Health & Fitness
4.6 (87.1K)
84.5 MB
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Current version
Department of Information Technology And Telecomm
Last update
6 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for NYC ACCESS HRA

4.64 out of 5
87.1K Ratings
5 years ago, pedrogon1990
Horrible app
Basically same thing going In person it takes 72hrs to post documentation on applying and recertifying applicat ion is always under maintenance customer support for HRA over the phone on this application is useless as they don’t know whether to advise clients to bring in documentation or to upload after uploading documentation supposedly states all documents uploaded will be shown here for 100 days doesn’t even show documents I uploaded after uploading them it says we will send you a notice in the mail about receiving documentation if you have a deadline to submit documentation per day Nov 12th those documents should be able to upload and send same day it delays benefits issuance it can cause a case to be closed for simply failing to submit documentation and then verifying whether the documents have been sent is impossible as it takes 3 days to confirm if they received it this application needs to be improved with the aforementioned grievances. I rate this app a 1 it’s basically the same as going in person to apply for SNAP benefits
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4 years ago, WykedSid
Super convenient!
Long gone are the days of waking up at the crack of dawn to go to the office just to apply for assistance, or waiting hours on long lines just to submit recertification documents (something that usually takes about 10 minutes to do). I appreciate the continuous improvements made within the app! One thing I would like to suggest is changing the way documents are uploaded. Instead of having the blue box at the top of the screen list out all of the documents you need to submit, having a list that’s clickable - which would allow the user to easily keep track of what documents they need to submit - would greatly improve this process. Once they’ve submitted the document, that row can be highlighted green to confirm submission. It can avoid someone accidentally tapping the wrong category and submitting the wrong document, and it would help the user keep track of any remaining documents they would need to submit. Aside from that, the app is great! And definitely a huge time saver.
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5 years ago, Isabel Hatch
I like the ease of use in this App, especially now that you can upload docs from your phone, atleast for me it was easy, but I did notice that some of the HRA workers are having issues finding the uploaded documents, because I uploaded all the required documents asked for and yet when I called they seemed not to know where to find things and I even received a letter stating I needed to provided these documents before certain date when I already did, I even uploaded three times and everytime I called some HRA workers at info line were very knowledgeable but the ones that do the interviews over the phone can’t find anything. I wish they had more training because now I am still waiting , no response from them and still asking for the same docs! Smh
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3 years ago, matcusick
Terrible app
Where to even start? This app almost seems deliberately designed to be terrible in every way. Sign into the app—which you must do every time you open it—then you have to sign in again to use a particular service, then you are simply redirected to web pages. Notices and alerts contradict each other and don’t correspond to the reality of the status. Many drop down menus have options that can’t be read in the space provided. A month after approval for a MetroCard, I received nothing, and when I tried to use the drop down menu to report this, the response was that the card would be canceled because I had reported it lost or stolen, which is not true and obviously not responsive to the issue I actually indicated. I am baffled by the number of reviews indicating that this app is bad that nonetheless rate it five stars. This is less than a 1-star app. Luckily for whoever is responsible, they have a captive audience who have no other choice but to use this. It’s laughable. A high school computer science student could do better. Maybe outsource the next version to a local science fair contest?
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3 years ago, Ruben Navarro
Slipshod at Best
I hope I never have to step foot in one of your offices or to wrangle documentation or information that could have been requested at the outset again. The HRA especially at Hamilton Center has been neglectful, wrathful, malicious and way beyond lacking in customer service. The critical mass may be COVID 19 excuses so we shall see if any of that clears up but as work seems to end at 3:30 PM most Thursdays or more documents are requested Friday evenings with no way to speed up an already redundant system, one has to hope the nepotism does not get in the way of retaliation. If it does- just remember to attempt not to show displeasure or they send you to psychiatric hospitals and increase the level of psycho-social evaluations you have to go through in order to get safe or fair housing. I felt as if I continually lost my rights as an American citizen and became an indentured servant with people picking through my private and meager possessions with little to no regard for social work or my human rights or dignity.
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1 year ago, TheCampbellFamily
I have very little to no anxiety navigating through this process. I’m so happy to be able to upload documents and communicate via email, since in person could be challenging! My only complaint is trying to get through via telephone at the number suggested to call. I was on hold almost 3 hours the first time and 1.5 the second time. However, I did receive a phone call the very next day from a representative by the name of Ms. Polloco (spelling?) She was absolutely amazing, patient, kind, and she made me feel valued as a person, not someone viewed as someone looking for a handout. I was worried about asking for help with moving expenses, which are unbelievably high priced. However, she calmed my fears. For that I am so grateful..,
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11 months ago, Lbougs
Thank you
I had to recertify to receive my benefits from the government, and did everything they said, call to get an interview over the phone, submitted needed documents, and went to there office in my area to make sure I all my documents went through and I didn’t miss anything, all that and they closed my case. So I had to go back to HRA and let the representative no that everything is the same from last time, there is no change. So the representative said they will reverse the action or sanction on my application, and it was still closed. When I went back the second time I was told that they will reverse the action, and it was done the same day. Thank you.
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1 year ago, yellowkiwi
Unable to log in and upload paperwork
A few weeks ago I applied for HRA assistance and was directed to download and upload documentation however the app doesn’t recognize my application number and therefore would not log me in. I just keep getting an error message that says “we are unable to connect you to our system. Please try again later”. I contacted IT for support and they did not offer much help and suggested I down load another HRA app to upload paperwork which I did but this app did not seem to update with HRA because the website shows no uploads. I’ve spent countless hours trying to reach HRA for the meeting I needed to even qualify for this but nobody returns my calls or answers. Now I’m missing the window to get the paperwork in. It’s all automated. It would be soooo much easier to just upload documents directly on the website rather than an app. I wish there was a call line to help with this and better follow through. 🤬🤬🤬
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3 years ago, Ric v.
Fix this app plz
This app has so many issues where do I begin. Starting off it’s always under maintenance when you need it the most. Secondly, To recertify is such a hassle, u can upload document multiple times and it will receive some and not others. This app doesn’t have options for specific documents needed to be uploaded except other Which isn’t accepted by Ebt staff. It’s never up to date with the amount u have on your card As well. Also , currently I’m dealing with this app saying I’m locked out of my account bc to many password entries, however on my laptop it’s correct , no matter how many times I try forgot password it still says locked out, creating more of a hassle. These issues caused my recertification to be denied when I have all documentation and correct steps where followed. Major headaches for folks who already have so much to deal with .
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5 years ago, agave_inmytea
Help please
I’m writing this with hope that by some slim chance that someone can help me. I am a single mother who fled a marriage due to domestic violence. I am not receiving no child support and need to re-certify for benefits on the 5th but I will not be able to attend my appointment because I am employed and scheduled to work all business days and business hours. For some reason when I select the option to recertify online it will not allow me to move forward with the process. If I take the day off or go in late I may not be able to keep my job because I’m working temp-perm and really want to be hired by the company. I need to recertify for benefits because I have been paying over 1000 dollars a month in childcare and 400 in cab fare to get to my daughter in time and have been netting 0 dollars to be at my job everyday. Please advise if there’s any how to do the recertification online!
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6 years ago, Songbird0402
Good app with great potential
For someone like myself who cannot almost make it to a location to hand in paperwork, this app seemed perfect. Only after downloading and trying to use the upload function did I realize that you cannot actually upload files from your device as you would a computer. Each individual document must have a snapshot taken of it by the app then uploaded. This is a little disappointing since we live in a age where files are sent through emails. So in order to use the app as it was created I would have to do an extra step of printing out the document first. This might be easy for some people but everyone does not have access to a print. If the developers are reading this, in the next update perhaps there could be a way to upload from your phone? Then the app would be a 5 star worthy app!
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2 years ago, King Esso
App needs to be upgraded ASAP
It rarely works when you want to sign in and submit documents. Like cmon now, people want their process to go fast and the app not working properly is prolonging it! Also is not CLEAR for the recertification of food stamps and applying for regular food stamps, there should be two separate options for it. Because I tried to apply for recertification at the requested time but there was no option so i applied “new” food stamps, thinking it was recertification. There’s only one food stamp option, which is and was a BIG inconvenience for me. Now I have to reapply because I was denied new stamps and missed my deadline for recertification because of the app !
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2 years ago, BoredVixen
Terrible system, terrible app.
There is no accountability. You submit information, no one reviews it, they send you letters requesting information that has already been submitted via the app…. What is the purpose of the app if no one reviews the cases and if you can’t reach anyone about your case? This app should provide information about who reviews and handles our cases for some recourse or accountability. Also, since you can Never get through to a live person- even after waiting 2 hours in the cue - this app should also allow a chat function where you can ask questions via chat. This app and the agency is so horribly run. I feel sorry for every family waiting for these benefits. Feels like no one cares or is doing their job. At least update the application status with more specific detail. My application was submitted a month ago and all it says is “received”.
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5 years ago, tashimak36
Access HRA
I downloaded this app over and over and it still doesn’t work , it allows me to sign in but once I do it just gives me an error message stating that there is a technical difficulty and to retry, once I retry nothing happens , at first last year it would work sometimes but now it doesn’t work at all!! Please fix this because I like this app but it just needs to actually work! It’s great when it works Because I’m a single mom who is busy with school and work and it would be convenient to be able to upload a document besides taking off from work and lose money to sit in an office for most of the day for a piece of paper. Thank you and have a blessed day.
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2 years ago, lizie69
Very disappointed
Absolutely trash application I’ve ever download it on my phone does not work has not worked for over two months now can’t sign into my account even when I self sign myself in not with automatic password and fill in crap like the other things do and even then it’ll save that i’ve put in my password one to many times yet I’ve never done it more than just once when I open it which makes absolutely no sense someone should really check this out before people start suing Because I can’t submit my documents that I want to submit without the application
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5 years ago, Millz0ne
Very convenient and easy
Using this app is a plus. It doesn’t interfere with your employment, like actually going to the center. It’s convenient and doesn’t affect you everyday life. Easy to upload documents everything is a click away and self explanatory.. best thing HRA came up with. Lord knows with my ptsd I don’t don’t do well in crowded places and with my bad back, having to mentally prepare myself because I don’t know how long it’ll take or if the worker assigned to you has had a bad day. I thank you. This has been one less stress thing I have to worry about in my life every 6 months to a yr recertification, or updates for snap.
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6 years ago, Jmamba7
More convenient doesn’t mean that convenient
I teeter between a 3/4 stars. But there needs to be a clarification that you can’t actually “upload” docs in the truest sense of the word. As in, have the files on your phone, and upload them. You have to take pics of the documents then submit the pic. 2 very different things. I don’t get paper bank statements, pay stubs etc (as most people should) and so I can access docs I need to submit online and save to my computer or phone . Unfortunately you can’t have a file on your phone then submit. You have to take a pic. Which means I have to find a way to print/ potentially spend a good amount on printing. Where y’all hiring developers ? This is basic
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9 months ago, 011362
They make it very hard for me to understand what they’re trying to tell me and why do I deny my benefits I am a citizen of the United States of America applying for help because I need it. I don’t understand what the problem is and why I can’t get help when we have all these illegal immigrants coming from other countries getting a roof over their heads getting full with getting all the benefits and I’ve been working paying taxes using whatever little money I had to survive after I retired I get a very low amount of pension and it’s not enough for me to live on and I’m asking for help. I upload all my documents I state whatever I have and what I don’t have whatever they ask for I give it to them and I can’t seem to understand what the problem is if somebody could call me and explain it better for me to understand. Thank you.
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4 years ago, AndieR11365
I love having the app to upload documents.
I only gave 3 stars because I find that the app is not very user- friendly. It takes too much effort to figure out how to do things. Also, it would be more helpful if the app would include SNAP purchase transactions, in order to verify accuracy of balance shown. Also, it appears that the SNAP balance is usually a few days behind, so it is misleading, especially because I cannot see which transactions have been included in the balance shown, and which ones are still outstanding.
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3 years ago, BlackMagikWoman
This app/site is constantly down and this is unacceptable,I understand the site being occasionally down and having occasional glitches but it’s 90% of the time I try to log in. There are people who are starving and homeless who have to find access to wifi to upload documents that have to be submitted by a certain time, that have to keep trying to find access to wifi over and over which is extremely hard to do, and as a result of this their documents won’t make it in time and people will lose they’re benefits. Like I said this is unacceptable and this really needs to be corrected immediately and improved on. As soon as I see significant changes and improvements I will gladly change my rating as an app like this is very important. Thank you.
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4 years ago, IP6s user BKNY
Convenient, but...
The app is very helpful and convenient but it would be great to get information on your caseworker via the app. Although the caseworker change often, if they could somehow integrate the information on the app with the information on file at your local office as it corresponds to your actual caseworker and telephone number where they can be reached, that would be superb. Often times that information all the little is very very helpful there’s some things on the app that can’t be answered or somethings that can’t be provided that only your caseworker could answer and provide having a direct link to that individual through the app would be the ultimate level of convenience but so far so good
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5 years ago, Angeli1216C
Please try again later message
So for the past six months that app hasn't been working. I log in and almost always get a try again message. I try again the app loads but every time I try to navigate through the app ie: check appointment status, download documents, check payments I receive a try again notice; “we are currently having technical issues please try again later”.. I really do appreciate the app; there have been several appointments I would have missed had it not been for this app as a result to never receiving mail so having this “technical” problem is truly an inconvenience. Please fix then technical problems
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5 years ago, ms abrahante
Love it
I have to say two years ago this app was crap. I couldn’t download anything and when I thought I did no one received my documents. I know first hand how difficult it is to get to a location and sometimes it can be crazy packed when you do. I love this app. It’s actually so convenient and I love how for every item it has a phone number to call, all you have to do is hit call us. It gives you notifications on the documents you need and tells you your total snap amount. Even the interview process has changed and I love how they are so much organized. Good job !!😀
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3 years ago, Abdul Mohd
What Difficulty I face to log on or send Documents??😳🙄🤔
It's sometimes u don't know to do like even if U sure about UR Email Address the on line services still say it wrong Email even if U sure 100% U sure about it I hope UR systems make it easier for the public....sometimes u don't know what options to press or go wrong unless someone help u in general is not bad if one help then it will be more Easy thanks Some parts is easy specially when Time to succeed & Ready to take pictures of UR Documents???!!🤭🤭🤭🤫🤫🤫🙄🙄😩😩😩😩😩😩🤔🤔😳😳😳😳🤭🤫
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2 years ago, jasmine villega
The truth about this app and the workers from HRA!
This app is trash it doesn’t help all it does is confuse you even more the workers never pick up the phone when u call to ask for help the app doesn’t notify you about any documents until a few days later and by that time your case will get rejected. They need to update this app and actually put some care into this is people food and housing don’t see why this is not being taken seriously. The app isn’t even update with its self on my Home Screen it say I need to Recertify by December21.. but I been Recertify my case then u click on appointments and it says I have to recertify by January 2023 like what which one is it did my recertification go through or not? ITS SO CONFUSING AND ANNOYING AND THE WORKERS ATTITUDES ARE DISGUSTING THEY ARE ALL LITERALLY USELESS BECAUSE THEY DONT CARE!
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3 years ago, Courtneyleeestesrosado
System is really bad and is preventing my recert!!
I’m being prevented from completing my recertification and other things on a consistent basis due to the system being a mess and not working. Logging me out constantly and I have to change my password like every single time. I open up site they say over and over my password is wrong then I change it get back in, attempt to continuing completion of my revert but then it says something went wrong and when I try to go back it yet again just says my password is wrong and that cycle keeps going. I shouldn’t be penalized because of your system failures. I need assistance for my children at this moment and this sets us back. Last year I had to deal with my case being wrongly closed completely!!!
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5 months ago, Not what i thought 111
There should be updates to the app!
For example if there is a issue you can send message to caseworker and supervisor. Basically to there inbox, this also creates jobs for people that can do little to no work. It also helps work to get done faster. Less room for error. Especially now there are a lot of new people coming to New York. Who need social security numbers. So they can start paying back what they utilize. Also this can stop the missed calls or calls not made. Just like DOL has inbox and instructions. And fair hearing need Conference codes. To they can wait in like to speak to judge over the phone. Especially since hearings are back up from pre and post pandemic.
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5 years ago, Bfbnjssazvinlcxdsaa
This app is wonderful, it’s a quicker way to view payment history, document history and many other things that are in this app. I’m able to download and upload my documents instead of going into the office which is way more convenient on my end because waiting in the office for house over something that takes literally 2 mins over the phone makes a big difference! I was also able to make recertifications on any case I needed which is the best of both worlds I am very proud and happy with this app.
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6 years ago, Vin-aka-BabyGirl
Needs a LOT of work
The only good thing is that you’re able to upload documents BUT even those take days to show up as being submitted. I just recently checked my balance and it shows $0 but I do have benefits in my account. When you click on the documents tab there’s nothing there, even though I do have documents there. I also have an upcoming appointment which does now show in the appointment tab. A few weeks ago I had to submit documents and this app did not show that I did yet I checked the site in the computer and they website showed it. If the app showed the correct updated info when you click on the tabs then it would get a higher rating but until then since zero stars is not an option it will get one from me.
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7 years ago, ChrisssyBaby666
Very surprised how efficient and useful this app was...
Only one complaint I faxed 11 pages worth of documents and the app stated I never submitted them. So I had to upload each document for 3 people which was exhausting enough to find out the n TX day more documents were missing then were actually uploaded SMH. ITS HONESTLY MIND BLOWING HOW A HOUSE OF 2 adults and a teenager only qualifies for $299 month and that's the only assistance we applied for Bc we need it after paying rent utilities and frneral life necessities that we spend every dollar to just cover. It's a huge slap in the face ....
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3 years ago, Betalove01
Unable to log in to download documents
I have been trying to reach someone from the help desk for 4 days sending emails calling 311 calling the Infoline and no one has return my response. I had a deadline to submit documents during this pandemic and now I have to find another way to reapply due to this app not working. Please someone give an updated working number what happens to the client that does not have the resources to fax or go in person. I will greatly appreciate this
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1 year ago, $!!AJS!!$
The only issues I have
So this app never updates the exact correct specific amount of money that I have available in my snap ebt food stamps and my food stamps never until a week later it will update. Then also the second issue I have is that this app dose not give a option to know when I will have my next refill in my foodstamps and cash assistance once it’s the end of the month and I have no money left over I would like to know what date and time exactly will everything be refilled!!!….????
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4 years ago, Sarah Guttman
How can I possibly thank you!!
No one likes to ask for help. But when help is needed, it is so gratifying to be able to access assistance without humiliation and difficulty. Thank you to whoever arranged streamlining this process! I haven’t needed public assistance until Covid -19 hit our lives with full force, and I pushed it off until it was absolutely necessary, but I am so grateful for the ease with using this app. It was one of the only dependable things to rely on during this difficult time! I can’t thank you enough!
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4 years ago, veethekiller
Convenient sometimesss, but most of the time the app is crashing, and doesn’t log in. HRA is like like oh send all your documents thru the app by a certain date but half the time the upload portal isn’t even working!! And then there’s a delay in your case because you couldn’t upload your frikin documents in time because the thing is not working. Same with the HRA phone number.. COUNTLESS times I’ve been hung up on, or the line doesnt even ring or i get all the way to where im about to speak to someone and the line disconnects. Im highly annoyed and every time the app gets uploaded, it says it’s fixing minor bugs but this app has MAJOR bugs that needs to be fixed! Get on it!!!
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4 years ago, tmr1208
Highly satisfied
This is extremely more convenient than going into a job center and dealing with the stress of crying babies, aggressive clients which leads to unsafe situations and long drawn out processes of waiting for interviews for 4 hours at a time to go floor to floor ...for a interview to complete paperwork that takes 20mins. You can complete this application from the ease of your home or desk at work. Especially even more convenient now when people are trying to practice social distancing given the current national/international crisis
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2 years ago, grikin
Dream and a nightmare
This app does not published the correct balance. It can take hours or days for changes to be recognize. There should still be a caseworker available to talk to, because this app is still not able to help with specific needs, like adding a newborn. When you call medicaid or the HRA office it takes hours to find someone who can actually help. At least I can upload documents. However I ended up having to upload them several times. And I can see when my next appointment is, recertification, and when benefits will be added.
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8 months ago, AsifNYC
Lagging App Information
The apps balance is never accurate. It’s always two weeks behind. The cash will say you have $300 when in actuality, you only have $50. This app should reflect exactly what you have on a day-to-day basis, at least. My renewal date was October 2 and then I said September 30 which is OK because that’s the letter that I got with the same date September 30 and then in a couple days which was weird. It jumped to September 17 before I even finish renewing the paper and he didn’t even reach to September 30 so I don’t understand. Can someone please follow up because I don’t want to lose my benefits for no reason because I uploaded all the documents that was required
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5 years ago, Roxcy Lou
Extremely Convenient
This app saves me so much time! I can upload all essential documents from my home without mailing it out or even having to go to the food stamps center and waiting an hour or more to submit documents. The uploads literally took less than 5 minutes. Plus I can check appointment/interview times, EBT balances and cash assistance. There are a couple more things but these were the features that pertained to me. This is a great initiative by the city. I highly recommend it. No regrets!
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3 years ago, Eve329
Thank you for this app.
Thank lord for this app. It works very well for those who are not computer savvy sorry but if you take your time and read what it asks you to do. You will get it believe me it took me a few times too. But it’s one of the best things because with this COVID-19 around you don’t want to go visit no appointment office, and it’s very convenient as far as submitting your forms you take a picture and download it on the HRA access app. 123 that easy.
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6 years ago, WinterJadeFlowers
Problem with employees at jamaica center
The app itself is fine. The problem o have is going down to jamaica center. The employees their don’t do their job. Since last year 2017 aug o added my infant son and he still not on the case. 2018 when I renew my Snap case, still he’s not on their. And I spoke to a manger, to no avail. It’s really disappointing. And it so hard just to leave a voice mail. It’s really sad that they act like that. They need to get rid of the entire staff and hired new people who want to work. W.Flowers-Olowofela
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4 years ago, cera6977
Been trying for over a week
Please! Is there anyone out there???!!!! I call and the phone disconnects. I write emails to nowhere. I’ve been trying for a week to upload my documents for food stamps. I lost my job and since it was new I didn’t qualify for unemployment. I really need to get these documents in and the only way I’m told is through this app!!! For the hours between 8am and 5pm it says experiencing technical difficulties. Then after 5pm sometimes it manages to load, it goes through the whole rigmarole of uploading and then at the last second and says try again later upload fail! Everyday for over a week I’ve been trying. I know you guys are going through a lot right now but please fix it!
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6 years ago, ..),&;69/&946&)"ожя
HR workers knowledge about app
Good day App is good and helpful, but I don’t know HR workers got my documents because last time I asked about app, nobody from HR office knows about how this app works and HR workers don’t know if they can get my docs through this app. So anyway I have to go to HR office and make sure they have my docs. Maybe new technology department have to have classes for workers where workers can understand better how mobile app works and how they have to explain to costumers. Thank you for attention
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4 years ago, BKLiv
App not working in a desperate time.
It’s a real shame that this app isn’t working during a public health crisis. I wish there was some way to upload or email documents instead of having to use the app. I have tried this app multiple times a day for the past 3 weeks, uninstalled and reinstalled the app, etc. and every single time I get an error message stating that there are technical issues. I cannot upload my documents to support my Cash Assistance case. I don’t feel safe dropping off my documents in person due to COVID-19 but it looks like I have no choice now. Please fix this app ASAP, I understand technical issues happen but it’s ridiculous this many are happening, especially during this time.
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11 months ago, Toro Pesado LLC
A web of deprivation and inequality.
The HRA's malfunctioning app is a deplorable display of inhumanity. Inaccurate balances, lack of application status updates, absence of a chat feature, and failure to integrate vital city services like DMV, housing, and healthcare make it an utterly ineffective tool. This can be resolved by urgently addressing the technical glitches, improving real-time balance accuracy, implementing a comprehensive status tracking system, incorporating a user-friendly chat feature, and establishing seamless connections between essential city services. Taking cues from Cash App's prompt and precise payments, the HRA must strive to provide individuals with immediate support, ensuring no one is left struggling with every last penny.
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4 years ago, The real Slbender
I couldn’t enter a date or apply properly using an iPad Air
Theoretically very convenient, but this software isn’t bad on most functions, but on some, like ‘apply’ it seems to get caught in a loop and it becomes a PITA! On one screen, the leftmost numbers could be entered, but I couldn’t get to a ‘9’ at all, as in trying to input a birth date like ‘1975’. Wish I could insert a photo of the screen here to demonstrate. Maybe allow the page to have both vertical and horizontal positioning would help, not sure. Other than that, it asked multiple times to ‘log in’ while I was in a submenu, and I was already logged in, so I finally had to give up. Still buggy after all these years...
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5 years ago, Dawanyc
Great App!
This app is a great tool! It is very convenient and easy to use. It prevents the hassle of going to the center and wait for hours. You can view the status of your case and upload documents for applications, recertifications and periodic reports. It is so useful because you don’t need to make copies or go to the post office to send documents. I just love how it saves you time, you can do the process at your own pace!!! I highly recommend the use of this app!
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3 years ago, Tamerks
Needs fixing
I am so tired of this app and website, I have changed the password 3 times within an hour because it keeps saying it’s incorrect when it’s not. I tried using the new password which was working all night, now I’m trying to use it the next day it states it’s incorrect and too much attempts which makes no sense because it was the first time I tried to go on it that day. It’s very frustrating, this app and website needs to be fixed immediately. Something that should take 2 minutes takes an hour. It was ridiculous.
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1 year ago, Veryannoyed54
Download versus uploads
This app is horrible. Apparently all documents that were uploaded we’re not download it by any of HRA’s ELIGIBILITY SPECIALIST because they are still requesting documents that have been uploaded. Either they don’t know how to download documents that are uploaded by clients or they are just not interested and they just want to give clients a hard time especially when it comes to Recertifications I want to Can’t login
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6 years ago, Noel73
Decent app. Needs improvements.
This app is ideal for those of us who work and don’t want to take a day off in order to submit documents...or so I thought. My case was closed twice due to documents I uploaded not being received. I wound up having to go to the HRA office in person in order to have my documents scanned. The app is also extremely glitchy. There have been numerous occasions where either my email address (or password) have not been recognized and I have to start the process all over. There is also a delay when it comes to FS balances.
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5 years ago, Drescape
Access HRA APP
I find the app to be working well. There’s still some glitches but in time I hope it will be resolved. When you have to call in for a phone interview is still a nightmare! I was on hold for almost 2 hours today and someone picked up but never spoke to me. I kept saying hello but all I heard was them talking to each other in background and I had to hang up and start all over! Then they wonder why your late!!! They should have you set up an telephone appointment date and they should call us. It would be a lot easier for everyone.
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