Pedometer & Step Counter

Health & Fitness
4.9 (12.6K)
110 MB
Age rating
Current version
Leap Health
Last update
7 months ago
Version OS
10.0 or later
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User Reviews for Pedometer & Step Counter

4.93 out of 5
12.6K Ratings
5 years ago, IsabelleLaRivere
Best Pedometer App Out There
I never write reviews, but this app is just too good. As a college student that walks a lot (a LOT) I was in need of a simple and powerful app that would be able to give me quick stats with a glance and wouldn’t bother me much when trying to access the data. It’s perfect; not only does it easily show how much of the daily goal I have achieved at that point in time, it gives me other stats like calories burned, flights of stairs walked, distance, etc. It’s super easy to customize based on your metrics (height ➡️ stride size). I love the achievements tab, it really helps motivate me and helps me become healthier! Lastly, the daily goal and timeline of how I’m improving is a great feature with a simplicity that I’m sure toddlers can understand to use. I’ve tried probably around 20 apps for this purpose and this is by far the best. Don’t hesitate and think more about it, it’s a quality app worth your time.
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3 years ago, Jennifer Neel
The best motivator I can get!
I have never been a person that counts my steps or cared about 10K a day. I workout 6 days a week, so walking wasn’t that important to me. But after working from home for a year often over time, I needed something to push me to get out of the house. I’ve found that other pedometers aren’t accurate and the Apple Health one sometimes doesn’t count at all! This one is so accurate and I love that you can watch your progress or create goals. The fun interactions that happen make me happy to open the app and see how far I’ve walked. I might be hooked for life!
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2 years ago, viblah
I miss the graph but still good
I’ve been using this app forA few years and have loved it. It was easy to use and simple. And mostly it still is. My app recently updated and the new blue color is awful. I really can’t explain it, but it’s really intense. I wish that I could pick between a couple colors to make it more appealing to look at. The new design and layout is fine. There used to be a graph that you could look at to show you your steps. It was easy to look at and you could see the days you went over your goals versus the days you went under your goals. Now even if I go over my goal it looks the same as days where I hit my goal. So 10,000 steps looks the same as the 6000 (my goal).
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5 years ago, Resortonahill
Step goals aren’t a one size fits all
This app CONTROLS the step goal, setting a person up for FAILURE. You developers are NOT doctors but you write with authority like one. There are enough ways to make a person feel like a failure. My diabetes patients know they need to start out with small, STEADY goals to be successful. I cannot in good conscience recommend this app to anyone until the goals are adjustable by the user. Over a year ago, at age 67, on August 5, 2018, I started walking to lose weight and ensure my blood sugars stayed in range. I was close to 170 pounds and I started out with a goal of 5000 steps because I also have severe rheumatoid arthritis at times. I have walked every single day without fail, and have an average of between 9,000 to 12,000 steps a day, well over my goal. I have three other apps plus Apple Health to check the step count. I lost 26 pounds. Please, change the step goal to user adjustable, and I’ll improve my rating.
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3 years ago, Pristsyeven
Does Not consistently record & keep track of Steps
I really like that it’s easy to get started with this app. I also like how I can easily go from steps to miles to flights of stairs. I liked that I could view a week at a time giving me my average for the week. Unfortunately it jut randomly deletes thousands of steps. I’ve been using the this app to track my steps for Female Veterans and each day I log 4000 to 9000+ miles but when I go back to view the week 1-2 days will change to 10-30 steps. It takes 47 steps to go from my bed to the bathroom it looks like I didn’t get out of bed or use the bathroom. The whole point to using this app was to be able to submit a “weekly” record. But this looks like I’m not doing my part for Female Veterans.
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2 years ago, Emalynn rose Mickle
This is such a good app I can keep track of my steps I love it
Thank you for making this app it is so amazing and call me I can give you my phone number just text me thank you for making I love you to the moon and back thank you for making this app I love it and it make it where I could keep track of my steps so thank you I am blessed to have this app and I’ve only tried the step one and I can’t wait to try the others now bye have fun well bye-bye have fun keep kids and people attached to this app and good job for making it it’s so good bye-bye.
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2 years ago, chairdr
Best Steps App
I have an Apple Watch. I have tried 4+ different Step apps which mirror the Watch. All have been totally inaccurate compared to Pedometer. One started my day with 175 steps just out of bed and a few steps. I have deleted all of them. Only one retained was Pedometer. Problem with the latter: it won’t mirror to my Apple Watch. I’m no not sure how my Health App counts steps but it’s not Pedometer. I have sent many Feedback notes in re: this problem. However, not received a response For now I’ll just keep using on phone. As it is the ABSOLUTE BEST!!
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3 years ago, Disney Nerd 🤓
This app is great! I love it. It works really well and lets you set goals. When you reach it confetti appears. I would 100% recommend this app. This is for the people who made it. I really like your app. Although I think that it would be nice if there was an option that allowed you to add some steps in because sometimes you don’t have your phone on you and are walking and getting steps in. If that could be a new feature that would be wonderful. Thanks!
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6 years ago, JeanneForJoy
Just a Pedometer
If you want just a pedometer this app is for you. It uses your phone’s sensor to keep track of your movements. You can tell it how many steps you’re striving for. It tracks daily movements (as long as you have it on you) and gives you graphs and weekly averages. I personally don’t need a map to see where I’ve been. I already know that. Just want to know haw many steps I’ve taken. This app is perfect for me 😎
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2 years ago, Riry622
Steps Subtracted
What’s up? I logged over 5000 steps (shown correctly on the Daily Tracker); but the next day it’s shows only 3200 steps for that day! Why would it say I reached a certain amount (which was my goal for that day) and then say I walked almost 2000 steps less the next day! If I didn’t walk the 5000 steps I would have kept going to reach my goal. I feel cheated after I worked to reach my goal, only to have it taken away the next day! I’m switching to a tracker that can count and keep better track. Why have a counter if it can’t count!!!
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1 year ago, Alaskan Redhead
Greatest walking App for phonephobiacs!
I have an antique iPhone 8 that still is smarter than me! This walking/pedometer/steps App is the BEST!!!Easiest to use and has the correct calibration for the exact size of my steps!! Many of the uptown fancy Apps limit me to a 12” or 24” stride! I don’t need all the bells and whistles, just an accurate number of steps! If this fits you too, this is the App to get!!
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4 years ago, kamille 1998
It’s good but doesn’t count steps correctly
It’s a great app in the fact that it tells you how many calories you’ve burned, steps you’ve taken, miles you’ve walked, but it doesn’t count my steps accurately I’ll walk a mile and it will tell me I’ve only walked 200 steps. I hope this problem gets fixed because other then that it’s a great app!!
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11 months ago, Aniri123
I hoped on kilocalories counting- that what I found in this app only, but they count according to steps. However, steps don’t count accurately!! It shows 40 steps, when other app shows 3300 steps. Only for first day after downloading steps were counted, then next 3 days it stop to count. Want me to pay? No, I offload this app. Ok: next day it’s fixed. I put 5 stars
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4 years ago, MissPumpkinSpice
Everything is great but...
This app has helped me lose a ton of weight because it helped me strive after my goals easier compared to other apps. I was hoping a weight log feature could be added in the future so we could track everything in one app. Overall this is an awesome app!
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3 years ago, bella 5554
Tracking steps
This is not accurate at all. For example this app said I took 5 steps, when in actuality I took 4,285 steps. This happened about 3 times this month. I have another app that I compare this one to, that’s how I know it’s off. They should allow you to edit the steps if it’s wrong. Or at least be able to contact them so it can be corrected. I use this app because it is important to me for health reasons but if it’s not going to work right.. what’s the point 🤬
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2 years ago, Gadgetman69
Updated my review
Initially I could not get the app to work. I found several phone “health” related settings that had to be enabled. That seemed to fix my issues. However, I’ve found in certain situations the app counts steps when it should not. Example is having my phone on me when I ride my tractor cutting grass. The instructions state there is a pause button but it is not obvious to me where it is located. I’ve sent feedback to the developer but received no answer. Sad…
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3 years ago, Farley213
Suddenly dropping steps
I had really come to like this app but suddenly the last few weeks I’m missing thousands of steps! I have a disability and don’t walk a whole lot but still track my step count for myself and my doctors. So my numbers may not be as high as other folks are but they are high for me. I know that in one instance it was due to my being in the country for a few days so I figured ok no Internet. But the pedometer still should have tracked the step count. However, I’ve been back in the city for a few weeks now and just as an example, yesterday I did about 1300 steps according to other trackers. This one? Had me at only 155 total. And it’s not the first time. How does this happen? Please fix the glitch because it seems looking at reviews, im not the only one this is happening to.
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4 years ago, minaawesome245
I like how it calculates your steps every day what’s the one thing I don’t like is that it doesn’t calculate how much steps you take at the right time so creator please fix that you can go outside and it can calculate your steps everywhere it can calculate you so it’s a nice app please download it and please add friends because I just want it:)
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5 years ago, Maleah Diggs
Best pedometer app!
This app is a lifesaver! I use it while I’m exercising at the gym or at home! It helps me keeps track on how many steps I take, how many calories I burned, and how much water I drink! I should’ve download this app a long time ago! I’m so glad I found this! I recommend this app to anyone who wants to lose weight, and to achieve their goals!
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2 years ago, JoeRockLV
Super simple to use! Every aspect of my walking is accurately and most importantly, automatically tracked! At a glance I can see where I’m at regarding my goals the app helped me set. I actually enjoy walking more now that I can see the concrete results. Best app out there for walking or running!
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2 years ago, them 1984
It is hard for me on this health journey. I will be the 1st to admit that I get frustrated easily and give up. With this app I have been motivated to challenge myself to see how far can go. Competing against myself has been a game changer and I thank this app for helping me with this goal.
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3 years ago, dtuggyhgijb
Great app!
I love this app! It does everything I need. The ONLY problem I have is that my timeline’s last date is in 2019. I don’t know if this can be reset. It does a super good job other than that. If anyone can help me reset that, I’d really appreciate it.
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3 years ago, Nshrhsihrishshde
I love the app and how I have been able to track my steps and put that as a daily goal everyday, but what really upset me is the fact that when I walked on certain days it wouldn’t keep the distance for the entire week. As an example, I walked 8000 steps yesterday but today when I checked it only put it 700 total :(
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6 years ago, Isabella kinville
Not correct
I climb a flight of stairs about 10 times a day, up and down and it says that I’m not getting any steps in the stair category. Also I have a fit bit but I forgot I had this app on my phone, and this app says I’m getting only 3-4 thousand steps a day. I carry my phone every where with me. Anyways my fit bit says I’m getting 10,000 steps a day. Which is correct because, I mean, it’s a Fitbit.
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5 years ago, Charlupa
Simple but works well
This is a simple app but works well. It seems to keep track of my steps and flights of stairs I climb accurately. I like that I don’t have to sign into anything to use it. Other apps require signing into some account first. I’ve been happy with this app.
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9 months ago, marikre
I have used this app for two years and have found it to be very reliable. I can also import my watch data into it, when I have forgotten my phone.
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5 years ago, Grace full
Best pedometer ever!
Tho I’ve used LOTS of pedometers before getting a smart phone and in the 16(?) years since, this is the best by far. Accurate. Complete information in well organized very helpful view/configuration. It’s becom one of my Top Ten of well over 1000 apps used. Highly recommend!
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3 years ago, Sugarlips97
Liking this a lot!!
I have only had for a day but I like it a lot, I can see my steps, how many calories burned which is the plus for me, I have another app, which I have enjoyed but this one takes it with the calories I have burned!
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1 year ago, MizzCrankyPants
Randomly changes my step count on previous days.
Works most of the time but will randomly change my step count on a previous day. For instance, two days ago I walked 5 miles and it recorded it properly. This morning it says I walked 62 steps that day. No idea why this keeps happening.
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3 years ago, Oniko777
Easy to use and lots of good stats/settings
This app is easy to use, easy to set goals, and it can also track how many floors you’ve climbed. Works well in a back pocket and pretty well in a bag.
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2 years ago, kristal2018
Used to love it
Unfortunately i just realized that when i jog i get a calorie burnt count but then when i stop jogging the calories burned changes, the other day i jogged and it logged 817 calories burned but then when I stopped jogging and started to walk the calories changed and showed i had only burned 308 calories, ever sense i see this i dont believe the app counts calories as it should
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2 years ago, littlemustangfilly
It’s become a little excessive
I really liked the simplicity of the old format and now there is just too much to look at at once in the screen. There is such a thing as too helpful and now it’s just information overload the second I open the app. It isn’t the end of the world but for me it’s made the app less pleasant to use.
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4 years ago, Free & Happy
I wanted something easy to use to track steps. I tried some other apps but they were too complicated. This app is so user friendly and gives me exactly what was looking for in a free step counter.
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2 years ago, 7Shadows
Doesn’t work
The app would be great, if it would be working properly. It turned out to be useless for me; I hold my phone in my hand but the steps are not being counted at all and the dashboard’s option “+” to add steps manually is grayed out. My phone’ settings have been checked, no issues there. I have to look for a different pedometer app.
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4 years ago, Annette's Account
I love this app because it’s very accurate to how many steps you actually take. It has motivated me to walk about 12,000 steps a day and still keep track of my calories and time walking. I definitely recommend! 🤗🤩🥰
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4 years ago, raja~princess
Tried others.. love this one..
The fact is it simple and too the point, I found it really frustrating if I couldn’t walk on regular route.. it has become now part of my daily routine..
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4 years ago, Mz1Cheryl
Keep the steps on point!
This App is so helpful in keeping on point with steps, it is sensitive however I would not use the arm holder with your phone. I think you get a more accurate count with the waist or below holder. Enjoy!
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4 months ago, gwalton1952
Truly, helps me keep fit with both our Golden’s
I use this app every day and it helps keep my self and booth our Golden Retriever’s healthy! Extremely helpful, useful and accurate!
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5 years ago, sueguti
Counts movement as steps
I don’t like the fact that it counts car movements as steps. Or if u wave your phone it will also count it as steps. I couldn’t figure out how to restart the step counter too. For example if you’re driving around town and it automatically reads that as steps, later on in your day you want to ACTUALLY go for a run/walk it already read 3,000 steps and you can’t reset it😠
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3 months ago, trappedinthesubburbs
App crashed
I used this app for about a year and enjoyed it while it worked. About a month ago it started malfunctioning. Step counter would count and display steps during the day, then at midnight it would wipe all data to a zero. I uninstalled the app and installed it again. The problem remained. I am now uninstalling it permanently.
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4 years ago, cubbybubby
It’s ok
When is first opened the app it said I already have steps and already burned calories. It even started me off with all of the achievements already earned as well as starting me off at the highest level. Also not sure if it is just me but I can’t find the pause button. Other than that it is a solid app.
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3 years ago, HAHAJAHJKJSJ
Okay note: I love this app, all the others I’ve had before just tell me uh oh you haven’t reached your goal 😡 but this one is just so much better and I love the star it gives to say that you reached your goal
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4 years ago, Swaggy77522
It’s actually amazing
I have been looking for accurate step counter apps , I stumbled across pedometer and step counter and immediately fell in love with it , it is the most accurate app that I have used so far
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3 years ago, Sueinidaho
Too many glitches
This app is frustrating. Trying to keep track of steps, calories, distance to get healthy and the app will glitch and only list 28 steps out of a high step day. It’s getting worse. Had to delete it. Really liked it when it worked or would have given 1 star. Too inconsistent
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4 years ago, Watsontj11
Steady stepping.
I use this app a lot. I like to keep up with how much I actually walk on a daily basis. After checking my progress it opens up my eyes to all of he miles I walk on a daily basis.I am never surprised about how much I do.
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3 years ago, Alvie69
Good but needs changes
This is a good app but needs the ability to sync between iPhone and watch. It tracks well on my watch but doesn’t sync with my phone. If I use it walking my phone has to be in my pants pocket to register steps and even then it sometimes doesn’t agree with my watch.
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3 years ago, GPSPetra
Very helpful
This is a great tool!! I have diabetes and need to keep track of my daily activity goals. This app helps me and encourages me to do just that. Highly recommend it 😀
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2 years ago, mandersjane1
Doesn’t sync to Apple Watch
This is my favorite app for steps!!! Until I got the Apple Watch and the information does NOT sync :-( :-( :-( it makes me want to delete the app because my steps aren’t recording in both places at the same time. Please fix this!!!!
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4 years ago, Hcampbell007
On the go !
Always looking to stay ahead of My self so this app has helped me push myself as I carry my phone daily Good deal for those that care about your every step ! Thanks
Show more
6 years ago, mrsmacgregor
Love this app!!!
Who needs an expensive Fitbit or any of high priced items. All you have to do is stick your phone in your cargo the end of the day look to see how many steps you took !! I love it !
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