Period Tracker Period Calendar

Health & Fitness
4.9 (137.8K)
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4 weeks ago
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12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Period Tracker Period Calendar

4.93 out of 5
137.8K Ratings
2 years ago, willeshaB
I LOVE THIS APP!!! 😍🙌🏽💯💓
I never used to track my period and then one of my clients told me about this app. I immediately started using it and it’s way more than just a period tracker it helps you with your water intake, exercise, it helps you keep track of everything about your body as a woman and it even gives insight and tips to symptoms you may be having everyday, your able to track your weight, perform breast exam, it even has a way for you to connect with other women all over the world, pregnant moms or just get answers to questions you might be having. This app is a dream come true! I’m so glad I found out about it and I would recommend Everywoman even young girls to have this app it can help so much with you staying in tune with your cycle, how body works and what you’re experiencing and feeling each and every day and when you go to the doctor and they ask you 1 million questions you actually have the answer to them LOL! My husband and I recently started practicing making a baby and we conceived after the first try!! Our daughter is 11!! can you believe that if I didn’t have this app I wouldn’t know what is going on but because of this app I know everything about my cycle when we most likely conceived and my due date for our baby already! this app is a dream come true if you’re reading this review download it now you won’t regret it thank you to the maker of this app you are a genius!!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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3 years ago, first triplet
App review
First of all this app is free! Second of all, this app has more useful features than just tracking your period, it has a mood tracker, a place where you can write a dairy, sex life and etc... not only that but it can also help you have a healthier lifestyle too. It’ll ask you questions about your height, weight, waist measurement and so forth to help get you a better idea of your body fat percentage and to let you know if your healthy. The app has many videos on how to take care of your body and what to do if your on your period like if you have acne during your period for example. It’ll help you know what you should do, there’s even excerises you can do, helps track the amount of water you drink, amount of sleep and so forth. This app lets you know where you should be at to have a healthier life, like how many hours you should sleep each day, how much water you should drink, the average amount of minutes you need to workout a day and so forth. This app has many perks and features to help track your period and lifestyle and it’s all for free so there’s no need to pay extra money on other apps for this kind of info. Oh! And remember the more info you put on the app about your period, your moods and so forth helps the app figure out how to assist you. ☺️
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3 years ago, Amanda Lynn C.
My only suggestion so far…
Only thing I’ve found I would want changed (after a few weeks of non period tracking use and the start of first one tracked) is being able to select multiple levels of flow. Like on days when it starts light and then gets heavier, being able to select both/or all 4 and then select like morning, midday, afternoon, night or something along that line would be nice. So that way it’s logged, at the moment I just write it in notes, I just think that would add to the tracker and Helping me/others realize if I’m just spotting heavily or starting my period off very lightly. Otherwise I love this app and the fact you get so much without having to pay is amazing and I looked through a few apps cause as someone who doesn’t have much extra money right now it helps to be able to keep track of something that I can’t avoid and I know you could do it on paper but I mean with it being on your phone it’s so much more accessible and with you 24/7, if your like me, which means you can’t forget it.
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3 years ago, Diana969696
Oh the ads
—- Update after dev response —- Mainly the ads I was discussing are the ones that pop up (take up the whole screen) and are in a different language so I can’t exit out of them (no exit button) and it shows two option buttons (again in another language). Finally I took a chance and clicked a button and it exited out. My fear here is what site the other button would point to so I checked and it was fine. I’d say I prefer the ads that are in between sections of the calendar instead of the ones that pop up but I am guessing those bring more revenue. In any case, like the dev rightly said, I can just pay if I don’t want ads! ————— While I love the calendar, options to add notes, reminders about my period, the ads are just getting to be too much. I cannot exit out of them most times. I want to go in and check when I had my period or if I am ovulating and it’s a 5 minute ordeal unless I give up. I get the need for ads I do, and I have had this app for years, but the way they do ads has changed and it’s so disruptive and really makes the app unusable. Will seriously be considering going to back to just writing stuff down myself or another app.
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1 year ago, L123476446
Best free period tracker!
I’ve tried a lot of period trackers, and they either require a subscription or are filled with way too much extra “stuff”. This app is as straightforward and simple as you want it to be. You can customize it to include extra features like mood tracking, symptoms, and other details, or you can hide those features if you want a clean, straightforward interface. I love that you can customize it and change it up as your needs or preferences change. It even includes workouts via a self care feature that also has helpful articles, a place to write journal entries/notes, and even soundscapes. It’s really cool, and my favorite thing about it is that you can pay a flat fee to own it forever instead of paying for it for the rest of your life like so many other subscription based trackers. The free version is great and the ads are very quick and not obnoxious or inappropriate. I payed the 2.99 to remove the ads because I thought it was an amazing deal, but the free version is still great!
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2 years ago, tmclifton95$
Best Period Tracker & more
Ok so I’m doing something as a lady in porn recovery a book recommended trying a period tracking app for help with the fertile cycle aka ovulation and that’s because of the hormones are up in the ovulation cycle that can lead to temptation. I checked it out and put down my last period and even if you are just tracking your periods so you don’t ruin your underwear it shows the ovulation and let’s you know when your greatest chances of getting pregnant are. It has a symptom tracker, diary, water tracker, and you can put your pill reminders in it and so much more. I wish I could tell it I tied my tubes so I won’t be getting pregnant lol but can’t do that. You can select 3 options if you are trying to get pregnant, tracking period or pregnant I believe it’s so amazing!! If you orgasmed had protected or unprotected sex you can track that as well it’s so amazing!! I highly recommend this for anyone that’s old enough to have a period til menopause.
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5 months ago, Ellie.Y.C
Too many ads!
I like the amount of variety of symptoms you can choose from and input in your calendar! It is really good for doctors appointments to keep track of what goes on with our bodies on this app so we do not lose anything that maybe important for our doctor to know. It has done a good job at predicting my next cycle and I like that it allows me to click if it came late or early to adjust the period if the app was incorrect or my period became irregular. I don’t like that whenever I need to get on the app I get an ad as soon as I open it and if I want to add a note on my calendar I get another ad when I save the note, and the ads aren’t short either so I have to sit and wait just to go over the calendar. The app overall is a good app and it’s free so I understand the ads being there It’s just inconvenient that when I wanna ad one note I have to sit for like a minute before I can put it and then wait again after putting the note down. It’s every time without fail. Other than that though it’s great! I can’t remember everything that goes on w my body so having this app is very helpful.
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5 months ago, Herbessence
What is the difference between premium and normal features? The premium features should be listed as such separately from the regular features in the information about the app. It would be nice if we could sync whitings scale or other scales, logging weight on top of other information takes a lot of time, especially if you have other apps to log personal data like food and exercise etc. Automatically syncing data from health or a Bluetooth scale, like weight would make this more user friendly. I do like this app quite a bit, more so than others I’ve found. Mostly due to the basic easy to read at a glance, calendar format and a wide variety of symptoms to track. It’s pretty accurate with predictions for me. I gave three stars, minus two because there’s room for improvement to make it a more user friendly experience with data syncing and the premium is just too expensive and it’s not clear what is offered in premium opposed to regular. If I’m going to subscribe monthly to something at this price, it’s going to be feminine hygiene products not a tracker.
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1 year ago, PureDesire17
Love this app!
I used this app years ago and then switched (I can’t remember why). Well I just recently got it back and I love the user interface and the little animals are adorable. I was using Flo, but recently they’ve made most the app and features only available if you purchase a membership. This app is showing the same predictions as Flo after I entered my data which is good because Flo has always been accurate (as accurate as irregular periods can be!). The only thing I wish could be changed is the ability to track past pregnancies. You are able to mark when you had a positive test but there is no option to show that you were pregnant (that I have found anyway). When you activate pregnancy mode it only allows you to go back within a year or less. I wanted to mark when I was pregnant because otherwise there is a 9 month gap in my calendar that I fear may mess with predictability. If this feature is added I will happily mark this 5 stars! Other that that I’ve no complaints so far.
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2 years ago, jgcccgdvbdbycgd
You have to get this app!!!
I give this app a 10/10 review! It has helped me over the past 2 years track my period cycle I’m currently 13 and I started when I was 11. I didn’t rlly know the symptoms of my period or pretty much anything rlly, but this app showed me the symptoms that I could feel and my predicted cycle white was 9/10 times correct. I even introduced this app to my mom so that she could keep track of her cycle and jot down how she was feeling that day! So far she loves the app and is on it everyday when it’s “that time of the month.” I also love how there is a diary that you can share what you did that day or what you are feeling. I usually have mood swings A LOT about a week before my period so that’s when I track and keep track of my symptoms so that the next month I can show myself what I was feeling before! Anyways if this isn’t enough to convince you I don’t know that will!!! GET THE APP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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3 years ago, naixari
Faithful to this app. Could be improved.
I love this app compared to others. I’ve been using it over a year and it’s come a long way but I do feel like it’s lacking very basic functionality that would make it easier to use. My biggest pet peeve that prevents me from using it EVERY SINGLE DAY is that I can’t copy and paste the days. If I take my medicine everyday and I miss a few it’s a pain. I have to manually go in and select each one everyday. I don’t have the option of adding multiple pills unless it’s already set up in the settings that way. The options provided for birth control are confusing and there’s little room for variability. The graphics are a little lackluster. I wish they would add an actual mood calendar to the calendar and it can be color coded for how good the days are… not just icons. The notes are just blah. Idk. It’s not terrible. The information they’ve started providing is really nice. I’ve had 3 phones since I used this app and syncing is super easy. I really appreciate how far it’s come, I just think it has some more to go.
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1 year ago, Yayita1920
The best app
I have been using this application for 10 years and I like it because you can write down the days your period arrives and how you feel each day of your period. Also the application reminds you when you have to take your pills. You can also put it to remind you that you have to drink water, you put the hours and the time. You can also use it as a diary to write on each date the things you do. you can change the background. You can also use it to exercise. I recommend that you download it and use it to your advantage to remind you exactly when your period arrives. This application tells you how many days are left for the arrival of your period and notifies you when you are days late in your period. It tells you the days you ovulate and when you finish ovulating. Also if you are pregnant you can use it to control your maternity... download it and have fun.
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5 years ago, Emma Emma Emmy Em
Best period app ever
It has so many functions and it’s free! I downloaded this expecting it to help me keep track of my period, it’s been off lately and I want to be more organized in keeping track. As I explored the app I realized it can also help you keep track of sleep, water consumption, weight, symptoms and a lot more! I have problems with heartburn, dehydration, sleeping and weight and this app is perfect for me! Best part is, its all free! (From What ive seen, Ive had it for a week). It also lets you write in a “diary” where you can kept track of other stuff such as exercise and what food you eat. It also includes free stretches to help aid with cramps and to strengthen muscles. It also tells you what your chance of getting pregnant is (I don’t need this right now, but I will in the future!) There are some ads, more than I’d like, but I love the free features so much I won’t complain about the ads. This app is perfect. It won’t waste your time or your money
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3 years ago, NovaStar1224
Great app! Has served me well for 7 years.
This app was the first one I used when I started my period 7 years ago and although I have tried others since, I keep coming back to this one because I like it so much. It has a handy diary function to write in specifics of the day, a fairly comprehensive flow and symptoms chart, a nice mood chart, and a useful pill function that lets me input my own pills and track which days and how many doses I take (I use the diary to record exact mg and time stamps). There is even self care things now (new within the last few years) with tips for cramp relief, the where and why’s of acne, and a lot of stretching and workout routines. One thing I would really like to see in the future would be some kind of habit tracker for hygiene, etc. However, it’s a great app as it is and the developers have really done well with it! I highly recommend!
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2 years ago, LilMamaBear4
Only app I would recommend
Highly recommend it. If your like me and can’t always remember when your going to start even though you been doing this for years now it’s wonderful. Sends me alters when I have a few days left or start if I forget to put in when I start it reminds me and if I forget to log when I end it alerts me. But it’s not only just good to track your period if your trying to get pregnant tracking your period and gives you the best time to try to conceive as well it also allows you to log how heavy or light your flow is or your moods and more. I got my niece using it and my sister who is trying to conceive. And soon my daughter will be using this app. So highly recommend. I have been using this app and this app only I wanna say for about 10 years I think give out take a little. Easy to use and fun and cute
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6 years ago, EvMom7813
Great app, but room for improvement
I love having this app!! I had tried a few others when I first decided to track, but liked this one best. The longer you track, the more accurate the predictions are, which is great if you are tracking for Aunt Flo or Ovulation. The layout is pretty simple and relatively easy to use. However, there are a few things I wish the developers would improve on: 1. There are a few symptoms that are ill defined and therefore hard to utilize -it could use an info button to explain everything or easier wording. 2. You have the option to change the app to say “pregnant” and also an option to say “birth, abortion or miscarriage,” but nothing to separate these 3 VERY different cases or help the user to start tracking accurately (especially in the case of a miscarriage) or further information on self care, and it doesn’t show anything on the calendar. The 2nd part would be EXTREMELY helpful to many women.
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3 years ago, Xiasune
Excellent free app
I’m a person with a regular period, and when I first started out the lack of period education had me confused on how the cycle worked and wondering why I couldn’t count the days right. The app in a way helped me learn how to count my days and also taught me how long was my period, since the cycle may vary just a bit from person to person. Since it adjusts to your period cycle letting you know when to expect your next cycle if you’re regular like me. The app also has a forum option if you wish to ask others for advice, and let’s you input a wide variety of symptoms that we may feel during the period and out of it. Not to mention it also explains a bit of what the ovulation period is, another thing I had wished my education had covered. Would definitely recommend for any age looking for a free and accurate app.
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1 year ago, 🐻bee
This app has helped me with things like starting my first period it’s so easy to track it and this app gives you tips about if you have any illness or questions or pains and that’s what I like about it. It’s also really easy to use and it works perfectly I didn’t use this app for 2 months and it’s been hard for me tracking my period and asking questions if I am ok and when I got the app again it showed me I probably needed to go to the doctor which really helped me because I was worried 😁. This isn’t just a period app it helps you with a lot of issues and works for anyone and it doesn’t make you have to do things. Like pop ups that say please pay us or something which I love 💕 you also aren’t limited to just period tracking it can be or pregnancy and everything which is great 😊 and also I love this app
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7 months ago, its so peaceful
Add a Partner please!
I love you your app more than others I've tried because is detailed. I love that you added predictions, but I really need you to add the partner feature. I have pmdd, and it would help if an app that is so detailed about symptoms, could add a Partner where the app helps us connect in a different way. Sometimes when we are in our worse, our communications skills get affected and we don't talk. If the app adds a partner, we could add to our calendar and our partner can be discreetly notified about what he should do to help us both, go through what's coming. Whether is just monitoring symptoms for any reason, sexually connect, know one self and the partners difficult subjects to explain, educate for real, keep track, make suggestions based on, or getting pregnant! You have a beautiful brand, and very attention to detail, but we're missing that little piece. ☺️🫶 Thank you for this app.
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3 years ago, dancercheck2468
Best period app ever!
Ok so I really struggled tracking my period and to make sure I remember the date but it wasn’t that easy for me. When I saw this app I was like maybe it’s one of those apps that don’t work. But at the same time something was telling me that I have to get the app. So I downloaded it. And then at first it asked a few questions. And then when I started using the app for a few days. And it was able to TRACK MY PERIOD. when it said “your period comes in 2 days” it legit did come in 2 days! And now I’m in love with this app like it works legit. So if your out there who does not know how to track your period and struggle to remember your last date of your period, then I recommend this app because it’s meant for you. Literally a 10/11. Probably the first period app that works legit and my favorite.
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3 years ago, Casey Crumb
Extremely intrusive ads! Potential malware!
I don’t mind ads in free apps, but there has to be a limit to how intrusive they are. This app has ads that takes up the entire screen and forces you to watch a video that can lasts anywhere from 10 seconds to a few minutes. You can’t close it out until you watch the entire thing. The option to close the full screen ad doesn’t exist until after you’re forced to watch the video. There has been a few times that the ad isn’t even in English and you have no idea which button to hit in order to close it since one button will be what closes the ad, the second button takes you to a shady website. The button isn’t in English so I accidentally went to a shady website a few times. It really looks like malware. It is extremely intrusive. I don’t mind an ad that is somewhere in the app itself that doesn’t bother the user, but forcing you to watch a video ad is very annoying. This app makes me believe there might be potential malware hidden in here.
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1 year ago, Xenaliana
Simple To Use
I used this app when it first came out a few years ago on a different account. I forgot about it, until I searched for one recently. There’s some changes since I originally had it, like ads and memberships. The app itself is still free and easy to use. The ads are rare, I only see them when I first open the app and the membership is basically for more usage out of it. The free version is great in itself though. You track your menstrual cycle as you would manually and check off your symptoms and how intense they are. There’s also a “diary” section where you can write; either a description of pain or how your moods changed or how your overall day was. I think it’s great if your looking for an app that’s organized, simple and has great period tracking.
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5 years ago, tthomas8232
The best app, period!
This app has so much to offer. I have downloaded pretty much every period app there is to offer for free. Then I came across P.C a few months back. I use this app daily because it has so much more to offer than simply being a period tracker. With this last update I got this morning you guys have really impressed me. I went to enter my weight and seen the new set-up. My favorite part of the update is what you did with the “reports” menu. It’s so easy to navigate through the app now. The new front screen is great as well. I appreciate the fact that I can’t watch an add to get a pet instead of having to spend money. The reports area being updated was just a really great surprise. Lol Thank you for making such a great app. I also want to give thanks to all the people who help make it into the awesome app it is. 🤗
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10 months ago, Yolo75338636
Read before downloading🙏🙏🙏
This app is great and all, with not just tracking your period but so much more. But I’m not going into that bc that is what everyone is only talking about. The pros of this app. But what about the cons? You have to pay like $2 a MONTH and that adds up. You will forget all about the subscription fees and then one day you’ll finally remember and by then you have already paid $18 for an app you barely go on. But there’s more. They don’t even have clear way for you to cancel this thing. So now, you’re panicking bc you are spending money on something you can’t even get out of. There isn’t even a help section I can find which is very annoying. I don’t even think it’s that accurate for your period days, too. All I’m trying to say is be aware of what you are getting yourself into bc I haven’t even found a way to cancel yet. Thank you for reading this and pls fix!😢
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11 months ago, 0912lettersnumberz
This is actually amazing!
Okay so at first I was thinking this would cost money like all the others and that I would never find a free period tracker that actually worked and then I finally found this! Since I literally have no money and don’t have a job either since I’m to young this was a blessing to me. Also it letting you change what time your period starts and ends even if you have multiple a month like me and skip a month just shocks me since most apps won’t allow you to put another period on one month :D! It just really suits me and if anyone is reading this and has the same problems this is for you. It does have adds but not as many as you think (: also gives you a free diary and your able to choose symptoms of your period! Have a nice day
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4 months ago, Mrs. Apple H.
The lay out the options the tracking it’s great at tracking everything woman related and it’s perfect to keep track of everything especially when having to share it with you OB from symptoms to pain to spotting to ovulation to menstrual cycle even work out for cramping and just morning or daily routine honestly it’s really nice and you can personalize you in app experience they got little cute backgrounds and these little animals you can have on display so it’s very nice I hardly ever give 5 star but I did to this one. If you do the free version you do have to watch ads. Sometimes when getting things unlocked but I didn’t mind it because I was getting the full experience and not have to pay because I wouldn’t be able to afford it otherwise
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4 years ago, fake Just Jordan 33
Really like and for all ages !
This is the first out of a few apps that let 11years olds and whatever age I think!Most are 12and up or 13 and if you don’t lie than you can’t get in but this you can put down your real age !!Also l love it !!Its perfect for me and shows so much and shows questions that you might have get this app!!!i read them even though you aren’t supposed read them until your 13but l have questions and anyway it doesn’t matter because l didn’t put my email thing in so l can’t write a message ldk anyway. I love this app so much !!!!!!!!!Please get it if you do l will feel so happy because it’s one of the best period calendar ever and it’s free. Also some stuff in 13up area is inappropriate so beware if your young teen is there well l’m young but it wasn’t to bad for me
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5 years ago, EmerithV
Needs Improvement
The only reason why it did not get 5 stars is because I would love to track all my symptoms when I feel them. I am unable to do this with my apple watch. Other apps offer symptom logs and much better apple watch experience. Please fix this and I will keep the app and delete the other app that offers better apple watch experience and 0 ads for free. Please consider and fix. It needs to get done. This is the second time I write this and nothing has gotten done about it. I will not give 4 stars anymore. I will bring it down to 1 star. There are other apps ad free and with much better designs on apple watch, that are useful! Oh and not to mention that the images shown on the app store of the apple watch look nothing to the ones appearing on mine of how the app should look or work or options the app offers to use on apple watch.
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4 years ago, Mljatip
I like it :)
Tbh I had a different app that I refused to leave but it got taken off the App Store a few years back now? Tbh I have no idea cause time isn’t real but it feels like forever ago pink pad was the name but it was fine because I never deleted the app. But I just got a new phone so it never downloaded on here. So I tried out like 4 other apps (this one included) and by FAR this was my favorite. I love that it’s free obv. But also all the cute little extra stuff it has. It makes it fun and interactive but also functional. Like the main focus is when tf am I going to bleed. And then the other stuff. Cause sometimes you just need to know when Mother Nature gone barge in (if you are Régular if not we’ll maybe it’ll give you an idea??) But yeah 10/10 I would recommend. Plus it’s cute lol.
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5 years ago, amber.gates
Keeps getting better
I have been using this app for a few years now, and the multitude of useful features make it worth keeping. UI has been one aspect that I have struggled a little with in the past, not finding the feature I wanted without tapping in multiple places, and this is where I would say the developers have really begun to shine in the last few updates. This app doesn’t only track periods, but many other health items, and it interfaces with Apple Health. One feature improvement I would ask for is automated syncing to iCloud. I don’t remember to do this, and sometimes I don’t open the app for several days. I changed phones recently, and realized that I had missed a sync, luckily remembered enough to bridge the missing data.
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2 years ago, Mustabirah
Pretty disappointed in the new update
I don't know if it's because I transferred to iOS or it's their new update but, I now have to literally put all my period dates in the calendar manually. I've been using this app since I started menstruating and it has been a great help to know when I'll be around my period time. I just had to put my first day in the calendar and it would just assumingly according to my period cycle put my period ending date. Even though it wasn't always correct but helped me a lot. When my period ended late or early than the e stimated time then only would I had to go to the calendar and put the actual date there. But now I have to put up every single day of my period in the calendar,which is kinda annoying. I would love for them to check this problem and make the app like it was in the earlier days.
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4 years ago, Mishel Mandujano
Perfect for girls (EN ESPAÑOL)
I was looking for the right period app for my niece who just got her period at 9 years old. This app gave me everything I wanted. It is so cool that they thought about young girls who are just experiencing their first period. It is super appealing, easy to use, and can be customized to hide (sex and pregnancy). Thank you so much for thinking about young girls who might be struggling understanding menstrual periodos. Finally, did I mention it has a bunch of language options to choose from!!! Even SPANISH!!! Una aplicación para monitorear el periodo en español, super buena para niñas pequeñas que comienzan su periodo. Tiene animalitos y cosas lindas para las niñas y ayudarlas a entender su cuerpo. Esconde las funciones q hablan de embarazo, sexo, y foros. Lo cual es muy conveniente para niñas que comienzan a entender todo lo que es la menstruación. Un 10 para los creadores de esta app super merecidos los 2.99 para no anuncios. 💞😍
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4 years ago, J_Oforever
Love this app!
I would give this app a 5 star review because I LOVE it! However they recently changed how you back up the app and because such when my phone broke a while back I lost everything. I don’t love how they do their back ups anymore (you can still do it but I don’t know who they do it through anymore). I loved that you could back it up through an email so it was easily accessed and I knew how to restore the back up. Despite that I love how much detail you can track with this app. You have the option to pay for a premium account but without it it’s still an amazing app, and I love that! I’ve looked into other apps and I’ve yet to find one that does more or a better job and that I don’t have to pay a subscription for for all the nice features. This app has it all and I cannot recommend it enough!
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4 years ago, Ladherstar
Report/tracking does not account for miscarriage
I have been using this app since 2017 and generally I love it. It was very accurate in its predictions and report. I was able to become pregnant in June but miscarried several weeks later in August. The app has the feature to say that you’re pregnant and to say if you lost the pregnancy due to miscarriages. However the app has been completely off in terms of predicting my cycle since the last few months. It is taking my pregnancy time as an irregular cycle to recommend my ovulation and next period. I have started inputting the results from an at home ovulation test but it does not appear like the app is using this data to update my recommendations. I want to continue to use this app as it has served me well in the past but I ask that the developers perhaps update it.
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2 years ago, miss gurly
This app is amazing!! 🙏🥰🤗🤩
I never really thought about tracking my period until one of my friends told me about this app. Now I’m in love!!! It’s so helpful and convenient and sooo easy to use. And it’s completely free! Unlike popular apps like Flow, there’s no usage fee or subscription required. And, it’s specially made for you! You only have to fill out a few questions and it will automatically set up a whole schedule for you. On this app you can easily: #1: Track when your period is due to start and it will alert you when it’s almost time. #2: Provide information on when you will be most likely to conceive. Not helpful for me, since I am 14, but definitely helpful to many others. #3: Very useful to tracking pregnancy info and helpful tips. Also not very important to me, but it’s still good to have. #4: Gives you a space to journal how you feel/what symptoms you have/and overall how your day is going! So fun to go back and reflect on how you felt. So yeah! I definitely recommend Period Tracker for anyone who has a period (so every girl/woman alive ever). Hopefully this was helpful!
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4 years ago, bjg17
Not for birth control
This calendar was pretty good at predicting when my period would start most months. However do not rely on the “fertility window” function to tell you when you can have safe sex. I tried this and I am now pregnant, which I did not plan for. We were safe on all the days that the app rated as high and medium days, and even on 99% of days that were rated as “low chance” of getting pregnant. I say 99% because there was a day right on the edge that I remember wondering about. I do not have a history of high fertility. It took many years for me to conceive my only child who is now almost 5 years old. I started using this app about 260 days ago, so my partner and I could have unprotected sex during “safe” times of the month. I’m happy about the outcome, even if it wasn’t planned, But I felt I should let others know this is not a good form of birth control!
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1 year ago, meandyoubaby
Fantastic at tracking, but pro features are removing things.
NEW REVIEW: Well they did it!! They made the one useful thing on this app hidden behind a paywall, you can no longer use the calendar app. Every menstrual cycle tracker app has now hidden every good feature behind a paywall, it’s amazing how just to be a woman we have to pay for it. Don’t get this app. They’re turning into Flo. OLD REVIEW: I love this app, I switched to it after Flo made all of their options hidden behind a paywall. This app is great, I’ve found that it’s a fantastic tracker and it has a switch for if your period is unpredictable, not to mention all the symptoms you can track as well. I LOVED being able to see my calendar as a widget, but that’s now a premium feature. And premium is 50 dollars a year, as someone who’s already struggling with money this isn’t feasible. I’m hoping they don’t stick more features behind a paywall but if they do I’ll be moving on from this app as well.
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2 years ago, Tabz2800
Best app I could find
4 stars and not 5 because if push comes to shove, they have to give information to the authorities. 4 stars and not zero because every single period tracking app does. I compared this app to every tracker app I could find, I looked only at the apps with free versions. Any app that claims to be encrypted or says that they won’t divulge your information is lying unfortunately and in the fine print of every app I looked at, it included a clause that to maintain the company they must give information to authorities to comply with the law. In recent turning of Roe V Wade that is a dealbreaker for a lot of women. The fact of the matter is, if they want your information, they’ll get it. If you’re a woman in the United States, your information and privacy is not safe or protected under any US policy. If you want rights, get a citizenship in a country that allows women to be protected by constitutional law which in America they are not. At any rate. This app is extremely well laid out and very cute design wise. It has tons of tracking options and is specifically helpful for people with irregular periods like myself. I would recommend and good luck out there and stay safe.
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4 years ago, Narissa H.
Nice, but. . .
I have been a user of this period tracker app for awhile now. It is a nice app and has a lot of features. HOWEVER, I was considering upgrading since they have many new options. But as I scrolled through the upgrade options (facial, better sleep, weight loss, etc) I noticed that the avatars they use are not reflective of women of color. ALL of the avatars are white and as a Black woman I cannot see myself supporting an upgraded version of this app if I cannot select avatars that look like me. Hopefully this company will make some updates which reflect the modern times of 2020 and support the diversity of the women who support this app. If not, I may have to go with another app that has avatars that are diverse. Again, the app is nice, but if diversity is something that matters to you (which it should) this may not be the app for you unless they make some changes.
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2 months ago, Princess Laurene
Ads are too much
I been using this app since I was 16y/o now 24, I can say this app has been great up until the ADs.😅 I take several trips to the doctors and when they ask about my last menstrual, I get on the app…an AD has to pop up as I’m trying to get my health in order?? It’s just not right. If an emergency were to occur, it’s really important for me (& others of course) to know anything that’s inputted to be shared with a doctor. Especially if pregnant or going through treatments. Unfortunately, we have to wait until the AD of a game or whatever ends. I understand you have to make money for a free app but definitely needs to be another way to where the AD doesn't take the whole screen when its something as important as one’s health. Not a shopping AD nor game AD in the way of that. Thank you.
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3 years ago, GamerAvaMay2
Totally recommend!
This app is amazing for tracking your period! You can even fill out your symptoms and a reminder to drink water! When you fill in your symptoms on a certain day of your period, it will let you know when you may have them again on your next period. In the app there is also a calendar notes setting where you can write down what events you have. There is also a diary 📓setting where you can write anything you'd like in it. You can also control what your notifications say. The default is "your period starts in 2 days!" but if you would like it to be something else you can type in what you'd like it to say. All in all, amazing app recommend to anyone and everyone! -Satisfied User
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6 days ago, marry👄
Partner share needs work!
Loving this app so far. Download a bunch of other period tracking apps and this one was the best for my needs! It’s almost perfect but I wish the partner sharing setting lets them see a bit more. Partner sharing basically just gives them a countdown to your period and when you’re ovulating. The app claims that parter sharing will allow your partner to have a better understanding of your cycle but I don’t think that’s possible if they can’t see your emotions or body symptoms. This app should have an option to let the user decide what they would like to share with their partner. Really hope the developer consider adding this feature 🙏 because even though this app is my favorite cycle tracker, other apps do beat it when it comes to the parter sharing feature.
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3 weeks ago, It’s raining cats!
Amazing for periods and pregnancy’s
Hi I’m just a child but still this app is amazing for periods! It has all of these features you can check out and it tells u when and what stage ur on and when it will start! I completely recommend this because the last app I did said you had to be 13 and up FOR PERIODS but this you don’t even have to sign up for, get this app if you’re pregnant or plan to be to cuz it tells what days are more likely for you to get pregnant and if you are then it tells you over time when the baby is due and how big it is over time, for instance it could say you’re baby is as big as a melon or something I completely recommend this ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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3 months ago, Cubana80
My go to but….
I’ve been using this app for over 10 years and put my daughter on to it and she’s now 21. It’s easy to navigate and I love that it’s free and has a lot of useful information. The problem I have is the long drawn out ads. I understand the ads keep you going but it’s beyond ridiculous now. I’m trying to log my calendar and I have to wait for the ad to finish and let me be clear the ads are extremely long! In all honesty I still have this app only because the other ones cost too much for whatever reason and they are over the top about sex and sending me notifications telling me what I should be feeling at the moment which is quite invasive and dishonest. Well I guess I’m sticking with this one.
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8 months ago, redtiger89
This app comes in handy more ways than one!
I love this app!! I was on the depo shot for years and had decided to get off it because 1 i was have trouble loosing weight bc weight gain was a side effect and 2 the pandemic made me loose my health insurance so want able to continue. My friend recommended this app to where i can start tracking my periods to get them back on a regular track and to make sure I avoid the days im at high chance of getting pregnant. I can write notes on how each months visit is when i last had sex. It reminds me when ill be expecting my period or if im late. If your trying to conceive this app is perfect, if your already pregnant this app tracks that too.
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4 years ago, ninik09
Best app ever!
I have been using this app for 5 years what I love the most is the simplicity of it all... I back up all my data and every time I restore my data is there I have a very u scheduled period and I can see how many months it has been since the last one. Also I can type how I feel and things I do during my period like when I try a new cup I keep track of time and how bad the period is at those times... the pets are cute and each time I change is just the cutest... also is a breeze to click on symptoms and it reminds me everyday to take my medicine and I can log in my medicine intake as well... I mean this is a very well thought app for those of us that need to log in everything we do... enjoy it!
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6 years ago, Dalis16
Best period app ever.
This app is the best. Although it’s never accurate where it spot on hits the same day of my period . I always know it’s two days before or two days after the date this app gives me. It backs up into your iCloud or into your email so when you change phones or you restore your device all your info saves. I love how it has like kinda support groups where girls can talk about different things like pregnancy , ovulation , birth control. I also love how it lets you add your birth control method . I recently got my iud and it even adjusted my period calendar . I recommend this app to all my friends and family, my friend even uses it for her pregnancy . The best thanks for all your years of service ❤️.
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6 years ago, XxYarixX
Great app but a few bugs, Help!
I love the app, took about 2-3 months to calculate my mensural cycle perfectly. I love how we can choose different themes to decorate with when we’re bored. I love the options of wether or not we were intimate, the options of moods and emotions, etc. The adds are a little annoying but I can deal with that. This app is perfect! However, I haven’t been able to open the app for a few days now. Everything else on my phone works. I’ve restarted my phone multiple times, deleted and reinstall the app, etc and I still end up with the same results where the app will stay frozen on be opening page as if it’s loading and then it’ll close itself. Please help!
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3 years ago, Lyncalla71
Exceptional app
I’ve been using this app for years now, and I have never had any issues or glitches while using it. For me, I first used it for monthly cycle tracking,sexual activity,and self breast exams and my daily vitamin reminders. Since I am an older woman (49), with kids already grown, I didn't need to track my ovulation and fertile days etc.. when female menstruation issues arrived,I easy kept track of it,with this app. Since a Hysterectomy was my only option, I don’t need to track anything anymore. Except sexual activity and my vitamins, and or Meds, if any. I’ve really enjoyed using this app over the years, it’s easy to navigate and, to an extent, personalize. It would be nice to have an option to turn off the ovulation, chance of pregnancy and fertile days etc. For those of us that can’t get pregnant and don’t have a monthly cycle. I’ve yet to find an app that can do that, but I continue to use it because I like this app. There is turn off buttons for what I mentioned, but they are still on my app interface. Still a great app !
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3 years ago, Hudy101109
This app is very nice and easy!! They just ask you a couple of questions and then there you have it!! They keep track off your period, give you advice about your period and what’s best, there are exercising videos on how to be healthy and there are some cramp massage videos. There is so much more!! Everyday you can rate how good your day was you can even say how your day was and you can write a note and even more!! I would definitely recommend this app if you got your period or you are having trouble keeping track of your period like I do. There are sooo many things on this app that are helpful and there all easy!! If you have a period I would definitely recommend this app!!
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