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User Reviews for Orangetheory Fitness

4.92 out of 5
442.5K Ratings
11 months ago, Arctic Spartans
Best Decision
So my friend invited me to try this place out a few weeks ago. Since then I’ve lost 15 lbs and have built my stamina and muscle to be able to pass my physical training test for the military. The area is always nice and shiny, and after using each station they make sure you’re given a wipe to clean the machines and weights off for the next group. The machines themselves are amazing, they set you up an account with their app to track your heart rate, calories burned, distances, and progress. When you start using a machine you are given a number and it will have your name on it to make sure you are getting the data. While you’re using the machines, the trainers are telling you exactly what to do and they change what you do each time to go. Everyone does do the same thing, but it motivates you to try your best to catch up or try to do better than the other, just like a competition. Speaking of competing, they have scheduled marathons, competitions, etc so you can see where your progress has taken you. I’m very grateful that my friend showed me this place and I keep looking forward to going!
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4 years ago, jjatl98
App support is terrible
Like the workouts but if your app isnt working, it’s difficult to get a response and while you’re waiting on a response you’re burning through your membership. Personally I couldn’t book classes through the app - it would say I have zero classes or not work at all. When I called to book through a live person at the studio, they told me I had to book through the app. When I finally convinced someone at the studio to book classes for me, every class was wait listed. Eventually I got a manager to put me in a few classes but the app still didnt work. The studio initially told me to contact app support. App support didnt respond at all or was very slow in responding. When they did respond it was in the middle of the night - usually around 3am. I tried DM on Twitter and IG. Next they were telling me I had 2 profiles and they merged them - that would fix the problem. It didn’t. They told me the 2 profile story 4 or 5 times. After asking to cancel my membership that I was unable to use, I was told that I would have to give 30-days notice. SO FRUSTRATING to be told you have to pay for the past month you couldn't use and the next month that you still can’t use!!! I called my credit card to dispute the charges and then suddenly app support was able to solve the problem. Given I’ve paid for 2 months, Im going to give it a try but they really should have offered 2 or months of complimentary classes to offset the weeks I burned through not being able to book.
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2 years ago, testIsProd
Outdated app that doesn’t sync with workouts.
The basic functionality works to schedule a class. Here are the main issues with the app. 1. If you give access to apple health it inserts the weight you configured from months ago. I use a smart scale that syncs my actual weight each day. I had to remove permission and delete all the orange Theory data from apple health to fix it. Even though the app could read the weight it never updated it based on the apple health info. 2. The app opens to the base view which is useless. Open to classes so I can see what I have booked. 3. The app doesn’t sync with classes. If there is a 500m benchmark planned for that day it doesn’t tell or show your current PR. You have to dig through the menu to find it manually. Even if you do PR it doesn’t give any notification. There is nothing when booking to show when special classes like when PRs are planned. You have to go to the social media to figure it out. 4. The app support in the app is useless. I submitted a ticket for the app health issue. Got an email 3 days later it got closed because they sent a message on the first day. I didn’t get an email or any notification on the app they wanted a screenshot of my apple health. I have to create some custom login on some random site to open the ticket again.
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4 years ago, Sassenach1769
PTC OT- Brenda Andrew
I’ve been putting off joining Orange Theory for at least a year because I felt extremely intimidated and embarrassed because of how out of shape I was and how bad I felt overall. I was afraid of judgment and did not have a lot of confidence in myself that I could finish a class. However, two of my best friends have encouraged me for a long time and so I thought I would finally give it a try. The instructors and staff at Peachtree City Orange Theory have been amazing in so many ways. Dee and Darryl have been so incredibly uplifting and helpful! Carys has helped me navigate every detail of new member issues including the app with great patience and encouragement. Today was only my fourth class but since the beginning they have been nothing but encouraging, helpful, and supportive. I know this will be a long journey and I appreciate their expertise and their willingness to help me find alternatives to the things that I cannot do until I’m strong enough to do everything that the rest of the class is doing. i’m taking it one step at a time and one class at a time and I am thankful to have such an incredible group of new friends to help me make it through it!
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3 years ago, Rachel_C.
Do it!!
I have never been someone who enjoys working out. I used to play sports and be very active in HS/ college and since graduating I have been trying to find the right fitness routine for me. I have had zumba, yoga and other gym memberships but I would just end up wasting money and not going after a month. I have been going to OTF for about 3 weeks 3 times per week and I have not missed a class. I love the environment its competitive but against yourself so its is motivating you to give it your all when you are in there. The staff are so nice and helpful and the trainers are amazing and energetic. This is my first experience with a PT and even though I am working out with a group it feels like I have that personalized attention. Honestly can’t recommend enough and I won’t be able to go back to a normal gym after this but beware it is $$. The app is also great because you can monitor your progress and it is super easy to book classes. One suggestion is having a calendar view of the classes as well as the list view. Anyway if you are serious about trying to get in shape this is a great gym to start at!!
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2 years ago, kaberacy
Great place to start
Don’t wait until you are super fit to join Orange Theory. The last time I really worked out was when I was 25. I recently celebrated my 12th year of being 29–so definitely nowhere near 25 now. I was intimidated to join because I thought I was too out of shape. I took my first class thinking, if I die on the treadmill, it will make a great story at my funeral. Not only am I still alive and thriving, I have absolutely fallen in love with OTF. I go at my own pace. The coaches are great and always willing to help. If I was a more sociable person, I could probably make some friends with my fellow worker outers, as they all seem cool. They have great before work hours (which is a bonus for me). There was no pressure to sign up like at some places (“If you don’t sign up in the next 30 seconds, this deal will self-destruct”) There is really no reason NOT to join. If you do join look for the socially awkward, frizzy-haired woman who spilled chocolate milk on her sneakers but pretends it’s mud at the 6:15am class. That’s me.
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3 years ago, Stargirl1776
Worth the money
The classes are very tough to follow. There’s way too much explanation and not enough guidance. Some teachers are better than others. Some just crank the music and leave you lost but others will be clear as to which sections they’re talking to. I really do love these classes. I wish they had more in class options of levels of difficulty. My first few classes were overwhelming because I didn’t know the terminology and the classes tend to be setup for maximum challenge... not what you’re going for when you’re trying to learn. I love the accountability factor. Knowing I signed up for a class pushes me to get to the gym rather than hitting snooze. I also think that it’s affordable for what you’re getting. The workouts are set for you when you walk in and I love that the class is mixed with all levels of fitness so you don’t feel like the only beginner. The app is great. I love being able to sign up for classes a month in advance. It’s so much better for me to get my classes on the calendar before I fill my life with all the stuff that kept me from exercise before.
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3 years ago, Pilgrimaesha
I have been a member of OTF since they opened up in the local area. I would say roughly 8 years and counting. It’s hard to push myself and train myself, but OTF workouts hold me accountable to doing my exercises. Great workout plans every time I go. I have been frequently attending the Coconut Creek location. I find that they are kind and accommodating. I am a member of another location and every I call the South location, I find that they are also very helpful. Shannon has been extremely accommodating. If you want to stay in shape or develop an effective fitness lifestyle, I will recommend this high interval training, because you will definitely get your cardio and weight training in. They switch things up, they assist you with your goals and they keep it lively. You will be motivated. Feel no way if you are a newbie! In addition, you are able to track your progress while working out and that “orange” effect is a great achievement-that after burn. It’s a great model and I will recommend to anyone.
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1 week ago, ammen88
Great looking but needs better usability
The Orangetheory app has some promising features but can benefit from improvements and usability. One of the main challenges is its layout, which can be confusing to navigate for instance, the option to choose your own workout is located under “performance” rather than “the splat” which represents Activity/Fitness (classes and home workouts). Additionally, there are peculiar naming convention such as home being labeled as the Base, and splat icon as Main Page. It took me a while to figure out certain functions like how to cancel class – instead of using a red X or a traditional three dot option button you have to select a checkmark. Another usability issue arises when scheduling a class-a time only shows a specific timeslot selection, while date brings up a limited view of the week often starting with the day before causing confusion. Furthermore, their is a lack of detailed description of classes, which is essential for members to make informed decisions. It seems the app prioritizes being cool and innovative over primary function of simply booking classes.
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2 years ago, ClevHifi
Horrible app
Like another review mentioned I think the reviews here are about OT and NOT the app. OT is an amazing work out and the instructors are great. It’s unfortunate the app that is used to enroll in classes robs you of the opportunity to work out. Studio claims to have no responsibility in what the app says or does, they only care about the fees they can collect when it fails. As a result of app issues and with the ‘help’ of app support. In the span of 4mths, I’ve had 1 late cancel when class had long been cancelled and no longer on my schedule in the app, used 1 extra class because app said there was a class remaining and finally showed up to a class the app shows I’m enrolled in real-time only to find out the app must be wrong and the studio didn’t have me on the list. For the amt OT charges it’s mind blowing how they not able to have a reliable app but hold clients responsible in footing the bill for tech issues. Advice from the studio is since they are not responsible for app issues and it is a separate entity all together we should enroll with them in person or on the phone thereby defeating the purpose of having an app. In conclusion use app at your own risk and don’t look to app support for any support they’re useless.
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3 years ago, A Gem In DC
Class Cancellation Confirmation Needed
The main problem is there isn’t a confirmation screen when you cancel yourself from a class like it is when you add yourself to a class or waitlist. It would be nice to have the confirmation for all actions to avoid misunderstandings and possible fees being charged. The other day it had me booked in two classes (or so I thought ). So I go to cancel the one class and it looked like it had canceled when it refreshed because it showed the waitlist number fir the class. However, I went back into the app the next day and it didn’t cancel the class or as it appeared I was still signed up for two classes. So I emailed the club and they said I wasn’t signed up for either class. And I’m like, but the app says differently. I’m taking screenshots of what the app looked like in that moment on my end showing me still in both classes. Needless to say, I’m glad I contacted the club so I wasn’t charged $24 (or so I thought I was going to be charged). Please consider adding a confirmation page or email for when someone removes themselves from a class.
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1 year ago, SadieAnn5727
5 star App Use the at home workout functions!!
This is a great app for signing up for classes. It is straightforward and you can get additional push notifications sent so you don’t miss your scheduled workouts if you are planning several days in advance. A feature that is very underutilized is the FREE WORKOUT programs that are included with the free app! There is so much out of the gym content available on here for free. If you don’t have a Hr monitor or a gym membership, you still have access to the content. There tons of video guided workouts available in the app. I took a break from my membership at OTF Decatur while I was pregnant and for the following postpartum months… I lost 70lbs running with the app and focusing on the orange zone with my Hr monitor at home. The app tracks all of your at home workouts and allows you to monitor your zones. The app keeps a running log of your at home and studio workouts so you can track your progress.
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4 years ago, EV&Momsquad
Great training
While most people go to the gym in hopes to get leaner, faster, or whatever their goal might be, sometimes you have those days where you don’t know what you should do. Or you are doing it but on auto pilot. This is a genius program where you are getting a trainer, that makes sure you are doing your workout in good form, motivating you during the workout, and you have others that are working out with you. I’m not over crowded by someone too close, or being bothered with their talking (no one is talking, they are breathing; if they are trying to talk to you they aren’t working out hard enough). It still feels like I am on my own with a trainer nearby to help me along when needed. I enjoy it. This wound be great for anyone getting back into work outing out, or someone that needs a little change in their routine. The heart monitors are a game changer for all my workouts!
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3 years ago, aalvareznyc
App bugs w schedule. beware!
I’ve generally had an excellent experience with the app but lately I have been dealing with a really bad bug on my account that will not place classes back on my availability if i cancel. App support seems completely stumped and customer service at my locations has been either completely unresponsive or passes the buck and says “this is a corporate issue”. I’ve reinstalled the app multiple times and still the bug persists. Its been very disappointing to say it nicely…. Through a little research of my own, I’ve been able to book 2 out or the 4 classes I have left in my billing cycle through the old web portal (not customer service nor the location teams made me aware of this, figured it out on my own). Unfortunately, at this point all classes are on waitlist of 10+ people and there is no way ill be able to take all my classes before i have to eat a few. Really considering canceling my membership on principal here. I should not have to eat a bunch of classes because the app has a bug. Zero effort has been made to make this right for me by corporate or the local teams. shame, because i enjoy the classes.
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4 years ago, zslay23
App vs. The Workout
I am a huge OTF fan. I love the workouts and the sense of accountability being in class gives me. It really is such a unique and amazing way to get in a good workout and also build a community. I was shocked at this app having a 5 star review but then read through some of them and realized y’all are just reviewing orangetheory, not this app. This app is probably one of the worst apps I’ve ever used. It’s constantly crashing. Showing me full classes as “open” so I think I can hop on the waitlist but I get error after error after error. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve been unable to remove myself from class the night before a workout because the app won’t let me. I’m currently writing this review because I can’t get into the app to withdraw from my later class tomorrow (I got in from the waitlist for my ideal time tomorrow so need to withdraw from the other but oh, that’s right, I CAN’T)! It keeps telling me I can’t sign in because of an “unsupported URL” - this specific error happens REGULARLY! Bottom line, I love OTF... but I hate their app. Do better! If this app worked the way it is designed to, it would be a perfect system. But it’s not.
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2 years ago, Ellie Munoz
Life changing
Before OTF my biggest struggle with working out was consistency and accountability. I went to a regular gym. After my first class at OTF I was hooked. I’ve been attending 4-5 days a week since January 24th 2022.. it is the best decision I ever made for myself. My goal was and still is to lose weight but it’s amazing how that quickly changed and you start to realize how amazing you feel after a workout, when you learn how incredible you can be when you push yourself.. I believe OTF offers something you can’t find anywhere else… the coaches, the challenges the atmosphere …5am is now my favorite hour of the day!! Also before this I NEVER thought ME !! Ellie !! would ever do something like this! Wake up at 430 am chug pre workout , push myself and drip in sweat…. Never thought I was capable … I am ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥
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5 years ago, Xyz1294968
Calendar not user friendly + doesn’t keep full history
My review is for the App not for OTF. I love OTF and go regularly. The app consolidates stats and connects to your phone which is great. What is very annoying is that the way the calendar and schedule is set up is hard to read. The previous app had it much better where each day had a list of the classes. This app has over done the animation features and it’s not as easy to read. The same is for the history section of your workouts. It’s hard to read and unless you use the OT monitor (I don’t) it will only show one previous month of workout history. This is a shame because for me it’s motivating to see how much I have exercised. In the previous app you could see an entire year’s history. So in a nutshell: app is hard to read, and doesn’t maintain your history. I can see myself incorrectly scheduling a class and messing up my schedule with this app. PLEASE adjust! Scheduling on the previous app was much easier!
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4 years ago, Hip hop listener
Good BUT...
So I’ve been using this app for about a week or so along with an Orange Theory premier subscription. It’s got a nice UI, super easy to sign up and cancel classes, and it integrates well with your calendar. The big BUT, and for me it’s a borderline deal breaker for keeping a subscription, is that the app continually fails to sync with my Apple Health data. Now I’m a big Apple Watch fan, and I use it all the time to track my workouts and my fitness goals. However, after every OT workout, I have to manually delete the app, erase the app data, and then re-download the app in order for my health data to be updated with the class stats. This is pretty frustrating, as Apple Health integration is a key reason I chose Orange Theory over other studios, and it’s made even more frustrating because as subscribers we’re paying such high prices that there really shouldn’t be any negatives when it comes to customer experience. Orange Theory, if you’re reading this, PLEASE FIX THIS — I want to love you guys but this one feature makes me want to cancel my subscription.
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2 years ago, Piccalife
No fooling around
I’ve belonged to many traditional gyms. I would find myself, wandering around waiting for the equipment to become available, or I’d get a drink of water, then maybe wander to the bathroom. After this grueling workout, I’d ‘reward’ myself with a trip to the sauna. Whew! 1.5 hour work out. Orangetheory is no fluff, I get down to business and get it done. Even at age 57, my results (cuz under their direction, I did the work) are something I’m proud of. For me it’s not just about the physical changes, for me, working out helps purge the negative energy of stress. My last comment, don’t worry about your lack of fitness or your body, everyone is way to busy sweating to focus on anything other then breathing. It’s all about competing against yourself, I just worked to do a little better at the next glass.
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5 years ago, Tsierra555
OTF Carrollwood
I have been hooked since I first walked in the front door of the studio 4 years ago. I find the workouts to be challenging, and doable. I never thought I could be this excited every morning to workout but I am. I had both my knees replaced this year and had to take 3 months off, I couldn’t wait to get back. I’m happy to say I have been back since end of September and have been attending at least 6 days and sometimes 7every week. The things that keep me coming back are the staff from the front desk people who make you always feel welcomed to the amazing coaches who truly want you to be successful. The workouts of course which push you to levels you didn’t think you could attain. Orange Theory Carrollwood is a family of folks who come together to become better versions of themselves.
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1 year ago, Dshakeraa
Orange theory will make you love your body
I’ve always hated working out, but when I started at orange theory two years ago i started to love working out. I love how the classes are not super full with people. The coaches are very helpful and don’t mind having to attend to your needs or show you how to do something multiple times, they will do what it takes to get you to where you want to be. This is the only place I ever saw real results with my body and hard areas. I had to stop going for money reasons but I just bought my second subscription and I’m so excited to start feeling like myself again and get back n there ❤️ I definitely recommend this class to the inverted people, and woman who want to feel comfortable while working out.
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2 years ago, MeredithTW
So fun!
I just started OTF and I’m hooked. I love thee technology, seeing how I’m doing real-time during my workout. Some fitness classes are hard to follow as a beginner but not OTF. The instructor is awesome and there are visuals to help as well. All of the equipment is top notch & the music is all fast & has a great beat to keep your energy up. As soon as you finish your workout your data is entered into your app on your phone AND you get a workout summary email. The app also has other workouts you can do at home & there are many challenges OTF has to help you improve your fitness. I am so excited about this new journey with OTF & am even more excited for the 8 week body transformation that I signed up for. If you’ve been thinking about checking it out, DO IT! First class is free!
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2 years ago, Tm4cm
OTFer for life
I’ve been going to OTF for 5 years now. It is one of the best ever workouts! I love the HIIT variety of cardio and weight training! It never gets easier and I always have a new sore body muscle the next day. The coaches are all very energetic and motivating! If you are slacking with the 5lb weight the coach will give u a 10 or 15lb. They know u can do more. If you have any injuries let them know and modifications are offered to help u still get the best workout! They also plan fun activities outside of the gym so u can get to know people. Lift 45 is a great new addition. Also 90 minute classes on occasion. If you travel there are orange theory gyms around the world. I’ve been to many and I love how welcoming they always are when you come in to workout! Thankyou OTF!
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5 years ago, XCRAZEMCash
Great way to book classes (even while traveling!), With metrics right at your fingertips
The app is easy to use, even for travelers. Booking and canceling is easy. If you're traveling, you can see what Orange Theory studios are around you, or you can search an area you're looking at in the app, and you can get all necessary contact information. The body scan info is useful if you're tracking it, and if your studio is using OT Connect, the Treadmill stats are nice. four stars because the search function is lacking some notable features. Future recommendations include a "previously searched" feature and the ability to select multiple studios at once from the search function, because as of right now, you have redo the search function from scratch Everytime you want to look at a new studio. It's not time consuming, but it is annoying.
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3 years ago, Amigo's mommy
Love the app but it could be better
My husband and I are both OTF members. We love the idea of these fitness classes and the arrangement. The app is very convenient as we can join or cancel the class easily. The interactive function with apple health is great! However, we feel the app lacks functions to connect to our family and friends. My husband and I live in different cities most of the time and we talked about going to OTF and the splash points we got. It would be wonderful if we can see each other and other friends on the app. Maybe create something like what the Apple Watch has, a way to connect with your friends and take challenges together. Or even have an interactive function with Apple Watch and utilize what Apple Watch already has. Just a thought. Overall, we love the app.
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2 years ago, Franny__t..
My experience
I’m a 52. I recently gained 55 pounds. I became tired, in pain n didn’t feel like doing much. A month ago I came across OT n I went in, subscribed immediately. They were speaking my language. It felt welcoming, N most of all I felt in love with the concept. I was going to be exercising with a monitor that was going to give me in detail my every day result of my work outs ( calories burned, hart rate)…. Love to feel an accountable n to challenge myself. It feels private n everyone is knowledgeable. It’s exited walking everyday n work out a different part of your body in a control environment because you are going to work with a coach! A month later I’m feeling stronger, energy to the ruff and I have lost exactly 13 pounds!!!! The sky is the limit!!!
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1 year ago, you can count on GLee
Not loading on new phone
I have been using this app for more than four years and it’s fine. Until it isn’t. I got an iphone 14 yesterday and the app WILL NOT LOAD. I don’t know how else to let the company know because they don’t have an option to contact them. Their FAQ is only about using the app itself. And, they bat you to the studio at every opportunity. I love my studio but they are not involved in the app. This brand really should work harder to keep its app updated and make sure roll outs are smooth and everything works on all technology. The latest roll outs have been glitchy. Frustrating when the app is the main way to book and keep track of stats.
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5 years ago, arb622
Not easy to use for scheduling
I love orangetheory workouts, but I don’t think the app is very user friendly. If you don’t want to agree to their marketing outreach the app pops up their notification settings every time you log in, which is annoying AF. If you have multiple studios that you like to frequent and you mark them as “My Studios” all of the gym classes show up on the schedule view. It takes multiple clicks to narrow it down to one studio schedule. On the old app you could easily toggle between gyms on the schedule view. I have had errors multiple times when trying to add to wait lists, also classes are incorrectly showing as Orange 60 when they are actually 3G. I like the challenges and stats info, but even when we do the challenges my gyms don’t always have us put the info in the challenge trackers so the info is spotty at best. I would much rather have an easy scheduling app without all the bells and whistles.
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4 years ago, Coach2be
Stockton Orange Theory
The staff and trainers are attentive, friendly and makes you feel like you belong. Two instructors on the floor would make sense to correct exercise form as they see someone using the wrong techniques. One person can’t catch everything. I give the staff, environment and structure of program s 5, but I’ve had issues with my account set up and processing of my payment a problem from day 1, so much I was going to quit and thinking of downgrading my account to a two day a week membership. I came here to reduce stress and my stress goes through the roof when I receive emails saying my account payment did not go through and proven that is incorrect or checking in and being told my account has been terminated, again not true. That is my biggest issue right now; hopefully administratively it works out.
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8 months ago, WhiteWyvern
If you’re signing up, know that it’s a pain to cancel your membership.
I had canceled my Orangetheory subscription in August of 2022 because I was leaving for my university which did not have an Orangetheory. It didn’t make sense to continue paying for a subscription I would be unable to use. It was rather difficult to cancel the subscription as I ended up needing to email the manager, which is something I really tried to avoid with my social anxiety. In the email, I explained my reasoning for canceling, and received an email confirming that my subscription is canceled. It is now October of 2023, and despite having evidence to prove I have cancelled (at this point) more than a year ago, I find myself being forced to prove it time and time again. People often remember best the beginning and end, so both need to be handled with some care. It’s not just the introduction that counts, but the farewell. As such, with my experience, I do not feel inclined to recommend Orangetheory to anyone because I’d hate for them to run into the same problems. I also considered resubscribing after university, but after this whole reoccurring fiasco, I can say with confidence that I will not return. I would like to note the instructors are polite and know what they’re doing, so I have no issues with them or that portion of the business. That part, at least, is well fleshed out.
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4 years ago, mkeller22
Great Gym / Great People - Horrible APP
OTF as a whole and concept - amazing and I wouldn’t go anywhere else. It really has been a experience to join a gym and feel like they care. I temper that with this horrible app. It’s UI is unreliable - the help desk and ticket system is non responsive and fails to meet demand. I should have zero reason to delete and reinstall the app to get it to sync with the iPhone Activity app which helps keep me motivated. While I understand I can wear my iWatch with the new “OTlink” there should be zero reason to buy another monitor device that basically transmits data. I purchased the heart rate monitor and had zero issue with connectivity and syncing until this app update for the link. If I was asked how OTF can elevate their brand - start with the app / invest in a robust app that supports its client base and the various channeled ways they connect with their health data. Build a UI that lends to the client interactions and supports the OTF culture.
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1 year ago, Nurse_nwl
Best Gym everrrr!
I am 42 yrs old and have been going to gyms on/off throughout my life. My subscriptions usually end up going to waste! My friend kidnapped me one day and took me to Orange Theory Fitness and it was life changing!! I was recovering from an ankle injury and was on physiotherapy. I have gained so much weight from being immobile for nearly 6 months. Just to let you know at what state I started. This June I celebrate my one year anniversary here at OTF Egaila Kuwait, and I cannot tell you how grateful I am for the amazing coaches that have been supportive and encouraging and above all unremitting to help me achieve my goal. I have regained my ankle mobility and lost weight and feel healthy and strong. Big thanks to coaches Ruqaya, Enas, Passant and Julia❤️
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5 years ago, ~ Sheri
The best “me” investment
This is the best thing I’ve done for myself in a long time. At the age I’m at (we’ll over 50) I’ve never felt more fit and healthy. I get compliments regularly and love the fact I can play with my grand children at their pace. 😁 Thank you to my coaches on their consistent encouragement, energy and supporting proper form. They make a scary and intimidating place feel warm and welcoming (need to call out the front desk staff too) and make you feel part of the group. That’s a big thing for introverts like me. I use to compare myself to others fitness levels, but not anymore. This is my workout and my gig. I just have friends with the same passion. And they make it fun. I appreciate a full island. Thank you Orangetheory!
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1 year ago, lroggey
New personal Max heart rate infuriating
Orangetheory created their own algorithm to establish a personal max heart rate for members. Unfortunately it is not accurate by any means. Members are voicing major issues via FB, Reddit, to coaches, staff and App support to receive no acknowledgment or change. It seems ridiculous and disappointing to see members who truly love the workout are considering quitting because of the random changes. Members voicing concern over why OTF is trying to establish a new data point that already has medical standards available Fox, Gulati, Tanaka. The changes are impacting members by inability to achieve splats based on excessively high MHR…(mine currently set at 213 for a 60 yr old female). Or reducing MHR and increasing splats artificially. Numerous members asking for help to address the validity and make adjustments. In addition it would be helpful to have better understanding of how the system operates and communicate to coaches and staff who are supporting us every day.
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4 years ago, Kristi, Franklin TN
This app is a constant headache
I absolutely LOVE my local OTF crew/fellow members but this app is TERRIBLE. Everything worked fine for me for almost a year and then suddenly it would not allow me to book a class, see my standing on a wait list, book beyond billing cycle. I am constantly getting the ERROR OCCURRED pop up. So frustrating. I tried everything to fix on my end as recommended by the front desk crew. I deleted app and reloaded, nothing worked. Then based on tech support I was advised to create a new account using a different email address. I followed the recommendation, lost all of my benchmarks and previous workouts but didn’t make an issue of it, I was glad to be back in control of my own scheduling again. Three weeks later, same issue! Help tickets have been submitted, tech support says the issue is fixed when clearly it isn’t. I DO NOT want to leave OTF but I am at the point of canceling my membership and going elsewhere.
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2 years ago, Deeboone
OTF Monroe Rocks!
It’s no secret working out is HARD! I have been inspired by my brother who attends this Studio and I couldn’t be happier! Emma! & Jeremy & Khayla made such an impression during my first interaction. Emma has been such a delight to just speak to with her knowledge of fitness as well as her fierceness and motivation in class… not to mention the kindest soul you’ll ever meet. My mother has been in search of a kidney for a couple of years and Emma was selflessly looking for solutions for us and my family will never forget it. Jeremy was naturally motivating but not pushing by making you feel accountable lol. I love this place and I’ve recruited a few of my friends along for the journey. I urge you all as well!!
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5 years ago, Tassie R
Simply the best!
This place is quickly becoming my favorite place to spend my time when I’m not with family. I never would have believed I’d love the gym as much as I love Orange Theory. The people are amazing! The feeling of being among friends and not at some cold gym is strong. You can never find yourself in a workout rut since the routines are different every single time you go. I feel like the coaches are personally invested in my wellness/fitness journey. The staff in its entirety from the desk to the coaches all know who you are and address you by name. It’s much more initiate than any other gym experience I have ever had. The results I have seen in a very short time are unbelievable. I’m so glad I was “talked into” checking OT out.
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2 years ago, cornholeramano
Orange theory can be a great exercise program (however, some of the trainers can be snobs, comment below for story) and the app works great! However, I have some issue with the $12 late fee if you need to miss a class. It seems like a money grab and they will come to you about all the reasons they do it (ex. “well, it wastes our time if no one shows up, and we lose money”); but that’s just not true because I’m paying almost $200 monthly (like most of the clients). At least give us an allotted miss 1 class per month without a fee. These people need to be more flexible about the appointments because their corporation card is showing.
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4 years ago, Af94102
Incredible workout... when you can sign up
I absolutely love this class. You’re heart rate is monitored, your competing against yourself, the coaches rock, music is always on point, and the equipment is brand new. Exercises are always different and you’re working all parts of your body. My issue with OTF is that the one by me in Owings Mills has classes that are always booked with a long waitlist unless you don’t work and can take a midday class (or a 5am). They’re booked a week out. It’s frustrating and makes me not want to get a membership because I have an unpredictable work schedule and can’t sign up for classes a week in advance. I looked at my other nearby location in hunt valley and their classes were all booked a week out as well. Super disappointing.
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4 years ago, Ronesha Smith
It has to get better
I never used this version of the app because it always glitches. Over this past holiday season I had to call in for most of my classes. This isn’t horrible but what’s the point of having such a flashy app? It looks Great and very inviting compared to the other one but the efficiency is not where it could or SHOULD be. I hope to see in 2020 that this gets better because I’d imagine more attention will be spent on this rather it being divided by the two apps. It would be nice to also see our favorite studios in a list form so we can select the studio and see the classes individually. Currently you either see all the classes on a favorites section or you have to search for the studio to see that individual schedule. I got hope in y’all let’s see some greatness.
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4 years ago, MicheleM!
Confusing and. Not user friendly
I don’t go to my home studio much but this app forces the home studio to show up on my list. I constantly have to scroll past every class at a studio I rarely go to. I like being able to see more than one studio in the area I am in but I’d like to choose not to have my home studio as a default. Those who travel, split time between homes etc will find this a bit annoying. It also has a scrolling tab to search by time but if you keep scrolling, it automatically pushes you to the next day and the following at that time which means it is easy to make a mistake and book the wrong class. It does not ask to sync to my calendar like the old app did. This one does sync when it feels like it. All in all, I’m not happy with this “upgrade”.
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4 years ago, Mimi Coli
Best kept secret of the pandemic
You can’t just walk in. You have to schedule, and you will still be charged if you don’t show. No excuses, you have to show. Session size limited in order to maintain social distancing and limited to 45 vigorous minutes - 15 minutes of interval training followed by 1/2 hour trainer-led exercise. There are 15 minutes at end of hour for staff to clean equipment. People come in 5 minutes after the scheduled hour so previous session people can leave. Before entry review of COVID symptoms and a temperature checks. Perfect infection control and a perfect amount of exercise! I feel fabulous, better than I ever did after an hour and a half at an open gym.
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4 years ago, Noemi Serrano
It is my second day at Orange Theory and I am already addicted to working out! Previously I’ve tried other gyms/personal training but nothing has compared to how orange theory makes me feel. I get excited to workout, and in an hour my workout is done for the day! I am looking forward to seeing my results. You have the option to buy a heart rate monitor, which is useful in determining which zone you lie in (there’s 5) - this allows you to see your stats directly after class and motivates you to stay in line with your goals. Although it is a group class, everyone focuses on themselves and works at their own pace.. also the loud music is a plus! Love love love
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2 years ago, aheff01
Great for maintaining fitness/getting fit
As someone who has played sports their entire life I’d say OT is more so made for people who don’t have a lot of experience working out or doing high levels of activity. Despite this, if you ask the instructor for tips or ideas to change things up to make exercises harder it can still be challenging. I really like it because I try to push myself every time I go and sometimes it’s more about the mental effort than the actual physical hurdles (especially after working on weekdays). The coaches are really nice and encouraging to everyone no matter the level! I’d recommend giving it a shot if you’re questioning whether to join 🤷🏻‍♀️
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5 years ago, Video ❤️er
Orange Theory is my accountability partner, my personal trainer, my motivator, and the reason I feel fit. Why? This accountability partner never has an excuse to not show up, their always open! The OT app allows you to make it a mind game. It enables you to plan, show up and then gives you measurable results. Various personal trainers that verbally cheer you on, help you through the finish line. And after six months, I feel fit. It could be the endorphins that are released, after a hard workout. (If I workout on my own, my mind says I am done, and really my body needs to keep working.) It took a few classes for Orange Theory to become my routine, and now I can’t go a few days without it! ❤️
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6 months ago, Ann1432
The best way to get into working out if you don’t like to work out
Orange Theory will help you with discipline and motivation turning your exercise routine into a habit. I started about 9 months ago and within this time period I showed up for the classes more than 100 times which is a record for me (I’m not a natural gym person)! Part of the reason why I achieved this is the fact that it is a 1 hour session, an efficient workout for busy people. OT offers group classes but you still get to personalize your exercise a bit by choosing your weights, speed on the treadmill, etc - so it is a good program even for beginners (and “all ages”). OT coaches are fun and kind and the gym has the perfect environment to get you going (temperature, lighting, music). I also love the coaches mantras: “I get to do this”, “Acknowledge yourself for showing up”, “Welcome to the best hour of your day”… Lastly OT’s technology (e.g. the app tracking your performance) is really encouraging for me - a great way to see your progress and stay on track. 5 starts!
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7 months ago, filming wrap
Feel like family 💗
I wasn’t able to join work place because of my health condition and being lazy. Orange Theory catch my attention first by the unique name of there’s business. And second being patent and very polite to book 2 complimentary work out times. Helped with my questions, on each class I enjoyed detailed instructions by different couches. The atmosphere there is just like one big family at 2 different locations I was. Highly recommended to join them. You won’t regret it results of transformation of your body in short period. Especially at the season when so much great food tempt us around.
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4 years ago, sierrafredenrich
AMAZING app technical support
Going to a variety of studios in my area has made my work outs so easy to schedule/attend, But a few weeks ago I ran into an issue scheduling. I brought it up to my OTF home studio staff and they told me to contact app support when I log in to fix the issue. Within 24 hours they were trouble shooting my account, and when that didn’t work they had second and third plans in place to resolve the issue. It took a couple of attempts, but they had it fixed by the end of the week and I was able to book classes at all of my studios again! Osvaldo, you’re a rock star and thank you so much for getting my app issues fixed!
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4 years ago, KelliBarber
Stopped showing summaries
I give it 3 stars solely for the fact I had to switch my heart monitor Back to my old chest one (which was already linked to the app) and I stopped getting my workout summaries on the app. I switched back to my regular heart monitor and still don’t receive the summaries. The app confirms I went to the class. I’ve reached out to the IT and still nothing. They recommended me create a new account- but that deletes all my accumulated summaries and stats! And it even had an error Message when I tried to do so after giving up on my original account after 3 weeks of Communicating with the apps support.
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2 years ago, lealeaotchy
My Way
The first time I tried OT I was all about proving something to someone… I am no longer that person. I workout here twice a week when schedule allows to gain/maintain strength and to move in a climate controlled guided workout. I don’t complete with anyone else but me. If a particular move does not suit my body I modify or skip entirely. The trainers explain well and let you move at your own pace.. perfect for me. There are many that are “all out” far greater than I and I’m ok with that. OT is right for me right now. Being new to town it’s nice to go to a familiar place.. all OT ‘s all over the country are the same. That’s nice… Thank you
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