Paired: Couples & Relationship

Health & Fitness
4.7 (113.5K)
84.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Better Half Limited
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
13.4 or later
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User Reviews for Paired: Couples & Relationship

4.71 out of 5
113.5K Ratings
2 years ago, Evajan_bieber
It’s so worth it
My bf and I have been together for 4 years. We are currently long distance and looking for ways to continue being intimate with each other despite the distance. I feel like we are already really open and honest with each other but this app has taken it to another level. It’s helps facilitate conversations that we haven’t thought of or convos that we may be unsure of how to bring up. I love that our answers to the “question sets” are locked until we both answer so that we aren’t biased by what the other person’s response is. It may seem like a lot to spend $70 for the year for it but man it’s so worth it. Just look at it like a date night, dinner+drinks and a tip and this app is for the whole year. Go with the year subscription (it’s cheaper than the monthly) and really just explore this app with your partner. We’re learning new things about each other and our relationship and I am loving it. I also love this app because when I’m using it I feel like those who created the app are really passionate about what they’re doing here. I feel like I would want to be apart of the company, I just love this product. The concept and execution are a dream, so I get why they charge what they do. It’s worth the money. We briefly tried another app, but it almost felt like it was created and no one went back to continue making it better. This is the real deal, and can be a great asset to your relationship. Highly recommend.
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3 years ago, TheycallmeBee
You Get Out Of It What You Put Into It
The best relationship advice i ever got was “Stop searching for the “right” person and start “BEING” the right person.” You want a person who is a 10 out of 10 right? Well you can’t be a 5 expecting a 10 to want you. 10’s attract 10’s. So focus on being the best you that you can be, and upon doing so, you will see the stars align for you. This is by far one of the better apps out there that is truly worth paying for. You really do get out of it what you put into it and i think that if you both can be truthfully honest, as well as brutally honest, it will truly bring the two of you together. It gives you an opportunity to really get into your significant others head, which lesssss be honest, you wouldn’t have been able to do so otherwise because 9/10 couples are afraid of being honest with each other, let alone being “brutally” honest. So; if you’re looking for a review that says “this app is worth every penny and you should totally download it!” well then you have my vote! Good luck to those looking to better their relationship and not give up on something just because it’s hard! It really is amazing to see people stick together, work their problems out and make it thru 60 years. Can you say #thenotebook #bobbleheadstogether #togetheruntilvelcrow
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2 years ago, @selfmadekayd (on TikTok)
Me and my husband (both ftm🏳️‍⚧️) LOVE this app but there’s no monthly payment option??🥹
As the title says, we love this app so much! We signed up for the free trial, and did SO many quizzes/activities, which helped us learn so much about each other that we never thought to bring up until then. We went to pay for the subscription after only a couple days of using the trial because we loved it that much, but saw there was only an option for a YEARLY cost of $60 instead of also including a monthly option.. We are currently living paycheck to paycheck, so we couldn’t dish out $60 right then and there, BUT we were willing to pay each month, until we saw there wasn’t an option to do so…:( If you guys ever do decide to add a monthly payment option, we would subscribe in a heartbeat!! I also think it would possibly help other people who may be in a similar situation as us, if that option was added! Only one thing that we were kinda upset about was that we answered soooo many activities (the open ended questions, specifically) right before our free trial ended, and as soon as it did, we couldn’t read/access ANY of each others answers that we hadn’t gotten a chance to read yet, which really sucked because we spent HOURSSS on this app answering them for each other, and were looking forward to seeing each others answers:( Other than that, this app is absolutely AMAZING! I’d give it 100🌟s if a monthly subscription option was added🥰🫶🏻
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4 years ago, cgmikos
Been looking for something like this. Really happy with this app!
My girlfriend and I have been looking for a program like this to incorporate into our daily lives. We have a very healthy relationship, however are always trying to take action steps to improve it. I think it’s incredibly important to have an open channel of dialogue with my significant other and Paired makes it that much easier. We love the daily tips because they are easily digestible and they always focus on pertinent topics related to growing a relationship in a healthy way. The app also features a wide variety of courses you and your significant other can work on together. My girlfriend and I just finished the Relationship Foundations course and learned a lot about how to better support each other and resolve disagreements. Another interesting feature on Paired is the Daily Question, which newly populates every day. This question is usually posed by a certified professional and is intended to spark communication between you and your partner. My girlfriend and I regularly start our mornings by answering the question, and have found it to be a great conversation starter for the day. My girlfriend and I are huge fans of this app. I highly recommend the Paired Premium plan for any couple looking to grow in their relationship.
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3 years ago, Seamz&Stitchez
Fall In Love All Over Again.
My wife and I were broken. This app is and continues to bridge the gap and repair the brokenness. After 18 years, this app gives me the opportunity to fall in love with my Bride all over again. Through this app, I have learned more about her in 18 months than I ever thought I knew after 18 years. My heart knew I loved her- this app has shown me why. This app allows her to reveal her soul; gives us the opportunity to connect on the deepest intimate level. I can see she is beautiful- this app gives color and vibrance to both her heart and our amazing marriage. She is my best friend, and this app shows and proves to me why. We would not have made it without some form of reconnecting and understanding- this app provided substance and evidence of all the love we share and allows us to fall head-over-heels for the stranger or roommate on the other side of the bed. Thank God for this app, please use it- it truly works. It saves and it restores. You could never be disappointed with just trying it- it will surprise you and give you a new-found sense of hope; it will add so much depth and color to your black&white relationship. Please try this- it truly works.
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1 year ago, 101 = fun!
Decent but…
Edit; I found the report a bug button! And aside from the subscription based nonsense, this app is super fun and a nice daily thing to do with your partner :) ~~~~ There’s nothing wrong with the app persay. The premise is great and the results speak for themselves. It’s a fun little thing to do everyday with the significant other if nothing else. My main issues are 1, there’s no feedback option or link to report a bug. It’s just bad business in my opinion to assume your app is perfect and your users will never need to report anything. 2, the bug I was trying to report which made me realize the above point in the first place was that when one of us changes our photo, it doesn’t reflect on the others’ app. My boyfriend added a photo of himself and I can’t see it on my end. He can see mine and the cover photo, which is odd. 3, you know I’m gonna whine and moan about the subscription based pricing. It’s such a scam to pay per month when you used to be able to just buy the premium version of apps for like 5 bucks and that was the end of it. That’s it. If you add a “report a bug” button and fix the photo bug, I would definitely think it’s worth 4 stars at least. We use it every day and most questions give us a good conversation starter.
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11 months ago, eembezzle
Sexuality and Paired’s Questions
I like Paired a lot, I’ve found that it is a fun conversation starter for me and my boyfriend of two years- it’s something we do every morning as part of our routine. I think the questions are engaging, some more so than others (often the quizzes are a low-point for me), but in general I am a fan of the app. This is where the title of my review comes in. I am asexual (a sexuality in which a person experiences little to no sexual attraction towards anyone). I do not have sexual attraction to my partner, and I neither want to have sex, or do have sex with him. This has lead to many an awkward situation for us. He will give a whole paragraph about sexual attraction and his feelings and my answers will be “i do not experience sexual attraction”. Questions regarding our sex life are dull and simply go no where. If anything they’re awkward. If I could change anything, I would recommend making it do couples could choose if they are interested in having questions regarding sex or not. It would allow for people like me, to not only feel more represented and respected, but also make for a better app in my opinion. People don’t have sex lives for more than just asexuality, and if they are uncomfortable by it, they should have the option to avoid it.
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3 years ago, mirchaney
Is this a joke!?
Reached out to their customer service that you can only contact via email to get a refund as I was charged twice once through the website and once through signing up through the App Store. I said I wanted to cancel through their website because it cost more money why would I pay more money when I can get it through the App Store cheaper for the first year and then it automatically renews. I was very specific with what I wanted they replied back telling me how to cancel my automatic subscription with Apple and telling me if I wanted to cancel with Apple I need to contact Apple’s customer service. They gave me zero information on their own website I’m not going to be charged twice and I can’t even use the app I cannot login I cannot create an account so here I am arguing trying to get back $57 on top of paying $37 for an app that I can’t even use for customer service that won’t even do what I’m asking them to do?! But don’t worry you can’t call anybody to complain about the fact that you said you wanted a refund and they’re just not giving it to you they’re just telling you to cancel with the cheaper option why would I do that give me my money back at this rate I don’t even want the app I just want my money back from everybody because why would I continue supporting the company who ignores what I’ve asked them to do and I’m paying for something I can’t even use
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3 months ago, Allie2468
Highly recommend
My husband and I have been using this app for about 3 weeks and I can already see an improvement in our communication. We have been together for 14 years. My husband travels for work, we have a toddler, lots of devastating family situations occurring, a sexual rut, emotional tension, all the things you can imagine that can divide a couple. We were so emotionally and physically disconnected. We had discussed going to therapy, before I found this app. We decided to try it because of it’s convenience while my husband travels and to have a more private space to work through our issues. My gosh. It has blown our expectations. We actually both enjoy it and find ourselves clicking on the app, before we open our social media pages. It’s exciting to see answered questions from your spouse and so interesting. We are both very honest with our answers and discuss things when needed. It has helped us so much. If you are struggling with your significant other or are just finding yourself in a rut, please try it.
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2 years ago, RacerRhapsody
Do not sign up for the “free“ trial
1st, the free trial…. Don’t sign up for it, you will get shifted to the annual instead of monthly and boom! $60 is gone! I don’t know if some kid in some Third World country put this app together with AI… But they definitely have never had a real true life adult relationship. This app and the way it structures discussion questions, actually caused more issues than it helped. When it gave you options for questions in different quizzes, the options are EXTREMELY LIMITED… for example instead of asking you if you and your wife like to watch movies and then opening options, it just asked pick a movie… Except we don’t watch movies… and wouldn’t have watched any of the 4 it gave… it should have given genres. Half of the activities that we had to answer had nothing to do with either one of us individually or together as a couple. We worked through multiple quizzes together and we both agreed that our answers would not work out to give us great advice because it was asking us (or anyone we know) questions that had nothing to do with us and it did not adjust questions as we answered questions. Nothing in this app helped bring us closer together, nothing fostered new or additional conversation, or did anything other than cause additional issues….. not worth the space it takes to download
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2 years ago, Peace Sign Girl2002
The only way you get to really use the app like the ads show is if you pay for it.
I got this app because I had tried one similar to it before and found it fun. This one looked cute and my boyfriend and I thought it’d be fun to play games and learn about each other. However after the initial signing up and the free quizzes they give you, there’s only one conversation question per day. You don’t even get to pick it or choose a question in the area you’d like to improve your relationship. This app is just a sales pitch to buy their premium version which is outrageous for $75 a year or $6.25 a month. I’m not willing to do a “free trial” to see if it’s worth it because I’ve read several reviews that say they switch you into a more costly subscription and take your money and then disappear when you try to contact them. If you’re looking for a fun app to add some extra fun and help you get to know each other more, don’t get this one. There’s actually an app called “Tuned - a new app for couples” that works better imo. And there’s loads of these apps out now. For the app creators, if you’re going to put ads up like you do, just make people pay for the app instead of lying to them about what they get.
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8 months ago, katr_
Such a positive
I saw this app being advertised on Instagram and I enjoyed the concept round it. My boyfriend and I downloaded it roughly a month ago and we had the free version for about 20 days until they offered the premium subscription for $37 a year just two weeks ago and I took the offer. This app, free or premium, has definitely brought us together, has made us talk, and has brought positive enjoyment to us. We are asked to share our favorites pictures, if we like sitting next or across from one another, at the end of the month we review the whole month overall and SO. MUCH. MORE! Now with the premium, we can access all the quizzes and since we live an hour away, see each other once a week, this makes us message one another and even call to discuss our answers. We feel so much closer and having a more in depth understanding of our feelings and thoughts. We both are happy to have found this app and use it every single day!
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3 years ago, Bsjdbdissjaijdjdbsjshdbd
Idea for improvement
I had actually thought about doing something like this on our own so when I found out this app existed it was perfect. Overall I do enjoy using it and the games help make the experience fun and the quizzes help pinpoint areas of improvement. I upgraded us to a premium account so that we could answer as much as we wanted but the one thing I’ve found that I dislike about the app is that after your partner answers questions, there’s no easy way to see what is still left for you to answer unless you do it right away. We’re both incredibly busy so we answer the daily question each day but the bonus stuff we sometimes answer a few days a part so we can give it our full attention, in the chat the material your partner answers comes up but it is difficult to scroll through everything to find what you missed. My suggestion would be that on the next update, there be a spot designated to this on the home screen. Right below the daily question I think a to-do list would be incredibly beneficial to the users.
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7 months ago, nomiddlename81
My two cents 🤔
I would like to see this branch out to all two person relationships. This could be extremely useful for parent/child relationships, siblings, cousins, steps or halves, in-laws, co-workers friends, anywhere there is some sort of connection of two. I’d absolutely use a form for in-laws. I think even age ranges would be good for mutual awareness. I bring this up because I have literally read some of the questions and thought wow if me and blank focused on that maybe we could understand each other or blank. It would be great if there was a “gift card” or a sliding scale. I have been trying to get couples counseling for 11 years and for different people it has never worked out. Usually money and transportation that causes problems w getting to a location if it’s possible to pay for. The insurance doesn’t cover couples. Or something for couples that are really taking time to work on their relationship and it shows in the app. Like mine wouldn’t qualify because the person obviously has not and will not make this a priority. They talk but never walk. Like getting the app but that’s it.
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3 years ago, Tankeryankerbunky
A game changer
Using this app has opened my eyes big time. My girlfriend and I have rarely had issues communicating with one another but this has helped me to learn even more about her than I already knew and it has sparked some interesting (and NEW) conversations. We both look forward to the “Question of the Day”. I just signed up for the 7 day trial yesterday after a full week of just using the Free Version and I already know I’m going to stick with the premium subscription. It’s a small price to pay for what I consider a solid investment in our relationship. I’ll go as far to say that had I found this a few years ago, it may have given my marriage a fighting chance because communication was the biggest issue between my ex wife and I. Chalk it up to life and lessons learned. I highly recommend this to anyone regardless of relationship/marital status and regardless of how secure or confident you feel in your relationship. What do you have to lose?
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3 years ago, sorbaeblack
The Magic Elixir
I have been having major communication issues with my boyfriend for over a year now. He is not someone who is comfortable with talking about his feelings openly, and both of us having mental disorders creates obstacles I believe we wouldn’t have otherwise. This app has saved my relationship. To my surprise he downloaded the app and enjoys the quiz aspect. I was able to see his true feelings about situations that I had no idea were bothering him. The check in made me super happy to see that we are on the same page about certain things. It encourages talking points, and has us discussing about our answers every night. He has even started doing the writing prompts. The various podcast style helpful tips have helped me learn how to better our conflict resolution. I feel like we have a much better understanding of each other and all around so happy and actually enjoying our time together. Thank you so much for creating this app I look forward to using this every day
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2 years ago, mjay4722
Do not do the free trial - charged me anyway
So I downloaded this app because my boyfriend has shown it to me and honestly it was great, we really enjoyed using it for the free trial period. The cost was just way too high for premium in my opinion and I couldn’t afford to pay that much money all at once as it does not allow you to do a monthly payment. So I went in and canceled the free trial the day before it stated it was going to charge me. It confirmed that I had canceled it and I thought everything was fine. I then notice on my bank statement the day after that the app charged me $81 for the premium subscription and there is no direct customer support on their site that I could find. I also then got a message from my bank asking if this charge was fraudulent and if I recognized it. It was obvious that i had canceled the trial and they charged me anyway and I am now having to dispute it with my bank. It’s almost Christmas and $81 is a lot of money to lose unexpectedly and not know if and when it will be returned. I really enjoyed this app at first and I am incredibly disappointed that this is what ended up happening. I would advise people not to use it if this is what they’re doing to people.
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2 years ago, Graybea_M
Scoring Quizzes
Honestly throughly enjoy this app! My partner and I have been using it for months. He takes week long trips at times for work and that’s when we really use the app. The questions and quizzes spark conversations for us to chat more in depth about the answers given and provide more insight into ourselves as individuals and when we come together for “us”! The only reason I didn’t give it “5 stars” is simply because of the fact that when we both provide our answers for the games, there is a score at the very end showing how your answers about your partner compared to your partners answers about themselves and visa versa. The “winner” of the quiz receives a 🏆 next to their score and the “loser” receives a 😭 next to their score. This has unintentionally sparked competition with answering these quizzes and negative feelings get brought up if it’s evident that there was a clear winner and a clear loser. I understand this is not the intention of the app as it’s built to spark conversation and connection, not competition.
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2 years ago, Mandie082507
This app saved us
It’s crazy to think an app can save a marriage, but it did. My husband and I desperately needed counseling but just do not have the finances for it. I randomly saw an ad for this app and downloaded it. To my surprise, my husband was excited for it as well. We spent the entire first day answering questions and it opened a new door for us. To see in writing what the other is thinking has been very helpful. We do not do well with talking through our issues, but this was a different avenue that allowed us to be honest and not have the other person want to argue about who was right or wrong. We’ve been married 15 years and feeling like we are in the “roommate phase” of marriage, and it’s been rough. For the first time in a long time, we feel like communicating has been easy. We answered the same on soooo many questions, which has been fun because we are on the same page more than we thought.
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3 years ago, Geselle75
Great app!
I like that you can see other people’s answers, and only after you answer first to not get influenced. My relationship with my boyfriend was already so great, a real beauty. But the app required us to make time out of our day FOR our relationship. 1 by answering the question, forcing you to think about your role and your partner’s role in the relationship, and 2 by taking the time to talk about the answer(s) after. It’s like a mini date. It opens your eyes to many things you might not have really thought about. The tips and exercises are an amazing plus. Of course it’s hard to implement right away but if you take the time to actually do an exercise, there’s a great big connection at the end where you just wanna stare into each other’s eyes and say I love you all day and cuddle. Or at least that’s how I feel. Like I said, my relationship was already great to begin with; strong communication. I’m sorry I can’t say for a relationship that’s struggling. :/ Hope this helps though. Wish y’all the best!
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1 year ago, aritchson
Great premise, tiny improvements needed.
Love the app. Definitely doing it’s job in helping my wife and I of 17 years ratchet up the conversations. I will say though, it can be rather difficult to track updates to Q & A’s, quizzes or discussions once initiated. There’s no ‘sort’ feature on the discussions page so you have to swim through a mile of conversations and see if you can find one that’s been updated. A ‘sort by’ feature so discussions or answers that haven’t been read yet is a must in my opinion. Also, at times, when the little red heart shows up on a title signifying something has been added to the conversation, it doesn’t always seem to open to something new. Often it’s something I’ve already seen. Trying to find the new information becomes a sisyphean task. Lastly, wish the homepage of the discussions could collapse down further into completed conversations. There are some I know we won’t revisit. Would simplify if they could be archived or something.
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3 years ago, Miche V
Long distance Intimacy &Trust
We both love this app. Sometimes he rushes me to answer the next question so we can do another. We started doing as many as we could on our own time, but the way the chat is set up decided to do one at a time and talk in the chat about it before the next set of questions and answers. We’ve talked so much about these topics already when we began dating but it’s fun to rethink some of these questions and re-realize or see how the answer has changed now or merged together. It actually eases my mind personally too because I get something in my head and then I worry. Re-understanding some things, or being more clear about his perspectives with this app makes me see how far we already came and the scale is not tipping into terrible doom, but in fact we’re doing 80% well and only 20% arguing. Our arguing can seem so big and make me feel like it’s not good relationship, but that’s more about my fears than the reality of our healthy relationship. Seeing the smiley faces compared as made me also see how he always leans 1 smiley face more positive and I see it more negative shows how we are kind of on the same page, only I have a bit more caution and planning and he is a bit more ready for action. We have fun and laugh about our answers also and then usually talk more in depth after; plus it brings up new questions we both think of.
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12 months ago, Emmaley.bee
My boyfriend and I luv but…
The app and content are really awesome. There are just a few things that my significant other and myself would like to have seen done differently. The set up of the app it kinda funky and it not very user friendly. There are multiple areas of conversation that can happen all at once which causes the conversations to become lost in other messages. The Notification Center within the app is also hard to understand and is not very user friendly, making it hard to keep track of anything. From conversation discussions, to direct messages, or an update from your partner, the notifications are all scrambled within themselves. Also if you want to pay $80 a year for you and your partner you get the premium version, honestly I don’t even know what’s different from the general version to the premium version. I’m not sure if there even is one. Overall the app serves its purpose but it also needs improvement.
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3 years ago, MoeVel
Incredibly practical and helpful
We were looking for an app that would nudge us to interact more regularly, and for an app that would help us have on-going discussions without the fear of accidentally typing our thoughts in a wrong group or text thread with others (that’s happened Badie and it is so embarrassing!!) We tried so many different over many years and had already given up finding one. Then we came across Paired and wow!! It’s incredible. Love the chat feature. No risk of accidentally typing in a different group. Love the way it encourages us to interact regularly (making it fun). It even has a daily calendar of our interactions with one another. Love the quizzes. Wow those have opened our eyes on the areas we are in agreement and where we are not. It’s helped us to know which areas to high-five each other, and where we need to talk about. And the pricing is incredibly reasonable. Highly recommend it.
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3 years ago, Cee_dot
Great app
It has been very helpful for my relationship. Sometimes we talk about everything but our relationship. This app helps to guide those discussions. We also are thinking about things in ways that we haven’t previously and I personally found out positive things my partner was thinking about me that I didn’t know (how much he appreciates me and why) which felt great. I also feel like it helps us remain close even when we are apart. My only suggestion is that you should be able to discuss responses under the question not in the general chat because it becomes difficult to tell what you are referring to. I also think it’s a bit expensive for the paid portions though I do appreciate the daily questions being free. All in all it is a simple fix that has bought me and my boyfriend even closer. It helps so much when one or both people have difficulty expressing emotions.
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4 months ago, RedJacketDad
My previous review seems to have disappeared. But to update… I don’t know what happened, but I feel like my previous review, in which I took serious issue with the bland, uninteresting questions seems to have caused some sort of magic to happen. This is because the very day I received a response from the developer to my review, the daily questions suddenly became interesting, thought provoking, and rather challenging! In fact, they’ve been excellent!! I just upped my rating from 2 to 4 stars!! The only problem I have now is how the notifications and the discussion page don’t do a good job of showing which questions have been responded to. Sometimes there’s an indicator on the question, and sometimes there isn’t. It would also be much nicer if the answer screen for a question and the discussion for that question were the same screen. Just make the discussion a continuation of the answers, rather than a separate tab.
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1 month ago, TheRiff3
Fun Free Features
There are two options with Paired: 1) answer one free random question with your partner daily 2) pay to get access to all their quizzes and questions and activities on top of that All my partner of three months and I have done is the first option…. And we love it! It’s simple, it only takes a couple minutes, but it is also conversation starting and I’m feeling like I’m getting more of a window into his thoughts and feelings. And he has said the same thing! I also appreciate that I must answer before I get to see his answer. This helps me to make myself be more honest. We both have really enjoyed just using the free version and we have a fourteen day streak! Some of the questions are a little basic or silly but they usually do start a conversation that can move forward from there. I also wish there was a way to narrow down the kinds of questions you and your partner would want to answer because there have been some that just did not apply to us and our current relationship. The app alerts you of the new daily question, notifies you when your partner answers, allows you to react to their answer, and also helps you create a timeline of events in your relationship! Overall, the free version is like an 8.5/10 for me and I have been recommending it to other couples I know :)
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2 years ago, Tristen483
Decent but not worth the price
I got this app for my wife and I, some background so this review makes since. My wife and I are long distance right now now unfortunately I’m still waiting on here visa so she can come to be with me in America. So I saw an add for this app and thought it would be great for us since we are still long distance and don’t actually get to see each in person as much as we would like because of the travel costs. So I paid for a month and it was fun it can give you fun things to talk about with your partner. The only reason I only give 3 stars is because I believe the price for this app is to high for what you get. Yes there’s fun things on the app and gives you fun things to talk about but to be honest it’s just not worth the price you can find free websites that have the same general conversation starters for free. I’d love to renew this if the cost was lower but it just doesn’t make since to me at it’s current price. It’s not a bad app it’s actually nice just not worth the cost to me.
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2 years ago, wokkeroini
Amazing app for married couples
Thank you so much. My wife and I had to be apart for work related issues this summer and this really saved me. Using it all year long had been great to that point as well, but any time apart really makes this app unbelievably important to help is keep doing the work of building and growing our relationship like we would if we were together physically. The recently updated format to see what has been answered to catch up and the side bar to chat on each topic is much improved and really intuitive. Very few questions have not been relevant to our situation, the couple that are not pertaining to our demographic or lifestyle can be skipped over, or we answer for fun and shock value (at our own peril I might add) I’m unable to see the group of questions that I answer once we’ve both selected for each partner when we do a challenge/winner game, I can only presently see the single answer given, it makes it hard to recall the choices offered if that makes any sense (“all of the above” doesn’t really tell me what that was referring to, for example when asking me “Never have you ever —- “ I’ve recommended this app to all my close friends that I know are in great relationships. This will only make them better and it’s worth every penny. I’ll never let this sub go.
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8 months ago, nmstone9
It’s okay. Some of the games are fun. But a good portion of the quizzes and such are super basic. For example, three of the six “Are you on the same wavelength?” quiz pack are just repetitions of that same question: “Are you and your partner on the same wavelength?” “Do you think you and your partner are on the same wavelength?” “Does your partner think you are on the same wavelength?” And so many of the quizzes are like this. If that’s enough to prompt you and your partner to have a good conversation about the topic, then great. But mostly my partner and I just talk about how terrible a lot of the content of this app is. Also, the sex questions are so basic that this app is barely for adults. On top of that, what they consider “kink” is ridiculously vanilla, it’s laughable. On the whole, I’m surprised that the questions and quizzes are so bland and nondescript, since they seem to have so many therapist/counselor types involved. It seems to me that they gave up making anything useful in an effort to be broadly appealing.
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2 years ago, FudgeIsGreatFudgeIsGood
Nice but…
Overall answering the questions is super fun and I enjoy getting the chance to talk with my partner about so many different topics. Everything had been going well with the app up until recently. For some reason it neglects to tell us in notifications that we have a new conversation to complete or it will notify us that we haven’t answered the daily conversation even when we have. Just yesterday my partner and I had answered the daily question, even though we did it took away our streak saying that we hadn’t answered it. In the Chat area it says I have 6 notifications from my partner that I haven’t read but I have read everything from them, and it’s annoying I can’t make it go away. Luckily we can answer the questions like normal but it’s annoying having the streaks taken away and being notified incorrectly. I feel like this shouldn’t be an issue since it wasn’t before but it seems like they messed something up in an update if i were to take a guess.
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1 year ago, KaityBos
Repaired our marriage!
This is the first time I’ve ever gone out of my way to write a review. My husband and I have had a very hard year. With a loss of a child, different work schedules, etc. at one point I even lived with my best friend for 2 months. I genuinely thought we were going to break up. This app helped opened a new line of communication and got us talking on our own time. We love the games and how you can comment on the questions after you’ve answered. We’ve gotten closer than ever after we’ve started and it feels like how we did when we first started dating. I am so grateful for the app! We tried therapy, but it wasn’t the right structure for us. This is cheaper and the type of fun we needed in our relationship. We can answer on our own schedules, and have fun with it. We both have such a deeper understanding of each other. Thank you!
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3 years ago, Fgdjdbbcuudhxhd
Love It, but Hope for Updates Soon
The content of the app is awesome and helps my partner and I connect daily. I also think the design is very cute. I knocked off two stars because: 1) The notifications are glitchy every day. It reminds us of the prompt even after we’ve completed them (my partner experiences this too) and sometimes doesn’t remind us except for once in the morning. It also takes opening the app several times to get it to register that I’ve read my partners response. Ideally, I’d like to get notified every few hours, but only if I haven’t responded and notified once of my partners response. Maybe I feel strongly about this because my partner and I are competitive about maintaining our daily streak! 2) I wish there were more pricing options. I’d be happy to pay $5 a month on a monthly basis for access to limited content, but paying so much up front or $10 a month is too high of an ask and we don’t have time for ALL of the content offered there.
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11 months ago, asherinashes
Absolutely amazing!
Me and my fiancee have been using paired for less than a year, and it's been so amazing! Let me start by saying this is all with the free version of Paired. we do not have premium, YET. It has improved our communication skills, helped us become better partners to each other, and brought up issues and insecurities we didn't know about, giving us the space to work through or fix them. I recently had to move cross country, and Paired has helped bridge the distance in ways we never expected! You recieve coins for answering questions, and can then spend them to send "gestures" like a hug, kiss, or flirt to your partner. It's a small animation, but it's incredibly cute and heartwarming for both of us. I highly recommend this app, even if you can't or don't want to pay for premium, it's still absolutely amazing!
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2 years ago, Negative review$ only
Ever since the most recent update, the app keeps crashing and losing my thoughtful typed out answers. I’ve updated my iOS and have closed all other programs. It’s indescribably frustrating to have a paid for app be so inconvenient and unreliable. Definitely not getting my money’s worth. The app just randomly closes and when re-opened, anything that I was working on is lost and I’m back at the home screen for the app. This is compounded with the fact that my partner was charged for their part of my shared membership. The view in the new updated version has been confusing and no matter what I open or click (when I can keep the app open for more than thirty seconds), the notification indicator on the Discuss button will not clear. It appears that I have answers or activities that have gone un-viewed, but I’ve clicked on every single item (while re-opening the app after hundreds of crashes) and the notification will not clear. It continues to indicate that I have unanswered questions or activities. My partner is having the same problem.
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2 years ago, dsheets9
Good concept, poor execution
The app WOULD be worth it for the exercises, games, quizzes, etc. They are fun and definitely help build connection and intimacy in the relationship. That being said, the app and subscription is SO glitchy. After the trial I subscribed to premium, which should cover both my partner and I, and even though we show successfully paired, it has locked him out. Additionally, the “stats” - who has won more games, answered more activities, etc. - are WAY off. They randomly populate and are not accurate. We’ve tracked our stats on our own and they are not even close. The support feature within the app doesn’t work, and there are regular “action/item error” bug alerts. Sometimes one of us will answer a game or pack and it won’t save the answers, or mark it as complete when the other answers, but will say it was finished and not allow us to go back. Until they fix the development, it’s not worth the $15/month $80/year.
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2 years ago, Amanda Denise garza
Towards the end of my last relationship, I saw an ad for this app. I downloaded it just to check it out, already pretty over that relationship. Months later, I get into this new relationship and it’s WILDLY AMAZING. So I suggested this app to him, just to see what he would think of it. Guys are kind of hesitant towards this kind of thing. Anyway, WE LOVE IT. he actually thinks it’s so fun, we get to know more about on another, it’s like $15 (rounded up) a month to have a healthier relationship with your SO…. So yeah. I’d say it’s worth it. And I’m glad we started early in our relationship too because it’s really cool getting to look back at all of our previous quizzes, messages etc and really see our relationship transform into something unbelievable to me a year ago! Give it a try, you can cancel anytime 🤷🏻‍♀️
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1 year ago, ginger_turtle
Great but not free
When I first saw an ad for this app I didn’t know you had to pay for most of the features. My bf and I have been in a long distance relationship for 4 years and we’re looking for a fun way to connect with each other in new ways. We decided to do the free trial. We really enjoyed the games as he is a competitive guy but it was also insightful into our relationship about what we truly think and feel. My only complaint about this app is that it is a paid subscription. I know developers have to make money somehow but I feel like an app like this should have either been entirely free or a single time purchase. I would have spent money purchasing the app for full access rather than a subscription. We tried to use it as much as we could in the 7 day trial but we won’t be continuing. That money could be put to other things right now that are a little more important than an app (like eggs that cost a billion dollars TT-TT).
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3 years ago, Ohaii_pinay
Good app but could use some added features
I’m so far pretty happy with the ease of using the app and the type of questions and quizzes that are given but I did have a couple suggestions: 1). For the love notes, I feel like you should be able to pick from a lot more emotions than like 10. There are so many feelings you could be feeling and I don’t think it should be limited to such a small amount. Maybe even 25 feelings would help me really express how I feel as I write a love note. 2). I think you should be able to jot down notes after you and your partner take a quiz. We should be able to discuss the questions and take some notes and write about it so that we have something to look back on and see how we’re progressing. 3). We should be able to redo a quiz in a couple weeks or months. I want to see the progress of my parter and I. Are we feeling better than before or worse? Then we could compare the results from 2 months ago and today. 4). It would be nice to be able to respond to their answers on the questions. Even with a limited amount of letters. This would be nice when we are unable to immediately discuss how we feel about how they answered the question. Hope some of this feedback makes it back to the big guys who made this app because it is a great tool for couples! I just wish these features were added!
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2 years ago, BidgieB
Design flaws make it complicated
We are only on day two and while the topics and quizzes have been OK so far the fact that you cannot chat and look at the quiz results at the same time is a detriment. A big part of my husbands communication style is fewer words/texts the better. You cannot chat and see the quiz results at the same time so either you have to have perfect sight memory so you know what you’re referring to, or you have to go back-and-forth between quiz results and chat room. Then the person reads your chat and also doesn’t know the quiz results that you’re referring to because they can’t see the quiz results and my comments at the same time. So again, back-and-forth back-and-forth. You need to be able to chat within each quiz results page or this is not going to be something that is sustainable with the current design. I’m glad I didn’t sign up for the year and invested $15 instead of $75
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1 year ago, Mayhem Patriot
Beware of double charges
I purchased this app and premium subscription for my wife as a gift. After the trial I had ended, we were BOTH charged the $40 subscription fee. I explained this in a support channel through the Paired app, and was told that we both had purchased it. This was in fact, not true, as I purchased the only premium subscription, and followed the apps instructions to pair with my partner. The Paired support team has now informed me that I have to contact Apple to get my money back, even though the error was clearly in their app. We enjoy the app, but charging me an extra $40 to use it could cause problems in a relationship that the app is literally designed to avoid/overcome. Maybe that’s just good marketing? Update, as everyone can see, the support team seems to think that they are at no fault. Read the part where I said “the error was clearly in their app.” This has nothing to do with Apple, and everything to do with a coding error in the application.
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1 year ago, Vextrious
Great Connection App
This app is amazing, it’s been so nice to have something to talk about with my partner once in awhile and see how we each think about different issues. I also commend the excellent customer support which has been timely, respectful, and helpful. It seems silly to me that people are getting upset at the $75 to have premium access for a year. Is your relationship not worth it? Although it would be nice to have a monthly option for some people. Highly recommend for couples that are in a distance relationship. More things to talk about is a blessing. This app is a great way to bring up conversations that you may have had a difficult time starting on your own! Cons: App does have some bugs, but they are actively working on them and in the past 8 months I have seen great improvement in reliability (Dec 2022- May2023) There are some questions that come up that are basically just reworded from previous months. Can’t say I expect better because there are only so many questions you can answer. Payment, it wasn’t clear that you only needed one. Premium for a couple so we had each paid. They reimbursed me for one and I greatly appreciate them for doing this.
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1 year ago, LoLu101010
Daily question now may require photo upload
Been using this app for over a year, initially as the free version then did the free trial of the premium - forgot to cancel it before the trial ended so my partner and I have been using the paid version for a year as of this month. It’s a great app as far as the variety of topics to discuss, and the daily question prompt was fun UNTIL just recently some days the prompt REQUIRES you to upload a photo. This may not be a big deal to some folks, but I’m very mindful of what I upload where, and am not comfortable uploading a picture to answer the question of the day. I’d imagine in theory only my partner would see the picture, but this is the internet, so I’d be naïve to take that at face value. Keeping the photo upload feature is fine, but I would like an additional option to either select from several pictures/icons suggested within the app to answer these kinds of questions, and/or be able type a response so we can keep the conversation streak alive. Otherwise, the app has been fun and people in new relationships OR people in relationships needing to work on communication would benefit from using it. My partner and I have been together over a decade and using this app over a year, so we don’t get as much out of it now than we did in the beginning, but we communicate well in general.
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2 years ago, mstout12
Latest upgrade is a downgrade for the free version
It seems that with the latest update, if you’re using the free version, you can’t go back and answer questions you missed that your partner already answered. The features you get without paying for premium are already kind of sparse, so it was nice to at least be able to answer the questions you missed that your partner already answered, but now you can literally only answer one question a day, even if you’re just trying to play catch up, which is kind of ridiculous. Also, several times we’ve had a streak and then lost it because the app can’t handle itself; I’ll try to answer a question so I don’t lose the streak, but the app will either crash or tell me I’ve already answered the question. But obviously I haven’t answered, so when I open the app the next day, my streak is gone. Wonder if this happens if you can afford to fork out the almost $80 a year for this. Really disappointing.
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2 years ago, Eilsel Rey
Love Love Love!
Absolutely love that an app like this exists. My significant other and I love the app and love that it was developed and rooted by professionals and research!! So many activities per relationship area, and it really serves as learning opportunities about each other , yourself and the relationships in whole. It also sparks conversation starters, and makes you connect! Speaking of connection, it’s the perfect way to feel connected even when both at work, as you can complete simple easy , short activities during lunch or breaks and your partner can do so too! One suggestion can be adding more choices to some of the multiple choice questions. Some I found to be limited! Overall, if you are willing to answer honestly, and take the time, I recommend this app 100%!
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1 year ago, ChiBlackhawks fan
How does this happen?
I would like to know why I had an account years ago and I deleted it. Now, I’m in a new relationship, I set up an account, pair with my current partner and ALL of the quizzes that I had answered before popped up as if I was just happy to flaunt what I had answered for during my old relationship. That’s an absolute slap in the face when I’m trying to improve my relationship that I have now and instead, it creates tension. It also makes no sense that it says “you’re deleting all of your data, progress, and relationship history within Paired”. Then goes on to say “deleting your account is irreversible. You won’t be able to restore it, even if you use the same credentials”. How can that be true at all when as soon as I paired with my partner, all of the old “data and progress” just so happened to pop up. So, I guess that data doesn’t really get lost and IS in fact restored as soon as you pair with a part er that is really interested in wanting to grow. All the progress that was entered in that was based on an old version of myself and is not even fair for someone that has grown so much individually to be reminded of where they were before. Very upset by this situation. Such a sick feeling to see the old quizzes pop up for someone that is so much better than where I was and who I was with to see. I hope nobody has to experience that kind of humility and embarrassment like I did tonight.
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2 years ago, ClawDaddy12
Feels like I’m actively building our bond
My wife and I started out with the free membership but liked it enough that we paid for the subscription, which is very reasonable. In the paid membership you can choose categories to pick questions from and I like going to the category that most guys would go to😏. This is a very non-threatening way to bring up conversations that you wouldn’t otherwise talk about, or subjects that you want to talk about but are too afraid to bring up; for men and women, in new or long term relationships. I would recommend this app to all couples. It gives me the feeling that I’m actively doing something to work on my marriage. It’s the little things that make the big things in marriage (or dating) and this is a big little thing.
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9 months ago, B Marker
Cool Prompts, Poor Quality
My boyfriend and I have had the Paired app for almost a year. I recommend for an early relationship; there are thought-provoking questions and fun quizzes. However, something that has been driving me crazy: there have been multiple “bug” fix updates, yet still, every day, I have a notification in the “Discuss” section, and there is nothing new. All of my conversations and prompts have been seen by me, yet that notification never goes away. Furthermore, I do not receive notifications in the app when my partner DOES answer the question. Another “buggy” gripe: my partner never got a notification when I posted something to the Timeline function. He still wants to use the app, but I’m a person who can’t stand to see little red numbers in the top corners of apps, so the notification misses really turn me off. Get some better IT, folks.
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8 months ago, Isaías Rodríguez
Great way to deepen the connection. ❤️
I’ve been using this app for three months now with the start of a new long-distance relationship. I have never tried either of these two and have found this app as a crucial component to the development of our relationship. It structures conversation and brings questions that allow us to safely explore, engage and grow deeper together in our relationship. I love the way the app explains why they’re asking the questions and how this can impact your relationship. The multimedia aspects of the app allows for creative connection and reflection. I highly recommend this app for new couples and couples who have been together for many years. One of the best investments I’ve made, and I’m grateful for its impact on this new relationship.
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2 years ago, SeptemberRainyDay💯
It’s just ok
It’s ok. The questions don’t really get down to what matters. They might say something like “the communication in our relationship is great” and you have a scale to agree or disagree. Questions like this don’t help. I think it should be worded in two questions instead of one: “I feel I communicate effectively in the relationship” and “I feel my partner communicates effectively in the relationship” by both of us ranking ourselves and each other it would be more telling and give us an opportunity to zero in on areas where I might feel I’m doing a great job but maybe my partner doesn’t. I don’t feel like there’s an “after” section either. For instance let’s say both my partner and I score low on a quiz and that low score indicates a problem; there’s no real follow up that says “you both scored low here. Here’s some ways to increase ‘whatever the problem is’”. Overall it’s an ok app but I won’t be keeping my membership.
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