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User Reviews for Oscar Health

4.8 out of 5
6K Ratings
3 years ago, Sjberliner
Great App!
I was nervous about purchasing a new insurance plan that wasn’t Bcbs after our move to FL, but after a Little leg work and with the help of the Oscar Team through the app, I am all set with my medical team for me and my family. I use the app frequently and it is so easy. The Oscar team locates my info quickly and is able to help me find quality providers and find out the status of prior authorizations. I love keeping track of my steps and earning $1 a day each time I reach my step goal. My insurance card, Med list, and lab results are all on the App for quick reference. I will be continuing my plan this coming year and I am hopeful more quality medical practices will join the plan. All staff I have spoken or messaged through app has been very helpful and friendly.
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4 years ago, Candy crsher
High expectation, so let down
I see high reviews for this app, maybe it was the kind of doctor I was looking up: pediatrician. I wasted a whole day looking up pediatricians only to find one! ONE!!! This app was supposed to be EASY!! Who even put this app together needs to take some tips from the cigna app, I got the right doctors under the right lists and doctors under my plan ONLY! My baby is sick with fever 4 days and I couldn’t get her into a pediatrician because I had to search for one and this app didn’t make it easy. I see the BIG potential for this app but they need to clean it up BIG TIME!!! I should not be calling up doctors that are not covered by my plan. This did not happen when I was with Cigna. I want a pediatric specialist I’ll look that specialists up but when I want only pediatrician that’s the only thing I want to be coming up and ones only covered by my OSCAR plan! Thank you. Had a day full of frustration and tears just to find one dang pediatrician. Sooooo so so let down. Please clean it up!!!!! Thank you!!!
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5 years ago, anurse4u
Wonderful Experience
First of all, the app is so convenient and easy to use. Well done!!! The company itself has been wonderful so far. Someone is always there for me, any time, day or night. Every contact I’ve had with them has been helpful and polite. The majority of them answer your questions and concerns on a personal basis, tailored to your situation. A few of them, and you can tell, answer from a script, but that only happened a couple of times, and they were still helpful. I also appreciate the follow up I receive. The company also gives incentives for self care and preventative care. Again, we’ll done!
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5 years ago, Dfigsss
Bad experience
Horrible company it’s unfortunate I had a really good experience until it was time for me to cancel they terminated my account at the incorrect date which then put me on a list to get letters from Rawlings which is a collections company because it then looked like I wasn’t covered for a period of time which I was so I had a balance due after being on the phone with them for hours and the market and figuring that out I get mail saying I now owe them money they fought me for $44 because they terminated my account on the incorrect date and wouldn’t just eat the 44 disgusting even tho when I terminated my account I asked so many different ways if I had any type of balance the answer was no my balance was 0.00 in fact let me void your payment and give u this month back ! Nope wrong now they are fighting me for 44$ and if I don’t pay the 44 then I basically owe 170 for my prescription that won’t be covered screw u Oscar
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5 years ago, n.bianca126
The Concierge team is amazing! I’ve had to call a couple of times regarding bill payments and questions about medical care and every representative I’ve spoken to has made sure that my issues were resolved efficiently and effectively. On my last call, Audrey answered all of my questions and made sure I understood what the problem was as she worked with me to resolve it. The app’s layout is also very well organized and it makes it easy to find what I’m looking for. I really like the step synchronization since it makes me walk more now. Overall, I’ve had a great experience with Oscar!!
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1 year ago, GrantoGilberto
Great App for Young Users
I am 24, and I have Oscar. I am usually pretty busy so I made a televisit appointment with a doctor. This is where you talk to the doctor just on a phone call. I told them my symptoms, then the doctor submitted the prescription to the nearest pharmacy I chose. It took maybe 5 minutes and it costed $0. So much better than going to CVS or Walgreens or even urgent care to waste money or time. Highly recommend this company and app. The app is very simple and easy to use. I do believe anyone of any age can use it. Great Job Oscar team! 👏
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11 months ago, pzapata13
Good but could be better
Ok so I really like Oscar for an insurance. The Interface is easy to use. Pretty self explanatory and everything you need is in the app so it’s convenient. I would have given 5 stars but there were a few things that I didn’t like. 1. They changed the step tracking from being able to earn up to $100 a year to only being able to earn up to $25. They didn’t send out an email or any communication that that was changing. I like being able to keep track of my steps and this definitely gave me a goal to aim for. 2. When searching for providers/ specialists it doesn’t give you detailed reviews. I would prefer that I can see comments or at least see the rating system. All it says is Reviews and then recommended by whatever percentage of patients. I feel like having 5-10 question rating system would be better. Also can we get the pictures of doctors added to their profiles please?
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5 years ago, gabizou
Almost a dream to use
Having switched between multiple healthcare insurance companies, I can honestly say this is by far the most intuitive app for health insurance by far. I can literally do most everything for my insurance as needed through the app, without ever leaving the app! Don’t forget that you can chat with someone in the app much like a text message conversation, such a breeze. It’s refreshing seeing everything updated almost instantly. Now if only we could bridge doctors reports with the app, and recommendations, then it’d be even cooler!
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5 months ago, Fame and fortune
4 star review
Wonderful Health Insurance! I am so impressed with this health insurance company! I have so many wonderful options for my healthcare plan. My virtual visits with the doctor have helped me tremendously. Oscar app is simple to navigate through. The concierge team is very helpful. Personally I’ve never had any issues with Oscar Insurance. Throughout the years, I was let down with the more popular health companies such as Florida Blue Cross. Blessed, Grateful, and Fortunate to receive my medical care from you! Sincerely, Shelby Englund
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5 months ago, MamaTan71
Updated: Great app when it works
This app is great when it works but lately it keeps trying to log in and just keeps looping and won’t log on and when I try to report the problem I can’t find a place to do that it just takes me to see what their plans are like and how great the app is. I had to uninstall the app and reinstall it because there were no updates available. Once I did that it worked. It would be good if they had an easier way to contact them if we are having app issues.
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5 years ago, Rich Newportbeach
Just text a question while getting other things done, such as pease find me three Internists within one mile of my home. Before I know it, I have the response. They will have been prescribed tobtake Oscar insurance and be accepting new patients. Most convenient help I’ve used. Talk to a Dr for free in under 25 minutes. Used thst three times and was able to have prescriptions extended for basic not restricted drugs like a blood pressure medicine. Great time saver. With Good RX app, prescriptions are five dollars so far. Surprisingly reasonable.
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4 years ago, ricebaby1587
Clear benefits and easy to use app
I have been using the Oscar app since the beginning of 2020. Although not perfect, the app has been very convenient for me. . Everything is transparent and easy to access, right from my phone. . I can view my claims and how much I need to pay. I can view detailed lab reports directly from the app. . As a millennial, I love the messaging feature for mild urgent care. It’s so easy to use. A few message exchanges and your prescription is ready for you to pick up at the pharmacy, sometimes within the same day. . The only room for improvement I’d like to see in the future is a detailed mental health coverage or claim report in app. I know it’s partnered in my state (Texas), but a comprehensive guide within the app will add convenience. . I’m excited to continue to use Oscar and look forward to more innovative features!
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6 years ago, JNC NY
Best Health Insurance Experience
This is bar none the most helpful health insurance app I’ve ever used. It’s easy to find the doctors I want filtering in many ways, I can get a free telemedicine call whenever I want (it’s never taken longer than 15 minutes for me to get a call), and I can talk to my Concierge team, which is super helpful. All other health insurance apps I’ve used have been atrocious - this is the only one that I’ve felt has actually made my life easier.
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4 years ago, filmmusic man
Please make this app for the iPad, full screen, landscape mode
Currently only works in portrait mode (iPhone size) and so the iPad needs to be turned on it’s side, which renders my Apple iPad keyboard case unusable, and then even at that, the app needs to be zoomed in to 2x size to fill the screen. Please adapt this app for iPad use. Since the marketing of Oscar is all about being “new”, “current”, and everything can be done “through the app”, it seems like a no-brainer to actually update this for iPads. Please update your app so it can be used in full screen, landscape mode on iPads. It will make it much easier to use!
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4 years ago, annoyedalso2
Step counter
After having this app for over two years and getting credit for doing 10,000 steps a day, all of a sudden recently they have upped the step count to 12,000 steps. This would take me two hours a day of walking to achieve not to mention injuring myself from doing it everyday. I already spend an hour and a half walking swiftly to get 10,000 steps, who has time to spend two hours on cardio a day? I don’t carry my iPhone all day so it doesn’t record those steps that I also get in. Look I know this isn’t a big deal in the reason I have health insurance, I just think it’s unrealistic to require a 60 year old person to get 12,000 steps a day to get credit for doing cardio.
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11 months ago, Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr
I was excited to use this app so because of the rewards you can get from tracking your sleep or walking, however the rewards system is inconsistent and confusing. Instead of slowly increasing to help you build a regular habit of walking, the steps you need to get the $1 seem to increase drastically to avoid you reaching the goal. Though you can track your sleep for rewards, there is no way to look historically at your sleep tracking. Finally, it’s unclear when and how rewards are distributed.
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1 year ago, Juliejewels25
Worst insurance ever created
Listen just don’t bother really with these people, they will not cover anything, I mean nothing no medications no labs nothing they will also charge your account multiple times for the monthly premium leaving your account overdrafted and they will not help you resolve any problems you may have, they never have any answers to any questions whatsoever. I am honestly flabbergasted they still a running company, terrible services being barely provided, terrible customer service I mean I am just in shocked. I rather have no insurance than to have Oscar insurance. Asking for itemized bill from all my providers from today on.
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6 years ago, Hkndidifhd
This App is very user friendly and robust!
This Oscar App is very informative, organized simply and systematically and has been a real blessing and very beneficial in both understanding my benefits and medical care. The Concierge feature has been really top rate and helpful to answer questions and find doctors, etc. They have been very responsive. The Steps synchronized seamlessly with my Health App and iPhone/Apple Watch. It is simply an App than is way more than an Insurance App. In a word... AWESOME!
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5 years ago, katelinne17
Great Customer Service Thru Messaging
I had a baby this year, so I have had a lot of questions that have been answered really promptly thru the app. The messaging feature is so convenient, as is the profile section where you can check all your claims. The best experience I have ever had getting info out of an insurance company by FAR.
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6 years ago, difenni56
More than just a health insurance app!
Oscar app is the best when you need something urgent. If you don’t have time for waiting in line for an appointment or in your doctor’s office, this is the perfect app! I’ve been speaking and texting with doctors they have to get my problems recognized and solved by them sending prescription to my preferred pharmacy within 10 mins. There are few things could be improved for this app: It’s not iPhone X friendly yet; I cannot process one time payment in app.
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7 months ago, paigeyragey10
Telehealth is glitching
The app is easy to use, the insurance is good, but this morning I would have liked to use the telehealth and it keeps glitching and taking me out of the app- I tried on the website and same thing. When it asks what pharmacy you would like in case you’re prescribed something from the telehealth visit, it completely glitches! Just kicks you right out! Tried over 40 times. Super frustrating and not something I need when I’m already sick.
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3 years ago, MophieLife
So user friendly
I was so grateful for this app and to have Oscar as my first health insurance as a young adult. It’s very user friendly and helped me understand how health insurance worked. The company itself leaves something to be desired in terms of what they do and don’t cover. While the doctors in network are high quality, the options tend to be limited. Once you hit age 30 and/or start having more medical issues it might be time to look for something else.
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1 year ago, Bam311
White screen only
I’ve been with Oscar for over a year and I’ve never been able to use this app. Despite reinstalling the app multiple times and keeping it updated. They are well aware of the issue. I’ve called and reported it and others have reviews it on here stating the same problem. Hey Oscar, don’t bother with a generic reply about me sending you an email detailing the problem. You know the problem. I’ve stated it as well as many others. Do your customers a favor and have your team actually fix the app. The problem has been around far too long.
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4 years ago, dingbatjones
App is useless for me
I live in New Jersey but work in New York City and need to find doctors by work, not by home. The app does not recognize doctors out of my home state even if I set the distance to 50 miles. I have been on the phone with very helpful Oscar staff but the best solution they could come up with is use the website without logging in first to find the doctors. This is inconvenient and renders the app useless. Among various physical medical needs that aren’t being met for me, I’m looking for a therapist first as I am clinically depressed and these extra hoops to jump through are stopping me from getting care I need.
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5 years ago, bssgbzw
Such a waste of time
You think you would be saving time by using Oscar but the reality is, it’s a huge time sucker. You would end up booking appointments through the app, went to the care provider, and got told that you didn’t have an appointment. This didn’t happen once of course, it happened twice, with two different providers. The concierge team was expectedly unhelpful too. They would either tell you it’s not their problem whether your appointment got booked or not, or tell you the doctor wasn’t using Oscar’s system for appointment but patients were still welcome to use the Oscar app to book. How amazing is Oscar.
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10 months ago, Lhunt53
Can’t sign in
I liked the app until this week. Now can’t sign in. When opening the app you get a message saying that quick login with Face ID or Touch ID is temporarily unavailable and it doesn’t give you the option to type your login information. So now you can’t log your steps or do anything with the app. So would be nice if you would fix it asap.
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3 years ago, Rauzy
Terrible company & app
Company sent me to a provider from there app that they said was in network. I went to the doctor there app said was in network also confirmed with online help from Oscar . Weeks after appointment the letters, bills, and coraspondance letters begin showing up. The company refused to cover any of the appointment charges and declined to cover it under surprise billing. I would not use this company as they are sneaky about bait and switch coverage from there app. Currently having to go to state of Colorado insurance board to have them unwind this terrible case and company !!
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1 week ago, Praveenkm
This insurance shows false list of doctors and facilities and makes buyers fools
I bought this insurance because it covers most of the doctors and facilities which i needed. But I actually tried to book an appointment doctors say oscar insurance is not supported with them. When I called to oscar support they say provider list is old and they have to be updated and they never update It shows wrong information of providers and make users fools. This is kind of fraud activity to attract buyers. Make sure to call the hospital or provider if they support oscar insurance before buying
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3 years ago, gSCVreg
App. has not worked for awhile.
I am running iOS 14.7.1 and the Oscar Health App has not worked since your app version 5.18.0, 5.19.0 and now the latest 5.20.0 I get the login page and then after I press log in it will not load anything else from the Oscar app. Except a plain blank white webpage. Totally frustrating since I have to use my safari iOS browser and then all works fine with my account. I have deleted and reinstalled the app. and still nothing.
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5 years ago, DallasMkt
Thank you
I’m very happy with Oscar and am crossing fingers they remain in the Dallas market. Customer service and the concierge service has been nothing but top notch. Calls are answered quickly and by a person and follow up is incredible - it actually happens! I’ve also used doctor on call and was pleased with both response and follow up.
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5 years ago, Sweetheart Lydia
This App is awesome and easy . The easy app also lets you the doc call you which is important when you can’t miss work to see a doctor and they call within a hour . The team always replies to messages you leave them or have answers to all your questions and help you get the help you need .
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4 years ago, Shannon6571
Crashes. Cannot open even after updating.
My daughter and I both have this app and are having the same issue. It was working great until one day we could no longer sign in and instead received the "Oops try again later" error. Updated the app. Same issue.
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6 years ago, MarBar80
Love the app and earning the gift card
The app is pretty good, and it’s nice to be able to call a doctor on call for minor things and not get charged. I am really happy to have finally earned the gift card although the steps don’t sync totally automatically. The health app really has to be in sync with Garmin connect and sometimes it takes a little while. But overall I’m happy with this app and Oscar.
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6 years ago, Dnd_2011
Love it
So far so good. Have had this since beginning of January. The step count is a fun incentive to get moving. I just redeemed my first amount, so it’s a nice pat on the back for meeting goals. I saw another review where the step count isn’t accurate. I’m only using my phone so far and not an outside tracker and it’s accurate in my case.
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4 years ago, Mariposa1986
Very little bugs.
Efficient app for what it was designed to do. The only issues I’ve had to date was where we were on a cruise and did not have connection even though we paid for connectivity through our Liner. Oscar refused to connect to the internet during this time which means I could not update my steps or “tel-a-doc” until stateside.
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2 years ago, TexasFan74
Horrible technology and company
I couldn’t enroll on their website or on my phone. I had to call. I’ve made a payment and they still can’t get my account to work through the app or website. They actually had to take my banking information over the phone. Their website allowed me to enter it but it keeps asking me for it. I can also view my full social on their site after a first log in (no 2 factor option) which is unheard of for a technology company.
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2 years ago, Meche512
cannot see your dependents info in the app
I have a plan with my 2 kids both are under 18 and the app will not allow me to see my kids information nor our overall family deductible spend. there is no way to link your dependents to your main account. Even if you are the primary account holder. You have to create a login for each child to see their communication. As if Oscar has any right to communicate directly to my underage children without my consent. this is very bad.
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7 years ago, RWalker56
Steps not recording properly
For the last few weeks, the step count hasn’t been matching the step count in Apple’s Health app. It looks like Oscar is only giving me credit for steps where the data source is my phone. It’s no longer giving me credit for steps from my Apple Watch. I don’t normally carry my phone with me when I go for walks, especially now that I have an Apple Watch with cellular capability. Please fix this!
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1 year ago, MaryKaram
an opportunity that they offer us Oscar
an app that not only informs us, but also rewards us. I love seeing the steps I accumulate day by day! Not only does it help me see the accumulated balance, but it also communicates my medical references! I highly recommend it
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5 years ago, Molly667786
If I could give zero stars I would
I have never written a review in my life but this absolutely trash excuse for an app is worth it. I called approximately 7 different doctors in my area found on this app to find not a single one accepted Oscar insurance. And to top it off I drove around in circles trying to find the urgent care clinic recommended on the app to find an empty building that closed a year ago and moved another 10 miles away. Seems as though the information on this app is updated once every 2 years. Useless app
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2 years ago, pandansun
Disappointed by their communication care team
When I was told by my care team that a procedure would be covered in full, I got back a hidden fee they failed to tell me about. It’s disappointing considering the procedure I had in a previous insurance was completely covered in full while Cigna/Oscar gives you hidden outpatient fees. I wish this insurance company was more transparent about the fees they give and what options are actually covered in full instead of partially covered.
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4 months ago, Elizabethmessages
The Best Health Insurance Period!
This is the best health care insurance I’ve ever had. The customer service is above and beyond of what you can experience as well my virtual primary care physician is amazing! I recommend to try Oscar for your health insurance company, you will made the best decision in choosing them.
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4 years ago, REDDZ*
I simply love this App and Oscar Ins. The App encourages us lazy people to get out of our comfort zone and get active to exercise and stay fit or for those who have to shed some pounds. Highly recommend Oscar, the App is easy to navigate website. Customer service is very helpful, polite and meets your needs.
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4 years ago, Ian666
I found a physical therapist on the app, and asked them if they were in network with Oscar. The receptionist told me they were. Between the time of my first of three appointments and my first bill for that care, they went out of network and now none of those claims are being covered. Needless to say I’m very frustrated about that. Use the app with great caution, and make certain to triple check with Oscar that a provider is in network before receiving care. Basically, just don’t get hurt and you’ll be ok lol.
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5 years ago, retrofrugalista
Tele doc a snap but don’t book appts
The insurance plan was super affordable in 2019. The 2020 rates forced us to go elsewhere. However the app was pretty darn good. 5 stars for teledoc, 3 stars for booing appts. Yes I got an appt but not with the doc I wanted and it was confusing for the doctors office 4 stars for tracking my steps, there’s no way to update steps if I’m not carrying my phone with me ALL the time to record data. 5 stars for the doctor look up 5 stars for making my plan details accessible 4 stars for the concierge team, it would have been nice to talk with them opposed to always chatting and emailing Overall really Good. Better than I expected
Show more
6 years ago, Hsbaker
OK I have to hand it to Oscar, they are good
This app actually works. Oscar responds to your messages quickly and are genuinely helpful. I hate the healthcare system, I hate health insurance - but I have to admit, Oscar are doing a lot of things right. If their network wasn’t quite so narrow, they would be absolutely the best.
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8 months ago, Needshealthcare
So disappointed that Oscar is no longer offering coverage for individuals in California. California once again pays the price because our Governor has killed everything wonderful in this state. I will miss you Oscar! 😢
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5 years ago, theromero6
I love the app and all of the features. Especially getting paid for walking! But I have a lot of typing issues in the app. Using the talk to type feature only works word by word and when I type a lot of times it makes all letters capital out of no where. So many things I love about this app, but the typing is frustrating
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10 months ago, Dinhelson
Simple and user friendly
This is probably the best health app there is out there, everything is clear and simple to navigate, and you get rewarded for being healthy! Just walk :)
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7 months ago, EDGABA
I like the app but…
This app works well and it’s easy to use but it always logs me out even though I have face recognition on. I so t like having to enter the info over and over and sometimes it doesn’t te of the login. That’s a bit aggravating haha.
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