Planet Fitness Workouts

Health & Fitness
4.8 (223.3K)
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Current version
Planet Fitness Holdings, LLC
Last update
4 weeks ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Planet Fitness Workouts

4.82 out of 5
223.3K Ratings
3 weeks ago, Babygurl5656
I just joined planet fitness and so far I have been treated with the most respect. I left workout anytime to come here since the lady up front at workout anytime was very rude to me and wouldn’t allow me to bring my daughter with me to workout. People want to go someone where they feel wanted , not somewhere where they feel like they aren’t welcome and told your back again , like what does it matter if someone comes back when their a member and haven’t done anything wrong. I could understand if I damaged something or did something but none of that have I done at workout anytime I have felt more welcome at Planet fitness then workout anytime. All I had to do yesterday was call planet fitness and the guy up front told me I was welcome to come with my daughter. The only suggestion I have for planet fitness is on the app putting a place for pictures to be took inside the app. To keep track of your progress. Other then that I have enjoyed it at planet fitness and was thankful to the staff who aloud me to be a guest before I joined!
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5 years ago, unhappy_jessa
Xcapture replacement is terrible
As a developer myself, I feel really bad reading the reviews here, as I can tell a lot of work was put into updating the design of this app. However the reason I came here is to see if anyone else had written about how to properly log a photo of my TREADMILL workout, literally the most common cardio machine at any gym. Unbelievably, my worst fear confirmed, the app no longer has the “treadmill” option, and they have also “discontinued” the snap a workout feature. That feature was so helpful for me tracking my fitness history. But ok, I have to enter manually now, I could reluctantly accept that. Then I learned that to add insult to injury, you can only use the “walking” option as the closest thing to treadmill, and there you can only log your speed and minutes, not your calories or incline. From reading reviews, I learned the super buried feature where if you enter your height and weight, it will calculate the calories, however without the incline info, the calculation is way off. Friends, I feel bad saying this but this update is *terrible* — I have never regretted updating an app on this level. The old version was ugly, but it was super useful, and i used it a lot for a very important part of my life. The new version is useless to me. I have been an iphone user since 2008, and I this is the first time i can remember writing any app review. I can only hope you can work quickly to restore needed features to your paying customers.
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3 months ago, DesiredPickle
Planet fitness is a total and utter scam!!! They make it impossible to cancel your subscription anytime when they advertise it! You don’t even get told that “You may have to do it in person it depends on your home gyms rules” until you go to cancel and there is zero way from your own account. How about PF corporate grows a pair and has oversight over every branch, because I know it’s not just me with this issue. I live an hour and some change away from my old gym and I can’t cancel my subscription unless I go in? Never ever going to sign up for PF again they absolutely ROB you of your money and should be put out of business, total scam and I regret ever going into their establishment and giving my credentials. Genuinely if I could give ZERO I would but I can’t which is less disappointing than their app/clubs. Completely pathetic company that tried to make every move you make a million plus one just to get something your way. It’s so simple, if I wanna cancel, I should be able to do it at the push of a button just like I did with signing up. That is lazy manufacturing and that’s hilarious as it is, being that the lazy effort on being able to cancel is on Planet Fitness’ side. I’m doing all the work to get it done and they can’t put in any effort or work into getting it made available. Sad sad sad pathetic company. I’ll be going to their number one competitor from now on.
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3 years ago, A nonymous76
Good, but could be better.
Having just joined Planet Fitness the other day I have now had the chance to take its app for a test run - so to speak. The app itself is very helpful for a complete newbie such as myself. I appreciate the ability to see how the different machines work via videos found by using QR codes on the machines. I also like the ability to use the membership card on the app - though, for some reason I’ve got to figure, it does not work on my Apple Watch. The one place I really, really hope the app developers fix is the ability to add the exercises one engages in. For example: today I did arm curls, bicep curls, front fly, chest press, hammer curl, and up/down/oblique abdominals. Not a single one of these exercise are listed in the “add an activity” section of the app. Why on earth wouldn’t you have each machine you have in your gym listed on your app? Please consider adding in the ability to list the machines used, the weights used, and time spent (or even reps) along with the other information you allow currently. Being able to add these is will more accurately reflect my actual “mins of exercise”, “activities this week”, “calories burned”, and “mins per active day”.
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3 years ago, Goodcupcakes
Terrible, terrible, terrible app
Where to start? I only use this app to check into the gym and since it isn’t optimized even the slightest it takes forever to even load and you have several screens to go through just to get to your “keychain” login. You can park furthest away in the parking lot and start trying to load the second you leave your car and it still won’t get to it by the time you reach the front desk. Also, it dumbly needs an internet connection where they could have made your keychain static and the approval for it go through the front desk computers when you scan in. But noooo it has to be the slow and hard way. And on top of that the terrible WiFi provided by the gym logs you out constantly so if you show up to start your workout and you get close enough to the gym to grab their WiFi it blocks your keychain from loading as you’re on the WiFi but not connected to the internet because you have to sign in over and over every single time. So you have to either forget their network every time or go through their even slower sign in process just to not be interrupted while trying to access your keychain all so you can just scan in to begin your workout. Ridiculous. Atrocious setup. Negative stars for this app and the geniuses who came up with this 1990 AOL level sign on process.
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10 months ago, Ethan6819
They have signs all over the store saying “Cancel Anytime!” That is a joke. I registered my account out of stat while at college and was a black card member. I went back home and just used the sign in sheet because I was “out of town”. I tried to cancel my membership at home right before vacation and the guy working had no idea how to help. He said he had no idea how to cancel it and had no idea how to transfer me to that location to cancel it. He called the manager and still couldn’t figure it out. He said to come back in the next day and cancel but I couldn’t because I was going on vacation and he then said to call my home gym and try to cancel. I called while on vacation and they guy at my home gym said he had no idea how to transfer me and couldn’t cancel my membership over the phone. So the pay period for the month I wanted to cancel passed and I was charged because of the ignorance of the workers. I am going back to college and tried to cancel again and the guy took forever to be able to transfer me then I finally was able to cancel. Such garbage when a company can’t figure out how to cancel an account and also refuses to let you cancel on the phone when you can sign up and give them money without ever needing to enter the stupid place. 0/10 please find anywhere else to go to the gym.
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2 months ago, @ExtreemeSportsBoxing+Fitness
Planet Fitness vs Extreme Sports Boxing + Fitness?
Really good equipment, great app really clean facility really good tanning beds although the standup bed has been down for too long at this location in Lexington, I believe this location is the smallest of the 4 locations in Lexington, only has one standup bed, however at the London, Kentucky Morristown Tennessee locations where I’ve been to before has several stand up beds. Great Hydro beds and massage chairs obviously my favorite thing the gym offers the massage bed. Clean bathroom, customer service is average, staff not too friendly definitely not outgoing to my standard but not rude or non responsive either. One employee an overnight employee definitely brings customer service down to a near bad review and was nearly tempted to put the place on a a negative social media blast as I felt, I was being targeted as someone by an employee who does not like me and I felt as if he did not appreciate my service as as a customer , and his customer service was very poor, and I felt like he was agitated by me every time I was around and wanted something like a drink or lay in the tanning bed or whatever. Overall 4 Star
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3 years ago, ThomasT2
Love the gym, but the app leaves a lot to be desired
Joined about 3 months ago. Super equipment, very clean, and never too crowded. Love the experience at the gym. Pros - it will track when I’ve checked into the gym - it will generate a QR that allows me to check in at the desk Cons - it wont display utilization of the PF black card amenities such as tanning booth, massage chairs, etc… - it wont record my activity without me manually entering the information - it doesn't interface with the Activity App on my iPhone (which will automatically record my activity) - the apple watch’s PF app functionality is worthless, doesn't work for check-in, and gives me a message to have my iPhone in close proximity. (I have a cellular enabled apple watch and would like to not have to carry my iPhone into the gym). I received the following response to this review. Really makes me wonder if the developer really knows what they are doing. There is a PF app that installs on my watch with the installation of the PF app on my iPhone. Dear THOMAS, Planet Fitness Holdings, LLC responded to your review of Planet Fitness Workouts Planet Fitness Holdings, LLC "Thank you for sharing this with us! Currently, our app does not support third peripherals such as the Apple Watch. We thank you for the feedback as we continue to grow the PF mobile app! "
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2 months ago, enJOiFeeT
Las Cruces, New Mexico
"I've been a member of Planet Fitness El Paseo now in Las Cruces, New Mexico for a while now, and I just can't rave enough about this gym! The staff is truly exceptional - they're energetic, friendly, and always go above and beyond to make sure you feel welcome and supported. From the moment you walk in, you're greeted with a smile and a high-energy vibe that's infectious! The team is incredibly cooperative and helpful, whether you're a fitness newbie or a seasoned pro. They take the time to understand your goals and offer personalized guidance and encouragement every step of the way. The gym itself is always clean, well-maintained, and equipped with top-notch equipment and amenities. What really sets this Planet Fitness apart, though, is the sense of community. The staff and members alike are so supportive and motivating - it's like working out with a big, happy family! If you're looking for a gym where you can feel at home and reach your fitness goals with ease, look no further than Planet Fitness El Paseo. Five stars and a huge thumbs up from this happy member!"
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5 months ago, Misses Hippy
Small town personal feel in the big city
What I really like about Planet fitness is that small town feel from the staff. I’ve had club memberships at those bigger fitness centers like Lifetime and you’re just a number. Planet fitness has a personal touch to it. They know me by name, they know when I come in to tan what tanning bed I prefer over all of the beds, they know my husband and care to ask how he is doing. Everyone has their own workout routine and unless you’re training for a special athletic event or boxing event event, you basically can do your workout at any fitness center. I don’t see any reason in paying the big box prices when you are just a number. I would like to think and feel that the people that see me day in day out really care about my health as well. you can’t get the personal touches Planet Fitness gives you at other health clubs unless your paying a personal trainer. that’s what I like about Planet fitness the best.
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4 months ago, youasked2022
It’s Good.
I just got a membership at planet fitness. The places that I go is pretty good it’s pretty clean. They could do a little bit better on their equipment and have it working more often. My first day there the machines that I wanted to use were not working. They have a ton of treadmills but not a lot of stair machines. They could get more weights I’ve been all three gyms in my area, and I feel this way about all of them. So other than having a good price they could get some more equipment. They could be open earlier and stay open later. And maintenance their machines more so they work. Other than that I mean it’s pretty good you can’t get better than $10 a month really.I feel like they should not have their annual fee, but I mean if it continues to have poor equipment every time that I go and machines being in use and not enough, then you know, I might cancel my membership before the annual fee in two months. we’ll see how I feel in in two months. I hope this helped. I know my review is a little wishy-washy but that’s how I feel.
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6 years ago, wanderinghobbit
Great gym/app
The app is great and a useful tool but what’s really impressive is the gym. I mean you gotta work out for the app to be useful right? Planet fitness is a great place to come work out. It’s got plenty of room so you have space to work out instead of feeling cramped. They have a huge amount of cardio machines so you’re never waiting for one to free up, which is one of my favorite parts. They have this cool area that’s kinda for people who aren’t sure what to do during a workout, you just follow the routine and you’re set. It’s also great for people who don’t have a lot of time to workout. My favorite part is the “ Black Card Spa” area. There are massage chairs and beds, a tanning booth, and also body enhancement machines. Cool part of being a black card member is that you’re able to bring anyone at any time for free, and it’s still cheaper than any other gym around. ($20 a month for black card, plus they’re always having specials.) Definitely recommended for anyone looking for a chill and cheap gym.
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2 years ago, Ayannah JACKSON
I will NEVER EVER GET ANOTHER MEMBERSHIP HERE AGAIN, I got a membership in June only went for that month and once again into the next month I paid for those months I went I then got a charge for august and I didn’t go that months so I went in asked for the charge for August to be waived since I haven’t been there since the guy working that day said he could waive it for me because I haven’t been going that month I then had him put the account on hold, fast forward to March and April of 2022 I get a notification that planet fitness wanted to charge my card $220 for these past months from September to the present month and IM VERY UPSET because I haven’t been to the gym since June of last year also the membership was on hold WHY ON EARTH WOULD I GIVE THIS COMPANY $220 when it was supposed to be on hold since September WHAT A SCAM THIS COMPANY IS then I go to the gym last week to see if I could get the charges waived since I haven’t been there since July and he said I couldn’t cancel the membership until the balance was down WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS COMPANY TO SCAM PEOPLE THAT ARE TRYING TO BETTER THEMSELVES AT THE GYM AND OH GOD FORBID THEY DONT GO BECAUSE YOU THINK ITS OKAY TO CHARGE THEM REGARDLESS IF THEY DO OR DONT GO THAT MONTH, YOU WILL NOT BE GETTING $220 FROM ME , RIDICULOUS
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5 months ago, gp is best
Great App
The Planet Fitness app is a stellar companion for fitness enthusiasts. With its user-friendly interface and robust features, it seamlessly integrates into your wellness journey. The app offers a diverse range of workout routines catering to various fitness levels, ensuring there's something for everyone. The video tutorials are informative and easy to follow, making it a valuable resource for both beginners and seasoned gym-goers. Tracking progress is a breeze with the app's intuitive tools for logging workouts, setting goals, and monitoring achievements. The inclusion of a user-friendly nutrition section adds an extra layer of support for those aiming to maintain a balanced lifestyle. Moreover, the app's community feature fosters a sense of camaraderie, connecting users with shared fitness goals. In summary, the Planet Fitness app stands out for its accessibility, comprehensive content, and community-building features, making it an indispensable tool for anyone committed to a healthier lifestyle.
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5 years ago, dwip4
Great App and Great Fitness Club
Totally impressed with the equipment and the staff at Planet Fitness in Avon, OH. All the staff is very friendly and will answer any questions I have. Kevin M, the trainer is very knowledgeable on what types of exercises would be best for each person he meets. He has a great attitude and has given me so many good tips about the equipment. The Design Your Own Program is another added benefit which allows Kevin to customize the workout to your own goals. I didn’t know what to expect when I signed up. So glad I did now! The app (using iPhone) not only stores your card so you don’t have to carry it with you, but it makes it very easy to see and schedule all the classes available. An added benefit is that it lets you put the class in your calendar after signing up. It’s also nice to check your schedule later to see what you have signed up to take.
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5 years ago, rondave72
Works well
I like this app because it fits the gym. It doesn’t fit every gym, nor ever kind of training. It fits the judgement free zone, mostly machine gym and the kind of lifting that goes on there. It has videos built in to explain things. It lets you log and record your progress. You can take a picture of the elliptical, treadmill, or bike screen and it will log the numbers for you. You can post your workouts to social media and link it to a variety of other apps. Post a picture to their success stories section and you might win a TV. I have my membership card linked to it, so it scans from the app and I don’t have to carry the card. This is handy for everything from buying a drink to reserving a massage chair. The reason I gave it 4 stars was Planet Fitness’s 30 Minute Express workout. I like the workout. The app has videos for all of it. The app won’t log the workout. You can select “yard work” as an exercise, but you can’t select Planet Fitness’s proprietary workout on their app. That’s just annoying.
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4 years ago, delanezz
Lost function for form
App looks really nice but they dropped the ability to effectively track workouts. I loved the xCaputure feature as it made logging information from treadmills and other PF equipment a snap. If you had to manually input the work out it was no real issue. With the current app workout tracking has effectively been eliminated. Not sure if that is the intent or if they are planning on rolling out updates as the new platform rolls out? The lack of clarity of whats to come makes it feel like the users are not apart of the cycle of development. Its basically come back time to time to see what we have done and hope you figure how to make it work. I need the app now for one reason, to show my membership. Everything else is just to attract people into the membership, no one is working out to the app, ever. If you could help track fitness progress as previously had with the clunky versions then there would be some value but it has been lost with the updates. So sit up and bring your pencil and log book, we are back to the basics people.
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5 years ago, Cliffwood66
Pretty Useless
I agree with the August 2019 developer-reviewer who complained about the loss of features. The treadmill is missing. We don’t need a general exercise app recording our walking, biking, karate times and calorie burns. We need each device in the PF gym and the ability to track our chair settings, weights, repetitions, calories, times, etc, etc. I use the elliptical trainer, from which the app allows me to record only my time and calories burned. Hills, fat burn, levels, etc? Nope. I do weight machines and can’t track any of that. Did I lift 50 lbs last week? Should I raise the weight to 60 lbs, but I might have already done that? What’s the seat setting again? It’s nice that you’ve provided instructional videos for workouts. Really it is. And the app is pretty. But it should support your customers in their gym routines first and foremost. Not exercise mat routines I could do at home. Your gyms should also have functional wifi. I often can’t record my exercises in the app because the wifi signal is unavailable. Mind you I have been listening to online music but the PF app fails to connect. What’s up with that? I’m disappointed with your app. I don’t see that you’ve fixed anything since August btw.
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1 year ago, prucc
Planet fitness
I love the gym here, but the app is useless to me. The key tag for the Apple Watch dose not work at all and within the app should go with the workout you do for a plan. It would be nice to open the app say I want to increase muscle index, loose weight, or even yoga and automatically come up with a schedule of how many reps weight and set goals without watching a video, according to your weight height and level you choose. At home or in gym and again with the watch please include this to Apple Watch with time frames and plans it would be much better then a video that you can barely see when your at the gym all you have is a 2x5” screen nothing to connect too and a million other ppl around. Also like Dunkin’ Donuts or gas stations apps should be points to encourage more time at the gym for a free shirt towels drinks etc instead of discounts only to a lot of places most people don’t care for. Setting goals and point system would be nice
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3 years ago, ATBBTA
Not an fan!!
I purchase two memberships. Both are associated with my email address. The app can not handle this. The app also can not handle if you need to change your email. Tech support can not figure out how to fix this. I have spent hours, many emails and phone calls to no avail. Their advice at this point is, “Just make a new email”. I keep getting emails from their PFmobilesupport with the heading, “We are all good”. NO WE ARE NOT ALL GOOD!! We are FAR from good. Started trying to trouble shoot just after THANKSGIVING. No resolution. Absolutely unbelievable. Not a fan. I do like the gym. They do an incredible job keeping the gym immaculate. Kudos to the in-person staff for that! Just looked back at the developer response for about 20 reviews.,. It’s a “bot” or automated reply response. EXACT Same response for each review. Don’t bother sending an email asking your clients to rate the app if you don’t have the time or the interest in the responses. Adding a canned “Developer response” Is disrespectful to the people that actually took the time to respond to YOUR EMAIL REQUEST. I’d rather see no response than a generic call your club or contact the app team with any concerns.
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6 years ago, nvannello
App Doesn't Work
I am going to copy someone else's review because it perfectly describes the problem: The new version iPhone app is not working as it has changed the sign in requirements. The web site, which holds your information and billing info plus email account, has the two sign on blocks as “user name” and “password”. The email address is not part of the sign in procedure per web. The app on the other hand has the blocks as “email” and “ password”. Your user name is not you email account. The app is unable to sign you on as it does not accept your user name in the email box. If you do have an email address and you enter that, app fails to log on as it seems to compare the email address to your user name which in most cases are not the same. I tried several work around ideas which all failed. Deleted the app and reinstalled app. No go! Sent support email on this topic and a recorded “ canned” email returned without any reference to the issue. The only way to get around this programming error is to use another email account and create a new sign on. I don’t want to have to get another email account just for this app. Fix it! George
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3 years ago, toppdaddy4you
Covid prevention
For the most part the cleaning of equipment and surroundings is well maintained. However... the mask enforcement is lax. I held off posting this as I have informed management of non maskers walking and working out on 3 occasions and left. I’m 71 and had canceled my membership when covid started and quarantined at home for months. I needed to get back to working out and have survived by masking, washing frequently and avoiding crowds. I go in mid afternoon so I can avoid any close contact and disinfect constantly. I have no problem with those that lower their mask while biking or treadmill because I can avoid them. In the past when there were several non-maskers working out near me I simply left! Yesterday, again I moved to other areas while an unmasked man continually came close to where I had isolated myself. We are in a pandemic people! I need to work out too! As well as employees are doing on the disinfecting, they are failing on mask requirements! Are other gyms allowing people to not wear masks???
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4 years ago, Milly_88
Simple, works well.
My only wish is that there would be a way to create and save workouts you currently are doing and workouts you are planning to build yourself into later. It would be nice to simply select the machines and various workouts listed in the workout section and create a list, along with the sets and repetition rages. For someone like me, until I learn all of the gym equipment by heart, it helps to have a visual guide as to what order or what machine I am supposed to be using, as I have a specific plan based on my medical conditions, and can’t remember the equipment very well. It limits my ability to utilize just any machine. A feature like that would really help me keep a routine with what I am doing and plan out with a trainer what changes I should graduate into down the road. Please, please, PLEASE create features like this so I can reference a plan directly on my phone. I do love the videos along with the workouts that show you how to properly use the equipment.
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2 years ago, Allyhenicknamed
Absolutely Ridiculous. [My opinion!]
Planet fitness is well..not telling the truth to some people. Basically, it takes more money then said out of some peoples account. KEEP DOING THIS AND THE PERSON WILL GET BROKE. I signed up for it and they said it’s 10$ a month. But right after the month, they took out 50$. Yup. 50. I was confused about that and went to tell them that they took out more then said and they said that “The machine did something wrong we will fix it.” They didn’t. I’ll get to that part soon. Anyways, they tried to bribe me with saying the next month is free. I agreed and told them to fix it up and take the right money out. The month after they took out 54 DOLLARS. I was so mad and went to planet fitness and told them “You guys took out 54$!” And they said it was a late fee. What kind of late fee? They don’t need and do “Late Fees”. I was so mad and broke out. I yelled at them and they were lying so I signed out. I told them if you guys take out more money, I’ll literally come back and you guys won’t have anything to say. After all I signed out. That’s it.. that was why I voted 1 star. They deserve 1 star.
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2 years ago, Mstori880
App failed to tell me
The app failed to tell me my payment was not good enough; in fact, it accepted the payment. They charged my credit card $11 to get started and had me sign up with bank account, didn’t deny the online bank at the time, said everything was good to go. We go in and they tell me I need to open up another bank account because they don’t like the one we are using. Then proceed to tell me I may be responsible for the annual fee - granted we have NEVER used their gym equipment! Even our 11 yr old said, “oh, so they basically scammed you!” YUP!! If I get charged, I will contact everyone I can to hold them accountable for this scam they are running. They should have never accepted ANY payment if they didn’t want me to use that bank! We will NEVER return and will be sharing our experience with over 70,000 TikTok followers as well. Shame on them for their poor business practices. Run far away from this one!
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12 months ago, Consider the Purpose
Devs fail to understand why people buy an Apple Watch
In order to scan your club pass, you must have your watch in range of your phone. Doesn’t matter if your Apple Watch is cellular capable, it will either (in order of most common): (a) crash upon opening, (b) spin the gears endlessly until an “Error occurred while performing the task.” message appears, or (c) come up with an error message that tells you to login to the app on your phone. Note: C has only appeared once in my two weeks of attempting to use this app on my Apple Watch. If devs stopped eating their free pizza and bagels and hopped on a treadmill. They might have a brief thought about user experience: “Hey, this clunky phone is annoying to run with. If only there was a product that allowed me to utilize apps from my phone. Maybe it could even track my heart rate, log my work outs, and contain my gym membership. That way I could leave my phone at home and still hit the gym with access to my membership, music, etc.” I’ll be happy to amend this review when cellular capable watches can utilize the service.
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1 year ago, fallingmemberships
Expand the gym hours
Every since Covid hit the gym closes at 10:00 p.m. when I bought my membership it was open all night. Then they lied saying that gym was only closed early due to Covid cleaning. Then the next lie was they can’t get staff for overnight. Six people have tried applying for overnight positions but, never got a call for an interview and the gym remains closed. I find it hard to get to the gym in time to get a good workout in. I don’t know why the managers lie saying they are going to open up later but, never do. They don’t even expand their hours until midnight. They consistently kick people out at 10:00 every night and at 10:05 every employee is walking out the door. But, they lead you to believe that they care about your workout and tell me about their one Kansas City location that is 24 hours but, it’s 38 minute drive one way. I’m about to cancel and go to Genesis which is open until midnight for five dollars more and actually cares.
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2 years ago, Dan I'd Rather
Needs to be better
Ok lets start with what this app absolutely must be able to do for five star rating. You go use a machine for 30 minutes and at the end it tells you all your stats. You should be able to use the scanner with the app and have all that info loaded immediately. PF needs a more modern app with serious tracking not just an afterthought. Manually entering info is 1980 working out and most things you donat PF aren’t listed anyway. Workout, quickly scan the machine, automatically updated in the app. That feature alone will drive more business to the gym because people love seeing instant results. What it does well? The workouts are nice to have especially for beginners. It gives you a guideline instead of wandering around just randomly trying machines. Checking in is easy. Crowd level is nice. Check on your membership status etc. I mean there is use for the app but it is average at best. Let’s take it next level.
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5 years ago, Gamesterssss
New member
I recently joined Planet Fitness after being with LA Fitness for 6 years. I left due to machine conditions and machine availability. I am pleased so far with PF, they gym smells nice, equipment diversity and availability is right where I feel acceptable. Staff is friendly, they are not trying to push you to buy anything like LA Fitness. There are trash cans, cleaning spray and wipes available every few steps and seems like people actually clean machines after themselves, something I never saw before. I enjoy the 30- minutes express workout station. The app has videos showing you how to use every machine in there and the machine also has pictures to show you how to use it. There is a hydro machine, massage machine, tan machine, and another machine for their members. There is a lounge area. The gym has wifi. I can go on and on as so to why I love this gym, I am truly pleased with the gym.
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5 years ago, RunJEH
Disappointing Update
The app is saturated with workout instructions, and videos now. The calendar of events tab might be useful to people looking for classes to participate in but what I’m really annoyed about is the fitness log. They took the fitness log from the previous version and downgraded it. No more uploaded pictures of the machine you used. The app only wants to know how long you were on the machine and at what intensity you feel you worked. A couple exercises allow you to input a more realistic metric here (like miles per hour for running) but most are vague and useless in terms of calculating any kind of calorie burn or whatever other goal you have set for yourself. Until they actually take their app seriously, I recommend using something else. Suggestions for improvement, CAPTURE THE METRICS FROM THE MACHINE, no brainer right? People aren’t coming to Planet Fitness to play lacrosse or ice hockey (they are in the list of activities, not kidding) so remove the fluff from your list. Lastly, add a general food diary. It doesn’t have to be super complicated with a massive collection of foods to search, just make it so foods can be added and saved to be easily used again later. People going to the gym often pay attention to this stuff and are willing to eat the same things regularly to see the gains they want. You get 2 stars because 1. you made an app which means you care and 2. you at least attempt to track fitness—well done. Now do it better.
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10 months ago, nnmihh
Go elsewhere
First let me say I haven’t had any issues with this app, works fine. The gym (if you can call it that) is another story. This whole judgment free zone is laughable. People go to a gym to get in shape and develop muscle. If I happen to look better than a majority of the people in there and that is intimidating to you, that’s your problem. Work out harder! Planet fitness is merely a place to hang out and pretend your working out. What I find really funny is the training coaches in the app. In order to look like the Main guy in their introduction video you would need to conduct workouts that would violate their policies. Heaven forbid you start pushing some weight that makes you grunt….. violation. Drop a weight at the end of a set….. violation. I even had a guest that was asked to leave because of his muscular build. They said he would be intimidating to member’s. If your simply liking for a place to socialize and get a tan okay. Are you serious about getting fit and looking good? Go somewhere else
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2 years ago, holland0285
Okay at best
Joined the other the black card membership because they had a promotion, their rates beat everything around me and it was the closest location to my house. I signed up without having the in person tour so I was surprised when I found out there was no bench press or squat racks or any free bar weights of any kind really. I also had problems with the gym being packed most of the time with the exceptions of Friday nights and weekends which every gym usually empties out on. The final thing that got me is that I found out I have access to a program called active fit through USAA because I’m a service member. That plan allows my to pick 5 gyms for $25 a month so I went with that and needed to cancel my member ship as I would still have planet fitness through the new program. I searched the app and searched online and couldn’t find any way to cancel. I called and was told I would have to come in to switch my membership to the active fit account or to cancel. I find it very annoying that I can sign up online at home but have to come into the store in person to cancel. I see that as shady tactics designed to prevent you from canceling or to make it difficult so they get you for a few more billing cycles. Either way I think I’ll be moving forward with a different gym and I encourage everyone else to do the same. I will admit, if all you are interested in is cardio, that seemed to be the one thing planet fitness excelled at. Other than that, seek fitness elsewhere.
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6 years ago, BikerDoc1
Unable to sign on!
The new version iPhone app is not working as it has changed the sign in requirements. The web site, which holds your information and billing info plus email account, has the two sign on blocks as “user name” and “password”. The email address is not part of the sign in procedure per web. The app on the other hand has the blocks as “email” and “ password”. Your user name is not you email account. The app is unable to sign you on as it does not accept your user name in the email box. If you do have an email address and you enter that, app fails to log on as it seems to compare the email address to your user name which in most cases are not the same. I tried several work around ideas which all failed. Deleted the app and reinstalled app. No go! Sent support email on this topic and a recorded “ canned” email returned without any reference to the issue. The only way to get around this programming error is to use another email account and create a new sign on. I don’t want to have to get another email account just for this app. Fix it! George
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3 months ago, terryh321
Lake Wylie Planet Fitness
It’s new and clean which is nice! The staff are very helpful and all seem happy and that is a big plus. I like that it’s open 24 hours a day through the week because sometimes I can’t sleep because of a back problem I have but if it gets too bad I can go to my home gym just a few minutes drive for me and get on the hydro massage table or massage chair and go home and get a good nights sleep. I’m glad I joined and feel a little better everyday that I go and plan on making it a long relationship. I’m 60 years cold and this is the first gym I’ve joined and all I can say is I wish I’d joined years ago. If your on the fence about joining my advice is go for it I think you’ll be glad you did and if you don’t like it you don’t lose a fortune to find out. Onward upward.
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4 months ago, deblaur
Hydrobed & fan issue
I have been a black card member at Rooney Ranch Planet Fitness since 2018. I have used the 30 minute circuit training room since being a member. The small one & only fan in the area marginally worked for years but is barely pushing air now,I can hardly hear it too. I think the fan is failing and needs to be replaced. I believe it is the same fan that has been there since Rooney Ranch opened. Also I have been using the hydrobed #7 since being a member twice a week. In the past week the machine has overheated and turned off in the middle of my 10 minute massage stating “overheated”. I mentioned to the staff last week and then mentioned it today when it stopped 4 minutes short of my 10 minute use. The staff states that the room is to small”. The bed & room have not changed since I have been coming so I don’t believe that is the issue. The bed needs to be serviced or replaced.
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5 years ago, Joshsa89
WARNING: Don’t update KEEP the current version
I completely regret updating to the newest version. Wish there was an option to go back to previous version. I was suckered in by the constant advertising of the new version at Planet Fitness TV. It looked nicer and supposedly better options. ONE it looks ok. TWO new version doesn’t let u sign on w finger print like the old version u have to manually sign in and out each time so 5 years ago! THREE and the one that bothers me the most is the old version had a section to show all ur check-ins this one does not. I thought updating meant keeping the options from the older version and just adding more options to the newer version. NOPE! So if u like ur old version DON’T UPDATE 😐 ~~~~~~~~UPDATE BELOW~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Received response from developer that we can always sign on online to get all the info they took away w/this disastrous update. What kind of response is that! That doesn’t help at all. The point of an APP is to have all the information you can get from online AND that info WAS available on the older version. 🙄😒
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2 months ago, Golfteach
Check in won’t work
I was excited about checking in with my phone instead of using the key tag, that is, until it didn’t work. I keep getting the “well, this is awkward” error message no matter how many times I link my account. It worked only 1 day after the initial sign up and then went back to being…useless. I was told that many Optum members are experiencing the same issue. I have complained twice within the app but it hasn’t seemed to be very effective. If this app check in worked for me, I would give it a higher rating. UPDATE: I received a response from the developer 2 months later and my concern was not addressed in the response. I never mentioned the Apple Watch check in and that’s what their response was about. Duh! Meanwhile, the check in feature on my iPhone is now working. I happened to stumble upon it without any notification from the developer. Gee thanks.
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3 months ago, Kreaker71
Went to the judgment free zone and my muscles are judging me
So, I went to Planet Fitness yesterday. Big decision, you know? Left the couch behind, embraced the neon lights, the whole shebang. Worked up a sweat, did some stuff with weights that vaguely resembled exercise. Felt like a total boss. Woke up this morning feeling like a bag of hammers got dropped on me. Every muscle is screaming in a language I don't understand. Is this normal? Like, a good, "I-worked-out-good" sore? Or is this some kind of gym punishment my body is enacting for making it do jumping jacks? Now I'm here at work, Googling "muscle pain after gym, is it Covid?" because Google knows everything, right? Probably just sore, but man, this is intense. Maybe next time I'll stick with the complimentary purple water cooler cups and admire everyone else's impressive grunting techniques.
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4 years ago, ZeroEthnol4me
My Personal Review of PF in Grand Haven, MI.
I joined PF a couple weeks ago. I went there a few times to exercise/workout. Then came the Corona thingy and now everything in life changes overnight. I fully understand that PF is doing the correct thing until all this blows over. Now, I am quite impressed with Planet Fitness and all the newer equipment and environment within! I am however wondering why there is no scale to weigh yourself on? I have been a fitness club member at other gyms around the USA and they all had a body weight scale. I do like to weigh myself on an accurate scale other than the junk we have in our bathrooms at home. Therefore, only 4 stars because I want a scale at my PF. I read the information about responsibility of one self and that of PF. I am just wondering though if the staff members are trained in CPR? I was a trainer years ago for Gold Gym in Los Angeles, CA. It was mandatory to be current on your CPR certification.
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2 years ago, Dross ;)
Awesome, but needs one change.
I’m a lifelong athlete, but a newbie to gyms. Planet Fitness has been a fantastic experience and has motivated me to continue my fitness journey, but the app could use a tweak. My only complaint is that the Activity Tracker does not have the actual gym equipment and gym exercises listed, apart from cardio. For a perfect app and experience, I would appreciate if the developers would consider adding the machine workouts to the list of activities. This would create a more accurate “mins of exercise,” and would more accurately account for burned calories. Personally, I know that I would be much more motivated to work out and hit burned calorie goals if the app registered every available gym machine. Overall, the app and gym experience are fantastic, but one change in the app would create a huge difference, and earn a perfect five star review.
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2 years ago, Cyberpumpkin
Worst update EVER
Prior to the update the user interface for tracking your personal progress was the first thing you saw…it was presented on a sort of meter/chart…now its the last thing you see when you open the app and they removed the progress/goal meter…also the way the app is averaging out your progress is so inaccurate almost as if they didn’t account for the average amount of recommended sleep people NEED. Like they are averaging everything out based on a 24 hour period with no sleep…wth? I go to the gym every day for over 60 minutes plus at a time…I'm sure to record my own data accurately…yet some how i average out at 20 minutes of exercise a day…prior to the update I averaged 55 minutes a day with no change in my routine..make it make sense!
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4 years ago, MNordic
Last update bugs? (Updated)
(Update to state that it seemed my phone was the problem. I replaced the phone today, reloaded apps etc, and the app is working as it did previously.) Updated the app before I went to the gym at 4am to avoid the crowds. Once there, I could not enter activities, and once at the workout screen, could not leave it without closing the app for awhile. I restarted iPhone twice, then deleted and re-uploaded app from App Store. Still not working. I have generally really appreciated the app for what it does do, although it’s definitely lacking. Cannot track weights progression. Running speeds are only measured as whole numbers—no decimal—so also no tracking progression or intensity. No PF30 tracking or HIIT or other circuit or interval training tracking. And the crowd meter baffles me... It seems like one tick line equals around 5 people??
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1 year ago, Let’s show light
App will not work
I have been a PF member for many years. In general, I have had good experiences until the last year. The app quick working . I have tried every tip online, I have a new phone, new everything and the app still will not work. The problem that creates for me is about to force me to cancel my membership as I’m getting “bullied” at the gym because my app won’t work. The front desk staff has been less than nice regarding this. On several occasions I have had a staff member act as if I’m trying to sneak in even though he is looking me up on their computers he has even told me that it’s user error and that I’m the only person that is having an issue. PF is supposed to be a judgement free zone but I have felt nothing but judged because my app won’t work. I requested a key chain check in card and was told that’s no longer an option so, what do I do if my app will not work and I’m ridiculed when someone has to manually look me up. ? *the latest version does not work either .
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5 years ago, Nickinicki99
Bring back the old app
Since I did the update I’ve had nothing but problems with the app. 1st it wouldn’t allow me to login with my email address sayin that it couldn’t find an account with my email address. I’ve been using the app for over a year and have had the SAME email address! I’ve even gotten emails from Planet Fitness from said email address!! I went the route of signing up for an account, since I had given up hope of tryin to save my progress, only to get a message there was an account already created with my email address. 😡😡😡 I then get a message that says I will get an email to help me set up for the new stuff & login with the app. I NEVER GOT THE EMAIL! (And yes I checked spam & trash nothing there.) I just ended up resetting my pw & I got in some kinda way. Secondly, it will not scan my barcode so that I can add my pass. I tried my old barcode from another location b4 I transfer and the new one. Nothing worked. I really like the app bc it’s helping to track my exercise and works with my Fitbit too. I don’t know whoever approved this update to launch but they need to make sure that an app is going to work b4 you push an update to the masses. UPDATE Got a response from the developer I needed to go to the gym for assistance with adding my barcode. When I asked what I needed to do I was told that they had nothing to do with it, that I need to talk to corporate. Why tell me to ask for assistance if I wasn’t going to get it at my home club?
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5 years ago, Snarkybaker
App is garbage
I’ve noticed that many reviews on here are actually reviewing the gym not the app, and while PF is an ok gym for the money, the app is complete and utter garbage. Half the time you can’t log in and It’s extremely buggy in the app as well! For instance, if you try to go in and update your profile the app will bring up the keyboard for only a select few fields and when you try to save it won’t saying that fields are missing... that is if you can get the save button to actually register. This app is extremely buggy and the fact that it hasn’t been updated in over a year and looks like it was designed for the iPhone 4 also is a huge letdown... I really hate the concept of carrying my card around since all my other cards are kept in my phone now days, it I’m not sure if it will load for me when I get to the gym! I have a Y membership in addition to PF, I only hold on to PF for the 24hour access, which helps with my work schedule. I’m seriously thinking of getting rid of it though due to this app!
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1 year ago, Mysticurls
Inaccurate Crowd Meter
The so-called crowd meter provided in this app is utterly useless. It does not show how busy the gym is at a given moment. It’s actually unclear what exactly it does show. The fine print says something about the meter being based on historical information, but frankly, that’s completely useless. What’s more, even the front desk employees can’t seem to explain the meter and are quick to tell you that it’s not at all accurate. So what’s the point?? Basically, Google does a FAR better job of telling you how busy the gym is at any point in time. Yet Planet Fitness has the actual hard data and can’t be bothered to provide its paying customers with that information. Unreal. I recently signed up for a one-year agreement but will likely be canceling very soon. I’m underwhelmed by the app and PFs unwillingness to provide information, and the gym itself leaves much to be desired (Somerset, NJ location has far too many broken machines etc. and less than ideal hours of operation).
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4 years ago, Nef. V.
Perks Points Buggy
I’ve missed out on two 25-point bonuses due to Perks Points not registering my check-in. To start March, my check-in did not register last night either. The front desk makes a note in your acct that you were “not fully checked in” and missing points, but you never get them. Moreover, Perksville never responds to concerns. Their auto-reply only states that they are experiencing high volume, so if you lose points, it will never resolve. I spent two hours in club, weightlifting, treadmill, and massage. I checked into the club AND the massage table, and not one check-in registered my presence in club or awarded my 5 points! Yeah, I get my workout, but I want my t-shirts! Incentive programs need to work. I am Black Card member and can appreciate the cost of PF as compared to other gyms, but I have a free gym option on the AF Base that has a cardio room and a weight room with power racks. In PF, I am paying for convenience and the “brand” to work. Call me lame, but perks often compel me to stop by the gym and “actively” recover. Please debug your Perks.
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1 year ago, Quickn
Needs work
I only use the app for 2 things. Scanning in and checking how crowded it is going to be. The crowd meter is very deceitful. It will have 2 bars signifying that it should basically be dead and I will go and barely be able to workout because it is so crowded. I assume it is based if a % of capacity but if that is the case I assume the capacity is at a default setting for every gym with no regard for the size of the actual gym someone is going to. Honestly each gym should have their own capacity based on pieces of equipment they have and then divide the people there by the total equipment. If I have multiple Time slots a could go to the gym and when I check and it says it’s empty I will go. Then when I actually go and it crowded it hurts. I already put in the time to go. My workout is now going to suffer. Most people may get discouraged by that and eventually stop going
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4 years ago, Figgy Pops
Not integrated enough into the workout
Been to PF many times as a guest on the wife’s account and the best bud’s. Got tired of working out on other’s schedules so signed up and was excited to download the app for myself, as I had previously had to pay for 3rd party fitness tracker apps. I like that there is a list and instructions of exercises and a list of trackable activities. The problem is, the exercises are not all on the list of activities. I want to track my reps, sets and weight on the chest press for instance so I don’t have to use the 3rd party app anymore or keep notes, but that exercise is not available on the list of activities. This and an option to create personal workouts based on available exercises would be golden. I read the earlier reviews so I’m patiently waiting for Apple Watch integration. Until I can track the exercises I do there, this app is nothing but a virtual black card to me.
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1 year ago, ash999399
Be grateful if it works
I haven’t been able to use the app in four months. Support has been a joke continually. I get bounced around between 3 to 4 different help people and I’ve had over 20 people talk to me with no actual answer. They’ll ask about your operating system, if you have a VPN (and if it’s on), if you tried re-download it, and uninstalling it, and if your operating systems up-to-date. All that is true for me and they still don’t know what’s wrong with it. I continually get messages like “I will get back to you soon” and it will be weeks later until I have to contact them and start the process all over again. they had me repeatedly say that I can get support in the app which isn’t true since I can’t actually get to the screen where support is an option. Also support provided with app section, just lead you back to either the planet fitness social marketing team or social media team. Not the actual app support with a developer.
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