Nutrisense: Glucose Monitoring

Health & Fitness
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Nutrisense Inc
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3 weeks ago
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User Reviews for Nutrisense: Glucose Monitoring

4.44 out of 5
3.1K Ratings
12 months ago, NS CGM for nutrition control!
A New lease on healthy habits!
The Nutrisense CGM program & app is my first use of a CGM for making adjustments to me health based on real-time data. I’ve been able yo break poor nutrition habits I excused for years because I figured I was healthy & active otherwise & instead came to see how much they affected when adjusted & how having that data motivated those changes! I can’t say enough good about the program. Specifically, I love the intuitiveness & functionality of the data gathered. The app interface is very useable & simple to navigate. The customer service is very responsive. The main area of improvement I’d mention would be sensor durability. I’m not a swimmer or working manually even daily, & I have had the sensors last 1 out of the 2 intended weeks on 4+ occasions & have had to replace them which can lead to lost data/time if I have to request a new one. This is impacted by the adhesive cover which certainly only lasts a week before I have to replace with KT sports tape. Additionally, the RD support is useful but less so in the initial period. I would have preferred to start with an RD after 4-6 weeks of watching my data & wished I had the option to do so. The webinars & learning articles/sessions are quite useful too! I’ve used this program for 3 months & will be continuing it for the value & health habit control it provides even through my next pregnancy! Great device & app overall.
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1 month ago, OtterPup42
Incredible insights
First off, the NS customer support is unparalleled. They are responsive and reliable, and they genuinely care to help with any questions. The actual CGM experience has been eye-opening. I’m using one for my own curiosity, as I do not have T2 or other condition that would require keeping an eye on my glucose levels. It’s not cheap, but I’m glad I saved up for a 3-mo membership. The app itself I get to keep, which is great bc of the history of my food & journal logs. My first 2 weeks I focused on understanding the whole process; then I took a break. 2nd two weeks (so 1 month of 3) I used to see how I’d respond to specific foods and behaviors. 3rd two weeks I used while traveling internationally to see how my body handles the stress from a glucose perspective, as well as how I respond to things I normally do eat/do. It ran out during my trip so I felt a bit aimless toward the end, lol Now I’m back and after a week of being home I’m using my remaining 2 weeks of my 2nd month to see how I go adjusting to being back in my routine. I have 1 more month in my membership and as you can see, NS is super cool about stopping/starting whenever. Basically, if you activate a sensors anytime then you have 2 weeks. I also had a couple of wonky issues and NS was super cool about replacing the sensors with no issues. All in all I wish everyone could have 3mo with a CGM to learn about yourself. It’s FASCINATING data!!
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5 months ago, Jay Gatsby1
Great information but could be organized better
The app works great and provides fantastic detailed information of real time data. The biggest drawback is how the learning section and FAQs are in different places and not well organized. It’s a massive dump of information and it’s not easy to know where to start. The messaging function is clunky too, which requires multiple clicks to access messages with the Nutrisense team. Finally, the popups (such as “scan failed”) are very annoying because they appear right over the (+) button you need to hit to scan again or choose another action. Overall, powerful tool that could be better with some tweaks.
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2 years ago, SijayB
Informative, but be aware
I have been using the app for a couple of months and I have learned a lot about my glucose response to different foods. However, I am concerned that some people may draw wrong conclusions about what healthy eating looks like. The dietitians seem to encourage people to keep their post-meal spikes as low as possible (and always under 140), which is feasible for most healthy individuals, but at the expense of food variety and quality. It is very natural to experience higher variations when eating carbs, including healthy carbs such as fruits and intact whole grains. In contrast, if you only eat meat and fat, you will have very little variation, at least temporary. This does not mean that you should stop eating carbs. I have seen people on the Facebook group bragging about their low variations on a keto diet and advising others to stop eating grains and fruits. That seems like a very bad advice to me. Being so obsessed with the food spikes at expense of healthy and rich diet seems like a terrible idea to me. I stopped listening to the dietitian’s advice and instead tried a variety of foods to see how my body responds. The monitor has helped me with cutting out foods that are definitely bad such as processed sugary snacks, and has open my eyes to the benefits of post-meal walks and fasting. I stopped worrying obsessively whether my blood sugar stays under 140 and instead focused on eating whole foods rich in macro nutrients.
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2 years ago, Giorueda
Beware of the fake subscription model
NutriSense malicious subscription model We get 2 subscription one for 3 moths and the other one for 1 moth and after we choose and pay more for the 1 moth we have another $350 charge, contact customer service: I would like to note with the 4-month shelf life, you can activate your sensors whenever you want. This gives you flexibility, and the ability to customize your tracking time to match your schedule. Each sensor lasts about 14 days, and the 14 days of monitoring does not start counting down until you apply and activate the new sensor. Moving forward, I'd like to confirm that your subscription has since been successfully canceled from auto-renewal within the app. I also see that you have an active auto-renwal on your 3-moth subscription. Would you like for me to cancel this? (12:10:17) Giovanni Rueda: Yes please cancel (12:11:24) Giovanni Rueda: Can I cancel my 3 moth subscription and make it 2 moths because of this issue? (12:16:04) Giovanni Rueda: Please I feel the subscription model is malicious because I choose the 1 moth plan (12:18:17) Tom Greene: We try to be as transparent as possible with our auto-renewal policy and I would like to provide steps we go through to make this aware. When first onboarding (before the accounts activation) we send out questionnaires to help with eligibility. Number 20 in the questionnaire explains the auto-renewal process.
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2 years ago, cfkds
This is the worst company, from the start I never received my CGM, it to 2 months for the customer service rep TOM to tell me that the post office delivered it to the wrong address, so instead of sending a new one (by the way they charge you for one even if they delivered to the wrong address) he strung me along stating that the post office would re-deliver, well I believed that lie, if something was delivered to the wrong address the postoffice doesn’t go back and ask for the package. I told the customer service Tom that I wanted to cancel and that I should get a refind as I spent $250 dollars for air, then I sent an email 15 days before my next billing cycle to cancel never heard back and they auto charged me another 250$ which I am trying to get my bank to stop payment on. Not one time did TOM ever tell me I could cancel through their APP, when there is a class action lawsuit for fraud, I will certainly sign up, this is the worst scam ever and a complete waste of money. If you want a cgm ask your doctor for a prescription and pay cash, you will save money and you will not get scammed like me. So frustrating and so unethical.
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12 months ago, Rebecca Landers Brown
Eye opening experience!
I put on my first CGM 10 days ago! Wow! Right out of the gate my first meal, lunch with my girlfriends, I thought I was having a conservative mini burger, six fries and two glasses of ice tea, minimally sweetened. Wow! My first scan after that meal was so surprising, I showed a number that was in the pre-diabetes range. Since that wake up call, I’ve been making healthier, Low carb choices with a just a few hiccup… all reflected by the immediate feedback of my CGM. I’m slowly whittling away at the 20 pounds I’ve gained over the last few years. I can honestly say I am so much happier and feels so much better. I never thought these words would come out of my mouth but I am genuinely enjoying healthy food now more than ever because it’s nutritious and satisfying. I’m very thankful to Nutrisense. I truly believe their CGM is going to change the trajectory of my health.
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9 months ago, Chiiio16
Complete dissapointed
I was initially filled with anticipation when I began using Nutrisense, hoping for a transformative health journey. Unfortunately, my experience has been far from satisfactory. Regrettably, I never received the patches, and the sensors I did receive seem to have a shorter lifespan than expected. Upon reaching out via email to address these concerns, it became apparent that the responses I received were generic and pre-written, lacking the personal touch I had hoped for. Come on the price is not cheap. My attempts to cancel my subscription and seek a refund for the missing sensors have been met with prolonged delays, extending over three weeks without resolution. The interaction with the nutritionist has been equally disappointing, with my inquiries met mostly with automated, templated responses. Contrary to the program’s promises of personalized guidance, my experience has been limited to receiving only four generic emails in a month, devoid of the insightful advice that was promised. In summary, my journey with Nutrisense has been nothing short of a letdown, both in terms of the experience and the financial investment.
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2 years ago, Karolek
Amazing insights
I never considered tracking my glucose until I came across this app and thought it was kinda expensive but I’ve been really impressed by the things I learned. Biggest surprise for me was how well my glucose correlates with sleep quality (I use apple health to track sleep). By watching my glucose I noticed that I would wake up in the middle of the night frequently when eating very low carb and sure enough nutrisense showed me that my sleep interruptions often overlapped with times that my blood sugar dipped into a very low range. Just an example of a major benefit to me personally from tracking glucose - I was able to adjust my diet and my sleep became more consistent which is a huge value add for me. Highly recommend this app - even if for just a few months to gain new insight into what’s going on inside your body.
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4 months ago, Nrichar1
Life Changing
I don't have diabetes but had wanted to try a continuous glucose monitor (CGM)to get a clear picture of my metabolic health. Nutrisense is one of the more affordable options out there and I can truly say that a one month subscription has changed how I will eat for the rest of my life. Even my children (6 & 8) have loved observing my one month experiment and became very interested in how different foods effect my glucose response. Having the CGM has even resulted in my family taking walks after meals to help lower glucose response. I hope CGMs become more and more affordable for non-diabetics to make long term lifestyle changes. The video nutrition visits with registered dietitians are an added bonus with your membership and can still be utilized and covered by insurance after your membership expires. Thank you everyone at Nutrisense!
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2 years ago, Ericthsod
Cool technology but very poor guidance
I am your typical fairly fit 50yr old. I exercise 3-4 x per week but still wanted to loose about 10 lbs. I decided to try a CGM program after my sister in law tried a program. In her program there was a set series of “experiments” that she was asked to do in order to collect the data of how her body reacts to different foods, exercise, sleep, ect. Now I have been on the NutriSense program for 16 days, my dietitian has reached out a total of 4 times, 3 of which we just giving me my data, that is on the app. No suggestions of any changes of any specific experiments, with the suggestion that I try and eat dinner earlier. The 4th time he has reached out was because I asked him for an experiment to try. He came back with a list of 9-10 different experiments that “I could try”. It was a bit much. I have been looking for a phone number to call to have the company switch dietitians for me but I am unable to find a contact number, it has to be done through email. Bottom line.. the technology is great but the support is very lacking.
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6 months ago, Narkosaman
Great Service for Continuous Glucose Monitoring
Using the Nutrisense App is great for following blood sugars, but a bit clunky for documenting meals and for micronutrient totals. Adding a meal requires two steps and you also have to clear your last entry to put in another one for the same meal, an unnecessary step. A window also opens up and covers the “add to meal” button that must be “hidden” to actually add to the meal. Not a major problem but it could be better… All in all, Nutrisense is a 5 star App and service for documenting and evaluating blood glucose levels. I have used the App for two years and it continues to improve over time. The Nutrisense service, and especially the dietician advice (thank you Kendra) to help interpret and control blood glucose levels, is fantastic and definitely worth having. I have convinced many of my colleagues to join and begin continuous glucose monitoring (CGM). I have learned a lot about how my body reacts to different foods and it has changed the way I eat. The feedback from the CGM and the advice and encouragement from the dietician makes the Nutrisense service superior to CGM alone. The associated educational materials available through Nutrisense are an outstanding resource and adjunct to the App. Highly recommended! Worth every penny!
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1 year ago, MBeckySauce
Excellent CGM app, great Dietetian, poor version just released
This is my first CGM and I started out with a package I can cancel after 30 days… but I love it, so I plan on keeping it with a longer commitment and lower monthly fee. The Dietetian is knowledgeable and not pushy at all, the glitches are minimal, and a ton of data flows… so I can learn to eat my meals at the right time and right order… no naked carbs or carb rich breakfasts any more. More sensible than anything I’ve seen so far, and the immediate feedback is an awesome teacher. Great community and on demand learning modules. Two thumbs up! UPDATE at 6 months: I put it on hold for now. The most recent app version is void of several key visualization of data, and they weren’t hearing us users about it neither before or after. Basically made the app more stupid, in a $200/month environment. I left some of the stars on, because it lead me to the right eating habits originally - but took two stars away for this “update”.
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9 months ago, Dlevi12
What is the point ??
I first got my sensor , I was super exited . After a week my glucose did not fluctuate much , even after a sweet treat . So I ask and they told me to calibrate . Well I had to go do a blood glucose test or buy them chin for finger test . Nobody told me about that , but I decided not do do , so there was no point at that moment of the whole product. The instruction was hard , they reply how to attached the monitor but nothing about taking off . Again I had to call/ email …. Again where is the nutritionist? I had o download a whole another app , join a community that only send me articles to ready . I could write to her questions but no plan , no what combination food I should eat , nothing really relevant . I finally give up …. And they charged me $150 dollars to cancel because I didn’t finish the 6 month commitment. After 1 month there were no more nutritionist to help you so all the blood test before hand would consume that month again … what was the point ? I spend $ 650 and I got nothing out of this.
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2 weeks ago, CMurf22
Great app!
This is a great app to really see how things affect your blood sugar! I was pushed into diabetes by medication prescribed for another diagnosis. Nutrisense has helped me understand what helps & what can be a poor decision for me. The app is full service - blood glucose monitoring, easy to use food diary, track activity (integrates welll with other apps to help with this) & journal all in one! Makes it very easy to see what is affecting my blood sugar! They offer nutritionist services which are well worth the cost to help you with your goals & help keep you motivated. I have tried other programs & apps but have not seen any that allow you to get as full of picture in one place! I find it very frustrating to jump from app to app! Kudos to Nutrisense!!!!
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4 years ago, LethalJD
Good start but lots of room for improvement
The concept and the service itself are great! The app is easy to use for scanning the CGM and the graph is easy to understand and read. Where the user experience starts to break down is with the food and exercise logging capabilities. The food database is quite limited and it’s cumbersome to enter meal information. Due to the general lack of food items and not being able to find things you end up having to approximate using similar items. The other challenge is that the quantities you can select are fixed. Didn’t have 1 of something? Good luck. Your choices are generally in fixed quantities and if you switch to grams the lowest you can go is 100 grams.m with no option for manual entry of quantity. It’s little things like this that add up to be big things when the basis of the app and service requires you to accurately track and log your food intake.
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1 year ago, NGLCST
Has some issues
The app has some issues - the audio in the videos only works through earphones - customer service acted surprised - thought it was my iPhone's fault until I found a FB thread in the Nutrisense group of users complaining of the same problem . Overall the app works, although it’s a little cumbersome and scanning the sensor sometimes takes a few tries (helps to close all other apps). Thus far (still within my subscription ) I am enjoying seeing how my glucose changes. The FB group has been helpful - that along with other external sources have many tricks & tips to improve glucose spikes. The complimentary nutritionist is pretty useless , mine has done next to nothing - not worth the extra expense. I’ll probably try Levels after my 3 month Nutrisense subscription ends. It’s been fun to measure my glucose reaction.
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11 months ago, Sweet tooth no more
My review after 2weeks
App is useful when trying to find what foods and activities cause your Individual blood sugars to increase. It also has several educational podcasts to increase your knowledge of managing blood sugars. I wish however you could easily keep track of water intake which is an integral part of weight and blood sugar management. You can add it in your meal but it would be helpful to have a separate tab for this. Also when you are recording meals to have a greater variety of measurements to choose from. Overall I like it and have found it useful.
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11 months ago, snxuna
For pre-diabetics, the Most powerful tool I’ve ever used to Take control of my health!
I am a 55 yr old health nut who surfs , does yoga, lifts weights, optimizes my sleep with an Oura ring and dock pro bed cooler, and thought I was doing everything I could with diet and exercise to optimize my HbAC1 which was at 5.9 peaked before I cut out all refined sugar and processed foods but was hovering at 5.5 . Regular doctors said I was doing everything I could. Then I tried Nutrisense. . . I just used the one month program and paid with my Health FHA. In week one I saw why my healthy diet was still delivering a 5.5 value. My regular diet gave my daily averages of 110 with standard deviations of 40. After experimenting with the phenomenal app I was able to bring my daily average down to 90 with a standard deviation of 10! Takeaways for me: Not enough protein and not early enough in meals with significant carbs. Carbs early in the day and taper lunch and dinner. Walk the dog after every meal. That simple. Only used for a month but one of the best investments in my health I’ve ever made. Thx!
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4 years ago, M Kate O
This app will change your life
I’ve been tracking my heath and testing different ways of eating, tools and apps for years, but this one is by far the absolute best. It goes well beyond just nutrition and is far more realistic / helpful in helping you figure out what to eat, how to exercise, and how everything you do interacts for optimal health. I was surprised to see how much eating grains or sugar affects my sleep, and vice versa — how lack of sleep affects how my body responds to food the next day. Same with alcohol, exercise, etc. Get on the app now! It’s only getting better and better with each update - the new macro feature is nascent but will be incredible soon! Would highly recommend!
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1 year ago, Keevs5
App review - Not as intuitive or easy to use as Lose It
The app is definitely not as easy to use as Lose It. Logging food is labor intensive because you can’t search by restaurants or dishes there. You have to manually add every ingredient you eat at a restaurant. That is hard to do! The font size in the app is too small and the graph for the glucose is tiny. Hard to read and hard to see what is going on. The font inside of the messages with my nutritionist is also too small and can’t be adjusted. I would say the font size in the app is a 7, not even at 10 or 12 size. This makes it hard for anyone over the age of 40 to read anything. These are all technical issues that the programmers need to think about and incorporate into the app to make it more accessible to everyone.
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10 months ago, jayehikes
There is a gap in delivery of sensors. Expensive.
I signed up thinking I was paying one fee for three months but it is per month. So it’s really expensive. On top of that they don’t send the sensor until after you are billed so there is a gap in sensors that seems ridiculous. Given the cost and really the need for continuous data to try to improve. The training was pretty good but the videos with the man were so irritating due to slow talking and strange lighting I had to skip those. The support was good but after the first month it is an extra cost. So again even more money. I doubt I’ll even use the sensors and service anymore but I still owe another month fee. Be careful when signing up that you understand all this. If it were much cheaper it’s a good service. Finally my subscription ended and they charged me another 300 dollars. Ripoff company.
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2 weeks ago, Shellyburg
Worth the cost
I can’t believe how many random, unexpected things cause my blood sugar to rise. Even my diet root beer and egg white egg bites (which supposedly only have eggs, cottage cheese, and a little bit of veg). It’s been eye opening. Also, the nutritionist assigned to me is so helpful and non-judgmental about my eating and exercise habits. She just gives me little suggestions here and there, and I am making small changes here and there. I have only been doing it about 6 weeks but I feel really motivated to keep going. KNOWING what affects my blood sugar has stopped me from eating things that I used to eat multiple times a week.
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2 years ago, DannyJ795
Horrible customer service
In theory this should be a great service but in the real world it's a nightmare. I've had constant ongoing tech and customer service problems. They customer service is truly a nightmare. It's all through a little message system on their app that takes them hours or days to reply to. And when you have so many problems that you just can't waste another 3 hours of your life trying to fix via messaging, their customer service boss Mariano will refuse to speak with you about it. This company is truly a nightmare and getting out of their contract is probably like trying to break a deal with Satan himself. This company will likely go bankrupt within the next 12 months or less due to the awful customer support. In a down economy, nobody will tolerate putting up with this nightmare of a company.
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2 years ago, BennyBenny
I was happy, but then…
I used the service for three weeks. During that time it did exactly what it was supposed to do. Record data and allow me to consult one of the nutritionists to discuss the data and what changes I could make to improve my eating. Three weeks in I decided I had gotten what I needed and stopped wearing the device. I thought I was done. I had paid for one month and that was that. Then I get an email that my credit card had been charged $350 for the next month. I immediately reached out to customer service and said I had only signed up for one month, pls refund me for their second month charge. The response from customer service was (essentially) “did you read line #20 of your email acceptance letter? The service automatically renews.” I pushed back again and said, no I didn’t see line 20 (!) and I stopped using the sensors a week early (which they can see) and I told my/their nutritionist I was done. After several email exchanges back and forth - they stood firm and refused to refund my money. I never post reviews but wanted to here. They took a happy customer and turned me into a hater. 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻
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2 years ago, Gastoparesis
If you need constant monitoring, do not recommit
Each sensor lasts 2 weeks, but gaps between them sending the sensors can leave you without one for a couple days. DO NOT DO THIS IF YOU NEED CONSTANT MONITORING FOR HEALTH REASONS. I will say that this is the first time I’ve had this issue and I’ve had it for a couple months. It’s a dangerous issue though depending on the person - it has been hard for my hypoglycemia to go a couple days without. Right now it seems like I’ll have to go 3-6 days without. Responsive staff willing to help. Can be hard to keep on for the entire 2 weeks. Be careful to cancel subscription if you want to because there is no email or notification until after they renew it. Easy to scan with phone.
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7 months ago, sweet tea cj
Several reasons to love the NUTRISENSE app!
The education you provide is outstanding. Even though I no longer wear a CGM, I use the app daily to track my food, and track my weight. By doing those two things, I’m able to figure out what my metabolic system is doing. Plus, the journal feature is great place to note my daily anomalies, like sleep or exercise and how it might be affecting me. Once, I figured out where the features were, the app was very easy to use. I hope I’m allowed to use the app indefinitely. Thanks NUTRISENSE app team - great job!
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4 weeks ago, $occer$layer551
Nutrisense App functionality and reliability
Love the interface and user friendly aspects of the Nutrisense app. It’s pretty intuitive and the customer support is excellent but there’s still some work to be done with CGM syncing consistency or connectivity (Freestyle Libre 3) and other ‘glitches’ or software issues - ie. when saved meals are recalled they often have incorrect time stamps and ingredient lists, resulting in an error message. Overall a great app but a few software updates will hopefully improve the reliability and consistency.
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2 years ago, MattMust
Cool product but the company uses a fraudulent subscription model
It appears that I am another victim of NutriSense fraudulent subscription model. I signed up for a pre determined period of time, 3 months. It was to my surprise that I received a charge in month 4 and after I contacted customer service they were less then helpful to resolve the issue. As it relates to the product, it’s pretty cool and does provide good data as long as you are logging meals and exercise. You get out of it what you put in so it does require interaction. If you are not a diabetic one month is sufficient to gauge how your body interacts with certain food. Life is too short to purchase products from companies who practice fraudulent subscription models and have no respect for their user base. Look elsewhere!
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6 months ago, Joelerin
Need more support
The app gives you help from a nutritionist the first month for free. It doesn’t make sense to have it the first month when you are so overwhelmed with just using the app and getting the rhythm down. I think it would be much more beneficial if they offered it for free for the first three months. I was so overwhelmed with using the app, trying to log my food, and understanding the reading that I didn’t even have the chance to use the nutritionist. I think there needs to be better support with using the Nutrisense. Also their learning programs are too time consuming for people who live very busy lives.
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7 months ago, CStoker22
Learn section limits the content
At first this app was working flawlessly then 1 week in there have been tons of glitches especially with the learn section where you can’t scroll down on articles. Super disappointed especially since this program is relatively expensive and the learn upon content is essential to understand the data that is given. Reached out to member services about this and no one is responding. Same for some other community members. This should be corrected in a timely manner especially since nutrition directs you to read the articles. I would’ve recommended this app and program but now I’m rethinking especially if this issue persists.
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6 months ago, Very Disappointing x 3
Disappointed with CGM, app, and NutriSense
the Abbott Freestyle was very unreliable and consistently tested very different from blood glucose comparisons (fasting, post prandial, and all through the day) and it wasn’t a calibration issue as the variability went in both directions. The app isn’t intuitive and clunky. The advertising is also misleading in my opinion as the dietician support is weak. Lastly, be careful with the subscription service games they play. I attempted to do the 1 month only at a high premium and missed the fine print that even that offering automatically stuck you in a monthly renewal - which I found out the day after my 1 month was up via an email letting me know they charged me another $400+. Terrible experience all together.
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6 months ago, AVBaird
A bit of a bait and switch unfortunately
A friend gave me one of his glucose meters and I downloaded the app on a three day trial. Three days is not enough time for a trial and even the app mentioned it takes a few days for your data to normalize… so $200 later I seemed to be on my way. I got through almost 13 days and the glocose meter stopped working. Of course I didn’t have any extra and it was not clear that I would have to subscribe (at the additional cost of $125 a month) to receive additional readers. Needless to say, I’m disappointed. If you are interested in this service, know it will run you a minimum of $1,700 a year and that is without any nutrition coaching or other add-ons.
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2 years ago, Bubbleblower
Good data but not consistent
I have had the device for almost 2 months now. First monitor fell off 4 days early. 2nd one fell off 6 days early. Both times I was wearing protective cover and I have a desk job so was not used and abused. 2nd monitor was off by 20 pts from my first monitor. Plus it’s frustrating that when you put a new one on, it takes 24 hours to get good data because it’s so far off from the previous one. I am not diabetic so I don’t have a manual GM at home. The data though is helpful and I found out I can have certain carb foods spike a lot less if it’s after eating a salad or if it’s after exercise. So it was a little helpful but not for the money and lack of full wearing days
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2 years ago, Meeche80
Too expensive
This app and freestyle libre cgms are too expensive. For the same cgms it’s $150/month. The first 30 days of nutrition is complimentary after that it’s $50/ month just for dietary services alone. My sensor came off after a shower and customer service informed me that I can purchase a new one for $85. I had already paid $200 for the month. I had the same issue with the cgms when purchasing them from the pharmacy. I was also charged $151 to cancel a subscription. I would not recommend. Merely because of the pricing and the cost of cgms. You can get the cgms from elsewhere and try to connect them to the app and pay the $50/ monthly for dietary services until you get on track.
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11 months ago, TLVWINE
The nuts and bolts to getting inside the body instead of always looking on the outside!
I am enjoying the Nutrisense program! The information they provide, as far as, educational tools for learning, and the technical support from their staff, is an incredible journey to understanding your own blood glucose and how to make educated decisions about your future. The Dietitian support is valuable to helping it all tie together. Their suggestions on how to get better results is understandable and relevant to where you are.
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3 years ago, Denarius III
Waste of time and money
First off, this product is not accurate out of the box. After a 24hr “calibration” wait time, the product consistently read 20pts above what my blood monitor showed. So then you have to manually calibrate it. But even after this, there’s no guarantee that it will stay consistent, as my fasted reading were still significantly different. And don’t forget, if you don’t scan it within 8hrs, you lose data. Eight days into the use of the device, the monitoring went crazy and spiked 100pts and began showing continuous incorrect readings which could not be explained. But you won’t get a refund if your device fails, they’ll just send you another device that may or may not work. A horrible experience and a waste of my time and money.
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6 months ago, Fit4life64
I guess I had greater expectations for this than the actual reality of it. The nutrition coaching is kind of a joke. The program constantly tries to get you to use your insurance for additional nutrition coaching. The app has faults that make it impossible to complete some of the the modules. There’s really no way of getting out of the service and not having to pay, especially if you’re dissatisfied, and don’t want to continue. Be mindful of what you want to commit to and the associated costs. The data from the CGM and the app is helpful so you know what foods, etc spike your BG, but again, I feel it’s a very expensive investment for just mostly that. Unfortunately, I wish I would have thought twice.
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6 days ago, CERMELI
Super anoid about quality and service
I was at the beach and sensor started giving alerts every 5 min that sugar was too low. I didn’t have another way to measure my glucose and had the sensor giving alerts. Of course it makes you concerned about why this is happening. Next I had the day at the lake, and when I got home, had an alert that I need to replace the sensor and I had just put it on the night before. Then I received my new box of sensors and had no over patches I called to get some new patches and I have to wait 8 days to receive them. So I can’t wear the sensor for 8 days! And there was no way to expedite it even when I offered to pay for shipment. This is not reliable!
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6 months ago, Unhappy in Fayetteville NC
When its good its good, but when its not its useless
My first monitor worked perfectly, gave me great insight as to how my eating was affecting my BG and was actually helping me change eating habits. Unfortunately the sensor only last two weeks and when I change to my second sensor it wouldn't read at all at first, then it was giving me these astronomically high readings in the 500s and 700s. I would be in a coma if that were accurate. I reached out to Customer Service. They gave me a list of about eight things to do to try to get it to work appropriately. I did each of those things and none of them worked. And then it was a radio silence from Customer Service. Extremely disappointed.
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10 months ago, KAMomma1515
Could be top notch..
I've had two sensors pop off a few days early (I guess the adhesive is not that great??) also, you have the order the nutrisense sensor covers separately now! These should come with the purchase and be available the day you put the sensor on to protect it from sweating etc... They seemed to use a different manufacturing company recently because they also do not stick as well as the used to. Other than that, I do love the data and the app!
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2 weeks ago, caskiu757
Don’t bother
2/5 (40%) sensors didn’t work. They didn’t send a replacement for the second faulty sensor. I asked to stop my subscription multiple times and they didn’t. The first time they send a kit you get patches. But going forward to have to order them separately. The nutrition part of the app is really frustrating. Ideal state would be to read/write with other apps or through Apple Health. You can’t scan most things, it picks a couple words out of your description. It’s so time consuming to enter in food. You only get one intermittent fasting window, so if you vary your windows, the readings are inaccurate. My ranges were almost always in normal even when I intentionally ate poorly. The nutritionist didn’t other actionable advice about what to eat differently. She would just tell me she had lots of ideas but kept them to herself. I wanted to understand how I could eat so poorly and still be in range and what that meant for my normal healthier eating habits and how much I needed to actually tweak them.
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7 months ago, He hvchhnccdeghn cghh
I do not recommend
From day one, the sensor did not work. The learning module also did not work. I continually reached out to customers Support and my nutritionist, and they failed to help resolve any issues. They continued to tell me they were going to call me and never did. Their actual site would not allow me to post a review. My arm started to hurt after a few days of having the sensor in my arm. No one would respond to me on what to do. Their app advised me to not take it out of my arm until it was expired. Otherwise they weren’t able to help me. I had to keep a sensor that hurt my arm in my arm for 14 days with no help to remedy the issues and the app and the sensor not working.
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1 month ago, Tricia Jones
Not worth the money.
Unfortunately “Exceeding expectations” is not part of my experience with NutriSense. I missed my initial call, as a loved one had fallen more ill and my mind was just frazzled. They would not reschedule without an extra cost. That person ended up passing away just to share, you may relate to how that time can be and the empathy was lacking to allow me to reschedule without the cost. They send you very limited patch coverings which in a week, two would be ideal. It’s literally a walking advertisement and they limit what they send and charge for more. So when asked about what is on my arm, believe me- I share. I don’t understand their business model for supporting their clients. It’s stingy! I didn’t cancel because the way they have it structured, makes it not worth it. Red flag! Most companies don’t want unhappy clients. Good news! There are plenty of monitors out there that are not CGM but achieve similar insights, cheaper and exceed expectations. Don’t sign up for this program.
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1 year ago, Drtxmnr
Diet trial
I tried the Nutrisystem for a while to see if it would be good for monitoring my blood sugar during my keto diet. I found it interesting as I followed, along in my food journal to see the responses in my blood sugar to activit. I was not particularly impressed with the Nutrisystem itself however. The cost was expensive. The personal support was temporary. They dropped me quickly unfortunately. Also another downside is the data. It was not provided to me after my subscription cancelled. That’s not cool. If you’re going to charge a handsome fee each month you should be allow one to carry the data afterward.
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2 months ago, brigid ryan wacca
Positive update
It took a while after many false starts trying to get the CGM working, but once I finally got it up and running I'm now impressed by the device. Information easy to see on a chart, and the ability to correlated what I'm eating and doing with blood sugar spikes are both invaluable. Also, the opportunity to discuss the information with a nutritionist, if one wants, is useful.
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2 years ago, Marinak50
Stopped working after 2 weeks
This sensor has been working fine do 2 weeks. When time was to change for the second sensor, the second sensor did work only for couple hours! When I contacted costumer support, they told me that I bumped it. Even, the sensor stopped working in the middle of the night! According to the developer,” the sensor may be desloged during the sleep”. Which the company representative advised after sensor failed. This is a defective system, which is not supposed to be sold for this enormous cost. And if the Nutrisense company knows in advance, that sensor is not reliable, they supposed to exchange the sensor for free, or to advise there costumers about it.
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2 months ago, SSchulist
Good app, needs more personal support
The app is good and has a tremendous amount of information. However, it requires more explanation to really understand the nuances of your blood sugar trends. The nutritionist that they give you for the first four weeks provides information that is quite generic and after that you’re on your own. For what we are paying for this - over $200 a month – we should be able to get that personalized support throughout so that we truly understand what we’re reading.
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2 years ago, Bombshell7203
Life Changer
This CGM is not just a game changer in my battle against diabetes, it is a life changer. In 2 wks my blood glucose numbers have changed dramatically. My whole day isn’t ruined when I have a spike. It’s just that meal, but I can look forward to making the next meal better with real time feedback. I highly recommend this for anyone who wants better control of their blood glucose numbers but especially diabetics.
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11 months ago, Great but keep going
Great but still room for improvement
I love everything this app does BUT MyFitness Pal integration would fix the major deficits in barcodes and food library available. No one in their right mind is going to manually add foods with all the nutritional information in the day and age. Not to mention having frequently used foods… not meals come up first in the searches and ability to store recipes.
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