Pilates Anytime Workouts

Health & Fitness
4.9 (7.5K)
25.8 MB
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Timeshift Media, Inc.
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1 year ago
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11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Pilates Anytime Workouts

4.87 out of 5
7.5K Ratings
5 years ago, ses48
Endless classes
I’ve been a member of Pilates Anytime for years now! I workout at home, so having endless classes to choose from is a must! The instructors are top notch from all over the world and all have their own unique style. I like the different styles of classes and levels. I can always find a class that suits my level/energy on that particular day. There’s new classes every week, so it NEVER gets boring! I feel like a kid again on my birthday whenever I log on and see a new class that I know I’m going to love! Lastly, ( I could go on for days), I love how Pilates feels as I’m getting older. I’ve been practicing for almost 20 years now. I’ll be 50 soon, but I truly believe that Pilates has helped to keep me strong. Thank you to everyone at Pilates Anytime!!❤️
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1 year ago, Gekkosan
Inexplicably missing in features
The content within the app is great. A huge number of lessons for students and teachers at every level, delivered clearly and in good video by excellent instructors. That part is really good and well worth the subscription cost. The app itself, however, for some inexplicable reason, has bugs and is missing critical features that make it frustrating to use. For starters, videos that have been watched in full should be automatically marked with an “eye” icon, so the user can easily identify those videos they have watched. This worked for a while, and it is not working anymore. It is not possible to write notes in the app - why not!?? It is a lot of hassle to have to go to the web app, find the class, and write notes there, when I have it open right there in the app! It is also not possible to modify the custom playlists in the app. Another incredibly shortsighted omission. I very much doubt that most users lug their computer around to watch the videos in their computer, when they can simply open the app and use their phone or tablet to watch the class. So doesn’t it make more sense to be able to rate, comment, keep track of, and categorize the lessons by playlist in the app? What am I missing here? Not having the features that are available in the web application within the mobile app is just sloppy, lazy programming.
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5 months ago, Freedance
Best Pilates App
I am a studio owner and have used Pilates Anytime for 10+ years. It has been an invaluable resource to support not only my teaching, but provides continued education, and enhances my personal workouts. With access to respected educators from around the world via workshops and classes, as well as their own regular team of dynamic, innovative, and friendly instructors…Pilates Anytime gives me all I need to feel successful and remain knowledgeable about movement, anatomy, and of course Pilates. It’s worth every penny!
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5 years ago, ariestheram
Too difficult to filter given price
I live how many videos there are. I love that I can input my preferences and have the app recommend videos for me. I do t live That I can’t exclude videos that are completely irrelevant to me. For instance, after inputting all preferences, the first recommendation I am given is part 3 of a 4 part series on a Pilates Birth, geared towards pregnant women. I’m 43 so I’m largely past childbearing age. Plus I’M A MAN, and I can’t exclude videos that are intended for a specific subset of women. It would also be lovely if on the AppleTv version of the app i could configure multiple users, as my wife and I both would like to easily use the app, switching between our preferences without having to reconfigure each time.
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2 years ago, violet1907
Love it
I’ve been with Pilates Anytime for a few years now and it’s really an important part of my life. The teachers are excellent. Overall I would like to see more diverse bodies represented among the instructors. They have made some improvements in this area in the past year and I hope they can increase those efforts even more vigorously moving forward. It makes a big difference in my experience. I highly recommend this platform.
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3 years ago, L-Dub15
Hands down, my favorite fitness app!
I’m a Pilates teacher and I love this app not only for my own workouts but to learn, there are so many tutorials and workshop style classes to choose from. The teachers bring a wide range of experience and expertise. It’s amazing. Thank you!! I may be biased because I’m a Pilates teacher but this is hands down the best fitness app out there with excellent instructors, fun classes and a ton of variety!
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11 months ago, djt60
Lots of choices
Wow. Lots to choose from, and the content is fairly well organized. The app itself is a bit clunky, though. Once you set up what you’d like in your cue or favorites, it would be great to be able to arrange the order. This would help me, anyway, as a beginner, to give instructors or classes a try, then set them up in the best order for me rather than scrolling through every time. Love the classes and variety (my first week) so far, don’t really like the app itself.
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7 years ago, NEGLCA
Great content, frustrating app
The teachers and classes are fabulous. I wish the classes were more easily searchable. They have very generic titles, and I can't even read the entire class description. When watching a video, it often locks up and won't play if I try to skip around even though when I drag to where I want to go there is a thumbnail with picture. There reeeeeally needs to be a 30 second or 15 second rewind button for missed cues or fast transitions. That being said, it is amazing to be able to learn from so many world class instructors.
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3 years ago, Alayalani
Best and most diverse teachers and formats!
As a professional moving away from a big city, (away from lots of great teachers to zero other teachers) I subscribed to PA to keep a strong personal practice. That was NINE YEARS ago and I’ve continued my subscription. The content is always fresh, the teachers are amazing and the diversity can appeal to any one. Pilates IS FOR EVERY BODY and there is something for everybody here
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12 months ago, hhfhfhfhvjg
Great workouts, so so on the app.
I really like the workouts, there are a lot of options on type, equipment, body parts, level, time. The search feature is terrible, it’s hard to narrow down, there are no filters to help sort. There’s also no place for the challenges, if you start one, it’s a long process to get to the next class each day. I wish the whole challenge would just go to the queue.
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6 years ago, greetings from SF
Hundreds of videos to choose from
So many videos to choose from, depending on my available time, exercise prop, and level I’m feeling, I can find a video to fit my needs that day. Also, you would not normally have access to this many world class instructors. Quality and quantity of videos to choose from are excellent!
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1 week ago, fcgardens
Great content but hard to navigate and find what I want
Love the wealth of pilates information and exercise in this app. But, it is incredibly difficult to find classical repertoire programs unless you search for a specific instructor. It would be great if you can create a couple of new filter features: 1. Option to select between classical, contemporary, and hybrid or by elder lineage 2. By equipment manufacturer - Balanced Body, Gratz, Peak Pilates, Stott, etc. since they all use different types of spring setup.
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3 years ago, Lemint
The workouts I need
PA is a great asset to any Pilates practitioner. From beginner to instructor. Everything you could possibly want to learn or practice is somewhere in the app. That noted, you have to find it! And for all of its virtues, the PA app is straight up lousy for organizing and searching. Say you’re a beginner interested in a 30 minute magic circle workout —- good luck finding it. Still, the richness of the content and the great instructors overcome these drawbacks. PA is highly recommended.
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2 years ago, Kimberly Lobert iTunes
20 year pilates!
I have been a Pilates Instructor for 20 years now. I find this app so useful in my teaching and personal practice. I would recommend it to both teachers and students. Really appreciate the constants hard work by everyone dealing with this app. This is an awesome app! So affordable and always learning something new!
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2 years ago, Sojohan
I love how this app is organized and great teachers too! Thank you Pilates anytime
I have been a subscriber to Pilatesanytime for at least a decade. The content is high quality from the video quality all the way through to the video content and teachers. I will subscribe forever, thank you pilatesanytime!!
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4 years ago, Rahmishulman
Such an amazing & inspiring resource
As first a student and now an instructor Pilates Anytime has been there all throughout the journey and I honestly feel it’s made me better in every aspect. Excellent teachers, at the same time highly educated while also creating motivation is what we all strive for and here it is, available 24/7. Thanks Pilates Anytime!
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1 year ago, Great for any skill level!
Great for beginners, lifers, and teachers
I’ve used PA since I bought my reformer during the pandemic. I’ve been able to learn from some of the best - Amy Havens, Mariska, John Garey and so many more! I began with this app as a beginner and I’ve started the BB instructor program. The only complaint is I wish there were more split pedal chair workouts!
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7 years ago, Kluasybear
Simple app
I think the app is very straightforward. I had no issues searching up classes or viewing them. I usually play Pilates Anytime videos on my TV however I liked the idea of having access on my phone as well. The app is straightforward and not much different from the websites interface.
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3 years ago, Movin Mama to 2.5
Great Variety
So many different teachers, classes, options, equipment. I’ve used the prenatal classes as prep for all 3 of my babies and for recovery after. Also love that I can pause when kids need something and return to the video.
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2 years ago, MarintheUSA
Great content but clunky app
The workouts are great but the app is so clunky and dated when compared to other fitness apps. I hate that you have to watch the video instead of follow along while listening to your own music. It’s hard to find classes and then you can’t star them/mark them for later so you’re constantly having to search for stuff. Just needs a huge redesign.
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5 years ago, sdhutch
Best At Home workouts!
I have been to Pilates classes for at least $80/month. For $20 a month, you get MORE than going to an actual studio! In the comfort of your home! I have been using this app for well over 6 months and have noticed a tremendous difference in my strength!
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2 years ago, Played on a Whim
Great classes
The videos are fantastic. Navigation leaves a little to be desired. It may only be the interface with my device, but I find it difficult to find the video I want, or to save my settings.
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3 years ago, Petite Little Me
In Shape and Instructor Sharp
I’ve been working out with Pilates Anytime for over 8 years. The classes have kept me in shape as I approach 70 years of age abd has kept me sharp with my clients. I can’t thank you enough. I workout myself nearly every morning.
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9 months ago, DelfinaSB
Love love Pilates Anytime!
I have trained privately with two trainers over the last 20 years. One was trained by Romana! During covid, i finally fulfilled my dream to have my own studio at home to self train. I love these instructors who keep me learning and challenged! They are all amazing. Thank you! C.J. Carnewal
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5 years ago, DingoFourNiner
Always my go to place
Pilates anytime has been so wonderful to try new classes. I love Pilates, I love movement! The instructors are the best and I feel privileged to be able to learn from them! Thank you for giving such wonderful content in such a beautiful environment.
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3 years ago, Whitley!
Excellent App
I love the flexibility of choosing a workout routine based on equipment you have available during your workout sessions. Always new content which keeps it fresh and exciting.
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2 months ago, ndIRISHlc
Mobile App issue
Maybe I’m still new to the app, but it seems hard to filter down to precise videos on the mobile app. I usually have my phone propped nearby and when I specify parameter, I often get nothing available. The content is great when it’s there though!
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4 years ago, Yoga Kathy
Compassion and Cogent
These are two words that describe in a nutshell how Pilates Anytime is my “ go to” as both a Teacher/Instructor and Student. They provide a sense of Community in a fast and quickly changing world. Thank you to the wonderful folks that bring us together. 💞
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5 years ago, Rosemary Atri
The best classes
I have always been a yoga practitioner, and when I started finding so amazing classes in your app, I felt that I had been missing a piece of a puzzle that now is complete, in terms of wellbeing, good posture and mobility. The best teachers.
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1 year ago, Queenie DS
Great classes
I love the classes and the variety. I always find the app and online platform a bit confusing and overwhelming to find a class that I want. Perhaps because of the organization or the sheer number of classes. Once i do find the right class, though, it’s great!
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4 years ago, Mom to B and A
High Quality Pilates!
High quality Pilates cuing and challenging workouts. Also love the search categories that help me find what I’m looking for. I wish I could stream to my tv, but the rest of the interface is great.
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2 years ago, Abninja1
I love the variety of class available to watch. The instructors are knowledgeable and give me new ideas for my classes and personal training sessions.
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6 years ago, Kate PT Virginia
Kate PT Virginia
Anytime Pilates app has been a wonderful source to help expand my Pilates knowledge of different ways to use the traditional exercises which has assisted with my ability to be more creative. Obviously organized by knowledgeable Pilates professionals!!
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4 years ago, MCV doc
Great variety
Love this app. I have a reformer at home so it’s nice to do new workouts without leaving my house. Also love the variety with the different Pilates props. You don’t get bored
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6 years ago, Only inga
Like a Personal trainer
Absolutely live this app. Started as beginner. Because of this app i fell in love with pilates. Perfect for someone like me-who works from home, is busy and travels a lot- so this is ideal “partner” to take anywhere with
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3 months ago, VeganBookBabe
Not crazy about the search function
I have no luck when searching videos for no-box reformer, level 1/2. I find them somehow so I know they exist but my “search comes up as no results”
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4 years ago, Do'in it
Highly recommended for students and teachers
Great application, wonderful service. So many different types of Pilates on display. I have learned so much!
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3 years ago, CC-LV
So thankful!!!!!!
I have really been enjoying this App! Lots of choices! Reasonable monthly pricing. Great for travel. I love how it’s available on all my devices.
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4 years ago, cookingsherri
My most used app!
This has helped me during the pandemic. I can stay mobile and in shape. Great instruction and cuing. Teachers are committed. Lots of options. Totally worth it.
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3 years ago, Holly Z. B.
Pilates at its best!
I love being able to take high quality classes in my own personal space. Thank you Pilates Anytime. What a valuable resource!
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5 years ago, SM Waller
You inspire me!
PA always has a fresh idea, a new move, a twist that makes my Pilates practice feel progressive and adventuresome! Sometimes taking me out of my comfort zone. 😬
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5 years ago, klemairephoto
I cannot say anything but wonderful things about this app, it’s my go to for all my Pilates needs. The teachers are fantastic.
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11 months ago, studiocatherineallen
Videos don’t zoom to fill screen on Iphone
Title says it all. Can’t drag a computer or iPad around everywhere and can’t follow videos on iPhone when they don’t zoom to fill the screen. Sticking with Flow with Mira even though I was hoping to find more challenging advanced coursework here.
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2 years ago, sam48m
Love this
This app in a great supplement to in person instruction! You can try different styles from reputable teachers.
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2 years ago, sk2sharon
Wunda chair
Instructor gave clear instruction and very upbeat. Her cues are effective and I could feel my abs working more than ever! Thanks
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5 years ago, Gottb
Just want Mat classes and I get more
It’s not a bad app but I don’t have anything but a Mat and when I filter to just mat classes I also get mat with foam rollers, weights, circle, bands etc. I would love if there was a filter for Just Mat
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3 years ago, Nik Schn
Favorite app
Love this app especially trying so many different instructors!
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4 years ago, mc hottie
Best Pilates AP... It’s basically complete!
The only Ap that you need for Pilates a full range of Pilates equipment based classes.. including the Reformer, Chair , Cadillac etc...
Show more
5 years ago, IronDragonfly Pilates
Pilates Anytime
As a Pilates instructor and former dancer I love all of the workouts to tutorials and educational videos. It keeps me fresh with ideas and how to cue clients as well as on top of the latest trends.
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6 years ago, Val -
Love this app..
this app is so helpful for people like me who travels a lot. I can do it in small spaces and choose a workout according to what props i have on that day..
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