Pacer Pedometer & Step Tracker

Health & Fitness
4.9 (188.9K)
521.6 MB
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Pacer Health, Inc
Last update
10 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Pacer Pedometer & Step Tracker

4.89 out of 5
188.9K Ratings
3 months ago, bodycode
Excellent functionality
This app tracks distance, time and calories burned using your smartphones GPS. Additionally all data can be set up in Apple Health which it has always done, and shared (internally) that you may care to do. After playing around with the user interface, I realized that there is no more an app can do for you than this one regarding calories expended, and distance and time used for your workouts. With record, pause resume and save functions, a person can if they choose, look at your prior walks or runs with full map integration. Want to drop into a store for a drink? Pause before entering. Leaving the store? Just resume and pick up your walk where you left off! Do that (pause) to reduce gps lock on time since going indoors blocks all gps signals. Then there’s the excellent workout types, saving time in finding the the workout you know you’re going to do. Combined with a good food and calorie app, weight loss becomes a realizable goal. Believe me when I tell you fellow dieters, I lost a pound a week for 10 weeks and without Pacer it would have been PURE guess work which is never a good thing. Pacer PREVENTS guess work in calculating weight loss related calculations when shared with your preferred diet-related or even other apps. Last but not least and REALLY important the app integrates all data with everything else on the IOS platform.
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2 months ago, c’est manifique
I love it
Great app. I really appreciate the user-friendly interface and smooth navigation. It has truly made my life easier. The app's features are so well-designed and efficient that I can effortlessly accomplish tasks with just a few taps. The developers have done an excellent job in creating a seamless user experience. Moreover, the app offers a wide range of functionalities that cater to my needs perfectly. From organizing my schedule to staying updated with the latest news, it has become an indispensable tool in my daily routine. The attention to detail in every aspect of the app is commendable, making it stand out from other similar applications. One of the things I love the most about this app is its reliability. It rarely crashes or freezes, which is a significant relief compared to some other apps I've used in the past. The developers seem to prioritize stability and performance, ensuring that I can rely on the app to function smoothly whenever I need it. Additionally, the app's customer support is top-notch. Whenever I have encountered an issue or had a question, their team has been quick to respond and resolve the problem efficiently. Their dedication to providing excellent service further reinforces my trust in this app. Overall, I cannot recommend this app enough. It has truly elevated my productivity and simplified my daily tasks.
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2 weeks ago, Rolas1380
The best app ever !!!
Very nice and easy to use and you can make friends from around world And they never push you to buy a full version like other apps ! Super easy to use !! So far the best I ever found It’s been a year since I use this app and think is time for the developers to do an update!! So far the app is working fine ! It needs some more improvements and features but I guess they included that on the paid version So far the best !! Well I keep updating my experience with this App and so far i have not complaints! Compared with some other apps this is definitely the best !! 😃👏👍🏃🏃‍♂️🏆🥇 Still my favorite app so far !! Another year using this app and so far it’s the best ! Still the best app !! It’s been couple years since I start using this app and still the best app ever.I’m wow seeing if they will make some more updates for the app , it needs some free stuff to do. Plus some kind of source that records all your activity during the month and case you forgot to upload your activity to your profile Until now ! Still the best App and keeps improving!! Good job 👏!!! Well it’s been couple years using this app and still the best !! I love the new design! Everything runs smoothly! So far so good 😊 Very nice so far Still working fine ! This app is awesome! I wish I could have more features on the free version !!!!’
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9 months ago, Regular scanner
Great app—better than before
Whatever bug there was before has long been fixed. This app is fantastic, so disregard the negatives from my previous review and only pay attention to the positives! OLD REVIEW: I love this app! When I first started using it I would set my goal to at least 10,000 steps a day and could keep track of how many steps I was getting in when I would walk my dog, go to the gym, and walk around at work. It was great! I was so proud of myself when I would get to 10,000, 15,000 and then a record of 18,000 steps. So then I tried to beat my record and just the other day got up to over 21,000 steps. The only problem is that the next day when I was looking at my monthly average I saw that my 21,000-step day shot down to zero! What?! I thought maybe my phone just needed to be restarted so I tried that, opened up the app again and yep--sure enough, it still said zero steps for that day. Same thing happened the next day; my 10,000 steps turned to zero when I referred back to it. So I thought I was done with this app but then just today my steps reappeared! So I guess my only complaint is that the steps sometimes disappear for a few days and then magically appear again. It would be really nice if they could work that out--then it would be a five-star app all the way.
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2 months ago, Matt Pierre
Pacer keeps track of how far I walk & I also walk our 3 small dogs that keep me going!
Keeps good track of how far I’ve gone then shows the days before exact distance.. Sunday Jan 21st 2024, was one of the first days it wasn’t in the single digits & I’m hoping it’ll be warmer this coming week. When it was below zero I couldn’t take my dogs out walking & that’s what gets me up & going. Without them I’d probably not walk as much as person my age does. Altho I’ll be 71 in a few days.. meh 😑.. but I think age is only how you make it & how you feel. I notice that there’s some things I can’t do like I did a few yrs ago, but still can lift 50 lbs if I’ve gotta? Anyway, writing about this bc it’s been so cold for the last couple wks, that I wasn’t able to go out much! Living in Montana you have to deal with long dark & cold winters! So I wouldn’t advise anyone who lives in a warm region to move here unless you like to ski, 🏂 🛷 or ⛸️ Otherwise can be certainly DEPRESSING!! So many ppl who live near the Arctic take their lives & this isn’t anything I’d want anything to do!!! Just saying incase you’re planning on moving to our state? I know the last couple sentences don’t apply to fit bit, but I thought I’d share my experience from living here all my life..
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4 years ago, Algiz3255
I love this app. It allows you to log outside activity of pretty much any kind. Only thing I wish it would add was a “chores” option for housework but I can see why they can’t do that, it’s too broad and unpredictable. However it has everything I personally need to work out right now!! I’m pretty out of shape, 80lbs above the highest healthy weight for someone my height. I’m starting out with the novice stretches, and I’m doing the yoga sequences in the calm app. The calm app is great too and it does log my exercise, but I like logging it into pacer because then it’s all in one spot. Love having the pedometer. The work out videos are really good. I love it!! I was ready to pay for the subscription after my first three days of using it and after a month, I can’t say I regret it!! I’m going to buy the yearly subscription next. This is an essential app for me, I wouldn’t be where I am in my workout journey without it!! I’ve done yoga over half the days in this month. I went from never working out, to nearly working out every single day!!! Thanks pacer!!! I can’t wait to start exploring their higher level exercises (and I LOVE that they categorize them so you know what you’re getting into). They give helpful and thoroughly suggestions on how to meet your goals... basically... it’s perfect!!!
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5 years ago, Sandinista50958
Believe it or not....
This is my first ever, from the heart comment in my 40 yrs, so please be gentle with the comments. 😋 This app has been a great tool for me in the 2-3 months since I downloaded it. It’s really great for keeping me motivated, even when I’m ready to quit and give up. I don’t really know why, but this app is great for implementing life changes (at least so far 😉). From what I’m told, these changes will be the foundation to my weight loss and success thereof(?). Not to mention what I can’t do with this app, I can easily do on other apps. PERK - they all easily link together AND THE BEST PART is that the apps will communicate with each other and share info with each other. Using the apps together to review results in text, graph, charts, theories, suggestions, etc., I’ve been able to see my strengths & weaknesses in not only my health, but life patterns as well. I find myself mostly empowered to make these changes as a single parent of 4, FT-employee, friend and so on. And when I just want to throw my hands up in the air and say “f” it all, together, but still at different times, these four apps’ messages become more encouraging and I find the willpower to get back up on the horse (I suppose that would be the scale in this case🧐). This app, (and the others) is a total 5 star app to me.
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6 years ago, powerjakz
Great app! Use it every day. Very pleased with the results and the tracking records it keeps. Would suggest that the Backup and Recovery processes be updated to allow multiple copies. That is, when a new Backup is made, if there is an earlier copy, create a new Backup with the name appended with the date and have it copied to an available iCloud or personal cloud drive. And during Recovery, allow the selection of which Backup record you’d like used for the Recovery from either the local phone data, iCloud or personal cloud drive! Why? Because I just lost 9 months of data because my phone was destroyed. I got the phone recovered late at night a few days ago from an old phone backup made in January (so all data between Jan and Sep was gone) and when I selected Recovery, the only file available was done during the night (after my phone Recovery, but before Recovery of the Pacer data). Therefore, the only Recovery file available was the one written during the night that overwrote the earlier one, and the new file was missing the Jan-Sep data. My fault ... true. But allowing penultimate backup copies would have allowed me to get all that data back regardless. Super happy otherwise!!!
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3 months ago, Scared of storms
Great app- great motivations to walk!
Been using pacer to track my steps for years and years - the free version- ans now I just bought the totally paid forever subscription. Why? Because they now have these walking routes around the world that you can adjust to 3,000 6,000 or 10,000 steps so I’m up to 7,000 (from 2,500) and they just give me a reason to walk more each day! Love it. Don’t they say we have to live a more active life? I’m now walking the “Camino De Santiago” so when you reach a city you can actually learn a bit more about the area and have a Google map view- it’s prettty cool! Also with the paid version you get trainings. I like this short trainings that I can do at any time I have 5-9 minutes to stop and just break my lazy routine (in front of my computer) - oh and did I mention the coach setting? It’s cute, and everyday “talks” and motivates you to walk! (He lives in my phone) So…for one single payment (I didn’t do the monthly subscription but you also can do that, or go free for years like me) I get all this forever with no ads!! Works for me! Keep up the good work Pacer!
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6 years ago, Kyleoke
An app of great precision but with undeveloped potential.
This app gives you an accurate calorie burn by putting the “intensity of steps”, age, height, weight and even perhaps, the temperature of the environment(at least I noticed the difference) into consideration/calculation. Despite, the app put these factors into good use of calculating the total calorie burn, I still believe this app have some space to improve to be universal; No. 1, if the app already asked for your height, age and weight for calculating a precise rate of calorie burn by walking or running, why cant they use the information they just gathered from you to give you a basal metabolism rate too?(calorie burn a day without doing nothing)Therefore, by adding the basal metabolism rate to your calorie burn through pacing or running can give you a “real” total calorie burn per day.(Which is practical for you to monitoring your weight loss)No.2, I know this might sound silly, but, if its possible, by adding food’s calorie information to this app will also be great to monitor the weight loss.( all you have to do is minus the “total calorie burn” to food’s calorie count) No.3, Just kidding, there is no No. 3 advise to add. Anyway, if pacer can achieved these 2 improvement, pacer will most likely be more effective and popular!!
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2 years ago, 67andCounting
Personal Trainer
I’ve been using this App for over eight months and if you are committed to following its data capability, you should be able to reward yourself with a healthy lifestyle. Its basic data recording is loaded with capabilities such as weight management, blood pressure and heart rates, and number of steps taken amongst other things recorded. There are many more capabilities that I am still discovering in this Application. It allows you to push yourself a step or ounce at a time, and be able to retain that record conveniently for past referencing. It makes me want to always beat my best mark by rewarding myself with positive data. And, It is able to accurately search back to any entry date and provide you with the information you loaded. And don’t worry if you forget to log in your data, it has a nice reminder feature. ✅ I’ve lost weight, walked further, seen my blood pressure improve and many more details that are available, all on my personal time. This is game changer for me. ❤️ You can have your own personal trainer. Do it!
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2 years ago, lb.Foolish
Easy to use; great motivator!
Love this app! Can use it for just walking around the house to track steps per day and calories burned, or set it up for a workout with gps so I can see an accurate distance/time/speed walked. (It doesn’t eat up my data for this either!) It’s amazing to look at total distance walked since I first started using the app til now (Dec. 2016-Feb. 2018) and see that I’ve racked up over 1,450 MILES (and well over 3.2 MILLION steps! :) When I first got the app, I had a very old phone that I couldn’t update, and Pacer was the ONLY pedometer app I could find that would work on it. I would, very rarely, have it crash and lose that day’s data- very frustrating, but otherwise loved it, and grateful I had it. Since updating to a new phone (and version of the Pacer app), I haven’t experienced ANY crashing! Thank you, Pacer, for creating a wonderful, stable app! It’s been a big part of my weight loss and fitness efforts, and I will gladly credit you for motivation in helping me lose about 30 lbs.! (Just 10 lbs. left to go!) ;)
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3 years ago, Dhorp
Pretty nice ap
I like the ap but I can never tell if it’s working ( turned on ) because no real action buttons and it automatically starts when opened by showing yesterday’s totals so when you close that window, you get to home page. The only setting that shows activity when tapped is the GPS button. Excellent map but seems to gauge steps and miles even when standing still. But still, becoming my favorite of 4 I run simultaneously to see how they work side by side. It stops working at odd times and with ear buds, I don’t hear a message, sound , or anything but when I check phone later, I see a message saying ap stopped like 28 minutes ago or something. I like more reliability. Thanks I like the historic trails but can’t get back to them and the first one”Inca Trail “ had a hard time starting up so I went back to just plain walking. Not too accurate on steps during day, only when set to GPS but then keeps adding distance even when exercise stopped.
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1 month ago, Word Girll
Needs more accuracy
Update: It tells you 10,000 steps is your goal and ignorantly I followed when I should have looked it up in miles. Big mistake - I pushed myself to 7,000 steps one day and have lot of pain and swelling in left leg that has not gone away. It’s like a knot of veins that have formed. Painful to sleep. Must see doc. Basically - start slow. Don’t push it unless you’re super healthy. I’m 49, not obese but could lose 20 pounds. I should have not pushed to achieve 10K steps - app should say what that translates to. Old review: I have been using it couple weeks now. My friend and I compete. So it’s been fun to track each other. However I just did a 2 mile Leslie Sansone video and it says I only did 1.3 miles. So who should I believe? -Also, it’s missing several of my workout days from activity history? Not cool man, I worked hard on those days. -Are the steps based on the height? I’m only 5’1, have to take more steps to reach certain goals so hopefully the standard step chart I’m using via internet is adjusted for this app measurement.
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4 years ago, Nana gms
My daughter suggested this app to help me get over the loss of my puppy of 11 1/2 years. She said I needed to move and not mope. She’s right. My puppy died on Tuesday night. I stayed in all day Wednesday and started walking Thursday evening and continued yesterday, Friday. I walked 2 miles yesterday and enjoyed looking at progress along the way. I could have quit anywhere along the way but the app helped to push me to reach a goal. Tonight I will walk further and I hope to reach the goal of walking 5 miles eventually. My puppy didn’t like to walk so I’ve been sedentary for a long time with just short little walks with her. I went out today and got some comfortable socks to wear with my sneakers and I’m looking forward to my third walk in about an hour. Last night my husband walked with me and we had a good time encouraging each other. I’m not crying anymore and feeling good. Exercise is just what I needed. I just turned 73 on Christmas Day and my husband turned 74 on December 1 and we’re looking to many more years of walking.
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7 months ago, Neenamillameter
I love this app. It allows you to set goals at an achievable pace and gives an accurate account of what you are eating and burning off. I was unaware of how low my iron intake was until I started this app. I began taking a supplement and I have so much more energy now. I would recommend getting this app. along with a pedometer app. if you are just starting out with trying to get healthier. You can add your exercise into the plan and account for the calories burned during workouts which is such an incentive to me. I was not over weight to begin with, I just wanted to feel healthier and more energized. I can say without a doubt that I have achieved both goals. I only have the free version and that has been enough for me. I know there is a lot more this app. has to offer with a subscription, but the free version is so great that I think everyone should try it. You can even scan items right at the store!! This app. is so great I can’t say enough. 🤐
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6 years ago, 🔥Jerimy🔥
Pacer App is Great for stepping!
~There needs to be improvement on privacy and who follows you etc, there are to many anonymous people with fake names and fake profiles and no real pic, I would like to choose who can follow my post and who can not! Also, you should be able to delete your own account yourself if you ever need to for any reason like all the other apps allow you to do. We should not have to email pacer and beg for assistance in removal of our own account. I also think also people should only be allowed in only one group to be listed on their page, to many people jump in And out of groups all month long and mess up teams. And also they never remove their self when they join a new team, which again messed up things when the weekly stats come in. I also think there needs to be a daily step count limit shut off, for example people getting 70k plus daily ARE RIDING BIKES and cheating and it discourages the real people walking daily. That is humanly impossible! That is frustrating for the real walkers. I see this conversation a lot! Over all it is a good app but it needs some adjustments to keep making it better!!!! I hope you all read my suggestions thank you for your time! ~:)
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11 months ago, 4StressReliefGamer
Pacer is a basic app but is great. I personally believe you're charging too much for these apps. Only the rich who don't really need it can afford it. This one is the most reasonably priced, yet still too much. If you lowered the price to $25/year to unlock all features and kept it there without trying to increase the price, I believe you would have more sales. I believe your free users would sign up. I believe that you should keep the basic features free. I believe you should open the extra to donations. I believe the rich and able would oblige, e.g. $50, $75, $100 donations. This would be a worthy cause, to help those who can't afford it, have affordable health motivation. This is a great app. I would definitely sign up. There should be some type of reward for your highest donors if goal is met, like a recognition news letter, free fitness clothes, water bottle, watch for fitness tracking, or an opportunity to travel to meet the owners of app.
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2 years ago, Georgechronakis
I use it all the time and it inspires me to workout walking.
I use it everyday however my step count is not very accurate. Nevertheless I like it. I am using it daily. Helps me keeping fit. I’m using it daily and I love it. I am very impressed with this app This is definitely a great tool for exercise. Excellent app to keep fit. I am very appreciative and glad. This works! The best way to keep fit! I’m excited more than ever. The app is GREAT! Important tool for loosing weight. Great app for fitness Outstanding app for fitness A great way to keep fit. A second to none app for fitness! Works wonderfully every day. The app is outstanding! I’m loosing weight with this app. Definitely the best. I like the app The only app I use. Excellent program. This is definitely a great tool for exercise. I like the app a lot. Fitness greatest app. using it daily and I love it. The app helps me keep fit. I use it daily. Excellent gadget. Thanks A great way to keep fit. A second to none app for fitness!
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3 years ago, RaderRex
The Pacer app works well
I like the Pacer app and use it almost every day to track my steps. It adds the very useful thing of approximating my calories burned, and the color scheme is cheerful. Does it always get the number of steps I have walked? No, but neither does the iPhone X. The flaw is either the GPS or AT&T’s coverage, which should be better for the metropolitan area I live in. Or it could be that these apps are not designed to track the steps that shorter people take. Googled ‘what app is best for short people to use to track steps’ and Google didn’t quite understand the question or there really aren’t apps that try to get this right. Yes, I know that Pacer does track ‘average gait.’ But I can tell you that I have done numerical counts a ridiculous number of times and these apps undercount my steps every time. And not by an insignificant margin. This said, does it beat counting in my head? Absolutely - worlds better.
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5 years ago, Pacer User No More
Great app....When it works.
I’ve compared to apple watches for the total amount of steps per day. A friend had 10,000+ steps for the day with an Apple Watch and I only had a little over 3,000. We had been together ALL day and should have been within 25 steps of one another (that’s on the very high end). However, I just noted that if I had 3,000 steps according to Pacer, I had been pretty active that day. Plus, the live tracking for walking was great.....until it wasn’t. I walked over 2 miles 3 days in a row and each day my totals were 0.0 miles miles. I was walking the exact same route I have been walking for over two weeks! After walking two miles in 28 minutes and having the app say I walked NO where and burned 1 calorie, that is unacceptable. I emailed the help center and they told me I should look in my settings to make sure I had the location services turned on. Really? No kidding.... This isn’t the first time this has happened. Before, I simply deleted the app and downloaded again after a few hours. Though it worked last time, it isn’t now. You shouldn’t have to do that anyway. Deleting the app for good this time.
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5 months ago, SyngerMA
Pacer (free use app)
The free app which I used before Pacer was problematic and frequently halted tracking the walk before the end of the walk. I use Pacer once or twice a day to record the walks I take with my dog. I begin the walk and I put my iPhone in my pocket and because of the reliability of the program, I forget about the tracking. It is ever so satisfying to reach for the phone at the end of the walk, stop the walk and save it. And to view the data of pace and timed duration, as well as the picture created by the path of the walk on the map - sometimes I like to “share” via text or on FB and Pacer let’s me do that easy-peasy. I wish I could warn the reader of this review away from the other “free app” I used before Pacer, but it’s been so long since I made the switch, I can’t remember the name. And with Pacer (in its current free version on my phone), I don’t need another program to track my walks.
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2 weeks ago, Denali20
I started this in December and I can’t tell you how awesome this app is. I started with a challange and then after finishing one I moved on to another. The medals are so amazing and well made. I even joined the premium plan so I could do more challenges. If you struggle with motivation then this is the app for you. Not only for the challenges but there are groups to join and global challenges like weekly 5k which you can do at your own pace. If your not a walker but maybe a gym buff like me it is great because you can transform your gym into miles with their conversation so you get credit for everything you do. Plus the pedometer is awesome most apps you have to add all your stuff this one tracks all your steps and you only have to input if you do a different kind of workout. Get this app. And start moving. Coming from a woman who never ran or walked far I am moving everyday.
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4 years ago, GainGreeen
Accurate and thorough
I actually use this in tandem with my Apple Watch activity app because honestly this app is more accurate. I am a bartender and run up and down three flights of stairs probably 20-30 times a shift getting cases of beer & liquor as well as the bar that I work being VERY busy almost 6 days a week. It’s mind blowing sometimes to check this app after a super long and busy weekend at work and see just how many steps I’ve taken and flights of stairs I’ve climbed! It notified me today that yesterday alone I had taken almost 40,000 steps. It’s encouraging to me to see the stats when you go to the gym to run and work a job that’s very physically intensive. It sounds silly but it makes you feel more accomplished after a busy weekend. I really want to get the paid subscription because it definitely seems to offer many features that would make this even more useful. It’s a good app either way though.
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2 months ago, Blanchard pizza lover
Great app
Been using this app for almost 9 years and it’s very accurate and keeps track of all my walking all day. In conjunction with my  Watch which I just bought I get more insights into my health. with 5,306,000 steps in 2023 I know I’m doing what I can to keep my health from slipping as I get older. The challenges and awards are a nice touch and you can also talk to people all over the world with interests in health and fitness. I’m in the top 4% of users in number of steps per year, I’m 58 years old and was in a bad car accident in 2016. Took 3 years out of that ten years to get back into the rhythm but being able to track my progress allowed me to set goals and push myself to get better. Imagine where you could be in a couple years. If I could go from 260 lbs couch potato to 200 lbs Walker in just over a year with their exercise plans, what can you do. You’re worth it.
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2 years ago, AgiQueensGate
Informative and accurate
Installed the pacer app on my new iPhone12, because the native Health app did not provide accurate information about my daily 2 power walks, on the distances and number of steps, when compared with my husband”s data on his new iPhone12 and my old iPhone. This app also shows the map of the course, and using the gps mode it matches exactly the data from both apps on my husband’s iPhone and on my old one. I just started to explore this app, but I am already a convert and will use it a lot in gps mode, too. I have been using Pacer almost each day for about a year and a half, still like it a lot. I also use it when sea kayaking, to record the route and get an estimate on distances. This app does not offer a choice for kayak, instead, I selected riding (by bike) so I am not sure how accurate the distances are by sea kayaking, but seems to be very close.
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2 years ago, Project art
100% Upside
If you are a walker/jogger/runner, This app is the one to get. For what amounts to less than $5/month you get access to all the health stats your Fitbit or Apple Health(watch and phone) has stored even prior to downloading the app. That in and of itself is enough. But then there is the pacer community. It literally stretches every mile of the globe and I have found supporters all over. These friends that I have never met provide constant support and encouragement to hit my daily and monthly goals. Best part is I can choose to engage with them actively or I can just monitor my stats and keep it moving. This is not a dating app and people will ignore you quickly if you try that. Anyways, I love this app. I have lost 32 pounds in the last year and I didn’t do any funky diets or stressful exercise plan. I have simply endeavored to put one foot in front of the other, every single day, with no looking back.
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3 years ago, The Sir Ron the Great
You get out what you put in
I’ve been using the pacer app for years now but only recently upgraded to the premium in order to see how useful it would be. I will put it simply, you get out of it what you put into it. When I log into it daily, attempt to meet the calorie burn goal and log my weight, it provides a projection of my weight loss 30 days into the future and provides good tips to staying on my game. I’m not as diligent as I should be with it, and it will show. If I haven’t logged in for a while and I log my weight increase, the projection will change slightly. Motivation! It’s an inexpensive was to hold myself accountable. The only way I could benefit even more from this would be to get a watch that monitors my heart rate and bp. Other than that, I will keep using this app. Worth the change it costs. I would have spent that in a fried chicken sandwich and fries other wise.
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9 months ago, HR, Inc.
Wide range of activity support features
Third month of use. Learning the features took time as some are not intuitive. Impressive database of trails for exercise. Supports GPS tracking of walk, run, bike with data rich, user-selectable filter analytics criterion. I used this feature on several walk abouts to log my steps. I have not used other tracking. Knees only support walking. Annual fee is lower than similar applications. One application wanted $150 then when i chose not to buy they dropped price to 2/3rds. Download from Pacer is safe. Happy walking trails. Get a bud to walk with u. You will be happier and better motivated. Now after nine months I still use the application. Wish additional new material was added to help clients be aware of what peer reviewed health related studies have been published. Plan on using after first year. Cheers and happy stepping.
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4 years ago, Veggie girl 45678
Mediocre at best
The app works reasonably well as a community fitness app. The main issue is it only counts stops you take with your phone. I was trying to figure out how so sync with an activity tracker, since I don’t carry my phone for at least half of my daily activity. I found that pacer doesn’t think fitness trackers are reliable - therefore you can’t use the steps from them with the app. The statement from pacer said something along the lines of “everyone always has their phone in their pocket all day anyway.” As a woman, most of my clothing does not have pockets. My professional/work clothes don’t have pockets and my casual/yoga pants don’t have pockets. So I have to carry my phone in my hand, which I don’t do most of the day when I’m waking around taking care of things. My Fitbit will regularly read double the steps in the pacer app. Even if the Fitbit is less reliable for actual step tracking, it has to be closer to a reliable count since my phone isn’t with me for half of my steps. The way it is currently designed, this app is kind of useless to me.
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4 months ago, GiaLozada
Comprehensive Fitness Tracking Excellence!
I’m absolutely thrilled with this walking tracking app! The combination of precise GPS tracking and accurate step counts ensures a thorough overview of my daily activities. What sets it apart is its versatility, allowing me to seamlessly switch between activities like running and cycling, all within the same app. The monthly and yearly activity summaries provide insightful trends, helping me stay on top of my fitness goals. I particularly appreciate the app’s compatibility with other programs like MyFitnessPal, making it a central hub for my wellness journey. If you’re looking for a comprehensive fitness companion that goes beyond mere step counting, this app is the one. It effortlessly blends functionality with user-friendly features, making every step towards a healthier lifestyle enjoyable. Highly recommended!
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5 years ago, ..elle..1
Pacer is great IF... You want or need to lose weight, track your steps and workouts as you go, get a personal coach to help you and connect to other health apps. However, if you need to gain weight, or try to set your goal to that, their “Coach” will tell you that Pacer is a walking, weight-loss program, and they can’t help you... then NEVER say another word to you!! I decided to stay, for the tracking and the community, but the coach doesn’t coach, several key features are “premium members only”, such as Calories Burned/Day. Even my own Activity and History Log is blocked from view. I loved the idea of personalized coaching, and would happily be Premium, if I could use ALL the features. The community is AWESOME; friendly and supportive and there are weekly and monthly Challenges to keep you motivated. Pacer also lets you set personal daily goals, and post your progress, frustrations and successes. Overall, a really good Fitness/ Walking App, to get fit and track workouts, or lose weight, but not especially helpful for those who are trying to gain weight.
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6 years ago, Keslie Baldwin
This app had worked fine when I had an iPhone 5c, but when I upgraded to an iPhone 8 Plus, it does not live up to its expectations. Every time I open up the app, it sits there like it is loading but it is not, which in return causes me to close out of the app completely and start over. I have not been able to make it pass the Pacer screen, whenever I go to press returning user and hit the ‘continue with Facebook’ option it does the same thing again causing me to restart the app again. However, when I restart the app, it does not do a single thing to fix it. I am honestly very disappointed by how long I was using this app on my other phone with no problem verses using my newer version. If an IOS 11 is not capable of working with this version of Pacer then you should really put that in your capabilities section of your app. Otherwise, you will get bad reviews on this type of thing, fix this and I will give you five stars, if you do not then I will have no other choice but to delete this app on my phone and look elsewhere for another app that can meet my expectations.
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6 years ago, Yuikol26
GPS issues while recording outdoor activities
I’ve been having an issue where the GPS glitches and thinks I’ve travelled to another location. On the map it usually appears as a straight line to the incorrect location, because it’s thinking I was somewhere else. It invalidates my recorded info because it suddenly says I’ve walked 3 miles when I’ve really only walked 0.4 or something. I really hope this gets fixed, or that you allow us to edit our recorded walks. We should be able to grab sections of a walk and delete them if they’re invalid. Like, sometimes I’ve forgot to disable recording and once I’m in my car. Then me driving home ruins my time/mile pacing, and distance recorded. If I could delete that section it would be fine. Also my voiceover has started saying “10 minutes ONE SECOND” instead of just 10 minutes, 15 minutes, etc,. Not a problem, just different and odd.
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3 years ago, Stella.......
Really good fitness app
So I’m it the type to really make reviews but for this all it’s a exception. I love is the app a lot since is easily functional and there are no ads. They also have a pretty accurate system of how many steps you take and how many calories you burn. I total recommend this app if you just wanna take a walk and count your steps or if your trying to lose weight as it has worked for me throughout my journey. Not to mention that this app has not the just steps and burning calories but also has some workouts and meditation courses that have helped me. (Even though you may have to pay a to get most of them) I totally recommend since there courses are worth it. So in the end I think this is a amazing app that works extremely well. And 16/10 recommend👏😌
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4 years ago, bobbysdick
Very Pleased!
I take Pacer on our two day a week hikes and we take a lot of photos of wildflowers, mushrooms, fungi, lichen, wildlife and scenery.? So we don’t really follow the hiking trail laid out by the Florida State Forest. But Pacer keeps our correct mileage as opposed to the mileage set by the State Forest. I always take a picture of our finished mileage for our hiking scrapbooks. The only thing that Pacer can’t do, is realize that I am 69 years old, getting close to70, who has had 5 spinal surgeries and a total knee replacement, so I can’t walk the goal set for me every day. I wish there was a way the Coach could figure that in. Otherwise, I am super pleased with Pacer. What I didn’t mention is how pleased that I am that Pacer works even when I don’t have any phone service in the State Forest. It still keeps track of my mileage. How it does it, I don’t know but I am awfully pleased that it does
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4 years ago, lil rolo da second
It’s great😀
I find it has way more tracking ability then most free apps on here, it’s decent even with only having the free version, which includes. Insight on your daily steps, it will tell you your high and low days, so you know if you making your daily challenge(which you can alter based on your activity level). When you create your account try to make sure you put your exact weight or something close to it, so when you input a new weight it can give you the total amount lost(it tell you how much you’ve lost in the time span of, 7 days, 30 days and 6 months, at least I think) overall it’s a great app. And I’m planning on getting the full version soon. Because it has a lot of different features. But if your main goal is to just count steps I would recommend just using the free version.
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2 months ago, alleecatLB
Great for meeting my movement goals
I have been trying hard to increase my physical activity, and needed an easy way to track. I tried several other tracking apps, but they were way too complicated for my needs (trying to also get me to track what was eating, when I was sleeping, etc.). I love the simplicity of Pacer. It tracks my steps and I can easily enter in other types of exercise. It tells me when I’ve hit my targets, I can look at trends over time, and it nudges me when I haven’t been logging my exercise. The only thing I don’t like is that I haven’t found an easy way to go back and look at stats from previous days. I can see them in the graphs, but I can’t, for instance, just flip to yesterday and see how I did overall. Other than that, though, I think it’s great. It’s really helping me to stay on top of my movement goals.
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4 months ago, giyff
I find this version, (free) of Pacer to be very helpful in tracking my distance, steps, and calories. The year, month, and weekly history is great. As with most apps, there have been many changes to the app that causes confusion on how to use the app. Sometimes, the changes involve the removal of well established options/features with-in the app. So many apps do this and I'm sick of it. Therefore, I do not trust apps to buy/pay for them. For me, the changes incorporates more difficulties and confusion as well as frustration to overcome in order to use the app. I'm above the age of consent, I'm 69. This and other apps keep changing and changing my guess is to tailor the app to a specific niche. Leaving those who enjoy and use features that have been removed behind in the dust. Abandon. Adding new features is great, but not at the expense of removing other features.
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5 months ago, Jamie Camie
Easy, Simple, Just What I Need
It took me a minute to get used to the interface, how it’s laid out, and where to find things. But once I got the hang of it, I have been thoroughly enjoying inputting the data, going back and checking my progress, and being challenged to walk more. It is very well laid out and has a lot to it! And the app can be used as extensively or as simply as desired, which I think is super helpful. I use it for tracking my steps and for charting my weight to see the progress. Even with only using those two features (weight tracker and step tracker), this one was definitely worth the purchase (allowing me to do what I want to do without having to navigate any adds or clunky other interfaces). Absolutely worth the investment. Thanks, Pacer team!
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3 years ago, janteps
Great motivation when I need it
I love to walk. But sometimes, my motivation waivers. The Pacer challenges have been helping me dig into motivation as tools to help me have a goal. I’ve spent a decade actually walking around London, Paris and Rome, as I lead tours there in real life. Since the pandemic, I’m not leading tours, but taking these challenges helps me feel like I’m still involved with several of my favorite places. As a Tour Manager, I can truly appreciate the check-in locations Pacer chooses, and they have accurate and interesting information about each check-in point, where I even do the 360 degree look around to feel like I’m back in my favorite cities. And the medals I purchase don’t hurt either. I got medals when I completed actual marathons, but these are just FUN! And that is a great motivator!
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2 years ago, deensto
Love the App
This app is my favorite to track my steps, get new recipes, and compete in races with people from all over the world. The challenges keep me motivated and are extremely fun to earn the badges. It is really a great motivation and when I trend my walks and compare my steps to others in my age group it keeps me moving. I have 3 other apps that I use but this one provides more for your money. If there was an area for improvement I would say adding a calorie counter to the food journal would be nice. It gets five stars because journaling is critical with wait lose so the calorie counter would be a nice to have added bonus. Pacer has definitely stepped up its game when compared to the other stepping apps. It holds you accountable and cheers you on. I love it!!
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2 months ago, moninah
Keep the Pace!
I started by making two very small walks a day after my blood pressure went up to 210 and my doctor asked me to loose weight. At that time 199 Lbs. (Female 5 ft 4 in). Always tired and with back pains. After about 3 week and taking care of my type 2 diabetes diet, I had lost 15 Lbs. I increased my walks to 0.5 a mile in the morning, and the same n the afternoon. My daughter (who runs daily) suggested that I download the “Pacer Up” - this was two years ago. I consistently and continually increased the mileage ( now 3 miles in the morning and 2 in the afternoon). My blood pressure (w/some medication) is back to normal levels, so is my diabetes, weight (considering my age) - I have lost and maintain 50 Lbs. The Pace keeps track that keep the pace. Thank you.
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6 months ago, O'marnie
Encouraging Tracking
It’s a great tool for brisk walking. Wish I could have phone close by to record my entire daily steps. I have used this App since January 1, 2021. I did the extra charge for a yearly App to do Virtual trails. I began with Mt. Blanc in France where my tiny feet stood in ski boots at beginning of my trail! Most of the places I first chose, I had actually visited, along with my husband. Now I’ve tried many virtual trails I wouldn’t have been able to access due to the Pandemic. Thank you for saving me from boredom! I’ve learned so much from these trails. I feel that a yearly renewal fee should be discounted to those that renewed in the past. Perhaps a one time fee to become a perpetual member would be something to consider. See the World and Improve your Health!
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7 days ago, Turk202001
Value for Money
I don’t normally do reviews but this app deserves a review, in order to encourage the developers to keep it up. This is the first app I have absolutely no regrets about subscribing for the premium. It is a fitness buddy, it encourages me to just keep on moving, while pointing out that every little step counts, even while in your house. I gladly allow my wife to send me around the house to get things because it counts to my steps goal for the day. Join several groups and watch how well you do alongside others, this feature encourages me to walk more because I always want to stay in the top 5. It’s really very interesting, and the 4weeks workout plan I signed up for has been really encouraging, the videos are easy to follow.
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1 week ago, Botbell
Let’s get going!!
I enjoy having this App. I love working out and have for all of my adult life. As much as I love it, the hardest part of the workout is getting out the door! Once out, it feels so good and when the workout is finished, your body and your mind feel so together. It is as good for your mental health as well as the physical. The Pacer app really gets me out the door. When I start to procrastinate, I think, “time to get out and get the pacer going”. I like the feedback I get from the workout. It makes me not want to miss a day. I highly recommend it and best of all, the app has Global challenges that are great!! It’s the best exercise and the challenges are very rewarding. Also, you hear from other Pacers all over the world!!! What a wonderful App!!
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1 month ago, Dr.Mike'sQueen
Onward To Greater VICTORIES!
The ease of using this app really makes a difference. I better understand the importance of paying stricter attention to my overall health. And what affects my ability to achieve and maintain optimal levels of well being includes keeping track of my daily progress and behavior as well. After exceeding 310 lbs, losing and regaining hundreds of pounds over the last almost 50 years of marriage and 5 kids, I'm only 30 lbs away from my total weight loss goal. I’m able to effortlessly bend over and grab my ankles from any position, and feel and look better now than I have in decades! It’s truly worth replacing unhealthy attitudes and behaviors with healthy ones. Your app is genuinely appreciated for helping me reach my goals.
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4 years ago, Stormy83'
Get moving
Since I have MS and a spinal cord injury, this helps to motivate me to get moving more. It helps to understand my pain levels with activity. I used to be extremely active but since my diagnosis/injury, most days are spent sedentary. It’s interesting looking at all of my stats and that’s what makes me want to do more. If your physically challenged I recommend this app for motivation and education on your movement and pain levels. It’s helped my doctors understand my movement issues too. I might not be a marathoner but most days I feel like I’m one now that I can compare my days movements. If I can reach 2000 steps 2-3 times a week my doctors are happier. Great tool to help with my health and well-being. My best days we’re close to 9000 steps a day! Not great for most but it’s like climbing a mountain for me!
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3 years ago, RI gordie
It works. Is reliable.
This app has done exactly what I need from it. It gives me accurate steps, keeps a record of past steps, and it motivates me to stay regular by labelling my daily goal and labelling lower “goal levels” (as inactive, lightly active, moderately active, highly active. Labels not exact, I think). I had a major brand smart watch before. Actually two of same model. The first one stopped functioning. Out of warranty. I bought another. In warranty, so I worked with their customer service. About five calls over two months. Really sweet service reps. They tried hard. But NOT well trained. Never exceeded the warranty period but I gave up. Should have pressed for a new replacement, but I wore out. Loved it when it worked. Which it seldom did. So love this app. It works!
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10 months ago, 𝔯𝔢𝔳𝔦𝔴 𝔤𝔦𝔯𝔩
It's a good app, but I need help with an issue!!
So a few months ago I lost track of the app because of a phone issue. I was devastated, and soon my running streak and exercise was annihilated. So today, I re-download the app, and I planned to start my running again and get back into the daily exercise. I created a new account to restart my progress and work up, but when I went to verify my email, it said that the email I used was in use for another account. I remembered it was the email I used for the other account, so I went to delete it but I realized I forgot my old password and I don't have it anymore. I tried clicking the (Forgot your password?) button but It didn't work and now I have no way to delete my old account to verify my new one. I need a way to delete it. Help!
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