Organic Fit: Women Weight Loss

Health & Fitness
4.5 (17.9K)
128.6 MB
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Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
13.4 or later
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User Reviews for Organic Fit: Women Weight Loss

4.45 out of 5
17.9K Ratings
4 years ago, A.Lynn2
Excited to try it, but the meal plan is disappointing
While I will try to stick to the calories and spirit of the meal plan it gave me, the apps doesn’t currently seem to have a way to take the foods you mark as your favorite into account, or to stop telling you to buy foods you will not eat. For instance - I don’t care how good they are for me, unless I’m potentially actually starving, I’m not eating beets, raw tomatoes or almond milk. I have tried them several times over the 27 years I’ve been on the planet, and they still taste terrible. There are lots of vegetables I do like that I’d be happy to include in a meal plan, but I don’t think any he three things I listed provide any special nutritional value that I can’t get elsewhere - the only thing their presence does for me is add unnecessary misery to a process that is already hard. To that end, while I’m excited to try the app and workouts, I probably won’t be using the meal plans as anything other than serving/calorie portion and food category suggestion until such time as it can be personalized - maybe to come from choices of what ingredients the consumer is ok with using in the plan? Have a list of ingredients and the user has to select which ones to exclude?
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4 years ago, Erica Damerau
So hopefully!!
So I just downloaded this during the week and haven’t started yet I’m waiting till Friday when I get paid to start the meal plan an prep everything because I work second shift but just looking at how their meal plan is set up makes me feel SO confident about losing weight this time! I have always struggled to lose weight and my biggest problem was HOW to eat healthy because I’ve always lived off of fast food an never had a problem about gaining weight. I used to be skinny but as soon as I hit about 23-24 I started gaining weight an fast! an I’m 26 now an I’m 265lbs I’ve gained 110lbs what feels like in a blink of an eye! I’ve struggled so hard to drop the weight because I’ve never had to eat healthy before an when I would try I’d stop eating fast food an found myself going hungry an I felt like there was no hope for me an would end up on my 600 pound life! But just looking at this app an how detailed they are down to how to make your meal, what ingredients are needed they even offer substitutes to things like for example if it calls for almond milk they give you the option to other milks if you don’t like almond milk an how much of it. This honestly has to be the best app that’s has happened to me. This app has given me so much hope! Thank you!!!
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3 years ago, Love n Travel
Cancellation issues- BEWARE!
I downloaded this app in June and decided after a couple months is was not for me. No big deal, went through app, cancelled my subscription, went to my subscription list on my phone to ensure it was cancelled and didn’t see listed so I ASSUMED (yes, we all know what assuming does) it had in fact been cancelled. Fast forward to December, I am getting charged $40 for another billing cycle. I email the support team and tell them I cancelled the subscription months ago and ask how I can get my $ back. They responded with- since I paid with my PayPal account for the initial subscription through a website and not through the app itself, I was suppose to log into PayPal and cancel the subscription through that OR I could have “notified them” to cancel the subscription for me. Cancelling my account through the app did not in fact cancel the subscription. I was also told I didn’t qualify for a refund according to their $ back policy. Complete waste of $80. On the program side of the things, the workouts were fine, but the meal plans were not customizable to foods you liked or disliked and there wasn’t an option to change the menu after your plan had been created for the week. Good luck to anyone brave enough to try it! Oh, and if you’d ever like to cancel, make sure you write down and laminate all needed info- who, what, when, where, and how you subscribed and paid so you can refer back weeks, months, or years later 😉
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6 months ago, Gina1680097532
Worst customer experience
It is very unfortunate that this app has the worst customer experience I have ever encountered!! I would never recommend this company or thier app I downloaded everything , went through all the questions and was so excited to start the program. The app would not load for me or allow me to log in. I spent hours trying to get in resetting the password re-downloading the app. I finally sent an email to customer service. I then received a very impersonal email back with an attachment with instructions to which I replied I’ve done all this already and it’s still not working to then get the same email back. They have yet to fix the problem. I have spent a lot of time and I asked for a full refund then I get an email back saying I have to use the app for 15 days before they’d be willing to give me back an email and that I’m just not following the directions properly. Nobody bothered to find out what was going on or how it was happening so now I’ve had to dispute this with my credit card and it’s a really big fuss. Their people should actually try and call you or have tech-support try and help you work through these problems. I do not recommend this app or this company to anyone. Horrible, horrible experience.
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4 years ago, ILTB12345
Very Disappointed
I am writing this review in hopes you will work to make the changes myself and others have written. You did a great job with the platform. It is extremely easy to use which is a big plus. But you failed terrible on the meal plans. Like others everyday the meal plans are the same. Lentil bean salad three and four day in a row, that’s not good. Then the same fish and chicken menu for several days. Absolutely no varied at all. I was excited about the digital shopping list initially to later realize the list contained foods to purchase that are not part of the weekly menu. It was a big waste of money. Not good!!! I now feel your site is a scam and you have no intention to do any updates. Hence why you keep responding you are working on the site. You present a nice platform but the users will quickly realise it is worthless. I have requested a refund from my subscription for false marketing and I didn’t receive a response. I hope others read this and please do not purchase this app!!!! You can also find better exercise apps online for less!!! AVOID PS the reviews have got to be fake. Please read all of the positive reviews they are all one and two lines which are a joke. Apple please shut down this app
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4 years ago, Naphloetry
I would give 5 stars if the meal plan...
I would give this app a 5 star if the meal plans were more versatile. I love the specificity of what I should be eating, the recipes are pretty easy to follow etc. I don’t have to think about what to eat bc it’s prepared and for a busy mom of four that is MUCH appreciated; however I’d like more options other than lentil salad and beets everyday for the vegetarian option. I want the meals to focus on weight loss but again a little more variety. Other then that it’s easy to navigate, I haven’t started the workout yet simply bc I do a lot of recreational workout which I don’t see an option to track, and I want to sync my Fitbit to get true steps of the day. Other than that it’s a really good, easy, and helpful tool that helped me loose 3lbs in a few days 🤷🏾‍♀️🙌🏾
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1 year ago, Cori Wylde
Terrible customer service
I was excited to use this app and try the introduction since it was so cheap. But much like life and gyms and workouts it was impossible to find time. I ended up never even doing anything and the only time I opened the app was the first time I downloaded it and when I went to try and cancel my subscription. When I first opened the app it was very busy and difficult to navigate and I really didn’t like it. I immediately went to try and cancel the subscription, I was unable to locate that on my iPhone or in the app. So I went to PayPal since that’s the payment I linked and I canceled my subscription. Low and behold once the intro period was over I received a an email stating my payment went through. I contacted PayPal and they said based on the way the app was set up I couldn’t cancel my subscription that way and I had to contact the company. So I did, I received a response stating my refund won’t be apply and I needed to have cancelled my payment through them directly. They attached directions that showed where to cancel and it was not in an easy place to find. They didn’t care that it was canceled through PayPal.
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4 years ago, mrsbubbak
Happy Mom
I happily stumbled upon this app as a sponsored advertisement on social media and I’m so happy I went with this one! I love the personal training videos that make it so easy to squeeze a workout into my day, and the fact that it give you a shopping list you can check off and that every day is planned out for you food wise and you just have to follow it! It’s made it so much easier to live a healthier lifestyle and as a mom of 3 little ones I can take all the help I can get!!! My on recommendation to the company and warning to all who are looking to use this, it doesn’t let you put in certain foods you don’t eat... for example I don’t eat eggs and almost every breakfast calls for eggs. BUT that’s my only complaint, I wish somewhere on the shopping list or something it said “do not add this to my daily meals or shopping list” or something. But I’ve told all of my friends about this app and the money is worth it! I chose the 6 month option and love it!!
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4 years ago, sevatchia
So far so good
I’ve only had the app for a very short amount of time, but so far so good. I like the workouts, I like the options. Just a heads up, you do have to pay right away in order to get access to the plans, but the price was reasonable. My one suggestion is that it would be great if we could switch certain things out. For the workouts it isn’t a big deal if you’re somewhat familiar with exercises, but if you have an injury or restriction and can’t perform a certain exercise, it would be nice to click a button and have other options to replace that exercise with. For the meal plan, it has general food restrictions/preferences, but it doesn’t allow for substitutions for allergies/sensitivities or for just things I have on hand. For example, there was an oatmeal recipe that called for blueberries, I have a sensitivity to blueberries so I used strawberries instead. It would be nice if I could replace the blueberries for strawberries before logging the meal.
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8 months ago, 人家勹
The app is NOTHING like what is advertised! I filled out the questionnaire and said I have significant back problems and the exercises it gives me are things such as jumping planks and boot camp style exercises I can’t even begin to do. None of the targeted exercises are a part of the plan I chose. And the plan I chose is only 5 minutes 5 days per week and mostly stretches and laying down breathing? That’s super helpful for…. anything? If you change it to look at what the other plans have to offer it starts you back to day 1 when you return to your plan. The meal plans are not anything you can actually choose and are the same thing over and over even though I said I wanted variety. Like shawarma bowls 4 days in a row. The fasting is confusing because the time zone is incorrect and it randomly stops counting down in the middle of the night. There is no chart saying what to do each day like the advertisement shows. No food tracker and only connects to a Fitbit so you can’t track steps if you use an Apple Watch or other device. Because an Apple Watch is so rarely used! 🤔. I honestly just feel scammed
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1 year ago, jlt1234321
Scam! Report payment. Read RECENT reviews!
Don’t be fooled by the reviews!! This company makes it hard to cancel and does not provide proof of cancelation. It allows you to click one button to cancel but does not send you any confirmation and will automatically charge you again leaving you to send more emails and report the transactions. They tell you that since you signed up on a website you can’t be refunded, which is a lie. I never used a website and now that I read reviews I see they use this over and over. Update! After getting a response on here, they say to contact them only to make themselves look better. After back and forth and then no response… They do nothing about your cancelation and will keep charging. REPORT TO PAYPAL if you used PayPal and attach a picture of your email/response to this company. PayPal will refund your amount. Organic fit company is a scam and their customer service is terrible. Report it and leave a review for others so they don’t get caught up in this!!
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3 years ago, 01101011011
Don’t pay for this subscription!
I paid for the subscription in March and after a week of not using it, I decided to cancel it because it was not benefiting me like I had hoped. So I cancelled the subscription the way I have cancelled all other subscriptions before. Then in September, another $40 was taken from my account, so I made sure I cancelled the subscription and then emailed their support email. I was then told that in order to cancel, since I had started it on a website (which I didn’t, I did it on my phone, in the app) that I would have to cancel it by emailing that support team which I didn’t do because that has never been a thing before for me and it didn’t say anywhere that in order to cancel I would have to email someone. Also, the app is another way to fail at dieting. And it’s another way diet culture will take money from you. You don’t need an app to lose weight, and before you lose weight anyway, you gotta learn to love your body as it is! DON’T GET THIS APP.
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2 years ago, Almostwhatineed
Don’t waste your money
[update]. The app maker refunded my money. So giving them 4 stars. I signed up for this App, and clearly didn’t know what I was getting. The meals will be Unachievable with my current lifestyle. It is a weekly subscription which it is going to take me a week to get to fully look over the app. I requested a refund because this will not work for me. I contacted them within hours of purchasing and was told no, that I don’t fit the cancellation policy. So I am out $20 which certainly isn’t the end of the world but I will not do business with this app maker in the future as they do not have a trial period to see if it is something for me. Kinda ridiculous
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1 year ago, Sassysar74
DON’T DOWNLOAD THIS APP!! First time ever reviewing a company!!!!
I’ve experienced the same exact thing as most other reviews here. On top of that, they have the same horrible reviews not only on Google but on the BBB website. It’s not easy to cancel and when you figure it out after just hours of them charging your credit card, they refuse to refund. Instead you get a long email about their processes but only after you finally figure it out on your own. Literally was charged this morning, I canceled service just a couple hours after that, deleted my payment info, and then deleted the app and was told basically, “not our problem”. The app wasn't even that good and which is why I wanted to cancel. STAY AWAY…..STAY FAR AWAY!!!! Better yet…if you don’t believe me….research it….just Google Organic Apps Inc…’ll see how horrible it is….and if not there check them out on the Better Business Bureau BBB Website…..same reviews there.
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10 months ago, nrpder2
Excited to start but app needs some tweaking
I just started using this app yesterday. The exercises given to me don’t seem to be for a beginner. There is a way to make some of the difficult exercises easy but when I did that, there was no change. It also asked if you have a sensitive back or knees. I have arthritis in my back, knees, and shoulder, torn shoulder labrum, and bulging discs. I really need beginner level exercises. You should have an option for just starting out all the way to difficult. My doctor approves the easy exercises to start. Unless I overlooked it, there doesn’t seem to be an area to add food you’ve eaten that isn’t one of your recipes. For instance if I don’t have the ingredients for a recipe and eat something else, I should be able to add it and it be calculated in my daily calories.
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2 months ago, Back on the rock
The only fitness app that I’m sticking with
The reminders are so helpful. I love that you can choose the type of workout you want. I’ve trashed all of the other apps I tried. The 7 minute workout was close but this app is so much better. I’m an independent consultant who loves to rock climb. I was working a lot and also fell off my good diet. I put on 50 lbs of fat in a year and a half and am struggling to lose it. I feel confident with this app because it removes all of my excuses for why I’m not working out. Thanks for getting me back on track to my fitness and lifestyle goals! Folks don’t realize how important it is to have an easy workout when you are an entrepreneur!
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4 years ago, toshaoneinamillion
Not What I thought it was going to be
Super disappointed in the meal plan. The first couple of weeks were awesome then it’s the same food over and over. Also you end up wasting food because you only need half of something and then you won’t use it again for 6 days and it has gone bad by then. I do like the workouts. I am going to stick to the calorie count on the food since I have already bought the program for a year. I am way over the meals. Also love the standard response everyone gets when they complain in a review. They just keep saying they are working on it. Yup still working on it. Nothing has changed since I bought the program, it’s just what they keep saying. Wished I would have noticed it before I bought the program.
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1 year ago, yvtdtdvjb
Glitches!!! Scam!!! Don’t waste your money!!
The app doesn’t even work!!! Not only does this app do nothing but glitch, but the customer service is terrible!! They did nothing short of rob me of my money and not even notify me of the charges. I had initially signed up for the trial at a discounted price, when the trial ended I was charged WITHOUT warning even after I had cancelled it. I didn’t see it on my apple subscription list so I thought all is well. Wrong!! As I stated they charged without warning, email, text ANYTHING just snatched the money!! When I brought this to their attention and asked them to right their wrong they said oh well! I still beside myself over the correspondence that occurred. This is not how you take care of people. DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY. There are way better apps out there that don’t rip you off or make you feel like garbage! If I could give them 0 stars I would!
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3 years ago, flldjhd
Don’t use this app. Rip off and company is underhanded.
Warning, sneaky payment procedure. Ordered this in Jan of 2021. Never used it. This app will not show on your Apple Subscription list and will automatically re-bill without a warning email etc. You have to remember where the original email is if you want to cancel. When I emailed to ask what this bill was for, they sent that typical response you get from slimy companies that says “ you signed up and it’s your responsibility to cancel auto pay”. Which means we make it as difficult as possible for you to cancel and we make money off confusing people. Not that they have a good product, which stands on its own, but they obviously are the kind of people that take advantage for profit. You can tell this is an issue for them because of the verbiage in their final email. Don’t use this app. Find someone reputable.
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2 months ago, KimDye
Poor customer service
In response to the developers comment - this is a total contradiction to the email I received from Mary at Organic Apps. I was told that I didn’t cancel one day before the renewal date (I canceled on renewal date) and therefore I could use the program for during the 3 month paid period and it would be canceled after that 3 months. Again there was no email prior to renewal - customer service is AWFUL - and this app is not trustworthy. I highly recommend finding another app to purchase! No notifications are given for renewals. Upon receiving email that renewal occurred - and canceling that same day will not allow for a reimbursement. If there is a no cancel policy - then a best practice would be to email out renewal alerts to all customers. My recommendation - find an app that has a money back guarantee and doesn’t rip you off when you try to cancel!
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3 weeks ago, Blondibug66
Very disappointing
While I like the idea of the exercises and was excited to try them, the welcome email directed me to the wrong app that just kept asking me to pay more money. Once I finally accessed the correct app, the meal plans do not allow for any substituting or preferences. Every day has a meal that I simply cannot eat, which makes it impossible to follow the plan. When I realized that this will not work for me (3 days in), I am told that I am not eligible for the 30-day money back guarantee because I am not following the plan and I must take pictures/videos and document why it isn’t working. It doesn’t work because it doesn’t allow for me to have meals that I will eat! This is the absolute worse app I have ever tried and I highly encourage you to do more research before spending any money for this app. It is over priced and not worth it.
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5 months ago, joat2b
Very good app
The only reason I kept a star was because I haven't found the app to be as advertised. It has never told me, no sugar today, or drink one gallon today, or anything like that; it's only exercises. That being said, I like the exercise part. It's doable for a beginner, but still gets you going. Two weeks and I already see progress! I sadly have to cancel at the end of the month, but I'll be back the month after to pick this back up. This is a really good program.
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2 months ago, forever40
They won’t ever stop taking your money until you block your payment method from them. There’s no support, no customer service. If you cancel, they will keep charging you. Then they will say they never got a cancellation from you or you’re not eligible for a refund, even though they kept charging after you cancelled. Their terms and conditions are ridiculous. They take all of your personal information to scam you in other ways. Their phone number and address are both false. They don’t even exist. They somehow manage to bypass your PayPal email alerts and your apple subscription list so basically you won’t realize you’re being charged for months. You’ll never get that money back. They are hiding somewhere in another country getting rich from scamming people. Maybe karma will get them someday.
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4 months ago, Ti Ed
Loopholes to cancel subscription
I originally downloaded this app to add variety to my fitness. After using it twice, I decided I didn’t like it and wouldn’t want to renew the subscription. I never received a reminder that the subscription was due to be renewed, so I figured it wasn’t going to renew. My card was randomly (for someone who hadn’t used the app the whole 6 months) charged $40 for a 6 month subscription to AN APP. Unlike most Apple Store Apps, it requires you to sign up on a website to have access to the app. This is the loophole that will cause you to get charged even if you don’t use the app/delete your account. The app does not show in your Apple subscriptions so it is very easy to forget you even did the trial period. If you sign up and don’t like it, immediately contact customer service to request to CANCEL YOUR SUBSCRIPTION. Deleting your account does not cancel the subscription, which I’m sure is illegal. They fight to keep your money. After about 5 emails back and forth & a dispute with my bank, I got my money back. The issue is they don’t notify you when your subscription is renewing. They just charge your card. I would recommend trying another app like F i t O n.
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2 months ago, asfgjtvh
Not worth the hassle
I was initially excited about this app and the features it promoted. However, after starting it, it is hard to adjust fasting times unless you start it on the exact time you said you would enter. The meals are the most frustrating part. It had some good suggestions, but you couldn’t search them, you just have to scroll through the very long list. It’s hard to trade meals so if I didn’t have ingredients for a meal, I couldn’t choose a different one for that day. I could choose different ingredients in that meal, but that is not what I needed. Overall I was spending more time looking at my phone trying to figure out the app than actually making healthier life choices using it. It gave me stress not worth it.
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4 months ago, RuggedManx68
The app is great for fasting, daily workouts and recipes. I can’t sync my Apple Watch to this app for steps. Also, wish I could have the option to track my own food in there or use their recipes. I didn’t realize that they were giving certain recipes everyday. I thought it was going to be a 28 day challenge in there too based off the ad and I don’t see that. I was looking more for tracking my own food, 28 day challenge and workout tracking. So this app isn't for me. If you have a Fitbit and are looking for an app to plan your meals it would be 5 stars since they offer the recipes and fasting clock and the Fitbit will sync.
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5 months ago, Kcarter2703
Unfortunate App issues
I bought the app really excited to use the whole program. When o set up fasting and meal plan, the meal plan did not reflect the fasting. I reached out to customer service to see if I could reset my account, I got a lot of responses both times I initially reached out where they did not read my full problem and suggested I set up fasting (had already done that) the app never updated. I was disappointed asked for a refund because well can’t get the full use out of the app, got a snotty backhanded comment with “your subscription had been cancelled you can use it for the paid time” so I guess no refund for me for something I’ll never use because of a problem on their end. Gold luck to whoever buys this, it’s a great idea poorly executed.
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4 years ago, abfenn8
I’ve been using this app for a few weeks. The exercise options are great but the diet side is pretty weak. I waited until I could see a few weeks of food options before reviewing but I’m not impressed. If you choose the regular food plan your meat options are cod and chicken. The bulk of the rest is either the same two recipes for a lentil salad or brown rice. Sometimes you eat the same thing for lunch and dinner two days in a row. I’m in week two and tired of the same three meals over and over. There are so many good foods out there that are healthy but they aren’t here. If you like variety in food... this app probably won’t keep you motivated to keep with your diet.
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1 month ago, sbottcher
Cancellation policy
I tried this app for three days, and decided it wasn’t for me. I canceled my subscription, but was unable to get a refund because I did not take videos of myself trying the workouts for 15 days. First of all I have a disability and found the workouts difficult for me to perform with my weak side. The tutorials were hard to follow while trying to do the workouts. Second I do not take videos of myself working out, because I don’t want people watching me. I don’t feel this is anyone’s business but my own. I think I did a ridiculous reason for not refunding my money. I WILL tell everyone I know about this app and how they took my money, for three days of workouts I could not do. Very poor customer service.
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4 years ago, mare.eck
No resolution!
I was using this app and had milestones that I had reached, all my workout info from when I began and weight loss tracked, etc. The other day I opened the app and it had me answer questions as though I had just downloaded the app for the first time. I found it odd but there was no way around it. I had to answer the questions in order to proceed. Well, when completed ALL of my previous info was gone. The app was treating me like a new user. I immediately emailed customer service and was responded to with an abrupt “nothing they can do about it.” What? You mean your people are unable to go into my account and look for history and restore? Unbelievable!
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4 years ago, angels and delons
Poor App Function
First I love the workout routines, menu meal plan I had paid my annual memberships gain access to have my home workout during covid19 to stay active. Unfortunately it’s been twice I had to delete the app to restart and it deletes all my complete workouts every time I’m on 5 Day from my workout week it wouldn’t let me have access to open the app. I had send an email to corporate as of today I haven’t received no response from anyone. I canceled the annual membership even tho it says I still have access till 2021
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1 year ago, 111234908
I have never had a company where their customer support will not work with you AT All on money back even if you didn’t like the app/workout plan but this one is an exception. Just be aware that if you try the plan like I did when they have a special it will automatically renew your subscription and they WILL NOT work with you for any reason to get your money back! I used it maybe 2 times reached out to them and they had no interest on making it right or even trying to help. I got a very cold answer back from them and a huge explanation on why I messed up! This is a company that wants your money and does not care about that satisfaction or the customer, take your money elsewhere!
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4 years ago, bnicolebunny
Love this app!!
I’m on a mission to losing about 35-40lbs. I don’t mind exercising, I just have a hard time keeping up with my workout schedule along with my daily routines. This app allows me to schedule when I want to workout and reminds me at a scheduled time. Along with that, it allows yu to set a target weight and gives yu an estimate of how long it will take to reach your target weight. All exercises and weight loss timelines are reflected off of your desired weight. Exercises are accurate according to what level yu choose. Such a great app!! 💪🏾💪🏾
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2 weeks ago, Kroll5566
I am a beginner!
It would help to have a grocery list BEFORE starting the program on the first day. Also, for people who have never done palates, it would be helpful to know exactly what equipment will be needed for the workout each day, so we don’t have to scramble to go get a chair for example. Todays workout showed the model holding hand weights, so I was ready with those but didn’t need them. Also,;the eating/ fasting clock should have a reminder to set or have the ability to back it up. I don’t always remember on time even though I have already started.
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4 months ago, Artemis RR
Read Reviews Before Purchase
Customer support and app functionality gave me some red flags. I canceled immediately after paying and trying to use the app. Now I’m stuck with the app. I only canceled due to the poor responses and app functionality once I got access. I typically read the reviews before making an informed decision. Never skip on trusting your first mind. I’ll eventually return and review my results since I’m stuck with the bill. Your cancellations need to be confirmed by support. I’m not a fan of the the refund policy. They have absolutely no intentions of refunding even if you try to cancel within the same hour of purchase. From what I read it’s hardly an option. SHOP AROUND!
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5 months ago, Real estate surfer
Shocked at all the 5 star
These can’t be real reviews. This app is misleading in that it says all the right key things but doesn’t deliver. You cannot customize meal plans and the work out was a joke. It seems the main way, like many diets and exercise plans, to lose weight is by drinking lots of water, walking 10,000 steps a day and eating in a calorie deficit. I didn’t need to spend money on an app for that advice. I was looking for customizable meal plans, work out suggestions that fit into the day. The one cool thing which is why I gave 2 stars is I liked the work out timer and video. That was awesome, but the work out itself was lame.
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6 months ago, cjr5842
Bad experience and it’s just day one
I kept hearing a lot of good reports on this app so I decided I would give it a try I originally was just going to go for the gold and do the lifetime subscription because why not right well my card was charged $158 and 99 but win I went to my settings and checked my subscription. It says that it’s only a six month subscription which should’ve only been $59 and when I login to the app every time I click on anything it takes me back to the page for me to subscribe it would allow me to do day one of the work out but all of the other stuff in the app is unavailable because it wants me to subscribe again!!!
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6 years ago, 9/2/14
I like it but having trouble
I like the app itself I workout twice a day with this app I use the free version for now, but every time I try to click on start workout it keeps popping up the subscription, and I would have to go to the first workout to workout again because it won’t let me workout on the day that I’m supposed to workout and it shows the same workout as before. So please fix it I don’t wanna delete it this is the best workout app I’ve ever found
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5 months ago, Piper Dunlap
Easy, Productive Workouts for ALL Schedules
As a busy, working, single mom this has helped solve the one thing I’ve been lacking… my daily workout. I can do this any time of day. It’s only 20 minutes of your day and it goes so quickly! The change of workouts literally work every different part of my body I need to firm up. I am hooked and highly recommend it! I felt a difference after 3 days.
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2 years ago, CC*****
Terrible Customer Service
I purchase this app on Sunday night about 9 PM. They charged my account for the full week which was expected, but what wasn’t expected was that they also charged my account the very next day. I can only assume that it was because of it being Monday and they considered it being a new week. This is totally unacceptable and very poor business, I have on multiple occasions emailed back-and-forth to try and clear this up to no avail. This is the worst and I repeat the worst customer service of an app on Apple I have ever used or purchased. Be very careful with this company as they do not want to stand behind what is advertised.
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5 months ago, J II
Just starting out
This looked promising so I signed up. What I personally like is that it is extremely user-friendly. I had a question about the swapping meals in the meal plan, sent an email and received not only a quick response but a step by step process, very thorough!! The exercise segment is very easy and encouraging to follow, even for a 75 year old. I think this is a good match for me.
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4 years ago, Earatha
Might need some upgrades
So the things I like: I like how it gives feedback. I like how it keeps me motivated. I like the workouts. These are all good things. My criticism comes from the lack of customization on the food. There’s no option to get rid of soy, wheat, or other problems beyond fish and dairy. It doesn’t allow you to customize your macros. I’m an update i would like to be able to make those choices. I eat clean keto, and that isn’t an option. So I pair this with another app for calorie and macro tracking. Which, fine, but kind of a let down.
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4 years ago, 🌷misslouise🌷2
Macros count
I’m really enjoying this Organicfit app. But I have a slight dislike in the macro section. I want to be able to see all the nutritional facts if I change the serving size. Like if I add another scoop of protein powder. I would like for the app to tell me what the nutritional facts are with two scoops and not one. I love being able to know exactly how much protein is on my plate and not have to take a guess because I decided to do a half a cup of Oats instead of one cup. I hope that makes sense.
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1 year ago, 2bright2shinny1
This app hides its subscription feature to ensure that you are billed at least 2x before you notice it. They use this deceptive practice so that you are paying for something you are not using. They send no reminders about the subscription renewal and bury the cancellation option in the app settings making it more difficult to cancel. The app itself is one demential. The meal plans are rigid and unrealistic. They don’t account for food allergies or preferences. It is nothing like what it was advertised to be. Save your money, save your time. I hope this all gets removed from this platform.
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2 years ago, Lmk7955
Don’t waste your money!
Super disappointed. I thought this was going to be a custom plan and it’s generic plan that you can find for FREE on other apps or internet. I signed up because I thought it was money back guarantee. As soon as I opened (because you can’t see unless you pay up front) I realized it wasn’t worth it and I contact them to cancel and give me a refund. They canceled future auto charges but would not refund. I canceled immediately. I never used it but they won’t refund. Unless you want to throw away $33 don’t sign up. There are other free options out there.
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4 years ago, 🙈😭tattoo
I recently downloaded this app and I really enjoy it ! It helps me when I’m shopping to figure out everything that I will need. No the food is a little iffy for me because I am a picky eater but for some people they might enjoy this stuff. The workouts are perfect for me because I work late at night & never feel like going to the guy and also have to be up to early, this app is great for only $10 a month it will get your right !
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6 months ago, Martinlj0506
Was excited to try but can’t get past subscription/payment screen
Update: did everything they asked, logged out, logged backed in using my Apple ID and still nothing. Still no responses after reaching out 4 different times. I just want a refund at this point!! Original post: I’ve purchased my fitness/meal plan program but every time I click to access workouts, meal plans or fasting it sends me back to the purchase page. When I click continue, it says”you already have purchased this”! I’d love to be able to use what I’ve paid for.
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10 months ago, Shoppaholiccc
Do not purchase!!!!!
The workout portion is okay, but the food portion was not helpful to me. I have been trying to cancel my subscription, but the app/website does not give that option and the app does not show under my subscription options under my iphone settings so that I can cancel. I have never downloaded or bought an app that makes it so difficult to cancel their subscription. Ridiculous! Still trying to figure out how to cancel! And they don’t respond to emails. Theres no number to call… I just want them to stop charging me
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3 years ago, 0789nic0789
I downloaded this app in Sept 2021 and cancelled it a week later. It is now halfway through November and I am still being charged. I guess I deleted my account without stopping the subscription (doesn’t make sense) so I am still being charged. Once I realized I was still being charged, I tried to reinstall the app so I could stop the membership. When I went to do this- the app told me that my email did not have an account. How is this possible if they are still charging me??? I have reached out to support 3 times and have yet to receive a response.
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3 weeks ago, Masters hands
Haven’t even started using it and I’ve already been scammed
I just downloaded this app because you know I needed to lose weight… And I can’t get in. I paid when I downloaded it now it’s got me to another payment screen after it asked me the same questions I signed up with. I hate when this kind of stuff happens because people really need to lose weight and really want to get healthy and then you have to deal with a faulty app. There’s no way to get in touch with anyone. I’m gonna have to go through my bank to cancel this purchase.
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