Optima Health

Health & Fitness
4.5 (952)
62.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Sentara Healthcare
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Optima Health

4.55 out of 5
952 Ratings
9 months ago, MrsRooker2u
Wonderful Insurance App
Easy to use and wonderful ability to contact through a chat option. Can update all information right in the profile section of the app. I just love the end user ability to use the app to have a virtual visit and find providers of any kind for whatever medical services you seek!
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2 years ago, akwilc
Non-functioning telehealth
I’ve been trying to use the telehealth feature throughout the day today, and was kicked off every single time. I started the consult with the bot questions and after trying to upload the required photo I was kicked back to the home page. I thought I did something wrong having never done it before, so I tried multiple different ways to upload the photo, tried multiple different WiFi connections, and no matter what I did I was kicked out of the consult. You’d think my questionnaire would have saved, but nope. Back to square one every time. Really disappointed with this app...
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4 years ago, scimitar79
Incompetent at every level
My app and my account on their website has not worked pretty much all your long they’ve known about it well before March I have not gotten one answer to it’s going to get fixed or is it going to get fixed I just keep hearing that we’re going to address it we’re going to address it we’re going to address it and then I don’t hear anything for weeks there are certain things I can’t access because and yet I have not gotten any information about anything. Beyond frustrating it’s been since March and I don’t know if they’ve even started to do anything about it
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4 years ago, gthoma
Broken...then fixed
Originally I left a 1 star review..the developer reach out and stated they updated the app.. evidently it fixed whatever bug was preventing me from registering. Great app once I got in. Original: Every time I try to register I get a “fail to serialize” error. Even tried reinstalling. App doesn’t work.
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4 years ago, NYGgirl79
Can’t even register!
This app is trash! I go to register and put in my ID and it says there is an error and to contact member services. I did it with and without the last 2 digits and with and without the * and it was all the same. Tried the other option of plan type and then it takes you to a screen for your name, last four of SSN, and DOB. I put that in and it says “please make sure you entered your info correctly. Need help? Contact member services.” And it doesn’t let you do anything else. I’m pretty sure I know my name, last 4, and my DOB. I should not have to call member services to register for an app.
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4 years ago, Susie Q91
Awful app!!!!!
I registered and I got in the day before yesterday. Now this morning and yesterday when I tried to sign in the circle just keeps turning. And throws me out of this stupid app. I keep closing it out and and then try signing in again. Whatever update you did, you need to go back to the drawing board because you have not and I repeat not fixed the problem. So I’m not going to keep wasting my time with this useless app taking up unneeded room on my phone. It’s not working so I’m deleting the app. 🤬🤬🤬🤬👎🏻. I didn’t even want to give it one star. It’s not even worth that.
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5 years ago, Ed Duncan
Great update!
This new version looks much better and gives me access to more features than the old one. Very nice!
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2 years ago, HotSauce in my bag swag
It’s alright
The app is pretty decent for the most part. My main problem is when I go to the find doctors section, the link that says “Find More Provider” for dental, vision, and chiropractic doesn’t work, but the other ones do.
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1 month ago, Kiyohime
Latest update just loops with an update available message
Latest update just loops with an update available message Completely deleted the app and redownloaded - same issue. Open the app, skip the “tour”, get prompted to update the app. Open the app store, no update just the open button because the app is up to date.
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5 years ago, Optima Member
Awesome little app
Intuitive and easy to use. Prefer ID card functionality of prior app but other features on this updated app are cool.
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3 years ago, shaheenb25
Horrible app
Idk what’s worse the app or the website. The app recognizes my face and says its signing me in but then never loads, I tried logging in with my user info.. fail. Still not loading. The websites even worse, after I sign in, I see the find a doctor button and click and nothing loads.. useless
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2 months ago, RolyPoli
Terrible to view pharmacy benefits
It’s very clunky and not user friendly. There is a 2 step verification process which is fine, but if you hit the back button it logs you all the way you - and then you’re locked out of the system for about 30 minutes. Super inconvenient.
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5 years ago, JeanniePie0607
Great App
Way to go on the new Updates. The app looks amazing and now I can access all my information in my App!!
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4 years ago, Daisytootoo
Please fix bug in “Find a Doctor”
I believe you have a bug in the “Find a Doctor” section. The section asks for all asterisked fields be completed; however, the “Select a Plan” drop down has no options within it. Therefore, the whole page refuses to process! Thus, no doctor’s search! Thank you for your time!
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7 months ago, hgdsfghfdsg
Needs fix
For several months face, ID does not work and ever since you put in two factor authentication, you cannot maneuver between the entire menu without going through the whole process again.
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2 years ago, Gunfire787
I tried multiple time to get the app to work but it dosnt. You cant even log in. You delete it reinstall try a different device wifi or cell nothing. For now i would just recommend using there website
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9 years ago, Saressa
WTG Optima Health! this is an Awesome App
I love the convenience of having access to my healthcare insurance plan and claims details anywhere I go. I can check the status of my claims, see my copays and maximum out of pocket amounts. Excellent concept. Thanks Optima Health
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4 years ago, Java19538
Connie Donovan
Love being able to get my insurance card and find an urgent care easily. I have so much more at my fingertips with the latest version. Love it! Nice job Optima!
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2 years ago, R.Kill
Don’t bother
By far, this is the most frustrating app you could ever use. You’re all much better off using the website on a computer, or even your phone. Save yourselves the time and DO NOT use this app.
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1 month ago, Bumblee Tuna
A joke
Customer reps are nice when I’ve had to call multiple times almost every billing cycle with billing issues. I still can’t pay a single statement on the app, even after the most recent download today. You have to pay all or one. I still have a bill that I paid for 9 months ago that states it is unpaid. Again, I’ve called multiple times about this and it still says it’s unpaid. This app is such a joke!!!!!
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1 year ago, norzie no
Nothing loads!
There is nothing past the main screen that loads! If you click on claims it just spins, should the claims load and you chose one that just spins. The doctor search brings up nothing. The app is useless.
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2 years ago, Mrs. Didi
Won’t let me click on link to find other providers
I need to find a dentist, I clicked on the link button to find other providers such as dental, vision etc.. and it does nothing! Please fix, so frustrating!
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1 year ago, _AMH
Sign up flow broken
When I tried to sign up for an account, I had to enter my birthdate. However in the “month” field, I was only allowed to select January-June. My birthdate is in November, making it impossible to sign up.
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2 years ago, katherinej03
Can’t even make an account
Downloaded the app, go to make an account. Constantly get errors regardless of how I make it. Put the id number or looking up my info. Tells me to call member services 🙄 not worth it.
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4 years ago, MargotWH
App not loading
After I enter in my log in information. The app stays on the screen with a dark gray spiral loading square. It never goes past this screen. I’ve deleted it and reinstalled it several times with no improvement.
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3 years ago, MacaReina
Incompetent tech team
The app and the website are terrible. Crashing all the time, glitching, won’t let you log in. You think with all the money I pay them they could afford a competent tech team. I mean seriously, it’s 2020 get it together already!!!
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3 years ago, my name is this name
Can’t paste password
I have no idea how the app works because I can’t get past the login screen. I use a password manager other than the apple one (because I have non Apple devices), and pasting doesn’t seem to be allowed in the login screen.
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4 years ago, frannypaq
Not useful.
Fix. The. Freaking. App. I can’t search to select a new provider. And why can’t k see my dependents information on my profile. She’s 3. She shouldn’t have to have her own log in information.
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11 months ago, wheelsforreals
This app is the worst
The links to the doctors don’t even work. And when you call the number that that app gives you for a specialist it’s not even in the same department.
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1 year ago, 91luvcurls
Bad Insurance
I continue to have issues with Optima. I don’t recommend using them as your insurance. EOBs, insurance cards, and more, they can’t even do those correctly.
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3 years ago, Quest frustrated
Virtual visits do not work!
I have completed the questionnaire to the virtual visits 5 times and after uploading the required photo, it just goes back to the beginning without logging me into the system. This is crap!
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5 years ago, Maddie2333
Newest update
The newest update to the app is horrible. It is so SLOW when you click on anything. It will only allow you to see claims for the primary insurance holder, no one else on the policy.
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5 years ago, Blmmmmmeate
I can’t sign in
I try to sign in and it keeps going around. I restarted my phone and keep trying but the circle keeps going around saying loading but never loads
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4 years ago, Vernpool
Cannot create account
I’ve been trying for several days to create an account and the service is constantly down. Useless so far.
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8 months ago, Sad that I have Optima
Sloppy work
They don’t answer phone calls and they don’t return calls and are generally not willing to help
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3 years ago, ARA8811
Still needs some work
My ID card button is still grayed out.
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12 months ago, Neglected member
I been in pain for years from my breast and optima denied me and dismissed my appeal without even giving an reason I don’t like optima at all
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1 year ago, Taralturner
Virtual visit
I can not ever get a virtual visit. The website and the app never put me through.
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2 weeks ago, MHC Disappointed
Optima App
The app is slow and not reliable. The portal to Express Scripts is down constantly. The message the App gives me is almost comical: “Something went wrong. Please try again after sometime.” After sometime?
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5 months ago, MIKEROMEOBRAVO
Missing Invoice
When I checked my bill, I do not see an invoice.
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5 years ago, jc0923JC
App is lousy
Can’t log in, just circles and says logging in but never does.
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4 years ago, Birdman198632
Can’t find my sons plan
Why can’t I see my sons plan?
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6 years ago, 9 month user
Need to reply “don’t know” for plan type while looking at my insurance card
It would be helpful if the type of Optima plan my employer provides was among the list of plans on the app. When I search for a provider, I need to choose “don’t know” for the plan type. This would be especially helpful when I’m in another part of the state sitting in an Urgent Care facility as I am now. I would feel less anxious if I knew this visit were covered by my insurance.
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5 years ago, Fyrekev
Needs to Catch Up
The app serves its purpose, but it needs to catch up to current technology and the way people do things today. A small example, all of my other insurance apps allow me to add my insurance card to Apple Wallet. This app does not. It should not be too difficult to implement this while working within Apple’s app environment.
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9 years ago, rkpearson3
Communications Advisor
The Optima Health app is very easy to use and makes it easy to see all of my claims history. I can see which claims were approved and how much I owe all in one place.
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9 years ago, VB tracker
Great App!
U can access your claims, benefit info, member ID card and find a doctor right from your phone!
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9 years ago, Barb Shoe
Best Insurance App Out There
Finally, one of the best insurance on the market. Easy to use, up to date information. Love it!!
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9 years ago, J Plan Member
Easy to navigate
I love the new Optima Health app! It's very easy to use and a great quick reference tool!
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9 years ago, JoBu3434
Great look into your healthcare
It is great to see a convenient app to go along with the excellent healthcare offered by Optima Health!
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9 years ago, Concerned angry birds gamer
New Optima Health App makes it easy...
... to see my health insurance benefits for my entire family including claims and have a digital member card. Nice!
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