4.5 (1.9M)
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Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for 2

4.48 out of 5
1.9M Ratings
8 months ago, beebadbee
New Time limit update
I’ve been playing this game for a while, multiple times a day when I have a few minutes and I’m bored. So far it’s been really captivating and fun and I haven’t had any problems with it. But very recently, when I play, I have 1 minute of play time before it says times up. This is annoying because I have 1 minute to fill as much of the map as possible while also trying to complete quests in order to receive new skins, among other things. Once the minute is up, you can get more time ( another minute or so) by 1st, watching an ad, and then after that time is up you have to pay 30 gems to play longer. I understand a few reasons as to why there would be a time limit but it’s unrealistic for quests like, covering 25% and 50% of the map without killing any players. Also, I enjoy finishing the whole map in one-go and by having 1 minute time limits, it makes that very hard to do for larger locations. If this is a temporary thing then I’ll wait it out but if it continues I will probably end up deleting the app because it makes it less entertaining and more stressful, in a way. If the time limit has to be a thing then maybe 3 or 5 minutes but anything lower just makes the game less fun and I really enjoy this game when I have played it before this new update. I never thought about writing a review before this because I didn’t see any reason to, but now I have solely because of this update. I really hope it’s temporary.
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7 months ago, Liv chip
OK I like this game now and I just started playing it but the problem is there’s too many pop-up ads. It’s so annoying I just wanna play the game ads ads ads everywhere. Secondly, when you try to play the game and if you’re playing it for a long time like when you’re actually in the game, it starts counting down and then it makes you watch an ad until you can get back in again and it’s so annoying . So if you play this game, be aware thirdly I thought this would be a game where I didn’t have to pay that much and it kind of is but it’s not the game I’m looking for the only reason I got it is because I saw it in all the ads but if you want people to get your games, you have to really tell them what it’s gonna happen when you get them like if you have to pay for a lot of stuff or not because I get the games and it takes a while to load and I get it for nothing sometimes because there’s just so many stuff to pay for. At least to make it so you can actually see what’s going to happen please at least. Fourth. The game is really fun and all but you just need to approve it I know I’ve been saying this a lot in this rating review but people when you get this game know that there’s pop-up ad and so much stuff so be aware. Creators of this game. Please respond back but I want to chew know that please fix these bugs by. 😊 ❤️ 🐛 fix it.
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2 years ago, turkt101
Please read this
I like this game a lot. It is very fun and addicting. I like that when you do a challenge, you get a cool new skin. Also that all of the challenges are very well thought up. If you want something easy you have it, and if you want something hard you have it. I also like that the game has a wide variety of colors that you can be when you join, and it’s fun because you don’t know exactly what color you are when you join. Although this game is amazing in many different ways I do have some suggestions. Like the amount of adds you have while playing. I know you have to have adds and stuff and it is smart that you have one when you kill two to three players. But for me personally, I kill players very often and very fast. So I deal with adds a lot during the game. Another thing that annoys me with this game is the fact that if you have your area for to long it will just disappear. Example; when I am spreading my area to be very large in a couple minutes half of it disappears. This is very disappointing and I contemplated whether or not I should delete the game because of it. But every time I do, I just play another round and forget about it. Just because I Am not making it a big deal doesn’t mean others won’t. And this should be fixed. I do recommend this game to others. It is a very fun experience and should be more played.
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8 months ago, maddieelevine
timer update
i really like this game. i would play it multiple times a day, and recommended it to a lot of people. i like how you can get new skins, power up, and try to get 100% of the country on the map. there are also a lot of ads, which i understand, that they need ads to keep the game going, but it’s A LOT. every time you kill about 3 people, you get an ad. plus, when they give you an option to watch an ad for a reward or continue and not watch an ad, and you click continue because you don’t care for the reward and don’t want to see an ad, most of the time, you still get one. this is for a lot of free games though, too. so this isn’t my biggest problem with the game. i think it is the new TIMER UPDATE. after one minute in a round, it says times up. it only gives me a minute to try to get as much of the map as possible. i really am upset about this, and i hope it isn’t permanent. i love love lOvEd the game before this, and i may end up deleting it if they don’t change the update. you also have to pay a gem to look at the map, and it goes away and you have to pay again after 12 hours, UNNECESSARY MUCH?? i never thought i was going to write a review before this, but i wanted you to know, and if a developer reads this, maybe they can change it. thank you for your time, and i hope you can consider this.
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5 months ago, Just__MJ
Great but ads
This is a great game and I’ve been playing it non stop for the past 3 days. However, I keep encountering the same problem over and over that is hindering my experience and the reason why I gave it 4 stars instead of 5. WAY TOO MANY ADS. Every power up you get you need to watch an ad for and every 30ish seconds an ad plays while your in a game. The ads are only about 15 seconds but there are so many of them. Every time you finish a game an ad plays which is very annoying. I was hoping there was a way to buy no ads like on other games but I was very surprised to see that it is 10 DOLLARS to remove ads. But you still have to watch them for power ups and extra lives which is ridiculous. No ads should only be $1.99 or $2.99 like it is on every other game. I would definitely buy it if it were a more reasonable price. I really like the games Voodoo makes however it seems like they’ve gotten greedy in recent years and have been jam packing ads into them. As well as having a no ads option at a dumb price. Normally it wouldn’t be a problem but they pack so many ads into they’re games (especially this one) that it’s not even enjoyable without buying no ads. But due to the outrageous price I will not be buying it. Once you get past the ads though this is a great game and is very addictive.
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6 years ago, TheOtherOtherReviewDude
Problems and Ideas! Improve with this!
*Please Read* *There are so many ads on this game that I can’t click touch to continue, If you completely got rid of ads this game just might be way better. **Another thing eliminating yourself! You shouldn’t be able to eliminate yourself because you can turn to slow or the wrong way and end up eliminated, Also you shouldn’t be able to die from someone cutting your line. Instead when your line is cut you should be able to get back to your safe zone. This game also should have a feature that alerts you from where you territory is being taken. ***Game modes! My opinion on game modes is I LOVE THEM, and if the game could have some that would be great! Some suggestions 1vs1, Teams (5vs5, 2vs2vs2vs2vs2), Race (Who can get to 10% first)! I’m not entirely sure how many people there are per game, but i think it should be 10 if it is not. ****Feedback on skins! The skin variations are good, but should still have more easier and harder skins to get, and get EXTREMELY creative with the skins. No one once simplistic animals and objects, Maybe do something like a castle or Zeus! *****I hope you take all these ideas and include a big portion of them in the game, and use other people’s ideas!
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5 years ago, gas liquid and solid
The game is fun I will not lie but you don’t even update it. I have played some of you games before and I did like them a bit but a main problem is you don’t really update them and just make a new game with a bunch of ads. I see you that you need the money but is it really necessary to fill all your games with ads most of us just want to have fun and play I would not mind 1 ad every 10 to 15 rounds but it just gets annoying. Also I really don’t like this game for only really 1 reason it is bots they are so annoying I can’t stay out of my area for 1 second without getting killed by bots! I was out my area for like 2 seconds once and I died I see it as almost impossible to fill up the map because the bots will just find a way to kill you somehow. And you probably aren’t even reading this because I feel like you don’t respond to reviews or reflect on them since I notice that people make reviews also but you don’t seem to make updates or try fixing your mistakes I would like it if you looked at what we say and try making your games better! And also I see a lot of companies doing what you are doing. Filling games with ads make it useless to play when you complete it and move on after to make a new game with the same thing. And yes I do think this game is fun but really stop making your games have garbage features and not even trying to make them better. I rarely see games that don’t do these things!
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6 years ago, CeeAnton
Simple, Addictive, fun...with one UI suggestion
This has become my favorite time killer, and I’ve downloaded it across almost all of my devices. I’ve even paid for the No Ad upgrade, which I rarely ever do. Since Voodoo is one of the worst with the unskippable 30-40second ads, it’s absolutely worth a few dollars to get rid of them. This game is simple, and addictive, and can be a fast play, or extended out if you are slow and methodical in your acquisition of territory. Recent updates have eliminated most of the bugginess of earlier versions. One odd thing is that the iPad and iPhone versions are slightly different. On the iPhone, you size up after a kill, but on the iPad, you do not. I wish they both played the same way. One Full rating star drop: Also, like all other VooDoo games, they do not rotate when changing orientation. For me, a game that will not rotate orientation (especially on the iPad) is an absolutely rating killer. And there are times when I will avoid playing a game I otherwise want to play, because it won’t rotate. For a phone, fine, whatever. For a tablet, it’s a total UI and usability miss. Come on, Voodoo, get it together. You make some of the best simple time killer games out there (even if they are all suspiciously similar), adding the rotate feature is a simple easy feature that makes your games far more widely playable.
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9 months ago, The truth must be fixed
Great but there’s some flaws! Can you guys update please!
Things wrong with game 0. THE GAME WONT LET ME PLAY, IT JUST STAYS ON THE LOADING PAGE. 1.The boxes for your powers you can have by watching a video on the map where you hit them and then you get a power; Those boxes sometimes do not work.😭 2. I think there should be a little box at the bottom of the phone once you die, saying the reason why, because sometimes the game just purposely makes me die and I didn’t do anything to cause that.😡 3. The game will randomly get off of where you were at on the game, and start your game all over like you just open the app and then once you try to get back on the game you were playing it starts you all over and u don’t get the credit for what you covered of a country previously before the game cut you out of the game.🤦‍♀️ 4. The team game where you can play on the red team or the blue team; it says the winning team gets specific prizes and its a lie because I played the team games millions of times and I never get no diamonds, coins, or any power ups from it, like it said it would give the wining team and my team always wins but, we get nothing from those games, we work hard to win prizes that are just a scam apparently!😢 5. Most of the time In the corner of one of the countries are trying to take over. There is always at least one person that seem to get stuck in a Place on the country And it’s extremelyHard to kill them and unless you have a power of some sort😤
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6 years ago, .Lamp
I absolutely love this game! But there are a few things that you need and have got to fix. First, you need to fix the glitch where you lose land. I was doing perfectly fine until that stupid glitch occurred and made me lose almost half of my land, I think that you should start looking into that since it’s happening everywhere. The second item I think you need to fix are the adds. I get that you need those to make money but there are WAY too many adds on this game. You have them right after someone dies, when they want to revive, and a few times I have gotten them when opening the game!! This to me is a huge problem because sometimes I lose right away then have to watch an add then the entire thing happens again!! Maybe after every 3 losses? That would be perfectly fine with me since there are way too many adds at the moment. The third thing I want you to fix is the Consecutive day counting. Because I’ve been playing this game for about 2 weeks yet I just got the burger and that entire time there was no progress showing. You should probably fix this soon. I think you should add more skins too, maybe depending on the time of year and someone has to finish the goal before that time is over to receive the skin? This game is awesome but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t fix the other stuff too.
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6 years ago, lowkeykreatyve
Great game but still bugs
This game is addicting and I love it - I've played it since the beginning when there wasn't any skins (now there are some) - but I'm very disappointed that there's still bugs in which my territory glitches and then I have nothing. Even if I try to run back to where my large territory is supposed to be, there's nothing there for me to connect back to, so I promptly die. Even when I had an extra life still and watched the video in the hopes of saving myself, it just started me completely over since there wasn't anything for me to start on. I would be more understanding if it was a really high percentage that crashed it a bit, but this time I was only about 36% before it glitched and got rid of my territory. There's also many times where the game lags severely (and you have difficulty turning etc. while it does so) and there's still times where the game completely crashes and boots me out of the app and I can't get any of my progress back. I'm really disappointed, but like I said, I still love to play this game as it's a fabulous, addicting time-waster. I hope the devs read the community's reviews and fix the bugs. That's the main reason why I give this a 3/5 is because while the bugs make it unenjoyable when you lose your progress, I still enjoy and will continue to play the game, as I'm hopeful that the devs will fix these problems soon and it doesn't glitch every game.
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3 years ago, Banana8766
This game seems so fun, and when you first start playing, they give you all these skin options and you can work your way up to get more and more. But the main goal of the game is to cover the entire circle and kill everybody else. The thing is, the game doesn’t WANT you to be able to do that. One day I was playing, and I had over 60 percent of the circle covered. I was feeling really great, like I could finally ACTUALLY win, but of course, the game cheated and glitched me. It glitched so bad that, when I was in the middle of my area, the safe zone, I DIED. And it wouldn’t let me watch an add to respawn. No one was around, I was in my safe zone, the only possible way was that it was a really annoying glitch. And to be honest, things like that happen to me ALOT. The game might seem fun at the start, but it gets really frustrating and makes me angry, just because of a game! Not to mention all the adds, once you get rolling and start doing good in a round, there are just more and more adds, almost EVERY 30 SECONDS. I just don’t think it is worth downloading, and it will just take up and waste all of your time on something that will make you angry, AND you aren’t gonna get anything ACTUALLY meaningful in the end. Thanks for Listening 🙏 😊
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11 months ago, Rats are awsome
I looovve it but there’s a bug
So this is a great game but later it will start glitching atleast that happened to me it would freeze and I had to restart the game once I almost won and this happened! There’s another thing tho TOO it is that the things you can buy like eagle eye are way to expensive I have been playing this for a little more than a month or two and I STILL CANT BUY IT!!!! This is really frustratin. I litterateur love this game I played this on Roblox downloaded a different paper io and the I got this one because I saw my sister play it in the airport in United at Huston Texas NEVER FLY WITH UNITED AIRLINES!!! I got stuck the for two night we boarded the flight an the had to leave because it was CANCELLED. SOMEONE was STUCK THERE FOR FiVE DAYs. All that entertainment I had was my iPad and I had over 24 hours on it in total in that airport and finally I got this game in an AIRPORT!! Pleaseeee don’t fly with United I would rather sue them then fly on there AGAIN! Btw sorry if this was supper long and I totally recommend you to have this game it is awesome and amazing and even though the bug and stuff took away a star that. Doesn’t mean it is a horrible game I totally lovveeee it, I hope you all have a good day and that you never fly with United:) sorry that this was really long.
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2 years ago, Hiyori_Cat
To Everyone, Including The Add Critics
I’d say that this game is well worth the time. It offers satisfactory smooth gameplay, one of those games that make you say “one more match” and you keep going. Sometimes, dying is frustrating, but the mild addiction (or higher, depends on the person obviously) is enough to make you shrug it off and enjoy yourself with more matches. Stacking up kills, increasing your customized territory based on the skin you use, more than one match with likely satisfying results, and overall, fun. Very fun indeed. Now—let’s talk about the ads. I understand that most people chose 4-stars or lower because of ads, and more reasons too, but the majority spoke of ads among those other things. This is one of those games where even if you turn off wifi, it still works and you can still play it. You know what that means? If you complain about ads with sincere concern, not just a little, I’d suggest shutting off the wifi connection on your device temporarily. However, I feel as though that’s cheating, lol, this is such a good game despite the adds, so the devs kinda deserve the money, you know? It’s your choice. Yourself or the devs. My opinion is irrelevant, so it won’t be spoken of. That is all, have a good day/night
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2 years ago, Livy!!! ⭐️like
Ok, BUT NOT!!!!!
Ok, this game is very well thought up, I love ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ the challenges as well. I am almost done with getting all the skins but it’s kinda hard when the game keeps on glitching! I Almost had 100% and it glitched and started me back at 0% again. #not fair. Another thing that is OKAY…. Is that the ADDS!! Okay every 2-3 minutes there will be an option to click yes or no to watch an add to get a gift. Gifts are great and I love the gifts that you can get. But when I click no it plays an add anyway. So what is the point of having that question then? Another thing that makes this game not the [ 𝕓𝕖𝕤𝕥 ] is that sometimes it will glitch and you will be stuck in somebody’s area. Then, it keeps on going from color to color. PICK 1️⃣!!! And then as soon as you creat a new space they have that to. So it’s kinda hard to play BC when they die you lose some of your skin to! Another thing that I think should change is why can you kill yourself? That seems really unfair. Well, other than that this game is really good! Just please consider this and make some changes. ( 𝑙𝑖𝑘𝑒 𝑎𝑑𝑑𝑠 ) this game is really fun to play though. So please change some things and this will soon be ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️! - Livy
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3 years ago, horsey girl 2020
Please read
Ok so I was playing and I was so close to getting a new skin and then it just randomly went to an add and froze so I didn’t get a new skin and I was so mad because it had taken me so long to get that close. I also got my high score but it went to another add froze and it showed that my high score was only %10 and it was around %47. While I’m talking about adds there also an add every five seconds and it’s so annoying I wouldn’t mind an add every maybe three to five rounds but like every ten seconds multiple times a round is to much and I get they have to make money somehow but if they spread the adds out I would play much more. The app sometimes forgets things too because I played three days in a row to get the “play three consecutive days” skin but it said I had only played two. That being said I do like all of the skins you can collect but sometimes the skin interferes with the drawing. And lastly some of the things you have to do to get the skins I didn’t understand so I wanted to clarify for other people, the “play three consecutive days” or “play seven consecutive days” skin just means you have to play three or seven days in a row. The “revive ten times” skin just means when they give you a choice to watch an add when you die, if you watch the add ten times (it doesn’t have to be in a row ) you will get the skin. Thank you for reading this and I hope it helps you ;)
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4 years ago, MysteryGaming101
It’s good, but...
I love the original. I play it all the time, I also like the this one for the fact that it’s not square, you can go in circles. So I love it. The way to get skins is kinda weird to me but I still like it. My biggest 2 issues is I think a glitch and THE ADS! I get that ads have to be run but it’s like every 15 seconds for me or after I kill more then 2 people. I had a good running streak and one game and it felt like an ad every time I killed someone or every 10-15 seconds. They are CONSTANT. There’s a difference between putting ads into the game naturally and putting in that many ads. My other thing is whenever I would have to watch one of those ads or come back to life the game was still going so people are taking my area, ok. But it seemed very much like a glitch where they would have a chunk of my area but I couldn’t take it back. I would go over and over it again and again and it would just sit there all glitchy and not let me take it till I killed them. Then it was automatically mine again. I also couldn’t touch the people while they were in my land, they had to be in the open space for me to kill them. Other then I love the game. Always have loved the first one and glad there’s been a sequel made with new ideas, it just needs fixes.
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1 year ago, lmbwlos
Honestly terrible
I downloaded this game just about when it first came out. I liked it in the beginning and still I like the game concept. However I ended up deleting it because the ads we’re getting ubiquitous. After a few years I re-downloading it. As I expected the ads we’re still ubiquitous, but I figured I’ll give it a chance. So I bought the no ads and sure there’s no ads after you die, but if you want any special “free” skins or to use the power ups (the only things you can use the coins to upgrade), the ads are unlimited. Not to mention the fact the they are everywhere so it’s kinda irritating running into them all the time. There is also an extra life ad. The problem with that is, literally every time your getting big enough to feel like your getting somewhere the other “players” (bots) target you big time. They would some how manage to hit me in the safe areas, after I had just created a new safe area, and obviously the areas I was trying to conquer. The was also quite a few times where I would watch the extra life ad because I was getting irritated about the game to working as it should and when I respawned i would die immediately from literally nothing and it sill offered me another extra life ad. At this point I can’t help but think that this is just one big scammy ad. Not to mention all the ads are terrible scam ads. I would suggest not giving this game the time of day.
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5 years ago, 2468 who do we appreciate? Me!
Amazing app. Little glitchy though
I absolutely love this game. It is so addictive and I play it all the time. My sister does not have it and she claims it is so easy! I actually think it is challenging and I think the concept is awesome. I like to think of it like I am building my own world! I think that it is a little bit slow sometimes. I also think there should not have nicknames because I have seen some that are inappropriate. I think The nicknames are fun but maybe you should try to put some kind of filter on anything inappropriate that people try to type. I’ve never made a video game so I don’t know if that’s possible but I think it would improve the game and make it a lot want to family or maybe even just have an option to turn off nicknames and settings. I also think that if you can if you add some new skins I need the current ones a little bit less difficult to get like take 100% of the map come on! And for the unicorn really everybody loves unicorns! Heck there’s unicorns on my leggings right now! I love this app So much just fixed the nickname thing that would be great! Thank you so much for creating such a fun and challenging game it fills in time when I have nothing to do. I love this game so much! 👋🏼👋🏼👋🏼♥️♥️♥️
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5 years ago, GlassGoldMax
Fun, but needs some work.
I really enjoy this game and the addictive qualities it has, but I do have some issues with the game that makes me extremely angry when it happens to me. First off, there’s disappearing land. Basically, you’ll be given land and as you’re increasing it, it will randomly just up and disappear. There’s been a few times where I was lucky and still had some sort of land left, so I didn’t have to die. But there has also been a time where all of my land disappeared and dying was inevitable. Something that also happens is that I will be playing and taking up new land that just so happens to cover over someone else’s, and it glitches. I will have that land, but it’s like my color doesn’t completely cover it until I take up more new land, if that makes sense. Another issue I have is that I just tried to play the game and right when I was put into the game, I was instantly killed. I don’t understand how it happened by any means. There’s also moments where I hit other players lines and they just don’t die like they’re supposed to. I’m also not too fond of all of the darn ads. This game isn’t worth $2.99 to get rid of them either. Other than all of these small, yet highly frustrating problems, this game is pretty fun and it helps pass the time when need be.
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2 months ago, daddy trump 👅🧚🏼‍♀️
Ads won’t let you click out
I love this game, and I don’t mind the ads when they let you click out of them. Usually an ad will pop up once you die in the game or you finish the level but a lot of the times I’ve noticed recently that when you’re trying to revive or use the power up and you get an ad, it won’t let you click out of the ad, which completely erases all the progress you’ve made in that level, which can get super frustrating because you have to close the entire app in order to get the ad off your phone. And when you do that, gets rid of your progress. I could be a new country and completely fill it up within the first time, and once I get that completion, the ad will pop up, and it won’t let me click out of the ad, unless I close out of the app completely, and then it completely takes away that entire completion, which gets very annoying. I also don’t like that there are so many ads. I know it’s a free game and there are going to be ads. But you get an ad for every power up that you want to use, you get an ad every few seconds, while you’re in the middle of a level, you get an ad when you lose, you get an ad when you want to revive, there’s just so many ads.
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2 years ago, mqdelxne
Good game, but the ads are excessive
Personally, I find this game very fun. When I first got it, I'd spend hours moving my box around the map, trying to fill up space. This game is a great time killer and is very satisfying to play. But like any free game, there's on major issue. ADS. I'm used to ads on free mobile games, because that's how the companies make money. I'm usually patient when it comes to ads, but not with this game. Each time you finish a level, there's an ad, which I'm fine with because they're skipable after a few seconds. However, after I eliminate 2-3 players in a row, I get a timer and an ad shows up. This is very disruptive to gameplay, but it gives me a reward I didn't ask for (which I'm not complaining about.) Something good with the ads is that you can watch one and get a powerup (speed, protection, or eagle eyes). It lasts only a short time but is somewhat helpful. Another thing with the ads is that they are very repetitive. I get ads for only 3-4 different games, and I get bored and frustrated having to watch the same thing over and over again. The ads are really my only complaint about this game. The skins are nice, gameplay is smooth and entertaining, and it's a great time killer.
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2 years ago, UvU hi want to be friends?
I rated this 3 because of too many adds
So when I first downloaded this I was really excited about this game I thought it would be fun easy not too many adds but I was wrong so I went into the app and I play it but when I died I was given an add and when I died again it was really frustrating when there was another add! I do not recommend this to be played if you don’t have frustrating problems cause this will frustrate you more if you have that problem. However I do recommend this if you don’t care if you get an add over and over again. But if your frustrated and you need something to kill so you can be happy. Also if your frustrated and you really don’t care about having adds you’ll be good for this game. I rated this 3 and these are my reasons: 1. Very hard 2. Very frustrating and final one: 3. it’s very hard to get skins. So I also want you to have a good day so you don’t get frustrated like me I am very impatient and also really frustrated right now because of adds. One day I hope adds never existed or have been before anyone has been born. If your child in the future is patient the congratulations you have had a very good child but I am not I very ugly:( I wish my name was just like my family. But anyways I hope y’all have a great day. Except for me:)
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4 years ago, 💗🍷🥂🍾
Love it
It’s an amazing game. I played every second of my life it’s like the best thing in the whole entire world. Well I should say my kid likes it but I like it like that, because even if he’s addicted to it is the best kid in the world and I’m happy he has like a game like that just get his worries away. I mean oh andWhenever I’m working he just sits there like the sweetest little kid in the world playing his cute little game so I think if you have a child or you were just curious to looking at this game are you think this is a very very very good game.💟 And I would totally agree do you like your plate even though you say that I’m just seeing it twice because it’s it’s a really good game and I don’t have anything else to sing about that but he says it can be a little hard sometimes it gets better competitors but he said to me a couple days ago that he’s going to make he’s going to give himself a goal. And it was the biggest person in the game and I thought so I really really think this game is a good game for your son or daughter or if you’re just looking around for fun games to play but my daughter says that it’s too easy and like you know what that’s not right because your brother likes it in your 18 you have a lot more experience but my son is sick and he loves it so much 💖💖💖
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12 months ago, hot dog puppy
This game is fun but problems make it ehhh
i’ve been playing this game on and off for about 3 years and it is so fun!! they give you power ups like going fast, a shield, and something that lets you see everyone around you. the powerups are on the playing field and you can get them, but you have to watch ads. there are also so many skins you can use and once you start playing, you’re never gonna wanna stop. also, i can win like a thousand times faster because of the powerups and it gives you 3 chances that if you die, a heart pops up on the screen saying “revive?” and it counts down from 5 and you can click the “YES” button and you watch an ad. after the ad, you are back in the game with all the space you have taken so far. some problems are that every 2 or 3 people you kill, it makes you watch 2 ads to get a power up. it it quite annoying. another problem is that sometimes i try to listen to music while i’m playing the game and it it SUPER annoying when an ad pops up, but it’s only the sound and i can’t turn it off. this doesn’t happen that often, but still. anyways you should definitely get this game! it’s soooooo much better than the web version :) have a good day
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5 years ago, *unsheathes katana*
This would be 5 out of 5 were it not for...
The glitches! The bugs! Seriously, fix them. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been about 75% and then drop right down to 0% but my cube has not been eliminated. You are still alive but you have no territory to connect to so you are guaranteed to die anyways. There’s no explanation or sign or hint as to how or why this happens. I can see maybe just maybe it being caused by another glitch, where you and your opponent have overlapping territory but the game gives it to both of you rather than just one (if you play this long enough you will eventually encounter this, even at smaller %s), and the game somehow gets confused from there and doesn’t know which player is which. Pisses me off, because I know I could get to 100 were it not for this. It happens almost every single time I break 60%. It would probably happen at lower %s as well were I not so quick to erase other players’ gains at my expense. To be killed by another player just makes me want to come back and get my revenge, all in good fun. It keeps me in the game. But to be killed by a glitch, with little indication as to how or why makes me want to throw my device through a window. Please fix this or at least tell me why it is happening!
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7 months ago, Kisses to bubble tea
so many ads!!
i love this game. its really fun to play at school when you’re bored or at home when there’s nothing better to do! the games quality and graphics are great, and there’s no bugs or anything that needs to be fixed. and instead of playing against bots, you’re playing against real people! that’s one of the many things i like about playing games like this. but the reason why i gave this 3 stars instead of 5 is because of this: WAY TOO MANY ADS!! so, heres what’s been happening. i don’t know if other players experience it, but it’s really annoying for me. an example of just before i wrote this: i just leave an ad. i play for a good 40 seconds, kill a person, but as soon as i do that i get a 5 second count down for an incoming ad. i’m fine with this, but then the same thing happens not even half a minute later. i used to be okay with it because you’d get rewards when you got out of the ad, but it’s just annoying at this point! i’m okay with there being ads, but there doesn’t need to be one every second. id appreciate if you guys would dial down on the ads, and when that happens i’ll definitely give this game 5 stars!! other than the ads, this game is great. if you don’t mind being interrupted a LOT, i would recommend this game.
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6 years ago, Fox176th
Love this game, but a few suggestions
This game is great! I love how smooth it is compared to the first one and how much easier it is to turn and move! The only things I don’t love is how laggy/glitchy it is and how many ads there are. I don’t know if it’s just my WiFi or if I just have to reload but I’ve restarted my device multiple times and it will still lag. My device will be on full WiFi and will still lag. This causes my character to move a wrong way and die, so please take into consideration to fix that! Also I understand that it’s a free game so it comes with ads but there doesn’t need to be one after every single match! I do understand that this game needs money so it is trying to get the players to purchase ad removal and all but it doesn’t need an ad after every match. Perhaps there could be an ad every two matches instead? Please also take that into consideration. As I said before I do love this game and those are really my only problems. I love all of the different skins and ways to unlock them too! Love the smoothness and different shapes I can make but please do consider the suggestions I have listed! Thank you for your consideration and time! ~Writer
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6 years ago, MellMelllMellll
The game is fun and definitely addictive. However, the glitches are the most frustrating thing ever. I spent the $2.99 on this game to get rid of the ads and guess what? There are still ads when you want to continue the game. SO THIS IS A WASTE OF MONEY! The glitches are so bad and make me want to throw my phone against a wall. After you’ve covered a good portion of the area, it will turn completely white for no reason leaving you stranded as you cannot get back to your pattern. Sometimes, it goes white and you die as if an invisible player just killed you. If you’re especially lucky, you’ll see a light show as the colors begin to glitch and your whole section comes back and disappears like flashing lights at a club. And then... you guessed it, you’ll randomly die. The percentage gets stuck at a number and no matter how much you’ve covered it’ll still say 0.51% even though your area is larger than the 0.66% circle you start with. This game could really become more popular and be the next “words with friends” or “angry birds” and could make a lot of money BUT it seems “they” would rather make chump change off of a subpar app with a great idea. The game is so fun and the idea is so addicting but the bugs and glitches and ads even after you pay, are enough to delete the app and tell everyone I know not to even bother. FIX THE BUGS! I guarantee that more people will play. FIX THE GLITCHES! FIX THE GLITCHES! FIX THE GLITCHES!
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6 years ago, adenite
Revised Review
I gave them a one star review a few months a go when the game was released and i am sad to report that they still deserve it. While they did make continuous updates, it seems that every update breaks something else. Their latest update from Nov fixes MOST issues with losing land randomly but introduces a new bug. If you die and want to watch a commercial to continue that feature now only works about 10% of the time. Mine is the PAID version so i don’t know if has anything to do with that. Second issue is that they increased the speed of the other bots to the point that its impossible to win. Previously you piece slowed down when stepping into somebody property and “stealing” it, now you are just always slower then any other bot regardless of which avatar you chose. The other bug they introduced is that now if you or a bot are on the edge, the piece can get stuck there. If a bot is stuck there and you try to kill the hem, you automatically lose. There are yet to fix the bug at the edge that caused a white line to appear and the shaking bug when two opposing bots run over each others property.
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1 year ago, Contented Cat (in a box,)
It’s Very Fun, But…
So, I’ll start off with its very fun, and simple game. There are some other mini games going on, such as the taking, and losing of states and continents you and other players have collected through out the game. There are skins that you can collect, that are purely just for cosmetics. There isn’t many items you have to pay for (The only things I can think of is VIP, and the No Adds add-on.) In summery, I recommend this game if you would like to play. But, I have encountered a bug with the mini game I just talked about. When I decided to conquer Greenland, it started off like the rest of the places I annexed. But when the bar went to full, and it was time to collect it, the game stayed on that screen, no matter, where I tapped. I assumed it was frozen, but the stars that symbolized “Congratulations!” Were still moving. Another bug I have encountered is also with that particular mini game. I don’t know when this happened, but, when I try to claim my coins in the states menu, it is also stuck on that screen, not unlike the “Greenland Glitch”. I hope these can be patched, but other than those few bugs, the game is very enjoyable.
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2 years ago, ay-okay!
Great game
Hello, I hope the developers read this. This is a great game and I love the concept. However, I have deleted and downloaded this game many time over the past three years because sometimes the game makes me a little frustrated because of the ads. I get that ads are an essential part of cultivating and supporting the game. But often times I find myself finishing up an ad, go back into the game, and then the five second ad countdown starts again. Sure enough, in five seconds I have to watch another ad. Again, I get that ad revenue is an important part of supporting the game and its developers. 2) It’s a little bit buggy sometimes. This may just be my phone, but with other apps I don’t experience little bugs like the following: for one thing, I was in control of 77% of the map—so close to 100%!! I finally died for the first time since I had started that round, so I just decided to watch an ad so I could keep going til I got to 100%. When I finished the ad and got back into the gameplay, it completely got rid of my 77% and started me back at 0%, with no starting circle. This is very weird…has this happened to anyone else?? But overall great game, it is very good game and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for this game!
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5 years ago, Kneemoi
Fun game although you’re playing robots
I really enjoy this game, I’ve spent hours playing and I still enjoy it. I like the skin situation they added, I just wish it kept up with your progress towards reaching new goals so you can have a mission in mind while playing. As others mentioned there are bugs that cause your area to randomly disappear, and when you pay for “no ads” you still have to watch ads for the extra life. My biggest complaint that I recently discovered is that you’re not playing with other real players. The other players are clearly robots because they NEVER utilize the extra life, when you kill someone they stay dead. If these were real people they would be using the extra life too. Another thing is that the robots never get past like 10%. I regularly reach 40%+ and I’ve never seen another player do so. Plus there’s been times where I lay my phone down while watching the ad I paid not to see and when I get back in the game none of my territory has been taken. So to make the game better: allow us to play with real players, remove the ads we paid to have removed, fix the disappearing land bug, and keep up with goal progress.
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12 months ago, Goddess of the night is nyx
It’s good it’s just it. Gets frustrating when you kill yourself.
If you’re thinking about getting this for your child, you should definitely get it. It is really fun but they might get really mad at it just because they got killed or they were the king and they got killed again I have that all the time just tell them to calm down because this is a really good game and I’ve been playing it for two years now and I absolutely love it. It is so much fun definitely get it. OK it is amazing. Just get it. You’ll understand. If you’re thinking about getting it for yourself do it do it I dare you cause it’s a chefs kiss 𝓂𝒶𝒽And the best thing about it is that you can revive if you want to. If you have gems, you only get one free revive then for the rest, you have to pay with the germs trying to think it’s pretty good but I’m writing this review just to tell you get it get it can’t get it it’s it’s amazing. I love it. I played it like every day for two hours hours. It’s an amazing game. I absolutely love this game like definitely get it. You’ll understand me once you get the game and you start playing bye have fun playing
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2 years ago, farah yay
Good but i hate it
OK so I love this game it’s really fun but there are some problems so first a lot of commercials every single time I die I click extra life and then I get a commercial and then when I’m done with that in three seconds I get another commercial and it gets really annoying and that’s how I keep dying more because the game has so much ads like commercial also when I was playing today like I was like a unicorn and then what I was like halfway down at the map like not 50% no I was like 80% of the map lots of people cut came attacking me and then I killed them all but then when I got a add or something it gave me extra speed so then when I got extra speed my whole progress was like dead and I had to keep going on circles and circles because I had no bass like I started at zero space so then I died because I killed myself or someone killed me because I was going fast and I was going very very fast because I stayed in that game for a long time so it deleted all my progress not the skins no like in the game and I’m very mad at it it happened to me one spider die I don’t want it to happen again so please fix this and you guys probably aren’t reading the reviews but please fix this but otherwise the game is very fun
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3 years ago, T&Tobago
The addictive game
First of all this game IS WAY WORSE THAN THE WEBSITE VERSION. First the manner the map is shaped makes me dizzy, Idk how to access the modes, there are CONSTANT ADS and this game is full of chunk swallowing bots so please fix all of this but in MY OPINION its better to play the website/crazy games version. Also i know about the ads but please try to reduce the amount. Also this game can be annoying at times cause the ads are CONSTANT *MAKE SURE YOU TAKE NOTICE OF THIS BEFORE YOU PLAY* *****I FEEL LIKE the ads come up every five seconds and its very annoying***** so make sure you take notice of that and for y'all gamers here is a note for you *please listen* ***so if you are willing to play get the game first unless you are like me which ill explain to you later so if you wanna try, download the game! Now for the people like me or the people who dont like the game performance I recommend as i said playing on the crazy games/website version of the game (which you can access the modes like world conflict (my fave)) cause it has better game performance but the ads are still annoying so i hope you consider this helpful and take this advice to change the game and improve the performance so thank you for taking your time so bye
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2 years ago, RandomInternetGamer
Terrible and Do Not Recommend
I downloaded this game, because I used to play it a while back. Let me tell you, it’s by far one of the worst games I have played in a long, long time. Firstly, every 30 seconds (maybe less) you are interrupted with an ad. It’s so bad as a matter of fact, I would say about 10 percent of the game is actually gameplay. Then the other 90 percent is advertisements. Also, no, turning off the Internet does not work. I have tried it, the game will literally not let me play unless I’m connected to the internet. Thought that was bad? That’s nothing in comparison to the poor development of this game. The game glitches constantly. There’s one particularly annoying glitch, which makes you lose all the territory you have. This glitch seems to trigger most often after an ad. Especially when you have 30+ kills, then get the speed boost reward from watching the ads. Game is also a bit laggy, as well. With all these problems combined, I can tell you, the game is not worth your time. As you will wast half of your game time on ads. Then the other half on glitches. Would rate this game less if I could. However, the review speaks for itself. Hope the developers fix the abomination they have made. Until then, this game will remain uninstalled on my device until further notice.
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5 years ago, Jenniferg2122ann
Way to many glitches
My territory disappears even though there is no one is around to claim it. The Controls hey jumpy. At some points in the game it is smooth and nice to play. But other times I can play at all because it freezes so bad that it won’t start up again or the glitches make it so it doesn’t respond to where I want the thing to go to. It almost always ends with me bing killed. (Ex: if I pull it to the right and try to make it go to home base it will sometimes glitch out not go right and get hit by a on coming color.). Not cool. Other then that I would love to be able to play the game because it is fun. Fix the issues and I can give a better review. Also some colors tend to be faster then other already. So maybe you can add that as a bonus reward. So like you hav ego hit a certain goal to unlock a skin but maybe as well as having a knee skin give certain skins little bonus rewards like one could be a tiny bit faster. One could be a tiny bit bigger. And such. Also maybe limit how many players can be in a arena. And maybe add a little overview circle so you know where you are in the circle and see how much you have covered also see other players. But first fix the bugs. Then add the other fun details.
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1 month ago, Gamergirlkey
Save your time.
I’m recording this through voice memo cause I know it will take a long time to just type thisbut if you’re anything like me, go ahead and not get this game. Because I just spent so much time trying to complete the entire worldwide map so I can get a sense of completion for the game but every time I complete a country, another country is conquered by someone else! I got so close to completing the game but this game is not made to be completed and it’s annoying. On top of that they have a lot of ads on here and for some reason no matter what you do you’re gonna get an ad every 30 seconds and it slows down the process of completing a country or even winning challenges. I even hacked the system into thinking I bought the “no ads. (ACCIDENTALLY) and you still have to watch ads to use power ups, the same power ups you spend all your time trying to upgrade to condole a country or challenge faster! It is a nice game overall as far as entertainment but the fact that you cannot complete this game is annoying and it hinders me from wanting me to play it. In fact, I’m deleting the app because I cannot complete it so if you’re anything like me where you want to win a game, do it all or can’t stand the constant ad then don’t get this app!
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2 years ago, queen wizza bizza 127
Great game!
I love this game! There’s only one problem, they play the exact same ads every 30 seconds. You’ll be in the middle of a game and on the side of your screen it’ll show a countdown of 10 seconds, and when the countdown finishes it shows an ad. This system is fine, it’s just that they do it waaaay to often. It happens every 20-30 seconds or so, which is totally irritating! Also, the ads are always the exact same thing, for instance the ad I always get is for some credit card protection thingy. Other then these issues, I love the game! It has cute skins like animals and objects you can be, and the graphics are really smooth too! No glitches or anything, my only issue is the ads. I love this game and I highly recommend for you to download it (Note for creators:) I love this game so much! It’s super fun and addicting. I suggest for the best quality of your game to maybe instead of make us watch an ad every 30 seconds, you could do every minute or so. Or you could keep the time length and put some different ads in there so it’s not just one every time. Thank you! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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2 years ago, inthestory
Actual Broken Game
This is my first one star review of a game. But I was fully pressed to make this. I really liked this game years ago. However, upon re-download, there are just so many things wrong. First of all, as in all these free games, the adds are ridiculous. But whatever, they need to make their money, good for them. So I paid for no adds. But then, STILL, every so often theres a countdown then you’re “rewarded” with a compulsory “power-up” most of which are helpful, but there’s one that makes you go MUCH faster which is unhelpful. Then there are also these boxes of the power-ups littered around the stage that almost become traps, because if you run in to them you have to either watch a 30 sec. video to get them, or wait a couple of seconds until the “no thank you” button pops up. It’s the same with the free skins that the stage is riddled with. Another small but annoying thing, you can’t just pick a skin and have it stay selected. You have to re-pick it every single game. But by far. The WORST and most ANNOYING thing to happen is that whenever I get around 50% of the board, it all gets wiped away. This happened to me three different times. It makes the game completely unplayable and not worth it at all. I would not recommend, at least until these things get fixed.
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9 months ago, Mego💛💙💜💚❤
Single player game
The game becomes infinitely more enjoyable the moment you realize it’s actually just a single player game. It plays just as well online as offline, none of the other ‘players’ will keep moving around while you’re watching/closing that pop-up when you touch a power up or free skin offer (meaning there’s no disadvantage to doing so) and if you have to minimize the app for a moment, say to answer a text or change the song you’re listening to, the game will be just the way you left if when you come back I love this game, it’s hard to describe just how much I love this game. It’s simple yet satisfying, even back when the map was nothing but one big circle, even back when they had the issue of a new ‘player’ spawning in the middle of your area, this was still my favorite game to play Probably the only downside I’d have to say at the moment is that while the new maps are cool, I’d really like to be able to backtrack to the ones I’ve played before despite having ‘finished’ them. Canada was such an interesting shape to play on
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11 months ago, MadCatz206
BEWARE-AD FREE version doesnt exist...
I bought the ad free version $2.99 about 6-8months ago because i really liked the game when i was able to play due to the insane amount of ads. Buying the ad free version lessened the ads, but i was still forced to watch endless ads. whatever. i dealt with it. I got a new device (tablet) and had to fight to put this game on it but it gave me an option to "restore" my purchase which i thought was because I have a family share thing between my conputer, tablet n phone. I restored the purchase and again endless ads even though it claims i have the ad free version. I had some issues with my phone a couple weeks ago and had to factory reset and clear rverything off the device, signed in and then tried to put the game back on my phone where i am now overwhelmed with SOOOOOO many ads I cant even play the game. and now it claims I have NEVER purchased ad free version on my account and wants me to pay $9.99. A friend of mine had similar issue after upgraded her phone qnd spent $9.99 for "ad free" but again IT IS NOT AD FREE. you stull gave ads between rounds, when you kill other players or when you die. if you want to use a boost you have to watch ads or buy the "skips" Failing to understand why its $9.99 for "ad free" when you still have add and cant use boosts.
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5 months ago, Rose00092
love it but one big flaw
i basically never write reviews so please excuse if it isn’t the best. First i just want to preface by saying i LOVE this game. i recommend to my friends and overall its is very enjoyable, in total i have collect about 114 of the countries. My biggest issue though is how after you finish playing a game sometimes there will be an add which i don’t mind. the problem is when the add freezes and your not able to click on it. when this happens the only thing u really can do it leave and join back. but when you do that it causes you to lose everything that you just made from the previous game. this has been happening a lot more frequently and i wish something would be done because it is quite discuriging. i just got 96% of a big country(which is pretty hard to get with the bigger areas) and this malfunction happened and now it says i have only gained 4%. i also have one more issue with the upgrades. which how the extra lives upgrade was marketed. i assumes if i died i would revive immediately. this wasn’t the case. i think i wasted either 50,000 or 100,000 coins to get and extra life when it doesn’t do anything!!!!
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9 months ago, Get It Girl!
The ads are annoying, and the upgrades are broken
The game is fun, and can be addicting. But the ads/videos are annoying. There’s no point in purchasing the no ads option in the in game store as you still have to watch them to use your extra life, or power ups, or rewards you try to redeem. Yes, you can buy “Skipit” tickets in the in game store as well to skip the ads/videos that you watch to redeem the power ups and reward, but then what’s the purpose no ads purchase? Kinda useless if you ask me. Secondly, for those that are new to this, you don’t need to upgrade fully. The last 3 bars on each power up (upgrade) are use less and the state will not change. Unless anything I’ve said is false, then that means there’s just a lot of bugs and things that dev need to sort out. Aside from that game can be fun. Upsetting that they removed the full map view, but I get it, it adds to the suspense. Having us use gems to view the full map is greedy, but what ever. Just means you need to know when to be conservative about covering the area and when to be more optimistic and wonder around a little. Update: Don’t delete the app. You will lose all of your progress and purchases. Going to discord doesn’t help at all. Just seems like their Development Team doesn’t care.
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3 years ago, hotshotjosh
Really fun! But you didn’t fix the problems…
First when I read all of those true reviews that there was problems then I tried opening the game and seeing if you didn’t read our reviews then I died by this player that it’s color was purple then AN AD SHOWED UP! So I guess you were not fixing the problems 2nd you should read the reviews cause they are being honest for REAL and if you don’t that’s a big problem 3rd don’t just make all of your games filling with a lot of ads cause it doesn’t make people feel good about the game 4th people are reviewing because the problems you setted in every game 5th people are right that there is being bugs around the game and I get the feeling that you really don’t wanna fix bugs or read people’s reviews about the problems and that is bad cause then that’s gonna be a big problem so really a few people did 5 stars and a lot of people are doing 3 stars and 4 stars and 2 stars because you have to fix the problems and they want you to read their reviews otherwise the game would be getting 3 stars and 4 stars and 2 stars so please voodoo read this because if you don’t the game would probably get even more bugs.
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4 years ago, person12345678900000777
I love this app! It’s very good and really fun! I highly recommend this game, but like every game it has its problems. My review says three stars but my really review is three and a half. So this game is really fun, the goal is to basically cover the whole map and eat other players. You do not play with real people, you play with robots, which I totally get because people could put inappropriate name's on there. But the thing is, is that sometimes the game puts inappropriate names on there, like swear words. Now if this game is intended to be a kids app, why would there be swear words?? So if they could change some of the names on there that’d be great! Another problem is adds, I now every game has adds but this one has a lot! I personally don’t mind adds as much as most people, and I think the game is worth all the adds, but if they could maybe decrease the amount of adds that’s be great too! So those are my only complaints about the game. If they could take out some of the inappropriate names that would be amazing!!! And it would make the game a lot more enjoyable! And if they could take out some of the adds too that would be great also! Besides those two things I think it’s a real great app!!
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3 years ago, kamjam9903
Good,Fun, but problems
I love this game. I would like to suggest to add game modes and skins you can win if you accomplish something in that game mode. Maybe something like being by yourself for a minute to see how much you can cover. If you cover 10% then you win a house shaped cube. Now the problems, first of all too many ads. But I like that you can win something after. I love the one that makes you speed. You can fill so much space with that one. One time I was playing and I died. I watched an ad so I could keep on playing. When the ad was done all of my space was gone and the only choice I had was to let the person next to me kill me. Please fix this problem because I am not the only one. I also hate that you can kill yourself. Sometimes it is really annoying. Now back to the ad problem. I died and I had to do something anyway so I pressed the no thanks button, but it still gave me an ad. This happens multiple times. I would give this a 5 star if it didn’t have all these problems. I know you are a big company so you might not see this because this is a well known game that many people review about. If you do read please fix these things and maybe add game modes. Thank and goodbye.
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1 year ago, Mothyberry
The game was mildly fun but it became clear quickly that there are no human players. Too easy but that isn’t even what ruins the game. Even if you pay for ad removal you will still be plague by constant ads. The game is absolutely unplayable without removing ads but then the greedy developer double dips and tries to get ad revenue from any powerup you run into. There is an upgrade system which adds to playability but then it is completely made useless because no matter what you earn, you are forced to watch a 30 second+ advertisement just to use any ability. The icon you select is reset at the start screen so you have to reselect it every game. The selection is extremely slow and barely responsive. The game is plagued by performance issues on the newest iPhone. This game is laughably simply yet the fun is ruined by framerate drops, memory leaks, and bugs where it suddenly goes unresponsive. There are many game like this but this is not worth anyone’s time until issues are fixed. Trust me, if you like this game, there is 20 others like it that don’t require watching ads incessantly, dont have bugs like this, and aren’t built to screw you for the sake of money. This is so bad it should be removed from the App Store until basic issues are fixed.
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4 years ago, Mystic Milly
Better Games.
I love this game but there are Soooo many ads! After every games there’s an ad and sometimes if you are in the game to long you get an ad in the middle of the game and you lose!!! Also there’s a lot of bots too because I’m in my area and a boy comes in and doesn’t even touch me, (which I’ve recalled several times) and it said I died! And other times I go out of my 1 or 2 seconds so that’s definitely a bot. Sometimes I’m even in my area and someone kills me! These glitches definitely need to be fixed and either take out all the bots or make the bots do the same things that real humans do. That alone would honestly make it a lot better. Which is really unfair. Also, one of the awards you can get is kill 3 players in a row and I’ve done that many times but I have never gotten the award. And, it seems like the creators of this game either don’t look at the reviews or they just don’t care about them and don’t want to respond! Now, there’s actually very few games in where the creators respond to the review and fix the problem, which I think is VERY annoying. I mean don’t they care about making their games more enjoyable and get better reviews? So overall it’s not that good because you can find way better games, trust me.
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