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User Reviews for NuMi

4.64 out of 5
143.4K Ratings
9 months ago, RJ in Wis
Works for me !
I have been using Numi for 13 weeks now and have lost 41 pounds ! It was a little confusing at first using Nutri System foods and figuring out what foods to add in the Numi Ap. Maybe a little more direction when starting would have helped. I didn’t get the pamphlet with my first order and chatted with a rep on how it works. She was very helpful and sent one out to me and told me how to find the guides in the apps. It is also very helpful to change my food list on the next order so I didn’t get some food that didn’t work for me and to get more of my favorites items. So I really look forward to my next meals and add in vegetables when preparing them. I am eating a lot more now with the AM and PM snacks and having salads with my dinners. Adding power fuels to lunches and dinners is also a plus ! I having been consecutively losing 2-3 pounds every week and plan to stick with it until I reach my goal weight (losing 75 pounds) in time for my sons wedding in 2 months !
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4 years ago, netra45
A LOT of pros a couple of cons
I really love being able to track what I am eating accurately! This app makes that easy to do. you can either just select that you’ve eaten one of their entrées or enter the name of the enter specifically - which is what I do. It is very very intuitive and easy. I like that it tracks how many calories I have consumed as well as how many are left. I also like that it is easy to enter other foods that are not on the plan like almond milk and almonds etc. and they have the calories calculated. What I do not like is it took me 15 minutes to figure out how to enter my measurements. Their articles talk endlessly about not just tracking the weight but the inches as well. However, they made it extremely difficult to track those inches. For those of you still searching you have to look under the “more” button and then it’s under “settings.” They need to move it under the “progress“ tab where weight is tracked. The other thing I dislike is I wish that it was easier to get to the list of power fuels, smart carbs, except and vegetables etc. if it’s on the app, I still haven’t found it. I did find it while searching through all the new sent and finally just took photos of those lists I needed. I am just beginning and I have referred to them several times. In my opinion It should be built into the app. Other than those two items which I think are important the app is very user-friendly and easy. Thank you
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4 years ago, Rajhid
Needs work
For a nutrition company that’s been around so long, I would have expected more from the app. It has good bones, but needs some serious work. (1) it does not connect to Apple Watch (or any other device except Fitbit). Do if you don’t carry your phone everywhere you go, all day long, your steps don’t get logged. Under activity, you can log a walk, but not as steps—instead you have to fill in detailed data like miles, speed, etc. It would be nice if they would at least let us just manually log steps, but nope. (2) logging NS food is quick and easy HOWEVER, anything else that you eat is not easy to find in the database, and when you do, most of it doesn’t count as what it should. Example—try logging a simple side salad. Should count as a veggie, but after scrolling through the not quite accurate options, they all just count as “other”, and it won’t let you change that manually if you change the serving size you had. Makes zero sense. (3) resources, like your guide, are not easy to access. If you’re looking for options for smart carbs, for example, you have to hunt to find a list, and then it’s short and minimally helpful. (4) the “challenge” portion doesn’t function right. I completed the first challenge, complete with badge, and yet the list of challenges says that one was not completed. Frustrating. Overall, I’m liking the convenience of NS, but won’t stick with it long term, when other programs have such better quality apps.
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5 years ago, playriteNerlandsoy
NuMi - Easy to use & flexible
When you are on the Nutrisystem program, it’s very easy to use their app. The best part is you get free food as prizes just for using it. It also has many different ways to enter the food depending on your preferences. If you are detail oriented like me, you can put in every item exactly. It’s easy to look up non-NS food items. Many name brands can just be scanned in. If you just want to quickly enter general categories, you can do that in a single click. The negative is that when I enter my custom foods, there is a software glitch in letting you determine what one portion is. For example, if I want one portion to be a 1/4 cup, I can choose “cup” or “ounces”, but to specify that “X” calories are 1/4 cup or 2 ounces, doesn’t work. Everything seems to need to be one portion. The same is true when you were looking up food. If you want to find out how many calories in 1 cup of chili, many options come up “one portion”. It doesn’t tell you how many ounces are in one portion. If you saw the review that said you have to pay for a separate shipment to get the prizes or deals, that is incorrect. If you would read the information they provide in the help and many other places, they explain this. Even easier, pick up the phone and asked them to help you. They always do. Their customer service is excellent.
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4 years ago, Worder9876
Terrible app - way too many ads
This app is extremely frustrating & not very user friendly, especially for someone new to the program. You try to read an article, and ad pops down & blocks it; every single thing you click on is another offer for a sale to buy more food or worse to join. I’m all about a sale but this is ridiculous. I understand you are also targeting non customers but there should be a way to reduce the ads if you’re a customer. Put sale stuff in one place - we will find it. Have a sale pop up ONCE at the home screen. Also finding guides & lists is cumbersome. You can’t mark fav articles to refer back to. Nutrisystem implies that it is quick & easy. Busy people don’t have time to search constantly when trying to go from week 1 to week 2 and figure out smart carbs, power fuels, etc. instead of eating the marked breakfast, snack, lunch, dinner, veggies. Need easy simple reference quick guides that are easy to find & save to refer back to. The journal is good for nutrisystem food but is very limited on other foods you’d prepare on flex meals. Who has time to have to figure out servings, calories, etc.? Wouldn’t need to do the nutrisystem food if I had time to do that. Very frustrating. Articles are good but searching takes too much time and when you find what you’re looking for, you are bombarded with ads. Needs major improvements to better benefit your customers rather than trying to attract new.
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10 months ago, GashT
Good, but…
The app is very good at tracking NutriSystem meals and basic foods. My biggest issue with the app is the tracking of recipies or meals that are not NutriSystem. If I make a balsamic chicken it would be great if I could just enter in all the ingredients as a recipe and then add the recipe. Then the app would classify the ingredients individually. I have seen this on other apps that I’ve used. My next complaint is that the iPad app only shows in Portrait mode. Right now I am trying to type this review in the app on my iPad, but if I want to use my external keyboard, my iPad is Landscape, so I am typing while trying to read sideways because the app does not flip to landscope. This makes searching for and tracking foods on the iPad app very frustrating since I can’t use my keyboard. also, whenever I pull up an article from leaf, it seems like it never fully loads. I always have a little logo in the center of my screen saying that it’s still loading. Even after five minutes or more it still seems to be there. i’ve tried on both my phone and my iPad at home and at work and it doesn’t seem to matter. Finally, it is also very frustrating that the app doesn’t seem to “remember” past classifications of foods. If I enter a food “Meijer grilled chicken” as a PF one time, it remembers the food but not the classification.
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2 years ago, Bellasings
I’m a pretty tech- savvy person. I have the latest hottest iPhone. I have a computer… I’ve been on board with all of this for a long time. I do not like operating my weight loss system through this app. I do not believe it to be user-friendly, tried to Journal on my first week, ridiculous, not buying it . I do my own journaling in a way that I can reflect back-and-forth from day today quickly and not have to depend on The forward arrow , the back arrow & next !!! I know your company wants to be up with the times but sometimes you have to remember that if it’s not broken don’t fix it. It was much nicer when you gave us the booklets and let us journal inside a booklet . Because I’ve been on and off the program for so many years, it’s nice to reflect back on when I did in the years that I was so successful without having to dig out my cell phone or go to my computer. I am doing fine on my program. I do this to the letter of the law. My philosophy on all of this weight loss is no matter which company you choose and I would say Nutrisystem for me , works the best but you didn’t gain the weight overnight you can’t expect any company to get the weight off of you overnight. It’s not healthy and it doesn’t work that way. That’s why I always come back to Nutrisystem when I have a pound or two or 20 to lose. I have used this company since the late 90’s I would say it has its merits.!!
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6 years ago, cpabound
What happened to the total days logged on the News Feed?
I like the app for logging my daily food intake. I like that I can scan the barcode on all foods to add them, and a lot of the non-Nutrisystem food shows up in the database. I have only had to manually add a couple items. I have been on Nutrisystem and have used the app daily for over 7 months. When I first started, the bottom of my news feed showed me the total days logged in the app. That seemed to disappear a few weeks back. It was nice to see that total days, because since I log daily, it let me know how long I have been on this diet plan. It was a motivator for me. It has been more than 200 days and I have lost almost 30 pounds. I am losing the weight slower than I expected, but I do allow myself one “cheat day” a week, so that most likely contributes to the slower weight loss. But, I know me. If I don’t allow myself that “cheat day” I would give up on the diet all together. Long story short (I know, too late), I like the app for tracking my food, and like the occasional deal NuMi gives for logging that food, but would love to see them bring back the total days logged.
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4 years ago, C987654321C
I have used LoseIt for years, and it is far better than this NuMi. Difficult to note and find favorite foods, and they are not saved in your favorites in your Nutrisystem account. Shopping doesn’t link to your account. It’s a separate cart! I know this is a business, but come on - this seems just greedy. WAY too many notifications - I finally turned them off. Pop up ads in Leaf are incredibly numerous and annoying. The notifications area is just too much - news, Leaf, Tips, etc. Should be able to toggle from day to day with a forward/back button instead of clicking in to a calendar and choosing a day. The typeface and buttons are so tiny. When you add a vegetable, it shows up at the bottom of the list, with blanks above - why? If you want to change the category of food, the serving size has to go back to “1,” and then you have to change the category and change the amount again. Annoying. Agree with another poster that the measurements should be in progress. I entered them once and it took me forever to find them again. Just got my weekly progress email - useless. I started on a Monday. It basically says I “missed” a day. Start when your users start, not on a set day. Overall, this app is JV and should be much better integrated to your Nutrisystem account.
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2 years ago, You really dont care
I find the categories of food to be eaten are not consistent with my plan. For example, it works better for me to have my one carbohydrate a day at breakfast, but no carb is listed at breakfast. Therefore I enter nearly everything except the Nutrisystem item as other, leaving many blank categories. So the app itself is confusing and becomes irrelevant. The names of foods are not consistent with the names in the app. For example, Homestyle Meatloaf Sandwich is under Meatloaf, but Grilled Chicken Sandwich is under Grilled. And, the software cannot locate most items unless the name is exact. The total calories does not include all foods so the calories count is not accurate. I can easily go over my goal on no-count foods. I am impressed with the taste of most foods. I don’t care for the cream sauces. My husband doesn’t care for macaroni and cheese. For those items only we swap and we are both happy. And, at 75 we are both losing weight. My husband is a very brittle type 1 diabetic. The plan is working fine for him. He just knew it wouldn’t work at night, but felt he had to try. Well, it does work. It works quite well.
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6 years ago, kshaaa
Needs Major Work
There have been a few updates to the app since my first review but my experience with it has not improved. They make an improvement in one area and then take away a feature of another. It’s incredibly frustrating. The latest feature they took away is the ability to go back and view past month’s entries. You now only have access to view the current month. I wanted to go back and copy a meal I had last week so I wouldn’t have to research for the foods but since what I wanted to view was on July 31 and it’s now August 5th I can’t go back. So irritating. This app is still to labor intensive to use. It has nothing on My Fitness Pal. It still doesn't remember foods the way MFP does and foods the system still say 1 serving. Well, what's the definition of a serving bc that can depend on the original user that input it and may be more or less that what I see on a package for a serving. If makes for inaccurate entires when there is no unit of measurement. Garmin also still isn’t in the system as a recognized fitness tracker. Developers needs to take a serious look at other fitness tracking apps as it would show just how bad and hard to use this app is. It may have a new look but it’s not any better as far as functionality.
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3 years ago, Grammy637
Cannot express the disappointment I experienced today with nutrisystem!
With Nutrisystem , my order was scheduled for delivery yesterday. No call or email, telling me they weren’t going to make it. I sat by my window the whole day. Today my order is delivered ar 8:10 pm. No knock on the door ,no bell ringing . The entire “Frozen”portion of my order was melted. I had guests leave my home between 7;30and 7:45 pm ,so I know it was not there for any length of time,. I got a message that my order was delivered , went right to the door , thinking it must have gone to someone else as I was just at the door . But it was there . I called your office immediately and found it was closed. How can a problem be rectified if you deliver after the office closes. What is my next step , my entire frozen order is Ruined, and your office to replace this today ! You took my money on June 02, and this delivery was way off the intended delivery time .
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6 years ago, Sockpuppeteer
Won't work, support email doesn’t help
Edit: Contrary to my concern, Nutrisystem didn’t keep me on hold long at all. However, the diet counselor was not really prepared for my technical problem with the app (a diet counselor, not a tech), so I very much appreciate Nutrisystem reaching out to me here. Thank you — I'll be emailing for sure. :-) ——— Previous comment: The app had its issues but I was still using it. Then, I had to wipe and restore my iPad. Now Numi won’t even open ... shows me the loading icon forever. I have tried deleting it and reinstalling it and all that, but it didn’t help. I also tried emailing Nutrisystem for support, and they eventually, days later, wrote back to say they were too busy to answer and that I should call them on the phone. But it is apparent from comments on their site that I will probably spend an hour or more on hold, so I haven’t gotten around to it and use the website instead. But that means I won’t be eligible for some promotions, including freebies and challenges that would be inspiring, so I am very annoyed, and not looking forward to sitting around on the phone waiting for support.
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1 year ago, gabbiebaby
Not only does it work ( I’ve lost weight)!!… it was EASY! I was convinced that nothing would get the weight off me at “elderly” age; my pounds and I have been together for a very long time!! BUT… I’ve consistently dropped those pounds and NEVER felt deprived. Tracking in journal is an important piece to retrain myself in portion control as well as awareness of what I’m putting into my body! I’ve been doing “flex” from the beginning and increasingly doing my own meals; about 50% so I’m ready to “maintain”! Everything about this has been easy/sustainable! I’ve recommended several friends and family to use Nutrisystem to gain control of out of control/unhealthy eating habits: most have elected to start using the system. Reasonably priced; tasty foods I like; simple instructions; friendly and helpful “chats” or even “real person to person” conversations! Yep! At all levels, this works for me!!! Thank you!!
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1 year ago, Agent 9
It could be easier
I like that all the Nutrisystem meals are loaded in and I can easily select them, but if I’m eating something that is not a Nutrisystem meal, it’s much more complicated. I use another app as well as this one because it is so much easier to log anything that I eat goes into the frequently used list that I can easily draw from. When I put something in NuMi, it brings up restaurant foods I don’t eat restaurant food very often mostly I eat home cooked meals. It’s much more difficult to find those things on the NuMi app. The other app that I use has Nutrisystem meals for me to select. but where it keeps my recently used food on file it only takes me about 10 seconds to select the items for a meal. However, on Nutrisystem, I feel it takes me five minutes to get all the things in there because they don’t keep my frequently used items. However I like that it gives tips and recipes in the leaf portion. I also like that I can log one of the recipes straight from the app that makes it much easier.
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2 years ago, Gbuceee65
I am so happy to me able to get back to life. I was in a bad scooter accident in a hole, in the bike lane, a year and a half ago, and was told that I might pass away after the half year of the hospital. God gave me a chance that year. They left me on the bed area in the hospital and thatCreated this weight and images in my back. After finally leaving the hospital I finally could walk slow and get some of the food back but it got out of hand for me. That’s why I’m so excited finally to be back with Nutrisystem. I only started again this week but I’m already down almost 7 1/2 pounds. It helps me see that life is going back to safety and happy that this food is helping out with that. I’m 6’3 tall, but got down to 305 pounds but like I said I’m 7 1/2 pounds down. Thank you so much for your company and thank you so much for doing so much to help me get back to life. Love you all. 😉🙏🏻❤️
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4 years ago, Bonnie W1D3
Issues with start date
So, after I ordered my first box of Nutrisystem,I got a message to download NUMI. Excited about learning about the app, I downloaded it and started entering my information. I noticed it asked me if this was my 1st week, since I hadn’t gotten the food yet, I said no and exited the app. Every day after that I would get motifications to check out the app...I must have went too far one time because when I got my food and finally started the program, the NUMI app has me halfway through week 2! I called NS and asked if there was a way I could fix that, since I love challenges and figured they’d keep me motivated to check the app daily. The rep told me how to change my start date and said it should update the app in 24 hours.’s been about 50 hours since then and it still hasn’t updated my challenges in the NUMI app. I’m sad that I probably won’t get any of the prizes for doing the challenges because I’m out of sync. Other than that, it’s fairly easy to maneuver around, just takes some practice.
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1 year ago, gardener gail
Not user friendly enough for me. I purchased 55 plus and the food arrived in two shipments a week and a half apart. I received the lists of foods provided but no daily menus leaving me confused and frustrated. I called and was on hold for way too long! Then was emailed a link for NuMi which was somewhat helpful. When you have to log in your own vegetables it’s totally confusing…do this do that pick a category then after that I’m lost! I was on Jenny Craig years ago and was given a daily menu to follow with the provided food and was VERY successful. At 70 yrs old I want a program with no guess work. I received food products damaged, opened not sealed properly and cracked frozen food trays and no mention of replacement even when telling customer service on the phone their comment was oh sorry about that. For $450 monthly and that was their 50 percent off I cancelled before my second shipment and promptly got confirmation with a substantial offer of $199. If this program becomes more user friendly for me and more affordable I’d order again.
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2 years ago, Eiganjo
Intuitive, Robust and Effective
I’ve tried many diet plans and diet/exercise trackers over the years. But none of them offered all that NuMi does. The fact that it’s closely integrated with the NutriSystem weight loss plan is an probably unfair advantage - because a big part of any app is the data behind it, and NutriSystem has extensive data online. NuMi is well organized, not too cluttered, offers great features like scanning UPC labels to auto-enter food, and still the ability to create/define your own creations. Reminders for meals, water intake, exercise and logging your data … all of which helps to keep you on track. You can easily and quickly see your weight loss progress, link to “Leaf” recipes, how-to videos, and manage your current and future orders. Bottom line, it’s working for me. :)
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4 years ago, Dodulala
Just ok
It’s not a bad app, just not great. I still get frustrated because there’s a few things that need to be better. It’s hard to find NS foods to log. When I do a search, many of them can’t be found. Also, I’ve added all my regular food items to Favorites, yet when I click on Favorites, only some of them will appear. Usually I have to close app and reopen before I can see them all. Also having a way to edit your custom food would be nice if you’ve put in the wrong info, but I don’t see that option. I usually have to delete the item and start all over. Also why aren’t the Recent items automatically alphabetized? It’d be so much easier and quicker to find items. It would also be nice if the NS items were categorized differently. If you can’t remember the exact name of an item, then it can be difficult to find. You could have all the cookies listed under “cookies” in alphabetical order, ie: Cookies, Lemon Cooler - Cookies, Oatmeal, Cookies, Peanut Butter, etc. Then they’d be so much easier to find! 🙁
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4 months ago, jtbrown104
Lacks A LOT
I keep reading reviews on this app, and it appears very few improvements have been made to make it better. I get extremely frustrated when trying to find food that is NOT nutrisystem. I’m really disappointed in how tedious it is to log food and to navigate within the app. I’ve had “free apps” that were more user friendly, easier to find the food categories and had so much more capability. -When you scan a food, it should automatically tell the food category for you; ie. blueberries should automatically come up as a Smart Carb, but no, you have to categorize it yourself. -It should also give you the total of calories for each meal rather than mentally adding/subtracting from daily amount. -When going to the “News Feed”, it just cycles through the same articles and I really struggle to find the article or tip that was initially suggested. -Basically the price you pay for this program is for the food NOT the quality of the app. Don’t get me wrong, logging has been important and beneficial, but it should have easier and quicker access to information.
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4 years ago, Mnrainman
Poor integrations. Shopping cart issues
In today’s world to have an app that does not integrate with smart scales or smart watches outside of Fitbit is ridiculous. The app spends way to much time wanting you to purchase products than it does to make a useful user experience. I have Apple smart watch, that after a long bike ride it did not update my activity even though it shows up under my Apple activities. I have a smart scale that would be very useful after weighing in it would update the data to the app. In trying to purchase items through the phone or iPad I could click on add item to cart but it never showed up in the cart and just finding your cart was exhausting to find. Should be simple enough to do in my opinion. I also find that there is too many notifications and can’t find a way to clear them so I don’t see them every single time.
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3 years ago, mcornel
Great concept, needs some tweaks
I love the app. It is very great at doing what it does. However, they want us to be able to do water, but I’m already tracking my water through another app that feeds intoThe Apple Health. They want my weight, but my smart scale already feeds that into my Apple health. They want my steps and exercise, but my Apple Watch is already tracking it and feeding it into a Apple Health. They integrate with Fitbit but they allow you to track your steps if you keep your phone on you at all times which nobody does. That’s what my Apple Watch is for. What makes absolutely no sense, is why they want me to enter this manually when I already have things that do that already. That is it’s major flaw and why I will not get 5 stars. That is just simply a nuisance that is easily fixedIf they will just simply integrate the app into apple health. Fix thisNow, you are undermining a very good app
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4 years ago, Jammygirl71
Not very intuitive
The “journal” function can definitely use improvement. Many times you type in something considered very basic to journal (say “mixed fruit” or “cantaloupe” for instance) and it doesn’t come up, but you get a list of very specific foods by specific brands. (Ex. Fruit cocktail by dole”). Even the Nutrisystem foods have to be completely spelled out sometimes as the app doesn’t recognize key words. I’m used to the app that weight watchers uses that is super intuitive, and allows for general or generic foods. This app also adds almost everything that isn’t a Nutrisystem food as “Other” when you put it in, leaving you to put it into categories like SC, or PF yourself. Many times I don’t know exactly how it fits so a feature that allows the food to be accurately “sorted” for you would be very helpful. It would also help to have everything on one site as going between NuMi and Nutrisystem sites to find information is really annoying. I’ll be very happy to go back to weight watchers after these last weeks of Nutrisystem food.
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5 years ago, chunky no more
My weight loss journey
I started the nutri system diet on the day before Thanksgiving 2018. I had recently seen my doctor, and we went over my labs. They were over all good with the exception of border line diabetes and my current weight. Going over this in my head rang a bell inside me that was telling me that I am better than this. So I made the call to Nutri System. I didn’t care that it was at the beginning of the holidays. I knew I needed to do something and now. Long story short, I have been on the diet for nearly two months now give or take a day or two, and I have lost 15.6 pounds as of last Friday. Today is the following Monday, and I am certain I have lost even more weight. However, my weekly weigh in is on Friday mornings. So, come Friday morning, I am sure there will be more weight loss. How do I know? I have been following the diet religiously, plus I have been exercising and doing a daily speed walk that has yielded me great rewards thus far. I give a huge part of my success to Nutri System. However, it couldn’t have happened at all without all my hard work and dedication to my health. My advice, get out there America and take the Nutri System challenge to heart, and most certainly natural weight loss goals WILL be sure to follow you as you go. Thanks Nutri System!! ❤️❤️
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5 years ago, UCI Prof
So labor intensive
The app uses measurements that are not user friendly. For example: chocolate chip cookies made with butter serving size is ounces ... who has a scale to measure a cookie? If you look at other sites for same category and number of calories it equals 2 cookies not one... but one can’t determine this without going outside the app. They use milliliters when it would be normal to use ounces (at least in America). In order to record something it is minimally 2 step process... which could be so much more user friendly in so many ways. Called nutrisystem about a variety of issues like the ones above... they made all kinds of excuses and after a half an hour of talking, they admitted they have “lots of complaints about such things and they had no idea why it hasn’t been changed”. Apparently, the complaints have been around for awhile and no changes have been made. The only reason I keep using it is the Rio doc free food reward. Once I hit goal weight, I’ll be changing apps because the only “easy” entries are the nutrisystem foods. NuMi is the worst part of the diet!
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2 years ago, Jobaafred
Problem with app
To developers: I tried to contact you through app support but couldn’t so here goes. Since updating to iOS 15 when in the journal portion of the app, when I click on either flex meal on or more, the pop up box is white with white lettering. Prior to the update the box was green with white lettering so I could see the options. Now with white on white it’s very difficult to see. Update: The above problem was remedied. I’d like to see additional options in the activity section. I wear a step counter so just have steps and distance to input at the end of the day, but calories and duration is required so I just put in a random number. I’d also like to see Cubii added as an activity, which calculates strides, time, distance, calories and RPM. Hoping you incorporate these into the app.
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2 years ago, esme I
Great diet
I’ve been on the Nutrisystem dies for a little over 4 weeks now. Most of the food is decent and some is quite delicious. It is beyond easy to follow. There is enough flexibility to allow for eating out once in a while and a couple glasses of wine per week. I lost 6 lbs the first week and am now up to 10 lbs at a healthy and stable rate. The menu has frozen foods, bars, shakes, and packages that don’t require refrigeration so it is easy to take your food with you. The food is easy to choose and edit on the website. The only thing I do not like is that the NuMi app does not connect directly with my Nutrisystem account. If I chose items to purchase on the app, it doesn’t take into account what my plan is. Overall, I would recommend this diet to anyone.
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4 years ago, Pumasalad
Simple? Ha.
Today is my first day of actual diet. Nutrisystems food pictures do not show the actual contents of the packaging. The app was hard and confusing to get set up. The “easy” meals they shipped to me still require frequent trips to the grocery store AND there’re very little instructions about how to start. I suppose all the frustrations will evaporate if I actually lose the weight. The app won’t let me edit the starting weight, it doesn’t offer actual help when you click on the little question marks, and it only offers one reminder a day for things that happen multiple times (go eat your four servings of vegetables now... drink 64 oz of water now... etc). It does sync nicely between the iDevices, but there’s no way for me to watch my husbands progress while we’re on the same diet (except to grab his phone and look at it). Some simple attention to UI detail and first time setup would go so far to making this app useable. Right now I’m thinking about tossing it and going back to some genetic tracking app like Lose It.
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5 years ago, Nutri Newbee
NuMi disappointing
It does let me log Nutrisystem food. But Database of other foods is small. Usually have to create food and plug in all nutrition info. There are better apps with better data bases I do not like the exercise logging feature. It does not allow me to put in my actual information from my Fitbit manually( don’t want to connect Fitbit to numi app). No matter what I try to log, it does it’s own calculation. So I stopped logging exercise. As far as eating out. It is too difficult to try to figure out what to put into app, all a big estimate. Yes I am on a diet. BUT once a year my husband and I enjoy 1 buttered lobster roll each on our anniversary. Really, just what is that considered? A combo of what? .... Other? Pure fat, Power Fuel? Extra? Could not figure that out and didn’t log it. I tried finding a recipe and attempting to covert it somehow but that is not easy to dissect the components and translate to nutrisystem categories. NuMi app is great for nutrisystem food & “nutrisystem world” but not the flex meals and “real world”.
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5 years ago, Almost There👍
HELP in the wee hours NO matter when nor where👍
I’ve struggled with the yo-yo syndrome for years! I feel in control of what I put in my mouth most days without the constant confusion and anxiety that comes with “do I eat that or NOT and then feel disappointed with ME afterwards!” The NuMi App has helped me literally standing in a shopping line to “ get my motivation back in gear & motor forward toward my weight loss goal!” I love the fact I can go back six, eight, ten months ago and see WHERE IVE COME FROM👍👍👍! NutriSystem has helped me to gain a A+++ wellness checkup at the doctor now the last two checkups! NutriSystem has helped me to regain the feeling of “ I truly like ME more today than this time a year ago!” I’m within 1.4 lbs of my goal and Praising God Above for NutriSystem and the program!! Get WITH IT! DO IT!!! You’ll look back and be glad you did!! Pat
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5 years ago, DIanneOrwig
The Perfect Companion when following NS!
I really love this app and I contribute a lot of my success so far to all of the nice features that NuMi offers. Very user friendly, allows you to enter NS foods by either scanning or searching. The database of custom foods are good and getting better as more users enter custom food. TIP: Always double check selections for custom items. As with all food tracking apps, there is always a possibility of choosing inaccurate items. LOVE the free challenge prizes, badges, and milestone alerts. Very fun and motivating. I would love to see an added feature that calculates average loss per week to help folks see that they are still on track, even when the scale isn’t dropping. Great job on this one. I think NuMi is an absolute must have for anyone looking for the best results while following Nutrisystem!
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6 years ago, Cautious Facebook user
Good but lacking
I like the ability to track my food and water intake as well as having my exercise tracked in addition to being able to have my own. However, the low quantity of food that this app has available to log is frustrating. I get that it is for nutrisystem users, but when the app is unable to find a nutrisystem food when scanned it seems a little limited. MyFitnessPal can do everything NuMi does with availability to a much larger assortment of food to log. The only advantage of NuMi over MyFitnessPal is the recipe tips that can be incorporated into the Plan food. Even the “specials” and “sales” and “contest wins” are frustrating because, despite printing and following the directions to the letter, I still can’t take advantage of them without having a separate shipment and paying shipping fees. It’s decent and a good place to start when beginning the program, but there are other apps that are better.
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3 years ago, amyalto
NuMi Review
I am so disappointed in both NuMi as well as the Nutrisystem website! I am very computer savvy and I find both of these very difficult to navigate. I have literally spent several hours trying to figure these out, especially the website. For example, trying to find certain info is so frustrating because the labels do not directly correspond with what I’m looking for and I find myself having to press so many prompts to find what I’m looking for. It’s even complicated to explain!! It’s a shame because I think the diet has a lot off merit but these two vehicles make it so frustrating that it puts a real damper on the whole experience and unfortunately most of the customer service people don’t know how to use them either! Get a clue, Marie!!
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5 years ago, Supermanmegaman
Good not great but has the potential to be!
Definitely a must need app no matter what! Keeping track is critical, this is not about writing yourself an actual written note for reminders, that’s different, while NS sends booklet and leaflet to keep track doing it in the app is so much easier and motivating. I actually dreaded having yet another app and was using one of lists NS sent at first but then to get free gift I downloaded NuMi and realized I’m already on my phone a lot of times so why am I stopping to go write something when don’t have to. App allows me to link to change my food items or delivery if I need to and through exploring was actually motivating. Only not 5 stars becuz getting around I noticed things could be accessed easier, some buttons don’t need to be there and I just believe they can simplify journal. Other than that good luck out there
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2 years ago, Gshill
Pal plan max+ with NuMi
It works, from organizing at day 1 to going thru to day 19. We have lost 18#’s total and it’s all documented and recorded. NuMi log of water(64oz’s), activities(min/day), daily food intake vs calories remaining clearly visible, scanning to enter meals and end of day results shown. It takes some time to get on board with all the requirements, but working together you get results. Planing dinner with the same type meal and what to add (veg’s + PF’s) to make it a success has inspired us to keep going toward our goals. NuMi has helped us starting Jan 1st (Jan to be dry-non alcohol) with food program, loss goal’s, activity plans and the ability to log all events. We also surf thru Nutrisystem with the APP, learning new ideas and receipts to help reach our goals. We are reordering for 2nd month now and look forward to new events of weekly challenges and results. It also is showing that total costs of program (plan + requirements) is less than (eating out + happy hours + groceries) before. Check it out! We are traveling less, staying home more so COVID-19 beware, our release date is 2/1 to celebrate our losses, with new approach to life and traveling more.
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3 years ago, BostonLawman
Highly Recommended Program and App
I’ve tried many diet programs and this is by far the best of all. It’s simple, structured and easy to follow. Only criticism is it’s more on the expensive side than other programs, but well worth the investment for losing those unwanted pounds and the App is free. I lost 20 lbs in the first month by sticking with the plan and App (with a goal of 30 more). The food is actually tasty, healthy (for a diet plan) and plentiful! The App is great for tracking calories and food consumption. Highly recommended program and App even if you just want to track calorie consumption. Just aim for 1,000 calories the fist week and 1,425 to 1,575 each week thereafter until you reach your target weight. And no, I don’t work for Nutrisystem (I’m retired) or own any stock in the company!
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6 years ago, ItsCosmo
Good for Nutrisystem users. Poor food database.
If you are on the Nutrisystem program, you will find this app useful, as it is “Nutrisystem-aware” and shows you what type of each NS meal you need to eat throughout the day and how many calories have been consumed/remain. Its also has the Nutrisystem newsletter built in, which occasionally provides some useful information. It has nice graphs for showing your progress. However, for tracking non-NS food, it is poor. The food database is nowhere near as extensive as that of MyFitnessPal, for example. The “Create Food” feature just lets you manually enter a single item, rather than building a meal from individual food items in the database. I found that the barcode scanner is laughably inadequate, as it seems to work only with Nutrisystem foods - what’s the point in that? The interface is very nice, but Nutrisystem needs to up it’s game with some features.
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11 months ago, Gonsiorowski
My journal for week two- Janine’s weight loss
It’s been a struggle for me to lose weight this time because I am taking care of 2 people; my husband who was diagnosed with dementia and myself. I feel completely stressed out most of the days taking care of him. He struggles with me with his clothes, his discipline and taking his pills. Usually spits them out, decided to just put them in applesauce and not fight with him. My sanity is going to work for 6 hours, while the caregiver watches him. I decided to work on myself and start Nutrisystem, already have lost 5 pounds! Started on May 27th, I need to increase my energy and take us both to the gym starting today for 30 minutes. That will help my attitude and stress as well! 😀
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5 years ago, Prayerptnr
Hard to find recipes
The NuMi App is great at logging Nutrisystem foods. If you do flex meals you have to look up what the calories, etc. are then log them in. It would be great if this info was available through the app, like how many calories in an apple, and then input it. Also it’s hard to get to the recipes or find it again. I saw a zucchini recipe & tried to find it later but I can’t. And there isn't a search bar for the recipe section. It is also hard to print these recipes. I like the paper printout for when I shop and to read as I’m cooking. It’s too hard to read off my phone. But you can’t print out just the recipe or just a shopping list. If using for other than Nutrisystem products it’s not so good.
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4 years ago, Kjj1331
Not Recommended
I learned the hard way that the critical information on how to manage the program, isn’t on the app. You need to dig through the website for the crucial information. It’s buried but not on the app. Seems like they’re excited about the app but launched it before they should have. There’s lots of glitches. The app doesn’t provide details on the food nutrition (just calories) and there’s a LOT of food not included. It can scan barcodes but more than half of the items I’ve tried to scan, aren’t in their system. The articles the app provides get very confusing and constantly connect you to other articles so it’s very difficult to revisit or find an article you previously read. When you hit the quick add button for water at the bottom of the screen, it just brings you back to the main journal screen, so save the step. Many links I’ve selected take me to the homepage of their website and not articles as they should.
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3 years ago, Debbo1954
NuMi is hard to use
The NuMi app loads very slowly. Literally have to walk away. Husband is doing it too, so I spend double the time waiting. Then when I log food with the scanner, it takes another couple of minutes to update. What should take a minute or complete ends up taking 15 min. It takes longer if the server is down like it was yesterday. We did Nutrisystem in the past and the app is not any better than it was then. Also not all the Nutrisystem food is in the lookup as it is written on the package creating more delays in logging. Some calorie counts are not correct either. Grocery food sometimes has the entire package for nutritional info when there may be 8 servings per package. With the amount of time, the cost of the program and the number of users, I would think that Nutrisystem would do a better job.
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4 years ago, Numi Fan
NuMi is my Coach
NuMi keeps me on track. As long as you are faithful logging every bite and swallow, you can keep track and control your weight. Exercise helps too. I’m 69 and it’s harder to lose weight as I get older so I make sure I exercise more calories than I eat. I have an exercise bike that’s easy to pedal. I put it in the living room so I can watch TV and lose track of time while I’m peddling. I burn over 1,000 calories a day. NuMi’s my coach and keeps track of all my intake calories. NuMi and Nutri System together make weight loss so easy. I’ve lost 10 lbs. in 3 weeks. NuMi’s tips and recipes are a big help too. Most important drink WATER. It keeps you healthy and keeps you fuller. With NuMi you can accurately diet, exercise and drink. Yay NuMi!!!!
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6 years ago, sushila5
Needs Recipe Creation Function
This app would really benefit by having a way to create recipes of favorite food combinations/amounts that you could save and share with other users so that you don’t have to remember which date to copy your previous meal from. It’s pretty annoying to have to go back day by day (which also requires way too many buttons to click, you should be able to just have an arrow to go forward or back one day when in calendar mode). Also, the search function doesn’t work inside the “Recent” or “Favorites” when you’re logging food. It would make more sense to be able to search in all tabs, rather than having to keep scrolling down to find what you’re looking for. The ads are really annoying and the tab at the bottom of the screen is often blocking what I’m actually trying to see in my daily tracker. I agree with the other users that the challenge prizes are basically unusable if you have auto-ship activated. For your regular auto-ship customers, whose money Nutrisystem basically COUNTS ON to give continuous support of their bottom line, should be rewarded as well with the encouragement “prizes”. Nutrisystem should take a look at the WeightWatchers app. They’ve done a much better job.
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1 year ago, Matyas John
So far I like the app for the most part. You have to go through everything at the beginning to get yourself familiar with it. I wish as soon as I ordered Nutrisystem they would tell you to get familiar with the app so that’s out of the way. I have found it difficult to take pictures of barcodes to log other food, so far only one worked after multiple attempts. Unless I’m using the app wrong I wish when you log your food for breakfast lunch and dinner it can be done all at once. It’s really a pain to log the Nutrisystem food then log everything else after. I would like to list what I’ve eaten and let the app assign what category it belongs in.
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5 years ago, Carrots4lunch
Getting better
This app has improved a lot since I used it a few years ago. It is easier to use to log food. The search function doesn’t work as well as I’d like. It doesn’t remember foods I’ve scanned into it in the past or foods I’ve entered recently. I wish it would suggest foods I’ve entered previously. It seems quite structured in what I should add for each meal. It doesn’t work very well for entering flex meals. I’d also like to enter my vegetables with the meal I ate them with instead of adding them all together at the end. It’s easier to add exercise than before. There is a wider variety of options to choose from. Again, I wish it would suggest the types of exercise I’ve done in the past instead of having to search each time.
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3 years ago, hodgepodgelove
Waste of digital space
Nutrisystem might work (heavy emphasis on the “might”) but their app sure doesn’t. It constantly freezes, fails to load pictures, or refuses to refresh. Notifications will not be removed even after review. Ads for Nutrisystem take up significant space on each page, preventing the easy reading of any article or guide, and never mind the fact that I’ve already bought into the gimmick. Navigating the app is clunky and not user friendly. If I try to load comments on an article, the entire app freezes and I have to force it to close. During my first week, everything I read kept referring to a “personalized week one menu“ but I never saw a personalized anything. Is it on the app somewhere? Who knows. At this point, the only thing this app is good for is logging my caloric intake and I could just as easily do that with a pen and paper. If I could rate it 0 stars, I would.
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4 years ago, Rjmaxey
Needs more measurements and foods
I am not one to really write reviews, but the app could really use some work. A lot of foods are just not there to log. I made “Home-cooked Turkey Meatloaf” - a recipe I found on the Numi app but it was nowhere to be found in the tracker portion of the app. I had skim milk this morning and on the tracking page you can only measure that in ml — whose measuring milk in milliliters in the US? Also, I haven’t found the scanner in the tracker working with anything except Nutrisystem packaged foods and I couldn’t find anyway to save recipes that I like so that I can come back to them. Overall, there needs to be a more seamless interface between recipes and logging/tracking. Don’t get me wrong, I am losing weight and I am feeling more confident in the program everyday, but I would love it even more if the app was more user friendly.
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3 years ago, Fab4ever64
Very underwhelming
Not sure if this is the fault of the app developer or Nutrisysyem, however coming from a weight loss plan that had a very well developed app NuMi is woefully not impressive. The app search features leave a lot to be desired, navigating from area to area not intuitive, copying food and more important whole meals from a day very clunky and the general look and feel of NuMi is amateurish at best. Both my wife and I are losing weight on the plan however the app is a chore to use. We now double track using the other weight loss app as it is more robust and much easier to use. We only use NuMi because we have to not because we want to and that is not a measure of success I am guessing Nutrisystem wants to hear … however maybe they do as they don’t seem to care about customer service or support after they get you signed up.
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5 years ago, Krisixty9
Not useful to different schedules
My complaint is that your app is not setup to cater to a lot of us who work, or have irregular schedules! It needs to offer a “floating” 24 hr schedule, instead of midnight to midnight being a day. I wake at 4pm and start my breakfast, and by time I eat dinner, it’s already a new day or it fills in tomorrow’s dinner because it’s after midnight. This also makes “reminders” worthless! They are only for people who work 9 to 5! Meals should also be “time stamped” as you enter them into the app. Once these issues are fixed for millions of us who work and live different schedules, then making reminders or the app work with iWatch would be great! Can’t believe this was an oversight, to make it compatible with one of the largest most successful watches?!! This app is worthless, and makes ever bit of my logging a mess, until you fix this “floating or flexible” 24hr day issue!!!
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