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4.8 (136.1K)
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P&G Productions
Last update
9 months ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Oral-B

4.76 out of 5
136.1K Ratings
6 years ago, Misstish78
Love this app, stopped me from being lazy at night
I love most things about this app, I brush my teeth every day but before I go to sleep would be lazy, when I upgraded to the oral b with Bluetooth I decided to download it, now I make myself try to have perfect day. It has made me stop being lazy, and I now brush 2x everyday. The only thing I wish could be changed about this app is if it you don’t have your phone on while you brush it won’t let you fix flossing and mouthwash, tongue cleaning. I had my phone keep stuck one time and messed up my months of work because I couldn’t adjust it. If you have a Bluetooth toothbrush that will update once you sync, but the rest of it will not. So if you’re trying to be a better flosser, it would be hard for them to keep track, if they don’t always have phone while they brush. I know it sounds childish getting rewards, but I make it a goal to try and be better and even when I’m exhausted to get that silly badge, just because somehow that badge is a goal. My 11 year old daughter has a kindle and wanted to get the app but she couldn’t find it. So, not sure if it’s available on all devices yet. Also, I do have an entire week that’s blank, from a few months back that I swear was there so idk if it loses data sometimes or what happened with that. But overall a great app!
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9 months ago, Mantooth89
The App can be frustrating
I replaced my 10 year old Oral B electric with the new fancy Io and it’s more expensive brush heads and app that guides your brushing. The brush feels much different than the original oral b—this one must vibrate faster—it tickles much more and generates some sensitivity in parts of my mouth (which I assume is good because it’s revealing tender gum issues). I believe it is doing a better job of more thoroughly cleaning and protecting my teeth and gums. I like the idea of options of sensitive, daily clean, extreme, fun care, etc—though I am unable to detect much difference in the brushing experience on each setting. The reason I’m writing this review is the grading/scoring on the app—IT IS BRUTAL!!! If I brush for 3 minutes, and over pressured for fractions of 2 seconds, ir will say I had 2 seconds of over pressure and ding me anywhere from like 8-18% on my score. The OCD perfectionist in my is going crazy with this. As soon as I see the slightest red I want to turn it off and start over, because i know I’m not getting an “A”. I just don’t get how I could lose 10-20% of my score when the over pressure only accounts for 1% of my brushing time. Shouldn’t I get at least a 98%?!? Also—this deduction is wildly inconsistent. I may lose 4% for a second, or I may lose 12%. What accounts for these discrepancies?!? I have no clue and obviously I hate it, or I would t be typing this review.
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5 years ago, lemonjuice781
My teeth have never been cleaner
I would like to start this review with talking about the toothbrush. First off, the brush does not vibrate like other electronic toothbrushes, IT ACTUALLY MOVES AROUND IN A CIRCLE. Furthermore, giving your teeth the clean of a lifetime. The brush also has features like how you are able to pick the color your toothbrush has and the feel of the toothbrush is very satisfying. Now on onto the app. Okay so the brush COMES with a thing to hook up to your mirror which is just genius because who wants to hold the phone while brushing? The app also tracks your progress during brushing and also shows a diagram showing where to brush. After you brush it shows you the results and that’s the best part. Getting my results makes brushing the highlight of my day. First time I got 54% (horrible). Second was 68% (better). Third was 99% (amazing). 4th was 100% or 💯 (perfect). Even my mom (who is a dentist) said my gums are very healthy and my teeth are shiny clean. Recommend this product times a million!!!!!!😁😁😁
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4 years ago, Ajmorin369
It has the potential but right now it lacks so much.
First, I must state the I am a disabled Air Force Veteran and was given the Oral-B(R) Genius [powered by Braun(R)] Professional Exclusive Rechargeable Toothbrush as a free gift from an organization that has and will continue to take care of my teeth. They are not influencing my opinion and my opinions do not reflect on anything or anyone other my own views and experiences. Lastly, while getting used to using an electronic toothbrush I decided to go ahead and use it with the accompanying app, of which is the app that I am writing about here…The Oral-B app & the Oral-B Fun Zone app, which is and extension of the first. While the toothbrush is Bluetooth SMART and capable of connecting to a smartphone that has the Oral-B app, it seems to me the that there is an issue with either the app or the connection or something else but as I follow the instructions that were includeOd with the toothbrush and in doing so the toothbrush and app don’t seem to talk to each other very well. When using the app with face detection on my iPhone 8 Plus there is no ability to see your face or progress that it is supposed to be tracking. The timer stops even though I’m still brushing and then says I need to work on brushing that area better. So that then makes all the data that it’s gathering from me brushing kinda useless. So this app and toothbrush are just not ready yet to be out in the wild. They need more work before they go mainstream.
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6 years ago, Wiggy V
Would be great if consistently worked
Edit**** I have had a brand new iPhone for a couple months now. Everything is up to date. Unfortunately the app is still extremely inconsistent, the timer often stopping after less than a minute of brushing. And also for whatever reason the tracking of days brushed is never the same as the rest. Right now flossed, rinsed, and clean tongue are all at 284 day streak, but brushing is at 14 days. My son is the one who uses this app and it’s extremely frustrating to him, and me, that it can’t correctly track the number of days brushed. Also we have found that the app preforms terribly when trying to do any of the journeys. At this point we are ready to just use the regular timer on my phone and delete this app. In theory this is a great app. I have it for my son to use and when it actually works it’s been great. The problem is how inconsistent it is in actually working. It often will stop mid session or not even recognize a session sometimes. The brushing streak should be the same as all the others, but it keeps going back to zero and he has to start over. Which it just did again recently and it seriously upset him. For the rest he is at 124 days, yet for brushing he it is showing as only 7 days. When the app works it’s great, it just has so many issues that I’m about ready to just delete the app and find a different way to track his progress. My phone and the app are both currently updated and it hasn’t resolved any of the issues.
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1 year ago, The ERISA Dude
Very unhappy
I don’t know if I can truly express how disappointed I am in this app. The main frustration is how poor it is at detecting where I’m brushing. I don’t fault Oral-B for not being able to get this right, but they shouldn’t release an app with this feature until it is correct. As I brush my teeth, the app shows certain teeth on a display being brushed. It is often near where I am, but it is not exact, and then it claims that I missed teeth and wants to upload that information to my health app. The next most frustrating part is that, while my toothbrush divides my teeth into four quadrants (upper left, upper right, lower left, lower right) with 30 second buzzes to let me know when to change, the app divides my teeth into six quadrants (upper left, upper middle, upper, right, lower, left, lower, middle, lower, right), so there is a disconnect between how the app is instructing me to brush and how my handle buzzer is instructing me to change quadrants. Then comes to settings – the instructions and the description talks about changing the lighting and other things, none of which are able to be changed. the instructions and other settings direct you to use the website for help, but the website only provides vague general info. it is nice that the app shows you the amount of battery strength and will track when you need to charge your handle or change out your brush head, but I wonder if I will really need those reminders
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4 weeks ago, jennaf1sh
App is Super Negative but it Keeps Me Brushing
First of all, I love the app. It keeps me from being lazy and, at 42 years old, I’m brushing better since I got this brush than I ever have in my entire life. With THAT being said, I have healthy teeth and have had relatively few cavities. My gum health has just started to change a little which is why I upgraded to Oral B. But, it’s IMPOSSIBLE to please the app, lol. I’m careful to cup each tooth on each side for at least 1-2 seconds, as the instructions say. I just think my brush isn’t calibrated correctly. It rarely recognizes when I’m hitting the lower right quadrant of my mouth; it thinks I’m always on the left side so it usually says I neglected the right side even though that’s where I spend most of my time trying to make the app recognize it. The ONE time it says I covered 100% of my mouth with only 7 seconds of overpressure out of an almost 4 MINUTE brush, it only scored me 67%! I’m sorry, but 7 seconds of overpressure - which usually only happens when I first transition sides so I can feel the curvature of the first tooth - is NOT bad. :( It even gave me a frowny face. A smile with an encouraging, “That’s more like it!” or something would have been fun. I might stop using the app. But I love love love the brush.
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3 years ago, LorenzoJSs
I kind of feel cheated
I own a Bluetooth enabled smart toothbrush. (I’m not entirely sure what the model is but it has four modes, and I guess five if you include the “regular mode” which isn’t shown on the brush itself. It also includes a light ring on the top. With this app, I used to be able to customize to my liking including changing the color of it, monitoring its status, and even reading the news and weather in the morning. With the rollout of their Guide brush, they have shifted that ability over to the Oral B connect. My brush itself has similar capabilities as the Guide, but I bought this brush after the smart base was introduced so it refuses to connect to the app. While the base incorporates Alexa and has cool features and I have considered switching, my brush is very much in good condition and there is no solid reason why I should switch. I miss the customization. I thought it was fun and almost got me excited to brush (it sounds nerdy but it’s true). I think it was completely wrong to remove that. Don’t fall into the marketing trick. It’s not worth it. However, despite all of this, the regular app is ok. The position detection is very touchy. I ended up having to brush for almost five minutes for it to register that I had touched all parts of my mouth. This app does keep a log which is nice, but it needs some improvement.
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3 years ago, geminigurl78
App works, toothbrush has flaws
*update to developer response: that’s cute. Yes my app is fully up to date. I have not been traveling. I’ve been in the same time zone for several years now. I will say the one thing I do different(as an American) is that I use 24hr time on my phone and not 12hr time. But that really should not matter. Or does it? I’m in contact with the tech team to figure out why my toothbrush is not syncing in with the right time despite having all settings correct. Work in progress. So all in all, everything is great. Everything works as it should. But there is one thing wrong with my toothbrush. It has no idea what time of day it is. It will tell me “good morning” at 10pm. I have tried everything to fix this issue. Even deleted my account and removed the app and tried to set up everything as new with still the same problem. I realize that this does not affect how the toothbrush works, though obviously when doing a set “journey” the floss and mouthwash option appear in the mornings for me instead of evenings since my toothbrush is backwards. But it would be nice if a toothbrush I spent a few hundred on actually worked as intended. And yes I contacted customer support who just said a future update will fix the issue. That was months ago.
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3 months ago, Kattruth
Poor programming
This app is ridiculous. If you pause brushing even for a second after 2 minutes it assumes you are done and turning it on it to finish an area gets treated like a whole other brushing session. If an app tell the user a section is missed, the whole point would be to then brush that section but if you do you get a sad face and a failing score on your brushing that is then automatically added to your history and averaged in - even if you don’t select save. The missed section is still treated as missed in the first brushing and the brushing done seconds after of just that section is treated as a terrible job where you’ve missed the rest of your mouth. Likewise is you start brushing before the phone makes the connection and it picks up half way through. There really should be a way to choose “touch up” for a brushing done after the main brushing. This wouldn’t be hard to program. In addition to the stats being useless because of the poor programming, the toothbrush seems to have difficulty knowing which teeth you are brushing, thinking you are brushing a section you aren’t. This is a harder problem to fix. Update: Thanks for the company response. Data can be manually deleted by swiping in the history when the data is nonsense, so that’s something.
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6 years ago, fulload
The app used to work fine, now it’s a disastrous!
Until the latest update on the telephones the Oral-B app used to work somewhat satisfactorily. It had glitches, but even so, typically I could get it to work. This last month however has been an absolute disaster. Let me preface this by saying that I count on this product to help remind me and hold me accountable. 100+ dollars for a toothbrush is no small charge, not to mention replacing the heads at approximately five dollars apiece. All of that being said I didn’t mind when the app would at least sink and work. Of late however the only way I can get the app to work at all is to not open it until just before I turn off my toothbrush and then, sometimes, the app will sink and gather my information. Note, that the emphasis is on “Sometimes!” The issue became so problematic That yesterday I went to my dentist and complained, they took back the toothbrush and exchanged it for another one, certain, that the problem lay in the Bluetooth connection with the toothbrush. I set up the new toothbrush yesterday, alas no, the problem is not with the toothbrush and it Bluetooth connection, but rather with the app itself. If you can’t fix it, and you don’t do so soon I’ll just return the unit and go back to something less technical. My husband is rather frustrated at hearing me hollering at my toothbrush three times a day. It’s not good for my blood pressure.
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5 years ago, faithnomoore
Very pleased!
After struggling for years with sensitive teeth/gums and my dentists recommending a mechanical toothbrush, I decided to find one. Luckily, I got found the OralB Genius on Cyber Monday and made the switch. I was actually surprised that it was Bluetooth enabled and had an app associated with it. It came in the mail, i set it all up (about 10 minutes to get everything together), and was ready for my first brush. It took another 10 minutes to sort out how to use the app. I love the guided timer that tells you how long to focus on each area of your mouth. And I genuinely find myself brushing my teeth for more than 2 minutes every single time because it feels so great. I also purchased the sensitive toothbrush heads, which has been great - I was afraid they would be too soft and not actually get the job done, but this turned out to be completely unfounded. And finally, it comes with a sturdy portable case for traveling, which was an awesome bonus. Unfortunately, the app has been crashing lately. If I try to look at my ‘activity’ the program quits. I’ve also had problems with my sessions suddenly quitting in the middle of brushing, then it tells me I haven’t brushed long enough. These have been frustrating, so I’m hoping that an update will be out soon to patch the bugs. Otherwise it’s a great product and my mouth feels so much healthier. Would recommend for anyone!
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3 years ago, lillysmith1992
Great Brush, OK App
Let me start off with how much I LOVE the toothbrush. I got the Genius X for my birthday this year. I love the accountability of the app and how I can track my progress and set challenges. However, I have a couple of problems with the app... 1. The position detection aspect does NOT work well. I feel I have to spend extra time on certain teeth in my mouth in order to get “credit” for coverage of that general area which I worry could damage my enamel. Suggestion: allow the user to tap on the correct part of the mouth on the app to redirect it. 2. After I finish brushing my teeth, I am asked if I want to proceed with brushing my tongue. I found out the hard way that if I say “sure, let’s do this!” my credit/progress for brushing my teeth gets erased. 3. I’m working on my flossing game - there is not an easy way to record gum bleeding after flossing, at least not that I’ve been able to find. So I feel my “gum health challenge” in the app is not actually tracking my progress. In the long run, these are not issues that would cause me to return the toothbrush - the clean I get is amazing - BUT I’m pretty disappointed in the some of the app functionality. I love the idea of the app, I just wish it worked better.
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4 years ago, Noloveforme
A few issues
So the idea of this is awesome and really it mostly has nice user friendly features. But it never seems to record any of my actual sessions. During the brushing it’s great and I love it. The problems really come down to if the app closes before you click done you lose everything. Tonight for example I was all the way to the brushing my tongue step and my phone locked because it was so long. So I lost that entire session. Also took me a while to figure out I had to stop the brush before moving to the next phase or I’d lose my progress. Just some text telling you what to do next would be nice ie. ‘Tap complete to move to next phase’. A little more user experience guidance type thing. Another issue I have is that whenever I brush the backs(inners) of my molars it always seems to think I’m brushing my front teeth. So it starts counting there when I haven’t even brushed them yet. Those are my only real complaints. The rest is just regular suggestion feedback. Some more detail would be nice for the journeys. Like my daughters braces. I’d like to see recommendations on more than just settings for the brush like the motion of the brush, like circular, etc.
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4 years ago, Onishobi
Rarely Do I Review
Guys. What is up with this update? Did anyone test it? 1) You took away the feed, like weather and news, so now it just is a timer ( more on your brush detection later) 2) You took away the words of encouragement. While not necessary as an adult, it was nice and it’s great for kids 3) After I’m done brushing, it tries to reopen another brush session; close session, it reopens; repeat. I have to close the app manually after I brush my teeth. 4) No more customization of when I want reminders of flossing and mouthwash. I don’t floss in the morning bc I haven’t eaten since last brush. This make me feel like I’m being negligent. 5) You basically removed the features that made it feel like a game and were being rewarded. Silly? Maybe, but this is an app for brushing your teeth. You’re literally capitalizing on the video game/tech generations. 6) I thought you might improve the detection mode, but no. It’s still a very small window/ angle to capture it, so basically sticking my phone dead smack center in the middle of my mirror. Please re-instate the features before this update. You literally added nothing new, made it less usable, and gained nothing from a user-POV. If I could revert back to the previous version, I would.
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3 years ago, kayline_k
Terrible for “outdated” toothbrush
I bought an oral B electric toothbrush and love it. Cool thing? It came with Bluetooth which connected with an app and had some nifty features like position detection and an automatic timer. Then I accidentally did an update for the app and suddenly, the brush I paid over $100 for six months ago is unable to work with position detection without the camera, and I need to update my toothbrush(ie, purchase a new one) Seriously?!? I can deal without position detection, but it’s terribly annoying that it does not automatically start the timer when you turn on the brush with the app open. You have to turn it on, tap ok, tap brush now, and start brushing in ten seconds, or it says it needs to restart and you have to tap ok, then brush now AGAIN. And if you have the brush on, you have to turn it OFF, then hit brush now, then it starts the timer from however long you’ve been brushing….. well, it’s annoying. The older version was way better. I was also upset that all the data fro the six months I had been brushing was lost, and the data reset starting from the date of the app update. Just a PIA. The app is ok otherwise.
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4 years ago, alaina123
Issues with syncing
I have used my new toothbrush and this app consistently for a month so far and every day when it syncs, it adds additional sessions to the previous days so it’s basically showing that the first day I used it (used it twice) now says I brushed my teeth 42 times that day. This messes up things like data sent to Apple Health and of course impacts when the brush head needs changing and it’s incredibly frustrating because I deleted many many sessions to make it all normalized and correct and when the brush syncs during a session, they all come back again and in some cases add more sessions to some days and it’s getting really ridiculous. I may just not use the app at all. What is more, I floss, brush my tongue and use mouth wash each night with the evening reminders I have set and it only stays as 1x for each for that day for about a day or two, and then erases them so essentially I cannot make any day streaks in doing those activities either even though I’ve done them every single day for like at least 40 days. Anyways, I love my tooth brush but the app is just not going to be worth my time if it’s going to mess up data and add extra/remove data for no reason and not allowing me to edit it. This really needs work.
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11 months ago, jessiiqx38181
great app, could use a little bit of work tho
about three days ago, i purchased two oral-b toothbrushes at my local costco which have five different modes on it: daily clean, intense clean, sensitive, gum care, and tongue clean. the first day i used it, it was perfectly fine. worked ‘like a charm’, you could say. the next day worked fine too, but it barely tracked my face. it took a LOT of time to get it to go to the right spot. the next few days were the same, until today i used it, and it barely tracked my brushing!! i use this app because i am lazy, and this motivates me to brush my teeth. but now that it doesn’t work as good as it is supposed to, i feel discouraged. it will stay only on my lower teeth. i lift the camera in every which way, yet it still doesn’t budge from there. once in a blue moon though, it will flash up to my top teeth and brush them. i feel that the camera tracking could use more work, but otherwise, great app!
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6 months ago, Rostysl_yh
Finally at 23 years old brushing my teeth 2x a day!
I’m ashamed to admit that my relationship with my oral health is bad. I know it’s important and I’ve had enough cavities to know better. However, I often used to brush 1x a day and be too lazy in the morning and chew gum instead. At night I would just floss and use mouth wash instead of brushing. Until I bought the $100 oral - b brush with the 5 settings and Bluetooth connectivity. The app shows u where u need to brush as you’re brushing. There’s a timer so u stick to the 2 minute mark. Also it tells you if you applied too much pressure, among other features. For me the main benefit is. The app along with the sleekness of the high tech brush reminds me of the dentist and that dreadful feeling of thinking about how the dentist will get his hands in my mouth and start picking at all those areas I didn’t brush. So it feels good to be my own dentist at home so I can avoid the dentists office. Idk if that makes any sense but it does to me. I love this app and the brush. When I just unpackaged the brush I was surprised to see it had Bluetooth. I didn’t know that was a thing. I also didn’t know there’s all these fancy sensors. This tech feels like a massive step in the right direction. It helps those of us who are addicted to our phones become consistent with brushing by interfacing with our digital self while brushing.
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5 years ago, jnnttlzbth
I like the toothbrush but the app is crap
At first I liked it. But then I started coming across the issues. It’s supposed to sync any brushing you do without the app. But that is spotty, and even if it shows a synced session in my activity, it doesn’t get counted for my streaks. And you can’t add in if you flossed or mouthwash. I shouldn’t have to open my phone every time I want to brush my teeth, I don’t have that kind of time. Sometimes during a session, I have to pause to rinse or get stuff out of my braces. Even if I resume before the 30 second window is up, the full session does not always get logged. Also, I’ve had to stop using the position detection after it simply stopped recognizing when I brushed the left side of my mouth on the FOURTH DAY of using the brush. For some reason, it always thinks I’m brushing the right side of my mouth. It’s literally impossible to complete a session at 100%! And whenever I’m brushing my bottom middle teeth, it thinks I am doing both the top middle and bottom middle at the same time. How would that even be possible? If I pay too much attention to the graphic and not to what I’m actually doing, that can lead to me actually missing the areas that it thinks I’m brushing but really not.
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3 years ago, Kamarhi
Love the app. Love the brush. Please put an option for missing tooth. I have a tooth in the back bottom of my mouth and that area never gets 100% credit for cleaning. It’s frustrating. New edit after using it for a week. Still agree with my previous review. Now I am trying to get my brushing times in order. Your app doesn’t recognize that tongue clean mode shouldn’t be expected to brush teeth during. Also, it goes in with the times on the app so it messes with the average time which I am working to get down to 2 mins. Not to mention the tooth brush seems to think tongue brushing lasts 30 seconds while the app thinks it lasts longer. The sensor for where my tooth brush is seems to not understand the bottom left side of my mouth. Whenever I brush that area it seems to think I am brushing every other part of my mouth. Ontop of all this I tried to delete a tongue brushing session two different times and it deleted a regular brushing session. This app is making me want to return this brush and forget spending so much time caring for my teeth. Previous rating 4 stars. New rating 2 stars.
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3 years ago, januarymo
You’ll hate brushing more after this app.
**App has improved so I’m changing my rating from one start to three** Previous review: New update didn’t sync old stats. Calendar view is gone so historical data is presented in a unintuitive list view. Also there has never been a way to input floss, rinse, tongue cleaning unless you open the app and use it throughout a brushing session. Too time consuming for most brushing occasions. Pretty disappointed because the only reason I picked this toothbrush was for the app and the app is literally not useful at all especially now that there is no calendar record. The main goal of the app it seems is to tell you whether you brushed enough in certain areas but even that doesn’t work, often times it misreads where I’m brushing no matter how precisely I align my face to the camera. That whole camera thing makes brushing more aggravating than it needs to be. Moreover the brush already vibrates to tell you when to switch areas making the camera coverage and score feature gimmicky at best.
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2 weeks ago, mgmiller68
Faulty app, like the toothbrush itself more.
Amazing with how expensive these IO toothbrushes cost that the developers can’t create an app that works properly. According to the app, I’m either applying too much pressure, or too little pressure, when brushing (feels like a miracle on those rare brushing sessions when I don’t get dinged for too much pressure applied). Then, I’m carefully brushing all the teeth in my mouth, and I know I’ve brushed all areas, but the app says I didn’t (beyond that, so often I’m brushing in one area and the app shows that I’m brushing in a different area, which makes no sense). On average, if I want a high scoring brush session, I have to brush for 3+ minutes, which is beyond the 2 minute goal. I’m getting to the point where I might just delete the app and just pay attention to my brushing pressure from the indicator lights on the toothbrush handle. Update: Received an informative response to my review from the developer(s). Hopefully, as they make more application updates, the app will get better, but it’s still far from ideal.
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2 years ago, NY Times for iPad
Good, Not Great
The app is well designed to keep each user on track. It’s easy to set up, use and understand. It brushes really well and my teeth have never felt cleaner or looked whiter. It’s got two frustrating bugs, though. 1) When you brush, it shows where you are brushing and for how long . It’s off about 25% of the time, indicating I’m brushing in one area when I’m actually in another. 2) It has subtle color changes and bubbles to show when you’ve completed a section. The key word in the last sentence is “subtle.” It’s hard to figure out what you’ve fully completed and what you haven’t. At times I see the program turn a section of my teeth white and little bubbles appear. Okay: I’m done with that part of my mouth and can move forward. Except I’m not. I move on and what was white darkens and I need to repeat what I just concluded if I care about getting credit for it. A two-minute brushing can turn into a three-minute one if I choose to keep brushing in order to complete the task from the app’s point of view.
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3 years ago, DA113N
App needs work, brush is amazing
While the app is a great idea, it is lacking in accuracy. Many times over the last six months of brushing it will show brushing on the opposite side of the mouth or on a section next to where brushing happens. This leads to extensive brushing over one area trying to get the app to catch up, while the area you haven’t brushed yet shows completed. The app is sometimes slow to activate after beginning to brush and occasionally does not activate at all. If you are trying to score your brushing, these shortcomings become frustrating. Finally, the app will on occasion say you are brushing too hard simply when you are changing position in your mouth- when the head isn’t touching anything. I have seen the app report too hard when the brush indicates blue (for too light). I am only reviewing the app here; the brush itself is fantastic! I would highly recommend the brush itself. I switched to it from years of sonicare and am a convert! Five stars for the brush, but only three for the very lackluster app.
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4 years ago, Outfrickingstanding
App is to be desired
I wanted to change my toothbrush as I was using a monthly subscription company and I wanted a solid toothbrush with an app to go with it to ensure that I was giving all areas in my mouth the attention it deserved. I chose the Genius X toothbrush because of its great look design and it featured modes that I was looking for in a smart toothbrush with a good looking app to go with it. The toothbrush itself is great but the app is something to be desired. The position detection / coaching in the app (which is the main reason I got the toothbrush in the first place) doesn’t accurately track the position. I can be on one side of my mouth and the app will show I am on the opposite or not show that I am brushing at all and it will be that way for a solid 10 to 15 seconds before finally recognizing the correct area I’m on. The app needs a serious update to remedy this issue to which reading other reviews has similar complaints. I spent a good deal of money for that toothbrush and if the app doesn’t work then I just wasted money on something that does a job similarly to the more cheaper models.
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4 years ago, N0vicane9
Maybe it’s me
It’s possible I’m missing something here, but I can't seem to get past the first few pages of the app where Philip asks me if l’d like to send them my dental information, including data on my cavities, plaq buildup and bleeding gums. They tell me they'll be using the information about my brushing habits to offer me products. No...It doesn't say that the information will be used in the way one would reasonably expect (to allow the app to give you feedback on brush pressure, time spent brushing, etc.). Oh, did I say it *asks you? I meant that it gives you no other choice. Sure, it says "I'll do this later" at the bottom of the screen, which would be a nice option. But when you click that it brings you to another screen that pressures you further into agreeing to share your information, and then sends you right back to the previous screen! There is absolutely no way to opt out. In the age of digital data malpractice, you'd think Phillips would respect the customer enough to actually give them the option of whether they want to send some company data on my dental goals. I mean, who makes dental goals, let alone dental goals they'd want to share with Phillips!?
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6 years ago, Nick929
Great app
Oral B app without login is good but I’m excited for the developers to get the login working so I can actually connect my new toothbrush to the app and get more feedback on my brushing (sides of teeth, etc) shown in the app preview pics in App Store. This is why I bought the brush and I may ask for a refund if they can’t get this working. Edit: they’ve fixed the login issue and the app is by all means great. My one gripe is that the marketing material suggested real time feedback showing which teeth and even sides of teeth were getting brushed. It’s not that sophisticated. In focused care mode you can add more time to parts of mouth. The app provides the direction to hit those w brushing -not real-time feedback as to whether you are actually hitting all your teeth for the right amount of time or not. I understand that would be tough to do. All in all I am happy with the app. Thank you!
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4 years ago, Hy-rum
Metal piece alignment slightly crooked??
I got the new Oral B 8000 and it was in perfect condition. However I’m not sure if it is entirely perfect unless I’m mistaken about how it works haha. I was just wondered why the small metal piece on the toothbrush head was not directly centered when I attach the toothbrush head to the lower body piece of the Oral B 8000, it almost disappears to the left side.. instead being in the center. Then I looked at the oral B 8000 and realized the metal piece that you put inside the toothbrush head was turned slightly to the left. Is it suppose to look like that? I just wanted to make sure... because I felt the sensitivity of the toothbrush reading where I was brushing was a bit delayed or off, was this caused by the metal piece alignment being slight off, or me just needing to apply more pressure.. I just wanted to make sure it was working properly now when I first got it and not have something happen later haha that could have been asked or looked into at the beginning. Thank you so much for your feed back!
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2 years ago, Songbird612
Overpriced toothbrush with a timer
I’ve had the Oral B “Smart” toothbrush now for several months. I was super excited at first for the Position Detection but it never works correctly even when I use “the Oral B way of brushing.” Always shows a different place from where I’m actually brushing. Takes waaaaay too long to get the 100% clean to show and it can’t be good for teeth or gums to brush that long. So I turned that off and have just been using the 2 minute timer. Except now the timer shows an extra unguided session with a time stamp of 2-6 minutes before I’ve started brushing, opened the app or even walked into the bathroom!?! What’s that about?!? My next step will be to stop using the app at all and just ask my Alexa device to set a 2 minute timer when I’m ready to brush. I could have done that with my previous electric toothbrush and saved a lot of money, time and frustration. And yes I have the latest app version installed. I see lots of similar complaints and the same “sorry about that, call us” answer. How about instead of pat answers, just address and fix the issues with the app? The end.
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2 years ago, AlbeIII
3D Tracking is disappointing (still undeveloped)
I think that the main feature of this app is the real time support with the iO series 9 toothbrush. The rest of the app is just a statistic collection and an habit tracker. Nice (till the third week), good UI looking, but the only interesting feature, the 3D tracking, simply doesn’t work good. It’s still immature: it’s because of the firmware of the toothbrush, of course. Hoping for a fixing upgrade soon. Most of the times, it doesn’t recognize which area I’m brushing and which side of the teeth (external, internal) and this distracts me and I brush for more than 3 mins (when I should stay around 2 mins at least). OralB doesn’t provide a proper explanation of how the sensors are supposed to work and how I should start and move the toothbrush — I read the other developer’s replies and tried all the suggestions but it doesn’t work. It’s a shame that I’ve spent €200 for the only feature justified my purchases, and that gives to series 9 the premium slot between the all iO series, but it seems not working smoothly.
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3 years ago, Valsorim
I encourage the developers to continue making improvements 👍🏼✌🏼
The area I am brushing rarely matches the app. For example, if I am brushing my top right teeth, the app may say I am brushing the bottom left or other area. I then find myself trying to accommodate the imperfections of the app for a perfect score, which may not be helpful: the other day, I remained too long on one part of my teeth, patiently waiting for the app to take note that I was indeed brushing that area - it took a long time for it to register that I had brushed the area (it kept jumping to other parts of my teeth, even though I was not moving my brush very much) - and my gums were a bit sore the next day. I know I am in control and should not worry about the score, but I certainly would have had an imperfect score had I just brushed regularly; I imagine this is due to the faultiness of the app's Bluetooth. I now wonder what other parts of the app may be inaccurate, too. I hope the developers are able to make improvements; I think it would be a helpful tool.
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4 years ago, JOASMC
Good App, Could Be Better
Overall I think this app is good for the most part. I have an iPhone X and I am currently using my iO Series 7 toothbrush with it. I enjoy all the different journeys, medals and the entire idea of the app. I do have a couple gripes about the app though. I’m not sure if it’s how you hold the tooth brush or the angle that it picks up but I tend to see the app “brushing” the top right of my mouth when I have the tooth brush on the bottom left of my mouth. This happens with all areas of my mouth so I’m forced to take a lot longer than I normally do brushing my teeth to try to move my brush along my mouth to see where it picks up the part of my mouth that isn’t fully covered even though I’ve brushed it thoroughly already. Then my score is low because I had to take 3 minutes to brush instead of 2 minutes because the app was misreading where I was brushing. Lastly I messaged customer service several times about some issues and I never heard back from them.
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3 years ago, BlindMan2021
Great app with One minor draw back
I just got the Oral-B series 9 and love the toothbrush and the app. I have braces and i can see a difference between this toothbrush and the last one i had. The app os super neat and something thats just a silly thing that i feel Like could be improved is that i wish they had more medals, its silly but nothings more exciting than seeing the little balls on the screen. Although something that is more upsetting thing about this is that it doesn’t always save my toothbrush data. I'm doing the ortho journey, and i don’t know if it'll do this when I'm not in a journey, but when I finish brushing my teeth i can push the button on the tooth to go from daily clean to tongue clean. I’ll finish up then look to see how long i brushed and it would only say 30 seconds because thats how long the tongue clean is but the actual toothbrush 2+ mins of the session time disappears. But it keeps everything else
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5 years ago, CMackSays
Great App - Could Use Some Tweaking
Overall, I love how the app tracks the time I’m spending on my teeth. There are also motivational factors like the reminders, the badges, etc. I feel like it helps me to be a little more thorough. Honestly, who knew how big of a difference tracking your teeth brushing would make! What I don’t like is that I actually have to open the app for a brushing cycle to be counted, when know the toothbrush is actually timing because if you open the app mid brush, it picks up at the correct time. Missed brushes should also be able to be logged for the days I’m traveling and using regular toothbrush or when you’re just not by your phone to open the app. It can be glitchy at times. During one brush cycle, I was in the two minute range before stopping the brush. When I stopped it, it some how reverted to 1:17..... then showing that I didn’t reach the 2min goal, and dragging the average down. I guess all this is not that big of a deal considering I’ve brushed my teeth for 30 years without app tracking. Lol
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1 year ago, Clarissa1234567890
I love this app but recent updates have introduced problems
I have looked for a place to report bugs but I get a 404 error so I figured I’d communicate here. I have been using the app for a while, I’m not a very savvy user but I have found it helpful and it’s been interesting to monitor my brushing. A few weeks ago my app started doing a count down after I was done brushing and then would not move on to the screen where I could upload brushings that were done without the app on. I had to close the app totally. Then, more recently, the app doesn’t even upload the brushing I have just done with the app on. I have checked that I am logged in and I don’t think I have changed how I am running the app so I’m thinking the changes have occurred with your recent releases. I did just discover that I could set the brushing time to 4 minutes, which I like, so I did select that. Thank you!
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4 years ago, myke.
We’ve had two of these costly toothbrushes in our household since the first of January. I’ve held off leaving a review in hopes the persistent bugs with syncing days with repeating rather than merging data over and over again would be fixed. Unfortunately with the update just released the same problems persist. It’s pretty infuriating. It’s great that it syncs now with Apple health but not great that Apple health is getting all of that bad duplicate data. I’ve methodically deleted out all repeated sessions that caused some days to look like I had over 45 minutes of teeth brushing but it keeps getting added back in. And developers, please don’t respond to me with pat suggestions that I’m not syncing the app and brush with Bluetooth correctly. I am well versed in how to do that. It’s shameful that a major company has put forth such a buggy app. A primary reason we purchased the toothbrushes was the ability to sync with an app. If I had known it was this bad, I’d not have bought them and I’d get a refund if I still could. I can’t recommend them to friends either. Fix this awful app!
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5 years ago, cookiebreath
Not worth the money
I bought this toothbrush at the dentists office. It is a good toothbrush but the App needs some help. It is very annoying to have to put your phone on the mirror every time. The toothbrush blinks when it is time to go to s different quadrant (1 of 4) of your mouth yet the app shows 6 quadrants. It doesn’t tell you whether you have brushed sufficiently on the inside or outside of the tooth; it only tells you how much time to spend, Yet if you brush across the outside first of all uppers it doesn’t register at all. You have to stay in the correct quadrant for 30 seconds and then it blinks telling you to go on. Like I said the front on the app is it’s own quadrant but while brushing you have to remember that in terms of time it is half of the front included in the first 30 minutes. Whoever created the app must not have been into dentistry. I think just an app developer who wanted to help the company get more got their electric toothbrush! Don’t waste your time or money-get the regular one and simply spend the whole 2 minutes brushing!
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6 years ago, vjdj2013
Needs lots of work
I’ve had the Oral B 7000 Pro for more than four months. It has been a good addition for my oral health care. So why only one star? Because it is becoming increasingly frustrating to use the brush and the app. There are two main deficiencies. I’d gladly reconsider my rating if the following are taken care of. (1) At ever brushing now the brush keeps reminding me to change the brush head EVEN THOUGH I have already done that. There must be some way to tell the app that I’ve changed the brush head. Ideally, the brush and app should be smart enough to know that I’ve installed a new brush head. I will NOT sign up with Oral B for a new brush head automatically every three months. I don’t need to do that. (2) The app is inconsistent on many days. Approximately 1/3 of the time I use the brush, it does not allow me to record that I have cleaned my tongue, flossed, and rinsed. It goes straight from brushing to the activity screen showing how many minutes I brushed and showing zero for the other activities. Oral B, fix these two very frustrating deficiencies, or advise me what to do, and I’ll reconsider my 1 star rating.
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4 years ago, MsCarnahan
I absolutely was the biggest fan of this or I’ll be up until this last couple of weeks for some reason whenever I try to brush my teeth and use the 3-D brush recognition after about two minutes or anytime really during the time I’m brushing it says I didn’t get a side and doesn’t recognize whenever I am on that side I’ve been up to almost 5 minutes even when I’m not supposed to be brushing that long trying to figure out what it is that it’s not seeing i’m not sure how to fix this and I’m hoping that someone from Oral-B can help please I don’t have teeth in the areas in which the brush says I’m missing that area please fix this !! As it always says you missed area do better yet I can’t miss an area I don’t have teeth to brush in that’s a big issue , also I now have Invisalign and it should notice I have attachments that I am brushing as well , incorporate that into your 3-d model along with missing teeth then you will be five stars you only do braces at this time
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4 years ago, J_Vizzel
Without the app, this toothbrush limits you. Not worth it.
Why do I need my phone and an app to brush my teeth? After some use with the app, I have decided to use the toothbrush without it. I don’t bring my phone everywhere with me and found that I dislike having it with me while brushing my teeth. As a result, the app is holding me back from being able to use my toothbrush. Without direct app interaction, my toothbrush restricts the modes I can use and sometimes only shuts on and off not allowing me to use the setting I need. Not only that, but when another user wishes to simply pick up the toothbrush to use is as well, they are also faced with the same annoyances. The app can not tell the difference automatically between users meaning that if you don’t log into the app and pair your phone with the brush, it will do a bunch of things that you don’t want or need it to do. If you’re like me and wish to simply pick up your brush to use it on the mode or modes of your choice as you want, the app interferes with that. Better to pass on this device. I wish we never purchased it.
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3 weeks ago, Rosie0823
Amazing brush!!!✨✨
There is a lot of comments about the calibration of the toothbrush. At the end of the day you can just brush without the AI, obviously AI is very new right now and it won’t be 100% accurate, the toothbrush itself though is amazing! I am a dental hygienist and it is super great. Even though the calibration is a little off, I always manage to hit 100% perfection in 3 minutes of brushing, maybe just because it’s my job to clean people’s teeth I know how to get the angles. This brush is good for preventing gum recession, I’ve seen in a lot of patients that their brushing is hard against the gums and they come in with recession and this brush is great for detecting that! Also great for preventing periodontal disease, this brush is 360 degrees just like the prophy brush we use in the dental office. The brush is perfect and it gets all the plaque off😁😁😁
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3 years ago, rickycast
A little bit dissatisfied
I bought 5 electric brush to check how my 4 children are brushing their teeth controlling them by this app. The reality is that my kids and I realize that while brushing the app isn’t able to follow the movements properly. First of all when the brush is on the left side of the month it shows the right part on the app; when up it says down; I spent up to 4 minutes trying to get the 100% coverage and it was impossible. The idea is pretty cool but it doesn’t work as it should be. Additionally I spend always at least 2 minutes brushing my teeth and the app sometimes understand that I was brushing them for less than 1 minute. If the app wasn’t used, the brush cannot hold the info for more than two or three days. A nightmare having the phone attached to my body 24 hours a day… why don’t you develop a device to be left in the bathroom so the phone is not needed. Please improve the app so it is able to follow the movements properly. Tks!
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1 year ago, Fragglesnot
Awesome work!
I love this toothbrush and app. I was skeptical at first… it seemed like this would be “gimmicky” but it actually works very well. I bought one for all members of my family. The only issue I’m having that I seem to be able to reproduce regularly, is that if I pause brushing to empty my mouth, when I resume, it seems to lose tracking on which sector I’m actually brushing. Aside from this, everything is great. If any of the developers read these reviews here is what I’m noticing: I’m right handed, I start on top left, around front to top right, to bottom right… pause, and when I resume bottom front, I can’t seem to get the brush to recognize when I’m actually brushing the bottom left. It thinks I’m brushing the bottom right. If I don’t have to pause, I don’t seem to have this issue.
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10 months ago, Oswal_Aria
My teeth
I love using my new toothbrush, I know somedays I don’t do right. But, I wish some day I can a beautiful smile. I have parcial upper and lower ones. Not sure if I want to get implants but, there is not money in my account. I don’t want to use dentures because I want to save my 18 tooth I have left ! I really Love how this new toothbrush works. My patient gave it to me. I was like this is probably too old ! She is 89 years old but she bought it and she didn’t know how to use it. After I open that app and saw how much it costed her. I was omg $260 dlls so I better used it everyday. It seems it works perfectly. It leaves my teeth so clean and especially my tongue very pink color. Love it. I haven’t done the whitening but I’m forward to do so. Hope, they can leave and rescue my last tooth I have … )-; anyway. Thank You 🙏❤️
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4 years ago, SkeeterEMT
Sonicare user but not thrilled with Oral B
Sonicare has some hiccups with their app for awhile. It’s a lot better now, but I never had issues creating an account or with my sessions staying in the app. I got the Genius X toothbrush today and it took me resetting my password four times to finally get logged in to the app. I don’t know if Oral B doesn’t like symbols in the password field or what but it was a painful process getting enrolled. I went to brush my teeth tonight and I’m not that impressed with the Genius X. Sonicare’s app is very, very clear where you need to brush (the area is highlighted and it’s filled in if you brush right), you know when you need to switch locations because the brush handle vibrates and there’s a visible countdown on the app. Maybe older versions of the Oral B handle vibrated, but mine doesn’t. I do think the brush cleans well, but I think the app could do a better job letting you know how much time you have left in each location. Thus far, I’m not impressed.
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3 years ago, cromwelld
Disappointing but Promosing
I upgraded to an Oral-B iO Series 9 recently (from an Oral-B 3000 purchased several years ago). I was excited at first to use the app to help guide my brushing and provide better overall oral health. I already floss, brush my tongue, and rinse twice daily so nothing to improve upon there... First, let’s face it, turning on your phone and launching an app just to brush your teeth is cumbersome at best. We use our phones for most everything now.. Do we really need it to invade yet another part of our lives? Second, the app does an an absolutely HORRID job at tracking the brush’s position in my mouth. Often times it detect my upper teeth instead of my lower teeth and constantly signally over pressure due to how I grip my toothbrush. A brushing that should normally take just two minutes takes upwards of three just because I found myself going over areas multiple times to get the app to detect it. That would lead to gum bleeding. Deleted the app today. The brush is a great brush but the app needs LOTS of work!!!
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4 years ago, highleveldevil
Amazing app
My mom works in dental and had been telling me I should probably be using an electric toothbrush. She ended up buying me one for the holidays in 2018. I lived with roommates and shared a bathroom and didn’t end up putting the phone holder suction onto the mirror. My fiancé unexpectedly passed away and I had to move back home. I packed my toothbrush away and didn’t use it for over a year. Anyway, I just started using it again the other night and set up the phone holder. I am obsessed. I am a person who has always taken exceptional care of my teeth, but I wanted to do even better. I am chronically ill and get very tired at night when it comes time to brush my teeth, but I force myself. I now enjoy it so much more, and since I’m so excited to brush, I’m doing it earlier in the night when I’m less sluggish. I recommend this to anybody.
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3 years ago, Diligent but frustrated user
App problems
My dentist recommended the Oral B Genius brush because it allows position detection and encourages good brushing practices. However, its use is constant frustration. The mount to a mirror for position detection is rarely secure, and I stopped using it after my phone fell to the floor one too many times. Even when I prop the phone securely and stand correctly in front of the camera , the app shows my brushing progress inaccurately by tracking the wrong part of my mouth or by advancing to full clean at a snail’s pace, which causes me to brush my teeth for longer than the recommended 2 minutes. Lately the app crashes for no reason, requiring me to restart it even while the brush continues to operate and my wifi signal is strong. Both the app and my operating system are up-to-date. Oral B would do well to improve its functionality instead of creating artificial medals and data tracking that adult users find pointless. I just want to brush my teeth!
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3 years ago, Bullet 5055
Great experience
Just moved from Phillips sonicare to Oral B. I feel great after brushing as if I came from a hygienist. Removed one star because having issues with Bluetooth connection even my brush is next to my iPhone 12. When you do not have Bluetooth on, you can not use “your brush”feature in more section of the settings. It is lot easier to access features from the app than the toothbrush itself. Also if I select 30 seconds timer on, it should work all the time even I am in a guided session, period. Please do something to connect Bluetooth easily on the app, it should stay on until we put the brush on charging. So please make the timer work all the time and improve your Bluetooth connectivity and make the process easier. Your staff at Oral B should be more knowledgeable. I hope to expect some improvements in the future update. Thank you guys.
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