NOCD: OCD Therapy and Tools

Health & Fitness
4.9 (10.5K)
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3 weeks ago
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User Reviews for NOCD: OCD Therapy and Tools

4.85 out of 5
10.5K Ratings
5 months ago, jeaniln
Insanely simple brain rewiring
I was blown away by how profoundly this super simple app changed my thinking. I went to 3 therapists and could have spent the years (maybe the rest of my life) talking about cognitive behavioral therapy techniques without being able to readily implement them. Obviously there are always multiple arenas for combatting mental health issues, but the change these exercises made in my brain was so fast, so effective, so easy. I used to think that the “be aware of your thoughts and challeng them” approach sounded like toxic positivity, or just like a tiresome, endless exercise of smacking away an endless barrage of negative ideas—like one of those tennis ball machines shooting balls at you faster than you can smack them away. But this app took away the need to try to combat those obsessive thoughts in my own, or in real situations. It gives you the opportunity to just sink in positive thoughts with such repetition, and with the added effectiveness of seeing them and swiping them away…it just drills it in so much more solidly than if you just try to drum the thoughts up on your own. For me, this was a GAME CHANGER. Like the difference between trying to get in shape without a gym or equipment or personal trainer vs with having that.
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2 months ago, NikiC75
Not sure yet…
I just started, but in my opinion, the app is extremely overwhelming for someone like me and possibly others with OCD. You have to check multiple areas. And all of the proprietary type language and acronyms. it’s hard to keep it straight. Most of us have likely been in therapy on and off for our whole lives and I can only speak from personal experience, but I’ve never heard of these acronyms and labels for the tools… I feel there’s way too big of a learning curve. it just seems that these labels and acronyms are NOCD specific. I don’t know if there’s a way but I feel like it needs to be simplified. Like it needs to be cut down to a fourth of what it is. It is way overload for me. Also the constant texts and emails about appointments. I’m sure it’s very helpful for some people though. I hate leaving a negative review. I’m sure this was created with the best intention of helping people. This is just my honest review of the app. I haven’t been long enough to know if the therapy or method will work…but I do agree with another review that said it is very formulaic and checking boxes. But the app is very discouraging and makes me want to not do this. I need as few obstacles as possible to get help. It’s like they say when you’re picking a gym it better be on your way home from work and the least obstacles in getting there and working out the better or you won’t go, just my two cents.
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5 years ago, Lid Tops
NOCD review!
I just wanted to say a HUGE Thankyou to NOCD, specifically Ted and Anil! The app is such a helpful resource so that people don’t feel alone in their struggles. I know it’s been so nice to have on my phone for times when I was especially down or struggling and needed to know that other people got what you were going through. Ted and Anil have been so so helpful and kind! They’ve bent over backwards to accommodate me and to extend discounts where I needed them. Ted did my assessment and was extremely thorough, empathetic and took as much time as I needed. He created a judgment free zone for me to tell everything that I was going through without having to feel afraid and gave me the diagnosis that I needed. Anil also was willing to give me a call and let me know any information I might need. Overall, I’m extremely grateful and impressed by this organization and by the people who work for it. It’s very professional and still personable which is ESSENTIAL for mental health patients! Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou! I wouldn’t be where I am today with out the help of NOCD.
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4 weeks ago, AnonymousItunesUser
Community Groups Have Become A Joke
When I first started therapy with NOCD, the groups were led by a licensed therapist named Jenna. She was very professional and seemed dedicated to her work. At that time most of the groups were also facilitated by licensed therapists. But we have recently noticed a shift in how the therapy groups are organized. Most of the groups are led by the same advocates, sometimes in 1 day there are back-to-back groups by the same host, repeatedly. The company gives the impression of offering a variety of OCD-themed groups, but in reality, 70% of the groups are managed similarly, lacking actual variety. Unlike some groups run by licensed therapists that have a specific viewpoint and educational component, many groups turn into open-ended forums until the final minute of the hour, where the same, often narcissistic attendees repeatedly dominate discussions. Groups are frequently canceled last minute when moderators fail to show up regularly, and we’re lucky if we’re notified in advance. While emergencies can occur, this level of inconsistency is offensive. These groups are crucial for our recovery journal while in therapy that we pay NOCD very much for, and they should not be seen as just an additional benefit.
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5 years ago, SarakJohnstone
This app is made for Hollywood’s portrayal of OCD
The exercise doesn’t work for things that happen randomly to you. For example, I don’t like my alarm being set for random hours when something originally had happened to me or making a wish for something and then a few hours later something negative happened. Then it says “expose yourself to it”. I’m not at a wishing well to throw another penny and making a wish again. AND I don’t need to set my alarm right now! So it’s not bothering me. This is for people who don’t like their hands getting physically messy or their books aren’t perfectly in order. FYI that’s not real OCD, that’s OCD portrayed by Hollywood. Real OCD is not being able to go to the bathroom without flushing the toilet 3 times or something bad will happen or walking up and down your staircase 10 times til it “feels right” or refusing to touch certain people because you think something bad will happen. The last OCD I had was when I was smelling Yankee candles, and if I smelled a bad one or it wasn’t a good smell and left the store, something bad would arise. What am I supposed to drive 45 mins away to the Yankee candle store just to do this app? That’s real OCD. Washing your hands 18 times is Hollywood OCD. Maybe get some people who have actual OCD to fix this app. OCD is almost superstitious.
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3 years ago, fifoa3345
Gave me my life back
I am about 7 or 8 weeks into the 12 week program. The results are incredible, if I’m honestly assessing where I was when I started versus now. I still have intrusive thoughts and OCD, but it is FAR, FAR more manageable. Instead of engaging in endless compulsions and hours long debate, which would derail my whole day, I am now able to recognize my thoughts, embrace the anxiety, and usually within a few minutes I’m back to normal. I am happier, less stressed, and feel more in control of my life. I would say I’m about at a 60-70% reduction in severity, frequency, and anxiety right now. think with another 2 months of practicing and being intentional about doing the work, I could be at a 90% reduction in symptoms. Don’t get me wrong it’s really hard work and the first few weeks are scary. But Kim and the team at NOCD helped empower me with the tools and confidence I needed to battle against the parasite of OCD. I have my life back again. It’s worth every penny of the pro counseling. OCD plays a smaller role in my life with each passing week. It’s not an overnight thing, will take several months of hard work, but you can legit be a different person on the other side. Can’t thank you enough NOCD team and Kim my amazing therapist
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3 years ago, Anthonyanthonyanthonypalace777
NOCD is like getting therapy from Walmart
Not client centered. Cookie cutter. They’re trying to improve access but therapists’ training lacks quality. The therapists are preoccupied with the requirements nocd puts on them and waste valuable and expensive session time focusing on doing their homework instead of treatment and being present with the patient. They also seem overworked and could barely remember my symptoms/what I had been working on/who I am as a patient. The app is also poorly designed. It doesn’t allow you look over the exposure you want to do until you start the exposure and it’s timer which defeats the purpose of a timer. Then it forces you to rate your exposure even though you just want to remember what you will be doing during it. Basically it is just poorly organized. The app is also a social media platform. That component is better organized than the actual therapy functions. You get what you pay for. It can help but for me it didn’t enough to the point of being satisfied or feeling like it was professional care. Especially with it being a virtual experience, it felt like the therapists were out of touch with my experience even if they were trying.
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10 months ago, KatieTurnerrr
This app changed my life
I started experiencing OCD symptoms when I was 18 out of nowhere. I struggled with OCD for about 3 years before I started therapy. I did cognitive behavioral therapy and Exposure Response prevention therapy through the NOCD app. I don’t remember how long the program was because I did my therapy in 2020 and it is now 2023 and I’m just now getting around to writing a review. I would say that my symptoms have Improved by about 98%. OCD used to affect almost every part of my life and now most days I don’t even think about it. I will occasionally still get intrusive thoughts, but I use what I learned in therapy to just brush them off and not let them cause me anxiety. If you are suffering with OCD I highly recommend getting therapy through this app.
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1 year ago, Lockheart_71
Garbage. Science doesn’t exist within this app.
Not only is the creator of this app a witless, uneducated, back-alley hillbilly who has lost far too many brain cells to whiskey and crack, but he/she definitely does not have OCD. Allow me to explain: Their solution to your intrusive thoughts is to just sit with the intrusive thought. There’s no further instruction after that. The person on the recording basically brings you to a meditative state, tells you to accept the intrusive thought, and then abandons you in a perpetual loop that is so detrimental it could bring someone to suicide very easily (which is a highly regarded concern with intrusive thoughts specifically). This app definitely does not have five stars; everyone I have talk to who has used it feels the same as me. They are faking their reviews, and this app has such a little science behind it is disrespectful. This bafoonery (yes I made that a word) needs to be taken down from the App Store immediately. Wherever is Steve Jobs when you need him the most? Smh
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3 years ago, Pig-nose!
So Great!
I just downloaded this because I saw an ad on Instagram and it's literally the coolest thing I've ever seen. It's founded by someone who also has OCD and it's less of the "let me fix you" and more of the "let's work through this together" vibe, which I really love. I never knew how many types of OCD and therapy options there are until I started with NOCD. This app also has a social media aspect so you can build a community with other people who have similar symptoms as you. I've never been able to joke about OCD symptoms with others and having this community is so cool. There are also virtual therapy and self-guided exercises you can check out. Definitely would recommend!
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4 years ago, carcarskrrt
My experience
So all was well, the app changed my life and helped me to manage my ocd better. When I started it they said they could do a payment plan of $50 a week. So I agreed to it. I was like wow, that’s a great deal that’s so much cheaper than the ERP my friend went to, and it’s on my phone! So I go through my sessions and get a $700 charge on my phone when I’m trying to save up for a car...I was like what the heck, I had a panic attack and broke down, I called them and they said it was an error. Then the next day I called in to check if they were refunding me and they said it wasn’t an error, that it was $1300 in total and I only paid $400, so the bill was correct. Never doing this app again. I got scammed, was very misleading and how was I supposed to know it was $1300, I would not have done it if I knew. This is why it gets one star. They had a hidden fee that screwed me over. On top of that, they said that insurance wouldn’t cover it but I would get a discount, lies!
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2 years ago, brian.ascended
Stop Suffering!
I’m writing this review because I believe in this system. I’ve avoided owning my OCD for the last 40 years and in the last 3 years clung to diagnose like ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Anxiety and Depression in hopes of finding a way out of my problems. None of the treatments I engaged with prior to NOCD helped, in fact many times my symptoms became worse. NOCD works. It’s not easy. It’s not inexpensive if you are paying out of pocket. But, it is effective ate treating OCD. My therapist has been phenomenal! I feel supported and seen in ways I haven’t even seen myself. This is an amazing system abs if you or someone you know may be struggling with OCD stop delaying, connect in the app today!
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1 year ago, Cynthia LouLou
Folks BEWARE of this company. I had one session with Dr. Ruthie Brooks. No Help at all. These folks will tell you that you are in network with your insurance company to get treatment. Then they DO NOT bill your insurance as in network. They will wait until a year later to bill you the FULL Amount of your session. I disputed the charges and if I did not keep the email where they said they were in network, I would be on hook for the full amount of the session. Once I sent them the email, I kept for over a year, where they told me they were in Network, I would have had to pay the FULL amount! When I spoke to the therapist (Dr. Ruthie Brooks) all she was concerned with was how many sessions she could get out of me. I have had the same therapist for 20 years, who would NEVER do that. They got $500 from my insurance company b4 I cancelled every sessions with Ruthie Brooks. She is not even nice. BEWARE of this SCAM!
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1 year ago, Jbpop123
Minimum of care
I want to start with that NOCD is probably good for people with milder ocd than mine and that I’m leaving a low review because of how they deal with billing and appointments in specific I was told that this is a “minimum of care” and that they probably can’t help me, I was also told that if you miss an appointment you get a pretty large “cancellation fee” I really disagree with this, as it’s guaranteed with my mental health that I will miss at least 1 appointment. I know that people with ocd, including myself struggle with making appointments on time. I was told something along the lines of “you will be charged a hefty cancellation fee if you miss an appointment, because there are a lot of people with ocd and that time could have been used for someone else” This feels like a unnecessary punishment, and also feels highly exploitative of people with ocd. I will not be using NOCD because of this, if I am charged a hefty fee, I will NOT be able to afford my basic survival essentials. I’m really disappointed in NOCD after hearing such good things about them Symptoms should not be punished nor monopolized, im better off just paying out of pocket for a real in person therapist… because It would cost about the same Im disappointed, very disappointed, it’s incredibly wrong and even offensive
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2 years ago, LDReviewsStuff
Life Changing
I am generally skeptical of mental health apps— but this app changed my life. Not just the physical app, but the educational side of it. I truly had no idea there was recovery from OCD for someone like me, and there are so many people out there that are in the same place—feeling alone, crazy, stuck— that need to know about this. Not only is the app the best experience with healthcare I have EVER received, but they are aiming to educate others, especially “normal” talk therapists about OCD and how to diagnose it. This app alone has restored my faith in what the healthcare system could be and I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend it to anyone who is dealing with seemingly unending anxiety/OCD.
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2 years ago, acidonmyceiling
more inclusivity? community tab concerns
I really wish pronouns were more normalized even just for the therapists. Maybe more profile and background photo variety as well. The concept of the community tab seems like it has the possibility of helping people but honestly feels more harmful as sharing triggers and obsessions and symptoms with others suffering from OCD could latch onto those and adapt them themselves. i wish there was a way to turn off or hide the community tab and/or have the option of people posting adding specific trigger warnings and blurring the rest of the post until confirming you want to read it. otherwise its been useful in some ways especially as someone who cant afford a specialist nor find one in my area.
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4 years ago, Easterkid
Great app!
All around great for people with OCD. And an awesome company that really really cares. I really love how they’re integrating real ERP therapy into the app with real therapists. This will change the lives of people living in remote areas with little to no access to professional, specialized OCD treatment. I also love SOS - but it’s a little buggy: the compulsion prevention message statement gets cut off if you go above a certain number of words, and the timer goes buck wild if you look at another app, or if you phone goes to sleep, etc. Not huge deals, but when you’re freaking out the last thing you want is to deal with a winky app. If they could nail the SOS feature I’d give it 4 stars.
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8 months ago, HETReviews
Accessibility is amazing
I wasn’t sure about using this company because I am skeptical of mental health apps/ large mental health companies. But I knew I needed help and it was the only ERP provider that was in network. My experience has been extremely positive, it was very easy to set up an appointment and I started treatment within 3 days of my initial call. My therapist Debra has been really helpful, understanding, and supportive. She pushes me to do exposures but is always checking that it’s something I can handle. I don’t know if I ever would have made the leap to start treatment if this did not make it so accessible. Very appreciative
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8 months ago, Hate Ballmayhem
To know that this community & this application and all of these wonderful resources are available. I suffer from pure O OCD & I’m going to book a therapist that specializes in OCD for the first time, hopefully in ACT therapy. I just can’t stand living like this much longer. I’ve seen therapists on & off for years but it’s just been too difficult (for me, anyways) to get through to them without being fearful of fully disclosing my waking & walking nightmare. Finally found this NOCD community volunteering for a clinical trial. Just downloaded the app - there is catharsis just in the knowledge that I’m not alone. Excited to be here!
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2 years ago, Lorna_Rose
So appreciative of this app
I have never written a review before for an app, but this app has helped me so much. I’ve struggled with OCD for so long, and have received a clinical diagnosis and lots of therapy, but this app provides a sense of community with the mental illness. I have always felt so lonely with OCD, but this app has made me feel not alone, everyone relates to each other and helps one another out. This is how social media should be, it provides positive, yet realistic help and a huge support system. For anyone with OCD, this app is definitely worth downloading!
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4 years ago, imkbk
Discriminates! calls you "too severe" to use their app
Doesn't even give you a chance to talk with a therapist. How does this app that received at least $4 million in funding to "eliminate barriers to treatment and expand mental health services" get to discriminate against certain OCD sufferers because they think they're "too severe"?? That policy of discrimination certainly does not fulfill their so-called mission. At a time when digital health platforms are more important than ever, this app is NOT WHAT IT CLAIMS TO BE- you're better off using one of the many other platforms that don't discriminate against you by refusing to start you with a therapist, after you provide them your credit card, because they suddenly decide you're "too severe" before any therapist even talks to you. Clearly, NOCD's purpose is not about expanding mental health services or eliminating barriers to treatment as they claim.
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1 year ago, KennedyLexie
READ: Be Skeptical of Negative Reviews - I wasn’t and should have been.
I am always thorough when researching things I’m going to do, but, etc. When I read about NOCD, the majority of the reviews were good with a few negative ones, so I took that with a grain of salt. The company takes your credit card info and insurance info and communicates with your insurance provider on your behalf. I received an email at the beginning saying congrats your insurance provider approved you for out of network. At that point, I was just happy to start my sessions. The whole 6 months of sessions, I never had any balance in my account. Then the day my out of network waiver (single case agreement), which I never even heard of other that that first email saying congrats, my account showed $400 due. I started digging and they have charges from the first month still pending insurance verification, which tells me that they are going to hit me with $80 deductible fees due all at one time, rather than per session. Additionally, they randomly charge your card on file fees. I think I’m not at $800 they are charged. I feel bad for the Therapists, because they are good. It’s just very scammy, so do not do!
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1 year ago, sarahzieger
Changed my life
This app and the therapists are truly incredible. When I started using NOCD I was at a point where I was truly incapacitated by my OCD. OCD was negatively affecting my most important relationships, it has caused me to fall into a terrible depression and I felt as though I was surviving every day but not truly living. After only a few weeks of working with Gary Vandalfsen I was seeing significant change. I no longer have days where I can’t get out of bed, my relationships are healthy again and I although ocd is still a part of my life, it doesn’t run my life. I couldn’t be more grateful for NOCD and Gary Vandalfsen for giving me my life and my hope back. If you’re looking for a sign to download this app please take this as it. You’re not alone and change is absolutely possible.
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3 years ago, Lily Cacho
Paid more than what they said
When I reached out to them I gave them my insurance and they said all the treatment was cover by it, that I only needed to pay $25 of copay so I went ahead and schedule my first session, and the treatment lasted for 6 months with sessions twice a week then once a week and then once every other week. Right after each session I got charged $25 but at the end of treatment they charged my card without authorization more than $400. I end up paying more than 1,000. My last therapy was in October and I’m still making payments 6 months later. I wouldn’t never agreed to take so many sessions if I new since the beginning what I was supposed to pay.
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11 months ago, RintheDestroyer
Do not use NOCD
After signing up for my first appointment I was really excited to finally be getting help for something I was really struggling with. Do not use NOCD unless you want a traumatizing experience that makes you feel like you’re in a social workers office who couldn’t care less about you. With no warning I was expected to answer a series of traumatizing questions about really challenging events. One after another. No check in. No pause. No support. And when I started to crumble because that’s literally traumatizing and I began to open up about how hard it was it was just on to the next question. When I began to cry I did not feel supported, at all. I was told “yeah this is hard you just have to get through it” which is not how your first session should go at all. Especially with a stranger you have no trust developed with. I had to end it early. When I reached out to support they didn’t respond at all, even though the weekend before they were quick to respond constantly to get my money. Nobody has checked in on me since. Avoid at all costs
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6 years ago, lookslikeiwin
Isn’t ideal for all kinds of OCD
One of my bad obsessions with having to complete everything I start often gets me stuck doing something I don’t need to do for much longer than is acceptable. Oftentimes, this involves using my phone for entertainment apps. I was hoping nOCD would help me stay on point, but the timer doesn’t run when I have another app open, so it never asks me for my anxiety levels when I try to complete the exercises. I was terrible the first exercise and wasted 30-40 minutes without realizing it, hungry and needing to do other things. I like the concept though, and app generally runs smooth.
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9 months ago, Yamalocke
This was my last hope. I found this app from a commercial. The pure o stuff was very relatable. After signing up with the app, and taking a short survey, someone reached out to ask some follow up questions. Even the guy over the phone was reassuring. He put me in touch with the best possible therapist. Ive been working with them for 6 months now and my mental health has improved greatly. If you want know how to get through challenging times, and teach yourself that thoughts aren’t real. This app with help.
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1 year ago, Moon_shadow2973830
It was alright
The structure of the program was good, but I got canceled on two weeks in a row by my therapist and I didn’t have any other days during the week available to switch my appointments to when it happened. Thankfully my ocd is on the more mild end and previous sessions helped gain the tools to manage it. The notifications about appointments were ridiculous, I got multiple emails and text messages about appointments; a single reminder text would have sufficed. Then there were emails about the session finishing...I mean yeah I already knew that
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2 years ago, Skc818
Unable to help
NOCD seems to be an amazing option for those with mild OCD but seems to be quickly overwhelmed by individuals with more complicate or nuanced symptoms. They have effectively turned my daughter away despite her willingness and desire to finally seek ERP treatment, because they feel she needs more intensive treatment. So effectively she’s been left with no care. Just be aware that if they are uncomfortable with your symptoms they will turn you away. Please stop telling people that they are “too severe” and adding insult to injury. Tell them you are not equipped to help and make sure they have a viable option before you leave them with no help.
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2 years ago, tillyjanehayley
i got this app when i was really in a dark place with my OCD. i felt like i was losing my mind, and i couldn’t tell my family because i felt like a monster. i got this app and found a community. i felt so much less alone. it helped me be able to feel comfortable and confident enough to reach out for help. this app is incredible. the feed section, where you can talk to others with OCD is my favorite part. although, if you are like me, it can set the field for reassurance seeking. but that is the responsibility of the user to recognize that. this app has so many other features. therapists. guided ERP & CBT….who needs to haggle and find a therapist anymore?? it’s all right here. i never used the therapist feature, but heard from many that it WORKS! 10/10 recommendation.
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2 years ago, Yogatini
Admin Is Non-Existent
The person answering initial calls at NOCD pressured my husband to make an appointment and assured him the therapist accepted our insurance. During my husband’s first therapy session he learns during insurance wasn’t verified beforehand as promised and he would owe $170 out-of-pocket. Every doctor we’ve been to has verified they are in-network before scheduling an appointment. My husband trusted this company had integrity. We called our insurance after his session and found out the NOCD therapist is not in-network. He has emailed and left voicemails with no response back. The admin for NOCD is non-existent and what a shame when treating people suffering from OCD, this experience caused my husband so much anxiety and disappointment.
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4 years ago, ThisIsAGoodGameAPlus
Great app, but not for LGBT+
I would have given this five stars if after my first and only post I was able to go there for support too. Word to the wise, don’t talk about being accepting of your sexuality, because apparently you’re “too far recovered” and “some people really need help on this app and you’re triggering us”. I DID go to this app for support, but apparently according to some of the people who use the app I’m not the type of person who is suffering enough to need it and my very existence is offensive. I’m sorry if this sounds passive aggressive, but ... protect yourself if you’re LGBT, cause even on support groups for mental health we’re not always free from discrimination.
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7 years ago, Vampiress2130
So Helpful
This app is genius! I love it so much. It really helps with my OCD... it's like a free therapist in your pocket! There's so many awesome features on this app; such as daily "tasks" to help you overcome your fears and compulsions, a forum for app users, and customizable and detailed symptom trackers. The creator of this app did so well! He's such a nice guy. It's amazing how much he asked for ideas and feedback from actual OCD patients... medical apps and apps targeted at a specific category of people need to take a page out of his book!
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4 years ago, _kayylaa_
didn’t help me
this app may be super helpful for other people and I’m happy it works for them! it did not help me at all. I felt like the chat I chose for myself based on the OCD I have was nothing even close to the topic. people would talk about other forms of OCD in the chat and I didn’t think it was very helpful. I also feared it would make my OCD worse, reading what other people have worries about and then I start to think about those. exposure is what really helps me for my OCD and the app didn’t help me in that sense because I can say I did it, but I may not have followed through with it. I think it greatly depends on the type and severity of OCD everyone has. I’m so glad to see it helped other people, it just wasn’t for me!
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6 years ago, Edwin Carter True
An easy fix but a deal breaker for now
I love the way this app provides feedback to keep users returning to complete ERP homework. Unfortunately, the inability to toggle between apps without pausing the exposure timer means that I won't be able to continue using it as I transition to new exercises. Being able to do so is ESSENTIAL for users who need to pull up a piece of content related to their obsession in a different app such as a photograph or script. Part of the beauty of this app is the discretion it provides when completing ERP outside of the home. I will miss using it and hope a work around is developed soon.
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3 years ago, Nozzies fun
Great community
It’s so nice to have an app that creates a supportive community for OCD sufferers. And this is for all types of OCD. Most things on the app are about disturbing intrusive thoughts. There’s an SOS function on the app, and you can chose a which type of OCD is concerning you at the moment, and you’ll listen to a calming guide. It’s nice to know I’m not alone. If you have OCD, no matter your themes, you should get this app. You can do therapy right through the app, and people have had really great success with it.
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9 months ago, Dylan 3486426370005
Incredible Professional Help
If you are thinking about receiving therapy for OCD, this is the best way to go about it. the counselors are well-trained and know how to make use of ERP therapy to maximize your experience. Not only this, but the app itself is incredibly organized and setup to give your reminders, let you check your homework, and practice exposures regularly. I couldn’t be more grateful for this service!
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7 years ago, ChipperChelseaK
I think it’s fantastic that these types of apps are being created for those with OCD
It is exciting to see a new genre of apps being created for those with mental health and OCD. Using Exposure Response Therapy in an app is just what we need. I think a great addition to the app would be finding a way to share results and logs with the users treatment team. Clinicians may one day be able to use this app to monitor homework given to their clients.
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2 years ago, Anxiety Therapist
Don’t use this app!
I think a lot of these people mean well, but the billing will get you. I was told out of pocket would be a certain amount and then got billed all at once for thousands of dollars, 5 whole months down the line. I was told they had trouble pulling the information from my insurance company. I work in the field. You can get a therapist out of network and more qualified for less money. This is a money making scam. I’m sure the therapists barely get paid and the company earns a ton of money. Don’t waste your time and energy. Go elsewhere. People with anxiety disorders don’t deserve to suffer more than we already are!
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7 years ago, PaulZ822
Has worked very well for me
I have been using nOCD for a few months now and find it to be helping me a lot. Living with OCD is not fun, and having this app with me during the day/night has really helped me to get through some rough times. It seems to have every tool needed and the way it tracks my progress and records data is very motivational. I would highly recommend it and find it to be very useful.
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9 months ago, B1uzie
Thank you to NOCD
I’ve only done a few sessions so far but I’m already seeing some improvement and I feel the program is overall been helpful to me so far I wanna say thank you for giving me the time and thank you for existing even the little change of scene already has made me feel that in the long term I can take my life back
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3 years ago, M04910jf
Community is nice
I respond a lot to peoples public comments! it’s like a community of people supporting each other with their mental health struggles and ocd struggles. it’s a great app that also offers therapy and SOS step by step breathing exercises with pre recorded videos of professionals talking about certain categories for when you’re having panic in that category. thoughtful app that includes therapy and a free session
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5 years ago, cd.weiverreview
Great tool!
This app is so wonderful in providing a community of people to provide support and just help talk with you about what you’re going through. It’s like an online, private support group! At the same time the app also provides insight and knowledge about the different forms of OCD so you can get a better understanding of your anxieties and how to deal with them. I definitely recommend this for anyone struggling with OCD
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1 year ago, rs18283838
This program saved my LIFE
If you have OCD, I highly encourage you to try the therapy program. They didn’t take my insurance, but they made me a payment plan, and I paid out of pocket. I would pay out of pocket a thousand times over! I can live again and feel in control of my OCD. I was that person in that dark place too, and I learned how to properly deal with my OCD. I LOVE NOCD!!
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5 months ago, Retnuh$$
Thanks to Toni
Best therapist by far with out her wouldn’t even be able to hug my mom as well just get around and for all the other bad reviews I saw just gonna say if NOCD is working as much as you thought then try hypnosis I did as well as I did ERP both at the same time results just started popping up getting better day by day
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4 months ago, oof777777
Amazing, understanding team and therapists
Fantastic app, this made my diagnosis and therapy so easy and convenient. It was clearly designed by someone who understands OCD, and the NOCD team was very helpful and supportive. My therapist was fantastically educated and an amazing fit, easily the best therapist I’ve ever had. I wish all types of therapy were this easy and convenient to find and set up.
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2 years ago, Sarah Dot
Total chaos
NOCD is great if you want wildly inconsistent mental health advice and diagnoses from unqualified randos. The homepage is post after indecipherable post of absolute desperation, mostly with no responses. The ones with responses from other users are filled with bad advice based on way too little information. It's straight up dangerous. The interface is badly designed--just try getting actual help for your specific type of OCD here. You could overpay for an underqualified, overworked online therapist, but please, try and find yourself a good therapist in real life who will remember who you are between sessions.
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1 month ago, kelsey morseeee
billing team 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻
had to cancel an appt. less than 48 hrs in advance and got charged the fee — which is fine! but my card kept getting declined for insufficient funds, which it had. they reached out to me several times and i told everybody the same thing. they continued to try to charge me. took my last $100 i had out of nowhere, even though i said i need to hold off for 2 DAYS ONLY!!! and i couldn’t afford groceries so that’s nice of them!
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6 years ago, J-Doggg$
Update: the app now keeps the timer going after the phone is locked - works 👍🏻 Doesn’t work after update to iOS 11. Used to start my exposure then put the phone in my pocket, and 15 or 30 minutes later I would be able to end the exposure and rate my anxiety. After iOS 11, nOCD stops the timer after the phone goes to sleep 👎🏻 bummer
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3 years ago, keeran2020
This is a huge gimmick to get money and time out of desperately sick people that need real treatment. I was told on my “triage” appointment these therapists are experienced. These therapists are NOT experienced. They just smile and wave. None of the exercises have been useful or effective at managing my issues. In fact, I was nearly hospitalized for a major depressive episode while under their “care”. Find a licensed psychologist that knows what they’re doing, especially for all the money they ask you to spend!
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