. This could be an Apple issue but if there is anyway to add some functionality to the app so that the buttons on the side of the watch can control the timer users would be very happy. With a touch screen swiping, double tapping, or waiting 2 seconds are just not practical ways to stop a clock when you’re on a serious run. Most runners try not to stop at all but if you are in an urban environment cars and people appear out of nowhere and require a little skilled time management. GPS is also far from perfect so if doing a time trial on a track it is nice to focus on finishing the run at the finish line and knowing your time rather than trying get the touch screen to work properly. If any Nike app developers read this please understand that little convinces like this make a world of difference for runners. It just seems silly that we can still get more accuracy out of a $30 dollar stop watch than a GPS enabled smart watch. Please focus on the basics first.
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4 years ago, ElCarlosian
Almost perfect and excellent for beginners!!
I always hated running 🏃 outside specially on roads but due to Covid-19 and the gyms being closed, I had to get my cardio somehow. I bought myself an Apple Watch ⌚️ series 5 Nike Edition not to brag 😅but I got it as a fitness motivator since I like to keep track of data to see improvements. After I set up the Nike Run Club app and a nice pair of Nike running sneakers 👟 I found myself wanting to run more and more. The coach is awesome it definitely helps with motivation specially if you’re a beginner. The tools you have in the app like the challenges are a great way to keep you from reaching your goals. The data is very detailed from heart rate to the pace of the run and of course the distance among other things. NOTE AND CAUTION: The only reason of why I gave it a 4 stars ⭐️ instead of 5 is because if by mistake you stop the current run on your watch and begin another, you can’t sync the two runs together. If you edit the info on a run manually like the miles or the time and you’re doing a challenge like the 15K it won’t count towards it. Other than that it’s great 👍🏼 highly recommended for beginners.
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1 year ago, Driver Sara
Please fix error
I have been using this app to train for my half marathon and overall am very happy and appreciative for the coaching and motivation it has provided me. I have removed stars because of an error in the guided runs… I’m currently on 4 weeks to go and the speed runs have not been keeping accurate track of my ex er use time or mileage. For example, today’s speed run was 41 mins long, but during each rest period where I slow down to my recovery pace, it does not track the miles I’m running in that time nor the time itself. So it was logged in the app that I did only a 30 min workout and ran 1 mile less than I did. Over days this is amounting to quite a few miles not logged every month. I’m very annoyed by this error, enough that it warrants more than one star removed. There is one other thing that annoys me and it’s that a couple of the coaches (like the British male coach) interrupts my run waaaay too frequently that I can barely get into the rhythm of my music. He interjects 3-5 times during a single 5 min interval and it’s so much that I nearly do want to quit the workout and just run to my music. Please remove a few of these excessive interruptions.
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1 year ago, Free Clinic Doc
we must be using different apps
On my iphone the screen gets stuck any time i select a friend or someone on the leader board in a challenge. i have to force close the app because there is no way to back out. I cant see anyone else’s runs and there is no option to communicate via text with anyone. I cant play pandora music while i run and quite frankly this priduct has far less capabilities than apple plus runs or map my run. I’m certain i’m missing something from a highly rated app. I got this for a work challenge but i’m not going to keep it if this is all there is. i joined a new runner program but i dont get credit for any runs outside the program but still withon the app and if i were to do a guided run and want to run longer for my challenge group there is no mechanism to turn on other music and so i’m running quietly. Also the interaction with my javra headphones is such that i can answer calls but i cant hear anyone and they cant hear me so they hang up. This is not good if you take call for work. Overall disappointed. the running plans are a nice idea that I like and would like to have as the coaching is good but i’m not getting any feedback during like i would with apple fitness plus.
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5 years ago, mrcran
Not worth to train for any run.
I don’t know why I keep giving Nike the benefit of the doubt thinking that this app will be improved after every update. It has not improved. My reason is because considering that this is a run TRAINING app, it’s coaching feature is worthless. I started the coach feature and chose the marathon, and my first 2 week experience has been horrible. There’s no way to start a training day through your Apple Watch, always you have to start it with your phone. After that, nothing shows up on your watch, you have to open the app on your watch to start syncing with your phone after starting it on your phone. After I ended a run, it never showed up that the run was even completed, I then have to manually enter it in through the activity page. Why does anybody have to take so many steps to make this feature work when it should only take 2 buttons to start and complete the task. I called it quits when I had to do a 4x400 sprint interval workout. No syncing on the watch so apparently Nike wants you to check your heart rate and progress while your phone sits in your sleeve or pocket. For anyone that wants to train, either experienced or beginner, I’m begging you, stay away from this app. You will have a less frustrating experience by getting tips from someone who doesn’t run.
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2 years ago, Shay51685
Needs improvements
Update: absolutely hate the new format of the run plans. It used to allow you to use your Apple Watch runs towards your training plans in the app and now it does not give you that option, so even though I have done the runs from my Nike app on my Apple Watch it still looks like I haven’t done any runs towards my plan. I wish it would go back to the old way they had their plans. It was much easier. Still at 2 star rating until it changes. Still the best running app I’ve used but it’s only so-so now. Almost heading the direction of trying something new. Update: since you removed the training plan feature from the app which was my favorite feature I am removing 3 stars and giving it a 2 star review. It was the best feature you had and I utilized it all the time to keep myself in check with my progress and training for runs. When you bring that feature back to the app I will change my review back to 5 stars. I’ve used plenty of run apps before but this one is by far the best one I’ve ever used. I absolutely love this app. I love to run and this app has me very motivated to train and to keep me on track of my exercise. I’ll never use another run app (as long as this one remains free).
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7 years ago, Wazimu
Good but Needs Improvements
I have been using this app since 8 months now on my watch which is the Nike version. It fits almost all my needs. I have been having many problems though. From time to time when I start it, a couple minutes in it says it can not track any distance since some categories in the health app have not been switched on. When I got to look, they are on. Turning them on and off will not work. The only solution I have found is to delete and download it again. The app on the watch is slow to respond and makes me attack the screen with my finger to get it to work after a couple weeks after I've downloaded it again because of the prior bug. When it finally begins, it takes a little for it to actually start. The app takes for over to load when you try to look at it while you're on your run. The app has improved since I've been using it but the designers really need to work on it. The only other thing I wish they would add is a race mode which you could select a distance of your race and would help pace you and record your race. Beginning and ending can be very impractical. Besides that, it has almost all the features I need.
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7 years ago, Plnarayan
Buggy and unreliable
I hope Nike and apple read this and look at fixing the issues. I have been consistently using the app for the last two months. While it works well most of time but if you are long distance runner and want to track more than 12 or 14 miles the app is becoming unreliable. Today was worst. I started the run in the watch waited for the count down and stared running. Good 7 or 8 mins into my run I check the watch only to find the watch showing me the time as though I didn’t start. I press the app again only to find the app simply spinning on watch. I pulled out the phone and the Nike app said you have a run in watch. At this point my rhythm is gone I stop trying to figure out what is happening. Finally started the app again on the phone and started running. Now Nike assumes I have a 3k goal. Luckily it didn’t stop after 3k. I lost 0.7 mile of the tracking. Lost my rhythm on run. Ended up running more than my goal(ok that’s fine) but dealing with a buggy app in the middle of the run is super frustrating. Nike, just do it...right. Until then I have to switch to something else. After spending to get a Nike Apple Watch I feel let down in trust and reliability. Hope you read this and sure you have access to my data and fix it.
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