Plenty of Fish Dating App

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4.3 (1.7M)
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2 months ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Plenty of Fish Dating App

4.27 out of 5
1.7M Ratings
3 years ago, XxFejxX
Needs some changes
Couple of things, the Your Matches should not be showing me a majority of users that ‘Wouldn’t Date a Smoker’ when one lists that they smoke often. It’s a total waste of my time to be reviewing these profiles to find at the very bottom the person wouldn’t date a smoker. Not to mention, this information is hidden to non-upgraded users, so if one is not upgraded, how much time are they wasting for the other person sending messages to someone that would never date them? This should also be an option in the refine search. Speaking of the search, if a person puts in show me users within X amount of miles, don’t automatically expand the search if there are not enough users within that parameter. If I’m only going to date people with 25 Miles of me why would you expand the search and show me people 100 miles away?? If there is not enough users that fit my parameters fine, show me the ones that do and stop. Time is valuable to everyone and there are features of this app that waste a ton of it with results that just don’t fit what you’re looking for because you arbitrarily decide to mix in. Also your block feature is useless if the person you block can still view your profile. I moved and had a user blocked and just received a notice that she ‘liked’ me. So now she knows where I live again. Thanks for the great safety feature.
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6 years ago, Niall'sTRUEprincess
Over 1 Year User
I’ve used POF for over a year, and it’s well built and I have much more success building a relationship of any kind (friendship or otherwise) with the guys I find on here. I really love this app/site. It took a year for me to have a complaint. There is no way to contact them about a personalized issue that I can find. I just want to email them asking why they removed my main picture. The bot says it didn’t show my face, but that doesn’t seem to make sense to me. I know tons of people who have memes and stuff as their main pic, mine literally just had my hair covering one of my eyes. If that breaks the rules fine, but the real issue at this point is there’s no easy to find place for users to give detailed feedback to the makers of this app/site and dispute issues. And if you’re gonna knit pick girls profile pictures, please do that with the men too. Tons of them don’t have a pic of themselves, or it’s a chest pic which isn’t allowed, or they’re taking a pic with their gun or dead deer or something expensive car they saw in a parking lot, etc. which is clearly stated against the rules, unlike hair covering one eye.
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3 years ago, mooka92
New POF Pangs
I’m not sure if it’s just the area I live in. But the new pof, that is the free version, is HORRIBLE please beware of several different factors. There are an astonishing amount of transsexuals and guys that slip through the cracks on this site. Even when you put preferences that would otherwise rule them out. I’m personally constantly harassed and they are constantly harassing me. They also pop up on matches and POF live streams, you are also not able to kick them from your stream without bouncers even when blocked which prompts me to no longer stream because of having to constantly restart the stream. Please do a better job at screening these individuals, not that I have anything against them personally, it’s just not my preference and it’s unfair to women that I may actually meet. That’s my major qualm, aside from that a lot of users blatantly put P2P and stream to get money without looking to actual date, it’s not backpage (not hating on a hustle but it’s a dating app) I also receive a lot of hateful mail it seems like a lot of users in my area are cracked out or online everyday, it would be nice to see legitimately new users in my area. The no screenshot rule is annoying as well if you have pictures that are in screenshot format. Again I’m just speaking from the free version perspective it seems like there’s not much concern or effort being put into the free version. Please update the nearby, it’s gone from a good dating site to a cash grab
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4 years ago, Vareth12345678910
I have been an on and off member for a while now of Plenty of fish on a friends recommendation. So I gave it a go not knowing what a mess I was walking into. Literally the only people I ever “matched” with were hookers or escorts. While the search wasn’t as bad as some it was kind of terrible. It never took into account where you were when looking for matches only where the majority of people were so if you weren’t in Seattle or Tacoma it would recommend a million people in Seattle and Tacoma because that’s apparently where everyone lives. It did give some recommendations near where I was but the digging I had to go through to find them was cruel. Then when you match someone and it could be a person! Nope, next thing you know your inbox is full of “hey sexy I’m an escort in your area!”... no just no while sending you your profile picture. And at least on the guys side you can’t get rid of your matches, I looked and looked and looked hoping to find where to narrow down my matches so it didn’t constantly say over a dozen, those dozen being the hookers that won’t go away. I know girls unmatched me but I can’t I match them so I’m stuck having to look at the escorts forever unable to delete them. And then as your going through the “meet me” side of it you decline someone and then three swipes later the same exact person appears in front of you. I just declined you? How many profiles do you have to show up that many times that quickly?
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3 years ago, La}£¥10
Sorely disappointed
I'm a paying customer because it was the only way for me to see who were supposedly wanting to meet me. Some I've messaged to simply say hi and they are bogus accounts or fake people pretending to be the person on their profile. Also my messages don't even get sent out to people I actually do find interesting enough to message. This dating site feels like a scam.. I've been a member more than once in the hopes of meeting cool folks.. but I'm being showing my matches are people that are way too young, or the opposite sex, and the constant glitches are ridiculous the app works intermittently. Before being a paying customer I had all the people supposedly wanting to meet me.. now I'm a paying member and nothing happens., then you want more money for some other feature to be seen first... or more...Like really guys.., the key is to keep customers coming back or spreading the word so that you get positive feedback and more clients. My membership is over in Aug.. which I'm sure on my last date before it expires .. I will mysteriously get people wanting to meet me. This app is like a fake gas station.. you pay for services not rendered... some of us have no time to find dates on the outside and the dating site is more feasible... now I'm not so sure.. and I waited and put off many times to give a review because I kept hoping for a different outcome.. no bueno, I don't recommend this dating site unless you have time to chat with a fake person or looking to screw.
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5 years ago, romeo james
The review
Where do I begin let’s start with your personal programs that you have added into your system with all the fake profiles the fake likes only to try to generate people to pay monies for things they don’t need like your meat meat program aside from that all of the prostitution fake profiles and your scammer profiles all from Guam and places of that sort or Ghana You also have a few people who try to put a party together for their local bar and a Call it a mixer for POF people however it’s a joke and 90% of the time it’s a sausage fest let me give me the first big reason why you put it in the slums of the city pub or a bar that has no class at all is it going to attract classy upscale nicer people people don’t want to go somewhere park the car and worry about it being broken into just to try to meet someone that you’ve never met before it isn’t worth the risk also you should have some kind a real program in there where people have to upgrade your profile at least monthly so we’re not having pictures from 10 years ago when they first joined this is just the beginning of My complaints as I’ve said in many of my messages I’ve sent to you to get people kicked off the site or even block them you should be paying me to help educate you on making your profile a true wonderful place to meet people because it’s actually more like a swap with all the fake profiles and the scamming that you yourself do as a company POF you should be ashamed of yourself
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3 years ago, Thetyfotseth
Dangerous app. Full of scammers/potential kidnappers. No quality control or verification at all.
This app is full of bot accounts and catfishers. They all immediately ask to move to Snapchat and then they try to lure you in with either a relationship (this is a dating app, after all) or a sugar daddy/baby type setup. They all inevitably fail to send a picture of themselves with a simple hand gesture, such as this one 👌, which is always a dead giveaway. They always send a picture of a girl with a different hand position and ask if it suffices and when it doesn’t they throw a fit. I’ve dealt with multiple of these scammers in the same day, let alone the same week. It’s no wonder I have literally 30x the number of likes on POF as I do on any other dating app. It’s because this app has no quality control or verification system at all, so the majority of accounts/likes are just bots and otherwise potentially dangerous people. For anyone reading this, avoid any account with numbers at the end of their name or any account that has little to no personal details. Basically, avoid any account that looks like there was no effort out in at all (eg. only one super compressed, low quality selfie across their whole profile, very simplistic personal details, etc…) or any account that messages you with grammar so poor that google translate would be jealous. Chances are good that they’re not even in your country, or even an actual woman.
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7 months ago, Pokrplayr
Worst dating app there is
…and that’s saying something considering how many terrible dating apps there are out there. Once you set up a profile, and begin to search. There is an option to change your search parameters to search for either everyone, or just women, or just men. When you enter to change the search parameters and include only men, and then return to your search profiles again, both genders still show up, effectively ignoring the changes you just made to your search parameter preferences. In addition, the is also an option to change the ages for your search, as the app defaults to +10 or -10 years from your age. This feature allows you to change the slider to widen their age range, but yet again, when you attempt to search using these changes, the app doesn’t recognize the changes you made. And don’t even think about using the website to make changes with which to then search profiles, because making the same changes on the website also don’t apply. I downloaded this app. I installed it. I deleted it within an 1.5 hours of downloading and then installing it. Other apps may be bloated with fake profiles and fake accounts and bots, but this app is by far the worst because of this lack of functionality, which should be easily correctable, but due to lazy coding, or just lazy developers they just don’t even bother with correcting the lack of functionality.
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1 year ago, Art🎨Man
The app that I can't put down
This app is for dating but also networking. In the very beginning I was looking for someone locally to date. I didn't have much luck personally however I know many friends that have. It just didn't work out so well for me. I was about to just be done using it until I stumbled over to the streamer side of the app. This was a whole new world that needed to be explored. After a few conversations with some really cool people and a few favs later. I was hooked. I absolutely love speaking with my friends that I have made an inseparable bond with from all over the world. It took about a months time to decide I wanted to become a streamer. After some trial and error and figuring out the ins and outs I have started gaining momentum. I stream everyday whenever my schedule allows. What I love the most about this app is that I'm able to share my gifts and talent with the world. I am an artist and I do portraits and anything under the sun. I am so happy I stumbled upon the streaming section otherwise I wouldn't be learning other languages, learning cultures, earning diamonds and friendships. I rate this app 10/10. If you have not checked it out yet you really need to.
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2 years ago, honestttttogod
Slow, clunky, unintuitive 👎🏼
This app is way too over complicated for what it’s trying to be. Instead of creating a simple app that works well and is optimized it for the core reason people I assume are using it for “to meet people and date them” you have a bunch of features that slow down the performance so the app ends up being super clunky and not delightful at all to interact with . Here’s a question if I’ve matched with someone and I want to message them why on earth do you block me from doing so by putting up a screen that says “ x person is looking for someone different, try messaging someone else” ??? And the only option is a button that says “OK” this is silly and laughable and very poor user experience. How did we match if they are not looking for my type???I mean I appreciate the tip and the heads up but for what reason do you think you can block me from messaging this person when we’ve already matched 🤯. Instead you have a live stream option which is pointless and misused and provides no apparent benefit toObjective of having this app on our phones if I want to watch a live stream there’s plenty of other apps out there that providethe opportunity. HUGE FAIL I really hope you get a new creative Director or CEO or someone who understands that you’ve totally missed the mark with the features and the performance of this app
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3 years ago, Nurseboy19
Worst Product Ever
I cannot say anything positive about the app and the service of POF. The idea that I can still ‘view’ possible matches of those who have blocked me is ridiculous. See who liked you, ok I click on them and am told you’ve been blocked by this person. Ok… there’s no way to clear this list that i could see, so all my ‘matches’ are either people who have blocked me or ones I am not interested in. I have my preferences set to what I am searching for, and constantly receive possible matches outside my preferences. The app will also refresh on its own- right in the middle of loading profiles to ‘meet’ people it will refresh and be blank. Then if I close the app and reopen, it’s loaded with people again. Super frustrating. And the spam, oh my god the spam/fake profiles are absolutely annoying. Even when I report a spam file, clearly spam as i receive messages with the typical: hello! Followed by: Are you there? I report it, and the they are still in my matches section. When I click on the profile thinking.. didnt I report this person? Surprise- you blocked this person, ok so delete the profile! I paid for two months but get so frustrated I don’t know if I will last that long. I want to stay because I paid for the upgrade and I want to see if anyone is out there for me, but this app is the worst ever in terms of a dating service. I would not recommend this to anyone.
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1 year ago, longhorn1963
WARNING ⚠️ Scam site
For 6 months I received mutual match’s but when asked the person they never put a like. Over a hundred that are supposed to like don’t reach out or respond. Today was the topper . I went to school with a gal and said let’s try this out. She put a like in to me which I did receive. So I responded to her Hey it’s a beautiful afternoon how are you? HAHAHAHA She never received it . They don’t want you to find anybody weather your a paid member or not. We did it again she got it and responded but now I didn’t receive it . What a scam ! Beware POF meet me and skout amongst others are one company. Don’t get frustrated. Don’t waste your time. Go out to eat parents without partners. Or a adult crowd weekly gathering. Where are you actually see the person communicate with the person and physically know they are for real‼️‼️‼️ People listen loud and clear not believe me, it’s a fact it will open your eyes to see the scam that they are running . You probably won’t get this because all I see is pages and pages and pages of great reviews. Which are most likely made by the company. ‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️ Really funny ha ha ha I keep sending the message. It says it went through, but it did it.
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1 year ago, Gattina147
Waste of Time and Money
I bought the three month membership, thinking I would surely match with someone during that time. This app, without question, is the worst dating app I have tried, and I’ve tried a few. I immediately started receiving messages, only to discover they were scammers. In the entire two months I was a member, I had only one conversation with a real person, and he was not a match. Every single one of the others were scammers. It’s very easy to identify them after a couple of days. I reported a number of profiles using photos of famous people. Nothing was done about it, and their profiles remained. The app shows you the same profiles day after day after day after day. They want you to think there are tons of men to start a conversation with, when, in reality, there are none. Once I blocked a profile, I expected never to see it again. But, surprise! They still showed up as a match. And once you "pass" on someone, you should never have to see them again. But the app continues to show them over and over again. I still have four weeks left on my membership, but last night, I got another message from a scammer. It was the last straw. I deleted my account. I would never recommend this app to anyone. A lot of the profiles are dead, and the rest of them are 99% scammers. Don’t even think about buying a membership from this site.
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4 weeks ago, Write_review_now
Some bad features
A few things are annoying me so far. I hate when I click on someone and get a pop up saying they aren’t interested. Why are they even shown to me. It’s super disappointing to get that message. Also in my “people deck” I see mostly people older than me. I saw an 81 year old person. I can’t figure out how to change my search criteria. Beyond that, it’s not a bad app to add to your online dating toolbox Update: I figured out how to actually search. Seriously unintuitive ui. The other issue is just getting more annoying. I search and get a list of possible matches and about 1/3 aren’t looking for someone like me. It starts to feel like rejection and makes me wonder why I’m not what they are looking for. Just don’t put them in my search results. The last one is starting to make me want to uninstall. Online dating is tough enough without the app itself making me feel insufficient. Update: I get those rejection notices even in the matches the app recommends. Either tell us why we aren’t a match or simply don’t show those people. It’s disheartening to be judged before I even get to look at the person’s profile. This is actually slowly killing my interest in this app. And why don’t I get many (if any) suggestions for people younger than me yet you recommend people 25 years older than me? It’s offensive.
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12 months ago, charles6865
full of crypto scammers and promoters
DO NOT EXPECT TO MAKE ANY REAL FRIENDS HERE. THIS APP SHOULD BE BANNED. It is a hotbed for crypto promoters to scam those who are using this as a platform to seek Friends. They know these people have issues meeting real people so they seek friendships virtually and this makes this app infested with virtual currency or NFT promoters or scammers who pretend to be real person. Everything in this app are virtual. Virtual friends and virtual gifts. POF had live streams and video chat. But that’s only if you are willing to spend money to buy virtual gifts to chat with your favorite love streamer which can add up to a money pit before you know it. Searching profiles are severely limited in terms of distance to specify: many personal profiles more than one hour away which is very annoying and useless. The only filter to specify is which country to search. Thanks a lot! Furthermore, be aware that too many people are fake. They will always have photos that are too good to be true, too professional looking like models. Something needs to be done to get rid of them as they make up a large chunks of the profiles who try to get you off the platform and tell you how great bitcoin short term investments or NFT are. In all, this app should be banned or the app creators should do a better job of verifying the identity of the users which currently do not exist and that makes this app full of fake profiles and scammers and bots
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4 years ago, air4cechief
Worst Dating App Ever
This app is so convoluted and discombobulated like no other dating app I’ve ever come across to-date! There’s so much going on in so many different areas and too many options that I don’t even know where to look for what or who half the time (and I’m a techie kind of guy); and I’ve been on plenty of the other dating apps before. Plus I’m in a major metropolitan area and the matches weren’t quite what I was expecting. It’s so bad that I even had two and a half months left remaining on my membership and I still deleted this app. BUT here’s another and MAIN reason I deleted it as well; there is NO option for you to delete your account at all. Yes, sure they will allow you to cancel your subscription... but that’s not the same as deleting your account. I didn’t want my account just left out there if I’m no longer using the app; I wanted an option to delete it like EVERY other dating app provides you with. So then (for me and my preferences), I had to go into each single area and put in different info and/or wipe out the info it would actually allow for. This might not be an issue for some... but to each their own. Two things I do not appreciate with any membership or subscription is: 1) You have to “call them” to delete your account (which POF doesn’t even do that) or 2) You do not have the option to delete your account from the app or even online. That’s a no-go for me!
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6 years ago, MilGuy1990
Complete waste of time.
I have messaged people on this app for a while now and received but one reply. This reply was from a bot trying to advertise. The time spent trying to create an account (putting your heart and soul into it) so you can hopefully meet someone that you would spend the rest of your life with is a waste. If you do not subscribe for paid services, you will be trolled by the app itself with random bot accounts. You will see people who are interested and want to meet but won’t find out that these people are obvious bots. Once you find matches you will go through an endless supply of “people” logging on to say they are interested and want to meet up but, they will never respond to your messages. The messages will go unread forever. This is Weird because if they were interested and wanted to meet then, they would respond. Also, I have been added to “people’s” favorite list at least 20 times over the past two days. Once you subscribe and try to find out who these matches are that found you so are let down because their account was deleted or removed by POF. Seems like a scam to give the perception that someone is always looking. If you want to waste your time and money....well really....your and pay for this app. I’m not sure what the legitimacy was given by the comments previous to mine but, they are wrong. Please don’t waste your time on this app.
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4 years ago, Army17761776
You will have to pay for this in time
THIS IS NOT FREE. You cannot do almost anything, see who likes you, click on profiles to look at those who like you etc. unless you pay for their service. This is set up so you can infrequently match with some locals, but inevitable need to buy a subscription to effectively communicate with anyone or even just browse profiles. Technically, yes, you can get away with doing this entirely free, but what really is free is setting up and having your profile. If you want to legitimately meet anyone, go ahead and just buy the subscription because you will have to, they make you. They even give people the option to only receive messages from upgraded accounts, which is pretty much all the legitimate accounts on here. While in the app, most of the functions lead you to a link to buy their subscription, and you cannot do anything other than watch people on live stream or browse through their selection of “potential matches” which 99% of the time will not include anyone who has already liked you, forcing you to pay for a premium membership just to see these members. I would give this app zero stars for misleading all of their users, but sadly I cannot. Outside of this huge issue, I would still only give the app 3 stars.
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5 years ago, Ginger_arts
God Awful App
This app is one of the worst “dating” apps, if you can qualify it as such, on the market. First, there are next to no profiles in my area. Most of the profiles that show up are for people in the next state over. On top of that, the girls on there are of about the trashiest quality out there. On the homepage you can see a list of possible profiles to look at down at the bottom, but in the rare chance you see someone interesting after clicking another option, when you go back to the homepage the list of profiles has been shuffled and there are “new” profiles to look at. On top of that, I never had a conversation with an actual person. If I messaged someone I never got a response back, and the only profiles that messaged me first were bots trying to get me to sign up for their porn virus link. There are so many bots. Developers, please find a better set of algorithms or whatever to screen profiles before they sign up. The user interface is ugly looking from a graphic designer’s perspective. Don’t waste your money on premium either, I thankfully didn’t as I could tell it was already going to be a waste. The only real benefit of premium is you can message certain profiles that have blocked themselves from being messaged by the basic free account I signed up with. All in all, don’t waste your time with this app, you’re never gonna find someone on it, unless you like viruses from bots.
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4 years ago, aleah12235
Website Not User friendly/terrible customer service
I started to create a profile on POF a long time ago but was stopped in the middle of the process and never completed it. Nonetheless I get emails from POF about new matches. One day, I decided to log back into the account and just delete it. My password didn’t work so assuming I had forgotten it since it had been a long time since I signed in, I used the option to reset my password via email. I received the email for reset, followed the instructions and successfully updated my password. However, when I tried to sign in with the new password, it said my credentials were incorrect. I tried to sign in multiple times to make sure I wasn’t mis-keying my password, but had no luck. I tried to reset my password again. No luck. I decided to contact customer service which is difficult to find out how to do. Contact for support is nowhere in their website. I reached out to them on Twitter and they said they responded to me via email. I check my email. They tell me the account is inactive and I need to sign up again. I try to sign up again. It says my email is already in use. I tell them this. They say I’ve updated my profile and it’s active but I didn’t because I was never able to log in and I couldn’t create a new profile. I try to reset the password again. Reset was successful again yet I still can’t log in. Still no resolution.
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5 years ago, dont87care
Sort your life out mate!
Most things about this site are pretty good and standard. But there are a couple of issues I think need to be addressed. I have noticed that I just cannot send certain messages, or I cannot send messages at all, to certain people. Pof should, in no way, get to decide, or even provide provisions to not allow people to just message certain people. Just like in real life, people surprise you and turn out to not be what you expected and possibly someone you turn out to be interested in. The feature that prevents you from messaging certain people because ‘you’re not what they’re looking for’ should be removed. The people responsible for controlling certain aspects of this app do not have any interest in your personal endeavors and should not restrict the parameters of those endeavors as they are not aware of anything that pertains to a reasonable decision to act on anything more than the basics. You’re not Cupid’s or match makers.. you’re a bunch of people who know software enough to have that job. Therefore none of your decisions should play into any kind of restrictions placed on me or any other user. You’re providing a service. What good is your service when it prevents people from doing what they reasonably expected they could? Not good is the answer.
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3 weeks ago, BBrian48
Nice update!
Mid-youngish Male perspective: To be honest! Each app will vary depending where you live. I've tried this app years ago and got people here and there. But i feel this revamp was needed and it cleaned out a good amount of bots and the paid membership is actually worth it and ethical. I wish they would moderate those who are literally on there advertising their adult content or people who are not even on there for dating/friends but just looking for a "plug"!!??? Weird way to use the app but ok. But I do see accounts becoming unavailable from one moment to the next so it shows there's some moderating going on or it at least gives an idea of wether an account was recently active, showing you're not dealing with dead/abandoned accounts. Anyways... you do get a good ratio of real people who actually wanna talk and carry a convo. I've even seen locals that I know in person pop up here and there so it's legit. In addition, I was surprised i got a decent amount of people who aren't just from major cities. So if you're from SoCal and you're even remotely average you'll find legit people who want more than just the surface level.
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1 year ago, hobolake7
Stop deleting my review Got rid of filters to see who is closest
You have to go through all profiles no matter the distance. Got rid of filters feature that allows you to see new matches and those closest. So now one is stuck sifting through each single individual profile. Wastes time. STOP DELETING my review. Do NOT subscribe or pay for this dating app. Be warned. This app is trash. Used this site last year and this year for a few months. Last year was scammed and someone got my banking information. This year accounted deleted for no reason. The scam artists use the same standardized questions to con you into obtaining personal information and taking conversations off site. Questions are: how long have been on this site; I’ve been overseas or I am overseas and will be returning to the United States, I’m in the military, what are you looking for; I’m not on here that much what is your email or do you have Snapchat WhatsApp; and so much more. They also will not give you a refund not that I would ever pay for this site. They also want photos. This dating app is fraudulent and deceptive. Go elsewhere. This app takes trying to match with individuals to a whole new level. They can’t read, they are scammers who start by saying where are you from, what are you looking for, how long have you been on here, your smile etc. this app is terrible
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11 months ago, RickityRicktyRick
Stay far away.
Only rating 5 stars so you can hopefully see this before you download the app. This app is an absolute disaster. It’s riddled with bots, scams, and potentially minors. I have suffered from this yesterday. Matched with a girl who then escalated things to a sexual manner. Gave me a phone number and sent pictures there. Later that day I get a call from a No Caller ID number saying that allegedly this person was a minor and I needed to pay money ( cash app, Venmo , or PayPal) or else I’d be arrested and put on a sex offenders list for the rest of my life. I’m someone who has no criminal record or anything of that nature. I’m obviously terrified, crying, and didn’t even consider how unusual it is for law enforcement demanding money, (to pay for the wives laptop), especially over something like cash app. I also want to say that the law enforcement in question, used different names and addresses for each money sending app. I’m now 600$ in credit card debt and my entire paycheck is gone from Friday (it’s Monday today). They were demanding 1/3 of the money to cover the laptop. Of course it was an absolutely expensive one. A new apple MacBook Pro.
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4 years ago, bdhekgkf
Horrible and disappointing
I have used this app for many years and its by far the worst app i have ever used to start it kept deleting my profile out of no where so i would have to create a new one every other day so i had stopped using it i literally went 2 whole years without using it because of that i just recently created a new profile 2 days ago and the app still is disappointing first i got sever messages by the app its self saying my pictures were inappropriate when they were just regular pictures of me and they deleted my pictures off my profile because they also said that it was not me in the picture🙄🙄🙄 then i got another message saying that i got reported for harassing another member when i had just made the profile and i haven't even got a message or talked to anyone on the app like how is that even possible and also when i talk to some one we can talk but after a certain while it wont let me talk or reply to any messages it wont let me like people’s profiles or anything and if some one messages me i cant reply o say nothing to them at all the app does not let me if you guys really want people to upgrade and pay the monthly subscription to pay for the full POF app you might want to consider fixing all that before because i really wanted to pay for it but not if this continues to happen all the time its annoying🙄🙄🙄
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3 years ago, Reviewer12233
Use plus less= USELESS
Rather than spend you hard earned dollars on this USELESS app I would suggest going to the bank and getting $29 one dollar bills and taking them home to burn one-by-one. Or perhaps, wipe your but with and flush. At least you’re going to get some satisfaction from that. Since the USELESS upgrade costs more than that, you’ll be saving money…which will make you feel good about yourself. That is something that POF can’t provide to you. This app is like the little plastic thing that covers the end of a power cord on some new electrical devices that one buys…serves no purpose, aka: USELESS. You’re more likely to find your fish while hiking in the Sahara desert. “How could that be possible?” I’m happy you asked. It’s because POF is USELESS. At least there used to be fish in the desert. While I could go on, like you, I grow tired and weary of this hub bub. In closing I wish to add that this app is USELESS. >Use. Less than Use. It doesn’t have a practical use. There not a use case scenario where POF is possible. Btw: it is rated with 4+ stars but almost every review is negative. Either the fish writing those positive reviews are confused about which app they are reviewing ( think: Dory) or they aren’t human fish. I have to give one star because I HAVE to give one star. 0 star is my ofishal rating. See what i did there?😜 I’m going for a hike.
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7 years ago, Padoodle330
My last choice for a dating site...
This site is full of trashy people. I used this site and app for a good amount of time, even when I dated someone for a period of months I kept my profile in tact until I felt things were more serious. Having said that, I have some time invested and this is my experience. My profile was classy and very clearly showed my intent for long term, and that I'm family oriented, yet.. -The site is full of obnoxious guys who were dishonest, fake profiles, or had plain disgusting behavior, and I constantly had to sift through this crap. -I received way too many messages from guys who were clearly looking for a hook up along with other inappropriate messages. POF doesn't seem to care that I had to deal with these jerks constantly when I'm not displaying anything to invite that kind of harassment. It is harassment and it gets old. -I finally got fed up and responded to the last jerk who asked if I wanted any D (you can figure this one out I'm sure), and I said, I wish you were dead. A week or so later POF appears to have closed my account. Wouldn't be surprised if that gross pig of a man is still active on there though. In the end, thank you POF for closing it. I signed up elsewhere and the difference in quality of people is significantly noticeable. I only regret that I didn't try other sites sooner. What a waste of a decent persons time.
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7 years ago, littlecreek21
Too Many Scammers.
I get almost daily emails from women that state their age to be between 50 and 70 but their pics are of 20 or 30 somethings. Then their profiles are almost word for word the same. Bad use of words and broken English. They immediately request a phone number yo text. I've gone along with a couple of them and within 5 or 6 texts they're asking for money. Under my weekly matches there are rarely women that even come close to what I'm looking for. Under Want To Meet Me, well they rarely requested to meet me. POF made the request not them. Most of the women that are shown to me are from quite a ways away although my search states a max of 100 miles away. I'd say that 90% of the women that I contact don't answer back. They put their profile up and some almost beg for responses but if my profile doesn't fit their mold they don't answer. To me that's downright RUDE. And most of the women that do contact me do it with two words. HEY THERE, yet they want you to write them an essay......just for them not to answer. With all of that said I have been on a few dates from this site but haven't met my soulmate yet.
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2 years ago, Shakeeyla
Blocked account for giving out phone number
I’ve been using POF for 5 years now. Recently I was asked out on a date so obviously I gave the person my number I notice after I sent him my number my account was blocked. So I made another account and gave out my number again and my account was blocked again. My thing is this POF if we are grown people talking to other grown people why are we getting our accounts blocked for giving out our number? Obviously we’re gonna ask each other to go out and that involves giving the other party your phone number. Also you guys are very discriminatory towards women, men can almost do whatever they want they can post whatever kind of picture they want and say whatever but as a woman if I do the same thing you guys will block my whole IP address and it’s not fair. you guys have been doing it for many many years..There’s man on the site that have profile pictures of animals,kids,Memes but women were not even allowed to upload a picture of us wearing a face mask. I stick to POF because it’s the only open face platform where I don’t have to always swipe just to talk to someone I wish you guys will fix the site and make it more fair between men and women and also stop treating us like 15-year-olds for giving out our number.
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5 years ago, Happyostrich
Tech gone wrong
I’ve used a few of these, including match and okc. I’ve found pof to have more real women on it that are looking to meet and not just have a text buddy while they hang around with their cats. It does have scammers that send you links but I kept reporting and blocking those and they dropped away pretty quick. The search function doesnt usually do anything. It’s really just random. I’m looking for women above 5’10 and it just sends whatever. The app loves randomizing what you see, like every window has a line of visible women in it. These reset on their own so if you saw on in the messages window and went to the message, any women you wanted to look at would be refreshed away. Stupid programming, it can be very frustrating if you see a woman and it deletes her. Bet you’ll never see her again! It also definitely is sending me false “she wants to meet you” pings. Lol you can see on her profile she never viewed you, or she hasnt been online in a week, and women arent sitting there swiping right. I paid to meet real women and that’s fraud. In conclusion the pool of cis women looking to meet is better, but like most things now the app is rendered near useless by faith in garbage algorithms and stupid marketing strategies.
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1 year ago, oennelsksmsm
Save yourself.
Honestly… i have “never” written a review for an app in my life. I felt compelled to do so with this one. DO NOT waste your time with this app. I got suckered into paying for this app. It is 99% spam profiles. They “all” direct you to their “snap” premium or try to scam you in some way. I have reported at a minimum 20-30 profiles in which they have all been confirmed and removed.. (those are just the ones of matching with). You can tell scrolling through right off the bat they are all spam. Fake usernames ending with a long number. 1-2 pics that are grainy. Details don’t match their pics. I have two other dating apps. Hardly ever have issues w the other apps. This one the developers just do not care. They just take your money and run knowing that the app is completely ridden with spam. All they would have to do is automatically flag profiles with certain keywords but they simply do not care. I paid i think nearly $100 for this and I’m actually going to delete it after this review. That’s how bad it is. You will waste your time at first having pointless conversation with bots or scammers. Good luck! Please… spend your time elsewhere. It is not well spent here. I wish i could post screen shots just to prove. As one friend to another…. Let my learning lesson be your pass out!
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1 year ago, BambiRaptorrr
Shocked at how weirdly invasive this app is. Why do random people that I’m not even sure if I’d want to go to dinner with need to know how many siblings I have or what my birth order is? Literally what the actual -? Not sure why that’s necessary for anything, including an algorithm, since I’m certainly not interested in potential partners based on how many siblings they have or whether they’re the oldest child. Forces you to choose a religion but doesn’t have the option of atheist, just “non religious”. Lots of people classify themselves as non religious but are still believers in deities, some of us are actually atheists, and some are only interested in dating another atheist. Does give the option to search pretty specific preferences in a partner, but will automatically force your search range waaaay farther than is desired or even reasonable if it doesn’t find enough profiles. No option to limit/search for political affiliation, which is a deal breaker. Takes a long time to load different parts of the app. Probably because it has that dumb live-streaming feature. Not interested in watching guys I’m not attracted to to begin with, lol it’s a dating app not a social media platform.
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5 years ago, Twooit
An extremely outdated app
POF is a perfectly fine dating app. It allows you to sign up, search, message and pretty much use all aspects of the website/app entirely for free. The problem is the app hasn’t had an update in years (it’s the same app I used when I tried POF out 5-6 years ago). They may do updates for bugs but the general design looks like something out of a bygone era of geocity websites. On the website you can send any length message you want, on the app messages simply don’t send after 80ish letters, there’s no gestures for swiping back a page (the entire app is button press designed and it’s horribly dated), anyone you’ve messaged still shows in the search listing and you have no idea if you’ve ever messaged them before (this includes blocked members), the app is EXTREMELY slow (being it was optimized for an iPhone 4/5 and not current phones), the “whose online” search listing is completely inaccurate and will show members who are currently online sandwiched between members who haven’t logged on in years, the “meetme” is exclusively used my bots and blows your phone up with notifications from nonexistent users, notification settings can’t be changed in the app, etc etc etc. It’s a solid dating website that is plagued by an unbelievably outdated, unoptimized and extremely user unfriendly app.
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1 year ago, Annoyed1234?$
Cam girls, people younger than 18, and drug addicts looking for a hit
I accidentally paid for the full version for a month and was like ok let’s try this why not I’m in for a penny let’s see what happens. In my limited time on this app i have talked with 3 people for more than just a message each of them being worse than the last. First one was a cam girl just trying to advertise her website (I support sex workers but obviously not looking for that) so not to bad let’s try again. A week later I start talking with someone and they say hey text me! I get the their number and start a conversation where they immediately say “hey just so you know I am 16 turning 17 next week but I like dating older guys” I immediately block every form of communication I have with this person and report their profile. I then out of just raw curiosity try one more time. And immediately I match with someone who says looking for a plug, and I’m like ok maybe weed or shrooms that’s not to bad I then ask them what kinda plug and they say “Crystal” which I then ask like the meth? They say yes and I immediately block them and delete the app! I will be asking for a refund cause this is such a trashy app I never want it on my phone ever again. And I encourage anyone who is actually on this app for dating to please get off asap.
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5 years ago, J-Start
App Works Fine, Platform is Flawed
As an application Plenty of Fish does what you would expect. The notifications work properly, the user interface while nothing exceptional or noteworthy gets the job done, and performance is responsive the majority of the time. One major issue though seems to be consistency. Portions of the app have been updated to meet a newer era design standard while other sections of the applications still match the website which is quickly becoming archaic in appearance and function. However as a platform the site is deeply flawed and I cannot recommend it. As others have mentioned the search parameters are often ignored if the search does not meet a nebulous criteria for minimum number of results. Over time the amount and type of information the platform displays has changed with little rhyme or reason. One of the biggest problems I have encountered is the sheer amount of spam bots and false profiles. On average I would say 3/4 of my matches are with profiles that are not real users and rather just a bot designed to get you to click a risky link. This level of turnover is unacceptable and goes to show the lack of scrutiny on behalf of POF. Overall there are much better dating platforms out there. I would seriously consider one of them before coming to fish in this sea.
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5 years ago, Nikkosa
Basically if you aren't above a 7, have a robust lifestyle, have six figure salary, and a guy.. Don’t bother.. not even just for the woman who only seek superficial relationships but pretend they have integrity by lamenting that they don't want hook ups and only want a “real man”... yet still only swipe right on 7+s and men that either blatantly lie about their life for matches or just happen to be 6 foot tall etc. oh and 95% of your matches will be fake/scam/porn profiles ... basically if it looks to good to be true.. it is.. its actually quite pathetic though how far these scammers are reaching now.... now they are impersonating below average woman to make it seem more likely they’d actually swipe right... chances are they wouldn’t because most females on these apps have unrealistic expectations/standards... but then again, whoever manages this app virtually does nothing to exemplify this issue.. Ive been matched with the same person several times.. each time with a different name.. and goes the same nearly every time.. macro intro ...” whats up” “hey” etc. you say hi... and they respond with a PHONE NUMBER... then you proceed to text them .. then they almost simultaneously send you links to camwhore sites... just don’t waste your time here boys... females on the other hand... well guess that basically goes for every dating app and site in existence
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6 years ago, Druid Hills
Please help to end discrimination towards Trans Men or Women on the site- deleting and blocking their accounts is unfair. Find a better way to resolve customer issues and allowing customers to know that their issues will be addressed. HELLO ALL! I am not yelling but want to bring importance to my concerns. THERE ARE SOME MEN on there who have hatred or discriminatory behaviors towards Transgender women, my account was blocked user or reported so I was removed. I ASK that you review and change the conditions of which blocking a person or lying to say something that will cause another’s profile to be deleted to be CHANGED. It is utterly inconveniencing, unfair and a loss of money for upgraded users to pay for services on your site and be removed for non legitimate reasons. If possible may you please change how accounts are DELETED AND RESTORE MY ACCOUNT PAGE! Please also- can you all add a sex selection for TRANSGENDERED individuals so that they may freely express themselves and choose who they really are. PLEASE HELP US ENJOY THE SITE LIKE EVERYONE ELSE AND AS PAID ACCOUNT USERS BY THE WAY. I hope that these recurring issues will be resolved.
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2 years ago, Lycanokami
Just a joke
You can think of me as your guru. I’ve tried each of the so called “free” sites. Pof I’m convinced they take anyone who hasn’t signed up for a paid version and put them in a special folder. All your swipes go to a trash bin. Why do I say this? Cause in three weeks of constant lefts and rights I have not seen ONE match at all. The ones that show that are on line don’t return any message. You are constantly shown people that don’t match your wants, pressured to buying otherwise keep your five free first messages for all the good it will do, and constantly wonder if anything ever went through or was read because you need a full version to see it. So again I am convinced your right swipe goes to a trash bin. Your left swipe somehow get recycled in your views because I’ve seen the same person over and over and over again. Don’t waste your time and money. So they revamp the look and it’s still a joke! I’ve used this app in its new look for a few weeks now. You get one message a day! All the people you like are fake and never seem to either get the message, or not real enough to message back! Hundreds of likes and not even one message back. The whole thing is a front to get you into buying the cam and upgrade. Don’t be fooled let the company fail.
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2 years ago, TeresitaWM
My opinion of POF
I have been on Pof off and on for approximately 6-7 years. I would delete because I got tired of the scammers and the grown men playing games. Then after about a a year or so after being tired of being alone and lonely, I would try it again only to find out that there are way more scammers and players. Guys wanting fwb, a mistress, a fling, just a sexual relationship but on their profiles they all say that they live close by and that they are looking for a serious relationship. I have learned that the ones that put engineers for their profession and put widowed and speak in broken English then i automatically know that they are scammers , However, I have met a few nice men on here. We didn’t have that chemistry but we Became friends . Overall, if their was just a way to block these credit cards from other countries it would save a lot of innocent women from being scammed out of tons of money, actually meeting these men and getting raped and seriously hurt and abused and destroying their entire lives . I understand that y’all are just interested in making the money but it is also about safety and protecting your clients . Teress
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4 years ago, KatieKatMay
I haven’t used my account in probably over a year and I randomly got emails that I got a message. (A lot of emails that I am still receiving saying the same thing in fact) I figured I must be hacked so I tried logging in to an account who’s information I have long since forgotten but I was able to change my password at least. Then when trying to log in with the new password to see what the heck is going, on it wants me to verify my phone number, but the number was not my own which confirms to me my account has been hacked. I tried to just delete my account from their website that isn’t working either saying I input the wrong information. I’ve tried reaching out twice to the help page regarding the problem of which I received a generic reply saying “it seems like I can’t login” and gave me instructions on how to reset my password. I responded to that reiterating my problem and didn’t hear back. I filed another request for help explaining the problem again around three days ago and again, still haven’t heard back. The lack of haste regarding the issue of my personal information being hacked is unacceptable, I’m an easy going person and almost never leave negative reviews. But a company that has left me feeling violated with still no solution is not one I would recommend.
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10 months ago, Teger74
Use to be mediocre/good, keep removing features
I recognize this is a free app and should be allowed to change components as the creators choose. However, features keep being removed and the app is becoming less and less user friendly. Mostly fakes and scammers trying to get you to go somewhere else and remove what hard earned money you’ve made. POF has also deemed whom users can and cannot contact for first contact, by age. Blocking users can only be done if you've been contacted by another user. You’re also allowed only one free message in a 24 hour period, it use to be several multiples. You can no longer look up other profiles by searching user profiles, in a profile name search. The parameters for your searches(age, build, etc.) may not even be recognized by the system and keeps resetting to whatever parameters the system wants for you. Then when you perform a search, your search still doesn't produce any new profiles. The parameters a user sets is no longer what they will see. Don’t like dating smokers? Too bad, you’ll see plenty of them. Don’t like dating people with kids…there’s the only profiles you’ll see from now on. Once a mediocre free dating app, now less than the worst. You’re better off with nearly any other free dating app.
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6 years ago, MySweetRespectableLady
Lady seeking relationship
This site is full of players who just lie about everything. Some on the site will talk to you and never have intentions of ever meeting. Most of the others are looking to hook up for a one night stand. They will ask you for your number to text or ask you to text them on theirs. Then they say they either don’t like being on the site or it’s to slow to have a conversation. Well the reason for that is that they are either married, dating someone, or don’t want to get caught by someone else they may be dating or talking on POF. I did give my number to text a couple times and one sent me threatening messages and actually scared me because I stopped talking to him. These people are not screened and you do not know who you are talking to. Never give your number for texting. I don’t care how long you’ve been chatting on POF with them. Be sure to meet them in a very safe public place. Also take someone with you. There are very few like my myself who are genuine and actually honest in what they say. Be careful and good luck in your fishing trip!
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4 years ago, sionsinn
To many Fake profiles
I’ve been using this app for a while, and there’s a number of issues that I think need to fixed. 1st the pictures. The profile pics have to be with in a certain guideline. Which a lot of them are not. Example your profile picture has to show your face with no filters of any kind. No topless body shots either. Well that’s what you see in a lot of these, phones covering the face body shot and no shirt 2nd I get messages from the “same” person all the time. But they magically don’t remember either. Even though they sent me a message from a different profile name not more then a minute ago. There a lot of fake people, half the profiles on this app are fake. 3rd to much phishing, no pun intended. Most of the fake profile are sadly posing as military. Example: I’m over seas, and I wont be back in the US yet. But I’d like to know more about you. The question they ask could easily be used to steal your identity. But the icing on the cake, is when they ask you if you have kik or whats app, to get to know you better. Because they are to busy to keep messaging you on the app. both kik and whats app are bad apps and have been used in trafficking. I’m not telling you shouldn’t use it, because I have meet some nice people on here, real people. I’m just saying if you do use it be careful.
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5 years ago, HardTymes
Long list of issues
To start the latest update keeps saying that I don’t have internet access when I do. Can access internet through browser, get on yt etc but the app doesn’t seem to connect!? As far as the app when it does work, it’s gone downhill fast. Most profiles that use the meet me part are all bogus accounts trying to lure you to bs websites. Can’t turn that part off either, the notifications are annoying. Now also seems to be lot of profiles that require you to upgrade to be able to talk to them. Not sure why but that seems like a scam to get you to upgrade. The quality of people are questionable to say the least. I’ve been contacted by prostitutes, people wanting to score drugs and people wanting money, rides or a place to live. It’s like being in a virtual trailer park at this point. Guys are at a huge disadvantage (as on most sites) because the women have a smorgasbord of men to choose from. So unless you have some killer first line then you will never stand out. It’s better to go out and meet people doing real activities rather than sit online and deal with screwed up individuals that lie and hide things about them. No longer worth the hassle considering app doesn’t work and the annoying scam profiles.
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3 years ago, ThisAppIsBeyondBroken
First of all, DOZENS of fake profiles, you'll get used to reporting and seeing the same ones over and over because they never ban anyone. Second, the preferences do absolutely nothing. Looking for someone ages 18-24 within 75km? ( the LOWEST you can go) Here's a 36 year old with 3 kids 287 miles away!!! Yaaaaay!!! Don't even get me started on distance, 75km is only 46 miles, NOT 250 MILES AWAY. SERIOUSLY?! Why even show me someone on the other side of the country when all of my preferences say I want absolutely nothing to do with them, and the best part is you don't even know what state they're in because it could be that city 30 miles away or the one with the same name 300 miles away, you'll never know until you start talking to them but 8/10 times it's gonna be the 300 mile away city. I recommend using this app for a week and then deleting it if you already have it, by then you'll have matched or passed up everyone within 100 miles of your location and just be left with fake profiles and people 3-4 hours away. If you don't already have it, save yourself some time and find another app. Maybe if they put in even the tiniest amount of effort into letting you CHOOSE who you match with and where this app would be worth getting, but it's not.
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7 years ago, Very very concerned gamer
The "SEARCH" feature could use a little tweaking
Overall POF isn't too bad as far as a dating site goes. My biggest aggravation with POF however is the "Search" feature. Seems like whenever I try to narrow down my search filters to meet multiple parameters within a closer proximity, like anywhere between 5 to 50 miles, it always reverts back to 100 miles. So I can NEVER see anyone who meets my parameters near where I actually live. The "Search" feature will only let me narrow my distance parameters from where I live to 75 miles.... which to me is still a little nuts. Now I know for a FACT that some profiles MEET my expectations within the closer proximity range. I know this because I have seen them when scrolling through the pages and pages of noise. But POF wont allow the simplified search using multiple filters combo'd with a short distance to my given location. Why? Perhaps the reason it doesn't work for me is because I live in a rural area and POF's programming tries to find me more than just a handful of results. But that'd actually be better for me to view just a handful of results. I'm sure that this aggravation stretches far and wide for others who live in more rural areas as well. Please say you'll make it happen POF.
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6 years ago, tattedhope93
Idk what happened
I used to love this app, it was my go-to dating app. I deleted it for awhile because I ended up getting into a relationship with someone I met from the app. The relationship ended so I decided I would give the app another try. First it wouldn’t let me use my old account because it was saying my information was, which could have been true. But I try to use the ‘forgot password’ link and after I put in my email, it says it will send me a link to reset my password and I never get an email. I check through all of my folders and spam and it’s never in there no matter how many times I request to change my password. So I just figured I’d start over with a new email address. I get logged in and my profile all set up and it’ll work for about an hour. Then I’ll go back in and it’s logged me out somehow. I try to log back in and it tells me my information is incorrect, it shouldn’t be since I just made the profile, I know what my information is, but I try to reset my password on my new account and it does the same thing. I never get an email and it won’t let me access my account. I really wish they would get whatever is happening fixed because I would like to continue using this app.
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3 years ago, dissapointed and iritated!
Only hookups
I decided to try this app because my friend found her life partner on here. So I filled out my profile, put all my info in the bio, had real “un-retouched” pics(unlike everyone on tinder), and looked through a bunch of profiles. There’s definitely plenty of guys to choose from from my area but none of the seemingly quality guys were interested. Then I get messaged by a couple guys, who after talking to and having a decent conversation with, were definite possibilities. Well of course when I asked for a pic I get a d@!k pic. From like every single one. This app is almost 100% guys looking to hookup. I only dated one that our convo and interaction led me to meeting and eventually he was pushing having sex on me, after the third date!! So I gave up on the men and got curious about the women and it was the same thing!!! Most of them all wanted hookups! This app is ridiculous. Oh and I almost forgot all the scammers on here. I got scammed at least 3 times on this app-I didn’t give them any money but they sure tried-and it was a weird scary experience. Be careful of all the scammers on here, I heard it’s worse for the men. I gave up and deleted the app and won’t be downloading this app again if I try to date again. This app made me give up dating for at least a year! Lol
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12 months ago, Cfjbdxgn146837
HORRIBLE Blocking System
I’ve used several social media and dating apps over the years, and POF has the worst blocking system I have ever seen in my life. I had the paid version and what a waste of money. If you tried to just go to the person’s main profile and block them, it freezes up your phone so you have to force restart. Even then you can’t tell if you really blocked them because you still see them in people who viewed/liked you, and you still have the option to “block” them on their page, instead of it saying you already have them blocked. If you go the “report” route, it doesn’t freeze your phone, but you still can’t tell if they’re really blocked because you still have the option to “block” them. The reason I wish I could give less than one star is because even if you block and/or report someone, they CAN STILL VIEW YOUR PROFILE. That’s the purpose of blocking them!! I had one man view my profile multiple times after I blocked and reported him. Your profile should be completely invisible to them, especially with the amount of creeps on there. POF has got to work on their blocking system, and also do something about the fake bots while they’re at it. I was so happy to delete my account.
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7 months ago, Lady game 13
Waste Of Money And Time!!!
Hey everyone, just an FYI! Don’t bother with this app because it’s all full of scams and robots trying to ask you for your email address or phone number! I should have heeded other people’s reviews, but instead I gave it this app a shot and got burnt and they took $60 from me for 3 month of this garbage membership. Leave this app alone and find someone using traditional methods instead. It’s way better doing that, and at least you’re meeting a real person and not some fake scammer. Okay so all these dating apps including this one pull instagram models to show up on your likes. The admin keeps informing you that you have a lot of likes so you pay for their subscription. After you pay, then you find out that all those “likes” are fake or seriously not attractive. This is across the board for all dating apps, not just this one. Also, some of the instagram/public image girls go live like they do on TikTok or Instagram using crazy filters to make them look attractive when they really are not just so they can get paid. All these dating apps are a money making machine. They want you to keep paying to get seen by the ones you “like”. Otherwise you get sent to the bottom of the list if that even exist.
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