Noise Machine - Brown, Green

Health & Fitness
4.6 (1.9K)
19.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
10 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Noise Machine - Brown, Green

4.64 out of 5
1.9K Ratings
2 years ago, jmpavai
Just buy it!!! Best app for brown noise
Seriously, just buy this app! It is so easy to use and pretty to look at. I legit use this app every. single. day. I have ADHD and I also have a really hard time sleeping and this app has helped me soooo much. Whenever I’m trying to concentrate during the day I just turn on brown noise, which is my favorite, and it helps me focus without distractions. It’s like magic. I also use it when I’m trying to sleep. I set the sleep timer and it turns itself off after I’m well asleep. It’s great for drowning out screaming babies on airplanes too! Worth every penny 100 times over.
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1 year ago, Pest dude
Surprised by brown noise
Brown noise has never sounded better! I used to be embarrassed by my brown noise, but lately I’ve been sharing it with everyone—even my wife likes it! She says it helps her sleep better. The long, continuous rumble of brown noise allows my brain to filter out all the crap that’s usually running through my head while I’m trying to sleep. I would recommend brown noise to anyone, especially those who have become desensitized to the flowing water sounds of yellow noise, brown noise’s #1 competitor. Try it today!
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2 weeks ago, gSe7eN
Pricing: avoid this app
This app had a lot of promise. It makes several types of noise. The interface of the app is so simplistic that it’s actually detrimental to the app. The thing that is really egregious, however is the price. $20 a year. That’s not happening. The only reason I downloaded the app at all is because on the App Store page, it listed all of the in app purchase options. There were several lifetime IAP listed. While I don’t agree with paying ANY amount, I don’t mind paying for a lifetime use of an app. I will NEVER subscribe to an app service. Subscriptions hurt the consumers and they only exist because of greed. By all that is water under the bridge, I’ll just bite my tongue and pay. Navigating the app, again, is very frustrating. There are no options, nothing to configure, no settings or tweaks. Ok, that’s fine, whatever, let me just pay my lifetime one transaction and I’ll be done with it. Despite clearly being advertised on the App Store page, no lifetime option exists. Not only is this company greedy, they’re liars as well. Avoid this app.
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11 months ago, goodboyjack
Literally slept through a shooting
We have some very sketchy neighbors right below us who are always incredibly loud, and the cops won’t do anything about it, so I got this app to help me block out the noise. Well, this morning I found out that one of them SHOT the other last night (directly below me), and I slept through the whole thing like a peaceful baby. In other words…this app works!
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5 months ago, twofuzzytornadoes
Not For Continuous Use
We have a neighbor who plays loud bass from his car at all hours of the day, and I used the Deep Brown Noise to cover it up. Unfortunately, playing this app to a speaker takes a significant toll on the battery, even on a brand new iPhone 14 Plus, so I left it running on my previous phone and kept that plugged in (It would die within an hour if left unplugged with this app running.) Turns out that's not good for the battery either and I had a fun day of recalibrating the poor thing. All in all, not a terrible app in small amounts, but too pricey for how much battery it consumes.
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5 months ago, Beatdemon
Perfect substitute for people who need a fan to sleep
I love this app. I can’t run my fan in the winter and I have tinnitus which keeps me awake without something to drown it out. This app does that and I sleep like a baby. Plus, you can use it as an alarm because you will awaken as soon as it shuts off, which, because it fades out isn’t abrupt.
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3 months ago, iPad_For_REAL_Work
Can’t hear samples of two sounds unless you pay
I understand the five-minute limit, but you can’t even hear a sample of the “super deep” and “clean” versions unless you pay. That doesn’t make sense. Why would I pay for something that I can’t even hear a sample of? The samples you CAN hear are good, but not good enough for the price. Maybe the “super deep” and “clean” versions make it worth the price, but you need to pay $13 to know. That’s a strange way to sell something.
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2 years ago, ___________LD_____________
Wonderfully simple to use
I love this app and owe it many valuable sleep hours. It’s insanely simple to use and super intuitive. My infant daughter sleeps SO MUCH BETTER when we use this app. My spouse and I also sleep better because of it. I love the fade out feature because the previous app I used slaps you in the face when it turns of so abruptly.
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2 years ago, Whythef
The app is simple and elegant and works flawlessly. Best of all — you pay a one-time fee to go premium and that’s it. They don’t try to hook you into an ongoing subscription model. This was the single biggest factor for me. Who in their right mind is going to pay every month for every app on your phone?
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3 months ago, kgwreviewer97214
annoying auto-connect to car bluetooth
Can anyone tell me how to keep this app from auto-connecting to my car bluetooth? I will have turned off the app by pressing pause, pressing the sound, swiping up, or any combination of those… and yet, when I get in my car an hour later, it turns back on by itself. It’s infuriating and I want to drop the app except that I already paid for it.
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1 year ago, Execalert
Best Noise Machine
I've been using this app for years. I've tried just about every other one out there This is simple to use and not complicated like some of the others. It was just updated by adding another noise variation. Once you try this. You will be sleeping like a baby!
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1 year ago, Jordan.yay
Genuinely fantastic
Super simple, clean layout. I feel like a monkey could use it it’s so simple. The buttons are cute and pretty. They have brown noise (my fav) and a “deep” setting which makes it fade into the background and doesn’t stay in the front of your brain like white noise does. It’s a deep, focus-enabling setting and it’s super great. Also, there are time settings that extend beyond 12 hours! I use it for an hour typically, but super convenient if you need it. It also works when you “sleep” your phone and it works when you switch apps unlike a YT video of brown noise. Really amazing app!!
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1 year ago, TaylorAnn10
Love the new update!
I love how they updated the app and still kept it simplistic and easy to use. Seriously love the extra effects that gives it a good mix up when you want to! I was in love with brown noise but have found a new found love for white deep noise! So worth the cost!
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5 years ago, El guapopapo
Lifesaver! Most simple and high quality app of its kind
After obsessively trying a bunch of apps like this I am so happy with this one. It’s super easy to use and really effective. I travel a lot and it’s great for taking naps anywhere and also helps me tune out of any chaos around me but without distracting me as much as music.
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12 months ago, JWigginsDesigns
Initial thoughts…
It would be five stars if able to cast to my AppleTV. So far, really liking this app. If I’ve somehow overlooked the Airplay function, let me know and I’ll update my stars (if that’s possible… I don’t leave reviews often enough to know if that’s available).
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3 years ago, e jenx
Brown noise helps me sleep
I use brown noise every night to block out background noise and help help me get to sleep. This app has perfect brown noise with no skips or pops or loop sounds. I’ve tried a few of these and this one is the best one I have found.
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1 year ago, Auriala
I wish I would have checked before paying, you can’t use other sound apps while using this app. While it might defeat the exact purpose, I would like to also have done quite music or something else playing with it but it appears to shut everything else off
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3 years ago, Michael Catron
Effective, but creepy.
I don’t know how they source their brown noise, but I had noticed after a while that I could faintly hear people talking/radio sounds in the audio that the app is playing. I thought I might be going crazy, but my husband said he hears it too. Maybe the app gets its sound from in between radio stations? I don’t know. But, I’d rather not have faint noise of people when I’m trying to sleep.
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4 weeks ago, MLRLA
Almost Perfect
This is the best app for brown noise and has helped my sleep so much! My only wish for improvements is at least being able to do 1 1/2 hour increments instead of just 1 hour on the timer. If this gets fixed it’d be 5 stars!
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3 months ago, americannz
Great app but limited timer
I love the options for each noise type, and find this app intuitive and easy to use. My only complaint is that I wish I could select exact time lengths for the timer, rather than 1-hour increments above 1 hour.
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1 year ago, Air conditioner #22
Pretty good . Would like it if I didn’t have to pay though
It’s pretty good. It would be better if you didn’t have to pay. Because I am on a child’s profile I can’t get the premium option. It’s annoying because I can only listen for five minutes. It’s only ten dollars a year, so I wish I could get it.
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2 years ago, Lee_sh
Easy to use and great sounds
I love this app. I use it to work, sleep, and even read. Brown noise is a game changer to assist with focus. The developer made this app extremely easy to use, one click and you’re ready to go!
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10 months ago, L_farley13_l
$12 a year for noise?
I bought this when it was a onetime payment and was happy with the purchase. Nice UI, sounds like noise, has dark mode. Pretty straightforward. I went to share it with my wife only to find out its limited to 5 minutes only without a $12/ year subscription fee. Thats nuts. I'm all for supporting the indie devs out there - but there ain't no devops waking up at 4 am keeping the servers running year in and out with this one.
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9 months ago, greatest nono
Was good at first….
This app was amazing at first then once I used it I realized that you can only have it on for 5 mins unless you want to pay. Which I don’t think anyone wants to pay for a app, or at least I don’t want to.. so I guess if you can fall asleep in 5 mins get it but if it takes you longer don’t…
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7 months ago, NikkiUtt
Background noise?!?
I love the tones of the noise but certain tracks you can hear this little squeak sound repeatedly and I thought I was going crazy at first but looking at the reviews other people have this experience. Can you guys please fix this? I would totally pay for the app if it weren't for that
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2 years ago, stephenn85
Sleep timer and brown noise=perfection
All anyone needs that actually listens to these kinds of apps. Super user friendly. Once click is all you want at bedtime for noise and the sleep timer is super intuitive.
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11 months ago, peitschc
Absolutely buy it
If you’re on the fence about it, please please get it for yourself. The brown noise setting is the most calming thing I have ever experienced, and I appreciate the different tone options
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4 years ago, Gospel Appreciator
This works!
I have been a light sleeper my whole life but now for the first time I can sleep through the whole night in the same bed as my snoring husband as the brown noise gently and softly blocks everything out!
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1 year ago, NMDan1970
Great for traveling!!
I used it this weekend to help me fall asleep while on a trip. I was in a noisy room with teenagers ( my own with their friends ) making noise in the next room. Slept like a baby.
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1 year ago, Dimples19901990
Love it until
I loved this app…paid to get full access but now am seeing that has changed and I have to pay a yearly fee instead of the one time purchase that I made. That is not okay with me. I wouldn’t have spent the money on the app if I would have known they would eventually change a recurring charge.
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1 year ago, Mountain boy far from home
Easy to use for what I need
I just want moose for while I sleep and sometimes while I work. This does that. I do wish it had a shortcut for controlling other devices in the interface like some competitors do.
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1 year ago, malloryrm
Not loud enough
After the most recent update, even on full volume, the app is not loud enough. I prefer to not sleep with my phone next to my head and it does nothing for me across the room. Loved this app and it’s perfect brown noise so I hope the volume issue gets resolved.
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2 years ago, Quiltadactyl
I didn’t know I needed this…
Yeah I saw a TikTok and here I am sleeping better and happy that I can’t hear my rattling aquarium anymore. Haven’t tried it yet for focused study, but sleeping with it has been great.
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2 years ago, JMMNov59
Most beautiful app for brown noise
Not only is the brown noise on this app extremely relaxing but the interface is also soothing. I love using this app every night before bed.
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5 years ago, JCamirand
A slick clean app that does exactly as promised
Clean, easy to use. Looks good with dark mode. Has a convenient timer for all the sounds too. If you are looking for a white noise app this performs perfectly.
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2 years ago, DrNeuro16
Sleep aid
Pink noise helps me fall asleep, especially when I am traveling. Glad to have the timer feature as well.
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3 months ago, None 🥲
YOU DONT NEED NO IMPROVEMENTS THIS IS SO GOOD! The only thing is, the limit to five mins is kind of hard, because it should at least be like teen mins but you don’t have to. Byyyeee 💕❤️✌️
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2 years ago, BibiPonzu
Slept like a baby
Put me right to bed and my cats seem to enjoy it as well and run to bed when I turn it on :)
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7 months ago, Relyt H
I’ve already paid!
Bought the app around 2 years ago, now the option to restore purchase is gone, and now is pushing a more expensive subscription version. Shame on you developer for participating in this deceptive behavior that is all too common nowadays.
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12 months ago, bbrewin88
Best brown noise
The ambient setting of the brown noise seems like the best of any app or sound machine and I have tried them all. Worth the $
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3 years ago, Mikey Dearest
5 stars if.....
If you could mix the sounds together and set a timer. I use this everyday to mask out stompy, bassy upstairs trolls and this is literally piped throughout my house quietly. This would be stellar of a timer and a mixer
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1 year ago, Angie Esther
Great sleeping app
The brown noise is perfect for falling asleep fast. I had a problem and the software department contacted me promptly and the app is working great now. It cost me $9.99 for life.
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2 years ago, streetclam
Cured my ADHD!!!!
This app is a life saver. After just a few nights of listening to brown noise while I sleep my ADHD has completely gone away! WORTH EVERY PENNY 🙌
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1 year ago, Bret F. Baby
Great Sleep
My wife doesn’t like the wind of a fan, I need the noise of one. THIS IS PERFECT FOR US! Love the brown noise and so glad you all created a realistic sound!
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2 years ago, Runnerboyy
Just for Money
They just want your money. Free version only gives you 5 minutes of continuous play, whereas paid gets you unlimited. An app as simple as this should instead make their money by banner ads or something, but to put such a short timer on a sleep aid? Come on
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4 months ago, jon TeX
Life changing !!
Best sleep u will ever have. Number One 1 of all sleep apps! Everyone should be using it!!
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11 months ago, LaLa73737
Green noise is the best
Everyone talks about brown noise, but green noise puts me to sleep every time. This app is great! Clean look. Exactly what I need.
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12 months ago, Mjg94
The best
The best $12 I’ve spent all year. I don’t need mindful journals, cosmic seascapes, or guided meditations, just some cool, constant brown or green noise. Love it.
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2 years ago, B_Fost
Turns off after five minutes unless you pay
You could at least have the decency to tell me I need to pay for more than five minutes so I don’t have to go through the trouble of installing then deleting it.
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10 months ago, Ghhyffi
Bait and Switch
Like others have said, it’s frustrating to pay what was ostensibly a one time fee for the app, only to discover that now that I’ve changed phones, they’re trying to charge me $12/year. It’s sort of disingenuous.
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