Optum Specialty Pharmacy

Health & Fitness
4.5 (2.7K)
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Current version
Optum Inc.
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
13.4 or later
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User Reviews for Optum Specialty Pharmacy

4.48 out of 5
2.7K Ratings
4 years ago, schott138
Pleasantly surprised
After reading the reviews I was so disappointed to learn the app didn’t work. Since the phone calls every two weeks drive me insane, I thought I’d try it for myself. I’m so glad I did. Everything was perfect, my medication is ordered and on it’s way. There were no glitches and it took me 2 or 3 minutes to place my order.
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2 years ago, The Wherewithal
A Company That Could Not Care Less About Their App
IF you are fortunate enough to sign on on a day that the app actually works then you have the pleasure of realizing it’s really just a portal to their browser. Not a good portal, because that implies that at least it would be smooth when the website is working, which it also isn’t half the time. Then, IF you were able to get that far you might be lucky enough to see your prescriptions on file. Or, like me, your profile might just go missing every so often. Then, IF you were able to make it that far you get to find duplications of medications, duplications of shipping addresses, old addresses that you’ve asked to have removed many many times and more wonders like that. Lord knows there is also know way to manage your contact preferences with them. Either through the app or through calling I’ve been trying to get Optum Specialty to stop phoning me to tell me my refill was due, then to tell me had shipped, then to tell me it was about to be delivered and then again to tell me it had been delivered. I’ve been trying for nearly 7 years. It would appear this is impossible. All in all, I truly hate working with this Pharmacy both because of their app and their unwillingness to improve but my insurance forces me to use them so…here we are.
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2 years ago, g33kch1k
Crappy app, crappy companyzz
This app is equally as bad as the crappy Rx coverage. When it first came out it sucked. Wouldn’t work at all. Always said that it didn’t recognize your Health Id. After an update (or two?), it worked & worked great. It was so easy!! Apparently they’ve updated it or done something to it, bc it’s back to sucking once again. If you can get the app to actually accept your log-in & pw, it now tells you “Our records indicate you don't have access to Optum Specialty Pharmacy.” Which of course I do & have had, for the past 8 years. Oh & the best part, IMO?? The optumrx specialty website is now doing the exact same thing.. One would think that money saved from shifting more costs of meds to the subscriber, that they could actually have an app, (or website), that would work. I hate this company. OptumRx does not care about their subscribers, they are all about money, regardless if you can afford to take the medication that’s best for you or not. If I could I would give a zero star rating.
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8 months ago, u ckoff
Bad review/ extremely
I was getting my cancer meds through Optum Pharmacy and it was on time till last week. They hijacked my other meds (not cancer meds)and just a simple muscle relaxer. I have always gotten it filled at Walgreens pharmacy. Optum is located on the east coast of the USA while Walgreens is across the street from my house. Their reasoning was they could send all my meds. They promised they be here in a week. It’s better to get them in a week or walk across the street? They are so busy hijacking prescriptions that my cancer meds were late. Money grabbing company that does not care about patient care. Since I’ve had to wait for my meds my blood pressure is now sky high. Optum pharmacy is the worst.
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3 years ago, Crikex
Not a native app
This app in the past used to be usable. It is a web wrap app, not native to iOS hence the bad reviews. At this point I have to go through a web browser to make payments for my meds; I get errors if I try to use it through an iOS device. Ordering my meds works pretty well- but the experience is horrible. Trying to pick a date for a specific delivery is way easier on the browser. So fine to use if you are in a pinch; otherwise expect to get on a laptop or on the phone with customer service to correct errors if you use this app.
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4 years ago, Jake1349
Totally Useless - Should be zero star!
Zero difference from the browser version and same result - still cannot place the order even though all information is complete and all profile data is up to date. Place order button just turns from dark blue to light blue and nothing happens. The exact same behavior on the browser version. I end up calling anyway and the person on the line tells me that everything is complete and should work - until it doesn’t. Please spend more time doing QA on your product before you release it. This shouldn’t be this hard.
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4 months ago, Careful shopper
Always on Time
I have been talking the same medication for at least two years. My prescription has always been on time and correct.
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2 weeks ago, GreasepaintAnni
Website broken
I have been trying for four days to order my meds online from OPTUM Specialty Pharmacy. Every time I try to order, I get a message: “Ouch. Something has gone wrong.“ I just can’t face calling to make the order as every single rep takes 10 to 15 minutes to make the order happen. They go over and over and over and over the information and seem to try to keep me on the phone which drives me nuts. In this day and age, I ought to be able to order my medication online. Please fix!!!!!
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2 years ago, fi$hN$hip$
Terrible customer service and app. Avoid at all cost.
Customer service has no business helping people in the health industry. My $12k a month rx they bill. Is now missing for 3 weeks. I’ve been on the phone with countless service reps who have all claimed it was fixed. And here we are week 4 of a life saving weekly medicine, and they have not reached out once to resolve this. They are still billing though. If your dr refers if would reject and ask for another provider immediately. One stars should be zero company feels like a total scam.
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4 years ago, Frsrious
Get with the times
This app is horrible! Never remembers who I am even though I check “remember me” when I sign in. Not TouchID enabled. Not ApplyPay enabled. Most recently, wouldn’t let me sign in at all and took me to a user I’d recovery screen and after I entered my information still couldn’t find me. In addition, the app loses track of my prescriptions eligible for refills. I’ve started with the app only to end up having to call in 50% of the time to order a refill. If you can get into the app, the app is not user friendly.
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6 months ago, zerepfra
Delayed Delivery of Prescriptions
This is the second time Optum has failed to delivery my prescriptions on time. The prescription is for cancer and I have missed 4 days taking it. Optum said it would be delivered on February 6th. Guam is in a different time zone. February 6 may mean February 7. The time difference the main cause of the delays. If pills last for 30 does, it would be simple to the delivery at least 15 does prior instead of waiting until 5 does are left for Optum to delivery the next prescription. This is so frustrating.
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1 month ago, A Fosters
Please fix communication settings
I don’t know how I opted into getting automated calls about prescriptions, but the Communication preferences part of the app and the online web platform is not accessible. It doesn’t load anything. I had to message into customer service to opt out. Please fix this!! And yes, I did try different browsers, removed pop up blockers etc. It just doesn’t load.
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3 months ago, DaniBurla
So streamlined!
This app has taken all the headache out of reordering medication! What used to take me multiple 30-minute calls now takes 2 minutes on the app to sort out.
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3 years ago, Goose59847
This worked for me
After reading the very negative reviews I was trepidatious about using the app. I tried it and it looks like it worked. I guess I’ll see next week if my meds arrive!!
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4 weeks ago, Upickit
Placing an order today worked like like magic. Unfortunately, it doesn’t happen like that every month 😟
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6 months ago, JenJminnetonka
I love this app!!! So easy to order my meds
This app makes it so easy to refill my specialty medications. Easy to use and I love the feature. I also love the OptumRx specialty pharmacy!
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3 years ago, picking a coloe
Do not use this app or pharmacy. Customer service is a nightmare and it’s almost impossible to get an actual human on the phone. I placed an order for my medication, received a confirmation email, and checked the status on the app. The app said the order was completed but my medication never showed up. They canceled my order and never contacted me. Now I’m going to be a week late of my dose. If you value your health, please for the love of god go somewhere else.
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3 years ago, Kayk4
If I could have a zero rating I would
Every time I go to the app I have to change my password at least 3/4 times to get it to work. When I finally do get it to work, I get a generic userface with all letters and some wonky symbols telling me I was signed out due to inactivity. (I WASN’T ABLE TO SIGN ON, how can it tell me I was not active?!?!) I have a new phone, so it can’t be old software/hardware! No app, no med, looking elsewhere
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3 years ago, Claire414
Not functional
If you’re trying to refill a prescription, the app and desktop site are useless. All I can see is my order history under “Specialty Pharmacy Overview.” I’ve refilled online before with no problems, but clearly that functionality is gone. I will go back to refilling over the phone, which I feel overloads their already busy customer service.
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2 years ago, Matthieu F.
Web Wrap App
This is isn’t a native iOS app; it’s just the normal website wrapped up as an app. This might not necessarily bad, but in this situation, it’s just terrible. The website is almost unusable when accessed through the app. It loads slower, it’s less responsive, and some of the links fail to work altogether. Save yourself the trouble and go directly to the website.
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2 years ago, Johnny Gotti
Where’s the Developer
It’s obvious that the app is useless and doesn’t work! What’s even more astounding is the developer hasn’t responded, acted or updated the app.
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4 months ago, ptv@743
Great Service
Optum Specialty Pharmacy is a fast, and affordable pharmacy. They always have people doing customer service and the pharmacists are very well knowledgeable.
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2 years ago, Cuttie69foru
Worked in the beginning and no longer works
I’ve tried for over 3 month and this app still does not load properly on iOS for apply products even the online website from an apple product. This is unfortunate as it worked in the past…
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3 years ago, alive@least
Unusable garbage
This is not a app at all, it’s just a micro-browser, and it is almost totally broken. They should drop it from the App Store and stop asking customers to use it. Signing in is almost impossible, it can’t remember user’s identity, and it doesn’t work with password managers. Skip this trash and just use the website.
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3 years ago, missyhills
App ok, service has problems
Usually ok, staff all nice, but they do not notify patients when orders are delayed or cancelled. Website keeps saying order is “In process” when it’s stalled, or cancelled. You need to phone to find out why the RX didn’t arrive and rwhat the problem is.
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4 years ago, clappr
This app is abysmal
I spend up to twenty minutes trying to use it, I might as well call by phone... what isn’t wrong with this app... 1. Logging in is extremely difficult as it is impossible to paste my password in. 2. I process my prescription refill only to have the app screen go gray and lock up. To make matters worse, I get logged out. 3. Now I start over and close the app. Again, I have a hassle pasting my password, this time I got through without the app locking up. I am using a brand new iPhone 12, with everything up to date. I took screenshot video of this experience. software version 14.2.1
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2 months ago, Sugartyme
I really appreciate the professionalism of everyone I have had the privilege to communicate and work with. My shipment is always timely,and superbly packed.
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1 year ago, Khaoticsuccubus
Absolute garbage fire of an app. Barely functional. Fire whoever made it and hire someone with actual experience because, this is literal held together with prayer and bubblegum.
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3 months ago, Bagdad un bxhd
Amazing service
They always ready to help ❤️
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2 years ago, mggrant68
Bad app
App very hard to get working and sign into. Takes forever when I’m trying to log in to re order my medicine. It’s horrific. Other specialty pharmacies I’ve had to use their apps worked lots better than this one. Consider how big OptumRX is I’m very surprised in the poor performance of their application
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5 months ago, write a review 123456789
Sometimes tells me a later date that I can refill
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7 months ago, MCass1
Constantly Down
The website is always down. I only need to order medication once a month and half the time, I still have to call in for my refills. A simple 30 second process online becomes a 30 minute call. Fix the site!!!!
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3 years ago, IraNan
Worst app ever!
This app is never reliable, slow to work, errors all the time. Also, last night I was trying to refill a prescription and it said to call the toll free number. Well it led three times to “Spectrum Technical” sounded as if it was an internet or cable provider. As I said before, worthless app.
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3 weeks ago, Rejected every name
Terribly inconsistent
In the rare occasion I don’t get the “oops something went wrong” screen, the app is fine. However, I would estimate that 90% of the time the app has that screen. Terrible and a waste of time having to call every month when the app should be working.
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2 years ago, Realnik
This App Is Horrible
It doesn’t function properly when trying to order a refill, can’t define a particular date, can’t make or take payments and now I can’t even sign in. Optum’s IT team said the app needs to be deleted and redownloaded yet that is impossible with the iPhoneX.
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3 years ago, Kate in the city
I have tried to use this app for the last year. Across devices, updates, new software… GARBAGE. I have literally never proceeded beyond the log in screen. It’s a shame, because I waste SO MUCH TIME calling this company to renew meds. It should/could be as simple as verifying my address and clicking “refill”
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3 years ago, Trog L. Dyte
I’m not too tech challenged but I’ve tried numerous times to utilize the online system and it always says unauthorized. Here goes attempt #26 wish me luck! Ope almost forgot, my prescription has lapsed more than once. Reasons? Covid and couldn’t find a courier. 🤔 this isn’t auto oil filters you supply
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2 years ago, WhywouldntU
Works one day not the next
Garbage app, poorly designed. One day you can log in, next day you don’t have an account. When it does work, you fill out meds you want to refill, confirm address but somehow they always have to call you…pointless!
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6 months ago, DicedDitty
Can’t add literally Optum insurance
I tried to add my insurance information because I need a vital medication I haven’t had access to for half a year and the app doesn’t let me fill out the patient form… I’m so enraged about my medicine situation at this point that I want to bang my head against the wall
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2 years ago, TheFatLegend
Zero Copay Never Works
I have not been able to refill my meds on the app for roughly 3 years. The copay always shows as $1,000 or $200. I do not have a copay. App tech support nor representatives have been able fix the problem. So I always end up having to call.
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3 months ago, Doughnut game lover
Update issues
Every time there’s an update I lose all my login information, then have to take time figuring it out every single time. Very frustrating. Other then that ok.
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3 years ago, obviously others have slow
Can’t get into app
It’s impossible to even get into the app because it demands a Rx number, but does not recognize any. There is no communication between the regular pharmacy app and the specialty pharmacy app. Even the operators are confused when called. They just transfer you back and forth.
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5 months ago, pcdude1
Falls short on feedback
When an order is placed, there is often an issue, the feedback falls short on why the order was not fulfilled. This should be part of the pharmacy order workflow!.
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4 years ago, Old and in Shape
It won’t work so don’t bother
Down loaded fine but i could not establish my account. Not a good way to encourage use. A good UX Designer is needed. Looks to me like engineers are in charge!! Somebody missed something. Willing to admit it might be me but I’m not new to establishing accounts. If average people have problems then something is wrong with the design.
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7 months ago, 1952-Gabby
A good experience
This was very helpful and easy to use
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4 months ago, bull1989
Optum pharmacy is very reliable, professional, and the staff are extremely helpful.
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2 years ago, Jennblack33
Same app…still doesn’t work
I have had the app for quite some time. Still cannot get it to work without crashing. Definitely do not recommend. Waste of space/data.
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10 months ago, gmcsporkle
Something happened
The app is no longer functional. Maybe not up to date with new iOS? It logs me in and crashes. Doesn’t matter if I do biometrics or regular login, it crashes immediately.
Show more
2 years ago, akm0610
If I could give negative stars, I would. This app is HORRIBLE! It’s slow, constantly gives you “application error” messages, and half the time doesn’t even load. It’s incredibly frustrating.
Show more
3 years ago, Callysmommy
The website always has trouble. If there’s an issue with your order they don’t even notify you. Their technical side is terrible. The app even worse. You can’t even press a button.
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