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Optum Inc.
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User Reviews for Optum Financial

4.7 out of 5
15.1K Ratings
5 years ago, deuce197316
Paying Medical Bills the easy way, Finally!
The App takes a few minutes to set up, but once you get done, Wow! Your medical bill comes, you select who to pay, when and how much and for what reason. By the way, everything is multiple choice! Last step, take a photo of the actual bill or upload your own copy from an email or whatever; so many options. And finally, select SUBMIT! Within 72 hours you’ll know if your payment is approved. Very convenient. I’ve paid only 3 bills with it so far and it’s a snap and done sort of deal now. No more stamps and envelopes. However I did notice it took a bit longer for the bill to be ACTUALLY PAID than I anticipated. So make sure you pay the bill fast, because it took nearly 3 weeks for one of my bills to get paid. I even got a call from my doctors office asking where was my co-pay? I told them I paid it through this app, and I was happily informed that this is normal. Apparently my clinic is use to dealing with bill paying agencies and are very familiar with this App! So that’s another WIN in my book!
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2 years ago, Frus Trated1
App not working
Used the app to get reimbursement for FSA and put in all data as instructed. When prompted added a document which was a photo of a document. The photo selected presented on the screen as the selected photo and I could not go any further. It was locked there . Could unselect it and select again but it would not allow to move forward in the process. Couldn’t swipe it in any direction. Called customer service to find out how I could get my reimbursement . I was transferred four (4) times until arriving at the right place. I am still on hold while writing this review going from a projected wait time of 39 min to 46 min to 53 min to now 52 min. In the mean time down loaded the app again and reentered the data and this time took a pic of the document instead of from my photo album. I was able to attach the pic but then the app would not advance to the next page to complete. I then “saved” the data which would not save the document . The page then when blank with the word “cancel” in the left upper corner and “save” in the upper right. Neither of which responded. Literally the worst app I have ever had to use. Very sub standard customer service . One of the individuals was cordial. One evidently hated her job and was miserable on the phone. I have been working on this for over 1/2 hour at this point. Still on hold for a project 43 more minutes.
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2 months ago, Jmm088
Much easier than the computer
This app is very helpful when submitting information. It’s easier than having to scan things from the computer and there have not been any glitches or anything of all the items I have submitted. Would be nice to have an option for which year to apply a payment if you are making payments on a prior year though. I am sure that will be an issue but that’s mine for not knowing I couldn’t pay past years bills and have it go towards that balance. It comes off current year initially. Shall see if it ends up coming back to me or not. Overall the app is easier and more helpful than others I have used by far.
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3 years ago, Milan S
Shady Organization
I wanted to close my account and transfer my fund to a different establishment to consolidate my HSA accounts and avoid stand alone fee. Didn't receive any notification about the check of my fund after closing the account being sent to the new establishment. The check got lost in the mail or something because the new bank never got it. When I contacted customer support, they were really rude and told me they had no record of the tracking number of the mail or the check number they sent over, which I find very strange. It's money, might not be a lot to them but it's my hard earned money. They kept telling me that it was sent, and the new bank should have received it by now. They kept saying that they're going to send me the check number, but I never received that information and they proceeded to close my case. I re-contacted them to ask about the check number and got the same response. I would give it a zero star if I could. If your company offer HSA account with this company, please beware. They'll be happily keep your money but might not give it back when you want.
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4 years ago, juliaaaatee
Wonky with photos & files
We just adopted this at work, but is by no means easier than our previous vendors. When you try to upload photos of expenses, it’s super wonky with the way it pulls up photos. It pulls up folders, with no discernible organization. Instead of seeing recents or favorites, it’s all over the place. And instead of selecting source type, it auto-pulls iCloud folders, which is just as messy as you can imagine. So I just save everything into the one random folder that comes up first, but that’s not ideal for my own organization. Not an intuitive or seamless experience. Same with files. I’ve followed the file guidance, but still have no luck posting them. And when I make a claim, it’s hard to tell whether the image/file is accepted. Once I realized that my file wasn’t because my claim was marked incomplete, I went back in to upload again. When I uploaded a PDF or an image, it doesn’t give me status or action button for my next step. After trial & error, I figured out that I should just close out of the claim & hope for the best. Not a great experience.
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7 months ago, CheriMoyaTyke
Liars and cheats
This company is comprised of liars and cheats. Called on two different occasion to confirm whether transfer fees are applied for rolling HSA funds over. I was told no BOTH times with one associate stating that fees where avoided as long as the transfer was from trustee to trustee. Imagine my surprise that I was stilled charged a transfer fee in addition to a duplicate maintenance fee. Of course when I call about it; all I’ve encountered are denials. I was even told that the fee is disclosed on transfer forms which they are NOT. I kept the original and only submitted the copy so I have solid proof. Took speaking with three different call center staff before reaching a “supervisor” who would actual file an inquiry on my behalf and provide a call reference ID which I’ll be including with my complaint to the Federal Trade Commission for deceptive trade practices along with the Securities & Exchange Commissions for fraudulent fees. These people are cheating it’s account holders out of their money.
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3 years ago, SuperBex223
Way easier than the website!
I really appreciate how much simpler to navigate this app is than the website. I especially like that I can submit my documents with a photo. Plus I can track it all. The one bug I’ve noticed was that when I tried to confirm my submission my session seemed to freeze. It didn’t give me the legalese or the confirmation window that lets me know it went thru. When it finally did submit it went through twice because I kept trying. But this has only happened once. I guess the other thing that is a little challenging is the date selection feature. But that’s so minor. Once I got used to it, this has made life so much easier!
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3 weeks ago, Hvysol
GFS Employee
Absolutely phenomenal - the extra expense given to employees to ensure their every health need is met and helped funded. Physical, mental, emotional, spiritual health care and wellbeing are available for reimbursement. From stylish smart watches, to outdoor activities and doctors deductibles. This app and optimum financial are truly a top tier benefit for any employee offered this service through your company or organization I would highly recommend this service to anyone with a brain. So everyone. P.s I am in no way affiliated with this all or company, I have not been compensated or contacted to provide my testimonial:statement. This review is for the sole purpose to help inform the hard working men and woman in the work force of great benefits and opportunities.
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2 weeks ago, Jorgelys25
A Game-Changer in Healthcare Financial Management!
"I'm blown away by the Optum Financial app! It's a masterpiece of convenience and practicality. Paying medical expenses and submitting reimbursement requests has never been smoother or more seamless. The Outstanding app has truly streamlined the process, eliminating frustration and hassle. Compared to other health savings account programs, Optum Financial stands head and shoulders above the rest. The app is incredibly user-friendly, efficient, and intuitive. I can't recommend it enough! If you're looking for a stress-free way to manage your medical expenses, look no further. Optum Financial has set the bar high, and I'm so grateful to be a user!"
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4 years ago, Musicx4xLife
Room for Improvement
First issue: When trying to leave feedback, the email field is required. However, when typing in the email address, you cannot use @ or . The feedback will not submit because you didn’t enter a “valid” email address, which you aren’t able to do. Makes you wonder if they want feedback to begin with 🧐 Second issue: When claims are rejected/sent back to you for more documentation, they don’t provide a reason why it was sent back or what you need. You have to call, go through 4 option menus and figure out for yourself that you have to press 0 to talk to an actual person since that’s not a menu option to begin with. Third issue: Once you submit a claim, you CANNOT add more documentation. You have to wait until it’s returned to you. My claim is in progress where I attached a receipt. I just received my itemized bill. It allowed me to upload the bill and said it was successful, but the document wasn’t actually saved to the claim. When I backed out of that specific claim and went back in, it wasn’t there. Other than that, the app is fine. It displays your remaining balance clearly, it’s easy to submit claims, and there’s a section that reminds you of what expenses are eligible.
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1 year ago, Dr.Blue891
terrible app, slow and buggy
This is terrible app. very slow and buggy and it takes 20 seconds to load recent transactions. this is 2023, apps should have better performance. i have 5 things to retrieve it should be 3 seconds max. To make it worse, this app can’t use to submit receipts remotely. First, I have to hit the reimburse myself button at least three times before it activates. but when it does, it Always returns R001 error message and does not work. there is no point to use this app since it is painfully slow to show very little data, and it’s major function to upload receipts to get reimbursed does not even work. If i was not forced to use this by my employer, i would have dropped them as fast as I could. I really hate this app and this company is obviously unable to support simple functions of this application’s customer requirements.
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2 years ago, anyoldnameidunno
UX could be improved
I tried to leave feedback through the app, but kept getting an error message about my email not being set up. Then I went to the website to leave feedback but couldn’t find a form or email address, so I came here. I wish the app would remember the name of our daycare provider so I didn’t need to type it in each time. I also wish I could submit for multiple kids at once since they all attend the same daycare. I also wish I didn’t have to submit a form each month. A previous employer used Health Equity and they required one submission per year. This would be better. I read other comments about getting stuck on the photo upload. This is because the command “Done” in the upper right corner of the upload screen is in white font, on a white background. We can’t see the button to get to the next screen.
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1 year ago, Montes.Sparkles
Good enough!
It's nothing to write home about the UI is awful, you can tell it was coded by a team of consummate amateurs, and pray you never have to call in to customer service. I forgot what we were talking about, bottom line is the app works most of the time and that's all that matters, please do not ever change it, this is the best you will ever do, you are not good enough to improve this app, so just leave it alone and only do updates when you absolutely have to please, for the love of God please do not change this app. I'm sure you're all great people though! Five stars would download again.
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5 years ago, kbriggs1980
Huge time-saver
As an enthusiastic FSA participant, I benefit enormously from this well-integrated app. Being able to use my phone’s camera to process receipts saves me much time that used to be spent scanning PDFs or creating them from images. The app just takes the jpeg file perfectly. The service processes claims very promptly and direct deposit in my bank account is very reliable. I appreciate that it uses Apple’s facial recognition function for login to provide extra protection for my medical receipts. This really helps me take care of my family. THANK YOU!
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4 years ago, Doctors who uses calculators
Very bad.
Connect your care is definitely not a good HSA choice. If you have used services with a good finance provider of any type, this will irk you a lot. We had a recent employer rollover and they missed the promised deadline by nearly a week. Then their app and website was not working properly. If you need help you can call into a maze of automated computer voices. It is very difficult to speak with a human. When you want to reimburse your money, it is not easy. Your money is not liquid without a lot of effort. Definitely the worst provider of finance products I’ve worked with. Cannot trust. If you can choose where to get an HSA, look up reviews. There are better choices. If you have no choice because your employer chose them, then hopefully they will read reviews like this and try to improve the customer experience.
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4 years ago, scuac
Rudimentary at best
The good, it allows you to see your balance and transactions at a glance. That’s it. The app has serious shortcomings, specifically the inability to mark a claim as paid (the only options are pay provider or reimburse yourself), which exists in the website version. Also the transaction summary view for some reason shows balance as $0, even though the home view shows the correct balance. And there is no link to go manage your investment options. In short, for anything beyond simply looking at the current state of things, you have to go to the website instead of doing it from the app. Hopefully the app will eventually get updated to have parity of functionality with the website, until then it is not very useful.
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6 months ago, shampoobananahammock
Are the 5 star reviewers being paid?!
I don’t know universe the people leaving five star reviews live in, but here in the real world this app is a piece of garbage. Not only does it go back-and-forth with clearing my approval for biometrics, face identity to login, but now it isnt even an option on the login page. And it continually clears out my saved password too. I can’t recount how many times I’ve had to reset because it wasn’t saved. On top of that it cleared my bank account info so now all repayments are being sent by paper check. It feels like with every update and patch they do the accounts get reset. This app, and company, are just awful and I wish there was an alternative. But there isn’t so I’ll just leave this review and be frustrated every time I have to use the app 🙄
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2 years ago, MikeyP1024
Easy to use. Beware reimburse self doesn’t allow choose amount
Whereas website does allow. The app should use the same user story. Is an issue as perhaps the deductible was paid and reimbursed but balance due has an error. Thus would get reimbursed twice for deductible violating terms of service. So would have to send them a check. Who uses checks anymore. I don’t even have any wastes paper contributing to climate change cutting down trees. Plus making paper requires a lot of water when so many water shortages. Finally requires a lot of energy likely the cheapest coal in industrial regions where paper is made.
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3 years ago, avb222
Customer HSA
This app does not show the deposit in the total amount quick enough. It will show my deposits on a Monday and than adds it to the total amount available on a Wednesday. Now it showed the deposit and still didn’t add it to the total amount yet and it’s Sunday now. I need to see the deposit Added to the available amount the same day.. This app needs to be quicker with it’s updated . Yes if that is fixed and shows the deposits and added to the total available amount the same day I would give this app a 4 or 5 star.
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5 years ago, Appuser2017
Only problem is with the document viewing
Everything is simple and easy to use, except the document viewer. After you submit a claim, then open it up again to view the uploaded documentation, the picture will not load. It’s so annoying. Then, when you request to view old documentation, you receive a notification saying it takes 48 hours to process & view the document. However, the app doesn’t send you a notification saying it’s ready to be viewed. Just a pain. All of these limitations make it difficult to view your documentation.
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1 year ago, '15 Stang
Horrible App
If I could give this app, zero stars I would. This app has not been functional for months. I have used this app to upload EOBs from my dental insurance, however, this app will walk you all the way through there overly-long process only to fail at the “submit” step. It’s horrible. Insult to injury: Optum will suspend your card because their app won’t upload a single PDF. Finally, the chat function is useless and if you call in, they’ll let you know that their app isn’t functioning well but recommend you “fax” the info to them because they don’t have encrypted email. “Sure, my fax machine is where I keep all my obsolete technology; right next to my beeper/pager and Gutenberg printer.” Optum is the worst.
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5 years ago, Squeezemynuts2
What a welcome app this is!
I’m so glad my Union decided to use the myCYC app! So much easier to pay providers without laying out money, filling out forms, mailing them in, and finally getting reimbursed! I did have to remove one star for an annoying defect in their “date wheel” though. When you need to enter a date, a scroll wheel appears...but only part of it is visible. You have to kind of guess how to move the dials so you can set the date correctly. I did call them up and they made a service ticket for it. Said there would be an update to correct the problem. Hopefully so. I love this app!
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4 years ago, T.Migs
Connect Your Care App
The App is easy to navigate and provides all the features I have needed. I just completed two reimbursement transactions which required me to upload one document for each transaction. Both times I received an error message saying there was something wrong with my upload however that was followed by a message indicating my claims were successfully submitted. I’ll wait a few days to follow up on line and see if the process worked properly or not.
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4 years ago, Flup555
Not ready for prime time
App does not process the upload of documents correctly. Uploaded a claim with a document to then find out (when checking again) that the claim was flagged as incomplete due to missing documents. I uploaded again, it shows the doc accordingly. When I exit and reenter the claim the document is gone and the claim shows incomplete again. The support/feedback function is also not working: It asks you to enter your email address (mandatory for submission), but does not allow you to enter “@“ and “.” - I am wondering how you can enter your email and submit your problem. Seems like somebody in IT found a clever way to not get bothered. App is useless for me - would give zero stars if I could and surprised about the high ratings.
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5 months ago, amackattack
Great app
I’ve used this app for about a year now. It is very easy to use. Reimbursement is very fast when submitting receipts through the app, only takes a couple of days. When looking up products to see if they are reimbursable, there is actually a search box that lets you type the name in, the last app I used only had a list that I had to read through to see if the product was on it. Very user friendly.
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4 years ago, Tahl000
easy to use
I love that I can go in the app to check my balance and submit reimbursements. it is easy to follow, user friendly, and works without issues 99% of the time. I only wish the app would send me notifications when more documents are required or if a claim hasn’t gone through. Also when going through list of what the reimbursement category is for, it would be nice if we could also search for the category as opposed to only having the option to scroll through until we see the correct category.
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6 months ago, hlivaj
Managing FSA easier
The app allows you to make self reimbursement claims, check your balance and even provides a small area of simple information of what you can and can’t use the fsa card on. This definitely makes life easier when it comes to everything listed above. You no longer have to go online to sign in in check. Having the app at a fingers touch is so easy and simple. The app is very easy to use.
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5 years ago, JulesSparkle2138
Useful app!
The CYC app is so easy to use. Uploading FSA and DCAP documents, including receipts and forms, for either reimbursement or outright payment is a breeze. Taking photos using your phone is so great vs. scanning hard copies. The claim status list is straightforward so you know which claims are taking longer to process and when the claims have been paid. Email notifications of when money is getting paid into your bank account as reimbursements are helpful. I highly recommend using this app.
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4 years ago, EetinYorFaseOff
App works fine, but customer service is lacking
I don’t appreciate submitting a reimbursement request the day I receive an email that my card won’t work to pay my parking ticket (meaning I will either have to pay out of pocket for my parking ticket or submit a reimbursement request) just to have a warning pop up right after I hit submit threatening me that I better not be lying or fraudulently submitting reimbursement. Why the hostility? You TOLD me this was the only way I would be able to use this service for that day, and before I am able to interact any other way I am threatened? What awful customer service! I’ll advocate my employer switch to a different service ASAP.
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1 year ago, Barduke
App hasn’t worked right since 2021
Was a great app through 2021, convenient easy to use. Then when it rolled over to 2022 year, it would only pay my providers directly, even when I requested to be reimbursed for a bill I paid out of pocket. Told phone support about it in February 2022, they said I was requesting wrong, refused to enter a ticket to investigate. Now in 2023 it doesn’t work at all. Every claim I attempt to reimburse/pay I get a server error or a r0001 error. No updates to fix. Don’t recommend this app at all. If I could I’d choose a different company to service my account, but it’s my company’s choice. The website is the only way to access the account.
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2 years ago, the finkel
Slow and crashes
The app is good in terms of functionality/navigability, but very slow. I was trying to submit a claim, kept pressing “next”, it would show a “loading” icon that would eventually disappear without moving to the next screen (no error message), and the app crashed once. The website is also slow but worked without freezing/crashing. Took me 45 mins in total to submit the claim, even though there’s only like 5 steps. This rating just applies to the app and not to the company’s services overall.
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12 months ago, Fox13579
Terrible company and bad app
Update, it has only gotten worse. Now they don’t even tell you when documents are required for a claim, they are just expecting you to keep checking as if you have nothing better to do in life. Even WORSE, when trying to upload any documents it doesn’t even work.. CHEAP COMPANY We used to be with a much better provider, then this one showed up and bought the other. Terrible service and bad developers ever since. They still can’t even figure out how to remove the old account. They ask for proof of service almost with every single submission. Thinking about canceling my FSA because of this terrible company.
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3 years ago, LibbyGoldblatt170
Check for a 1.00 paper statement fee
Charged a $1.00 paper statement fee so went on the app to select paperless statements, but could not find it. Went online next, but could not find it. Called customer service and was told how to navigate to the option (online only) and to the CSRs surprise (yes, genuine surprise!) there was no option to select paperless statements and they could not find it any where online. Was told they are creating a research report to figure out the problem and IF they could reimburse the $1.00 fee. This would take three days. Amazed they could not reimburse this small amount immediately after realizing they do not have a paperless statement option problem and how slow the response is.
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4 years ago, 1749205839
This app is great! It allows easy access to my HRA account and information pertinent to medical expenses and management. I recommend following through with a phone call if you have questions regarding your coverage before assuming costs on the card, especially if you’re visiting a compassionate care medical cannabis doctor. Make sure that the company language is commensurate with your states law to ensure that is a covered medical doctor visit. Enjoy! Solidarity with all my union brothers and sisters.
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4 years ago, bwmom210
Works great for the most part.
Very easy to submit supporting documentation by taking a Picture with your phone and then just click “add document” button. Sometimes l have problems where the application just exits without letting to add in certain specific scenarios. If you let the customer service know, they do eventually fix it in the next few months and walk you through their online application on a laptop/desktop. Now I noticed that you can submit a problem in the phone app itself.
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5 years ago, jcmartinez
Problematic app
The mobile features in the app are not truly mobile. First of all, when you upload a document, the view function does not work. When you click on the “View Document” function, it leads you to a blank page. You must scroll to the bottom of the app and choose “Full Site”. Secondly, the FAQ link does not work. When clicking on the link, it leads me to my home page, which shows my FSA balance, etc. Lastly, when our company switched over to Connect Your Care, a majority of my fellow employees were having issues with claim submissions because additional documents were needed or reimbursement processes were taking too long. The app definitely needs to be refined.
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2 years ago, DanderfluffTheMighty
The app works maybe 30% of the time
You sign in, answer security questions, and it just goes to a blank screen. I had this issue months ago as well where I couldn’t use the app or website for a couple months and then it started working and now it is back to blank screens. I’ve tried everything. Uninstalling the app and reinstalling, using face recognition from my phone, changing password, etc. over the last 3 weeks and still just a blank screen 🤷‍♀️. Honestly, I hate this app and I hate the website. I don’t know why I have so much issue accessing my account. It’s been an issue since I became an Optum financial customer.
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3 years ago, bbannas
App works pretty well, ease of use great
There are a couple glitches when you use your phone with the app. Entering dates you can’t see the calendar, but if you click the screen a bunch it will pop up. Adding attachments already in your phone was impossible. I was able to click the photos from my phone I wanted but they went into a file on the app, when you click that file you can’t see the pictures you added. I had to take a picture to get them to upload instead of just using the picture already on my phone
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4 years ago, Siren5415
Pretty darn good!
The connect your care app is great and easy to use to keep track of how much you have available for medical related expenses and for keeping track of what you’ve spent. The only reason that I gave it four out of five stars is because when a claim is rejected, it doesn’t give you an explanation as to why it was rejected. This has happened twice recently and when I resubmitted one of my two rejected purchase, one of them ended up being accepted and I have no idea why it was rejected in the first place.
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1 year ago, Alex Skimpson
Great app… when it lets you stay logged in
Does everything as promised. Lets you upload receipts to reimburse yourself from your dependent care FSA. Even lets you attempt to send payments directly to your dependent caretaker. I just have problems with the app, because it sometimes doesn’t login properly or will time you out and kick you out in the middle of completing an action. can be very frustrating, but you just have to start from the beginning.
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11 months ago, hs shafa
Feed back to your service, in just one word terrible
Very bad all over, your app does not work, your operators do not know what they are talking about, your wait time to talk to some one is too long, when you finally talk to someone , they ask many questions and then ask you to wait, then again wait wait , and nothing happens. Your app stops working . Some one (Daniel) told me to delete the app and get a new version, I shall try and report
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4 years ago, Mark Bergen
ConnectYourCare is really impressive - Like a Banking App
This app is as effective as your online banking app. It takes images of receipts and you can match them to transactions super fast - even more so than on a desktop. Both are solid - This functions like a banking app. You can keep receipts linked with transactions and the out of pocket flies into your checking account with ease. Really impressed with this and the functionality and design. Pretty cool. Exceeds expectations.
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5 years ago, Prof SB
Better then worse
The developers definitely made some good improvements over the past few months... until the app completely stopped working. I tried last week to submit a claim for an office visit, and the app crashes every time I got to the step to attach a photo. I reset and power cycled my phone, but the problem persisted. Today, I tried again to submit a claim, this time for a Rx. The app didn’t crash this time when trying to attach a photo of the receipt; instead, it kept saying there was an error when trying to do so. I don’t know if it’s an iOS 13 thing or what, but it’s incredibly annoying and frustrating whatever it is.
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6 months ago, MizuNoHane
Easy to use once setting up a healthsafe ID.
The hardest part honestly was getting all the login information created in order to use the app. Once it was set up, though, overall operation has been a breeze. It's very easy to submit reimbursement requests through the app, easy to fill out the forms - takes about 2 minutes at a time. Much appreciated.
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2 years ago, Cajundad
Great just a few issues
The app works wonderfully the only problem I have run into is after submitting a justification for an expense the document was accepted showing under review, then a few days later still showed action required and that I needed to submit justification. Could not find any information as to why my justification Wes not acceptable.
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3 years ago, John10010
Disgraceful upgrade — or is it a hack?
This app was quite good but suddenly it stopped working, forcing an upgrade. Strangely enough the old app (green icon, CyC’ for Connect Your Care) has been replaced by a totally different app with a much poorer interface. Furthermore the old credentials (which you have to remeter) no longer work. You get a “server error” or a “we are having trouble finding an eligible account” which is all false. Seems the app is forcing a registration or simply the disclosure of confidential information. Is this new upgrade legit? Why the change? Is this a hack or just a dumb let’s go backwards “upgrade”? Plz bring the old CYC app!!!!!
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4 years ago, VterChick
Simple and Effective
So far the app has been nice to use. I really enjoy the partial payments for claims. If you don’t have enough money in the account at the time of claim submission, CYC will pay out what it can at the time the claim is submitted and then will continue to pay out the claim with any funds that are deposited until the claim is complete. And you can see that status within the claims history which is really nice.
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2 years ago, Hottentizer
This app is super easy to use. We had to switch out FSA account to Optum and this app is so easy to get around. I am presently uploading receipts for my hubby & daughters care and it’s so easy. Who knew! If I had one suggestion it would be to have a way to save the provider’s names so we didn’t have to type it in all the time. My thumbs are clumsy!😁 Really happy with this app.
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5 years ago, hamyls
Pretty Good
Overall this a very useful app. It lets me see all my accounts and gives me an easy way to reimburse myself. My only complaint is how intuitive the reimbursement pro is to find. Once you click on the button to "make payment" you can select "pay yourself" but knowing to hit the first button is not intuitive. I wish the "pay yourself" button or something similar was on the main page. If it weren't for this it wine 5 stars.
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2 years ago, edgar hern
Good app
Just need to have the ability to more less navigating start page. My employer was listed twice for some reason and I only recently realized that the info in the two options was actually different. All I saw was my employer listed twice. Would be nice to understand what the difference is before clicking on one or to be able to navigate back to the home page.
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